and it had nothing to do with the fact that

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Can I just say how annoying it is that Gen even went to that event in Austin tonight with Jared? Her acting sucked on Supernatural and she sucks in general. But what really annoyed me was that fact that she was in the front of one of the photos holding the proclamation and Jared was standing all the way in the back. Bitch, give that to Jared and get the fuck out of the way. And her Instagram stories are getting ridiculous. All of this PDA she keeps showing. PLEASE. We all know it’s fake!

both beards had nothing to do here lol

we know why they were there, not because of the show but to make j2 look straight and meanwhile jensen thanked jared from the bottom of his heart which surprised jared himself and held his hand and they were at a restaurant just together without the beards too  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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What was the lie you made up about yourself in that icebreaker in college?

okay. look.

the thing is, i’m an awkward human. and i was even more awkward when i was like 18/19, in the beginning of my college years. i HATED speaking in front of people, and ice breakers even more than anything because like - i? have? nothing? interesting? about? me? to? share?

and in that particular college class, THREE students used “I’m a twin” for their fun fact. and I was just fuming getting angry bc like, that isn’t fair? You being BORN a twin shouldn’t count as a fun fact about you! You didn’t do anything to earn that, while the rest of us are out here, wondering what the fuck we have in our lives that makes us interesting

so when they got to me, i had spent the entire time just inner-monologuing about the injustice of these people being born as twins using that as their fun fact, that i didn’t come up with my own fact

and i said “I’m a triplet.”

and wouldn’t you know, apparently everyone thought that was SUPER fun!

So. my triplets then had names and lives and it spiraled…

moving on in the semester, I completely forgot about it. learned better social skills and things to use as a fun fact in the years going forward.

flash-forward to my last year in college. I ended up befriending some girls in a class and we were all hanging out, and i said something about my brother. And one of them was like, “oh, what about your sisters?? you know, because you’re a triplet?”

and i was like “… i… don’t have any sisters? lmao i’m not a triplet?!”

she just stared at me - and another girl was too - and they were both like, “three years ago, in that class, you said you were a triplet!”

anyway. so they now know the truth but there are just a group of people i had classes with for years out there who believe there are 3 of me
The Florida Douglas High School Shooting Was an Anti-Semitic Hate Crime And Nobody’s Talking About…
Yesterday, February 14th 2018, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz took an Uber to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the institution he had been…
By Natalie Lifson

” Why is nobody talking about the fact that the Florida shooting was an anti-Semitic hate crime except for Jews? The school was more than 40% Jewish. The shooter was a part of a white supremacist organization, actively and openly hated Jews more than anyone else, would beat up Jewish kids, etc. The head of the white supremacist organization made a public statement that the organization had nothing to do with the shooting but if he had to guess why Cruz did it, it was because the school was predominantly Jewish. “We’re not a big fan of Jews,“ Republic of Florida Militia leader Jordan Jerub stated in an interview with The Daily Beast. "I think there were a lot of Jews at the school that might have been messing with him.”

It seems like only Jewish news sources are reporting on this and the comments on the articles by non-Jews are sickening. People are saying that "Jews want to be oppressed so badly. He shot up the school because they expelled him, not because he hated Jews.” People are saying we’re “appropriating struggles of people of color” by claiming that he killed Jewish kids because he’s a white supremacist. I’m sorry, why can’t we acknowledge that someone shot up a Jewish school because he was anti-Semitic without it taking away from the struggles of other minorities?

When Jews say we are oppressed, people often respond with “show me real hate crimes against Jews and then we’ll believe you when you say you’re discriminated against,” but then someone who talks about wanting Jews dead shoots up a school that’s mostly Jewish and people still refuse to acknowledge that it’s a real hate crime.

The Jewish community is not a large one. I know people who knew some of those kids, who went to Jewish summer camp with them, whose parents were family friends etc.  Fuck anti-Semites and fuck people who shoot children and fuck people who refuse to acknowledge that people are targeted, assaulted, and even killed for being Jewish on a regular basis. According to the FBI, 1.7% of Americans are Jewish, but last year 54.2% of religiously motivated hate crimes were against Jews and 11.5% of overall hate crimes were against Jews.

