and it gives me joy too


Heo Joon Jae was worried about me~

There is so much sadness, so many hurt souls just looking for the warmth of love. There is darkness that seems to touch everything in its path. I am drowning in the sorrow of it all, can we not find a middle ground? Just give me a place where I can rest from it all, the hate has scarred my heart too deeply.

There is beauty still, above the clouds the sun still shines. There are still stars the glow in the sky, and flowers bloom along with the songs of the birds. In the bitterness and pain of life, there is love and joy. Oh, how I hope that I have the courage to reach for the good in this life, for this present sadness will last for only a moment.

Hold on, love is on the move, in those who hope.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Go Now

One thing that gives me joy is the heavy parka Cassian wears all the time, when everyone else is wearing relatively mild weather clothes. Like the trip to Jedha? Jyn wears a light jacket, a scarf just in case. Poncho for the rain on Eadu. Bodhi? Coveralls are fine. Baze and Chirrut? We will wear the same outfit everywhere. But Cassian? Let me wear this Very Large Coat. With a Fur Hood. Everywhere.

I know that the majority of people hate it… but Sonic Boom is one of my favorite shows of all time.

Not only is it wonderfully clever while still managing to be simplistic, the characters are hilarious, and it is wonderful at cheering me up whenever I’m down. Whenever I start feeling just a little too angsty for my liking, I go to Sonic Boom for support.

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Like this gives me actual joy.

Life suddenly seems a little brighter knowing that Sonic Boom is around, a glimmering gem in the middle of all the hate and negativity. The show doesn’t let other people get it down. It keeps going strong.

And that’s something I admire about it.

Also, it gave us this.

so, on march 2nd 2017, i reached three years roleplaying as merlin on this blog. as it goes, i was too lazy to make a graphic, and there was a lot of stuff keeping me busy anyway, so i come to give back only now. it’s been a long journey, i have to say, but i couldn’t have asked for a better one. so many friends, so much character development, and pure joy of bringing this immortal warlock to life  ——  and it wouldn’t be possible without you guys.

which is why i want to give back something to make someone happy. therefore, i present you my THREE YEARS ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY. you can win one nice promo from yours truly, and a gifset/aesthetic of your character. preferences to be discussed. TWO WINNERS will be chosen on march 31st, friday.

  • must be a RP blog. personals & such won’t be taken into consideration, and would be appreciated if they didn’t reblog it.
  • must be following me / likes & reblogs count.

anonymous asked:

fatal if it's not too much can u write some short jikook drabble for me rn ?? I'll be going on a trip and will return after 3 months. I'll most likely not have internet. I just want to read something from you before I leave. It's just that your writing gives me so much joy. It doesn't necessarily have to be a drabble. Like talk about how you see jikook if you want? Anything is fine. Take care <3 And also sorry for this ask and my poor english.

aahhh, oh my god :( i’d be really sad without internet for 3 months but i sincerely hope you have a wonderful trip!!!! i’m…not great at writing on the spot! but i’ll share two snippets of two different wips with you okay!!! idk if they’ll be much but i hope they help and i really hope you enjoy your trip a lot, darling!!!!!

also!!! your english is wonderful. please never apologise for your english okay!!!! you’re doing great!!!

i stuck the snippets under a read more n___n

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Richonne 7x12 Party

Day 1: When did you start shipping them?

It was this scene right here that confirmed for me that there was indeed some underlying attraction that I picked up on at the fence and again in Clear.  When Rick looked Michonne up and down and said “There musta been something else then.” I knew for certain that RG had caught the vapors!  When Michonne smirked, I knew she knew it too! 

It has been a joy watching the cultivation and evolution of their relationship, but CANON?! Lordt, I swear ain’t NOTHING like it!!!  These two give me life and kill both at the same time. 


Guys, I just… thank you a lot, with all my heart. Sorry if I’m not answering to each one of you directly, I’ll try to do that privately when I have some time. Also, know that I read every comment, tag or reblog you write under my stuff so I have to thank you for that too! Reading always gives me soooo much joy and fun! XD

@medweds Happy birthday to you too, bro!!! :D

 To answer to that anon, I’m not aware of what a birthday present submission exactly is, and if you’re asking me to make or take one, but in the past, friends or fellow followers sent me art or other stuff, so, yeah, I think I accept them XD 

Thanks again! <3

They have been saying this shit about children since I was a child twenty years ago. “Kids don’t read books anymore. It’s that danged MTV. Those magazines.”

This is generally why I don’t get mad anymore when people go on about ‘millennials.’ They did it to Gen X, too. There are people who have no other joy in life than to track what the younger crowd is doing and shake their head in shame because their generation was so much righter somehow.

