and it gives me happy fluffy feelings inside

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My 9 year old sis is a fan of your work, I asked her what she thinks of your art style, she said: "She makes me feel like Im drinking a cup of hot chocolate with milk and the fluffy jetpuff marshmallows- my favorite SMORES flavored ones! When its inside my tummy, I get warm and fuzzy. My heart feels happy and I like that feeling." She also said: "She made my favorite characters break dance, I think it's so cool!!!" And menons la danse zine? All because she saw YOUR name she HAD to have it! XD

you’re sister is the sweetest thing, please give her the biggest hug and thank you for me ;;A;;<3<3<3<3

5SOS Preference #3 - First Night With The Baby (With Pictures)

A/N - sorry I haven’t wrote a preference in a while! I had a great holiday last week:-) happy easter everyone! Idek if I like easter or not, i’ve probably eaten my body weight in chocolate:/ ugh!


You had just gotten home from the hospital and you were absolutely exhausted, so you went to sleep straight away. Ashton was tired too, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of his baby boy.

Your son had finally fallen asleep after hours so Ashton didn’t want to pick him up in case of awakening him. He just looked at him, admired his adorable little face, the way his fists curled up in his sleep, his cute little noises that he made. 

“I can’t believe how much I love you, little guy.” Ashton whispered, carefully placing his little finger in his son’s tiny fist. 

His heart swelled and tears filled his eyes, feeling so much love for the baby boy that he created with the woman he loves. 

“My beautiful baby boy…”


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You were still in hospital, two days after giving birth to your baby girl. You and Calum were so happy and overwhelmed, neither of you had stopped crying since she was born. 

“Her hair is so soft and fluffy.” Calum says, running his finger over her head. “And her little button nose is so cute, I just love her so much.”

“I know, I can’t believe she’s the baby that’s been inside of me for those nine months.” You reply, laying back in bed.

“I’m gonna protect you as much as I can.” Calum whispers to the sleeping bundle in the cot next beside him. “No boyfriends until you’re 20.”

“Cal…” You laugh, already seeing the protective side of him. “You’re gonna be an amazing father.”


“I know you’re tired,” Luke murmured to the little girl, kissing her nose. “Being born is tiring right?”

He laughed to himself, running a finger over her cheek. He changed position, moving the baby girl so she was cradled in his arms. He wrapped a blanket around her, keeping her warm.

“We waited so long for you, and now you’re finally here.” He smiled, rocking her slightly. “I don’t know if i’m gonna be a good Dad… I hope so. I have a lot to learn I guess.”

“Bored of Daddy talking to you? At least your asleep huh?” He whispers, a lump in his throat. “I love you so much my princess.”


“Mikey, you should really get some sleep babe.” You murmur from the bed, half asleep yourself.

“What if something happens to her whilst we’re asleep? I can’t let anything happen to her Y/N.” He replies, reaching his hand out to fix the woolen hat on her head.

“Nothing bad can happen to her Mikey, I promise.” You smile, loving how caring he was about his baby girl. “Would it make you feel better if she slept in bed with us?”

“Yes, yes, yes. Thankyou babe.” He grinned, carefully cradling the baby girl then placing her in between the two of you. “I love you both so much…”

A/N - why did this take me so long  hope this is okay:-) I have like no inspiration to write so any requests or ideas would be appreciated, thankyou:-)

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I just love your writing! It's so simple and beautiful and descriptive without me having to stumble over strings of adjectives (a problem I often suffer with my own writing). I was wondering if you could perhaps put together some writing tips, and I'm sure other people would find them helpful too? Do you plan your stories or just jump in and write? How do you phrase things so beautifully, does is it take more than one attempt? Do you edit/change things a lot or a little? Thank you, dearly <3

One, you are a sweet pumpkin pie for being so kind. All I ever want to do with my writing is make people happy, so this makes me feel all fluffy inside. 

Two, I am absolutely terrible at giving any sort of advice whatsoever, but I will do my very best. (If you want to hear me ramble on about nonsense, go on below the cut.)

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