If your intersectionality doesn’t include Jews, you’re doing social justice wrong.”


villaneve + tumblr text posts

  • you: Steve didn't show enough emotion when Bucky died!!11
  • me, an intellectual: Steven G. Rogers was in shock. He'd just gotten his ass kicked, he thought Wanda had destroyed the Mind Stone, and he watched Thanos take an axe to the chest. Bucky disappears first. Steve, who hasn't been allowed to properly process any sort of emotion since the 1940s, must now contend with the fact that A) he lost Bucky again and B) the nature of his death must mean they were defeated. The blank face and slow reach for Bucky's ashes are Steve Rogers' attempts at processing and the only clear choices for his character during that moment. They do not lessen the impact Bucky's death has on him. In fact, the movie implies that many of the disappearances mirror Thanos' earlier sacrifice of having to give up the person you cherish most in order to—

the boy who stole sweaters

| x | x | x |



18 million strong and still the most humble and down to earth human I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, and someone like him knowing that I exist as well is still pretty insane to me haha!

You’ve come so far from where you began, and I am so proud of you and this community! The fact that it continues to grow everyday in such a massive way is insane because…you started out with nothing, basically. And now, here you are, 18 million subscribers, living in Brighton, going on tours, hanging out with people that you used to look up to….what’s not to be proud of? You’re doing what you love while doing awesome and memorable things along the way because you’re doing what you love! It’s incredible! Here’s to the future, whatever it may hold! 🎉❤


There’s a certain delicacy about the way Jungkook treats Jimin, and  I love it so much.

we have this moment as an example:

First  we see Jimin minding his own business and doing a cute lil dance. Satellite Jeon comes over (as per usual), and presses an ARMY bomb gently against his chest:

Jimin appears completely unaffected by what Jungkook’s doing, as he carries on dancing. Then Jungkook, who suddenly looks worried, pauses and repeatedly tests the bomb on himself:

Once certain it wasn’t hot enough to hurt Jimin, he continues to use it on him again:

 I find it so soft that Jimin showed zero signs of being uncomfortable by what Jungkook was doing, yet Jungkook just had to be 200% certain that he wasn’t hurting him

My other favorite moment that shows how soft Jungkook is for Jimin comes from Run ep10. Here Jungkook’s mission is to get Jimin to say “please stop it” which we know implies irritating Jimin. So what was one of the ways he chose to approach this? Massage. Yes. Jungkook chose to massage him:

Sure buddy, that should get him to say stop…

Again, while trying to get Jimin to say stop, he does this:

I’ll bet my future earnings on the fact that his initial intention for holding the back of Jimin’s hair was to pull on it way harder than he ended up doing, but he couldn’t bring himself to actually hurt Jimin (and make him mad at him), so he did nothing and then let go. Which is kinda interesting, cause he had no problem fulfilling his mission of PLUCKING out Suga’s hair from the SCALP:

Okay but does anyone else find it interesting how Jungkook reacts when Jimin hits him? During Festa 2017, Jin’s complaint about Jungkook was that while he hits him softly, Jungkook would hit him back harder. I was like hmmm, Jimin certainly can’t relate. I mean sometimes knees and elbows get involved, and Jungkook just accepts them with no retaliation:

So how did Jimin respond to Jin’s complaint?

Yeah easy for you to say Jimin. he simply laughs, cowers, and braces himself when you hit him!

