and it doesn't include the boots


Even Rhys can’t say no to a pillow fort. 

Am I going to draw the three of them huddled up in that fort? Yes. Yes I am.

The Signs as Luke Skywalker's Gay Ass™ Wardrobe
  • Aries: Gay Ass™ Tank Top in a living work out video feat. Little Green Troll. AKA modeling for a porno.
  • Taurus: Gay Ass™ PONCHO that's 110% a piece of junk, only to impress his bf. AKA the gayest piece of clothing in existence.
  • Gemini: Gay Ass™ Cloak Sash over ROTJ replica, fully equipped with your own badass Jedi Scavenger gal (complete with a stick and a bloodthirsty need to kick emo ass) AKA the outfit that has yet to be rocked.
  • Cancer: Gay Ass™ Sick Robe, perfect for all diseases like Corellian flu, getting mauled by a Wampa, and losing a hand. AKA i'm totally wearing nothing underneath this thin piece of fabric, how are you?
  • Leo: Gay Ass™ moisture farmboy who just wants to go to tosche station and pick up some "power converters". AKA the original gay smol who stares at the sunsets and broods about the sand.
  • Virgo: Gay Ass™ Hood for when you just want to hide away on an island for who knows how fucking long because your motherfucking goth nephew screwed shit over. Razor not included for sudden beard. AKA the "shock" of TFA.
  • Libra: Gay Ass™ Gucci Black Leather inherited from his mother, equipped with leather boots and a no-shit Jedi pout, be ready for the cameras. AKA the super Extra flippy jumps for the bae and the evil dad (who doesn't understand that this is not a phase).
  • Scorpio: Gay Ass™ Goggles and a fuzzy vest to keep you warm and snuggled as you're slowly picked apart by Wampa claws. AKA the ploy to get the bae to notice you for once.
  • Sagittarius: Gay Ass™ Jacket that's more yellow than a fucking lemon and was totally borrowed from that sexy Corellian that he totally doesn't like at all. AKA the outfit you wear to your wedding cause you don't make enough money to get a wedding dress.
  • Capricorn: Gay Ass™ Uniform that the Alliance designed specifically to be as straight as a curvy line and so orange that their enemies are blinded in battle. AKA the unsubtle coming out of Rogue Squadron.
  • Aquarius: Gay Ass™ Stormtrooper uniform that is too tight in certain places and too big for smols. AKA the perfect opportunity to flip luxurious golden locks when removing the helmet you can't see out of.
  • Pisces: Gay Ass™ Fatigues that you ruin in under three seconds and use to fight your salty old man. AKA blood sweat and tears taken literally.

I got my first pair of Dr. Martens at the age of twelve, because I was already too tall to wear jeans of a normal length.

I fell in love and since then have scoured thrift shops, online, and sales to expand my collection to many styles / colours.

Some pairs have been upcycled with materials like studs, flowers, paint, and marker. My first pair was even signed by Danzig and Jerry Only 💀

sweetievalencia  asked:

Oh in that case can you do a living with Alex summers ?! ☺️❤️❤️ he doesn't get enough love 😔😔❤️❤️💕💕⭐️⭐️hehe I absolutely love your writing ☺️☺️❤️❤️

