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From watching season 4 is sheith's future hopeful and heading in the right direction in your eyes?

Honestly? Absolutely. The thing is, Keith is a major character with a story that branches out into a lot of other aspects of the plot. If he was gonna have a love interest–and I think he will–they should’ve established some sort of interest. We should be getting narrative cues as to who he’d be paired with. There should be chemistry there, character development, some kind of love or longing–and really? As far as I’m concerned, sheith makes the most sense. 

And Keith wouldn’t be happier with any other character. We’re already done with season 4. As I’ve said, if he’s gonna have someone, that relationship should be hinted at by this point. The only person I think Keith really loves and has continued to have deep and meaningful character interactions with is Shiro. 

In season 4, he and “Shiro” clash, sure. But Keith specifically thanks him and says how much his support means. He’s the only one that Keith receives a more personal goodbye with instead of just the generic “we’ll miss you” group hug. “Shiro’s” the one Keith believes is the true Black Lion, and “Shiro” in turn believes in him. When Voltron is in trouble, “Shiro” is the one Keith tries to contact in a panic. And had Keith crashed that ship, “Shiro” would’ve been the last paladin he spoke to. 

And that prekerberos cameo? The two of them together, Shiro’s hand on his shoulder, Lauren’s comment that he was still Keith’s “guiding light?” Keith might not have been around as much, but Shiro and Keith’s dynamic still receives plenty of development and promise for what the future–and past–may hold. I just think if they wanted to set him up with another love interest by now, they’ve had plenty of opportunities. But with Keith things always circle back to Shiro.

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"I found something on here offensive! I’m sending hate mail right now!" "You know that is the equivalent of asking to see the manager, right?" Are we still supposed to report offensive submissions and commenters? You guys used to ask that we do, but we're just supposed to ignore them now and "move on?"

That’s fine as long as you’re not rude about it. We get a lot of “I’m unfollowing because you allow (insert thing that ends in ism)!” Like, yeah, we’ll look into it, but don’t be a customer about it. I’ll edit that bit because it is confusing. -Abby

I’m not sure if I’m beating a dead horse but this is something I wanna get off of my chest.

I like what I do here, regardless if it’s now considered a cringe thing or not.

I prefer to make fan content instead of original content right now and I still wanna continue what I’m doing, because I’m having fun and I don’t care if the fandom died down a lot.

I still love it and I still plan on making content.

Don’t let anyone who thinks something you love is “cringey”.

If it makes you happy and positive, then it invalidates all those who say otherwise to you.

Scared of writing a fic from a dead fandom??

Still write it

Got an idea to draw for a “cringe” fandom??

Draw it

You gave yourself a spark you needed to give yourself a warm fire.

Who knows

Maybe that warm inviting fire might get other people to come and sit next to you and enjoy the heavenly warmth together.

Boyfriend Jinyoung (Part 2)

A/N - Another boyfriend!Got7 headcanon yay~ The previous one was Jaebum and I felt it was only fitting that the next member I did this for was my one and only, Jinyoung aka my husband. Also I’m so incredibly tired from working all day as I write this so apologies if it’s not great! Enjoy and keep on sending in requests~

the first boyfriend!Jinyoung headcanon

  • so this absolute cutie is boyfriend goals
  • no doubt about it
  • and he would literally worship the very ground you walked on
  • like he just cannot comprehend how much he loves you and is completely head over heels in love
  • it’s really cute too
  • whenever you two go anywhere, even random strangers can see just how much he loves you
  • he’s the kind of boyfriend who is too perfect for words
  • when he meets them, he’s so incredibly polite and respectful, giving compliments and trying to impress them
  • and he’s just the most flattering person ever
  • sweet talks his way into your parent’s hearts
  • they love him so much it’s insane
  • like they’ll be asking you the next time you bring him over because they just want to see him again
  • always brings flowers and wine for them too because there’s no such as thing as too many gifts, right?
  • speaking of gifts, prepare for surprise presents from him
  • he’ll have seen something that reminded him of you and been like “I want to get that. I’m going to get it.”
  • you would constantly tell him he didn’t need to but did he ever listen?
  • lol no of course not
  • and if you try and give him a gift he’d just be like “the only gift I need is your love”
  • cue the major cringe but it’s cute so who cares
  • Jinyoung actually says a lot of cute but cringey things like that
  • he’d make shitty puns as a way of complimenting you
  • the other members would groan so loudly every time they heard a new one while you’re there just beaming at him bc wow isn’t he cute??!
  • likes to wake up before you in the mornings
  • one so he has the option of making breakfast for you
  • and two so that he can just look at you and admire you
  • Yugyeom said it was creepy but Jinyoung would just hit him bc it wasn’t creepy at all !!
  • he just likes to see how you peaceful you look when you’re sleeping
  • especially if you’ve been really stressed out recently (lol me)
  • and he loves being able to wake you up with kisses
  • lots of light little pecks on your lips and slowly trailing them down your jawline
  • it’s the best way to wake up honestly
  • i mean just waking up next to Jinyoung would be wonderful but like
  • if he was kissing you??
  • rip me bc I died and went to heaven just imagining it