Another favorite of mine:

So here Jungkook grabs the pen from Suga, and positions himself in a way that shows that he’s ready to sign the disk (like the boy took the cap off the pen and everything). Jimin comes over and smoothly places an arm around his waist, and reaches for the pen. With zero resistance, Jungkook not only gives up the pen, but he also proceeds to assist Jimin with signing! UMMM EXCUSE ME JUNGKOOK DID YOU FORGET WHY YOU HAD THE PEN IN THE FIRST PLACE? Best believe if this were his best bro Jin, they’d have a boxing match right then and there. But Jimin’s bae so it’s okay

moments that deserve acknowledgement:

-when there were only two seats available and Jinminkook rushed to secure one for themselves, but Jimin came in last and Jungkook immediately offered to play a game of rock paper scissors with him, so Jimin could have a shot at his seat

-when the deal was that the loser would have to watch the winners eat a slice of pizza before joining, and Jungkook damn near choked on his slice, because he couldn’t handle watching Jimin wait. Had he eaten it normally, Jimin would have had to wait an extra 2-3 minutes which is nothing, but to Jungkook that’s just too long

-when he was SOOOO ready to play a secret cam prank on Jimin by hiding his phone, but immediately gives up the phone upon seeing Jimin walk in. Which is kinda interesting, because he had no trouble allowing Suga to worry about his missing iPad for much longer, before revealing he had it with him the whole time

Ah this was fun to make! 

Ok, just picture.

What would aliens think of Rubik’s cubes?

There are 43 QUINTILLION different configurations for a 3x3x3 alone. I’m not even going to get into the more complicated ones because it is wayy complicated.

However, that little plastic Satan shit can be solved in 2 minutes or less (much less in some cases)

Then there’s the fact that we don’t just solve it, we make patterns and designs with it. We have entire competitions where world records are set. We go absolutely nuts over these god damn plastic cube fuckers.

Just imagine. Imagine a species that may have puzzles, but nothing as simultaneously complicated and simple. Then they encounter a child. Diligently working on a 3x3x3.

“I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and I still haven’t solved it, but my brother can do it in under a minute”

Out of curiosity they decide to calculate how many different ways it can be configured (perhaps to obtain a view on how intelligent human beings are that certain individuals can memorize and solve this particular puzzle.)

43 quintillion. It’s impossible, but we did it anyway. We made it and it took the creator a month to solve it. Some humans can solve it in 7 seconds.

We memorize algorithms and spend hours learning a skill that is worth absolutely nothing but entertainment and competition.

But not even that was enough because we made versions with extra sides, or less sides, or different shapes. Why? No idea but someone was probably bored.


Summary: Bucky and the reader have been together for a few months. She wants him to stay the night with her, but he鈥檚 reluctant. Modern!AU. Tattoo Artist!AU

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 5,252

Warnings: Smut聽

A/N: This is written for my most lovely angel,Tanya @velvetofyourheart. Happy Birthday, Tanya, I hope you like it. <3 Also it was inevitable that I would name a story聽鈥楽oft鈥 and I鈥檓 glad it鈥檚 this fic its used on.聽

Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

鈥淗ey, darlin鈥,鈥 Bucky says without looking up when Y/N enters his shop as she has every evening since he opened the tattoo parlor.

She smiles at him, at the stands of hair that have escaped the low bun at the base of his neck, at the tattoos snaking up his arms and under the short sleeves of his black t-shirt, dog tags dangling from his neck. He鈥檚 penciling in a client, the desk phone pressed between his ear and his shoulder as he listens and writes.

She waits until he finishes the call, eyes trained on his heavenly mouth, before she looks up into his eyes and says, 鈥淗i, baby.鈥

Bucky blushes when she calls him baby, ducking his head and causing a few more strands of hair to slip loose from his bun. 鈥淗ow are you today, sweet girl?鈥 He asks as she leans into the counter, tracking his movements with a tender gaze. 鈥淥kay?鈥

鈥淒oin鈥 just fine now that I鈥檓 with my favorite soldier,鈥 she says, a cheeky smile in place. 鈥淟ots of clients today, love?鈥

He shakes his head as he turns away from her, pink staining his cheeks now. 鈥淣ot too bad. You didn鈥檛 have to come over tonight, Y/N. I told you I鈥檇 be over when I was done here.鈥

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Everything Has Changed

Originally posted by hammonia-man

The summer sun beamed down on the crowded Brazil beach. She shouldn鈥檛 have been as surprised as she was when she arrived to find so many people already there, it was by far the hottest day of her trip and the beach was where everyone wanted to be.

