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Why Newt Scamander is NOT a cinnamon roll and why he’s flawed:

First of all, I am NOT saying that I hate Newt at all – I LOVE Newt, I LOVE Eddie and I’ve loved watching Eddie act since I saw him in “The Theory of Everything”. I think Eddie is fantastic, and I do love Newt’s character.

HAVING SAID THAT, this rant is more to do with the fandom than anything else – as in, me being pissed off with the fandom because of their “Newt is a precious cinnamon roll/Newt is too good for this world/Newt is perfect/Newt needs protecting” mentality. This isn’t all of the fandom, of course, but it’s a fair few and I’ve found myself getting gradually more and more infuriated over the past few months about it. This shouldn’t be regarded as hate, more as a retort/insight as to why I disagree with this silly mentality.

Let me start off by saying: Newt Scamander is VERY flawed. There, I said it.

Newt is NOT perfect. He’s awkward, has little to no regard for other humans, and is pretty untrustworthy to be honest. How? I present to you, an extract from the screenplay:

So, you got your wand permit? All foreigners have to have them in New York.

I made a postal application weeks ago

Small but think: if he’s lying about a postal application, chances are he’s lying about a lot more important stuff too. Either way, she was going to write him up. He had very little to gain from lying. I would also like to add that he’s breaking yet another law (even if it’s silly, it’s still breaking a law).

The thing that we, the audience, have to understand about Newt is that we like him because we know he’s a protagonist – we know he’s Eddie, we know the kind of person he is even before we watch the film. But if you look at it from an inside perspective – i.e. someone who lives in the universe of the film – he’s shady as fuck. He not only didn’t bother with a wand permit application, he also smuggled beasts into the country illegally (he had full knowledge of what he was doing, don’t deny it), apparated with a No-Maj, then didn’t obliviate that No-Maj, accidentally set a Niffler loose in a bank and basically decided “hey, fuck the law, I’d rather expose wizards than lose my Niffler/miss the egg hatching” when he apparated with Jacob. Standing on the steps of the bank, talking to an abusive woman/leader of the NSPS, he probably looked even more suspicious (especially seeing as she openly called him “friend” – which, to be honest, doesn’t really mean a lot but just imagine you’re there and that happens…you’d probably be a bit iffy about it).

How else is Newt untrustworthy in the first half of the film? He lies to Tina about why he’s in New York in the first place and he then blackmails Jacob into sneaking away from the girls’ apartment even though they gave them food and hot cocoa. You know when Newt says “you do realize that once they see you’ve stopped sweating, they’ll obliviate you in a heartbeat”? It’s sly blackmail. He knows that Jacob doesn’t want his memory wiped, he knows that Jacob is enjoying this new world that he’s been exposed to, and Newt is using that to his advantage. The choice in front of Jacob he’s setting out is: “Help me find my creatures and remain in this wonderful world…or, you know, stay here and have your memory wiped”.

I’m not denying the friendship between Newt and Jacob – their friendship is wonderful. But at this point, they aren’t exactly friends really, even if they’re starting to head that way. Newt was perfectly happy to attempt to sneak out of the apartment on his own before Queenie called him out – part of the reason he’s probably bringing Jacob is because he knows that Jacob will say something otherwise. I mean, Jacob is a good guy – he didn’t want to leave because he knew it would be rude to just leave the girls after all they had done for them. I’m not saying that Newt isn’t a good guy, I’m just…well.

Newt also has a total disregard for other humans/safety; “yep, let me throw a Swooping Evil in a No-Maj’s face for a joke”. Total dick move, even if he thought he knew what he was doing. “No-Maj is lying on the floor bleeding – nah, he’s fine, where’s the creatures?”. “Let me bring a No-Maj on a hunt to find potentially dangerous creatures”.

Actual thing in the screenplay when Jacob has been bitten by a Murtlap:

“With TINA’S back turned, NEWT makes towards the door”

What makes Newt turn back?

“TINA emits a guttural scream as the Murtlap comes scuttling out (…) NEWT spins, catching the creature by the tail”.

Newt wasn’t concerned at all for Jacob – “oh, it’s not serious”. Yeah, maybe not to a wizard but to a No-Maj whose physiology is different? Potentially extremely dangerous.

