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Harry’s a Pilates Teacher and He Likes Bambi. A lot.

“James is never angry, thank you very much. He is the most content of all cats, actually. The vet says she’s never seen a more comfortable cat.”

“What sort of a name is James for a cat anyway?”

“I love Gavin and Stacey.” Harry stared back her, his face blank, willing her to go on. “James Corden.”

“You named your cat after James Corden?”

“Got a problem with that?”

“No,” he smirked. “Not at all.”

8500 words, be nice. I tried.

A big thank you to my home gals @islareeveswriting and @harrysmeadow for once again being true angels and reading this one several times for me, and spotting all the things that didn’t make sense which I’d missed. Where would I be without them?

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I saw your tags on the ladywongs post, so I just wanted to know your opinion about the latest touka/mutsuki. honestly, I feel it unnecessarily complicated something so simple and it made me feel violated, cause I feel like I loved a character that was not touka. Do you perhaps...have an insight you wanna share?

Well, I was grateful for the shoutout that meta gave me and I’ve been a fan of a lot of metas that writer has produced, but this one in particular I very much disagreed with. I think the claim that Touka loves the idea of Kaneki while not really understanding the person ignores the fact that every time she’s made a serious observation about Kaneki she’s been bang on the money.

If she idolises Kaneki so, why has she made such a damning assessment about him? And it’s not just an assessment of the changed Shironeki that she resents, it extends to the Kuroneki she supposedly idolises as well. And what’s more, she’s completely right. This is even acknowledged by Kaneki himself.

Touka doesn’t idolise an image of Kaneki. Far from it. The chapter on the bridge is titled “Penetration” because Touka sees past the roles Kaneki plays to the scared kid inside. At this point, she probably has the best understanding of Kaneki than anyone in the series - maybe even more than Hide. For further proof, Touka knows at a FREAKING GLANCE just what Kaneki intends to do to himself when they meet up at Cochlea.

If this was just a casual “Seeya”, do you think it would be all Touka would say to him after all this time? She can tell Kaneki has no intention of making it out alive, so the first thing she does is to remind him that his death won’t affect him alone, and it very clearly shakes him up; setting him on the path to choose to live. Just like how their confrontation on the bridge convinced Kaneki to go back to Anteiku, if not quite in time.

Touka’s not being unreasonable because the Kaneki she idolised has changed. She’s mad because Kaneki’s going down a path of self-destruction, and it does destroy him. In the last quarter of the first manga the narrative breaks its back pointing out that Kaneki’s gone too far down the Shironeki path - it’s not just Touka, it’s also Yoshimura, Nishiki, even resident devil on Kaneki’s shoulder Shuu, not to mention events like Kaneki stabbing Banjou, seeing Rize crazed and helpless, and all the foreshadowing packed into ‘The Hanged Man’s McGuffin’. Touka is trying to help Kaneki because she genuinely does know what’s best for him because she genuinely understands him. I don’t think anyone would try to claim that convincing Kaneki to live at Cochlea was a bad thing either.

Now if Touka is ‘obsessed’ with Kaneki, if it can’t possibly be love because they only knew each other for two months, then it would stand to reason that Kaneki would be far, far more important to Touka than she would be for him.

Then why is it that in Kaneki’s mind, after only knowing Touka for two months and Hide for all his life, Touka is on equal footing with Hide? He includes the whole of Anteiku in the above panel, but Touka gets special mention with Hide in the next. 

And here, in his dying moments, Touka gets the biggest panel, placed on the next page for the biggest effect. Touka is just as important to Kaneki as vice-versa. 

But neither is ‘obsessed’ with the other.

Touka broke into Cochlea to save Hinami, not Kaneki. She didn’t even know he was there. She most definitely has a life outside Kaneki and her love for him is far from all-consuming. While he had lost his memories, she was fully willing to accept the possibility she might never talk to him again. She might love him, but if she was obsessed and didn’t have a life outside of him, there’s no way she could make a sacrifice like that even if her aim was selflessness. Yoshimura loved his daughter, and set up Anteiku anticipating her return, but he had a life outside of her too. It’s the same with Touka.

The original post tries to dismiss Touka’s feelings being a healthy form of love by comparing it to spending three years dedicating yourself to a co-worker who you knew for two months, but dumbing it down to their official relationship and a span of time removes an enormous amount of context to explain why she feels this way. In real life, you wouldn’t have fought side-by-side with your co-worker in life-threatening situations time and time again. These kind of high-pressure environments cause bonds and trust to become much much thicker much more quickly. “Summer friends will melt away like summer snows, but winter friends are friends forever”.

Sure Touka sees Arata in Kaneki. That’s not a bad thing at all. Arata was a great dude. Having an Arata in your life is a real positive thing, and there’s absolutely no reason why Touka shouldn’t chase it. People are hardwired to get with people who remind them of their parents - it’s in our genetic programming, it doesn’t diminish the love they feel for that person or make them love them less for who they are in the slightest. Trying to heal the wounds of old losses by emotionally investing yourself in new people is totally healthy - the unhealthy thing would be to shut yourself off from the world, just like Touka was doing at the start of the manga - a rut Kaneki helped her out of. It would be bad if she were just pretending that Kaneki was Arata, but she isn’t - she behaves totally differently around him and she has demonstrated many times an understanding of those personality traits Kaneki possesses that are completely different from Arata’s. It would be problematic if Kaneki got with someone who reminded him of his mother (read: Rize) because his mother was a horrible person; but Touka, even if she occasionally throws a hit at him (a product of her upbringing which is very rare nowadays - also Kaneki is nowhere near as vulnerable in this situation as he was a child, he’s the OEK for crying out loud), constantly gives Kaneki both the emotional attention and the hard truths that he needs.

This panel:

Is unambiguously a good thing. Touka’s development was never about growing into herself without the need for others, because she was already like that at the start of the manga. Touka’s development was about rediscovering the humanity she cast aside to protect herself from pain, and then balancing that with the strength she found with being a Ghoul. The first stage was greatly aided by Kaneki - whom she indeed admired, but never idolised - and the second stage she completed herself. 

Mutsuki’s love is a different beast entirely than Touka’s love. Mutsuki’s focus on Touka was precisely to emphasise Mutsuki’s jealousy, because Mutsuki recognises the bond Kaneki and Touka share. Mutsuki’s feelings are not meant to parallel Touka’s, but tie in with the other complicated entanglements of this arc, showcasing different kinds of love. I do strongly believe we’ll get both Touken and Akiramon resolutions soon, and positive ones too; the negativity around love this arc has displayed to us so far is set up to make those two relationships shine brighter.

So don’t worry anon, just because a meta says Touka is different from how you think about her doesn’t mean it’s right - it’s all a matter of interpretation. No one person’s opinion is automatically more important than another (except in this case maybe Sui Ishida - and maybe not even then, if you adhere to Death Of The Author literary theory), your analysis is just as valid as anyone else’s if you can argue it with evidence.

But even so, I am very much of the opinion in this fandom that if you see any meta that tries to claim that none of the main characters have developed at all since the start of the manga, take it with approximately this much salt:

My 20 Year Old Idol Husband - Day 13 [ You Make Me Begin]

20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, a girl he met at a fanmeeting. Things get a little out of hand and you find out you’re pregnant.

Read: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 / Day 5 / Day 6 / Day 7 / Day 8 / Day 9 / Day 10 / Day 11 / Day 12 / Day 13 /

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Prompt:  “Scotty/Reader. Fluff. Getting stuck together in a Jefferies tube!”- @vintagevalentinexx

Word Count:  1,529

Warning:  Being stuck in a tight space.

Author’s Note:  This was actually so hard to write! They just kept arguing with each other and making each other angry. IDK, I had to sit ‘em down and have a chat about their motivations. Anyway, I think we came to a good conclusion. Enjoy!

“Ye’ve gottae be joking!” Scotty cried when the access hatch denied his passcode for the third time in a row.

“I don’t know why you’re so shocked, this happens to me at least once a week,” you quipped, securing your feet in the rungs of the ladder and leaning back against the opposite wall.

“You’re gonna fall an’ kill yourself, you stand li’ tha’,” Scotty grouched as he pulled his comm from his pocket. “Scott to Ratchkov.”

“Aye, Sir?” came the lieutenant’s tinny reply.