You don’t get children to read books by telling me that children don’t read books. You get them to read books by giving them books to read. 

“Times are bad- children no longer obey their parents and everyone is writing a book.”

Ah, I’m done, and very satisfied!

I like the decision of colors I’ve put into her. :33
I don’t want to give out too much explanation, due
to comic spoilers.

I’m just gonna say she’s an inspiration from A little of
Pinkie Pie’s personality(well..the crazy side), and A bit of Joy from Inside Out.
She’s….quite A character! . w . And her biggest target
is to keep everyone happy as possible.

Look forward to her in my comic concepts,
and the upcoming story “L.Y.F”!  (Love Yourself First)

Facade © me


Hey all!

So now that it’s not late at night and I actually hit the mark I just want to say thank you for everything.

I really honestly didn’t expect to be accepted into this community in such a welcoming way, let alone have this many people following me and enjoying my writing. Writing has always been a passion of mine, but it has become a real joy to do over the past few months and that’s because of you.

So I want to do something to celebrate, every one follower is a huge thing for me and I would love to do something big but I already have the interactive Imagine in the works!

That doesn’t mean I’m going to not do nothing though! 

So… here it is! Introducing…. ‘Origins’.

I don’t want to give too much away as to what this may be or entail because I want to surprise people and get honest answers to the questions below, but do know that I can only do at maximum 10 of these on a first come first serve. (If it goes really well and I am super productive I may increase this)

So if you’re interested send me an ask (with your tag) answering the following!

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I love your art so much my cats judge me for my squees and wriggles of delight. They say 'look human, I'm trying to nap, I don't give a shit about this nonsense' What I'm trying to say is that if you get any hate mail, it's probably from my grumpy cats. But you shouldn't listen to them at all since your art brings me joy, and I need that joy to work, to make money, to feed their lazy asses. And at the end of the day, they value food over sleep.

this is such a sweet message, thank you! haha I can relate, my cats judge me all the time too :’D so I’m pretty used to it at this point. once more, a thousand times thanks!

So I was going to go watch my sister’s beginning Irish dance class perform at a retirement center tonight and this afternoon she texted me… turns out one girl got sick and couldn’t make it so she asked if I wanted to dance in her place.

GUYS. For a decade of my life, every St. Patrick’s Day week was packed brim to brim with performances at parades, events, nursing homes, etc (this happened all year too but especially on St. Patrick’s week). Those were some of the best times of my life, dancing with a troupe of girls who became my sister friends, watching joy light up on people’s faces as we shared our joy in dancing with them.

I miss all kinds of dance but this week, I especially miss Irish. 

So, I took the risk of health consequences and decided to jump on in. Honestly, I don’t care if it ends up giving me a flare. It felt so incredibly good to be there, performing, dancing again and spreading joy. Several of the old troupe girls (my sister’s one of them) danced too, and it felt so right, a little piece of how things are supposed to be.

Anyway, I got to dance again, and not just dance, but perform, something I didn’t think I’d be doing any time soon. I’m really happy tonight, guys.

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are you quitting the mlp blogs forever?

Oh no ! Not at all !

I just need a break !

I really don’t want to draw ponies right now but these blogs are way too important for me ! They bring me such joy but these last weeks, ponies made me very stressed and sad. So I will not give up on my blogs and I will come back!

Thank you for your patience ! 

If you want to talk to me ( Not about djinns please ) you can contact me on my mod blog @/ conflitdecanard ! See you later and love y’all ! Bye ! 

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Hey, David! So something I've been thinking about a lot is my relationship with food, and how much genuine joy it gives me. People talk about comfort food, and there's that aspect to it, too, like if I'm mad or upset, I'll have something I like that may not be as good on the regular. And generally, having lived with my parents so long, my associations of it with my mum's cooking is really meaningful to me (I've never eaten better than hers). Do you have a relationship with food?

Hah, yeah, and not a great one. I think I’ve only alluded to this stuff online before now, but

I call myself a slowly reforming picky eater because, as a kid, I wasn’t having any part of eating a well-rounded diet. I was fine until I hit a certain age, and then my mom says that the only thing I would eat for a long time were chicken nuggets and green beans. I eventually grew up a little and branched out (or was browbeaten into submission) to where I ate more than that, but not by much. My baby brother (born in 2008) similarly suddenly became very picky (though with different…preferences/reactions, I guess) when he was younger, and was diagnosed with Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. It’s highly likely that I would’ve been diagnosed with the same if we weren’t broke, black, and living in the south.

