and it felt so good tat

I refuse to take your leftover love. ★
I strangle my heart, as it says “Something is better than nothing”, ignoring it’s urges, I choose to unlove.

That “something” is not meant for me, that “something” is an extra part of you, you can’t seem to fit anywhere else, that “something” reminds me of how I am your nothing.★

For the first time, I’ll take a stand for myself, not act deaf to the prolonged moanings of my self respect, whom I’ve been abstaining all these years, when I was so into you wishing for you to fall for me too.

You saw it all in my eyes yet you pretended to be blind, while I painfully damped the beats of my heart and putted on a fake smile as you so easily said “You’ll always be my friend”. You selfish imbecile, hope you knew what it felt.

If you didn’t, I hope someday you do. I know tit for tat isn’t good but it’s damn satisfying. I hope someday you are starving for love and the only love you find is a burnt, cold, last night’s leftover one.★

Only then you’ll know what I went through every night of these murky years. I am ashamed I surrendered myself to someone like you.

Walking barefoot on the embers of expectations and hope, I succumbed to the pain hoping for a happy conclusion, tesselating my emptiness through mere illusions, annihilating my time unravelling confusions.

Only then you’ll know how hard it was to type “I Am Okay” every time I was asked how am I.

Only Then you’ll know how suffocated It felt when every gesture of my love, was deflected by “We’re just friends”.

Now, I finally know you are not the one, you never were, and soon you’ll know what it is not be the one of that someone, you give all of you to be their “one”.


Will not play it safe anymore.

Collaboration with amazing @justscribbledwords.

(Her lines end with ★ )
#37/100 Ways to say I LOVE YOU

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“Can I kiss you?”

ft. Boyfriend!Park Jihoon

From here

“Do you have something to say?” you asked him as you put your hands on your hips, Jihoon blinked at you and tilted his head, “Wh… what do you mean?”

“Because you are not listening to every word I said earlier,” you sighed, “And we already arrived at my apartment.” you said, Jihoon looked around and just realized that you two are already in front of your apartment building, “Oh… I’m sorry,” he scratched the back of his head as he sheepishly smiled.

“Thank you for today’s date by the way,” you smiled as you held out a pink teddy bear he won for you from the claw machine at the arcade earlier, “And thank you for the doll, you’re the king of claw machine!” both of you laughed, “I’m glad if you enjoyed today… But uhm…” he looked to the ground, then looked at you, and then back to the ground again.

“What is it? Just spill it Park Jihoon!”

“Can I kiss you?”

Your eyes widened at his question as he looked at you, you can feel your face blushed and you nodded.

Without more word, he stepped closer to you and put both of his hands on your shoulder. You closed your eyes as you felt his lips pressed against you in a soft kiss, he really wanted to look at your expression but he also got lost in your lips.

Your hand which was holding the teddy bear, now wrapped around his back. His hand on your shoulder moved to cupped both of your cheeks as he deepened the kiss.

“Whoa…” both of you panted after the kiss is finished, you still felt the warm of his hands on your cheeks and blushed even more. He laughed softly and gave your lips a soft peck and winked. What’s with the sudden confidence?!

“So… see you tomorrow?”

requested by @thelastswagbendersuga !! sorry if it’s too short, and not that good ahushuahushuahusa i’m so sorry TAT

And you guys can also request for 100wtsily! Just drop a number + member + situation (optional) to my askbox! And other au request is also welcomed!!!!!!!!!

my mx concert experience♡

ok!! so i know i made a small post about what happened w changkyun at hi touch ajkdnkjs but here’s more of a long post about everything!!!

okay so i went to beautiful in la day 2!! and me and tat had p2 pit - hi touch :’)) anyway, the venue was a lot smaller then I imagined?? like it felt like a club/party asbdanjk and there was a lot of room in pit, everyone was naturally crowded toward the front. anyway the point is that no matter what seat you had you had a pretty good spot!! even balcony would’ve been nice. the only thing that really sucked was that me and tat couldn’t really see anything since we’re short :( so…like lmao @ tall people i’m begging you…please keep in mind there are short people and i know we all want to be up front, i get it, but like…if there’s someone short behind you chances are we can’t see…..anyway

so, i can’t really remember everything that went on during the concert, i just remember the overall vibe was fucking amazing, they’re all so amazing live and i remember Changkyun being extra as hell always??? like did i ask??? Kihyun and Jooheon’s stage performing mirror was amazing. so. amazing oh my god. Hyungwon and Hoseok’s stage was amazing as well lmao like?? so much talent. i don’t even want to talk about Changkyun in the 24k magic stage bye i was so?? insulted i’m crying i love him osm ucuh.