But, yeah, no - Newt is absolutely perfect of course so we’ll forget about it. (sarcasm)

He isn’t just awkward either, okay? He had no problem dragging Jacob down into the case, nor when it came to pushing Tina’s hair back at the docks. Every time I see a fic where he stutters out “I-I-I-I l-lo-love you”, I puke in my mouth a bit. That is so OOC and silly. When it’s humans he knows and likes (loves, in Tina’s case, fight me), he’s more confident and assured – so please stop saying that he’s awkward and will forever be so awkward that he cannot have human friends/love interests.

Newt has great qualities, of course, I’m not denying that…but please stop writing him/saying he’s perfect…or that he’s “too good for this world”/”too pure”/”too innocent”. He’s really not. He’s flawed, as all the best characters should be, and if you love his character then you should also be able to say “he’s got flaws and that’s okay”.

With this image of him being “perfect”, there comes my next pet-peeve: Tina hate.

I have legit seen people say that Newt is “too good/perfect” for Tina. I can’t even begin to sum up the stupidity of that idea; shipping aside, they’re both flawed characters in their own ways and that’s totally fine. I feel that some of the Tina-hate stems from either jealousy or the idea that Newt is too perfect; it’s like “oh, my OC is perfect because she’s just like Newt”. Please, no. Don’t.

Tina-hate also seems to stem from the fact that she “turned Newt in”. The usual rant goes here: a) it was her job, b) he’s pretty shady, c) you’d all complain if she put a guy she barely knew over getting her career back on track….etc. etc. Suddenly, because Tina DID HER JOB and it happened to involve arresting Newt, that makes her the fandom’s number one enemy.

Tina isn’t the only one I’ve seen receive hate: I legit saw someone say that they hated Queenie for “forcing Newt to get with Tina” and I just…? Since fucking when? How does “you need a giver” translate as “you have no choice but to marry my sister and live in Dorset with her”?

As I said, this fandom is so obsessed with the idea of “precious cinnamon roll Newt is too good too pure he needs protection”. He’s NOT this. Please stop making him like this. He’s a flawed man, he makes mistakes, as do we all, he’s far from perfect.

As I said before, I love Newt, he’s a great character, but the way that the fandom categorizes him as “a perfect sexy wonderful cinnamon roll who is too good for this world” is actually vomit-inducing and makes me start wanting to hate him – it genuinely puts me off being in the fandom when they push the idea that a character is too flawless, and Newt isn’t flawless which is why he’s a great character.

This rant made little to no sense really and I’m now off to write fanfics.

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My favorite moment from Hetalian horror show was the "bad ending". What happened to Bulgaria in that ending exactly I didn't fully comprehend what happened (when he got tied up by Russia..) this has been on my mind me for a while now do you know what exactly took place....?

It is a very perplexing moment. Let us review what happened, shall we?


Okay, first of all, I suggest you read the full translation here because it’s REALLY AWESOME. We get to learn about Bhutan (but that’s for another post). Anyways, let us direct our attention to the bad ending when Bulgaria decides to stop Russia from making everyone “become one” with him through a magic potion. In the good ending it’s all a plot for a movie that America is sharing with Russia. But in the bad ending…oh boy is it different.

When Bulgaria says he wants to protect everyone, Russia says:

“Are you saying that you’ll take their place instead? Hmm…Alright. If you mean it then I’ll stop for today.”

By take their place this meant that Russia was going to do to Finland, America, England, Spain, Germany, and Japan what he did to Bulgaria in the upcoming scene. Then Russia stops and lets everyone else go, everyone goes home, blah blah blah…and then this happens.

B: hmm?

B: Eh… What was I…doing?

(Russia. You were doing Russia, Bulgaria)

And then we are treated with this and some interesting music

(I got it at just the right time so Russia’s text covered the Bulgarian buttox)

B: Eh, what is this!? what’s going on?!

R: Good morning Bulgaria, your heroic act was really cool.

He’s not referring to what you think he is you perverts! He’s talking about bulgaria “taking their place”. Note that Russia has not done anything to Bulgaria yet (at least while he was conscious).

(I cropped it. No Bulgarian buttcracks for you)

B: Mr. Russia…?! Um, thank you very much…But why did it end up like this!? Uh-I mean, why, sir…

R: You said you’d take their place instead.

He was going to do this to Finland, America, England, Spain, Germany, and Japan.