Thankfully she was able to find an empty spot to lay her towel and prop her large umbrella in the sand. She laid on her stomach, watching as her little boy sat in front of her as he played with the little boys she had brought along.

It鈥檚 been a hard eight months for the two of them. Between becoming a mother to having to learn the bearings of being a parent by herself was hard, but thankfully she got into a steady routine with her son and was as happy as ever.

His father was in the picture too. He loved his son more than anything and the two were able to co-parent their son as if nothing had ever happened between them.

They had ended badly before she found out she was pregnant. Almost three years down the drain when he decided that it would be best if they went their separate ways. Said he was trying to save her from the heartbreak, that the constant distance was too much and he couldn鈥檛 be what she needed anymore. The split broke her, she wasn鈥檛 feeling any of the things he was and she didn鈥檛 want to break up. She was angry that he was making this decisions without talking to her. They could have worked things out but he didn鈥檛 want to hear any of it. She left his condo that night with a broken heart and there was nothing she could do about it.

She鈥檚 tried her best to block out that night, to block him out. She never wants to remember the endless tears and the countless hours of arguing that resulted in their split, but how could she when they had made a carbon copy of him? As much as she wished they were still together, she鈥檚 accepted the fact that she needed to move on and was currently in the process.

Ever since she had Nathan she hasn鈥檛 had time for anyone else but him. She didn鈥檛 need anyone else but him. She would never love anyone more than she loved her little bundle of joy and that was enough for her. Her friends have told her that she needs to get out more, that all she ever does is stay at home, even when his father has him, but she doesn鈥檛 care. She was finally happy being by herself.

This was her first vacation with the baby and thankfully everything is going smoothly. She was worried that he would be fussy since he wasn鈥檛 used to the surroundings of Brazil, but he鈥檚 been calm and she鈥檚 learned that he loves the beach. He was definitely his father鈥檚 son.

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I also think ppl are sleeping on how important Nakia is, and how i feel the narrative may have made it seem like Killimonger was the one who was pushing for wakanda to help other non-wakandan black folks the most. No, it was Nakia. And she did it the right way, she cared the right way. I already have a lot I want to say about Erik and before people say anything, yes I liked him but his blatantly disrespect toward black women threw me off. 

It says a lot that Nakia a black woman, was the pushing factor for T’Challa wanting to help black folks all around the world. She was one of the most selfless characters in BP, if not the most selfless. 

She established herself and her intentions at the beginning of the movie. She did not want to be queen, she didn’t want any personal glory or anything. She wanted to help others. She wanted to help Wakanda, she made it her responsibility to help Shuri and Ramonda when Eirk would have killed those two. She risked her life to save the last heart shaped herb and that led to the restoration of Wakanda. 

Nakia wanted to help others and wanted nothing in return. She didn’t even want to be with T’Challa/be his queen or anything at first, she wanted to be out there helping others. She wanted to help people that looked like her that didn’t have the same privileges she had, coming from the most advanced nation on the earth. 

so like,yes we can recognize that erik wanted to help other blacks. but we also need’a not sleep on the fact that Nakia wanted to do the same thing, and she wanted to do it without anything in return, no queenship, no T’Challa, no glory. She was 100% selfless in this movie and that is why she’s my favorite BP character.

He was right.

Many years ago, I got a programming job for a very new oil and gas automation company (they were the company that O&G companies would hire to build the SCADA systems for their wells). I had heard of the owner from other people in the industry as being “interesting” to work with but if they had come right out and said he was insane, that would have saved me some trouble.