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Hi I'm a switie new to the whole tumblr thing and trying to form my own opinions rather than just listening to what the het swifties say. I was wondering if you could explain to me how you know if something is a stunt. Because we used to get a lot of pictures of the girls in 2014 right? How can we tell their real and that the ones from tayvin weren't? Like besides the fact that they're tayvin? Why do you think they're staged with CH and then not with K? No hate honestly jus curious? x

Hi anon! Welcome to Tumblr, and thanks for keeping an open mind. It’s always really nice to see 😊

There are honestly SO many factors that can be used to disprove (or at the very least, heavily side-eye) a stunt. To get into Hiddlestunt and Tayv!n in particular, I suggest you check out @kaylor-evidence and follow the sub-headings on both. @taytaysbeard and @larrienation both went to great lengths to expose the fakery. They’ll break it all down for you: the suspicious timing and framing of pap shots, the mutual PR benefit, the blind items and media shade, the “contract” length of these so-called relationships, the awkward body language … all of it. Deep dive, and it’ll all fall into place.

Now on the topic of Kaylor in 2014. While I wouldn’t call the pictures we got “stunts” (because the girls were in a genuine relationship), I do think that many of them were shared with the public deliberately, in order to push an agenda. Originally, it was the “instant best friends” angle. In order to justify Karlie’s sudden presence in Taylor’s life, and make it easier for them to spend time together without hiding, the public had to be presented with a justification other than “this is my new girlfriend”. So the “best friends” narrative was pushed, hard. Taylor and Karlie talked about each other in interviews, were frequently snapped in candids, and were each others plus one at events. (Met Gala, Fund Fair, etc.) Vogue went hardest, arranging a cover story photoshoot for the pair and filming a whole bit about their “best best friend”-ship for the internet.

This was partly to cover Karlie’s sudden and obvious presence in Taylor’s life, and partly, we suspect, as a kind of glass closet. The Kaylor “friendship” was very positively received by both fans and the general public, in a way that Taylor hadn’t experienced in a long time. (The Red era saw her become the focus of vitriol from many sides, and it seems safe to say no-one predicted the mega success and total rehabilitation of her image 1989 would provide in 2014.) It seems likely Taylor and her new publicist, Tree, were planning to build towards an eventual coming out. But then Kissgate happened and seemed to be too much, too soon, for somebody, because it slammed the brakes back on. The result was that from 2015 onward, Kaylor went into virtual hiding. I’ll be really curious to see if any song on the album references this time, as it was actually a return to the kind of stressful subterfuge that had made Taylor feel so hunted in her relationship with Dianna. (See: I Know Places.) It must have been hard to regress from her new-found freedom, and repeat an experience that had left her so wounded before. I think any song about that would have the potential to emotionally wreck me. 💔

To sum up: there was an element of performance in all Taylor’s publicly documented relationships - even Kaylor - but for different reasons. Once you know the bigger picture, you begin to understand what’s fake, what’s real, and why, and the patterns become clearer.


hey @taylorswift

i’m antonia, but most people know me as tibby. the last time i tried to get your attention via a selfie post was back in 2015, right before my 1989 show. that post has since been deleted, but i still saw you in sydney on november 28th, 2015, and it was the best night of my life.

the thing is, back in 2015 i was in a really bad place. i’d lost most of my friends, i was fighting with my family, i felt like my life was going nowhere. i’d realised i was a lesbian but i was dealing with a lot of internalised lesbophobia. i had more bad days than good, and i really wanted to die.