Living with Alex Summers would include~~~~

  • Him leaving his work boots everywhere
  • You tripping over his boots constantly
  • His leaving dirty clothes on the bedroom floor
  • After he gets home from Vietnam he has nightmares for weeks
  • You become his constant cuddle partner
  • He can’t sleep without you next to him
  • If he wakes up and you aren’t next to him he freaks out and runs to find you even if you’re in the kitchen cooking breakfast
  • You wear his dogtags at his insistence
  • Several trips to the Xavier institute
  • He is a big softie and leaves you flowers for every holiday
  • You wear his jacket now and then
  • You favorite thing is to walk in the room wearing his leather jacket and dogtags and absolutely nothing else
  • He has blasted holes in the walls many times
  • He breaks things sometimes
  • He drinks now and then
  • You let Scott come over during fights with the Summers parents
  • The Summer’s parents do not attend yours and Alex’s wedding because they don’t support mutants
  • The man is kinky
  • Sex against the wall
  • Sex in the shower
  • Sex bent over the dining table
  • Sex bent over the kitchen counter
  • He watches you sing while you clean and thinks its adorable
  • Your kids love when Daddy blasts stuff to bits
  • Your kids constantly find new stuff for Daddy to blow up
  • After a few years the nightmares become few and far between
  • You make him patch up the holes in the walls
  • You make him take out the trash
  • You make him do the dishes
  • He loves bringing you flowers all the time
  • You could open a flower shop with how many bouquets you have received
  • Scott calling you his favorite sibling cause it makes Alex laugh
  • He loves energy drinks and you find the cans everywhere
  • When you get into fights he goes outside and blows stuff up in the backyard
  • He can be the gentlest lover in the world, or the roughest when he wants
  • He gets a tattoo of your name on his arm after you two get married
  • Your children’s names join soon after
  • You both love taking hot baths together
  • Sex in the bathtub
  • During your stays at Xavier’s mansion you two are caught making out in Hank’s lab several times
  • He didn’t want kids at first but you talked him into it
  • You forbid him from ever doing the laundry again after he turns your white sheets lime green
  • He once lit the house on fire when he blew a hole in the wall on accident because he was drunk and his hand beam went off
  • He is a huge cuddler
  • Like I’m talking major cuddler
  • Like Major Cuddles Reporting For Duty
  • He loves when you stroke his hair
  • Forehead KISSES!
  • Cheek KISSES!
  • Kisses on your temples, shoulders, hands! Everywhere!
  • He says he loves you at least once a day even if he’s mad at you
  • He can’t sleep if he’s not touching you in some way
  • He buys you random gifts just cuz
  • When you’re asleep he lays there stroking your hair and whispering loving things in your ear
  • When he thinks you’re asleep he strokes your face trying to memorize every detail
  • When he’s asleep you do the exact same
  • Neither of you are ever actually asleep
  • * We already have the largest & best funded all volunteer military force ON EARTH: As long as such a sizeable chunk of our taxes are going to military spending anyway, there's no reason to force American citizens into military service when we already have more than what we need.
  • * The draft is sexist: Since the Supreme Court ruled that the military could no longer bar qualified & capable female soldiers from combat positions or promotions, an argument could be made that if we absolutely insist on keeping Selective Service then we must include women. NO ONE should be forced to serve a government that doesn't have their best interests at heart by sending them off to die in for-profit occupations, especially since it seems our government barely considers women to be human beings.
  • * The draft is an outdated concept that has outlived it's purpose: They say there are 'no atheists in foxholes' but forget that the age of trench warfare ended with Vietnam, and thus no capable military has truly needed foxholes in a very goddamn long time. We aren't fighting wars with bayonets or boots on the ground anymore, we are using satelites and drones to accomplish our military goals FOR US. There is no sign of this kind of combat climate changing back to "the good ol' days" any time soon, even IF the United States were to be invaded.
  • * Enacting the draft would be pointless because of health reasons: With obesity and other diet-related illnesses at all-time highs within America's population, even if you COULD drag every 20-year-old male to an armory, it's more than likely that you'll be sending a significant majority of them home because they are medically unqualified for military service.
  • * Enacting the draft would be pointless because of MENTAL health reasons: There's an ever growing list of mental/emotional conditions that would bar someone from enlisting or getting commissioned, and there aren't enough available resources for people (military OR civilian) to seek effective treatment. If you are bipolar, autistic, schizoid, anti-social (in the clinical sense, not just the common usage of the term) have epilepsy, tourettes, aspergers syndrome, downs syndrome, already existing PTSD, etc... you can't WILLINGLY join the American military with any of these, or more, diagnoses. If a draft is enacted, a significant majority of people would be rejected by default due to existing psychiatric conditions.
  • * Our military made exceptions for felons and sex offenders during O.I.F... and they're still regretting it: Before I continue, at present I do not know if felons are still eligible to be drafted. I've looked into the matter and I have not been able to find any accurate resources, however there was a noticeable & obvious rise in the violent crime rate among our military community when waivers were being issued for felons to enlist. IF felons & sex offenders COULD still be called in under Selective Service and manage to make the cut, there's a very real possibility that their presence could throw gasoline on an already out-of-control fire.
  • * All American citizens have a right to bodily autonomy: Enacting the draft and forcing a person to undergo very vigorous, often dangerous, military training (regardless of wether or not it eventually results in dying in war) goes against their right to decide what happens to their own bodies. Selective Service, by it's very nature, violates bodily autonomy.
  • * The American military is already PLAGUED with religious extremism and internal violence: According to a 2012 M.A.A.F study, almost 70% of military personnel outwardly call themselves some version of Christian. Evangelical/Pentacostal Christians make up a significant portion of that 70%, as do Mormons and Catholics. Over the last 20 years, fundamentalists have crept their way into the ranks and gone out of their way to make life Hell (literally and figuratively) for any service members who think differently than they do. Examples include an atheist West Point Cadet who was chased out a semester away from graduation, an Airman whose re-enlistment was denied because he didn't want to say "so help me god" during his ceremony, a Wiccan Soldier whose sexual assault went ignored and un-prosecuted while her C.O.C. told her she had it coming due to her defyiance of the Bible, etc... there are countless reports and examples of abuse of power at the hands of Christian Extremists wearing rank they probably don't deserve, but your tax dollars are paying for anyway.
  • This is not a system that represents the best interests of the American people or the very idea of "freedom" itself, so why would any sane person want to force people to be a part of it?

I’m selling my APH Italy cosplays! You can find all the basic information down below; more pictures are available upon request. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, and if you’re interested, please message me! Even if you’re not interested, if you could reblog to spread the word, I’d be eternally grateful!

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