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I miss OT5 Moments so much 😢😢😢😢😢

P L E A S E  GOD let them have a show together in 2018  🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏

A Siren’s Song

Summary: A surprised giggle made its way out of the siren’s mouth, and Arin tilted his head to look at him. He looked…oddly pleased. “Okay. Call me Dan, then.”

“My name’s Arin,” he offered. “Thanks for, y’know…saving my life and shit.”

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Egobang, Fluff, mild Hurt/Comfort

Warnings: mild descriptions of blood, brief mentions of death 

A/N: Dedicated to @artistnotsogrump, who requested a story of siren!dan and merman!arin. I’m still not sure how I feel about this piece, but it turned out much longer than I thought it would and I can definitely say it stretched my limits as an author. This concept was interesting, so thank you. I really hope you enjoy it.

It was common knowledge not to go near the sirens’ den.

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I'm thankful to Pete for his current hair situation. It sounds stupid, but I enjoy it so much lol

NO that’s not stupid at all!!! I mean just look at it

It’s unique yet sophisticated

And the way it swings around when he’s onstage?

It’s perfect on him. The best hair he’s ever had

Shukashuu promotes the official Twitter hashtag for the current live broadcast comments with a…rather interesting hand-drawn sign.

RIP the tiny 1st years off to the side there

Amber: Maybe you just need to get to know me.

Also Amber: *flees the scene of the crime as Andi dangles high up in a Ferris wheel that’s shut down as police sirens come her way*


You know the one nice part of having a crippling phobia?

Remembering the last one that consumed your life, and how now it doesn’t

All this anxiety and obsession will pass

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Hi Virgil ! So nice to talk with you at last ! I was wondering. You made a flight once with Alan to blow a comet ( that damn Fishler ) but did you ever went visit John in TB5, meaning a trip into space ? Keep up the courageous work ( all of you ) You're all my heroes - um especially you :) You sure must be proud of your siblings. Take care.

“Heh, hey there! Boy, that’s really kind of you. And, yeah, I am–I’m very proud.”

“As for your question, I’ve been up a few times when John needed some help. The space elevator isn’t nearly as exciting as going in Thunderbird 3 though.”