one of the things that kept me going was you, and your music. i can’t recall how many nights (and days!) i spent crying listening to your songs. if i needed to cheer myself up, i’d watch your interviews. if i needed to distract myself, i’d gif your face. and on the days when things were really bad, when i didn’t want to wake up the next morning, i’d tell myself this: you gotta make it to see taylor. you gotta pull through.

and i did. and i saw you, and i danced to shake it off and cried to clean. i got to hear my favourite song of yours (you are in love!) live. it was a magical night, and it almost made the past year worth it.

and not only am i glad i made it to see you, i’m glad i made it past that. i’m in a truly better place now. i’m happier than i’ve been in years, and i’ve experienced so many magical moments over the past year or so:

  • i got into my dream school and am now studying film (my dream is to be a screenwriter and my course is going to help get me there)
  • i spent nearly a year overseas and got to experience incredible things
  • i fixed things up with old friends and made a bunch of wonderful new ones
  • i moved out of home and into my first apartment
  • i came to terms with my lesbianism, and can now happily identify as one to myself and those around me (i actually got my first girlfriend last year!)

and so many more small things. all of which wouldn’t have been possible if you hadn’t kept me going, hadn’t gotten me through my dark days, hadn’t kept me smiling when i had no other reason to.

you’ve done a lot for me over the past few years. you’re the reason i had the courage to come out. you’re the reason i made some of my closest friends. you’re the reason i try to be a better person. you’re the reason i am who i am today. you’re the reason i’m still here.

i’m excited for what this new era brings, and i can’t wait to share more moments of my life with you. you’ve changed my life for the better, and i will never be able to thank you enough for that.

i love you, i love you, i love you. always.

A Couple Fun Facts About Scottish Gaelic

I’m here with a quick post to talk about some fun facts in regards to the Scottish Gaelic language. For instance, although spelled the same “Gaelic” is pronounced differently for Irish and Scottish, Irish being the traditional gay-lick and Scottish being GAH-lik.

So let’s get started here!

Endangered language: To start things off, yes, Gàidhilg is an endangered language. There are a lot of politics involved that I don’t care to get into at the moment, but let’s just say after a steep decline in Gàidhilg speakers, the language is finally it’s on the rise again. It’s being brought back to life by the government, and hopefully more courses and material will surface for those interested in learning.

Dialects: Like any other language, Gàidhlig has different dialects. Some of those include Scots, Galwegian Gaelic (extinct), Norse-Gaelic, and Canadian Gaelic. That’s right, there happens to be Gàidhilg speakers throughout Nova Scotia. In Gàidhilg that’d be Alba Nuadh (AL-u-puh NOO-ugh), which translates to New Scotland.

Emphatic pronouns: One of the most interesting things I’ve found with Gàidhilg thus far, is their Emphatic Pronouns. It’s not something that I know to be apart of any other language. There is no English equivalent, but it’s basically like stressing a word. So instead of saying “Tha mi Ian” and stressing “mi” to say “I am Ian” you would say “Tha mise Ian” which adds the stress without changing the tone of your voice… it’s a unique part Gàidhlig.

Lack of English Equivalents: Not every word in a language can be properly translated, that’s no big surprise. I find it both frustrating and fascinating when I come across these words. In Gàidhilg, a particular word I’ve come across is “Ann” (AUwnn). The closest translation is “in existence.” This makes it, for me at least, a complicated word to understand and use properly.

Why this episode of Riverdale (and Betty’s blackmail in particular) really pissed me off masterpost

1. Remember that FP isn’t being charged with or sentenced for Jason’s murder. Everything he’s going to jail for is something he actually did. He isn’t owed leniency. The potentially lesser sentencing afforded by the testimony of the bereaved was a privilege not a right. Cheryl (and I hate to say it because I despise her, but Penelope) had every right, moral and legal, to tell Betty and Jughead to fuck right off when they came into her house asking if she wouldn’t please help an accomplice in her brother’s murder get a lighter sentence out of the kindness of her heart. 

2. It would be infinitely more understandable if it were Jughead that did it. He’s terrified. He only has his father, and is afraid to lose him. He’s been through a hell of a lot, too. Okay. If he’d blackmailed Cheryl, it would still have been a reprehensible thing to do, but it would have been understandable if not justifiable. But it’s Betty. Doing it as a nice favor for her boyfriend.