(this was made by HIMARUYA, by the way)

B:Not like this! I wanted it to be in a cool way…! Isn’t your relationship with me pretty well?!
R: It wouldn’t have changed anything, it’s a tradition that someone ends up in this role after all

Now that line really stands out to me. If it means what I think it means, Russia usually dominates people and puts them in this position. It really shows just how fucked up Russia is. He says someone is always in this position. So who was in this position before Bulgaria is now? Take a guess.

More likely than not, it was Lithuania. Lithuania does not act the way he does around Russia to anyone else. Reminder, this is the guy that kicked Prussia’s ASS and directly admits that he hates him. But what about after Russia left the Soviet Union? Who is Russia’s bondage buddy today? Prepared to want to murder Russia. I’m not sure, but I have a feeling that I know who it is…

(russia get your damn hands off of that cinnamon roll!)

Latvia is the one baltic that still hangs out with Russia today and can’t seem to get away from his influence. The last baltic to leave the USSR. The only baltic too afraid to get rid of any of his Soviet things. The only baltic to go through a blizzard to get to Russia’s house. The Baltic that can drink the most and has the highest alcohol tolerence. It all makes sense.
But maybe there’s a slight possibility that Latvia doesn’t want to get away. Maybe the reason he keeps crawling back–even in a blizzard that BELARUS won’t even go through–is because of Stockholm syndrome. That or he’s REALLY into BDSM.
Anyway, Russia’s a total dick to Latvia and Lithuania (but not to Estonia if you remember from my old age theory).

Anyways back to the analysis

(still no porn for you)

B:Tradition?! What tradition?! What does that mean?!
R:No clue meow~

The meow is a reference to something that happened earlier, it will be explained in the next clip.

But when Russia says Tradition, he may be implying that something like this may have happened to him when he was younger. When he says no clue, Hima may be implying that the memory was so horrible he has tried to repress it. But I learned from my science class that real traumatic events don’t get repressed. Instead, it’s the opposite. They’re impossible to forget about, thus causing PTSD. If something like this happened to Russia in his past (most likely his childhood) then it would be totally understandable why he acts the way he does rather than just being an absolute monster for no reason. Perhaps the way he tortures his victims is also a reference to the Forest Brothers, the gulags, or how Russian POW camps were historically the most brutal. (It keeps getting darker, kids!)

B: Wh– how do you know tha– You weren’t there when I…  

R: Hm? The meow? It’s something you can say to be forgiven! Ah, that’s right! You finally got the chance to stand out~

More references to the first part. This means Russia was stalking them the whole time.

That meow means he’s going to do some unforgivable shit.

B: You were there…from the start…! from the very start…!
R: Listening to your stories one by one was really comforting, I enjoyed it.

Judging from the building in the next scene, this all seems to take place at school. Now that is top quality faculty.

B: Ah, but now that I think about it this is a pretty nice role to be in! Thank you!!

R: You’re a bold one, aren’t you…

That’s where it ends. And at this point kids, our hero Bulgaria realizes he is into BSDM. The ending is very much open to fan interpretation, and that’s how I interpret it.

In conclusion, Russia x Bulgaria is canon and Bulgaria is still Vice President of the forgotten characters club. The End.

Been Too LOOOOONG!!.... and my fan account of B.A.P Party Boom LA! *it’s LOOOOOONG*

Hello everyone!!! Hope you’re all doing well. Sorry, it’s been so crazy, that I haven’t really been able to do much if anything at all on Tumblr. Things are starting to slow down & I missed ya’ll…. If you still remember me :) I had to catch ya’ll up on what happened. I’ve changed jobs & moved all for the better, much, much happier with all of that, but it’s had me busy!!!!

Ok, so I HAVE to give my fan account of Party Boom LA, most in the chatrooms for @mjupnet already know. So my bestie Hana & I are checking into our hotel Sat around 3pm, I see a black mercedes sprinter van pull up & I tapped her shoulder thinking, could this be B.A.P? But I noticed that on the side it said tours, so I turned back around & told her never mind, as she was checking in. Less than what felt like a min later, I turned back around for kicks & I noticed the 1st person off the sprinter because of his bucket hat, it was BANG YONGGUK!!!!!! So my heart skips & I try to get my friends attention (without looking crazy) she keeps telling me hold on.  she FINALLY turns around & just nods her head & bugs her eyes a bit, but we’re trying SO hard to stay composed! By this point, now Zelo & Himchan have come in, while Yongguk & Jongup stood outside talking, then their manager & about 3 staff come in and stand right behind us for the check in counter. At this time, we haven’t seen Youngjae or Daehyun, but we’re DYING inside B.A.P IS IN OUR HOTEL!!!!! We’re trying to stay calm & not freak out (until we got to our room) The clerk couldn’t take ANY longer than he did, asking us about all of these upgrades!

