and it didn't work out in the end and I wasted time on it

cinderella: redo

so i was watching cinderella while doing my nails and waiting for them to dry which was clearly a Mistake because now i can’t help but think -

the evil stepmother was always evil, okay. say her abuse of her own daughters was different than that of cinderella’s - but it was still abuse. giving them impossible expectations, telling them they were never good enough, never pretty enough, never smart enough. and then she gets married, and anastasia and drizella are ecstatic because this man seems kind and warm and maybe just maybe he can temper their mother, maybe with him around she won’t be so cruel. so they’re on their very best behavior in the beginning, they do just as their mother taught - they trot out their best upper court manners in an attempt to get their new stepfather to like them. but it just comes off as cold and snooty and they’re trying, they are, they’re just bad at it. and they see how he is with cinderella, the smiling girl their own age, and they are jealous. they don’t mean to be, they try not to be, they know it isn’t becoming of young ladies. but she gets hugs and kisses and affection and they get rulers slapped on their hands when they reach for desert and sharp jabs to their sides when they slouch and - soon they hate cinderella, not for anything she’s done, but for what she has and they dont

but then her father dies. and it’s all a tumble of things and cinderella is crying and they’ve lost their only chance at escaping their mother’s clutches and it’s terrible. and everything settles and there’s no reason to be jealous anymore but resentment is hard to let go of and they don’t know what to do. they’re only kids too after all. and they’re so terribly bad at comforting people, they can do flowery words and know all the right bows but cinderella is so sad and they just don’t know what to do with that, because they’re supposed to be sisters but they’re not even friends

and slowly but surely their mother starts abusing cinderella, starts making her a maid in her own home, and she’s their mother, what are anastasia and drizella supposed to do? she rules them with an iron fist, and cinderella doesn’t even like them anyway, it’s none of their business.

except one night anastasia crawls into her sister’s bed in the middle of the night and wakes her up. “i was thirsty,” she explains, eyes wide and shiny, and they’re bad at this with other people but drizella has no problems with pulling anastasia into her arms. the younger girl clutches her sister and continues, “i was thirsty and i went down to the kitchen to get some water and - and cinderella is still up! she’s doing the dishes, and she should be asleep, mom is going to make her make breakfast in the morning and -” she cuts herself off with a hiccup and whispers, “it’s not fair.”

“life isn’t fair,” drizella says, echoing one of their mother’s favorite phrases. but her sister is staring at her with wet eyes, and it’s not like their mother is likely to get up before sunrise anyway, she hates waking up, so she pulls herself and anastasia out of bed and off they go.

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50% OFF Starters pt 2
  • "If you continue your attempts at flirting, I will be forced to take DRASTIC measures."
  • "I like watching you from behind."
  • "Stunning deduction sherlock."
  • *demonic voice* "by the darkest sun that casts its menacing rays of the furthest madness, we sense your intentions, (name). the gibbering of mad cultists whisper wicked words to temporal winds, they inform us that you are not to be trusted. Usurper. Usurper."
  • "USURPER!"
  • "I've heard a lot about you and your extensive collection of tank tops, like I'm thinking about getting like 10 more."
  • "Calm down little dude."
  • "the fear of drowning is a primal one. it's a feeling of helplessness, of losing all control. struggling against an inevitable fate as your lungs fill with water..."
  • "I don't need a piece of paper to tell me how to swim or how to fuck Dean Winchester."
  • "You know I had a dream like this once, you surprisingly had more clothes on, though, at least at the start."
  • "ten bucks says he dies."
  • "I'm gonna go run my feelings off."
  • "Yeah it didn't work out... for them."
  • "I have to go scream confusing, end-of-the-world ramblings at people under the freeway."
  • "I feel like I should argue this, but the potential for implied sexual antics is far too appealing."
  • "do not be alarmed! I am about to be hilarious."
  • "Maybe you should stop dragging me to these rap battles then!"
  • "I was under the impression there would be implied sexual antics, time to take matters into my own hands!"
  • "This feels a little exploitative."
  • "I need a soda. Or therapy. Probably both."
  • "Yeah it started because K-pop concert security is tougher than it looks but I just got hooked on the feeling of crushing someones face in with a solid right cross."
  • "sHHSHHshhshhhhh shut up shut up! shh I SMELL BOYS BEING GAY."
  • "Excuse me I am trying to scream my feelings into your mouth!"
  • "That wasn't hot... it was just fucking weird..."
  • "It's not what I would have you in, but I do appreciate beauty in all its many forms. mostly that cute booty though."
  • "hey, the heart wants what the heart wants."
  • "It may be hard to believe, but recently I lost the ability to read."
  • "Just because you can't read the words, doesn't mean you can't enjoy the book in a different way."
  • "boom! done. advice over. let's go get shitfaced!"
  • "Alright I brought the bitch-board for (name)."
  • "Alright let's call it what it is, a sissy paddle."
  • "calm down (name) we weren't talking about your internet search history."
  • "didn't we make a pact to stop her from doing this weeb shit?"
  • "this better not be anymore or (name)'s weird porn!"
  • "Please call the police, because I look so good in this it should be against the law! uh, don't actually call the police though, I WILL incriminate all of you."
  • "Yeah but didn't they train on those islands where all those teenagers were killed? ...and those witch burnings happened? ...and all that toxic waste was spilled?"
  • "if you die, I get fired and I like this job. people don't ask questions here."
  • "fish-men walk among us. conquerers of land, BORN FROM THE OCEAN--"
  • "I don't need him to make weird pornography, I have prawns for that."
  • "Finally moving out, son? I'd like to say it's been fun. I'd like to. But I won't."
  • "hey check me out! I'm on a bout!"
  • "Sit down and stop making 2009 references!"
  • "nah, I scream enough at the unforgiving void of space."
  • "You know, the ocean goblin? He lives in the ocean and if you don't brush your teeth he steals your bones."
  • "Ok I'm done for the day. If anyone needs me I'm gonna be in the tent looking at weird porn."
  • "Hey, you miss every ball you don't hit."
  • "You say 'you people' like you're not part of the family. I've got some news for you, you're already on the christmas card."
  • "You think these antics would fly at the german club?"
  • "brush your teeth, kid."
  • "Can you hear it? the ocean... it wants blood."
  • "I'm the best damn shot we've got."
  • "You know, when I was a kid, before my dad got hit by that train, he said, '(name) don't let your friends swim out into the ocean and get stranded on the haunted island of camp kill-a-teen.' and here we are... stranded on the... haunted island of camp kill-a-teen..."
  • "that's fair."
  • "hey tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumbass!"
  • "It's fine, baby, if you get scared you can squeeze my hand."
  • "now let's make like scooby-doo and split up to find a clue."
  • "In 1991 a case was discovered where a man had the remains of over fifteen victims hidden in his apartment, over 40% of which were stored within his refrigerator. do you know how unsanitary that is?"
  • "you're so cute when you never shut up. Now shut up."
  • "all hail decision cube!"
  • "that's when you started walking on the wild side, right?"
  • "Does anyone want to hear my tragic backstory?"
  • "Bed? But what about possible axe-murderers?"
  • "And we solved the curse of the island, and realized that the real axe murderer was love, all along."
  • "It was a good night for all of us, let's spend more nights in abandoned lighthouses."
  • "That hottie from the track team is here and I wanna ask politely is he wants to get rowdy in the back of my dad's Prius."
BTS Reaction : Finding Out That You Have a Choking + Daddy Kink

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jungkook : when he found out, he wasn’t even surprised like you thought he’d be. you were planning to tell him since after the first time you two had sexual intercourse, but you never could. you were afraid of how he would react. so, when he confronted you about it, you were thrown off guard since it was random "do you have any kinks baby? like choking? a daddy kink?“ his voice was gentle and he made it seem as if he didn’t know and was only curious. “yeah…those two…why are you asking me about this?” your body was heating up, half of you was embarrassed but the other half wanted him to take you right then and there. with choking and all. “call me daddy." he cocked his head to the side, did his signature tongue in cheek, and looked at you. you hesitated but it was actually what you wanted. so you did, and his reaction let you know that you weren’t the only one with a daddy kink. "let’s go.” he pulled you to the bedroom, where your kinks were fulfilled.

Originally posted by ttaegiis

taehyung : when you told him, he was both surprised and understanding. although sexual intercourse with him was amazing already, you just felt like there was something missing. and that was choking. it was just something about choking that turned you on (even more). "if you want to call me daddy then so be it princess. we’ll be having sex more often though.“ (calling him daddy gets him heated). when you learned that calling him daddy would do something to him, you didn’t waste any time to get things heated. "daddy..” you said lowly and in a seductive tone, but loud enough for him to hear. “starting already huh?” he looked at you and shot you a sly grin when you responded with a nod. (just know that he turned you inside out that day.)

Originally posted by kimthehyung

jimin : the only reaction that you received from him was a light nod and a slight look of concern written on his face. “so you really want me to choke you? are you sure?” he was concerned because, he’d do it but he needed to make sure that you were being for real. he didn’t want to end up getting carried away and hurting you. when you reassured him that it’s what you wanted, he vaguely smiled. "as long as i get to satisfy you, i’m down, you know this.“ he paused, and thought for a second before speaking again. "we’ll take care of this tonight.” nut.

Originally posted by ciutae

namjoon : you totally caught him off guard when you told him. the both of you were just chilling and doing what regular couples did on a regular day. he was quick to become erect at the thought of you calling him daddy. “this was random but i’m glad you told me this.” he responded. you giggled when you noticed his bulge, you were happy that he reacted this way. “daddy?” you said, as you straddled him and watched his reaction. (gif) he didn’t respond with words but instead with actions. he lifted you up and carried you to the bed.