“What’s happening with port C-18?”

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The Contest-Part 14

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only red, @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

 Part 1 (all parts are linked)

After what felt like an eternity of waiting, the doctor finally came out to speak to Ryan.  “Emily did great.  We’ll need to keep her for a few days for observation since we had to do an emergency C-section, but she will be fine I think.”

“And the baby?” Ryan asked.

“Your son is fine.  Nice healthy set of lungs.  Emily is in post-op and the baby is getting checked out by the pediatrician.  You will be able to see them both shortly.”

“What are you naming him?” Jared asked.

“Dylan James.” Ryan told him.  There were tears in his eyes as he tried to hold it together.

We stayed with Ryan until he was allowed to go and see Emily.   I gave him my cell number and asked him to give it to Emily to call when she was feeling up to it.  Nikki and I hugged him and Jared shook his hand.  “Thanks for everything.” He said as he followed the nurse out of the room.

Jared was driving the three of us back to our apartments when Nikki spoke. “Why don’t you tweet something, Y/N?  Most of the crew follows you on Twitter, that way everyone will know whats going on.”  

Y/F/N  Y/L/N                                                                                                          @GeminigiraffeRN

Please join me in welcoming the newest member of the SPN family, Dylan James.  Mom Emily is doing great! We love you Em!

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Why Did You Wake Me? (Peter Quill/Guardians x reader)

Sequel to Just Let Me Sleep

1. #1 (Please don’t go) with Peter Quill Prompt- He doesn’t want you to leave the Guardians to stay on Earth please

2. @overcaststeverogers said: 33 (I want my best friend back) - Rocket Raccoon!

“I have never seen a container like this one, no,” the shopkeeper said, studying the control panel that was flickering as the power began to shift.  “I’ve seen similar, but this particular model is quite old.”

“Hey! We’re the same age!” Peter exclaimed, looking at the team for support but receiving only annoyed glares.  “She’s not old at all, thank you very much!”

“My apologies sir, but in cryogenics it’s hard to tell.  She entered at this age and was put into stasis. I don’t have a way to know how long ago that actually was.”

“Well, I knew her,” Peter sighed, running his hand over the glass above your face, always looking at you as if it were for the first time.  “And I need to get her out, no matter how long this takes.”

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White Rabbit - Eleven

“Becca, I’m bored. I’m gonna walk back to the library and see if they’ve got the rest of the Harry Potter books back in.” Alice hauled herself up from the towel she’d been sunbathing on and pulled her t-shirt on over her bikini top.

“Kay’ babe. I’m gonna stay here and toast myself for a little longer,” Becca rolled over on to her front and peered up from beneath her sunglasses.

“Sure that’s the only reason you’re staying?” Ally nodded over to the three guys who were fishing out on the lake, the same three guys that had been there almost every day that week, except they were normally accompanied by a fourth. Becca had a huge crush on one of them and would stretch out everytime their boat would pass by her spot on the shore.

“They normally pack up in an hour or so and I wanna be right here when they walk past. Today’s the day I’m gonna talk to him.”

“Sure it is,” Ally rolled her eyes at her friend and shoved her feet back into her sandals, grabbing the tote bag she’d bought with her. “I’ll be back by five. Remember, Rachel wants us home by six tonight.”

“Ugh,” Becca grunted and went back to people - well - guy watching, and Alice started making her way down the well worn dirt track and out onto the main road.

She was enjoying her summer so far, Becca’s dad, Ben and her stepmom Rachel were nice and they left the two girls pretty much to their own devices, only imposing a 6pm dinner time curfew and a 11pm evening curfew on them. Most days were spent by the lake that Rylon County was centered around, although Alice had soon run out of reading material and had borrowed Rachel’s library card to be able to check out books. She couldn’t just sit and sunbathe like Becca could, she needed something to do. They were going to be here for another seven weeks and at the rate she was going, Alice was going to have devoured the whole of the small town’s library by then.

She walked the short distant to the building that housed the books she sought after and started perusing them. The latest Harry Potter had been released a few weeks before and she’d been able to purchase it when Rachel and Ben took the girls to the Target a few towns over. Now Ally wanted to reread the series, but the last two times she’d visited the library, book number four hadn’t been there. This time it was, and she swooped upon it with glee, adding it to a pile of five other books she’d found. They’d keep her busy for a few days.

She checked them out using Rachel’s card, the librarian smiling at her the way they did when they recognised an avid reader. As she exited the building she felt someone crash into her, her tote bag dropping to the floor and her books spilling out.

“Hey! Watch….. ” she was about to berate the stranger but stopped mid sentence, seeing that it was fourth boy from the lake. Tall and handsome with a jaw that could cut glass, he smiled at her apologetically and bent down to help retrieve her books.

“I’m so sorry, that’s my fault entirely. I was in such a rush to get here before they closed.” Handing the books back, he kept his grasp on the Goblet Of Fire.

“It’s okay. It’s probably my fault too. I’m so clumsy anyway.”

“Now I’m sure that’s not true.”

The boy and Ally looked at each other for a moment, both grinning until Alice realised that he still had her book. She held her hand out for it and he smiled cheekily.

“This library only holds one copy of every book,” he told her.

“And? It’s a small library.”

“Well… I’ve been coming in here everyday, specifically for this book. And you have it.”

“You’re a Potter fan?” Alice was surprised, he looked to be at least eighteen or nineteen.

“I’m a huge HP fan. I wanted to reread all of the books but one of the kids back at home has borrowed number four and none of them are owning up to it.”

“A little brother or sister?”

“You could say that.”

“Can’t you just search their rooms or tell your Mom on them?” Ally asked.

“Well, if I knew which one of the little buggers it was I could.”

“Christ, how many siblings do you have?”

The guy grinned again, flashing straight pearly teeth at her. “They’re not exactly siblings as such. We all live together, but there’s around thirty children there all together. Actually.. thirty one I think now. One of the mom’s just had another baby.”

Alice was even more confused now.

“It’s complicated,” he told her, seeing her expression. “Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to get around to asking is: do you think you’d let me take this one first? I can have it back to you in a few days time, I see you most days at the lake with your friend.”

“Erm…. I mean…. It’s already checked out, and it’s not on my card… And if something happened to it, I’d be in trouble,” Ally shifted from one foot to another.

“I promise you, nothing will happen to it. I shall guard it with my life, I swear it. Plus… It gives me a reason to come and speak to you again.”

He was right and she definitely wanted that.

“Okay, I mean I guess it could be alright this once. But you have to bring it back in a few days. I can’t move onto the Order Of The Phoenix otherwise.”

“I will. No more than two days I promise. I’m Charles by the way, Charlie to most people.” He held his hand out to her for her to shake and she took it, feeling the worn calloused texture of his fingers.

“Ally, Alice really but most people shorten it.”

“Well Alice, it’s great to meet you. And I look forward to returning this to you. I gotta run now, I gotta run a few more errands around town before I pick up my brothers.”

“Your actual brothers this time?” Ally enquired.

“Two of the guys you see me with at the lake are, yes. The other is someone else from home.”

Alice was very intrigued to find out where exactly home was and why there was apparently so many children living there. Maybe she’d learn more next time. Either way, she knew she was looking forward to seeing Charlie again.

“Alright, so who was Charles?” Spencer asked Alice as she reached for her water bottle. She’d been talking for about an hour now, literally starting right from the beginning.

“Charlie was one of Lewis and Marnie’s sons. He was the second eldest. He was eighteen when I met him.”

“So was he the reason you ended up at the compound?” Agent Rossi sipped on his now cold coffee.

“Yes and no. He bought me the book back two days later as planned and we got talking. Becca loved it because it gave her a reason to talk to his oldest brother, Eric; the one she’d been crushing on. I kept asking about his home and why there were so many kids there and after a few days of chatting he told me. He explained that he lived in a kind of ‘commune,’ he called it. Around one hundred and fifty people lived together, they all looked after it. I was intrigued, he told me it was almost entirely self sufficient, they had animals, some crops, they’d rigged up solar panels and generators. He said he loved it there, he’d grown up there, all part of one big family.”

And to someone who’d lost their parents at a young age and had a troubled relationship with her sister, a family was what Alice craved, Spencer thought to himself.

“That National Park is looked after by rangers though. I don’t understand how a community of that many people could be living there and no one know about it,” Rossi pondered out loud.

