and it didn't turn out like i hoped

Turns out, didn’t flop !
nnn if there’s anyone who didn’t make it, I’m sorry D:
I’ll start posting once I get through a certain bit !

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Disney quote: tangled; did I ever tell you I have a thing for brunettes?

This situation can not possibly be worse, Draco thinks, as he ducks down behind a brick wall trying to catch his breath.

Harry is crouched down beside him, his eyes squeezed tight with a grimace. His breathing is short and pained. It makes Draco feel both terrified and desperate.

Draco has lost count of how many other wizards there are out there; it’d been a complete ambush and neither he nor Potter had seen the rogue spell coming. Potter had dropped with a scream and it had taken every ounce of training he had endured for Draco to even manage to get both he and Potter into this semblance of safety. If you could call hiding behind a dirty brick wall while dozens of hexes were being throw their way safety.

“Potter….Potter!” Draco hisses, his stomach in knots.

“Did I ever tell you I have a thing for brunettes?” Harry mumbles, and his voice sounds tight.

“Potter what the fuck are you talking about?”

“Blondes. I meant blondes.”

Draco has a million things he wants to say on the tip of his tongue but there are so many spells flying their direction he can barely think straight. All he knows is that he has to get them out of here before Potter looses too much blood.

“You’re pretty,” Potter says, and Draco’s hands begin to shake when he realizes the other man is coughing up blood.

“Just focus on not dying Potter, and I’ll think of something.” Although what he has no idea.

“Draco, if I don’t make it-”

Draco shoots off three spells without even blinking before dropping down within an inch of Potter’s face. Potter blinks too many times, as if he can’t focus on Draco’s face, as if it requires too much effort.

“You are not dying do you hear me. I will not allow it.”

“You won’t?” He croaks, trying so hard to smile.

“Absolutely not. It’s unthinkable. Now close your mouth you look ridiculous, well more so than usual.”

“Ok,” he whispers, closing his eyes.

Draco knows there isn’t much time left so he does the only thing he can think of and blasts an illegal hole in the wards before grabbing on to Potter and apparting him straight to St. Mungos.


wow such struggle much pain no but seriously it’s supposed to be that headcanon where Remus tries to find a cure for his affliction and surprisingly there is one person willing to help him and not trying to poison Severus at the same time :)

★ Underswap Brothers! ★

(Click for speed draw of this)  @mweshmallow

I just reached 1K omg!? This will be my first FF since before I deleted my blog by accident. That was a huge tragedy of course and I nearly lost my mind when it happened but now I realize I needed a fresh start and it also made me appreciate my followers even more! So thanks so much to everyone who’s following me!! And a special thanks to my dear mutuals for making my dash so pretty and being so nice ilysm<3 Honestly you are all so precious, inspiring, beautiful and so lovely!! I’m gonna try to keep this FF pretty short (I’m so sorry if I didn’t list you!) cause I follow SO many beautiful blogs and it would take two years to list them all up lol xX

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I love @galoogamelady‘s Buttons and wanted to draw him. Ended up tossing my elf Theo into the mix and Buttons got to try on some clothes his people wear. I think he’d like the silky soft fabrics they use 

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Staff having hard time while cutting Jikook moments from Bon Voyage episode. Lots of make outs, pecks, butt slapping, moans? Please__ Honeymoon trip blessed all of us. And BH don't think I forgot that you didn't show them sharing bed. ~ Thankyou, you're an angel.

i hope this turned out the way you wanted it! i really enjoyed writing this one lmao

cursive = footage of jikook

summary: it’s time to edit the next episode of bon voyage but there are a few difficulities

“They can’t be fucking serious.” The editor of bon voyage stares at the footage he got from Jimin and Jungkook’s room and it seems like those two forgot there was a camera, let one that is supposed to be shown to their fans. The poor editor sighs as he decides to watch the footage, there might be something he can show. There must be.

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