Himchan, Zelo & 2 of their staff were headed towards the elevator, at the same point that we had to go up as well, but I was tooooo chicken to take the same elevator, sadly (what a fail) Hana still picks on me for this! I’m pretty sure if it was Yongguk & Jongup, I would’ve no hesitation, but they were still outside talking. We go to our room & SCREAM freaking out that we’re in the same hotel. There was a pool party & we raced to change & go chill, hoping that B.A.P would also be there. In the elevator, some of who we later learner where their staff were in their too & asked where we were going, we spoke of the pool party & they said they wished they could join, we told them they should, but they had to take care of some things for a special event the next day (we knew what it was ^_^) so we REALLY thought B.A.P would be there now. We lounged, the DJ was awesome, tons of ppl were there, but NO B.A.P, but we made an agreement, that since we fly to LA, this isn’t just for B.A.P, but also for us to have a vacation! SO we still enjoyed ourselves, had a yummy cocktail & then decided to go eat after about 2.5hrs. We head out to valet to get our rental car & as we’re sitting there, Youngjae walks right past us, I tapped Hana and then we see a few staff, there all headed to their van parked on the side. Then my eyes were blessed, Jongup walks past, a few times actually! it was pretty funny, he seemed so lost, yet adorable! I think after the 3rd time, I giggled, so he looked over, then smiled & waved. LOL! Hana had to go in & ask how late the pool & office would stay open, when she turned around, Himchan was just sitting in the lobby. So she greeted him in Korean, told him that we’d be at their concert the next night & hope they enjoyed their time & get to relax. He thanked her & was so kind, even when he walked out the door he greeted me & said thank you. Out walked Jongup again yelling HYUNG!! and Himchan happily waited for Jongup to catch up.

We were hoping our car would take longer, as Yongguk & Daehyun hadn’t come out. But NOPE, our car came & we didn’t want to just sit there, as we had to get food, etc… So as we drove off we waved & they waved back. We finished up what we were doing, came back changed again to go out at night, the lobby turns into a cool lounge w/ an awesome dj! So we chilled there, but my friend loves AOMG, and was like Bound LA is lit, we need to try that out & we can always come back. As we finished up our drink we were walking out, I see this guy sitting on the lounge chair & I said to Hana, wow, now HE’S beautiful, he looks up & smiles & it’s JUNG DAEHYUN, I wanted to die, but just smiled, but my heald down & walk faster to Bound LA (popular Korean club) But was annoyed, thinking he was going to chill in the lounge & possibly w/ other members… ie Yongguk & Jongup. But Hana was like I REALLY want to go & we can always come back. Well, thanks to coachella, what usually is LIT was not at all, there were probably 10ppl ttl inside. But we were like, more dance floor for us, met some cool ppl, had a drink & then decided after more dancing we’d leave & head back. We decided on another drink, as the bartender was really good & were just chilling there enjoying the music, Hana was facing the door & my back was towards it, but I saw her face & I knew….. we weren’t alone. Himchan, Jongup, Daehyun & Yongguk walk in & immediately go to a booth, they were probably as shocked as we were w/ how empty it was! But we knew then, WE WERE NOT LEAVING!!!!!! So we went back on the dance floor, now with about 5 other ppl & just had fun, not caring who was watching, (it’s was so empty, it was hard not to notice, but we ust had fun) But soon we once again got hungry, haha & after a few hours left & headed to BCD tofu house. We changed into comfy clothes, were chilling there & in walks Daehyun & their manager. A few min later Jongup and another staff member, no Yongguk or Himchan. And they were seated 1 table away, behind us on the right. because of a couple guys near us getting a little annoying, their Manager positioned himself to see & watch us (so nice) and made eyes w/ Hana (she was facing them) to make sure we were ok. They also alerted the waiters as well that were helping us all. The night calmed down & soon they left and us about 30 min later. 