“If you were to have a look into the finances of the park rangers, I’m sure you’ll see why. They were paid off. I’m not sure how much, but they used to come by each month and collect payment from Lewis or one of the other elders. Wonderland wasn’t easy to stumble upon either. You had to know where you were going, be able to read the signs.”

“So how did you and Rebecca Olson find yourselves there then?” Spencer spoke this time.

“Simple. We asked to go. And they took us.”

anonymous asked:

Ok but like I need a fluffy AF fix where the entire team celebrates the birthday of the Macklena baby. Based on all the insta pics from baby Benny's birthday

AN ~ *shows up 50 years late with starbucks and copious amounts of fluff* seriously the fluff. i needed it!! thanks for the prompt :D

thanks to @mocking-point for the name suggestion, although I went with Francesca instead of Frances, it’s in honour of Elena’s cousin Francisco. also thanks to @marvelthismarvelthat for help with the Spanish and the food! even though I didn’t use anywhere near the amount of it you gave me, I hope you like it

MackeElena + family + the team. Also lowkey set in the Bobbi Ann verse, but it’s basically just fluff, don’t overthink it. Rated G.

Read on AO3.


“Aiya!” Elena cried, dodging out of the way and trying to keep a large and brimming salad bowl upright as her daughter shot past in the narrow kitchen. “Slow down, mi niña!”

“Slow down?” Mack turned away from the stove to look at her with a fondly critical eyebrow. “From you?”

Elena snorted.

“If you hadn’t got her the shoes with the wheelies on it, we wouldn’t have this problem.”

“If we hadn’t got her the shoes with the wheels,” Mack remarked, “she would have cut holes in the soles of hers and put wheels in them all by herself.”

Elena rolled her eyes as she set the salad down on the bench.

“At least Uncle Fitz isn’t making her a flying skateboard or something.”

“Never say never,” Mack remarked, “he did promise me he’s been working on something.”

“Unless it’s a self-emptying dishwasher, I don’t want to know.” Elena raised her palms to face the roof, washing her hands of the thought of it before returning to the meal preparations. They had enough food for a small army, but as her eyes ran over it, something was missing.

“Los tostones!” She darted from her spot, to the fruit basket, and back. In an instant, the giant bananas were sliced and the stove was on, oil boiling.

“You know,” Mack assured her, “I don’t think they’re going to be here that soon.”

Of course, the universe couldn’t let him have that one, and the doorbell rang a moment later. Elena poked her tongue out for a moment, but just a moment, before their little girl came running – not wheeling, fortunately – back through the already crowded kitchen.

“Kika, answer the door!” Elena encouraged, and leaned over the counter to watch as with considerable effort, the girl, whose head was still a few inches shy of the handle, hauled the door open.

“Hola, Francesca!” Coulson greeted with a wide smile, as May reached over him to help the little girl keep the door open. As Coulson bumped and shoved his way through it, surrounded in a colourful myriad of gift bags, Mack came around the corner to greet them teatowel flung over his shoulder.

“Wow!” Francesca cried, her attention torn between her father and the packages. “Are they all for me, papi?”

“In a minute, Tiny Toucan,” Mack assured her. “We’ve got to wait until everyone gets here, alright? Now how ‘bout a proper hello for May and Coulson, hm?”

Begrudgingly – but only so begrudgingly as any child presented with delayed gratification on such a large pile of gifts, Francesca greeted the newcomers and danced around May, walking curious circles around her as they filed through the tight foyer space into the larger living area. A little bewildered by the questions already beginning to flow from Francesca’s lips, May was glad for Elena’s smile and the escape to the kitchen. She’d never been asked to keep an eye on deep fried bananas before. She certainly hadn’t been to a kitchen with this much variety in it before - not for a long time.

“We should’ve put you on cooking more often,” May remarked. Elena shrugged.

“We make a lot of food for parties. I couldn’t do this every day!” And then, re-evaluating with a laugh, she added – “Well I could, but the Turtle Man would be exhausted.”

May snorted, and Elena grinned.

“Mamaaa,” Francesca interrupted. “Who’s coming again?”

“Your Uncle Fitz and Aunty Jemma, and Aunty Daisy.”

“Is Bobbi-Ann coming?”


“YESSSSS!” Throwing her fist in the air victoriously, Francesca ran out of it, out of the room, chasing it in a Superman-style pose. May shook her head, smiling good naturedly. Elena chuckled, and muttered almost to herself -

“I certainly hope little Bobbita’s had a haircut recently.”

“What for?” May wondered. “Oh these look, uh, done I think.” She stepped back, and Elena began plucking the bananas from the oil with a set of tongs and dropping them onto the paper towel.

“It’s nothing,” Elena said with a shrug, and gestured to a bowl of what appeared to be caramel sauce, sitting on the bench. “We just have some very sticky food. Arequipe. It’s a nightmare, and poor Daisy will be cleaning her child and then cleaning the bathroom for months.”

“And this doesn’t have anything to do with last year’s crayon incident?” May speculated.

Elena shrugged cryptically, and almost managed to deadpan it, but for a mischevious sparkle in her eyes that gave the game away.

“It’s not my fault the food of my people needs its own brand of shampoo.”

She took a plate of empanadas and the salad bowl, and gestured for May to grab something too – she reached for the nearest, a dish of some sort of soup? – and they returned to the dining room just as the doorbell rang again. Mack helped Francesca open the door this time and Jemma, Fitz, Daisy and Bobbi-Ann poured in. After some brief greetings, Francesca and Bobbi-Ann shot to the table with the promise that Francesca was about to receive a huge pile of presents, now that everyone was here. She promised – very loudly, so that her parents and Daisy could definitely hear – to share.

“They’re adorable!” Daisy remarked, as the aunties and uncles settled themselves around the dining table in the face of two bolt-upright, crisp-mannered, but increasingly fidgety and impatient young girls. “Ah, when did we get so grown up?”

“Never!” Fitz declared, and slapped his gift down on the table in front of Francesca with gusto. Elena groaned.

“Please don’t be a hoverboard,” she whispered.

“A what?”

It was too late to pretend she’d said nothing, but fortunately, while Fitz spiralled off this way and that with ideas, Elena’s attention was drawn back to Francesca, who was ripping open a solar panel circuit assembly kit.

“It comes with a fan,” Jemma explained since Fitz was distracted. “But Fitz thought that was a little dry, so he made a little – “

“Aw!” Francesca squealed. “Mummy! Look!”

She held a tiny dog, just a little too big to comfortably fit in her hand. It appeared to be made all of moving pieces, like a little clockwork machine.

“COOL!” Bobbi-Ann cried. “What are you gonna call it? Does it move? Does it bark?”

“I’m sure Uncle Fitz would be happy to show you, right?” Mack suggested. “But do you want to finish opening your presents first?”


Francesca squirmed in her seat, her wide eyes hungry as the family ferried Coulson’s copious pile of gifts onto and around the table.

“Now, some of those aren’t as cool as a robot dog,” Coulson admitted. “There’s some pyjamas and socks in there. But! Also! A train set, huh? And there’s a kit in there for making bottle rockets and you can even put a little message inside and shoot it up into the sky!”


Francesca couldn’t decide which bag to look at first. Bobbi-Ann got in on the action eventually, and the two of them picked through the pile under the amused eyes of the family that loved them. A feeling of warmth settled over the table, unbeknownst to the girls lost in conversation of their own, as between the adults the disarrayed beginning settled into contentment. They didn’t all get together as much anymore, but it was hard to think of a better occasion than this.


*Imagine surprising Jensen by proposing to him during a panel along with Jared’s help.*

I took a different approach to this and I hope it’s okay!!! Requested by @deansbaby67supernatural

The fan nervously walked over to the microphone to ask the next question. You gave her a heart warming smile, hoping to at least calm her nerves some. 

“Hi sweetie. What’s up?”

“Uhm wow…Okay hi, my question is actually for Jensen.” She sort of muttered into the microphone but you heard her and clearly so did Jensen because he fist pumped the air.

“Yes! Hah…okay sorry…continue.” He gave her this adorable smile and his full attention by turning her direction from the chair he was sitting atop of.

“How did you feel when Y/N proposed to you a couple months back? Did she beat you to it?”