Originally posted by jeonyween

hoseok : he was happy to find out that you liked choking because it was something that he was thinking about trying for a while but he was too self conscious about it to ask you. “well, that’s something added to the list.” he said which made you smile. when it came to it, hoseok and you were open about a lot of things and did a lot of things during those times. (both of you have a lot of kinks and things that you like to do during sex) “and it’s good to know for sure when you want me (calling him daddy).” in that same hour, you were calling him daddy, getting choked et cetera. and the both of you loved it.

Originally posted by jinje-reactions

yoongi : "mhmm..“ he only hummed when you told him. he patted his thigh, indicating that he wanted you to sit there. (something that was regular in your relationship) "so if i grab your neck like this-” he paused and placed his hand on your neck, causing you to lightly moan. “you’d be wet for me..” he said instead of asking since he already had his answer. he tightened his grip, “what’s my name sweetheart?” he eyed you with lust in his eyes, raising his eyebrow. “daddy.” and that was all that he needed to hear, he was as hard as a rock now. “i’m about to fuck you so good.” big nut.

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jin :  not in complete utter shock, but kind of shocked. if it’s what you wanted, he would be willing to give it a try. “you’re really into some crazy shit..but i like it.” he confessed. “can i call you daddy?” you asked him, in a sweet voice. (gif) you noticed how his cheeks became rosy and figured that he probably didn’t like that idea. “you don’t h-” you started to say, but he nodded which shut you up. "that’s sexy.“ (he began to look hot and bothered) there was a sudden raise in the level of sexual tension between the both of you, and you noticed it first. so, you grabbed his hand and led him to your shared bedroom where you two had a workout.   


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Peter Parker X avenger!Reader

Summary: In which Peter helps you with a little studying and ends up sleeping over and spending the next day with you:)

Word Count: 1.5k

a/n: I haven’t written in a while so sorry if I’m rusty,, and i didn’t proofread sorryyyy!!


It was a Friday night, and you were studying. Like most kids at this time, you were super stressed for finals week. As you sat in the Avenger’s tower library, you wondered how you would retain so much information in such little time. As you set your head down on your books making a loud sigh, the team walked in.

“Hey, kid. Whatcha up to?”, Tony pondered as he walked around behind the table you were working at.

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So there’s a moment I’ve been wanting to talk about in Extra Game. There are five seconds left on the clock, Akashi is facing down Nash, and he doesn’t think he can make it.

When Kuroko pops out and steals the ball from behind Nash, thus saving the game:

This moment is interesting to me specifically because of Nash’s power, Demon Eye.

Demon Eye allows Nash to see the whole court and every player with the precision of Akashi’s Emperor Eye (it’s ridiculous and I love it). But what else do we know about Nash’s Demon Eye? Very little – Extra Game was very compressed, and didn’t waste much time explaining it. However, we do know about Akashi’s Emperor Eye.

Now, the showdowns between Akashi and Kuroko are little to none. Akashi doesn’t ankle break Kuroko, and Kuroko doesn’t attempt to use misdirection on him (personally, I always thought it was meant to imply their abilities didn’t work on each other, or weren’t useful). There is, however, one notable exception – the only time we ever see Kuroko steal a ball from Akashi. Kuroko’s Quasi Emperor Eye.

According to the rules established in-universe, the only way Kuroko can steal a ball from Akashi is using QEE; so, in order to do the same to Nash, he must use at least QEE to get the ball. And the only person he could have been using that ability with here was Akashi.

Hence: Kuroko has used Quasi Emperor Eye with two people only – once against Akashi, and once with Akashi. Kuroko is so in tune with Akashi in this moment he’s able to predict his movements faster than Akashi himself can. As the manga put it,

“It’s not something [Kuroko] can use on his opponents. He can only use this on his teammates, with whom he’s devoted so much time to building up trust with. However, it’s because he has that trust… that he can see into the future, an instant farther than even Akashi.”


Lose Yourself // Jeff Atkins

A/N: I know it’s not in order of the prompt list, but this is the one I had inspiration for, and the only one I’ve felt proud of in a while.

Named After:  There’s literally one line in here that made me think “Mom’s spaghetti”

“Best three out of five!” Clay whined.

The two of you had rock, paper, scissored over who was on bathroom duty for the end of both of your shifts. The alternative and clearly better option was working the concession.

“C’mon Jensen, I won twice…” 

You couldn’t hide the grin on your face. You’d lost this game for about two weeks straight between him and Hannah. 

“Out of five.” 

“Out of three. The mop is in the closet.”

Clay rolled his eyes, sighing as he went into the back room. Hannah, on the other hand, was working the ticket booth. A job, the three of you had already pulled straws for. 

You smiled to yourself watching Clay sulk away when you moved behind the counter. 

Ten minutes left in your shift and it was going pretty well, not as busy as it normally was on a Friday night, no screaming middle schoolers, no crying babies, just you, the popcorn machine, and the elderly couples that pulled at your heart strings.

You’d been dating Jeff Atkins for four years before everything went to shit. Before you’d caught him, tongue down some cheerleader’s throat, hand on her ass, touching her like he’d touched you the night before.

The worst part about losing Jeff was that you not only lost your boyfriend. You lost your best friend. You lost the only person in the world who knew you inside out, who knew that you’d once seen Mamma Mia seven times in one week, who knew that your ultimate dream job was to be second string at the World Cup, who knew that when you were angry you were ruthless. 

He tried. He tried calling, texting, tried to catch you at your shifts at work. But you were just as cold as he expected. You blocked his number and changed your whole schedule just to avoid him. 

Truth be told, seeing him with someone else, it broke you. 

You were in love with him. And he chose someone else. 

So you deleted any and all memories of him. Couple photos, trashed. Best friend photos, in a box in the back of your closet. All of his clothing over the years, returned.

It was hard, to say the least. Hard to be so cold to someone who once gave you so much warmth. You’d given up on love ever since.

The buzz of your phone in your back pocket pulled you out of your vacant stare. You glanced around, making sure your supervisor wasn’t anywhere near before checking your text.

Hannah Banana Baker: Head’s up. He who shall not be named in 30 seconds.

Your head shot up from your phone to see the boy standing across from you. 

“Wow… I’m Voldemort now, huh?” Jeff teased, eyes glancing up from your screen as he tried to lighten the mood between the two of you.

He looked…good. Nowhere near as if he’d been crying for two weeks straight like you did. Say something. He was wearing his letterman jacket. The one you considered keeping because it made you feel just as safe as Jeff did. Say something. You could tell he was getting a haircut in a few days. He always let it flop down, covering his forehead, a few days before. Just so he didn't “waste product on hair that was getting cut”. Say something. You always liked it a little better that way. When he didn’t look so perfect. Say something!

A breathy, “Hey.” falls from your lips before you could think of a witty response to his question.

“Hey.” Jeff offers you a sheepish smile, as though to somehow pull attention away from the fact that you hadn’t seen him outside of school, where you avoided him.


“No yeah, you said that.” he laughs, briefly. His eyes trying to connect with yours.

You glanced over at the girl, the girl, who stole him from you, holding onto his arm, trying to ignore the whole interaction. What did she have that you didn’t? You knew him better than anyone. You were the perfect girlfriend. 


Your eyes snapped back to him and you let out a fake cough.

“Yeah. Hey.”

“I thought we already did that.” 

“Right. Um- what would you like?” you offered, trying to swallow down the golf ball sized lump in your throat. 

You glance away from him, fingernails, nervously, tapping at the glass below.

“I’ll take-”

“Fries and an Arnold Palmer.” you interrupt. “What is she having?” you tilt your head over in her direction.

Jeff’s mouth opens a little bit, and for some stupid reason, he’s surprised you remembered what he liked. He thought you’d deleted everything about him.

“Y/N WHERE ARE THE-” Clay shouts from across the room, only stopping himself when he sees the baseball player. “Jeff. Hey!”

“What’s up man” Jeff replies casually. As if he wasn’t prolonging the most awkward moment of your life. 

“Nothing, I’m good…Y/N you wanna do out of five?”

For once in your life, you were happy to say that Clay Jensen was not oblivious to feelings. 

You shook your head, determined you could get through this, but offered the boy a smile for being so considerate. 

“Okay…um- gloves?” 

“Top shelf, to the right.”

You turned your attention back to the baseball player who had broken your heart, who was now whispering to his…new girlfriend.

“Babe, you wanna grab us some seats. I’ll just meet you inside?” Jeff asked, more of a forced suggestion than a thoughtful question.

She nodded quickly, placing a kiss on his cheek before heading into theater number 3. 

He turned back to you once she was out of sight, hand running through his already messy hair. 

“Can we talk?” he asked.

Jeff was going out on a limb here. He hadn’t heard from you since you left his stuff on his porch and told him to never talk to you again. For fucks sake, he missed you. He missed you so much it hurt. 

He made a mistake, a huge one. And honestly, the girl, whose name was Alyssa or Alexis, he could never remember, was nothing more than a rebound. 

You sighed, gritting your teeth. “What does she want, Jeff.” 

You didn’t want to talk about it. It had been two months since you’d last talked to him, and now he had you near tears with just his presence. 

Jeff’s fingers gripped the surface between the two of you as he tried to break through the walls you had set up.

“Please. Y/N.” 

