and it gets worse every episode

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Buffy drinking game: watch any episode from season 6 Drink every time: -buffy says a witty pun -buffy and spike have sex -Tara is being cute -Andrew is showing his crush toward wren -every time buffys situation gets worse -when you cry -when there's a sad moment with anya and xander

Ohhhhhdang this is gonna be rough haha. So any ep from s6? Let’s go with………dead things. Lots of fun suffering to be had

Barring anything involving Rick’s depression and suicidal tendencies, the worst moments in Rick and Morty are when Morty’s innocent, trusting nature gets taken advantage of by someone, and you can see like the life drain from his eyes, can see the hurt he feels in every motion. Even worse is when Rick mocks him for it, even unknowingly, because it’s so obvious how much he craves Rick’s approval.

The last few episodes of season 2 show a real flip in that nature. You see him starting to lash back against those who take advantage of it, lash out against those he views as a threat. He’s slowly losing that innocence and having it be replaced by bitterness.

And I hate that. I hate so much that sweet, lovely, kind Morty is becoming more and more like Rick with every episode. Because as much as I love Rick, even HE knows he’s fucked up, and I don’t want to see Morty destroy himself like Rick does.


I’m rewatching some s1 JtV and just. I’m sorry, but Jane still smiles more with Michael than with Rafael. Almost every episode has some level of discord between her and Rafael. Either he hides something from her or he’s not honest or… I’m just not seeing where they were in actual love. Infatuation, definitely. But love? Jane is always hesitant and unsure, even when swept off her feet.

Season 3, you’d better not cheat the narrative.

Aw man I just binged the latest season of Bojack Horseman. Every time, it never ceases to make me laugh out loud and cry. It has dumb animal puns, witty topical observations that make fun of every opinion, and these incredibly genuine meditations on depression through lovable, weird characters. And I really think they’re doing a great job of developing Bojack’s character. There was a point where I was just like, “…but it can’t just keep getting worse!” But that last episode set up such a great, realistic direction for him. 

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Frankly, the "Black coffee and milk" metaphor doesn't really work when the two servings are separated by three days. It honestly makes me contemplate just following Zetsubou-hen until both sides are finished so I don't have to feel depressed every week. Then again, I do recall you being convinced for much of your playthrough of DRAE that it was going to have a darker ending than it ended up being...

I agree that it worked a lot better when I saw the episodes back to back.

The three day separation isn’t too bad for me because a) I love it when things are depressing; and b) I’m so busy during the week that the intervening time evaporates before I know it.

Ideally, I’d say wait until the whole series is complete and then watch it all in one go, but I don’t know if you want to wait three months to do that, especially since the minute an episode airs it gets gif’d to hell and back. How do you feel about waiting until Thursday and then watching both episodes together? That way the lighter tone of Zetsubou-hen would immediately balance Mirai-hen’s seriousness.

Yeah, I got quite a few things right in DR:AE but the ending wasn’t one of them. I’m still disappointed Komaru didn’t briefly become Junko 2.0 and that I didn’t get a Chapter 6 where I played as Fukawa teaming up with Kotoko to bring her back to her senses and fight giant robo-Junko, and I’m still vocally dissatisfied with the “everyone important lives” stuff.

For Mirai-hen I honestly do think it’s going to get lighter as it continues (or at the least more hopeful, like there will be a light at the end of the tunnel) and Yukizome’s comment about “a story of hope that ends in despair…but who knows?” kind of makes me think things are ultimately going to finish out in a happier note than you might initially think.

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honestly, today's episode was a joyride of heavy emotions. i love asahina and i'm glad she's okay, but i'm sad gozu had to die because he was such a good character. this show is only gonna get worse from here and idk if i'm ready

also where and why the fuck did munakata get a sword? why does he feel the need to draw that thing every time he feels mildly angry? 

My suicidal ideation & depression get 100x worse before/during my period, do I have pmdd? I’m always suicidal, but in the days/week before my period and the first couple days of menstruation I make a suicide plan almost every month. Is that regular pms exaggerating my mental illnesses or is it possible that I have pmdd on top of my mental illnesses? It’s like clockwork. I get severely suicidal to the point where I have a plan almost every cycle. But I’m mildly suicidal 24/7 anyway, but it’s usually just background thoughts w/ no intention (unless I’m in a depressive episode otherwise).

But I HATE birth control pills though and I heard that’s the treatment for pmdd :(

I was thinking of getting an IUD anyway would that help the pmdd if it turns out I have that? Ughhhh