okay so near the end, i was feeling really really dizzy/hot/and my feet were hurting so bad, I had to sit down and catch my breath, i’m pretty sure i passed out for .2 seconds and i couldn’t stand and i was shaking. i started crying and tat and other people around me started fanning me but i got back up and was like “no i have to record Changkyun!!!!” because listen i’d rather die there than miss a performance but i had to get wheel-chaired out and get a check up to make sure i was okay so i missed like 2 or 3 songs rip, but i was okay. the guy who wheeled me out told me not to go back in pit and stand back but listen,,,i’m stubborn and i NEEDED to see them up close still

so i get back in and all is okay i’m feeling better and it’s ending and!!! Hyungwon waved at me and smiled so i felt way better bye sadly i didn’t get it bc my phone storage sucks but tat did and wowowow okay speaking of Hyungwon and smiling throughout the entire thing he was so happy!!! It made me so happy!! He was so glad to be back and I :’))))))

Okay, so onto hi touch!!! The order was 


So after what happened with Changkyun I went to Hyungwon and grabbed his hand (let’s be honest I literally grabbed all of their hands even tho we’re supposed to just high five idc the staff was like “high fives only” and ejjsjeej the members laughed bc I grabbed their hands and didnt care :’) anyway so I go to Hyungwon and I’m like “I missed you. I love you!!!” And he just smiled so big he was so happy to be there and said “Thank you” all sweetly!!! So then djsndne Kihyun I look @ him and he literally??? Stares into my eyes so deeply I wanted to cry and I say “You’re so beautiful.” And he smiles so big and just nods his head and says “thank you” quietly I’m!!!! So then I get to Jooheon and his dimples oh my godnsnanwns he looks at me and smiles and I’m like “I love you!!!!!!” And he says “I love you too!!!!” :’) And djjsnf I’m sad bc I went by Hyunwoo so fast but like he didn’t give me a chance to really do anything memorable but I said i love you!! And he smiled so it’s okay!!! And fuck snsnd then I get to Hoseok and he grabs my hands back??? And I’m like “I love you!! You’re so beautiful!!!!!!” And he laughs and says “Thank you very much!!!!!!!” Ahhhh anD THEN MINHYUK!!!!!!!!!!! HE’S SO SMILEY!!! AND CUTE!!!!! And so I grab his hands and I’m like “I love you SO much Minhyuk!!!!!!!!!!!!” And he’s like “Ah thank you I love you too!!!“ 

So just wow, after hi touch I literally exit the room and fall to the floor crying, because I actually got to tell the love of my life that I love him and he said he loves me too. I still can’t believe it happened and honestly I don’t deserve it but anyway this is long and basically they’re all angels and so amazing live and I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to stan and AHHH I just love them so fucking much. :(

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Whats your favorite moment of the NU'EST boys on their Produce 101 journey? Either for each member individually or for all of them generally? :)

Ohh now this is a really good question!

A lot of important moments that reflected their career played out, but these all were not happy, most of them very sad. So lets talk about good things lol so many good moments i’ll have to include more than one!

Fave Mingi moment- would have to be the extraness of the punching machine thing and that weird AF thing he does with his shoulders😂

Fave Baekho moment- When the trainees fanboy over him 0.2 seconds into Boy in Luv perf (also his vocal bridge of the perf made me feel….erm.. a certain way id never felt for Baekho b4 haha) + His Get in highnote! + his tat reveal

Fave Minhyun moment- When Seonho tries to kiss him + him being centre for never. Also his downpour vocals.

Fave Jonghyun moment- When Minhyun says “I believe in Jonghyun” and he is made leader for first time birthing legendary sorry sorry team.