His voice broke, mid-sentence, and you wanted nothing more than to hold him and never let go. But you knew better than that. So you huffed, blinking back the tears at the brim of your eyes, and asked him the same question once more. 

“What- What does she want.”

“I want you back.”

You swore your heart stopped beating when you heard those words. It wasn’t fair. He didn’t get to come in here, throw his feelings on the table, and leave you to wipe away at the tears now falling down your face.

You turned away from him, moving to get him the fries he always ordered.

“You’re on a date right now, Jeff, are you fucking kidding me.” 

The three packets of ketchup, landed right next to the box, as you threw them onto the counter.

“I- I know- I just, I haven’t been able to talk to you Y/N. I miss you. I miss you so fucking much and-”

You drowned out the sound of his stupid apology as you filled his cup halfway with ice. The soda machine hummed as you focused on filling his drink exactly the way he used to like it. 60% Lemonade. 40% Iced Tea.

Jeff clenched his jaw, waiting for you to finish before attempting to talk to you again. 

“And- and I just want you in my life again. Girlfriend. Best friend. Mortal Enemy. I’ll take anything. I just want you, need you, to come back.”

You bit your lip, hoping it would stop you from crying as hard as you knew you wanted to. You placed his drink on the counter and moved to fill a medium bag of popcorn for his date, Alyssa Callahan. You may or may not have stalked her after the rumor spread around school that they were hooking up.

“I miss my girlfriend who would always play at least one NSYNC song when she had control of the aux cord. I miss the best friend that stayed up with me to help me study. Even though you had a test too. I miss you. I do.” Jeff cried out. 

His palms are sweaty. Jeff never had to beg for a girl’s attention in his entire life. But now? Now he’d do anything to have you even just say ‘hi’ in the hallways. He knows it sounds stupid. He knows he’s an asshole for saying all this while you were at work and he was on a date. But this is his one shot, one opportunity, and he was going to take it.

You slammed the bag down, popcorn tumbling down the sides of the bag as you moved to get her a drink. She seemed like a lemonade type of girl. 

Answer me, Y/N.” Jeff pleaded, ignoring how desperate he felt. 

You placed a cap on her drink and moved it with the rest of the food before looking back up at him.

“You know what I miss, Jeff?” you asked, punching a few buttons at the cash register. 

“I miss. The boy that told me-” you stopped yourself mid-sentence, letting the tears fall freely from your eyes as you pulled a twenty out of your pocket. 

“I miss the boy that told me he loved me…” 

You placed the cash into the register, slamming it shut with a bang. 

“And told me- he would never hurt me.” 

The receipt tore from the machine and crumbled within the fist your hand made. 

“But. Obviously. That’s not you.”

It swished in the trashcan below you, and you shoved everything a few inches closer to Jeff.

Jeff was looking at you, as distressed as you were the day after your break up. His eyes were glazed with tears that had yet to fall, Adam’s apple bobbed as he restrained himself from responding. He picked up everything you’d placed in front of him one at a time. 

“It’s on the house. Enjoy your movie” you emphasize with a forced smile. 

Jeff turns, nodding, knowing that he lost you and enters into the theater. 

It isn’t until you can’t see him, that you walk yourself to the bathroom, lock yourself in a stall, and fall to your knees. Letting out the sobs that were scratching at the back of your throat until your shift ended. 


❄️ The Hero and the Fairy ❄️ ~ step-by-step process of >this< piece (^   v ^) <3 click through for minor captions!

as you click through these i’m sure you’ll notice that there’s some pretty big jumps in process~ (^   v ^);;; but i had to reduce it to eight frames, since that’s the tumblr limit. ALSO! wow! that initial sketch! HAHAHA!!! it sure came a long way for there! LOL! LOL! LOL! for those who didn’t see my comments on the initial post, i originally started this piece back in December! X3 so my work has changed a lot since then! five months is a pretty big time jump when you’re constantly drawing! lol lol lol~!!!!

i both loved and loathed the process of drawing all the crystals for this! <3 i really learned a lot through the trial and error of making them! (-^ ___^-) i didn’t push them very far in terms of the coloring i ended up using on them, but i hope to apply what i learned (and take it further) in an up coming BnHA piece! in the end, i am so happy that people seem to be enjoying this one, because i really felt too strongly about the design to let it waste away in my “to-do” file!

Love for the Signs
  • Aries: You try so hard to show your bulletproof vest to the world, but why is it every time they shoot, you bleed? Sweet Aries, you keep tying yourself to the train tracks without telling anyone, but whenever that train comes, your noble heart is crushed under insecurities' wheels. You'd rather watch yourself bleed out than ask from a giving hand. Your heart is too pure and your intentions are too raw to hide from others. Dear Aries, you are worthy of vulnerability. Exposing yourself to others does not and will not make you weak. It can only give you power.
  • Taurus: My sweet, dear Taurus, you are radiant in your glow and the person who ever told you otherwise is a damned liar. You pick their words off of sunflowers and dress yourself in their pedals, but Taurus you must let yourself see the flower as a whole. You sew the vibrant pieces to your heart without realizing that half the flower is already dead and now you are attached to something that no longer has life. You thrive in the grandeur of nature and having death fastened to your insides drains your once fluorescent glow. Something you once thought was so right, is now wrong. Admitting your faults will only let your heart breathe.
  • Gemini: Oh, the vivacity of life you hold within you my exuberant Gemini. You live two lives at once, you're a stimulated bolt of youth while simultaneously being a fallen heart always one finger away from an anxiety attack. Sometimes my dear, we can't see you with your forged facade. Do you even know which face you may wear today? It's an unconscious action, you feel both sides so you are able to be both sides at once and the others call your blasphemies. My dear, stop trying to suppress half of yourself in order to accommodate to their needs. Love both sides, then you may feel whole.
  • Cancer: My darling Cancer, are you still in bed holding your chest waiting for them by your window? You stand at the corner of their hearts holding a sign for hire "needed to be needed, loved to be loved" but didn't anyone ever tell you no one will ever love you as much as you do? If you move your hand from your chest, i promise you darling your heart will not fall, it can only grow. Your empty spots are not fatalistic, they are opportunities to be filled with the daises you picked from your garden. So let go sweet Cancer, let go and let in the fresh air of your beautiful aspirations.
  • Leo: I love to watch you paint as you delicately carve your love into trees you wish to lay under. You dream of peace but only seem to land on a pile of stressful need. Your heart is too big for them my sweet Leo, your heart is too pure and genuine that it often consumes you. They call you prideful but don't they know its because you already gave your heart to them and watched them squeeze its evergreen beauty? Your pride is not bad nor is it rotten or grim, it is an example of your standards. They broke your heart once and you'd be a fool to let them break it twice. Hold your head up high dear Leo, but remember to look down every now and then.
  • Virgo: You order ORDER itself and when it doesn't listen to you, you deteriorate into shambles. All you ever wanted was to help the ones you love, to give guidance for those who can't see past their eyes. Your detailed eye does not go unseen and your hidden heart will not go unfelt. You are the face of sacrifice, genuine in your quest for perfection but you must realize that you do not have to suffer. My sweet Virgo, you've come to know many lovers but have yet to know yourself. The ocean may seem infinite but you are far from the bottom, you may use your thoughts to drown yourself or you may use them to float. Your Mondays handwork with a heart full of integritY, but please my beautiful Virgo, let yourself breathe and enjoy the release of a Friday afternoon.
  • Libra: Dressed in black and red stained lips, you are lady lust herself playing both sides through stolen sips of wine. You hand out pieces of your heart in perfume masked gift baskets and then at night you hold yourself and wonder why you feel so empty. You have an exquisite soul my dear Libra, but you must stop walking around in the graveyards at night, trying to bury your feelings won't keep them from coming back alive. You fell in love with love itself and now the queen of the equilibrium can no longer keep balance. Sweet Libra, you are worthy of a voice but you must first speak to be heard. Stop using others affection for you as a measure of your worthiness, you must sit in silence and wait for what you cannot change.
  • Scorpio: Oh my dear Scorpio, how long has it been since you felt secure? Your jealous rampages are the result of your fractured loyalties and now when you do hold trust they often crush it in your hand and you're left to watch it fall through your fingers. You cannot manipulate another to love you. You are not tongue tied, you are delicately planned words with secret intentions hunting the truth you never wanted to know. My beautiful Scorpio, you must realize when to let yourself be. You haunt yourself with the action of others, but what they did to you does not define you, and it will no longer control you. The clever mind of a Scorpio shall not be wasted on the weak willed.
  • Sagittarius: The adventurous Sagittarius, which walks of life have you danced with today? You sing with the stories of tomorrow and live with the spontaneity of today, but you must realize that life is painted many different tones; it's wingspread freedom, but it's also storms of serious. Honesty is a virtue that we all thank you for, but my dear Sagittarius the integrity of others is not a joke you can recklessly play with. You are the embodiment of optimism cloaked in yesterdays ambition and tomorrows hope, you are beautiful in your wisdom. But life must be taken from all sights, you are the king of experiences, so dearest Sag, let yourself experience your emotions.
  • Capricorn: My dear Capricorn, you are grand in your restless hunger for the mountains peak. Rushing up the mountain side, trying to make it in time for the sunrise where you wish to lay in the hands of another sipping victorious wine. And although that sunrise will be magnificent in it's symbolic accomplishment, you must realize that missing it isn't a catalyst to your defeat. Although achieving hard works ambition is glorious, your hands are now ice and your heart isolated. This fight to the top may be easier alone, but who will hold you at the end? Remember, with every sunrise there is a sunset, both are qual in their beauty.
  • Aquarius: You are a blessing to tiresome routines while dressed in fortified independence. They can call you bundles of hand me down labels, making you a character to fit into their games but you will rebel to the noise and continue your crafts. But you see my sweet Aquarius, being a voice for the good, your beautiful detachment to judgement is also your biggest hamartia. Others are attracted to the impressions you plant and grow attachments while you disengage when you feel restricted. You must realize others do not break from their emotions so easily, your actions often leave scars. Let yourself be sedated by others, having emotions run deep is fatal but my dear Aquarius, you will never feel more alive.
  • Pisces: An extravagant castle, you are the magic that lives in all of us. The purity of your heart whispers divine compassion, constantly giving love to passing creatures. You live with not only your emotions, but you hold the hurt of everyone around you, you feel their tales of travesties. And my dear Pisces, when all you can do is feel floods of yours and others hurricanes, you escape back to your castle with locked gates. But my sweet Pisces, you must understand that you cannot live in that castle, you cannot wash away ruthless pain with sun dried whiskey and vindictive vodka. Your creative soul is magnificent, so never stop drawing your castle, never stop exploring the depths of your imagination, never stop having empathy, but you can't stop living.