I can’t speak too much to how I felt about it as a kid, but it really just resulted in a limited diet and regular fights with my mom over food. I love tomato sauce but tomatoes make me retch. The smell of pickles grosses me out. Mayo, mustard, ketchup—these are the weapons of the enemy, but BBQ sauce, soy sauce, and aioli are fine. I don’t like peppers, my salads are generally all lettuce and maybe some carrots…I was real skinny as a kid. It was probably half genetics and half the disorder.

On the other hand, Pizza Hut had this program called Book It, where you could read books and get stamps or something on a card, and if you hit X number of books, you got a free personal pan pizza. As a kid, I was all about the personal pan pizza with pepperoni and Pizza Hut was a treat. Also as a kid, I was a voracious reader, so I read so many books and got so many free pizzas that my teacher had to talk to my mother to make sure I wasn’t cheating. They had to vet me over it. I was even reading books in church and half-listening to the sermon. I loved pizza (as long as it had one or two meats and no vegetables).

The food thing is a tough row to hoe as an adult, but I’m working on it. I struggle with it a lot, especially when I’m out to eat with people and know I’m gonna end up sounding real picky and annoying. I can do a lot of sushi now, but I still take my burgers plain. I love ramen, but I don’t eat pork (for other reasons, and for going on 18 years now) so I gotta be careful where I get a bowl. I like cooking, but my main dishes are something like pasta, rice, or noodles with meat on the side and frozen vegetables to wrap it up. I pretty much only eat vegetarian when I screw up and don’t want to go to the grocery store for some meat on a lazy weekend.

Maruchan chicken-flavored ramen is comfort food. I grew up eating it by the pound, and still like it today. It’s nice if you add in some real meat into the mix. I brined some chicken yesterday, and I’m gonna dice it and udon it up at home tonight, and then bring a little ramen package to work tomorrow for leftovers.

I wrecked my sweet tooth for a while, but I’ve got a real soft spot for pound cakes. Iced cakes are good, but I live alone and that’s a bad habit to have to indulge. Pound cake, though—no icing, great taste, soft cake, and it tastes great after a few seconds in the microwave. My favorite Girl Scout cookies are Trefoils, which are just shortbread.

Spicy food is great. I once made a Chick-fil-a recipe I found online, but used too much cayenne pepper. I took one bit, went “Dang that’s good,” and then I felt my entire face flush for the first time in my whole life as the unbelievable amount of pepper in the chicken made my whole face go numb. I finished it though. It was great.

Having trouble thinking of family-related comfort food, even “just like mom used to make”-type stuff. They make a ton—casseroles, deviled eggs (we call ‘em Angel Eggs), red velvet cake, chocolate delight—but it wasn’t really stuff I was into or could/can eat. The stuff I love is real basic, real easy. The act of grilling and then eating what you grilled is maybe the closest I come to comfort food. I mostly cook steaks and burgers on the stove, but every time I end up cooking out, I feel real good. And every culture that has ever gone “You know what would be good? If we took this rice, put it in a bowl, and then put some meat on top of that” are forever in my heart.

I do have one thing that’s kinda like comfort food. When I wake up on weekends, I like to cook one or two eggs (however style, usually a lazy omelet), throw them between two slices of wheat bread with cheese, and make a chai latte in this little steamer a former roommate gave me. I’ll sit, watch a tv show, and enjoy my breakfast, even though I’m always done before the first ad break. But that’s more like a comfort food ritual than anything else, I suppose.


 Nah it’s not rude at all so here you are a quick tutorial on how I do my bloody  joys.

Things to know:

  • I wouldn’t recommend looking up injuries reference because that’s nasty but if you aren’t afraid of real life gore, or like me who is determined to get shit down– then google is your friend. (I looked up for the first example one lmao)
  • Though looking up nosebleed isn’t so bad so that might give you some idea how blood would work
  • By all means, try other artist’s works as reference too if you’re too afraid of the two above. (trigger warning whatsoever)
  • Also know what you want to do with your blood:
    • For the first example: I want smeared blood so it’s mostly Paint brush to create the feeling she wiped her blood.
    • Second one is mostly splattered on him so I used Brush tool
    • Third is his own blood from damage but he hasn’t wiped it so it’s best for Brush + Pencil 3 combination
  • I’ve only do blood on skin, not other surfaces or splatted against the wall so that’s best to look up with Pixiv texture.
  • You’re welcome to use pure bright red for highlight but by all means, blood is not bright red. It’s a little bit duller and desaturated than that. Bruised blood is darker. Dried blood is brown-ish almost black.
  • I use different layer most of the time so I can erase the blood flow and fix it however I want, also it’s easy to change color that way.
  • So just do whatever you want to make it looks good to you.

Hope all of this helps. Sorry for shitty hand writing/wording because I’m not used to writing in tablet and I’m tired.