3. Why the hell did she save a video of Jason’s murder in the first place? What kind of weird, fucked up shit is that? Did she have something along these lines as a contingency plan all along or what?

4. Just think about it piece by piece: Here we have Cheryl, who has been routinely abused by her parents, probably for most of her life. She’s lost Jason, who, remember, was the only person who ever really cared about her or loved her. Lost him to their father, no less. This is understandably enough to cause her deep emotional distress and agony, to the point where she attempts suicide. She makes it clear that this is and has been the darkest, most painful period in her life and that she wants nothing more than to move past it. Here comes Betty, fully aware of all of this, and she says: ‘help me or I’ll distribute a video recording of your beloved brother’s brutal murder, precisely to make sure that this dark, painful period of your life never ends’. And for what? For the sake of a man who’s receiving nothing less and nothing more than what he deserves. In short, she’s threatening to ruin Cheryl’s already ruined life and make damn sure she can never escape her trauma. This is the sort of shit villains do.

5. Characters do questionable things, I get it. Perfect characters are boring. But a lot of you guys seem to be treating this not as a despicable thing that Betty did with arguably good intentions but as an actually cool/badass/commendable thing. Why?

I’m probably taking this too seriously. I don’t mean to call anyone out (except Betty Cooper I guess, who is fictional after all) with this post or anything. I know it’s just a TV show. It’s just that it’s a TV show I really like and it really bothered me. Maybe more than it should have. I don’t know. I’ll stop posting about this now. I need to go to sleep anyway.

A message from your friendly neighbourhood Deadpool

I’m sure you all have noticed that things have been quiet here for a few weeks and I just wanted to address that.

Right now I have a lot going on. Nothing anyone really needs to know about, just things I need to deal with in my personal life. And through dealing with all that, I’ve been realising that I’ve been getting burned out. I don’t feel like I’m giving you the quality content I want to and I’m not having fun with it when I have to force myself.

So I need to take a short break.

I’m not leaving. I’m just taking the first real vacation I’ve had from this place in three years.

I’ll be back to it soon. Thank you to everyone who’s standing by me while I get my shit together. And please forgive me for the pause in content.

I love Deadpoolvania and all of you. You guys are the greatest.


Pretty Things

Member: Jeonghan
Genre: Angst (and a lot of it)
Word Count: 856

You never wondered what was on the other side of the ocean. You lived on the shoreline, and all of your friends were intrigued by the beautiful water. You, on the other hand, feared its secrets and mysteries. Who could tell what was under that sparkling surface? Besides, Mama said to “be careful of pretty things,” and Mama was always right.

Your day had gone so poorly. From spilling coffee all over your new and pricey white top, to tripping down stone steps, you had enough. To calm your nerves and get some well-deserved peace, you decided to take a nice walk along the beach. It was time for the sun to set, so the view in front of you was absolutely sublime. It was, for lack of better words, pretty.

Finding a smooth rock, you sat down and closed your eyes, taking in the cool sea breeze. It was quiet and so very serene. A perfect evening in your opinion. The sweet melody in the background made it all the more peaceful.

Your eyes shot open and you frowned. Singing? Where was it coming from? You were alone on the beach, as far as you knew, and your phone was still in the house. Your concern began to dwindle somehow, feeling safe with the singing. Your mind focused on the voice as you closed your eyes again. It was smooth and soft, yet powerful. It made your heart swell and your mind cloud. Despite the song being in a language you couldn’t understand, you knew exactly what was being said.

“My eyes see only you.”

“I am your future.”

And so, you did. Against the backdrop of a blood red sky, you saw a rock out in the middle of the horizon. You never remembered seeing it there before, but you did not care anymore. Perched on the rock was a boy, his mouth turning into a smile aimed directly at you. You were not sure what you felt, but fear was not one of them.

“Take one step closer.”

“Reach out, so we can save one another.”

You got up from the rock and moved towards the shoreline. The boy’s words and his vocal range pulled you to the water, and you felt yourself move closer to him. You began to get deeper and deeper, and the boy was getting closer and closer. His voice, his beautiful music, was getting louder and clearer. Your mind was getting cloudier as you got closer.

Eventually, you reached the rock, and waded next to it. The boy smiled beautifully and held out a hand. You took it and climbed up the rock.