shanti-o  asked:

i usually hate these posts, because i get it, my birthday is special to literally no one on the internet but myself, so it's a dumb excuse to ask for shit, but, fuck it. it's my birthday and i'm depressed as fuck and college sucks so may i please ask you, my fandom dad, to just tell me about yuuri katsuki, anxious international student who is this close to deciding no, he can't actually do this college overseas thing, and victor nikiforov, who shows him how loved he didn't realize he is?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BEAN.  i hope that you feel better throughout the day and that college gets better!! college was totally a void for me; i spent one year getting devastatingly trashed, and another three years Not Sleeping and trying to kill myself with work.  the good times i had in college are definitely punctuated and defined by how hard so much of it was to endure.  i’m rooting for you xx

and as far as anxious internationa studentl yuuri katsuki goes, he lives off of black coffee and spaghetti and basement pizza.  anxious international student yuuri katsuki is not doing great in classes, and maybe he doesn’t belong here, and he’s not the best at making friends, even though his one good friend and roommate, beautiful sunflower international student phichit claims all of the anonymous HEY YOU! shoutouts in the school newspaper talking about Cute Boy Asleep Under Table In Student Union Building or the Hotchkin Hall Hotass are referring to him.  beautiful sunflower international student phichit tries to get him to loosen up and takes him out to a party and gives him two blue pills with little dolphins on them that yuuri chases with a plastic cup of shitty sweet american lager, except instead of getting yuuri to loosen up, he ends up having a panic attack and laying down on the wet, cold concrete of the sidewalk outside just to feel something cool, which is how beautiful TA victor nikiforov finds him.  

it’s really embarrassing to talk to someone like beautiful TA victor nikiforov for the first time while soaked to the bone and rolling your nuts off.  yuuri has one class three days a week where victor helps, and yuuri always sits in the very back behind someone he’s sure stands at a height that makes participation on the school basketball team mandatory.  yuuri katsuki does not dare fly too close to the sun.  (maybe someday, he thinks, when they’re older they’ll both be at a conference together, and victor will recognize him across a crowded hotel lobby.  “you wrote those papers,” victor will say, “years and years ago.  i always drew smiley faces on the top in red marker,” because he does, and yuuri likes to pretend that he doesn’t do that with anyone else’s papers.)

despite what being in close proximity to beautiful TA victor nikiforov does to his heart rate, beautiful TA victor nikiforov manages to talk to him in a calm, engaging and funny way, and lets yuuri word vomit in return, and beautiful TA victor nikiforov eventually escorts yuuri back to the international house off campus.  

it is the next morning that yuuri realizes, with great shame, he must either change his major or leave the school entirely, because he cannot spend any more time in the presence of beautiful TA victor nikiforov.  

he ends up dropping the class and losing the credit.  he just can’t– he can’t go back to that class.  if he stays at this school past the end of the year, he’ll make the credit up somehow.  but right now he just, he can’t.  

it’s two and a half months later when he’s still there for winter break, not wanting to waste money on a flight home.  he’s walking through the slush to get dinner on christmas eve alone.  this is when he runs into beautiful TA victor nikiforov again.

beautiful TA victor nikiforov is very sad that anxious international student yuuri katsuki dropped his class! after yuuri left there was nothing to look forward to between one and three on mondays, wednesdays and thursdays!  why would you abandon me, yuuri? beautiful TA victor nikiforov (call me victor!) says, practically running him over when he sees yuuri across the street.  anxious international student yuuri katsuki doesn’t know what to say, except, “i’m going to get dinner, would you–?”

which is how they end up at a KFC at nine at night on christmas eve.  

“in japan, christmas is a romantic holiday,” yuuri says, realizing out loud.  “a lot of couples come to places like KFC, it just felt–”

“oh, is this a date, yuuri?” victor asks.  his voice sounds teasing, but when yuuri tries to jump up from the table and hide in a trash can, victor grabs his hand and looks him in the eye and it feels very serious.  “it’s okay if it’s a date, yuuri.”

“o-oh?” yuuri says.  

(and then, idk???? idk where i’m going with this.  yuuri does body shots of KFC gravy off of victor in the mens room?  like, why not, right? anyway, i hope you feel better!!) 

the signs as fears

ARIES: the fear of failure. as much confidence and competence as aries may exude, they’ll always ponder on the thought of possibly failing at the things they’re trying so desperately to achieve. because they are so good at what they do, failure can never be an option. the moment that they are reprimanded or judged for their work, they will be extremely self-critical of themselves to a point that may even set them back in their progress. so, they’ll keep working and breaking the conventional means of setting paces and taking things one step at a time, and eventually will burn out.  

TAURUS: the fear of giving too much. the moment that a taurus completely opens up and trusts you - which is quite difficult for them to do - they will want to share their entire world with you. however, once they reach this point, it is difficult for them to know when and where to stop - which ultimately leads to them giving more than others deserve. they fear that their efforts will be wasted, that they won’t be appreciated and may even be forgotten by their loved ones. they want to feel like a priority in everyone’s lives. so, they will always put themselves first until they feel like you are worthy of being loved and cared for. 

GEMINI: the fear of not having enough connections. gemini’s are natural talkers - even if they are shy at first - and this is a skill that they take pride in. therefore, they’ll use it to their advantage to gain as many connections and friends as possible. they fear not being entertaining enough, not being stimulating enough. they don’t want to lose the people they already have in their life - they want even more, just in case things go wrong. so, they constantly push themselves to socialize, even if it may mean doing so on a superficial level. 

CANCER: the fear of never finding someone who will truly love them as much as they love others. cancers are nurturing creatures, so it is in their natural instinct to take care of their loved ones. but because they are so giving, they fear that at some point, people may start to take advantage of their kindness. they’re afraid that they may never find someone who’ll go to great measures like they do for others. so, they may put up a cold and stingy facade to weed out those who are just there to use them. 

LEO: the fear of never feeling of not being good enough for the people they love. leo’s often struggle with expressing their love, as they are very prideful individuals and absolutely hate showing any form of weakness. love, in their book, does not always equate to hugs, kisses, and words of affirmation - but mean constructive criticism and lectures to “straighten out” their loved ones. therefore, they hide a lot of their true feelings behind their pride, and try their best to perform as well as they can to make their loved ones proud. they fear not being enough, they fear being a disappointment to others. they hate humiliating themselves, but would hate humiliating themselves in front of their loved ones even more. so, they’ll face a lot of their hardships on their own rather than talking about them - even if it hurts more to keep to themselves. 

VIRGO: the fear of not being useful. virgo’s want to make impact on the world. they want to leave behind a legacy of their work and accomplishment - they want to be acknowledged. they fear not doing enough and being so incompetent and unimportant that no one will remember them once they’re gone. so, they’ll focus only on their future and their aspirations; they’ll continue working vigorously and independently that they may end up forgetting to live in the present and pushing their loved ones away in attempts to reach their end goals quicker. 

LIBRA: the fear of never finding an adrenaline rush kind of love. the thought of butterflies, stomach churns, and the heat radiating between lips after the first kiss is what keeps libra’s excited. their eyes twinkle at the thought of finding the perfect romance that’ll last forever. but after so many dreadfully boring dates, they begin to lose hope in love altogether. they fear that they’ll never be able to find the kind of excitement that they find in books and movies - they’ll question why these kinds of things are always intensely portrayed although reality has nothing similar to offer. so, they’ll keep it light and airy - never settling down because once their relationships pass the honeymoon stage, they can’t face the possibility of the “spark” dying out. 

SCORPIO: the fear of never being able to let go. scorpios don’t have the stereotype of being intense for no reason; whether it’s anger, sadness, or love, they feel everything at full force. happy memories will forever be ingrained in their minds - but so will bad memories. the past will never be the past for a scorpio, because they have a difficult time accepting reality as is, and will continue to question why things happened the way they did. they fear that these grudges will consume them, that they will never be able to be truly happy after something unfortunate happens to them. so, they’ll always have their guard up - because getting hurt again would be too much for them to handle. 

SAGITTARIUS: the fear of boredom. sagittarius’s are always on the hunt for the next newest adventure; that’s what keeps them going. they’d be down to go on a spontaneous drive at 3am in the morning if you’d ask them to, because sleeping is simply a waste of time when there are so many great things yet to be explored. they fear that one day, they’ll run out of things to discover, places to go, people to meet. they don’t want to go to the end of the earth to realize that there is nothing left there for them to see and experience. so, they’ll never stop exploring; as much as they may care for you, their heart yearns for more than just love. 

