and it fits them each so well omg

Will You Be Okay? – Minho

Request: An imagine where one of tmr boys (newt, gally, thomas, or minho, whoever you want) gets mad over something and lock themselves in the homestead or goes out to the deadheads or somewhere idk and no one can get them back or make them feel better so you go find them and sing a song to comfort them //also you write amazing omg xx


I think the song enchanted by Taylor swift would fit well with a maze runner imagine :D


idk if these requests were from the same person but even if they weren’t i thought they would fit well with each other bc i was originally planning on Y/N to sing ‘the hanging tree’ (obseSSED) but then i realised it wasn’t exactly a comforting song + i made this about minho bc he hasn’t been getting enough love


You could hear screaming and yelling from inside the Homestead, but there was too much of it to tell who was who and what they were saying. But you thought you could hear Alby and Newt inside. 

You went over to the door, ready to walk in and break up the argument. Before you could, however, the door was opened and smacked you right in the face. 

You stumbled back, gripping the bridge of your nose in pain as you did so. Whoever it was didn’t even seem to notice. You squeezed your eyes shut for a second, trying to get over the initial wave of pain. Then you turned to see who it was that hit you with the door. 

You saw Minho walking away angrily, not seeming to notice what he’d just done. You sighed, then walked into the Homestead. 

“What happened to you?” Newt asked, leaning in to look over what happened to your nose. From what you could feel, you hadn’t got a nose bleed, but there was a small cut along the bridge. 

“This place may look like it’s about to fall apart, but believe me, that door is hard,” you said vaguely, pointing to the door. Newt sighed and laughed a little at your childishness. Alby was in the corner of the room, talking with Clint about something quietly. “So what’s wrong with Minho?” you asked.

Newt leaned against one of the old tables in the middle of the room and closed his eyes for a few seconds, raising his eyebrows. He looked tired. “He’s just pretty beat up about Ben’s banishing and all.”

Your heart sunk as soon as he said that. You felt for Minho, you really did. Ben had been one of your friends as well. But he and Minho used to always run their routes together, and they were good friends. He’d been banished only yesterday afternoon. 

You and Newt walked out of the Homestead. It was almost time for lunch, and Minho still hadn’t left to run his section for the day. You two saw just a glimpse of him before he walked off into the Deadheads to hide. 

“Just give him some time,” Newt said, patting you on the shoulder. “He’ll be okay.”

But you weren’t so sure.


It was dinnertime, and everyone was sitting around enjoying their food. Well, everyone except for one person. Minho had been hiding in the Deadheads all day. You knew Newt told you he needed time, but hiding away in the forest was not the way to go about mourning. 

After dinner, you left to go search for him. 

“Minho?” you called out as you started to walk between the trees. No answer. “Minho, come on!” you yelled out louder. But still nothing. 

It took a good fifteen minutes to find him hiding at the base of a tree, curled into a little ball with red, puffy eyes. You sat down beside him, giving him a sympathetic look as you did so. 

“Leave me alone,” he mumbled weakly. You ignored his protests and leaned your head on his shoulder, taking his hand in yours and holding it tightly. You didn’t say anything, which made him even more confused. “What are you doing?” he asked. 

“Comforting you,” you said nonchalantly. Minho sat up and leaned his head against the trunk of the tree. 

“I don’t wanna talk about it,” he said knowingly. 

You shook your head slightly and gave him a small smile. “I know you don’t wanna talk about it, that’s why I wasn’t talking about it,” you said with the same smart-ass tone that he was usually the one to give out. 

He’d relaxed a little next to you, but he was still a little on edge. “Holding my hand and cuddling isn’t going to make me feel any better.”

“Then what will make you feel better? I’m trying, okay?” you said. He looked down to his hands in his lap, one of which you were still holding, and didn’t say anything. You sighed and leaned back into him. “I’m not leaving you alone, so you might as well just accept it.”

It took a few moments, but soon he was resting his head on yours, and holding your hand as tight as you were holding his. 

It felt too quiet to be a comforting moment, though. You never liked the silence, it was never inviting to you. 

You remembered back to a song that you remembered, the only song you remembered. Besides your name, it was the only thing you remembered that day waking up in the Box. You couldn’t remember the voice that sang it, or their face, or what genre of song it was, but you remembered it. 

There I was again, tonight
Forcing laughter, faking smiles
Same old, tired, lonely place

Minho turned to you, glancing at you briefly as you sang the song. You couldn’t tell what he was thinking, whether he thought you were acting like an idiot or whether you were actually comforting him. 

Walls of insincerity
Shifting eyes and vacancy 
Vanished when I saw your face

All I can say is it was
Enchanting to meet you

“It was enchanting for you to meet me, wasn’t it?” Minho said suddenly. You hit him in the chest and laughed slightly, looking up to see him smiling down at you. 

“Way to ruin the moment, shuckface,” you said between laughs. The laughter died down between you after a few moments of staring at each other. “Are you going to be okay?” you asked him unsurely. 

Minho had this sort of look on his face; you couldn’t classify it as smiling, but he looked content. He leaned down to press a lingering kiss on your forehead, pulling his arm around you to hug you tightly to him. You hugged his waist with one arm and held his other hand with your other. 

“I got you here with me. How could I not be?” he said quietly into your hair. 

You let out a little huff of air from your nose and closed your eyes. “And you said cuddling wouldn’t comfort you.”


before that request id honestly never heard enchanted by taylor swift before and i feel like that pretty much sums up my life in a sentence.

*Requests are open*