and it gets a few dozen reblogs

Fanfiction writers supporting their peers is the best way to boost reviews, kudos, and reblogs

Can we as fanfiction writers support each other more? Many times we talk about not getting reviews after putting in hours, days, weeks, or even months of hard work writing updates, and those complaints are completely valid, but we as writers need to give reviews to our peers’ work as well. We should support the new writers who have one or two reviews on their first fics. We should reblog stories that we enjoyed, just like we would want others to do for our stories. If we are supportive and inclusive of other writers, readers will be more supportive and inclusive of us.

If you are a popular writer, or even semi-popular, and you talk about how great someone else’s fic is, or you reblog it, or support it in any way, you are potentially encouraging hundreds of more people to go read that fic whether you are aware of it or not, and out of those hundreds, maybe a few dozen will leave a review, and that’s a few dozen more reviews than that person would’ve gotten otherwise. If we all do this for each other, we will all benefit, and get the recognition that we deserve. There are so many fans that only read fics from one or two authors, and they are missing out on all of the wonderful stories that this fandom has to offer, and if we encourage inclusivity it would make this fandom even greater.

When I wrote my first fic ‘Bargaining Chip’  I didn’t even know what reviews were, and I was shocked when I kept on getting reviews from people who were actually enjoying this story that I had floating around in my head. It was so encouraging, it made me feel like I was famous, and I want to encourage others who are putting their hearts out there for the judgement of others. I can’t imagine how it feels to spend so much time on something and get no feedback at all. Not a single review.

So anyway, to cut my rambling short, I am going to try my best to reblog stories that people post on here, and comment on as many as I can, and just support other writers, and I hope that others feel the same way I do, and do the same for me as well.


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what tags do you usually search to find such amazing maxis match buy items?

I’m usually unable to find cc I like when I look through tags so instead I rely on the few cc finds blogs I follow:
@laenyrieccfinds @pixel-finds @sandwichfinds @necrospirits

And some great cc creators
@stefizzi @lina-cherie

Looking at room wcifs are the best because I can get dozens of cc in one post. I reblog them on my cc-finds blog and they’re tagged #wcif 

 replied to your post “Do you and Jen still have sex and for some reason I want to know what…”

Like, who asks this kind of question?

A lot of people believe that my artwork of nude women is symptom of a failing marriage and an attempt at infidelity.  Every night I draw or paint for a few hours while listening to music and watching television and try as I have in a variety of mediums; (I did weird collage shirts for a while and made few dozen clay miniature busts), what sells the best and gets the most reblogs and likes are nude works and the trippy messy abstracts which I call the nightmares.  For a few months I didn’t do any nude works and just did movie poster composite fan arts and the trippy messy abstracts.  Sales slowed down and reblogs came to a near halt and my wife asked me why I stopped doing nudes and I just felt I did everything with them that I was going to do.  My wife pointed at a few of the nudes that are hanging in our living room and pointed out some of the techniques and details where she saw real progress and wanted to see what else I could do in that style of painting.  So, I started drawing and painting nudes again and sales picked up and the reblogs became more frequent.  Many jealous boyfriends and husbands have seen that I sketched their significant others and they angrily message me in the wee hours saying that if I don’t knock it off they’ll tell my wife.  My wife is in many of the nude works (no, I’m not giving you the titles, but look at them and her and you’ll figure it out).  Who asks a question like this, @cheeselover-80?  Haters, I guess.  If people have a problem with what I do they should unfollow me.  If they think my marriage is in jeopardy by snide comments on my blog, well, that’s sad.  If people think that after asking a blogger if I can sketch their selfies that I’m going to research who they’re dating and ask them permission to draw their love interest, it’s not going to happen.  I only draw adult women after getting permission.  If that bothers anyone then block me.