Jensen nodded his head, “Good questions…um you could say I was definitely taken back. I was so not prepared for that to be the way I get engaged but ya know, new times and all that.” Jensen’s ear were starting to turn pink. Because you were the one sitting next to him you were the one to notice. It made you smile knowing that anytime he was asked about you this was how he acted. Shy and adorable. 

“She did beat me to it, I was really thinking about going and buying her a ring. I asked Jared for help numerous times but obviously he was working with Y/N so he was trying to convince me to hold off a little longer. Kinda like he didn’t want me rushing things and I believed that bastard.” Jensen turned and smiled towards Jared who gave this smirk like he thought he was awesome. 

“Did you cry?!” A fan from out in the audience screamed.

“Did I cry? No. Yeah I got emotional because I’m finally getting to marry the girl of my dreams but she was the one who cried.” Jensen chuckled a little reaching out to take your hand. 

The fans voice by the microphone filled the room again, “We were told that backstage you were a crying mess because you were happy.”

Jared clapped his hands and leaned forward laughing at Jensen’s face, “Who told you this?”

“Misha!” The whole crowd screamed out.

Jensen held his hand out and turned to both you and Jared with a confused face, “Misha wasn’t even there. Listen, you people know not to believe everything that jackass says about me. She cried,” Jensen pointed you direction then at himself, “I didn’t.”

You were laughing so hard tears were coming to your eyes. You slapped Jared on the shoulder to get his attention, deciding to mess with Jensen some more, “It’s okay babe. There’s no need to hide how truly emotional you can get sometimes. You’re among family.” Jared was now holding onto your shoulder trying to keep his balance from laughing at Jensen’s new expression. 

“Wha–you’re siding with Misha?! You’re gonna get it, just you wait!”

The fans erupted in a fit of screams and when you heard a new voice behind you you immediately knew who it was. Causing you to burst into a new fit of laughter. 

“Did somebody say my name?”  

OK so I’ve vagued about it but I’ve been busy lately and it’s not soo late so here it is! My character analysis on Katsuki Bakugou for those of you who aren’t really sure about….well, WHO he is. I’m starting at the beginning and going up until the current arc so obviously there are are spoilers for you anime-only people and those who haven’t caught up yet. I wanna go step by step through his character development so he makes more sense, basically.

(And yeah, I’m looking at everyone who thought he’d go Sasuke. I had faith in my son.)

TLDR; Bakugou likes Winning more than Losing which is why he’d NEVER join the villains.

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Singularity: Chapter 3

AU where instead of landing in the trash nebula, Pidge finds herself on the same planet as a certain Galra prison camp.

(Holt family reunion fic; no romantic relationships)

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Read it on Ao3

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Chapter 3: Innocence

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I Thought You Were Different (Part 15/?)  (Avengers/Carter x reader)

Part 14

“Okay, Nat, let’s go over this one more time,” you paused, “what do you say if Steve asks why I’m not here?”

“You were asked to consult on a security…something… panel in…Washington?”

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Richard Speight Jr imagines - Pros and Cons Part 3 (end)

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A/N: Final part to this extremely short series. It’s short and sweet but I hope you like it anyway. I’ll probably change it a little tomorrow but for now enjoy.

Catch up : Part 2

Summary: A fan asks about yours and Richard’s relationship at a convention.

Richard Speight Jr x Reader

Word count: 1,779

Warnings: Heated make out scene, some language 

A month had past since your last convention. Since you and Richard started to date. 

After Richard found out there was gambling going on behind his back, he decided to take all the money from everyone who bet and spent it on your first few official dates. 

It felt natural being with Richard, you feared that things would turn awkward or weird but he always had a way with making you feel at home. And the rest of the cast seemed pretty pleased that you two had finally gotten together. Everyone also respected that you wanted to keep it quiet for a while, that is until one evening a week or so ago.

You and Rich had just come out of a movie, you were happily holding his hand and chuckling at something he said when some fan had managed to take a picture of the moment. Twitter immediately blew up and the picture circled throughout the supernatural fandom over the next couple days. 

Richard being Richard tweeted some funny and not entirely serious responses but he knew this wasn’t the way you wanted to tell the fans that you two were together. 

“Hey, you okay?” Richard asks as he swaggers into your hotel room. You had another convention this weekend and to say you were dreading the questions was an understatement. 

“Fine.” You smile up at the man from where you were sat on your bed. You had the tv playing quietly as you scrolled through twitter and Instagram on your laptop. 

Richard closed the top of you laptop down to get your attention as he joined you on the bed, cocking his eyebrow at you as you sigh.  

“What is it?” He asks, 

“Nothing. Honestly, it’s just the convention. And Twitter and…” You let your words trail away as you saw a flicker of worry in Richard’s eyes. “Never mind. I’m sure everything will be fine.” You run your hand through your hair and smile softly at the man. 

“It will be, and I’ll be there if you need me, remember. I mean I kind of have to be.” The corner of Richard’s lips turn up a little. You bring your hand up to Richard’s face and stroke your thumb over his cheek. 

“I know.” You lean forward, pressing your lips against Rich’s. You feel Rich’s hand wrap around your back, bringing you closer to him. His tongue darting across your lips, to which you happily respond with your own. 

Richard pushes your laptop further down the bed as he crawls up onto the mattress so he can get closer to you as you lean back. His hands find their way under your shirt, sending goosebumps across your skin.

Your move your own hands up into Richard’s hair, tugging lightly when his start to rise further up your torso. Richard groans against your lips then moves to trail wet kisses across your jaw and down your neck. You tilt your head back against a pillow to allow Rich more area for his lips to explore.

Richard tugs away your t-shirt, quickly breaking contact to do so before his lips find their way across your chest and down your abdomen. 

You arch your back at his touch and when his lips reach your jean’s hem line, the feeling of pleasure becomes too much and you pull Richard back to your own lips for another hungry kiss. 

“Rich…” You wrap your legs around Richard, bringing his hips down against yours. His already hardened member could be felt against you, causing your hips to buck in excitement and want.

Richard groans, but then just as you start unbuttoning his shirt, a rather loud knock at the door interrupts you. 

“Rich, I know you’re in there, open up!” Rob’s voice could be heard through the door as he knocked again.

You let go of Rich and threw your head back in frustration and annoyance. Richard almost didn’t get up until Rob called through again, making it obvious he wouldn’t be leaving. 

“You know, Robby, you could’ve picked a better time to need me.” Richard called as he headed towards the door, throwing your t-shirt to you as he did.

As Richard open the door, Rob’s eyes widened a little at the sight of his messy haired, partially undressed friend.

“Did I interrupt something?” Rob asked, his cheek tinted a light shade of pink. 

“Kinda, Robby. What do you need?” Richard asked, leaning against the door frame. 

“We’re having a rehearsal remember?” Rob reminded Richard. Richard and you would be performing with Louden Swain just like you did every con but this weekend you had some new songs you had to practise. 

“Oh, shit. Yeah, um…Give me like five minutes.” Richard peered behind his shoulder, back at you who was still sitting on the bed. “Make that ten.” HE closed the door and went back over to you.

You decided you couldn’t let him go to band practise with a raging erection and Richard always said you had a powerful tongue.

The next day came all too quickly, you had had fun the night before with the band and even Jensen tagged along. Then at the end of everything you ended up sleeping in Richard’s arms. A place you found yourself undoubtedly needing if you wanted to sleep.

Everyone knew as you sat in the green room that you were nervous about your panel, there was definitely going to be questions about you and Rich, not that you didn’t want to tell people - you do but you knew you’d be undeniably awkward about it. Especially if you were by yourself. Where was Sebastian when you need him?

Your Q&A Panel wasn’t first fortunately and throughout the morning no questions on your love life had surfaced in other’s panels which you were grateful for.

“Please welcome the most amazing woman in our lives to the stage. (Y/F/N)!” Rob was the one to introduce you this weekend, the band played your characters theme and you waved as you ran through the curtains. 

You embrace Rob and sing a little with him before skipping over to Richard. He holds his hand out and you take it, laughing at him, he spins you and then pulls you to his chest which only made you laugh harder. 

The crowd screaming at you both. 

“Why, hello, (Y/N).” Richard greeted you as you pulled away, the audience screamed again. 

“Mornin’ Rich. Hey Robby!” You waved vigorously at Rob, to which he waved back, shaking his head.