My favourite NU'EST moment overall has to do with JR as well. It’s when he is made overall number 1. Seeing him on that number one spot… even if he didn’t make top 11, I’m glad at least once he could be no.1❤

I was furious when I first heard they were going on pd101, but now I understand it was the best thing they could have done. No male group has had a surge in popularity like NU'EST 5 years into debut. They went from almost disbanding to top of charts. I’m so proud of them 😊

An anon asked about the reactions to Sole having a pin-up girl tattoo on their leg/back/arm: 

 Cait: “HEY, I thought I was d'only girl that ya’ needed for inspiration” winking at Sole as she walked infront, showing them what she meant by bending over, to give sole a good look at her booty, purposefully teasing them. 

 Curie: at first she wonders why sole would want to ruin their perfect skin by inking, but as Sole explains what tattoos are about she understands the sentiment, though initial objection she admired the craftsmanship and thought the pin-up thing was pretty nifty 

 Codsworth: “Sir/mum… when did you get that? Did you spend sometime in the navy or airforce while out in the commonwealth?” Codsworth has no real objection to Sole’s tattoo, as long as Sole is happy. 

 Dogmeat: When Sole has it showing, say after getting out of bed or something, Dogmeat looks with a tilted head, he can’t quite make heads or tails of what the thing on his friends leg is, he once tried to lick it off thinking Sole had spilt Nuka Cola down themselves

 Danse: “Soldier… since when did you have a tattoo, why didn’t you tell me??” With a massive smile Danse rips open his BOS uniform and proudly displease the MASSIVE, Brotherhood logo tattooed on his magnificent chest 

 Deacon: “Heyyy that’s some nice ink there, I never really cared for tats myself… a lot harder to disguise” Though Deacon didn’t really care for them, he appreciated good artwork when he saw it 

 Hancock: “Woahh, where’d you get that? I’m not gonna lie… that realness is kinda freaking me out babe” Hancock loved looking at tattoos so when he saw Sole’s big pin-up on their back he loved to just look at it, the way it moved with Sole’s back muscles was trippy as fuck 

MacCready: When he saw Sole’s tattoo he felt a little taken back, turning to Sole he said “I… I wanna show you something” MacCready slowly rolled down his jacket from his shoulder to reveal his own pin up “It’s… my wife, Lucy. I wanted something to keep with me always… to know she’s with me.” The most heartfelt reaction of all of the companions, it brought Sole and Mac closer, the felt their connection grow stronger as the reminisced of the good times.

 Nick: “Huh, kinda looks like magnolia, that a coincidence or a token from that night in Goodneighbor?” Sole turned bright red but they daren’t give Nick an answer 

 Piper: “Blue ya’… ever think of me like that ;)” Sole turning red and sheepishly trying to avoid eye contact, Piper got her answer. She’d put her theory to the test later, when Sole came back they found Piper; perched on the printing press in lingerie, crossed legged and with a “come hither look" 

 Preston: kinda in between, although he’s more fond than not, he likes the generals individuality and thinks that whoever Sole had it based on is one lucky lady. It’s a simple "It’s nice general” but Prestons warmth made it a precious moment 

 Strong: doesn’t really care but is proud Sole can take a lot of pain “Human take pain good, would make good super mutant" 

 X6-88: Heavily fascinated by Sole’s tattoo, "Sir/ma'am what is the purpose of this picture on your arm?” Sole explains the premise of tattoos to X. Later on, X comes backs, tears of his courser uniform to reveal a full body tattoo, the badass he is 

 Sorry it’s been kinda slow today, there should be a couple more tonight. Enjoy guys!

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or a blurb for "*puts mistletoe over dick*" for niall lol

A/N: Thanks to @1dalwaysbenice for some much-needed inspiration!

“I’m officially on vacation!”  

You leaned your head back against the soft leather seat in Niall’s Range Rover.  Tonight’s work party had been the official end to your week.  You were free for the next two weeks and you had absolutely nothing planned besides eating christmas cookies, going to the pub, wrapping gifts, and spending entire afternoons curled up with Niall watching Christmas movies.

“So, what are ya gonna do first?  Should we get pissed when we get home?”  Niall waggled his eyebrows at you and grinned.  Ever since his doctor had cleared him to drink beer again he was a man on a mission…..for pints.  Rolling your eyes you reached over and patted his knee.  “That does sound like fun, but honestly, all I want to do is collapse into bed and sleep for 12-15 hours.”

Niall chuckled, pulling the car into the garage.  “A’right, well here’s your chance babe.  Home sweet home!”