I’ve gotten like a dozen new followers/mutuals in the past week or so which is really cool since I don’t really see that much growth in my follower count and will go a long time without any new followers so neato! Anyway here’s a few things about me:

- I’m using this site on the mobile app like 95%+ of the time so I get a pretty rough experience.
- Jokes and shitposts are reblogged on sight, art and other aesthetics are added to a queue that is posted throughout the day.
- I try to tag posts but honestly I always worry I’m not good or comprehensive enough so if you want me to tag something shoot me a message or ask (anon is fine) and I’ll make a note of it.
- I always like receiving asks and PMs so don’t hesitate, bonus points if you ask me about myself or My Opinions.
- If you want to see my face, I posted a Noiz cosplay last month I did for a con you can search for. No plans on posting an out-of-costume selfie for the foreseeable future.
- My URL is named after Impey Barbicane, a romanceable character from a visual novel called Code Realize. He’s amazing and a 10/10 - You can refer to me as Impey, Rellni, or Alex; if we’re mutuals you can message me for my first name if you wish


*takes a break from drawing scarlet to doodle scarlet* go figure

also tragic as it is, the queue has less than a dozen posts left, and while i’m hoping to get through a few art ideas over the holidays, our scarlet-per-day schedule is soon coming to an end. i’ll definitely still be reblogging any scarlet content that comes my way though, and once i get through at least a little of my own art stuff i might even take some scarlet femslash requests bc hey, those rarepairs aren’t going to draw themselves y’know.

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advice for a first time fic writer and writer in general? i rlly want to get my ideas out in words but im more of a visual artist ukno? it's very (VERY) hard for me to write without shame, let alone posting online! but i want to get over that and i want to learn. tips? thank you! ! !

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  1. Practice. Writing, like drawing, only improves when you do it and do it regularly.  I spent years/hundreds of dollars reading books on writing trying to discern some kind of formula for making my stories better and ultimately I was left with a shelf of books/advice I haven’t read in years.
  2. Read a lot. Cannibalize other stories for parts you think work and leave the rest. Like drawing, there’s no shame in imitating the styles of other people in pursuit of your own (so long as you avoid plagiarizing, natch). When you read a passage you really like, ask yourself what you liked about it and how you can achieve the same effect. 
  3. Practice. 
  4. Write what you want to read. Even if your story doesn’t get attention, it’s worth it if it’s something you enjoy. One benefit of being a writer is that you can write exactly what you want to read. Be self indulgent; pander to yourself. Don’t be ashamed of writing what you want to write. Other people don’t have to like it. Liking what you write will get you through the tough parts of writing. 
  5. Practice. 
  6. If you’ve never done paragraph RP on tumblr you might want to give it a try. Nothing gets you to write like someone waiting for a RP reply. The best thing about RP is that it’s fairly low pressure; your responses don’t need to be perfect. But it’s good and regular practice that exposes you to other writers in a very low pressure environment. 
  7. Practice. 
  8. Do not do not get disheartened. Writers don’t get the same kind of attention author’s do; you can work for hours on a piece and it may only get a few dozen hits, a few comments, and a kudos/reblog if you’re lucky. I wrote for YEARS before my stories got anything more than hatemail. To that extent, appreciate those who take the time to comment on your story. 
  9. Practice
  10. Learn to filter criticism. Have an open mind if you ask for criticism, but keep in mind not every piece of criticism is right for your story. Keep in mind there is no objectively right way to write just as there’s no objectively right way to draw. Grammar is important only so far as it helps people understand your story. There will always be disingenuous haters and nitpickers who hide behind “constructive criticism.” 
  11. Practice. 
  12. Understand that you will always get better. Like art, your imagination is going to be leagues ahead of what you can do in the beginning, but it won’t always be that way. Each drabble will take you father than the last, even if it isn’t immediately apparent. It’s a hard slog at times but the only way you can get better is if you-
  13. P R A C T I C E
My 2¢ on #BlackOut and Not Feeling Supported

Firstly, I can only speak for myself. That being said, I think it’s completely absurd for people to make it seem as though there was an intentional dismissal or overlook of certain selfies or blogs. I said it once before, and I’ll say it again. We are only humans. There’s no way we can all get to everybody. Plus, there are several factors that need to be considered.

1. How many followers do you have?
- If you only have a few hundred followers, like me, it should come as no surprise that your selfie doesn’t pick up immediate steam. I expected that going into it. (I had to reblog my own selfie a couple times before it was noticed.)

2. Of your followers, how many were participating in #BlackOut?
- If you have a handful of followers, and only a dozen or so of them are participating in #BlackOut, who did you expect to see your selfies on their dash?

3. Did you tag your photos appropriately?
- If you posted selfies, but failed to actually tag them, there’s no big mystery as to why nobody saw them.