I was the only SCADA programmer in the office and as such was incredibly busy with our clients. I was also the only other woman than the receptionist. Being in a male-dominated industry had never bothered me - I used to go to well sites and got used to seeing hard core porn on the walls (I’ve been out of the industry for over 10 years so I don’t know if they’ve cracked down on that, but I doubt it) - but people would allow me to do my job. The owner of this company, however, treated me like his secretary. He’d expect me to get him coffee, make appointments, etc, all while continuing to do my real job. The last straw was the day he berated me in earshot of a client for failing to pick up his dry cleaning, even though I had just spent the last 4 hours on the phone trying to troubleshoot why a well wasn’t talking to the SCADA system (aside: it turned out it was on fire and no one knew because it was so remote).

I had managed to last a month before I finally gave my 2 weeks notice. Honestly, I could have just walked out, but I wanted to be nice and help him train someone to take my place before I left so our clients weren’t left in the lurch.

When I told him I was leaving, he went ballistic. He yelled that he wanted nothing to do with me ever again and to leave his office that minute because he didn’t want to be in the same room for even a second. We would never work together again and I’d regret leaving…He was still yelling when I turned around and left the building without saying anything.

Less than a week later, I had a new job with an actual oil and gas company. Fast forward a few months and I loved my job. I was on a very busy team that dealt with many of the company’s well sites. We had so much work, in fact, that we had to consider bringing in outside contractors. Because I knew the systems we were dealing with better than anyone on the team, I was put in charge of assisting the department manager in choosing an automation company to bring in.

Being one of the larger O&G companies meant we were courted by every support company, so we had a ton of bids to go through for this job. One of the lowest bids was, of course, insane ex-manager’s company, so he was called in for a meeting. The department manager was running late that day so she didn’t get a chance to brief me as to whom we were meeting before we walked into the conference room, or I would have given her a heads up.

We walked in and the automation company owner’s face lost all colour when he realized who he was meeting with. Before either the department manager or I could so much as say hello, he started sputtering that there was a misunderstanding between us and he had no hard feelings if I didn’t. I told him that I had no hard feelings against him, but in his own words, “we would never work together again.”

He was right.

(Epilogue: He ended up making enemies of every O&G company in the city and eventually went out of business because no one would hire him. We hired a couple of his ex-employees later on and they told us some horror stories. I actually got away easy.)

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I'm genuinely curious as to why you think matpat hates the lgbt+ community?

He literally used the Pulse massacre as a reason why video gamers need to not be seen as violent individuals (despite those two things having literally nothing to do with each other).

He made a video about LGBT characters in video games and purposefully misgendered a trans character throughout the entire video, after specifically pointing out that they were trans. He also likes referring to Birdo as a man despite the fact that she’s a trans woman and he should know this.

And, like, two weeks ago, he had a bit in his video talking about “brave” fans of his that identify their genders as attack helicopters and battle toasters, saying he had no idea that there were so many genders, and it took multiple people calling him out for him to apologize (specifically, he needed a cis person he knew personally to tell him it was bad, and ignored trans people that called him out).

Also, he had one of the thumbnails of his Life is Strange livestreams be this:

(even though this scene didn’t even happen in his playthrough), and also constantly referred to Chloe as Max’s “friend” in his “theory” on this game despite the fact that they’re more than friends. They’re gay enough for him to fetishize them in a thumbnail but they’re just friends!

There’s also some smaller telling things he says/does at times, too, like how he only mentioned Finn & Poe once in his ‘Rey is a Solo’ video and yet he had to slap on a ‘they’re space bros!’ comment into that one quick reference, because he has to make sure everybody knows he refuses to think that they’re gay. He’s also used the phrase “love wins!” in a joking manner a number of times (like many straight people did after that phrase was used to celebrate America legalizing marriage equality).

This is not what an ally to the LGBT community looks like. He may not actively say he hates us but he’s made it pretty clear.