You dragged yourself out of the car and into the house.  Everything was quiet and serene inside, instantly making your eyelids droop.  You made it to your bedroom and stripped off your dress and tights, tossing them into the hamper.  You pulled on one of Niall’s oldest, softest tees, and collapsed face down into bed.  Niall shuffled in the room and huffed out a laugh at you.  “Ya look dead, love.”  His voice trailed off as he walked into the closet.  You mumbled back through the pillow at him, “Good.  That means I’ll finally get some rest!”

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Genji/Hanzo/McCree/Reaper with an S/O with tattoos that cover up serious scars from battle and have connection with their ability (hanzo's tattoo light up when activating it, same thing for them). The tattooed areas are also very sensitive to the touch that it still hurts when fabric touches them. When they see the tattoos and touch them, S/O has a flashback of that/those traumatic incident/s. Then they look closely at them and notice deep scars. Have a nice day :)

I gotchu @briefzombiechild! Also here are some other tattoo headcanons for those interested.~ I covered a good amount of tat stuff there, but I hope you still enjoy this!


  • The first time he touched your tattoos was one time when you were asleep, and he never did that again. He felt so bad when you woke up from sheer pain with panicked eyes. He only felt worse when you explained what had happened.
  • ONLY TOUCHES YOUR TATTOOS WITH YOUR PERMISSION. And usually is hesitant even then. Like, he always asks at least three times. 
  • Due to his nervousness around them, he doesn’t notice the scars for a while. Not until one time in battle when the light hits you just right. Immediately after the mission he just gives you this snug hug and doesn’t give you an explanation, but it’s nice so you don’t mind.


  • Hanzo asks for the story behind tattoos before ever touching them, so he knows what your tattoos are and what they cover up from the get-go. 
  • You’d both be lying if you said there weren’t times during missions where you two shoot each other little smiles/grins before ulting your enemies. Coordinated battle!


  • He comes up behind you one night and kisses your cheek, whispering compliments to you. As he does so, he brushes over your tattoo with his fingers. When you hiss and pull away, he’s instantly asking questions. Mostly if you’re okay, but after that it’s the other stuff.
  • He pretty much avoids touching them. But occasionally when you’re in a rough spot, he places light, soft as a feather kisses along them. At first you can’t help but flinch, but your body gradually gives in to the gesture and relaxes.
  • He’s the one out of the guys who is not hesitant to tell you how badass your powers are. He’s also the “look, that’s my lover!! They’re so cool. They could kick my ass,” guy. Especially that last part. He likes that.


  • He knows scars. Like, whoooo boy, he knows scars. So he’s pretty good at noticing them, and he sees them practically immediately the first time he gets a good look at your tattoos.
  • He’s very abrupt and to the point with his approach. He just walks up to you and asks what happened. At the end of your story you get an unexpected kiss on the shoulder and he just leaves you there afterwards to make of that what you will.
  • The fact you can’t really cover it up is a tad annoying to him. He glares at anyone he catches staring at it too long.

It’s National Coming Out Day and I’m so tempted to say fuck it, call my parents, and tell them about everything I’m feeling.
But I’m so unsure…
I’m sure but like I’m not.
I keep thinking about what if I change my mind..
What if I decide I’m not transgender…or that I fall in the middle of the spectrum?
So I can’t say anything just yet.
I’ve only had two therapy appointments and still have a lot of work to do,
but talking about it feels so good.
Telling my friends who matter, has just felt right.
There’s all these steps I still need to take but there are some days where I just want to jump off the edge into the unknown and just tell the world…
I feel like I have to contain that though, at least for now.
Save it up for the day tat I’m certain.
And who knows, maybe I never will be “certain”…
All I know is that slowly, and surely, I’m getting to the space I know I’m meant to get to.
And if this National Coming Out Day isn’t the day for me to come out to the world,
then I’ll let it be the day I come out to myself, and accept myself as anything but a woman..
Whatever that makes me.

Let me tell you the story of how Fifth Harmony saved me today…. So it all begins with me going to their album signing. You know after talking to them (they were literal Angels, so unreal and beautiful), getting the album signed, and both externally and internally fangirling I was on my way home. And now comes the unfortunate part. My dad being awake with me for the past 12 hours was butt tired and when we were about to turn a corner he fell asleep and drove off the road and right into a tree. My dad ended up fine, but I ended up hitting my chest really hard against the seatbelt and airbag (let me tell you I felt like Camila in TaT after she got hit). Anyways the paramedics came and they put me on a stretcher. They could tell I was about to fall asleep and that wasn’t a good thing so they told me to think of something that would keep me awake and I thought of the girls. They were the one thing that kept alive and I owe them my life and I am forever grateful. Please tag the girls so they can see that they saved someone.