CAPRICORN: the fear of not being stable. capricorns are great at taking care of themselves. they’re independent and are great decision makers; everything must to be calculated down to the smallest of details because otherwise, capricorns will not move. they fear losing everything that they’ve worked so hard to built up; the thought of having to start over in square one again is unthinkable to them. so, they may end up settling for less than they deserve; capricorns will never stray too far from their routine, because anything unconventional must be equivalent to a risk - and they’re not willing to jeopardize their assets and loved ones. 

AQUARIUS: the fear of being misunderstood. aquarians usually have a completely different approach to thinking. they often think far ahead - the big picture is what matters to them, not the details. so, often times, they’ll overlook what others may consider important, which puts them in a difficult position. they may be criticized and condemned for having such an unorthodox perspective, which causes them to question themselves. they fear that no one will ever understand where they’re coming from - that the depths of their true personality will never be truly known to anyone else other than themselves. so, they’ll keep their distance from you to protect themselves from being labeled as an outcast.

PISCES: the fear of inability to turn their dreams into reality. pisces are big dreamers - they have the layout, the blue print for EVERYTHING. but because they are also quite self-critical of themselves, they may lack the confidence to step out of their comfort zone and implement these ideas. they fear that although they may have these great and revolutionary ideas, they’ll end up embarrassing themselves when they set out to obtain their goals but end up failing. so, they’ll continue to watch from afar as others steal the flag from them - because they’re too afraid to make the first move.

Here it is, 4.6k words of angst! And I’m dead tired! This was so difficult to write because, well, the request was very unspecific and I had a clear goal in mind and ended up going too far! But it’s okay, I think! I hope! Anyway, this is Shinsou angst for a good friend and all of you lovely readers~

Saturday night is date night, since it’s the only day you and Shinsou don’t work.

Being a pro hero is hard, but it’s a job you know Shinsou worked very hard to get. You didn’t want to be a hero, but you supported his dreams completely and got a job that would allow you to stay up to date with the things he does. You work as an editor and second designer in one of the more famous hero magazines, and it’s a lot of work to read and criticise article after article, and make changes to the magazine’s design to match the flow of the stories. It leaves you with very little time to spend away from a keyboard, so you’re often working from home.

Shinsou, on the other hand, is barely home. Sometimes it is lonely, but you’re comforted immediately after you change into one of his baggy jumpers or the much larger sweatpants he wore to bed the night before. Even after washing them, his clothes always smell distinctly like him – although of course, cleaner.

Your friends from high school sometimes express how rare it is for two people with such hectic occupations to still be together. They’d tease and giggle about how cute it is that Shinsou and yourself are still like a new couple, when the reality is that you started dating 4 years ago.

Even before you started dating, you and Shinsou were casual, comfortable friends. It was really just a last minute mutual decision to start introducing yourselves as a couple to people who asked. You’d spent so much time together in the general education class during your first year that it was considered, as Monoma from Class B had called it, “a cold day in hell” whenever you were not seen together.

In recent days, you’re not see together unless you’re both sleeping (Shinsou is usually only sleeping for two hours at most before he’s up again, moving around the room as quietly as he can as he get’s ready for another day at 4 in the morning), or it’s a Saturday.

This time, it’s Saturday, and you’d both come to the agreement that date night wouldn’t be anything too big or special this week. A movie, some real food (“I can’t believe all you’re eating is delivery food and cup ramen every day.”, “Well I can’t believe you’re not eating anything at all on most days. What? Don’t give me that look; you think I don’t see your cheek bones almost protruding out of your skin?”), and lots of cuddles. Shinsou was not going to let you get up to pee without holding onto any part of you within reach for as long as he could.

Unfortunately, it was more like you’d have to cling onto him until you physically couldn’t anymore, and that was when he was standing at the front door dressed head to toe in his hero gear.

Keep reading

blazeneko  asked:

Judy tells Nick that, she's going to get him a GF, Nick tells her that he already has one, Judy is upset that he didn't tell her before, as they hang out all the time, Judy starts asking questions, and Nick is telling her hits, and all his hits are saying that it's Judy that his dating, but that's just silly, yes Nick takes her out, to eat and hanged out with her on Valentines Day, but their not dating but then Nick last hint, that the girl his dating, does not even know that they are dating.

Awe this is so cute.

Like just imagine Judy deciding to get Nick a GF.  Like she’s half like not wanting to because she likes Nick, but she’s realistic and Nick needs other mammals in his life.  So she just like decides one night that her plan is a good idea.  And then she tells Nick, and he’s like “Yeah I got that handled.”

Judy, of course is like really taken back, because well…when the hell did that happen and how did she not noticed.  So she asks him all these question and Nick is like extremely vague with his answers. Then he’s like “I’ll give you clues as to new for the next week and if you can guess by the end, I’ll do half your paper work.”

So the challenge is like on for Judy.  The first few days Nick gives her random clues, and gives Judy three guesses each time.  And Judy has no clue.  The Nick starts to give her more concrete stuff like “You see her every day,” and ‘She’s really cute and funny”.  And has no idea.  She starts guessing random mammals towards the end of the week.  

And during the week there is a moment where Judy things it might be her, but then it is like no way.

Then Nick gives her the final clue, that his GF doesn’t know their dating, and Judy almost wastes her three guess.  But she guesses herself because she desperate to know.   Only to have Nick tell her she’s correct, and she just tackles him in excitement because why does he have to be dumb.  

And then they date happily.

Day 31 - Good job! Ink compliments you

“Congrats! You made all the 31 days of the Challenge and tried to get better day after day! You get more confident and happier with drawing. You do good work, I’m not the only one who say that!
But playtime is over now. It’s time to make some awesome stuff!
Stay determined!!!”

The Challenge is over now and I’m really sad about that. It was not easy everyday, but in the end I’m really proud of myself.
I needed so much time for every day. 3 hours on average. Day 13, 22, 24 and 28 were the hardest ones (they took 6 hours and more).

But this all just showed me how huge my skills are and what magnificent stuff I can make with these.
I don’t want to waste this anymore.
As in my first post said, I wanna make awsome stuff too! Like my Idols!
(Who appear to really like my drawings and cheered me up and gave my one heart attack after another… thanks for that <3)

I may just have my pencil and my (drunk) phone, but this don’t stop me to do new things, like… making my own Undertale AU comic….

But first I take a break. 

I can upload early drawings from the last 2 months. They are way not as good as these 31, but also not so bad. 

I had really fun with your boy @comyet @myebi 

You’re a so gorgeous person and helped me a lot with this Challenge, THANK YOU!! 

Also I would like you to check out the work of these two:



They made a masterpiece of each day!

Stay determined!!!

“She Reminds Me of My Wife.”

“She reminds me of my wife.”

Odin let out a long sigh through his nose and started to rummage his pipe from his pockets. “This is the last thing I need,” he thought, trying to ignore seeing the monster of his mind stepping closer to Ava. The two humans (or one human and a possible extra-dimensional being) had been tossed into a holding cell on the cargo ship after being discovered. Ava, the little weirdo, had slept through the whole thing. All twenty of the robots grabbing the four by the arms, all their yelling, and his own too-late attempt to fend them off. If he listened hard enough, the teen could still hear Maggie and Gil screaming at each other from another holding cell, so he didn’t bother. All he had to do was light his pipe and be done with every noise.

“She’s beautiful, is she not?”

A pause. Odin’s pipe was held in his teeth, lighter poised over the bowl but not yet touching. In the eight years since Odin had gained this walking monstrosity, he had never heard such a… soft edge to its voice. He finally looked up from his pipe, across the room to where the demon was now crouched beside Ava’s prone form. Still asleep, even after everything that had happened. He couldn’t blame her though; after all, she HAD set a city on fire. Must take it out of a person.

…It was stroking Ava’s hair. The thing couldn’t even touch her, and was still attempting to stroke her hair. Odin could have sworn he saw Ava’s hair shift just a tiny amount, as if the strokes were actually working. Must have been his imagination. Why did he have to get stuck with lovesick monster? This was a side of the beast that Odin had never seen before, and frankly hoped he’d never have to see again.

It spoke.

“My wife was the same as this girl. Bold, fierce, intimidating. Powerful. She was every ounce a leader and every inch queen. Galaxies were swept under her feet, and though she ruled with an iron fist, she was the savior of all she touched. She was the forge that welded our empire together, and devoured all fools who dared defy her power.”

Odin wondered briefly if the ‘being devoured’ part was literal or figurative.

“She was the empress of galaxies, but to me, she was my wife. My goddess. My idol.” A deep, rumbling sigh of longing made the whole room vibrate, and Odin could see those goat-like eyes close into a half-lidded position, almost as adoring in the monster as it was pitiful to the teen.

“Boy,” the monster suddenly barked, causing Odin’s head to snap up in surprise. What had happened to that quiet cooing gag-inducing voice he’d just heard? From behind its mask, the blood-red eyes were steely and sharp, as a wolf eying another’s prey. “One day you must choose. Your pride, or her happiness.”

Odin suddenly remembered he still had his pipe between his teeth, and wasted no time lighting it. The first drag was always the hardest, with the dark smoke cloying his senses and dulling his nerves. The second drag was easier, drowning out the monster’s words into a soft hiss.