“You know, (Y/N), Rob’s married.” Richard reminds you playfully, you frown and face Richard. 

“I know. But do you know that?” You tease which sends the audience into screams again. 

“Touché.” Richard winks at you, his presence making you feel suddenly much more at ease. 

You greeted the audience quickly and then turned straight to questions which was usual for you. 

“Hey (Y/N), first of all I love you!” The fan beamed up at you, 

“I love you too.” You replied, then the fan asked her question. 

“And secondly, as you probably know, a picture of you surfaced about a week ago and I’m going to ask the question the whole fandom is dying to know. Were you and Richard Speight Jr on a date?” The fan cut straight to it. You expected at least one or two questions before the personal questions took over.  

“Um…Well, Yes. Yeah, we went to go see a movie since it’d been a month since we started dating.” You broke the news cooly, and the audience erupted with chatter and screams. You chuckled and out came Rich from behind the curtain. 

He wiggled his eyebrows much like Gabriel would and planted a wet one on your cheek from behind. You squealed in response and tried to push Richard away. 

“It’s been a month?!” The fan asked, you nod your head, finally managing to peel yourself away from Richard as he laughs along with the audience. 

“And counting. I’m lucky she’s dealt with me, this long.” Richard added. You placed your hands on your hips and stared across at the man. 

“Whose panel is this?” You ask him, Richard holds up his hands and backs away. Back through the curtain.

The rest of your Q&A went by petty smoothly after you finally confessed, and your phone exploded once again with the news of you two officially telling the fandom that you’re dating. 

You wanted to read through them but Jared and Jensen had their panel after you, and you always enjoyed watching them on stage. 

You watched hidden in the sidelines as J2 came out on stage. Greeting Rich and Rob. 

“So Rich, heard you and (Y/N) told everyone you’re dating.” Jared confronted Rich, 

“Finally.” Jensen adds. The audience agreeing with him. You rolled your eyes but smiled at them.

“Not only did they tell everyone during (Y/N)’s panel, Rich kissed her.” Jared tells Jensen as if the men didn’t already know. Faking a gasp as if he were three.

“C’mon on, it was barely even a kiss!” Richard tried to defend himself, a half playful tone could be heard. 

“You’re saying this isn’t a kiss?!” Jared neared Rich and demonstrated the sloppy kiss Richard gave you but without wrapping his arms around the other man. 

Jensen chuckled as Jared pulled away. The men laughed and the audience wooed. “You do know we will hurt you if you hurt her, right?” Jensen asks, semi-serious. 

“Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki, ladies and gentlemen, secretly the Winchesters in real life.” Richard said flatly, making the boys laugh once again. 

At the end of the day, videos of you confessing had made their way onto every social media and people were tweeting you congrats and ‘I knew it!’’s.

Richard had managed to talk Rob in going for a drink and naturally you went along. 

You leaned against Richard’s chest, his arm around you comfortably as you sat in the booth and sipped on your drinks. You still yet had a panel to do with Sebastian this weekend, which was going to be interesting however in that moment you didn’t care. 

You were more than happy. 

You look up at Richard and smile to yourself, silently thanking the fandom for shipping you with the man in front of you which lead to your on-screen and now off-screen relationship. 

Richard smiles back at you, brushing his lips against your head sweetly before going back to his conversation with Rob. 

You admitted, you were thankful for conventions, without supernatural conventions, would you really be sitting there?

Set In Stone

Song: Set In Stone - Guy Sebastian 

Pairing: Misha x Reader 

Summary: It’s been five months since Misha and Reader last seen each other. With Misha being busy filming the new season for Supernatural and going to conventions and Reader being busy with writing her new book, timing was tough. After a stressful day of paperwork, reading and writing, Y/N wants nothing more than her boyfriend to come home. 

Warning: angst, little fluff 

Words: 1,717

A/N: I felt bad for not posting much, I’m going through a rough patch in life at the moment. So here’s a little something I wrote within thirty minutes, so I apologise if it’s crappy. I’m currently obsessed with this song and suggest you all listen to it. Guy is fucking amazing. 

Originally posted by timetraveldean

Misha’s POV

A sigh emitted from my mouth as I looked at the last text message Y/N had sent me. I wanted nothing more than to catch a flight home to where my girlfriend had waited for me for the past five months. I only needed to wait another three weeks before I could return home to her. 

Honeybee: Your infamous hug would be perfect right now. 

Me: Is everything okay, baby? 

Honeybee: Just stressed. Missing you. 

Me: Three more weeks. Missing you more. 

Honeybee: Seems too long. Missing you most.  

It was true. Three more weeks would equal to six months since I last seen her. I was growing tired of drinking expensive red wine in a hotel bed that remained half empty. It begun to get lonely with each passing night, wanting nothing more than to give into the temptation to head back home. 

Before I could respond to Y/N, Jensen popped his head into the room with a smile on his face. His excitement was showing. 

“It’s your time, Dmitri,” he called before disappearing back into the hall. 

We were at a convention in Washington DC and Jensen and Jared had just finished their panel. It was now time for my solo and I wasn’t the slightest bit ready. Sighing again, I stood from my position on the couch and put my phone in my pocket. 

The walk to the side of the stage was quiet, ignoring passing people who gave concerning looks. I wasn’t in the mood to speak to anyone but Y/N. But these were my fans, and they paid a lot of money to be here, so I wasn’t going to waste their time. 

Before I knew it, it was my cue to go on stage. With a big smile plastered on my face, I walked out and waved to the crowd, holding the mic tightly in my hand. Screams came back in return as I took my seat and looked out to the crowd. 

“Hello Washington,” I called out, earning a shout from the crowd of mixed hey’s, hello’s and hi’s. 

The panel went by slow with people asking interesting questions and random shouts when it went quiet. There had been a question that sparked a riot from the fans; “if Castiel were to have a love interest, who would play that person?” Many people shouted Dean in reply, causing me to laugh. 

“My girlfriend,” I replied, earning an awe from the crowd. 

“But she isn’t an actress,” the fan who asked replied. 

“She’s already in love with me, there’s not much acting to do,” I raised an eyebrow and smirked. 

She sat down after that and I sat down as another fan came to the front to ask a question. My gaze stayed glued to the fan who stood in front of the mic, as she shyly moved her hair out of her face. My breath was nearly caught in my throat when I took in her appearance. She was wearing boots and a cowboy hat. 

“Hi, I’m Sharnni,” she spoke softly. 

“Aloha cowgirl,” I winked in her direction causing her to laugh. 

Sharnni looked exactly like the woman who awaited for my presence back at home. She had the same coloured hair at the same length as my lover, almost like my lover. Sharnni’s Y/E/C eyes sparkled in the same way Y/N’s would, almost like hers would. Her laugh, man, it was almost like my lovers.

“I have two small questions, if that’s okay,” she asked quietly, earning a nod from me, “first one, how come we haven’t seen any new photos of you and Y/N? You’re my OTP and I’ve been missing seeing you both together.” 

She rambled almost like Y/N, too. The one thing that stood out the most is ‘almost’ isn’t even close to her. There’s nothing like Y/N. 

“I haven’t been able to see her in almost six months due to filming and conventions and attending rally’s in a failed attempt to save America,” I replied with a sad smile, “But I’ll be home in three weeks and I can’t wait.” 

All I wanted to do was call Y/N and tell her how much I loved her. I wanted to remind her that her love was engraved on my heart, and it’ll only ever be hers. I wanted to make sure that she knew that distance was just numbers and nothing was going to break us apart.  

“Second question,” she paused, taking in a deep breath, “are you planning to marry her? If not, I’ll gladly swipe her off her feet.”

Her comment earned laughs from the crowd and myself. Would I marry Y/N? There’s no hesitation in saying yes to that. If I had to choose between her and somebody else, it was most definitely always be her. I couldn’t dream of spending my life with anyone else. 

“Am I going to have to fight you to back off?” I stood up, holding my fists up as she busted out laughing, holding her own up, making me chuckle before I sat back down, and the sadness begun to wash over me. “The thought of marrying Y/N makes me happy. We’ve been together for three years now and hopefully many more to come. I would love to marry her. It’s entirely up to her if she wants to marry me back.” 