Forever & Always (A Joshifer One Shot)

A/N: Hey guys so I needed to channel my feelings about filming being over and since I didn’t want to make myself even more sad (and since I’m already writing an end of filming scene for Whirlwind), I wanted to write a nice, happy piece starring my two favorite idiots.

This is probably a bit inaccurate, since I’ve never experienced what I wrote about here first hand, and also pretty short, since I didn’t really have the energy or attention span to extend it. Anyways, this was inspired by a CF press interview that unfortunately I lost the link for. I hope you enjoy <3


“Are you sure we can’t just make each other friendship bracelets?”

            “Jen, no,”

            “No, seriously, a snake around a pole, it’ll take me twenty minutes and then we’ll be friends forever. Ooh, or I could do a candy stripe. I would do a candy stripe for you, Josh!”

            “Hm, yeah, I’m good,”

            “What about one with UK colors? I would risk my father disowning me to make you one of those,”

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But isn't the anchor covering up the "I cant change" tat??? Nooo why, that's not good :(

No, don’t be sad, I think it’s just fine. Maybe Harry was at a place in his life when he got it where it felt a bit unstable and needed to make a statement you know? Like he was being forced to be something he’s not, so he got that tattoo for himself, something to remind him that no matter what happens, he won’t change, he can’t. 

But maybe now he feels grounded and stable, he’s secure with himself and perhaps someone has given him the strength to feel that way. Maybe it was time to move on to a different phase in his life. And whatever it was that made him confident enough to cover up something that most likely held a special place in his heart, well I say job well done. 


For those of you who don’t know, I live in Portugal. I was born and raised there. You might have heard about my country, good or bad it doesn’t matter. I grew up like the other kids, I went to public schools so I grew up surrounded by white people. I do not have a single complain about the treatment I got while I was in high school and I know I won’t have any complaints regarding my race when I go to college this fall. So, I am lucky because I didn’t feel the racism tat my dad felt when he came to Portugal. I thinks it’s partially because my family and friends (including white friends) were so protective of me that I was able to not go through the discrimination my dad went through. It is because I grew up in an open minded environment that, like my friends, I thought racism wasn’t as bad as it was a few years ago, until my dad told me that his white girlfriend’s dad wanted to kill him. Until I started realizing what was really going on. Until I came on tumblr and read all these articles regarding this issue. And that’s when me and my friend are working on a web series to portrait discrimination as it really is: REAL AND WRONG AS HELL. It may not seem like much but we’re trying to raise awareness to Portuguese people and people all over the world! Our people need our help and this is my way to help.

[FANACCOUNT] Hi-Five Session with Kim Soo Hyun before the fanmeet

i couldn’t keep calm omg when i knew that i got chosen for the hi-five session!!! TAT

Kim Soo Hyun only arrived at the venue for the hi-five session 30 minutes later, it was at 6.15pm but he arrive at 6.45pm because he was preparing for the fanmeet ^^

I was actually first in line!! TAT i was so nervous and scared >< i kind of wobbled when i climbed the stairs. Kim Soo Hyun was in a suit and with a white shirt underneath ><

He was smiling so warmly at me when i went up the stairs and i was all smiles and so nervous>< 

as i proceed to have a hi-five with him, when i stretched out my hands, he held my hand lightly for 2 seconds omg >< and he said ’반갑습니다 (nice to meet you)’ to me >< 

he smiled so warmly to me when he said that! he is so cheery and happy to see his Singapore fans even though he isn’t in good health. (he’s actually having a cough too >< ) 

His hand felt so warm and small!!! and his fingers is so slim and he has a firm grasp for a small hand like his >< i am almost dying myself as i write this and recounting back TAT

its a pity we can’t take photos or videos :/ Mr Shim and his other bodyguards are there TAT

next will be the fanmeet in japan!!! >< argh the security will be even tight during then.. i might not be able to take any photos at all >< today was bad enough…