4. Did you use #BlackOut as an opportunity to network and follow new blogs?
- When different people came across my dash, I’d visit their blogs and follow them. I followed men, women, teenagers, light skinned, dark skinned, straight, lgbtq, skinny, fat, muscular, and everything in between. As I followed blogs, they followed me. These new followers then showed love to my selfies. If you didn’t take the time to follow anyone or network, what did you expect would happen?

5. Who’s reblogging your selfies?
- I’m a small blog, and I have nothing against other small blogs. However, if your selfies are only being reblogged by blogs with a small number of followers, it’s hard to get exposure.

6. Did you take the opportunity to tag the popular bloggers in your pics when they offered it?
- I saw multiple bloggers telling people with low notes to tag them or submit your selfies to their blog. If you decided not to do that, that’s on you. There were people trying to help.

7. How many selfies did you post?
- If you posted one image at 12:03AM and then never posted again, you can’t be upset when people who posted dozens of pictures throughout the day get noticed.

8. Did you just post selfies or did you share your story?
- It is clear that people that shared stories of their personal struggles and triumphs got major love. That’s just how the human heart works. We show support to those we sympathize with.

9. You also have to think about bloggers that follow a large amounts of blogs or were on tumblr mobile.
- It’s incredibly difficult to keep up with the influx of images being posted throughout the day. A picture with 100+ reblogs has a better chance of being seen by more blogs. A picture posted by a “tumblr famous” person also has a better chance of being seen by more eyes. That’s just common sense.

10. Have you tried to broaden your horizons in terms of the blogs you follow and gaining new followers.
- If you saw that your selfies didn’t get the amount of love you would’ve liked, have you started networking. Increasing and diversifying the blogs you follow and the blogs that follow you is a key component for exposure.

11. (Lastly) Did you only support and participate in #BlackOut for the likes and reblogs?
- I was far more interested in showing love to others than my own selfies being noticed. Was it nice to get a notification of a like or reblog? Definitely! Would I still support if not a single person had liked or reblogged any of my pictures? I sure as hell would. At the end of the day, everyone should evaluate their reasons for participating. Take the time to ask yourself these questions and see where the fault lies. Then see what we can do as a whole to fix the problems.

If Lost, Return to Phil - Part 6

If Lost, Return to Phil (Part 6) by thatsmistertoyou

Pairing: Phan (danisnotonfire x AmazingPhil)

Genre: AU. kinda angsty kinda fluffy idk you know the drill by now

Warnings: none

Words: 5900

Summary: [SPOILERS so read parts 1 2 3 4 5 first.] In which Dan and Phil bake cupcakes and Lucy plays the part of Dan’s therapist.

A/N: [insert typical thanks to Sam and apology for how long this has taken.] There will probably be another 2-3 parts. Enjoy <3 

Tech Week would always be synonymous with Hell Week, as far as Dan was concerned. He expected it to go a bit more smoothly at one of the most famous theaters in the world, but alas - nothing could dissolve the stress of trying to coordinate lighting and sound and stage direction and everything at once. Dan had worked backstage at a handful of productions in school, so he understood the ridiculous amounts of hard labour involved. He mentally sent his deepest sympathies to the tech crew, because all he had to do was stand there and look pretty while they sorted out the initial cues for each scene.

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Okay, this is bugging me.

I’ve seen far too many amazing Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V posts on this website, like beautiful fanart, amazing theories, and incredible dedication to this show and its characters,

yet the posts achieve only a few dozen notes, maybe a little over 100.

I want to see how many Arc-V fans there really are here. I know there has to be more than this. This show can’t be so popular but have such a small fanbase on fandom central ™. SO PLEASE. REBLOG THIS IF YOU ARE A FAN OF YU-GI-OH ARC-V. GET THIS POST A LOT OF NOTES. I WANT TO SEE THAT ARC-V ISN’T AS SMALL AS IT SEEMS!

FuckYeahTeenLock & High Functioning Fangirls Present :: The First Annual Holmsies Fan Fiction Award Ceremony!


Hello, gorgeous Sherlock fans!

FYTL has teamed up with bbcsherlockficrecs to bring you The Holmsies: a fan fiction award event inspired by “the desire And the spasm” by grassle. During this contest/event, you’ll have the chance to submit your all-time favourite fics to over a dozen different categories in order to help create a compilation of the best Sherlock fic out there. And everyone will get recommendations for new fic to read! 

This is just the preliminary post which will outline the rules and deadline. bbcsherlockficrecs will reblog this from us and post the categories/submission guideline for the event.