By this point, if you’ve even read to this point, you’re wondering why we haven’t approached them more. Well, there were girls that stayed at our hotel ALL DAY for a glimpse of them. We didn’t want to be clumped into that group as those type of fans, in fact if we got stopped by some to ask if we saw them, we’d give opposite directions! Some of the staff (we didn’t know at the time) we’re in the elevator & some young girls asked if we’ve seen B.A.P… We told them, no (even thought we had JUST saw Himchan walk in) Soon we heard thank you, turned around & it was their staff, appreciative of how we handled it, we explained while we’re fans, we want them to enjoy & relax, they seemed shocked! 

Ok, so on to Sunday, still reading? almost done…. We assumed the boys were doing soundcheck in the am, blah blah blah & decided to just do our thing per usual, I was craving neng myun & we went to our fav place, as we waited for the car Himchan & one of the photographers walked up from getting juice (nope, not coffee) At this pt, we’ve bumped into him the most, Jongup 2nd, Daehyun 3rd Yongguk 4th, And only 1 time saw Youngjae and Zelo when we 1st checked in. Zelo had posted the brunch at our hotel & we assumed after that they left. We came back to the hotel after eating, changed & decided to chill by the pool. Hana wanted to in the sun & I wanted to chill in the shade, so I laid on the chairs. The music was really chill, had a nice summer vibe going (pineapple vodka in my hand) I was grooving & then an old school song came on & ppl starting reacting. In particular, me & a guy next to me, so we looked at each other & smiled, I kept my cool, but that guy was ZELO!!! I smiled back and laid back down, then texted my friend saying Zelo was 2 chairs away from me, so she made her way over! LOL but we still left him alone, he had 1 staff member with him, it was their translator for the US leg of the tour. We just wanted him to enjoy, so we left him alone.Even at one pt, his staff left & Zelo was just by himself about ½ hr, we almost felt protective of him, HE IS A PRECIOUS GUMDROP and sooo adorable, tall 7 very pale, ppl they are NOT whitewashing him…. the others, YES!!!. We did get to meet Yongguk, Himchan & Jongup last year, we even got to talk a bit more to them then honestly.    While we didn’t get a photo w/them, this meant the world to both of us, we saw them & saw them A LOT, but as THEMSELVES, not B.A.P! Let me tell you, They’re beyond beautiful w/out makeup & beyond nice, they also were very appreciative with how we let them be & even shielded them from some fans. But I think they thought we really weren’t fans, since we didn’t “act” like normal ones….. so when High touch came & we were in the last 10ppl to do high touch, the look on their faces… O_O…  & their reactions PRICELESS… We knew, they knew then we were fans & it all clicked! They wen’t to another spot for dinner after the concert & left in the afternoon the next day (Mon, we left Tues)they actually did late check out, due to the amount of fans waiting in the lobby :(.. and just probably tired. 

This was a trip we’ll NEVER forget & I hope they’ll remember it as fondly was we do & that we get to see them again next year!!!

IF you read this, you deserve a medal!!!! <3

long post ahead

Collecting together all the information about Victor’s backstory and there’s nothing good

beside that he won 5 gold medal of GPF continuously - but with what prices, I’ve always been wondering. He clearly lives for skating so that’s what made him happy to do that but the audience and his career where also important for him, but in the present, he had been really tired and unhappy, and we still has no idea about his family circumstances and he seemed to be completely alone before he went to coach Yuri, and he said himself that life and love is like a completely new thing for him and neglected them during his whole career.             …   And so now in the present we sees that he still works hard but there are many hints that his career is dying.

I like how much Yurio knows about him and around this is the only moment when he speaks about him with respect then next moment he starts shouting again but whatever, he is the only one who spoke about him this much and until the 10th episode where Victor starts commentating no one reveals too much more 

and this is the point where you realize that he gained no life and love from working hard and winning all the gold medals for 20 yyyyears, sounds really dark but if he would say that so seriously he would be dead already inside and not being so successful and cute, so to reduce that it means he just didn’t care about life and love so basically didn’t care about himself during his career and working-practicing his ass off  —- but to think that rather seriously he where really melancholic and lonely after all 