Luckily, only a few puffs were needed to sufficiently silence the beast, something he relished in. It was one of the few points of power he had over his constant nightmare, who only seemed to show up when it was most inconvenient. There was no way he knew yet that could rid him of this hulking creature, but any way to dangle his own power in front of its nose was something he would latch on to.

Now that the beast had been silenced, Odin was finally able to relax and focus on the matter at hand. As he’d told his sisters, he now had twice as much as he went out to find, which had been a miracle in the first place, and he was potentially in the same room as a being with otherworldly power who could overthrow Titan. Hopefully soon, the ship would touch down for a supply refill, giving Odin a chance to knock out the guards, hotwire the ship, and-


Something fast darted across Odin’s open sketch book, circling back to land on the corner of the page. The teen snorted at it before flicking it away like a paper football, raising his gaze to the source. Purple ooze seemed to boil from the monster’s outstretched hands, insects bubbling out, shaking themselves free and flitting like gnats around the confined space. Dragonflies always seemed to be a favorite illusion of the ‘masked marvel,’ who seemed to be giving him a meaningful look before inclining its head to the side. Odin’s gaze followed to fall on Ava, who had shifted in her sleep and was now facing him. Her molten red hair fell over her shoulder in waves, amethyst dragonflies wreathing her body and covering her with a gentle violet glow. Royal purple flowers bloomed from the metal floor, their roots creeping along the seams, adding to the soft perfection of the scene. Ava, the brightest flower in the garden.

Odin had only one response.

“I-I’m not getting with her j-just because Y-YOU think she’s c-cute.”

There was a beat as monster and man stared at each other, then the beast threw its head back, shoulders shaking in what must have been laughter. Its white fangs gleamed in the dim prison light, the purple glow of its illusions fading into vapor.

Odin took a moment to close his eyes and clear his head, taking one last drag from his pipe to make sure he couldn’t hear the monster’s grating laughter once the smoke wore off. Grumbling a little to himself, he took the pipe out and tapped the end to knock out the embers. Maybe he’d be lucky and get a few extra minutes of quiet from this leaf, but knowing his current luck, he was doomed to three minutes, tops.

Despite his best efforts, the final words of the monster lingered in Odin’s mind just as thick as the smoke clung to the cell’s recycled air. “One day you must choose. Your pride, or her happiness.” What the heck was that supposed to mean? Anyone who knew him would laugh at the thought of him changing for anyone, even if that person were a girl with the power to will fire out of thin air.

He glanced over to Ava’s side of the room, snorting in relief to see his deadly apparition had disappeared. His gaze then drifted to the girl, and he froze solid.

Ava was staring right at him, her red eyes piercing his as a Cheshire cat grin revealed her fangs in a grin. “So you think I’m cute?”

A strangled sound caught in Odin’s throat, tongue unable to create any responses, and he turned a deep shade of purple. This only made her chortle, and he thrust his book in front of his face. This would not be the last he heard of that, he was certain of it.

Companions plus faction leaders see get Sole get gravely injured and while trying to help them, they try to walk it off and continue the fight
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Cait:</b> One moment, both Cait and Sole were having the time of their lives, decimating supermutants. The next, Sole was screaming while a mutant dog tore up their arm. Cait bashed the dog's head in without a moment's hesitation. She was about to go back into the fight when she saw Sole trying to get up and grab their weapon. "Oh, no you don't! Sit back down Sole!" Sole said that they were perfectly capable of fighting, but Cait wasn't having it. She forced Sole to stay seated, then threatened them to stay or else. Sole begrudgingly allowed Cait to fix them up. After she was done, she pointed a finger at Sole and told them that if they worried her like that again, she'd kill them herself.<p/><b>Codsworth:</b> Codsworth honestly thought that Sole was invincible before he saw them get torn up by a feral ghoul. He told Sole that they should heal themselves while he takes care of the remaining ghouls, but Sole wasn't hearing it. They told him that they were fine and limped back into the fray. Codsworth couldn't really argue with Sole, so he made sure to take care of the toughest enemies. Ensuring that Sole would have it easier.<p/><b>Curie:</b> Curie lets out a rather loud gasp when she sees the blood blossoming on Sole's thigh while they were fighting gunners. Curie tries to treat it right away, even with Sole telling her to stop over and over again. Sole just keeps on firing their gun while Curie patches their leg up as best she can with them standing. When the last of their enemies were down, Curie properly fixes Sole's leg, not noticing their piercing stare until she glanced up. "What's the matter madam/monsieur​..?" She looks quite shocked. "You got in my way during the fight!" Curie winces and tiltes her head down. "I-I'm sorry, but you seemed to b-be in pain..." She looked up. "I just wanted to help, really!" Sole put their hand on their kind hearted companion's shoulder. "I know Curie, but next time help me when everything wanting to kill us is dead."<p/><b>Danse:</b> Sole got knocked out for a few seconds when a synth hit them with a shock baton. Danse quickly destroyed it, before turning to Sole with his brow furrowed in worry. "You okay soldier?" Sole blinked out the remaining spots in their vision. "Yeah, I'm fine." They tried to stand, but ended up falling right back down. They tried twice more before Danse commanded them to stay. Sole tried to protest, but to no avail. They couldn't disobey a direct command from someone with a higher rank than them. By the time Danse returned, Sole was able to walk, but Danse still had them lean on him. After a few minutes of silence, Sole looked up at Danse and quietly asked him, "Please don't tell Elder Maxson about my screw up today." Danse kept looking forward, but there was a small smile on his face. "Of course soldier. I know you'd do the same for me."<p/><b>Deacon:</b> Sole and Deacon were doing fairly well against a group of raiders up until Sole slipped and got shot multiple times in the stomach. Deacon turned around when he heard Sole's scream. His eyes went wide, panicking for a second before pulling himself together. He shot the raiders around them before running up to inspect Sole's injuries. They tried telling him that they're fine, but coughed up blood while doing so. "Uh-huh. I've heard some pretty bad lies in my time, but I think that one just took the cake. Sorry, but you're staying where you are." All Sole could do was groan and lean their head back while Deacon finished up. He already had stimpacks ready when he came back to Sole's spot. They ended up camping there for the night, giving Sole plenty if time to think about how lucky they are to have Deacon as a companion.<p/><b>Dogmeat:</b> Sole gets grazed by a feral's bony hands while in downtown Boston. Dogmeat thinks that Sole is seriously hurt, so he goes absolutely berserk on the rest of the ferals. 'Must protect human!' Sole ends up not being able to shoot anything because Dogmeat's in the way. He gets rewarded with a brahmin steak later on for being such a good boy.<p/><b>Hancock:</b> Hancock damn near went feral when Sole got seriously hurt by a raider. He only increased the violence when he saw that Sole was trying to help him, scared that they'd get in an even worse condition. He was not going to lose the one good thing he had left on this world. When he saw Sole's dumbfounded look after he was done, he burst out laughing. "Chalk that up to 'reasons why I'm awesome." That snapped Sole out of it. "Yeah, yeah. Just fix me up already." He did it without hesitation and helped Sole to their feet. While they were walking away, Hancock ruffled Sole's hair affectionately, and told them not to worry him so much. Sole just smirked and said that they couldn't promise anything.<p/><b>MacCready:</b> While fighting a bunch of gunners, Sole was flung across the street by a man in power armour. "Holy fu-frick!" MacCready's eyes went wide when he saw his friend sprawled across the pavement. Thankfully, Mac shot the guy between the eyes before he could deliver the final blow. MacCready was relieved when he saw Sole get up, but that was quickly replaced by fear when they suddenly clenched their abdomen. "Boss! Are you okay?" Sole grimaced more than they smiled, but they assured him that they were alright. In reality, Sole just didn't want to worry him. A few broken bones is nothing. MacCready was a bit skeptical, but trusted Sole to know what they were doing. The poor guy never learned that Sole was actually very hurt.<p/><b>Nick:</b> Nick thought he was going to overheat with how hard he was working to keep Sole safe. Sole had just gotten a nasty gash from a mirelurk a few minutes prior, and Nick didn't want them to over exert themselves with more fighting. When the last mutated crab was down, Nick went to heal Sole straight away. They tried pushing him away, insisting that they were fine. Nick stared them down and said, "Sole." That one word was enough to make Sole give in. They couldn't compete with Nick's stern voice. He had a smug smile the entire time he was fixing them up.<p/><b>Piper:</b> "OH MY GOD! BLUE!" Needless to say, Piper was downright terrified. The last thing she wanted was for her best friend to die. She didn't even wipe out the rest of the enemies, she just picked up Sole and ran. She ran until she came across Diamond City. Piper took Sole to the clinic, demanding immediate medical attention. All the stress made Piper pass out on her friend's cot after the doc fixed them up. She was just glad that Sole would be alright.<p/><b>Preston:</b> </b> There was only one stingwing left when it stung Sole. Preston made short work of it, but the poison was spreading quickly, making Preston tear up because he didn't know how to save his friend. He soon sobered, however, when he saw Sole start to walk away. "Where do you think you're going? We need to get you help!" Sole didn't even glance back, probably because they were wincing. "Eh. I'll be okay." Preston wasn't going to let them have their way. He ran up to them, and without warning, hefted Sole over his shoulder. He ran all the way to the nearest settlement, even with Sole demanding he put them down.<p/><b>Strong:</b> He let Sole get back up and continue to fight after they got hurt by some mutants. He would've thought them weak if they hadn't. Strong did go on ahead to take the brunt of the fire, so that Sole wouldn't die of course. Then who would help him find the milk of human kindness?<p/><b>X6-88:</b> X6 made a disapproving sound when he saw that Sole had been incapacitated by a stray bullet or four.vHe obliterated the remaining enemies before lifting Sole up bridal style. They asked him what in the world he was doing. One of his eyebrows lifting up in question was the only bit of emotion he showed. "I'm obviously taking you back to the institute to get treated." Sole started pushing against his chest, saying that they're not some damsel in distress. X6 sighed. "With all due respect sir/ma'am. Wouldn't it be better to get bullets dug out of you by sterile equipment?" Sole stopped and thought for a moment. "Holy crap, you're right. Well then, what are we waiting for?" X6 muttered a barely audible "We're waiting for you to accept the obvious answer," before calling in a teleport request.<p/></p><p/><b>Desdemona:</b> She couldn't believe it. One of her best heavies knocked out on the ground. They fainted because they saw a molerat. Now Des has to make sure that none of the 'savage beats' could attack Sole. A few minutes after Desdemona was done, Sole woke up. Des wasted no time in chewing out Sole, putting emphasis on them needing to get over their molerat phobia.<p/><b>Maxson:</b> Maxson would be lying if he said that he wasn't scared shitless. What with Sole bleeding on the ground, and him being the only one who could fight against the rest of the gen-1 synths that infested a building near the airport. He long ago told Sole to not get up no matter what. Somehow, he destroyed all of the synths, and let the tension leave his body. Until it came back when he heard Sole's ragged breathing. He spun around and told them to hop on his back. He didn't know a thing about medicine, but people around the airport do. When he arrived, he was dead tired, but he managed a smile when the doctor that took Sole told him that that'd be alright.<p/><b>Father:</b> He was absolutely mesmerized by Sole's fighting ability. So much so, that he didn't hear Sole's warning. They had to tackle him out of the way, which made them take they blow he was about to receive. He was stunned for a moment, but when he saw that Sole was standing back up with blood running down their face he scrambled back to his feet. "Mother/Father! Let me-" Sole cut him off. "No Shuan. It's my duty as your parent to protect you. Let me." It tore him up to do so, but he obeyed. He never looked up more to his parent than at that very moment.<p/></p><p/><b></b> ______________________
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  • Hope you like it! It took me a while because Tumblr deleted my original somehow.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
shadowhunters as that 70s show quotes
  • jace: I'm what's known as man-pretty
  • clary: Everybody wants their first make-out to be special. Someplace romantic like Ireland, or Disneyworld.
  • alec: Life is too short to spend it with people who annoy you
  • magnus: The beautiful cannot be held responsible for the havoc our looks create
  • isabelle: the sooner you realize I'm a genius, the better off we'll both be.
  • simon: if I were a bird, I'd fly into a ceiling fan
  • luke: Government pawns and missing limbs. That's amore.
  • jocelyn: All families are embarrassing. If they aren't embarrassing they're dead
  • maia: you are about to read a book my foot wrote.. It's called on the road to in your ass
  • raphael: When I die, I want to be buried face down, so that way, whoever doesn't like me can kiss my ass
  • alaric: You should suspend me. I need a vacation.
  • raj: kiss my brown ass!
  • meliorn: Where Zen ends, ass kicking begins
  • sebastian: if you dont get caught, everything's legal
  • lydia: That's your brain trying to comprehend its own stupidity.
  • maryse: Everyone is happy and nobody went to jail. What a waste of time.
  • robert: You know I love my family. But sometimes, I just want to get in my car and run them all over.
  • max: if this is about maturity i want nothing to do with it
  • valentine: I've been working since I was sixteen. I fought in two wars. Hell, I've killed people. I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy it...
Silence is Golden, Observation is Platinum

