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t r i v i a // mad dog’s second studio album, three #1 hits, double platinum, charlie gardner’s last album before going solo

t r a c k  l i s t i n g:

“running the bases” ♫ lyrics by lucas friar and dave williams. charlie takes lead vocals. upbeat and fun, matching the sound of their first album. brief guitar solo. focus on continuing on even when everything seems against you. trivia: dave’s first serious attempt at songwriting.

“center of the universe” ♫ lyrics by lucas friar and farkle minkus. zay takes lead vocals. heavy focus on instrumental, experimental and a bit of a trip. farkle’s push towards diversifying their sound. inspired by dark side of the moon by pink floyd. trivia: it took over two days to complete recording.

“new world” ♫ lyrics by lucas friar. zay and charlie share lead vocals. more indie rock sound. super abrupt ending that cuts right into the next track, jarring the audience. focus on facing uncertain territory and relying on someone special to guide the way. one of six songs written about lucas’s “mystery muse.” trivia: the first song written for the album.

“yamashita” ♫ lyrics by lucas friar and dave williams. zay takes lead vocals. heavy rock, picking up right from the shocking ending to the previous track. two guitar solos, one short and one that leads into the end. one quick drum solo at the bridge. non-sensical lyrics. trivia: the second to last song recorded for the album, as zay had to take a couple days off to rest his voice after screeching so much.

“skin deep” ♫ lyrics by lucas friar and farkle minkus. zay and farkle share lead vocals. slower, alternative sound. heavy bass line. focus on how people tend to take things at face value, and how what is inside can be so much more than what it appears to be. trivia: the song was inspired by a conversation farkle had with his girlfriend isadora smackle. on tour, he dedicates it to her before launching into the song.

“the end of us” ♫ lyrics by lucas friar. zay babineaux takes lead vocals. soft rock. three mini guitar solos that break up the verses. focus on how both holding back emotions and acting on emotions can ruin a relationship. one of six songs written about lucas’s “mystery muse.” trivia: almost cut from the album, as charlie didn’t like the indecisive message it was sending. ultimately, farkle argued to save it.

“hands” ♫ lyrics by lucas friar. zay babineaux takes lead vocals. only zay and lucas perform, piano and percussion respectively. a soft, quiet ballad. focus on the safety and feeling of home that can come from just a touch. complex, deep lyrics that establish lucas as an up and coming lyricist. one of six songs written about lucas’s “mystery muse.” one of three number one hits. trivia: arguably one of mad dog’s most popular songs. the first song to get international recognition.

“judy” ♫ lyrics by lucas friar. zay babineaux takes lead vocals. folk sound, a vivid change of pace from the previous ballad. lyrical focus on being intimidated by something beautiful and pure, and the fear of accidentally destroying it. dark lyrics hidden behind an upbeat sound. one of six songs written about lucas’s “mystery muse.” trivia: when asked about this song and the meaning behind it, lucas always references when he fell off a sheep at a mutton-busting competition when he was younger. he never mentions his other inspiration for the song.

“when you talk (to me)” ♫ lyrics by lucas friar. zay babineaux and farkle minkus share lead vocals. entirely acoustic, only dave strumming a ukulele and lucas playing the harmonica. zay and farkle harmonize. a simple, cute ballad about loving hearing someone talk, especially to you. one of six songs written about lucas’s “mystery muse.” trivia: the song was recorded as a bonus track and added last minute. charlie was not able to attend the recording session due to a prior commitment, hence why he’s not featured on the track.

“i lied” ♫  lyrics by lucas friar. zay babineaux and charlie gardner share lead vocals. loud, upbeat pop rock. a bass solo and two guitar solos. focus on stifling any emotions you may have about a situation and telling blatant lies, and not regretting it later because it’s really for the best. dark lyrics hidden behind an upbeat sound. one of six songs written about lucas’s “mystery muse.” trivia: the song originally featured a drum solo as well, but it was cut due to time limitations.