The boy was an angel, a pristine version of the heavens sent to Earth. His blonde hair was long and free, past his shoulders. His hands were soft and perfectly fit with yours. His eyes were as if the creator combined the moon, the sun, the stars, and all naturally beautiful things in one. He was absolutely perfect, almost ethereal and unnaturally so.

“Who are you?” You asked, not letting go of his hand. His voice was melodic and had a rhythm that no human should possess.

“I am Jeonghan. And you are my prey.” Confused, you tilted your head. You felt the cloud in your mind begin to fade away, and with it, Jeonghan’s unnatural perfection.

His pale skin began to shimmer, as if becoming covered in scales reflected by the moonlight. His hair began to turn a menacing black, a shade you had never seen before. Jeonghan’s smile turned into a smirk, filled with sharp teeth. His voice became ominous and dark, while you saw the ocean ripple and reveal a tail where his legs should have been. With a gasp, you looked around. The shore line was almost out of sight, just a blur of lights on the horizon. Even if you managed to escape Jeonghan, what promise could you make to yourself that you would be able to navigate this far out in such darkness?

“N-no. Your song. No,” you panted. His eyes shone a bright sea-green, full of angelic innocence. But now, you knew. Your heart began to race, and you felt your lungs tighten. Cold water began to slap at your ankles. You were sinking into the darkness, and fighting it was futile: you were paralyzed on the rock. You turned your head to face the once-beautiful Jeonghan, who was singing once more.

“You were my past.”

“There is no warmth at all.”

His song was right, there was no warmth left for you to hold on to. How could he continue to sing so beautifully while you struggled and suffocated? As the water rose to your chin, your nose, your eyes, Jeonghan smiled again. He became the beautiful creature that led you into the darkness. His form became watery as you were pulled completely below the surface. Ice began to run through your veins, your lungs filled with water. But you could still hear Jeonghan’s melodic voice as it sung you to eternal sleep.

“Didn’t Mother tell you to be careful around pretty things?”


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How does Henry take to being a toon, both initially and later down the line?

He doesn’t take it well initially, due to obvious reasons.

But after he gets the hang of co-existing with Buddy, he learns that some parts of being a toon can be kind of… fun.

Trip To Jamaica

Thanks to @stylishmuser and @4everinsane for getting me into my writing mood again! <3

~Chapter 2 - Kelly~
As much as I tried to calm myself down, before I stepped through that door… There wasn’t a chance to NOT having to deal with nerves, when the only thing you’ve got on your mind are questions.
“Kelly! Hi! It’s great you made it.”
“Hi.” I said rather shy. No surprise, because right next to Jeff sat no one else than Harry Styles himself! How could you not get shy and shocked and everything all at the same time?!
“I’m Jeff. This is Harry.”
Shake hands with Harry…Sure, no big deal! My whole body was SHAKING!
“Please take a seat. I know, you didn’t get a lot of information and that’s my fault, so… Let me quickly walk you through why you’re here.”
Jeff’s secretary was walking around, what felt like for ages, before we’re all served and she left the room.
“Well…The thing is…Harry’s gonna work in his solo album soon.”
“I saw your videos…Your vlog is great. I really love the settings and the content of your work.”
I couldn’t stop a proud smile creeping onto my lips.
“Thank you very much. I know, some of the videos are a bit chaotic and I might not been able to shut up about certain people… In the good and not so good way.”