  • Fics must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST, February 15th, 2014.
  • Only one submission per person per category. You may submit to as many or as few categories as you wish.
  • No anonymous submissions, and you must have a working ask box or email so we can inform you of your flawless victory.
  • **Submissions must have fewer than 25,000 hits to qualify. This is to ensure that we don’t get all the usual popular fics. For example, please don’t submit “A Cure for Boredom” to us, because it’s a fandom classic, and the main goal of this is to give everyone new fic to read.  However, if the fic is published on livejournal or another site that doesn’t record hits, it must have fewer than 250 comments.**
  • If a category does not receive any submissions, it will be removed.
  • Submissions can be any rating, pairing, style etc. you like so long as they fit the category they’re submitted to. Submissions that fail to fit the category will be disqualified.

And that’s all! Go dig through your bookmarks to find your favourite fics. Sherlockbbcficrecs will reblog this post and add the categories/how to submit within the next few days. Then we’ll reblog it from them to make sure everyone sees it. :)

Enjoy, and may the fic be with you!

- FYTL and HFF

Abandoned Marionette Reads

Hi, this is Badz. I was formerly known here as abandonedmarionette. For those wondering why they cannot open my page, don’t worry, I did not delete it. I’m still here and active. But what happened was way worse than me finally opting to end my Tumblr days. When when I woke up this morning, I found out that my account has been terminated.

I already contacted the staff through email and apparently, there was one song I posted which violated this site’s terms & conditions, and someone reported me. And the consequence of that is the termination of my blog. I don’t understand why because I bought that song they told me about. They also told me that they terminated my blog because I already got three strikes but I never did receive any notification of my past posts violating their rule. But oh well, I don’t think I’d ever access my blog again.

It just really sucks because I also asked if they could let me open it for at least a day or two just so I can back up my posts (poetry, prose, art, personal text) but then I still am not receiving any reply.

I guess it’s safe to say that this is goodbye for my old blog. I was just really shocked. And I just stared at the page saying ‘This page has been terminated’ for a good long hour before I finally accept the reality of the situation. I know this may be one of those 'first-world problems’ but I cried. It was more than 6 years worth of post. I have been on Tumblr for that long, and every effort I made for each post was gone in a blink. All my book reviews, movie reviews, book recommendations, book challenges, book photography posts are gone now. It’s really devastating.

Anyway, I couldn’t just mope around forever. So, here I am. This is gonna be my new account. And frankly, I don’t know how to get back into my rhythm. But I will try my best. Right now, I am trying to fix my page and create the same theme as my old blog.

So, if you guys can just help me, it would be really nice if you could reblog this if you used to follow me on abandonedmarionette so that other people don’t assume that I just suddenly vanished.

Also, please, if you are a book blog, like or reblog this so I can follow you. I mean, there are a few dozen booklrs I can remember but I used to follow 3,000+ blogs and it would be impossible for me to track all those. It would really really mean a lot to me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Go forth and read on, booklovers!      

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how many of your posts that you tag as 100k actually get 100k?

0 but over the next five years they will all get there.  Every time I reblog one it gets about 500 notes, which is 1/200th of 100k.  I would have to reblog each post roughly 200 times to get there.  However, if you consider the facts that I am steadily gaining followers, popular posts get more notes, and eventual luck, I probably will only have to reblog them each a few dozen times before it catches on.  If I reblogged a post once every week it would reach 100k posts in about half a year most likely

A few minutes after I woke up this morning I was pretty disappointed in all you Tumblrs.

Last night the funniest thing happened to me. Then I wrote a fantastic post about that event. I mean this was gold! Not only would it elicit a ton of hearts and a dozen witty comments but it would be reblogged because IT WAS THAT DAMNED GOOD.

My alarm clock went off. Before getting out of bed I grabbed my phone wondering if it might even be a little warm from all the Tumblr activity coursing through it. The little blue notification light on my Galaxy would be worn out for sure.

Open Tumblr. Select the little smiling icon. Press “activity.” Revel in all the hearts.

But there was nothing! I thought you people were my friends.

So I went to read my post. What? There was no post. Then it hit me. This wasn’t Tumblr’s fault. I had dreamed that event. Then I dreamed I wrote a post about it.

Next time I take Nyquil I hope I remember what I thought I wrote.