I mean if you think about it he and Yuri has the opposite problems: Victor lacks life and love -so friends and family members around him and caring about himself    

 meanwhile Yuri has friends, family, cares about himself a lot and eating katsudon and drinks if he looses and has the onsen all the time but unlike Victor who winning so much he lacks the ability to win any gold medal 

but together they saved each other

omd I hope he not literally means it I mean I really worries about his past at this point when he says “a brand new world I’d never known before” 

in this whole episode he is so cute commentating all along and expressing how happy he is to met with Yuri and saying he finally lives and loves and he didn’t experienced these before

then next day is GPF and he reveals some thoughts about his career and we can actually see him how he is like outside of the shining

and below here you can notice the two frame is the same, very similar side view of him slowly fading over each other from smiling to being really sad

so that is what he shows on the outside but meanwhile he is being alone with Makkachin and looks like being so lost and unhappy 

and someone who knows Japanese said here that the “but that also held me back” line where literally translated instead “but that was like a leash around my neck”  — and to interpret what he says is a bit difficult like: where surprising everyone being like chains for him ?  and from what? 

he looks so sad T-T

 he says “I can ONLY find new strength on my own” I hope this is translated right tho - “that’s what I always thought” means he thought that being alone is the only way to find new strength and it’s sounds and looks like he always pushed everyone away from him  

and it’s again the same side view showing him smiling and saying “now” so I guess he not thinks that way anymore and being happy about finding strength with Yuri / being inspired by Yuri 

a kiss

and in the last episode he is completely confused and showing up true feelings without hiding them 

and I love this because until this you can think he is absolutely insensitive and unable to cry but then Yuri says he decides to retire which shocks him so much he cries like a fountain - which is understandable cause to suddenly think loosing Yuri and that he will not skate anymore sounds pretty bad especially when he started to be finally happy and having someone beside him +if he cries now then he could cry before 

-I hate this translation that talking about Yuri in third person, agh-  -I think he says selfish at Yuri -who not being offended at all by that-  because of a sudden reaction that feeling hurt and that Yuri not cares about him 

Yuri is like “oh sorry I didn’t expected you to take this so sensitively” - it shows how Yuri where always seen Victor, as he never saw him showing tears, and thought that Victor is strong and insensitive enough to say such rough things to him so suddenly - which is pretty unfair - because Victor became very careful with him after seeing Yuri crying 

tbh Yuri didn’t wanted to be rude, Yuri just not realizes how important he is and their relationship to Victor 

but I love that both of them fights back and letting themselves raising their voice up it’s just shows how honest they became towards each other

here Victor says “chikara” means “strength, power” so it can mean “I thought you need strength from me more” basically he really wants to continue coaching Yuri 

and he is almost shouting and cut - 

I think Victor surely wanted to continue skating, it’s nothing like he ever wants to stop it, the case is, he wants to return with Yuri together, so for him to continue skating without Yuri became a pretty terrible thing and this scene just shows how much he is important for him now, and it’s not reveals anything about Victor’s background but a lot about their relationship and that he has a sensitive personality like this 

so in next season he gonna continue to coach Yuri and return skating at the same time [which is gonna be hard as fuck] and living together in Russia and I hope we can learn a lot more about him TwT 

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I didn't think I saw anything about this topic, so I was wondering if you had any resources on echolalic speech patterns for characters. I have one character who I intend on writing with these patterns but have no idea how to write them (especially since she has delayed echolalia, but nothing really to replicate except what her colleagues say to her).

Hi! First of all, I’m intending on writing up a complete post on echolalia some day, but in the meanwhile, for our readers who are not familiar with it, I’ll leave you with this excellent video by Amythest Schaber which explains the different types of echolalia and why an autistic person might use them. There also are tons of resources in the description so you can check these out.

If using delayed echolalia, your character will basically quote things which she has heard before. They can be complete sentences or fragments of sentences or even disjointed words. They can come from what has been said to her by people, from what she has heard (for example on TV/ on the radio/ in a song…), or even from what she has said herself. She may have heard these words only a few minutes ago, or more than 10 years ago if they have particularly marked her.

Here are some common patterns:

  • Using pop culture references. This is so common it’s almost become stereotypical. I don’t know your story, but if it takes place in our universe, your character could definitely quote her favorite movies or famous songs, or TV ads. And if the story is taking place in another universe, this is a great occasion for some worldbuilding! What are iconic pieces of media in your world? In historical fiction in a European setting, this would probably translate into quoting the bible when relevant. In a futuristic sci-fi setting, it’s up to you to invent hundreds of years of pop culture!
  • Using common idioms, phrases and sayings. Even if your universe doesn’t have a pop culture per se, they will probably have proverbs. These are phrases which are commonly heard and repeated, so using them as echolalia makes sense.
  • Speech mannerisms. These are phrases they use all the time, which will often be their go-to response. Most people have these, but they’re often more commonly used by autistic people. Speech mannerisms can mean using short filler words such as “like”, which is not really what I’m talking about here. Let me give you a few examples of what I mean. Here’s a personal one: When someone says something along the lines of “what do you want to do?” or “what are we going to do?”, my first response is almost always “pancakes”, even if it’s usually completely nonsensical in the context. This is not my actual answer, just something I say automatically and which gives me time to think. I even say that a an answer to “what do you want to eat” when I don’t want to eat pancakes at all. Another example could be immediatly replying “You’re the X” when someone says a sentence which contains the word X, even when it makes no sense whatsoever. And these mannerisms are very easy to “catch” from other people.
  • Using sentences they have heard a lot in their life, for instance words their parents would say to them as a child.

But really, they could quote about anything as long as they’ve heard it before. For your character, this could include what her colleagues say to her, but also everything she’s ever heard and she remembers. You don’t have to pull dialogue from your own story for her echolalia, it could be words she’s heard a stranger say in the bus as she was making her way to the office, or something she’s heard on TV, or something she remembers her sibling saying as a kid. You can get as creative as you want here. Keep in mind why she is using echolalia. Is it stimming ? If so, she’ll probably be repeating words which sound nice to her (bubbles!). Is she communicating? There will be a connection between the echolalia she uses and the meaning she’s trying to get across (eg : “Do you want juice?” to mean “I am thirsty”.)

I hope I’ve answered your question. If I haven’t, please shoot us another ask with more détails!

-Mod Cat

I just want to add that although the word “echolalia” is usually used in terms of aural things the person has heard, there is a very similar (in my mind, identical) thing that uses things someone reads, especially if they are hyperlexic (learned to read at a very young age - before 5, often as young as 2 - with little to know instruction). I am hyperlexic and learned to read at 3, and I personally thank books for many of the social skills I seemed to possess at a young age. I consumed books at an incredible rate and on a wide range of topics, mostly fiction. Most of the time, when I was having a conversation with someone, I was pulling some or all of my side of the conversation from various conversations and prose I’d read in books, though no one ever suspected that. Because I “hear” what I read in my head, I remembered it the same way I would remember a spoken conversation, and was able to echo it later. Rather than seeing my odd speech patterns as a sign of autism, I was frequently praised for being so eloquent and having such a big vocabulary for my age, and for speaking like someone much older than me (because I was generally echoing adults). I still have a plethora of favorite phrases and sentences which are pulled from books I read as a child. Sometimes I hope that someone will catch on and get the reference, but so far, no one ever does.

The character doesn’t have to be hyperlexic to use something they’ve read in this way, though. Any level of reading can work. Even something they saw in an advertisement on the side of a bus can be added to their internal library.

The internet is also a big source these days. I have a lot of phrases in my library which come from Homestar Runner cartoons I watched in high school, or articles I read on Cracked, for example. This could potentially include grammatically incorrect writing that people use online. 

Also, be aware that words learned by reading are often pronounced wrong. If your character prefers communicating in writing rather than speech, they might mispronounce many words when speaking. People tend to laugh at someone who does this, especially if it’s someone who’s usually eloquent and uses a lot of big words. (I really need to do a masterpost on hyperlexia someday!)

Basically, yes, people who are mostly nonverbal or not very verbal might use a lot of echolalia. However, even those who seem to speak very well might use a lot more of this type of scripting than you think. If people knew how much of my speech is directly quoted from another source or from scripts I’ve compiled in my head over the years, they would be very surprised indeed.

Happy writing!

-Mod Aira

Polish Queer women of the 19th and early 20th century - voices silenced (by themselves?)

I’ve been reading up on queer history in Poland and I have some thoughts about it that I want to share. Being a bisexual woman myself, I want to know what it used to be like for people like me and why is the current situation so shitty compared to Western Europe in particular?

First of all, homosexuality was decriminalised in Poland as early as 1932, which was not common in Europe and probably most of the world at the time. The fact that there were no penal consequences for homosexual behaviour perhaps sheds light on the legal situation of queer folk in Poland and social attitudes towards homosexuality. I mean, I suppose it worked along the lines of “I won’t go to jail for this so it’s kinda ok, it could be way worse”. But this only led, most probably, to social invisibility, even more jarring than now (now the LGBTQIAP+ community in Poland has a lot going on in terms of fight for civil rights! it’s still kinda shitty, though). No one knows what would have happened, had there not been a communist People’s Republic of Poland after 1945. Would there have emerged a gay liberation movement? The interwar period certainly had its flaws but it definitely wasn’t the police state that Poland became after WWII.