The thought of Y/N made me sad. I wanted the next three weeks to pass by quickly. Instead, I’m stuck at a convention being asked about the woman I missed dearly and it only made me miss her more. 

A sigh left my lips as I looked down, attempting to hold back the tears. The crowd cheered loudly as I felt two pair of arms wrap around me. Genevieve lent to the side with her arms wrapped around my shoulders, her face in front of mine. 

“Go home, Misha,” she whispered, “I was just on the phone to her and she was crying.” 

My head snapped up as worry flashed over my face. She was crying? Why was she crying? What happened to her?

“She just misses you, Misha,” she smiled softly, “nothing to worry about.” 

Jared removed the microphone from my hand and spoke to the crowd as Gen tried to convince me to go home. She was handed a seat and sat beside me as Jensen, Rob and Rich joined Jared to entertain the fans. Gen had told me that the stress was eating Y/N alive and being away from me for such a long time made her think that she wasn’t enough. 

As much as it made me want to cry, I had to hold it together as we were still on stage. I’m going to finish this convention before doing anything. I thanked her quietly as I gave her a quick hug, kissing her head gently before walking over to Jared and stealing my mic back. 

“You fuckers already had your turn,” I put on a smile, pointing towards the side of the stage, “get off my stage.” 


You let out a shuddering breath as you wiped your tears away after your phone call with Genevieve. Danneel had rocked up not even fifteen minutes later and it was obvious that Gen had called her to tell her what was wrong. But you didn’t mind, you needed the company. 

You didn’t know whether it was your period making you feel like this or it was the simple fact that you were a woman who was so deeply in love and craved her boyfriend’s affection. In three more months, it would reach six months. Six long, exhausting months since you last seen Misha. Six months full of pain. 

Danneel was currently cuddling with you on the couch with large bowls of ice cream whilst watching reruns of Friends. By the second season, you were lying between her legs and rested your head on her chest as she rubbed your back. You were sleepy and allowed sleep to consume with the sound of Matt LeBlanc’s voice in the background. 

It had been 2 hours since you fell asleep and you felt shifting beneath you. 

“Sorry, babe,” Danneel spoke softly, “can you sit up for a second? I need to grab my phone.” 

You nodded sleepily as you sat up, eyes still closed as you waited for her to come back. After a while, she sat back down and you laid back, frowning at the flat surface. 

“What happened to your boobs?” You whined sleepily.  

“Left them back in Washington, sorry,” a male voice replied, making your eyes snap open as you sat up. You looked around and seen Danneel’s bag missing and turned to face the man. Your heart nearly stopped as you took in the sight of the love of your life. 

“What are you doing home?” You leaped forward and wrapped your arms around him, holding him tightly against you. 

“Life got in the way of us, and so I had to walk right off that stage and come home,” he whispered, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist, pulling you as close as he could to his body. You turned your head to face his, eyes locking. There were tears welling in his eyes as some ran down your cheeks.

He was home. Misha was home. The love of your life was home. 

Your hand went to the back of his neck as you filled in the gap and placed your lips onto his. Six months worth of missing him went into this one kiss. Six months worth of being lonely without you by Misha’s side went into every touch. Hands wandered one another’s body, taking in the moment that made tears stream down the both of your faces. 

“I missed you,” he mumbled against your lips. 

“I missed you more,” you smiled against his, kissing him more to shut him up. 

The empty feeling that had made a home in your heart soon disappeared as his love took over. You both didn’t sleep that night; too consumed in wanting to know what the other did, how the other was doing, the new stories the other had to tell. 

No matter where he was or where he’s going, you were both set in stone. Unshakeable and unbreakable. 

Send the Pain Below - Part 19

Word Count: 2855

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Language, Stalking, Fluff, Angst, Drug Use, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Pregnancy, Medical situations, Alcohol use

A/N: 1 more part left. I’m kinda sad to see it go :(

Send the Pain Below Masterlist

The last day of your honeymoon you were up before Jensen. You felt a little bit off but you attributed it to all the excitement and activity you’d had lately, completely shrugging it off. You laid there staring at you rings before gently running the tips of your fingers over Jensen’s freckles, creating imaginary patterns. “Having fun?” He mumbled and his eyes fluttered open, his eyelashes tickling your hand.

“Sorry.” You giggled. “I didn’t mean to wake you. I just woke up and I couldn’t go back to sleep so…your freckles were a nice distraction.”

“You’re lucky you’re cute.” He muttered in his gravely morning voice. “I wouldn’t let just anyone play with my freckles.”

“I’m not just anyone.” You accentuated each word by poking a freckle with your finger.

“Very true, Mrs. Ackles.” He leaned in and kissed your lips tenderly, pulling away long before you wanted him to. “So what do you want for breakfast? Pancakes?”

“No.” You scrunched your nose up at the thought of pancakes.

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Honeymustard Collection 19

A rather unexpected end to the long-awaited confrontation! One more HMC installation to go!

Sans scooped what was left of dinner into a container for refrigeration, pupils darting to the silent (but not empty) living room just beyond the kitchen foyer. He pulled worriedly at the handkerchief looped around his neck. Papy had given it to him when they were kids. The bright color of the cloth also gave Sans the nickname his older brother still sometimes called him despite Sans’s insistence that he was a sentry now and childish nicknames were unbecoming of a monster of his station – though he’d be lying if he said he didn’t grin the widest grin ever when Papy opened the door after their month long separation and said – “Welcome home, Blue.”

Sans placed the container in the fridge and took a deep breath before putting on a smile and heading for the living room. He was worried about Pap. Like…really, really worried. Sure he’d been happy to see Sans home and he’d tried to maintain a chipper attitude throughout Sans’s “welcome back, bro” dinner, but an awful sadness hung around him heavier than his bad-habit cigarette smoke and the…well, “absence” in the house was so prominent Sans swore he could hear a hollow echo in the very walls of their once cozy home.

Whoever this “Red” character was Papy sure was heartbroken to see him gone. Sans hadn’t gotten the whole story yet. Papy had shrugged Sans’s questions off with a sad smile and simply said Red had decided he’d better go home, but Sans couldn’t shake the feeling that something else was going on…

“Papyrus!” Sans said, trotting out from the kitchen. “I didn’t want to spoil you before dinner, but I brought some sweets back from Waterfall! Want to…uh, Papyrus?”

The other skeleton was slumped on the couch, hands buried in his orange hoodie and a far off look in his eye sockets. He hadn’t even acknowledged San’s presence.

“Papy?” Sans ventured, waving a hand in front of his brother.

Papyrus blinked, pupils coming into focus.

“Hmm? Oh, hey Blue…”

Sans cut him off, fixing him with a stern look. “Don’t ‘hey Blue’ me, mister! You’ve been moping around ever since I got back! Come on, Papy – is this about Red?”

Sans didn’t miss the flinch in the taller skeleton’s eye.

“Eh? Nah, bro. I’m just…tired, I guess.”

Sans narrowed his eye sockets critically, refusing to back down.

“Papy, what happened to Red?”

Papyrus avoided Sans’s searching eyes. “Nothing, bro. I told you – I guess he just…decided he’d be better off at his home…with his brother…s’not like…it would’ve been better here for him, or anything like that. What do I know, right?” Papyrus petered off, his brow furrowing deeper with every seemingly involuntary word that tumbled out of his clenched mouth.

Sans sighed, “So something did happen then.”

Papyrus’s eye sockets were dim and downcast. Sans tugged at his handkerchief and hesitantly lowered himself onto the couch next to his brother.

“Papy…I don’t know what’s going on, but I do know that you’re not feeling right about whatever happened between you and Red. So…why don’t you go talk to him? You’re the one who told me that talking always makes things better, so…so stop being such a dumb-skull and go fix this problem instead of sulking about it like some babybones!”

Sans aimed a firm phalange at Papyrus’s chest.

“The Papyrus I know wouldn’t sit on his tailbone when someone he cares about needs him!”

Papyrus blinked at Sans, jaw parted slightly in surprise, pupils bright. Sans felt the color rising in his cheekbones at his little outburst but he held his ground regardless, still staring his brother down and firmly crossing his arms over his ribs. He was right, wasn’t he? And what kind of brother would he be if he let Pap wallow like this forever? A pretty crummy one, that’s for sure!