ok guess what fuckers i found a super sad story idea about tony somehow losing his voice and the avengers actually like it better so let’s write it and cry (update: idea from @thoseironeyes so ur welcome i saw it and cried) 

Tony was seriously annoyed that he was cursed with not talking. But were the Avengers going to know that he messed up and Loki told him that talking is unbecoming? No. Because he’s better than that, and he’ll get his voice back in a couple days after Bruce or Thor notice and flip out. Besides, he has things to do. 

Sure, working with Jarvis is a little bit harder. He has nonverbal cues, learns a little bit of sign language, and wastes time by looking at videos of dolphins clicking to get around town. (Well, around sea, but that doesn’t matter. The scientist also named the dolphin Eric, but that’s dumb, so Tony named him Dennis instead.) 

When he comes up to get food, he wants so badly to make the witty remark to just totally roast Barton, even if Natasha hits him on the arm for it. But sound won’t come out. His mouth opens, but he closes it again. If he writes it, then the comedic value is lost. 

“No stupid commentary for once?” Clint sasses. “Wow Stark, you’re playing nice. I’m impressed.” 

“Good job, Tony,” Steve says, flipping through the newspaper. (Ugh, Tony hates getting it delivered, newspapers are so last year.) 

He’s floored by the fact that they don’t notice anything. He makes no sound. When Natasha has a nice pun, he can’t laugh. No sound comes out. Tony can’t talk, and they seemingly don’t care. They like it. 

He tests it. When he watches a movie with Steve and Natasha, they say it’s nice that he doesn’t have the constant running commentary. (Screw you, his joke about Bruce the shark from Jaws was funny.) He doesn’t do anything in response. Natasha herself hasn’t even noticed anything; it’s like they ignore him. 

Weeks go by, and no one notices that Tony hasn’t made a peep in over a month. They like it. Bruce says it’s calming to have total quiet in the lab, save for Tony’s music. Tony doesn’t say anything. He bans Friday from saying anything about it. 

The next battle against Loki, he returns it. “I’m shocked they didn’t notice,” he muses, blasting his stupid freaking magic at the suit. (Tony hates magic.) “It must have been a nice reprieve for them, you not talking all the time. Wasting oxygen and breath with silly little comments.” Tony just scowls. 

“You’re an asshat,” he mutters, voice coming out like water from a leaky faucet. He’s not used to it. But Loki painfully brought up a point; they liked Tony better when he wasn’t talking. 

After the mission, Thor suggests Indian food. Tony really isn’t in the mood, but he eats same as them. He doesn’t say anything. Clint grins at him. Tony weakly smiles back, and thinks about what Loki said. Wasting oxygen and breath. He shouldn’t be doing that when people so obviously don’t care. Tony should’ve learned at an earlier age, what with Howard not paying attention to anything besides booze, inventions, and cars. No one has ever cared. 

So, Tony doesn’t talk. He does his job, releases things, and no one cares. No one notices. The Avengers like it better when he doesn’t talk. So, it stops. 

Not like anyone notices. 

He texts them, yeah. But those are easier to articulate, easier to maneuver. Even Natasha can’t beat him at the texting game. It’s easier than talking, easier than babbling only to realize that no one really cared about the invention he had made for his lab. It wasn’t cool, it was just another thing to tune out. 

He gets a small ray of hope when Bruce says that he hasn’t talked to Tony in forever. 

“You did at the mission thingy,” Clint says. “You know, when you had to patch up Cap?” 

“I did?” Clint shrugs. That’s the end of communication for them. Tony hasn’t talked to Bruce in three weeks and counting, not like it’s a big deal or anything. 

Tony honestly thought they would notice by now. He wasn’t doing interviews, he wasn’t at the forefront of his company meetings talking about the new revolutionary tech; it was all Pepper and the other members of Research and Development. 

Rhodey is the only one he periodically talks with, but Rhodey isn’t at the base. At least he would notice. Probably. Maybe. It was iffy. 

When Rhodey gets to the tower, he notices. 

None of the Avengers are spoken to. At first, he thinks that maybe Tony is giving them the silent treatment, and fists will be thrown if they did anything to Tony. 

“Tony, why aren’t you talking to any of them?” 

“They like it better when I don’t talk,” Tony says nonchalantly. “So I just don’t.” Rhodey’s throat constricts with shock and rage. 

“Tony,” he says lowly. “What have I said about jerks who don’t want to talk to you?” 

“Kick their asses and take names,” Tony says with a sigh. “Rhodey, I know. But maybe…maybe this is better.” 

“No, it isn’t,” Rhodey says, anger growing. “If those clowns can’t handle you talking like you’re about to die from not talking, they’re not friends. They’re not going to be in this tower, making you feel like shit. That’s not how friendship works.” He storms off, towards the common room. 

“When did Tony stop talking?” He demanded, looking straight at Natasha. 

“What do you mean?” Clint responds for her. “He talks all the time.” Rhodey takes a deep breath. Lord, give him strength. 

“No, he hasn’t,” Rhodey says. “The entire time I’ve been here, he hasn’t spoken a word to any of you. Jarvis, since apparently you’re the only one who knows anything around here, when was the last time Tony had an honest-to-god conversation with any of the Avengers?” 

“Approximately two months and three days ago,” Jarvis answers. The silence is so stunning that Rhodey would probably win an Oscar for his presentation of facts. 

“So none of you have even attempted conversation with him for over two months?” Rhodey asks, pinching the bridge of his nose. “None of you have…? God, I thought things couldn’t get worse, but no, this is the tip of the iceberg. Why haven’t any of you attempted conversations?” 

“We didn’t notice that much of a change. Usually, Tony just talks about his inventions anyway, and we can’t really understand what’s going on. So we just, you know, tune it out,” Clint offers feebly. 

“I’m sorry you’re angry with us, Colonel,” Steve says, “but I doubt you would’ve noticed a change if you had been with us.” There’s a silence so thick that Rhodey could cut it. 