@potterversenet monthly members event: favourite friendships

A warmth was spreading through him that had nothing to do with the sunlight; a tight obstruction in his chest seemed to be dissolving. He knew that Ron and Hermione were more shocked than they were letting on, but the mere fact that they were still there on either side of him, speaking bracing words of comfort, not shrinking from him as though he were contaminated or dangerous, was worth more than he could ever tell them.

By Royal Decree (Part 9)

Summary: Betrothed to a man that does not like you in the least, you grit your teeth and take on the duties expected of you as a princess. (Royal AU; Prince!Bucky Barnes).

Word Count: 4,993

Warnings: None.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7Part 8

After forcing you to take the magazine, Bucky shoved past you and stepped into your room. Before anyone else could see the crown prince seething, you closed the door and locked it behind him. You were about to explain yourself when Bucky whirled around, anger raging in his eyes.

鈥淚 don鈥檛 care,鈥 he said slowly. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 care if you date Steve. Hell, that鈥檚 fine. But you do it privately. How can you be so careless?鈥

You opened your mouth to speak, but he continued.

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Call Me King — T. H. (Chapter 3)

The mood board above was made by @bisexualparkerr鈥 and is AMAZING! Please check her out she鈥檚 awesome :D

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader (AU) (Gangster!Tom)

Word Count: 3118

Summary: Thomas Holland & Y/N Y/L/N couldn鈥檛 be more different. Of course, they had no knowledge of each other until Y/N takes a job as a waitress and a certain place owned by england鈥檚 biggest crime boss.

Warnings: Swearing, they also in a strip club so鈥entions of sex.

Additional Notes: (Also I鈥檓 sorry for any typos鈥擨 tried to find them all.) Let me know if you find any. (thank you to @bisexualparkerr鈥 for her inspirational mood board and @dr-tardis-who鈥 for all her help (also check out some of her stuff, she鈥檚 amazing)

| Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 |

Y/N swallowed, her feet aching as she reached her door, and tiredly ran her hands through her hair. She tugged down her skirt reaching for her key before a voice behind her startled her.

鈥淒on鈥檛 you look nice.鈥 She heard a voice behind her. Y/N internally groaned, glancing behind her to see her neighbor Ian. He had jet black hair and a creepy smile and Y/N and Liv were both convinced he was a pedofile. Or at least he could be confused for one easily.

鈥淭hanks.鈥 Y/N bit her lip, unlocking her door quickly.

鈥淵ou had a date or something?鈥 Ian asked walking closer. Y/N struggled to open her door. It jammed easily鈥god damn it. 鈥淪omething like that.鈥 She smiled politely, tugging on her door.

鈥淲ould you like to come in for a drink?鈥 Ian got closer.

鈥淣o, no I鈥檓鈥斺 Y/N swallowed. 鈥淚鈥檓 fine, I work in the morning鈥斺 She jumped when she felt his hand on her wrist. His grip was tight and she knew she would get bruises. Fuck.

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Dedicated to @scarlet47 bc her Draco is the prettiest person ever and I still have to finish a fic I鈥檓 writing for her and I hope this makes the wait easier<3

Read here or on Ao3

Harry was nervous to Hell and back and then some more. He had been since he鈥檇 woken up that morning, no longer in the familiar Gryffindor tower but now in the eight year quarters. Though after spending a year down there that place too, felt like a home to him.

Especially because it held so many memories of sleepless nights spent by the fire with Malfoy, when neither one of them could sleep. And later of many sleep filled nights in Draco鈥檚 arms as they danced around each other, refusing to call what they had anything other than friendship.

The last two months they鈥檇 entered a new phase, which lacked sleep again because the bed suddenly offered so many more possibilities than just resting.

Harry鈥檚 mind couldn鈥檛 be further away from such activities now though, as he quickly began to freak out about the upcoming night. It was the night of their graduation gala. Exams had finished, results were still blissfully unknown to everyone, and only two days after the gala all seventh and eight years would go their separate ways.