Papyrus reached out suddenly and Sans almost shied away, thinking Papy was cross at his scolding, but any apology was cut short when the taller skeleton pulled him into a tight hug. Sans balked, then hugged him back – their embrace ending as suddenly as Papyrus had sprung in on him as the taller skeleton hopped to his feet and all but shot out the door, throwing a rushed shout over his shoulder.

“Thank you, Sans! I’ll be back soon, I promise…and I’m bringing Red with me!”

The door slammed behind him and Sans sighed after a moment of silence regaining his composure. Star’s sake his brother sure was a numb skull! He made to return to the kitchen to finish cleaning up dinner with a little shake of his head…but in the back of his mind he wished Papy luck – and Red too, wherever he was.


Papyrus banged open the door to the workshop, his breath rising in pulsing clouds of heat against the cold. Dammit – he’d been so stupid! All this time wasted pitying himself and sulking around when Red could be hurt…or worse. It didn’t matter if Red had chosen “Boss” over him. It didn’t matter if Red was unfailingly, irreparably, brokenly devoted to him down to the marrow of his very bones. What mattered was the look on Red’s face when Papyrus had told him he loved him, and the promise Papyrus had made to prove that – even if he had to tear a hundred timelines apart to get there.

Papyrus scanned the gutted machine, eye sockets resting on the panels Red had repaired and the notes he’d scribbled. It wasn’t much but it was a start. Lighting a field of eager magic in the fading light, Papyrus tore out a scattering of fresh notebook sheets and set to work on sketching a new design based off Red’s work.

“Hang on, Red,” Papyrus muttered.

“Just hang on.”


Red’s breath rattled. He tried to count – two…three…four? Four broken ribs. Cracked sternum. One dislocated shoulder. One crushed scapula. Three…four…five…six fractured vertebrae in his spine. Both kneecaps split.

Okay…it was pretty bad. But…he’d been expecting this, right? Fuck, he’d been gone for almost a whole month! Shit, he deserved this – Red’s breath hitched as he tried to raise his skull from the floor, every bone in his body that hadn’t already gone numb jolted with pain – f-fuck, okay…yeah, he deserved this…right? He let his skull go limp again with a little whine. D-definitely. He definitely deserved this.

A harsh metal BANG made him flinch and he tried to curl tighter in on himself. Boss had torn the ratted carpet from his bedroom in his absence, leaving only stained, pitted concrete – but the renovations weren’t finished just yet. Another BANG shrieked against the empty walls and Red’s throbbing skull. And another. And another. And…silence.

Red cracked an eye socket, bright pupil wavering.

Boss stood tall in the center of the room, observing his work with a claw to his chin. He’d driven a thick metal post into the concrete, an iron ring hooked to its top. A dense chain hung from the ring and gathered on the floor in a heavy pile. Boss gave a resolute nod and turned back to the broken skeleton on the floor, crossing the room in less than three strides and dropping to a crouch beside the smaller monster.

“I have a ‘welcome home’ gift for you,” Boss muttered, resting a hand lightly on the side of Red’s skull. He pulled a length of studded leather from his back pocket, dangling the collar briefly at Red’s eye level before moving to roughly fix it in place around the wheezing skeleton’s throat. Boss clipped the length of chain from the post to the hook of the collar and sat back on his heels to admire his handiwork. The chain curled around the post, the collar curled around Red’s neck, and Red curled around his own bleeding body. None of them were going anywhere anytime soon. It was perfect.

“Stay,” Boss said airily, patting Red’s skull and standing. He left with a slam of the door, taking what little light there was with him.

Red listened to his footsteps grow quieter until he couldn’t hear them anymore – only then did he dare try and move again. He wheezed with the collar secured snug against his throat, but somehow he managed to drag himself closer to the metal post so the chain lost some of its tension. He ran his phalange-tips over the cold metal of the chain almost absentmindedly, unable to keep his hand…or rather his entire body…from shaking.

Oh boy – what would Stretch say if he could see him now?

C’mon, Red – talk to me. What’s wrong?

“I f-fucked up,” Red rasped, his voice harsh in the darkness.

That’s okay. All monsters make mistakes, right?

“Y-yeah, but n-not ones l-like this. I’m s-scared, P-pap.”

It’s okay to be scared.

Red squeezed his eye sockets shut until bright spots of light bloomed in the dark.

“Hh – I’m s-sorry, Stretch.”

Heh – I forgive you. C’mon, you’re not gonna start crying on me now, are ya Red?

Tears stung Red’s screwed eye sockets and he tried to shake his head but his body wouldn’t respond. A tugging sort of darkness ghosted at the corners of Red’s skull – like, maybe he could just go to sleep now? Stretch’s phalanges were warm and gentle on his burning cheekbones as they lightly brushed away hot tears. Red pulled in a shuddering breath and leaned into Pap’s touch. God, he always felt so good…

Red’s soul jerked and his eye sockets flew open.

Stretch sat cross-legged on the concrete beside him, spine bent over the smaller skeleton. He’d removed his hoodie and slid it under Red’s skull, one hand lightly stroking Red’s face, the other cradling Red’s dislocated arm. His brow was heavy and his mouth a sober line, dim magic wavering in his eye sockets.

Red swallowed. “S-Stretch?”

“Mm,” Pap hummed shortly, “I’m here. Try not to move, kay?”


“Got the machine running,” Papyrus said, still stroking Red’s cheek, “you had some pretty good ideas there, Red.”

Red swallowed again. God, his whole mouth tasted like blood. Was it really…? Red tried to lift a hand to touch Papyrus’s face – to prove to himself that he really was there – but his bones seized and cinched at the sudden movement and he nearly blacked out at the pain. Papyrus caught his half-raised hand before it fell again and brought it to his mouth, softly kissing Red’s blood-crusted phalanges.

“Hey, hey,” Papyrus breathed against Red’s hand, “what’d I just say, kid? Stay still.”

“S-sorry,” Red muttered.

“S’okay,” Papyrus said.


“Heh…s’okay, Red.”

Papyrus gathered Red up carefully, holding him close against his chest to keep from jostling and hurting him. The collar and chain, once undone, fell to the floor with a metal thump. Red touched at his now-free throat lightly, face pressed to Papyrus’s ribcage, eye sockets half-closed. Were he in better health he may have asked Papyrus to give him one last moment with the room…the house…the timeline…but as it were Red slipped into a comfortable unconsciousness before Papyrus had even fully stood.

When Boss threw open the door to investigate the noise Papyrus gave him one look. One last look at his brother – cradled, broken in the arms of a monster who was everything he should have been for Red – before ‘porting to the forest edge where the machine waited to take them both home.

And for a long moment after Boss stood silently in the dark, empty room with a metal post, iron ring, and studded collar still hooked to a short length of heavy chain.

Outside, the snow fell softly.

[ for @isabellavswan +  the @slytherdornet september back-to-school challenge ]

