and it fits them each so well omg

anonymous asked:

Do you like ATLA? And if so what do you think Kuroo and Kenma would each bend?

omg i LOVE atla???

and this is a super hard question because people are so complex and it’s not always easy to categorize them

buuuuuuut I looked at this website which breaks down the bending into personality types that feel pretty accurate and by that I’d say

Kenma - Earthbender (aside from the confrontational aspect)

Kuro - Waterbender (I waffled between that and Airbender for him, but I feel Waterbending fits him pretty well)

If you’d asked me about IwaOi that answer is easier ahaha

Oikawa - Firebender

Iwaizumi - Earthbender

This was a super interesting question! thanks!