That last thought was not so scary anymore now that Draco had agreed to move in with Harry in Grimmauld place. Technically speaking the house belonged partially to his family anyway. But the thing that did freak Harry out, was the gala itself. There was a clear black tie dress code, but he owned neither a black tie nor a dress or a code. How on earth he was supposed to dress up fancy that night was the only code he knew, and it was undecipherable.

[more below the cut]

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Just to be clear:

Antibug: Chloe did actually lie and Ladybug had no reason to trust her for lying. Chloe just threw a fit to get her way in the end and get away with lying like she always does. 

Gamer: Max also lost to Adrien (not that anyone ever wants to point fingers at Adrien for doing things) and felt entitled to his spot in the tournament. But he still lost twice and then went off to grumble about it by himself. He was akumatized because he felt like he deserved the spot even though he lost. 

Puppeteer: Nadja was strict and Manon threw a temper tantrum as children often do. Marinette isn’t responsible for parenting someone else’s child. Manon was perfectly happy until Nadja came and took the doll away, and likely, had Marinette refused to let her borrow the doll in accordance to Nadja’s wishes, Manon would have still thrown a tantrum and been akumatized. But regardless, Marinette is a teenager who was just trying to be nice and make a little girl happy. Children throw tantrums all the time when they don’t get their way. Doesn’t mean that Nadja disciplining her own child was at fault or that Marinette, who is canonically a push-over when it comes to Manon, was at fault either. Manon is a little girl who got angry because she wasn’t getting her way. It happens. 

 Prime Queen: Ladybug has a right to refuse to give out private information to protect her identity and keep her loved ones safe. Just like real life celebrities, we don’t have a right to their private relationships just because they’re in the spotlight. Plus, Nadja was being pressured by her producer who was talking in her ear the whole time to tell her how she was screwing everything up. 

Riposte: Marinette knows nothing about fencing or how to call a match decisively. She stated several times that she wasn’t entirely sure, but D’Argencourt took her word as law because it made him look good. Had she called the match in Kagami’s favor, he may have pestered her more about being unsure, but since she called it in Adrien’s favor, he took it without question despite the fact that he, who has been doing fencing presumably his whole life as opposed to Marinette who started that day, wasn’t even sure who won two of their previous bouts. It’s also possible that had she called the match in Kagami’s favor, D’Argencourt could have been really salty about it and been akumatized himself again, or he could have said something rude to Kagami to cause her to be akumatized.

 Dark Owl: Her intentions weren’t to hurt Mr. Damocles, and she accidentally slipped up because she was genuinely concerned that he may have hurt himself which is something they were desperately trying to avoid in the first place. However, the reporters on TV making fun of him may have had a little something to do with it too??? Mr. Damocles was humiliated not only by her, but by everyone else laughing as well. If he hadn’t been made fun of, and had things turned out like they did in the end of the episode from the get-go, he likely wouldn’t have been akumatized just because she outed his identity. 

 Glaciator: I see no viable reason to get that upset about someone refusing your ice cream. Particularly because he was trying to force her to partake when she clearly didn’t want to and told him repeatedly that she didn’t want to, and while his intentions may have been pure in trying to cheer her up, he should have listened to her when she said she wasn’t interested instead of pestering her and potentially humiliating her in front of her friends. Granted, she wasn’t necessarily humiliated by it, but had I been in her position at that age in front of my peers who don’t necessarily know who my crush is, I would have been mortified. Andre was more upset by his own failure than anything Marinette said. 

Wasn’t on the list, but I’ve seen it, Copycat: The blame gets pinned on her in the end by Chat Noir because she didn’t show up that morning to the ceremony when in reality he was a shit stirrer. Theo might have been disappointed that she didn’t show up, but he wasn’t completely soul-crushed by it. Chat insisting that he and Ladybug were “a thing” out of his own jealousy is what pissed him off, and, wow, surprise, Chat is the person he had a vendetta against the whole episode. Not Ladybug. But who apologizes in the end? Hint: it’s not Chat for being jealous. It’s Ladybug for not showing up. because Adrien can never be at fault for anything because he has to be perfect