Some little pieces of exactly these videos came back to me right then and there. I felt my eyes getting bigger and bigger and I felt a shiver washing over me. “Oh my gosh! Did I say something bad? Did I spread any kind of rumor? I hate all these tabloids, so if I did, I’m very sorry and I know, I couldn’t shut up about how upset I was, after Zayn left One Direction, how hurt and sad I felt and then, what kind of anger I felt about it….But…Seriously… I never thought any of you would ever come across a video of mine.” I literally rambled without thinking about of the simple fact that I need air…Obviously, I didn’t but my brain. And I believe, I just shut that one down, because just with a little delay I processed, what I’d just said.
“Oh, I saw these two videos.” Harry said. “Don’t worry about it. Zayn leaving wasn’t easy for us. Not for us as a band for sure and certainly not for the fans. I absolutely understand your feelings, but you can trust me, when I say…That’s not the reason you’re here. And I also know, you had a bit of trouble to place the name of a sponsor.”
I laughed, happy to drop the theme of my breakdown on camera after Zayn departed from the band.
“Oh yeah…Well, I didn’t had a sponsor since then, but I’ve got better. I also send them an apology and the funniest outcome of that was… That they liked the video the way it was. As chaotic and forgetful I was with mentioning their name. I mean, I’d placed it in the video afterwards, but still…” I shook my head. “Okay, so…I am relieved to know, that my 1D-based videos aren’t a problem for you and that they aren’t the main reason why I’m here. So, why am I here?”
“We made kind of a secret out of it, because it is a secret. You have to promise and also sign some papers that you will stay quiet about it. Anyway, of you’re up for it, or not.”, Jeff explained.
I only nodded. I had no idea how to respond.
“I’m gonna go to Jamaica, to properly be away from everything, to just be able to write and find the style of music I want to put in my album. Some of my team, my band…And Ben -Ben Winston - is gonna come with me. He’s gonna turn this journey from starting with the album till it’s finished, into a documentary. A movie for Apple Music.”
“Wow…” I starred at these two men on the other side of the table, one more time, speechless.
“Okay, I get it…But still…Why am I here? I mean, I am not really important. I’m an office clerk which happens to run a YouTube channel…And if there’s Ben who’s gonna film it all. Why do you need me?”
“There’s the movie on one side, but on the other…I would like to have you vlog it. Not everything and of course, you’ll have some free time, that’s no question, but I would like to have some ‘vlogging moments’ in the movie, which we can’t plan out or whatever, just to have it all really naturally. I want the album to be honest, the movie should be honest and if a vlogging camera is gonna help to capture even more moments like that, it’s perfect.”
“Okay…Give me a second…”, I said and thought all of these information. Not longer than a heartbeat.
“You ask me to come to your office…”, I said to Jeff. “Because Harry likes my videos…You’re telling me, you’ll go to Jamaica and you want to have a vlogger with you…”
I said to Harry. They both nodded.
“And I’m actually gonna get a paid holiday? Like…You know I am actually married to my camera. That’s not a job for me!” “But?” Harry asked and raised an eyebrow.
“I do have a job…I mean…”
“Kelly, we would love to have you with us.” Jeff interrupted me. “It’s absolutely clear, you need to check on it all. The band and the people which will be a part of this trip gonna meet up in three days to talk it all through…What’s gonna be needed to be packed up, passport and everything. If you’ll be here for the meeting, you’re more than welcomed to join us on the trip. But after this meeting, we’ll have everything booked, so…You’ve got these three days to decide.”
I giggled. “Oh trust me. If it’s only on me, I’d already be at home packing. Of course, I’d come with you to Jamaica, that’s no question for me.”
It really wasn’t, but there was so much more onto saying ‘YES, I’m with all of you on this plane to Jamaica’, than just signing some papers and getting ready to vlog every day for about a month.

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unfortunately a lot of people do whitewash theirs sims but from what i've seen you are one of the few who doesn't! especially with asian sims. whitewashing and lighting are different things and sometimes lighting can be too harsh and wash out a skintone. this is a little ramblely sorry. i just wish people who actually whitewashed were getting called out and not you <3

ah tbh I haven’t seen a case where people were deliberately white washing their sims ? It’s usually their editing which causes ppl to accuse them of white washing? there isn’t a wrong / right way to edit (whether u like to glam up ur sims w/ sharp ass highlighter or enhance the picture by playing w/ the curves)! As long as u do & there isn’t the intent of doing such act, everything should be ok!!

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So I saw your monster meta on Monster Movie (thanks btw, it was great). One thing about that episode that bothers me is that when Dean and Sam interview Anna-Marie she’s drinking this giant soda and Sam and Dean keep giving her these weird looks (like even before she says it’s a werewolf) and I just don’t get the point of the soda. If it meant nothing it would be a part of the setting instead of a prop and if it didn’t symbolize something it wouldn’t be so freaking huge, right? Any thoughts?

Hello my lovely!! 