“commonism” ♫ lyrics by lucas friar and zay babineaux. zay’s solo track. a soulful powerhouse number with an r & b vibe, intercut with a rap intermission. the verses and chorus focus on the concept of individuality, and the rap breaks down the pros and cons of uniformity while criticizing society’s tendency to encourage both. one of three number one hits. trivia: the track was almost nominated for a grammy, but ultimately snubbed.

“donnie barnes” ♫ lyrics by lucas friar and farkle minkus. farkle’s solo track. heavy bass line and a dreamy, distant quality. focus on a fictional character, donnie barnes, who seems to leave a boring, average life. the story is non-sensical and full of flowery wording, but many fans speculate it’s a cry of yearning for a return to the life before fame. trivia: the track was originally titled “regular guy,” but when the fictional persona was created lucas and farkle agreed to change it.

“corn chips” ♫ no lyrics present. dave’s solo track. the track opens with a recording of the band in the studio, chatting and messing with their instruments. dave says “man, i really want some corn chips right now,” before launching into a three-minute wicked guitar solo. a fun, energetic tune. trivia: when asked about the title, dave adamantly proclaims there is no deeper meaning. it has no secret message. he just likes corn chips.

“free” ♫ lyrics by lucas friar and charlie gardner. charlie’s solo track. a simple acoustic guitar ballad. focus on the struggle to present yourself as who you are versus who people expect you to be, and ultimately deciding to be exactly who you want to be. ed sheeran sound. one of three number one hits. trivia: charlie admits that the song is actually about his bisexuality, and the pressure to hide that when entering the business. when the song was accidentally released as a single, it’s popularity is suspected to be what gave charlie the idea of going solo.

“mr. perfect” ♫ no lyrics present. lucas’s solo track. fifteen seconds of studio sound, the band milling around and muttering to each other, when suddenly lucas launches into an impressive six-minute long drum solo. intense, whiplash style drumming. when the track ends, you can hear zay shout “and that’s our ending right there!” just as the album comes to a close. trivia: the track serves to prove how talented of a musician lucas is, even if he’s just keeping the beat most of the time. farkle encouraged him to push himself as hard as he can, and gets zay to secure him the last track on the album so people would remember it. unfortunately, it’s overshadowed when charlie’s track inexplicably gets released as a single.


gmw band au  assorted singles from both Maya Hart and Mad Dogs

“Hope For Suckers” ♪ maya hart’s first single that hits the charts and gets her career really going. a fun, upbeat bop co-written by her and riley matthews (under the pseudonym jexica). it’s the top track on her album release that follows, hart to hart.

“Commonism” ♪ zay babineaux’s vocal solo track on mad dog’s second album, game night, the first of the five band member solos. a five-minute r&b hit, it also features a rap interlude that zay arranged and wrote himself, questioning the importance of individuality in a society that stresses both standing out and fitting in.

“Donnie Barnes” ♪ alternatively titled “regular guy,” farkle minkus’s moody bass solo features his playing skills as well as his voice, whereas only zay and charlie had been featured on their previous album. although the lyrics are somewhat pretentious and not meant to make sense, some fans speculate the song is actually a deep yearning from both farkle (and lucas, who penned the lyrics) to go back to being regular guys out of the spotlight.

“Mr. Perfect” ♪ featuring a quick fifteen second opening of the boys setting up and laughing in the studio, lucas friar quickly launches into an intense and mesmerizing six-minute drum solo, which closes out game night. rumor has it during the recording session, he played so hard there was blood on the drum set by the end of the session.

“Blonde Beauty” ♪ marking the first collaboration between mad dog and maya hart, this saucy duet starts a successful and sacred partnership between the two artists. zay babineaux and maya hart go on to be featured at least once every album the other makes, with lucas penning most of their duets (hence, why he’s included on the cover at their insistence).

“Belgium 1831” ♪ the first single released after charlie left the band, mad dog reassures their fans that they’re not ready to say goodbye yet and plan to continue making music – even if their sound is a little different. dave bumps up to lead guitar and shreds a killer solo that blows even their most critical fans away. yes, it seems mad dog isn’t going anywhere.