“Okay, listen up Shit-for-Brains, I’m only gonna say this once, so you better respect an army guy with a higher rank than you,” Rhodey says with a growl. “Tony talking all the time is awesome. You get so much out of it, and when he talks a lot about his inventions, it means he’s comfortable with whoever he’s with. But apparently, since all of you are Emotionally Constipated and can’t recognize signs of Unhealthy Activity Among Humans, I’m gonna spell it out for you. all of you suck. All of you need to shower him in gifts and appreciation, because guess who is living in one of the nicest places in the western hemisphere? Oh wait, not me.” 

Tony just watches Rhodey go off. He’s silent (what else is new?) and almost smiling. He’s ripping them to shreds, and Natasha sidles up to Tony. 

“I’m sorry,” she says simply. “Am I forgiven?” 

“No,” Tony answers on instinct. “You owe me a hell of a lot, Natasha. It starts with listening to me tell you all about how you’re screwing up your weapons that I made for you.” 

MC Wearing Her Guy's Shirt


You dug through the clothes drawer. A towel was wrapped around your figure, having just stepped out of the shower. Due to your recently busy schedule, you were behind on laundry. Now you didn’t have any clothes to wear. Dirty clothes weren’t an option. You sighed. Then Ren’s white shirt peeking out of the closet caught your eye. Biting your lip, you decided it was the best choice.
      After tossing the wet clothes into the dryer, you headed off into the kitchen to prepare dinner. Ren’s shirt just barely covered your underwear.
      Dinner was almost finished, when you heard Ren’s voice call out, “I’m home” You panicked. There was no way to get to the bedroom or bathroom without him seeing you. You were trapped. “Something smells good” Ren followed his nose into the kitchen. He froze when he saw you. You felt your face flush. “Is that my shirt?” He asks, pointing to your torso. You jumped to explain the situation. “I was a little behind on laundry and didn’t have anything to wear after taking a shower. I thought I’d wear your shirt until the clothes were done” As if on cue, the dryer went off, signaling the completion of it’s cycle. “I’m okay with it” Ren said. You were surprised at his agreement with your wardrobe choice. You rushed past him, mumbling, “I’m going to go get the clothes” Ren grabbed your wrist. “Wait” He said. He leaned closer and whispered in your ear. “You should wear my shirt more often. It looks good” He pulled back. “I’ll let you finish the laundry” He said. Ren went back into the kitchen with an almost seductive smile on his face. You knew your cheeks were still bright red and went to get the now dry clothes.


A month. He had been gone for a month. The new show Yuta booked took him off on location. You had missed him from the first day he was gone. Having just finished a brief conversation with him, you place your phone on the bedside table. You looked at the photo in a frame. It was you and Yuta smiling and doing peace signs with your fingers. It was taken when you two began the scary wife show. Because it had become such a special memory, Yuta decided to place the picture in a frame. You smile at it. Then you noticed one of Yuta’s hoodies on a hanger. He had left it saying that you could wear it if you get lonely. You thought he was joking, but it was still here after he left, and you knew he was serious. You decided to take him up on that offer. Taking the blue hoodie off the hanger, you slid your arms into the baggy sleeves. It was warm and held Yuta’s scent, which you happily breathed in. You laid down on the bed and pretended that it was your husband holding you. In no time, you drifted off to sleep.
      You were awoken by the feeling of the bed shifting. You drowsily opened your eyes to see Yuta sitting on the edge of the bed, gazing at you lovingly. “Yuta!” You exclaim, sitting up. “Sorry, I must’ve woken you up” He apologized. “Don’t worry about that! Why are you home early?” You ask. “You don’t seem very happy to see me” He pouted. “I’m sorry!” You stand, Yuta following suit, and embraced him. “I’ve missed you” You say into his shoulder. He repeats the same phrase back to you. “I worked really hard and spent extra hours working. And we were able to finish early” He said. “Awww, Yuta” You purred. You squeezed him a bit tighter, filled with gratitude for such a sweet husband. He pulled back and gestured to the hoodie you were wearing, which matched his. “You look so cute in that” He says. No mirror required to know that your cheeks just turned pink. “I should start lending you my hoodies. You look so cute” He flashed you his boyish smile. “I’m not cute” You blush and cross your arms. The sleeves covered your hands when you did that. “You’re just making yourself look cuter” Yuta teased. You gave up and accepted his kiss on your forehead.


Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, you buttoned up the white shirt Yamato usually wore to bed. You two had gotten into a fight. Yamato’s been sleeping on the couch. Secretly, you missed him. You wished you had apologized right away. Unfortunately, the fight had been going on for a couple days. You two were locked in a cold war. You didn't back down now because then Yamato’s point would be proven, and knowing him, he would hold it over your head for a while. You wanted him to come kiss you, sweep you off your feet and toss you onto the bed. There was no way he’d do that now though. In order to soothe your heart a little, you decided to sleep in one of his nightshirts tonight. After all, there was no way he’d see you. Since this war began, Yamato made it a point to get up first, make breakfast for the two of you, then leave before you awoke. Enveloped in the smooth material, you peeked around the corner to confirm your husband’s unconsciousness, then walked into the bedroom. You slid into bed and did your best to fall asleep.
      It was tough trying to drift off with the man you’d grown so used to sleeping beside gone. The electronic clock read 2:31 am. By now, you were just laying here, eyes closed, waiting for sleep to come. Suddenly, you heard the door open quietly. Assuming it was Yamato, you kept your eyes closed. Light footsteps made their way over to you. They stopped. You felt a hand run through your hair. It was the lightest touch. He was being careful not to wake you. Since you didn’t stir, he must’ve thought you were passed out. “I miss you Pouty” He whispered. You almost opened your eyes at his sentence, but forced them to stay closed. “I want to share a bed again” His hand moved to your cheek. “I want to make up” He withdrew his hand. The footsteps started once more, getting quieter as they walked away from you and out of the bedroom. You heard the door click shut. Immediately, you sat up. He feels the same way you do. You hurried to get out of bed and open the bedroom door. Yamato wasn’t visible. Moving closer toward the living room, you saw the light in the kitchen on and heard water. Running into the room, Yamato was getting a drink of water. He saw you and almost choked on his clear drink. “Pouty!” He exclaimed. “You want to make up?” You ask. His cheeks flushed. “Y-You heard that?!” He asked, to which you nodded. He put down his glass as you walked over to him, embracing him in a hug. “I’ve missed you too” You confess. He wraps his arms around you. That was considered the end to your feud. Although you never did admit he was right. So technically you won…


Saeki had been talking about how ‘soft’ and 'light’ his new white shirt was. You decided to try it on to see if this shirt was as great as he made it out to be. After bringing him his usual cup of coffee and making sure he would be busy for a while, you went into the bedroom. Taking the white fabric in hand, you took off your blouse and replaced it with the shirt. Running your hands over the material, you couldn’t deny it was very soft and had a relaxing feel to it.
      You walked around the room, loving how the shirt’s hem swayed around your thighs. The pajama shorts you were wearing barely poked out from the bottom. “Alright, that’s enough” You said to yourself, admitting you’d gotten enough enjoyment out of the shirt. Once the top two buttons we undone, you began undoing the third. Suddenly, the door flew open. “Honey, where’s my…” Saeki stopped when he laid eyes on you. Saeki had gotten you to wear one of his shirts before. To see you do it voluntarily must’ve been a treat for his eyes. “Wow, Honey, are you trying to seduce me?” He smirked, walking closer to you. “N-No! I just wanted to try it on to see if it felt as great as you said it did” You quickly explained. You continued backing up to avoid him until your back hit the wall. Saeki put his hands against it on each side of you, pining you so you were unable to escape. “You look very alluring right now, Honey. This is a good look for you” He says lowly, sending a shiver down your spine. “Um, don’t you have to work on your script?” You said in an attempt you drive him away. He dropped his arms and looked away, pouting. “You’re right. I don’t want to just leave you. It feels like a wasted opportunity” He says. Saeki waited a beat before looking back up at you with that same smirk of his. “I guess you’ll have to come with me” He says, taking your wrist in his grasp. Before you could protest, your husband whisked you away into his study. He had a very hard time focusing on his script after that.


As you stood there ironing Takao’s shirt that he wore to work, you received a text saying he was on his way home now. You sent a reply then went back to ironing. You couldn’t help but notice the shirt’s crisp feeling. It was warm from the iron. You always thought Takao looked so handsome whenever he wore his suit. The playful part of your mind got the best of you, and you slipped the shirt on over your current top. You walked around the living room, having fun with wearing your husband’s shirt. It was comfortable and you understood how Takao could wear this almost everyday. You, however, hadn’t planned for him to get home so quickly. He walked though the door. “I’m home” He said. While he was taking his shoes off, you tried to unbutton the shirt as fast as you could. Before you could get to the last button, Takao turned and saw you. “You’re wearing my shirt?” He asks. “I-I was just trying it on for a second” You blush as you slide off the blue shirt. “You don’t have to be embarrassed” He said. Looking up, you see your husband’s warm smile. “I have no problem with you wearing my shirt” He walks up to you, casually running a hand though your hair. You felt the heat in your cheeks begin to fade. “You should actually do it more often. You look cute” He says, then walks off into the bedroom to change. As embarrassing as it was, you don’t regret letting your playful side come out.


Thanks for reading this! Sorry if Takao’s was bad, I wasn’t sure how to portray him in this scenario. And Yamato’s and Yuta’s were a bit long, but I started writing them and couldn’t stop. I like the way theirs turned out. :)