Aw thanks so much, that means a lot! That meta was such a labour of love and it makes me incredibly happy to read that you enjoyed it!! Yayyyy for enjoyment! :)

So this was driving me crazy too, honestly, as I watched the episode and since there was sooooo much to write anyway and I couldn’t find the fucking thread for the giant ass soda and the giant ass beer (oh yeah, I’ll show you in a minute) I just left it well alone. Buttshake, guess what - you asking me this made the visual click in my noggin’. THANK YOU!

Because Monster Movie is all about Dean, right? (well yeah according to me it is anyway and… I mean it is, even if you disagree with my reading) 

And LOOK –>

*excited face like wide grin and raised eyebrows and HAHAHA sounds*


So Dean starts the trend of the Big Things Occupying Your Mouth Visual. And I’m so not sorry for calling this a “penis pretzel” anymore, because it fucking IS a visual aid to underline Dean’s dual personality: mainly that what he’s really trying to overcompensate for throughout this entire goddamn narrative is the fact that he is suddenly so fucking preoccupied with thoughts of dick, of one dick in particular. And that dick is linked to new feelings and that is SCARY AF. 

But COME ON Bob Singer, are you FOR REAL even? (I love this man)

So we get our first proper plant of Jamie saying “Gutten tag” and Dean responding with a slack-jawed “Gutten tag yourself” before exchanging a look with Sam like “Daaamnnnnn” and understandable, because Jamie is gorgeous. Sam spots the sheriff (one of our toxic masculinity representatives in this episode) and he says “Guess that’s our man” (and yes I could so go deep-diving into the feminine/masculine part of the planted visuals of this scene)…

…but let’s focus on Dean, who does this –>

I will never apologise for loving it when penis shaped food in the hands of Dean Winchester are being made to look like he’s giving it a blow job. 

What is all that fast food really about, Dean. Hmmmm? 

Anyway. Here’s the beautiful part. It is not just the penis pretzel that is a phallic symbol in this episode’s visual narrative.

Ed drinks beer from this –>

Yeah. This beer drove me crazy when I watched the episode again and again to write my meta, staring at this fucking scene without being able to actually visually tie it to Dean. It’s his narrative so I just felt there HAD to be a fucking reason for this being here - it is so OVERTLY phallic, and it did not click that the penis pretzel started out huge.

(subtle plant there for Cas’ package?) (or Dean’s desire for said package) 

Ok, it’s actually not sexual, sorry, must not joke (am so tired) - the phallic symbols are actually to do with Dean’s building fear at losing control of himself. The symbolism is here to push the theme of the narrative and is interestingly tying Dean to the man being judged by the sheriff as a nuisance, but empathised with by Jamie (who represents everything Dean needs to embrace to feel whole) 

But there is more! The root of your question, my dear! 

Because I bid you LOOK –>

That, my friends, is a blow job.

So here Dean is also linked (through starting the trend of Big Things Occupying Your Mouth Visual) with the girl giving this soda the time of its life. The girl who is a victim of her lying scumbag boyfriend. 

Or to be more specific, her toxic-masculinity-lies-to-get-in-bed-using-a-dated-ridiculous-line-of-how-men-need-sex-not-to-get-clogged-up-this-show-is-all-about-desconstructing-that-bullshit-sexist-idiocy-and-this-toxic-masculinity-representative-gets-fucking-killed-by-a-werefolf boyfriend. 

To summarise, Dean is linked to the guy who’s considered “weird”, a guy who is judged for it, and Dean is linked to the girl who is a victim of toxic masculinity. 

Yeah. That’s right. Like betcha by golly wow.

With the phallic plants, it’s like the narrative is taunting Dean for trying to overcompensate away from what’s stirring inside him, the way he can’t get Cas out of his head, by throwing the phallic symbols at him after he ate his penis pretzel completely unawares of this being what he was doing, subconsciously engaging with what he really wants while ogling Jamie and making a show of really, really wanting a girl. 

To me this is actually not about him being uncomfortable with his bisexuality. It has everything to do with him being absolutely averse to (because of his upbringing) and terrified by (because of his life history) the thought of feeling things too deeply. And whatever shit Cas is stirring up has the potential of being life changing. And Dean Winchester does not want to change an inch. So dude-bro performing side is kicking up a right fuss going PUSSY PUSSY PUSSY. (Dean’s subconscious whispering dick dick dick)

Oh my God my brain is fried, I wish I could be more articulate for you, but do you get what I’m saying here?