  • long story short, the summer after everyone finally turns 21 is a fucking disaster.
  • the tiki-themed dive bars they’ve all been flashing fake IDs at for two and a half years suddenly feel a lot less like unexplored new territory and a lot more like oversized high school parties, and pansy’s bored.
  • she’s so bored, in fact, that the night she sleeps with—well, not her arch-nemesis, but definitely draco’s—she’s sitting at a questionably sticky hula skirted table, sipping a whiskey sour and grimacing at the horde of really obvious incoming freshmen ordering blowjob shots like they’re fucking new, all while lamenting her decision to wear stripper underwear on the off-chance that she lowers her standards enough to get laid.
  • so. long story short, it’s a little after midnight when she pours the rest of her whiskey sour down the back of potter’s t-shirt, hisses something scathing about ginny weasley dumping him for daphne over spring break, cries, and then fucks him in the backseat of his late-80’s monstrosity of a soccer mom SUV.
  • they forget about a condom, and the next morning, he leaves a copy of his most recent std panel at her apartment door, along with a cvs bag containing a box of plan b, a handful of fun-size milky ways, and a jumbo pack of tie-dye peace sign stickers.
  • pansy grits her teeth, eats the chocolate, washes it down with a starbucks mug full of white wine, and takes the fucking pill.
  • a month later, she walks into her poetry seminar and catches a glimpse of messy black hair and ugly tom ford glasses and tan skin, green eyes, broad shoulders and a gross wal-mart multipack v-neck—
  • and her very first instinct is to run the other way.
  • she doesn’t, of course.
  • her heels are way too high, for one, and she’s not breaking her ankle because harry potter’s lost his goddamn mind and decided to stalk her; and for two—well. she can’t avoid him forever, not now that draco’s also lost his goddamn mind and started dating hermione granger.
  • so. she slides into the empty seat next to potter as primly as she can, and then she sniffs in disdain when he smirks at her, and then she snaps, “i’m only sitting here because of the air conditioning,” which makes him laugh, and then he repeats, with mock seriousness, like he has any room to be judging her when he still has a pillow crease on his cheek at two in the fucking afternoon, “the air conditioning. right.”
  • she resolves to ignore him. it doesn’t work. weeks go by, and she begins to suspect that he’s tormenting her on purpose.
  • he wordlessly hands her an airport brochure for a fucking emu farm after he sees her collection of peacock feather pens, and when draco and granger finally force everyone to go sake-bombing at some shitty sushi restaurant in santa monica, potter spends most of the night stealing sashimi off pansy’s plate and poking her in the ribs with disposable chopsticks. she drags him to the san diego zoo because she’s too hungover to make the drive herself and she has to write a paper about pandas, and he goads her into eating a burrito the size of her car’s hubcaps at a tequila bar in the mission district because he’s an asshole.
  • and then one day, during midterms, she agrees to lend him her latin flashcards from last semester in exchange for his help with the five hundred cupcakes she has to bake for a garden party, and he has to come over.
  • for the flashcards, obviously.
  • and the cupcakes.
  • obviously.
  • and she sends him into the kitchen while she changes into something more comfortable—definitely not stripper underwear—and then she exits her bedroom and she opens her mouth to ask him if he wants any sangria, but the words die a swift, ignominious death on the tip of her tongue because he’s just standing there, stiff and silent, staring at her refrigerator door with a strange expression on his face. and pansy follows his gaze, wondering if her sorority’s community service schedule is really that confusing to him, but then she freezes.
  • freezes.
  • because there, next to the stainless steel frigidaire badge, is one of those horrible tie-dye peace sign stickers he’d given her what now feels like a million fucking years ago.
  • “i knew it,” he announces, sounding curiously relieved, which—
  • “what?” she asks, faintly, wondering if it’s possible to actually perish of humiliation.
  • “i knew it,” he says again, turning to face her, and his eyes are the same unfairly bright green they’ve always been, yeah, but the look in them—the look in them as he looks at her—it’s different. sharper. hotter. “i knew you liked me!”
  • “i do not like you,” she immediately scoffs, even though she’s reasonably sure she could burn a fucking bag of pop secret with nothing but the force of her blush.
  • “you do,” he says, smugly. “you absolutely like me.”
  • pansy clenches her jaw.
  • potter cocks his head to the side.
  • “well. i can only imagine you care about whether or not i—like you—because you like me!” she whisper-shouts.
  • he snorts. “you put my stickers on your fridge, pansy.”
  • “you gave me the stupid things!”
  • “yeah,” he says, slowly, no, softly, “that’s kind of the point.”
  • oh.
  • oh.
Minseok - Scenario [Monster!AU]

SO, LET ME WARN YOU!!! This was my first time writing oral stimulation. So, to some of you, this might suck (PUN INTENDED!!!) But like idk. I think I did pretty good for my first oral smut. NSFW MAJORLY!!! ~ 사랑해요 Chas 

Back into the same place again. Same white walls and the same glass panel in front of you. The guards scan your body to make sure you’re clear and didn’t bring in anything that could intercept their experiments.

You followed the guard into the cafeteria where the gang was at. They looked up and there frowns instantly turned into radiant grins. Especially your boyfriend’s, Kim Minseok. The Frost maker. The ability to turn anything into ice or make the weather snowy. Ice is basically in his field.

You met Minseok two years ago. You both grabbed the same coffee cup at Starbucks. You felt that something was different about him and when you found out when you accidentally caught him in action of using his powers, you still loved him, and well, the rest is history. Many dates and sweet words to each other and making love like there was no tomorrow. Until that fateful day when these horrible people came and took him away from you and into this facility to hold people like him here.

You’re only allowed one visit per month. Which is very low and rude in every visitor’s opinion. But it’s worth the trip. During your visits, you’re allowed to go anywhere you want. As, long as it is in the premises.

“Hey there y/n!” Baekhyun got up and gave you a hug and lead you over to their table. Chanyeol scooted over so that you can sit beside Minseok.

“Hey.” He leaned over and kissed your temple and wrapped an arm around your waist.

All the greetings were over and conversations were spoken up here and there. You loved the boys. They were like family to you ever since you met them during your visits here. They loved you back. Mainly because you were the only one who would visit them in the first place.

They all put their trays on the counter for the workers to clean and went on to their respective rooms. You followed Minseok down a silver hallway until you reach door number 99. He closed the door behind him and pulled up a chair from his desk to the bed as you sat down on it.

“I missed you.” He grabbed your hand and gave the top of it a kiss and gave you a beautiful smile.

“I missed you too Minnie.”

Everything happened quickly. You were laying down and he was hovering over you with hungry eyes. He bent down and placed his lips over yours as his hands went under your shirt and started to pull it up and, with your help, the shirt was off and thrown somewhere in the room. Your arms wrapped around his waist and his shirt was equally on the floor with yours.

Shoes and socks were next as he parted ways and took both of yours off before diving back in but onto your neck this time emitting soft moans from you. You felt him smile a little and you were happy that he was happy. He smoothed his hands down your sides and to your jeans and unbuttoned them.

Things were happening fast and that was okay due to the fact that you have only forty minutes’ left until your visiting hours were done. So, in a few minutes all of your clothes were off and on the floor and sweaty skin touching each other’s.

Minseok trailed kisses from your lips to your jawline, neck, collarbone, between your breasts, belly button that he loves so much, and just at the top of your lips, then to your thighs. He knew your thighs were a weak place for you when it comes to foreplay. He started to nibble which turned into soft biting and sucking huge marks into your skin. He nuzzled his face against them, admiring your smooth and soft skin while rubbing the backs of your knees. He went back up to your stomach and placed kisses and more small marks there before finally moving down to your precious lips that covers you up.

He kissed them once and started to nibble on them as he pulled them open. You were fully opened up to him and he licked up your clit once before finally diving in deep. Moans were heard from you and Minseok was especially happy that he was the only that could make these sounds come from the love of his life.

He licked around and he felt you started to move a bit. He placed his hands on your pelvis to hold you down as he continued to taste your precome. He nuzzled your clit with his nose and lapped at you a little lower. He nipped at your clit gently and you squealed a little at the pleasure that Minseok was currently giving you.

He continued this process while you were a moaning mess. You placed your wrist over mouth but uncovered as you knew he would love your sounds. “God I love you.” He hummed in response as he continued lapping up your juices.

You were close to crying after he added his fingers to the mix. He took his mouth away and licked his fingers before pressing your clit a few times and then diving back in with his tongue. Flicking his tongue back and forth rapidly like a snake. Which made you start to tear up a little at the stimulation. He then added a finger in and started to move it back and forth and crooking it to hit those bundle of nerves.

Now you were definitely crying out of sheer pleasure and a lot of it. It was too much to handle. His free hand then went to your clit and started rubbing it in circles as he added another finger with his tongue.

“M-minnie. Just like that. Oh God!” Tears were flowing down your cheeks as you wanted him to stop but it felt so good. “Almost there.” He moved all of his fingers and his tongue faster and you finally reached your peak. You made a huge moan and you started to shake as he removed his fingers but continued to lap up your sweet juices.

After a few minutes you finally calmed down and your breathing was normal again as Minseok was gathering both of your clothes. You sat up and whipped the sweat off of your forehead as he handed your clothes. He glanced over at you as you were getting dressed, admiring his marks all over you before they were covered.

There was the usual knock on the door to remind you both that you have five minutes’ left.

“Hey Minseok?”


“I’ll get you and the others out of here.”

He chuckled a little and walked over to you and fixed your hair while giving your forehead a kiss. “Silly, there is no way to get out of here. Trust me.”

“I’m serious Minseok. Me and Baekhyun has been talking about it. Just wait okay?”

The guard came in and you and Minseok said bye to each other before you had to leave the facility with bruises in places nobody is allowed to touch.

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