Dean’s the one with dick on the brain - in the most romantic sense of the word - and, at least how I see it, these visuals serve as a very subtle way of informing us of that.

Bob Singer is such a fucking master.

And thanks again and again for focusing me with this question! You just helped me deepen my 4x05 meta! *heart eyes your way*

Oh, let me add this as well: how can we know the beer and the humungous soda aren’t just, idk, for funsies? To me the answer is - the way Ed and Girl drink them. Ed drinks from that huuuuuge cumbersome thing twice and very deliberately, while Girl slurps and slurps and slurps. I mean… It’s only funny if you’re in on the joke and those visual plants don’t make me laugh, they make me frown and wonder why the hell they’re even there. So that’s my reason for thinking they are planted as more than just a visual woah-big-things-should-seem-ridiculous-for-no-reason-and-make-you-giggle. :)


dani-san-is-chill  asked:

I think your art style is really amazing, I found your blog a little while ago and I loved your art, seeing the things you draw always makes me happy, your art style is really amazing and cute. It inspires me to keep drawing too. I still haven't found the right art style for me yet, how did you find your art style? And do you have any art tips?

Thank you so much!!! My advice for finding the right style for you is to not stress about your style. I’ve been drawing a long time and I’ve only just sort of started getting comfortable with my own art style.

Try a whole lot of everything and keep experimenting with different styles and meshing stuffs together until you find something comfortable for you. That’s how I did it at least.

Your style is going to evolve as you get better too, so just keep at it and don’t force yourself inside of a box by worrying about staying in a single art style (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

anonymous asked:

ok no offense i hate pedophiles and rapists too, but murder isn't okay either folks. do you think you re punishing them by killing them? put them away, make their life miserable don't just give them an easy way out. I'm sorry i get it, you want them gone and punish them for what horrible things they do, but killing someone is (almost) never the answer. thats something wrong with the world. people think murder is the answer for a lot of thing. too many things.

Okay anyway I want to torture and kill my rapist and I have every right to want to do that

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Jay and Kai

vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell

Even though I’m a multi-shipper and I do ship them, It’s personally not one I get all giddy for. Don’t get me wrong though! I love the fanart and fanfics and seeing how happy the ship makes people. It’s just not one of my otps. That’s all.

I think it might be a combination of me not seeing much of an identity to the ship, (that may not be the right way to say it but what I mean by that is while glacier has the whole “loosing your love then trying to get them back” thing, bruise has the “friends turned to enemies turned to lovers” trope, there isn’t a lot to go for with plasma except a few conversations) and the fact that the ship has kind of turned into the Klance of the Ninjago fandom and that most people who ship it are also antis, which kind of turns me away.

I still like it though. Don’t worry.

Send me a shiiip

Everybody loves Daichi

feedback culture has rly died on here for content creators tbh

Gradually, it’s been declining, but i feel that right around the 1st few months of this year is when it rly took a huge plunge

Not only have i noticed this w my own art and stuff, but a lot of friends who create stuff have noted similar things. even popular artists and writers who used to get 5k+ notes per post are only getting a couple hundred. I used to get abt 800 per post and now im lucky if i break 50. 90% likes to 10% rbs.

Ppl say u shouldnt create just for the attention but damn spending HOURS on smth and getting little to no feedback when u used to get a decent amount is shit

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i'm in love with your story and i've been wanting to make one of my own but don't know how to get started, both story wise and gameplay wise. any tips?

Sandy’s Masterpost for writing a Sim Story!  ✍

I’m so glad you like my story! But I know how it feels not knowing where to start when it comes to writing, it’s so frustrating. So, below I’ve put together a bunch of helpful links that I’ve either used in the past or believe will be useful to you, and any other aspiring storytellers! 

🌸 Inspiration: 

🌸 Planning:

🌸 Plot Developement:

🌸 Character Development:

🌸 Dialogue:

🍁 Pose List Rec:

🍁Lot List Rec:

🍁 Mod List Rec:

🍁 Tutorials:

🍁 Reshade:

❄️ Character Page Rec: (for your blog)


❄️ Some Stories/Legacies that Inspire Me:

This is everything I could think of nonny! I am by no means a great, or even a particularly good storyteller, but I sincerely hope this post helps you, and others, get started! If you ever want to chat more, come off anon and we can talk story ideas! And that applies to all of y’all! 💖