Anyways, I could probably go on and on about it but in such case I should back up my thoughts with some sources and more research, for which I don’t really have time.

However, I wanted to share something else as well. Lesbians in communist Poland were pretty invisible (see: Krzysztof Tomasik’s “GEJEREL: Mniejszości seksualne PRL-u” and chapter 7: “Czy istniały lesbijki?”, which translates into “Did lesbians exist?” - doesn’t that sum the whole thing up?) but homosexual (and probably also bisexual) women in the pre-war (both WWI and WWII) era were almost untraceable as they expertly blotted out any traces of their otherness which would have been subject to slander and libel at the time. I’ve been reading about Maria Konopnicka and Maria Rodziewiczówna and what I read about those two writers (Kopnicka lived in the second half of the 19th century, Rodziewiczówna was born in that time and is considered a writer of the interwar period) stands in stark contrast to what I’ve been taught at school.

You see, in Poland we seem to have a long tradition of making famous writers (artists, musicians, etc.) into bronze sculptures rather than remembering them as actual people. Chroniclers and biographers of the communist era would be partly to blame for inconsistencies and omissions in biographies as would be general social attitudes as well. However, those writers themselves made no attempt to chronicle their non-heteronormativity in any way (or at least nothing direct) as a method to avoid social stigma from their contemporaries. So apart from photographs and descriptions of them provided by third parties there is not much to go by and we can only speculate about alleged, unfortunately, lesbianism of such national icons as Konopnicka and Rodziewiczówna. 

Konopnicka was a very prolific writer and also celebrated by her contemporaries. Her poem “Rota” was a candidate for the national anthem after Poland became independent in 1918! This was huge! Rodziewiczówna was also a very prolific writer, probably her most well-known work nowadays is “The Summer of the Forest People”. She shared her life exclusively with women and she never married a man. This is what she looked like in 1911 (!):

And while Konopnicka dressed typically for her time (google her if you want), look at Maria Dulębianka, with whom Konopnicka shared most of her life (and with whom she was also buried in one grave for a short time!):

Not a very typical look for her time (2nd part of the 19th century). Dulębianka is also considered a precursor of feminism in Poland.

So, what I’m trying to say here is that these women were extremely good at hiding their true identities. I think this quote sums it up pretty well:

When asking about the relationship between Konopnicka and Dulębianka, it is to be considered whether homosexual women living in Polish territories were able to articulate their preferences and create a lesbian identity. Additionally, Konopnicka rather obsessively concealed or even misrepresented whole aspects of her life. Hiding her feelings and desires must have been her everyday reality, as she revealed: “Even to the people closest to me I write in such a way that a police officer could read this if he so desired.” Besides - even if Dulębianka and Konopnicka were not in an erotic relationship, what would this mean? It does not change the fact that it was a woman that the author of Imagina (one of Konopnicka’s books) chose as her life partner and it can be called a relationship if the people involved live and travel together. A relationship which lasted longer than the life Konopnicka shared with Jarosław, whom she officially married.

Polish original:

Pytając o relację Konopnickiej i Dulębianki, trzeba się zastanowić, czy w ogóle homoseksualne kobiety żyjące wówczas na polskich ziemiach były w stanie urefleksyjnić swoje preferencje i wytworzyć lesbijską tożsamość. Do tego u Konopnickiej można zauważyć raczej obsesyjne przemilczanie, a nawet zakłamywanie całych aspektów swojej egzystencji. Ukrywanie uczuć i pragnień musiało być jej dniem powszednim, skoro zwierzała się: “Ja nawet do najbliższych piszę tak, aby to mógł czytać p. żandarm, jeśli mu przyjdzie ochota”. Zresztą - nawet jeśli Dulębianki i Konopnickiej nie łączyła relacja erotyczna, to co miałoby z tego wynikać? Nie zmienia to faktu, że właśnie kobietę wybrała autorka Imaginy na towarzyszkę życia, a można chyba mówić o związku w przypadku osób, które razem mieszkają i podróżują. Związku, który trwał dłużej niż życie z oficjalnie poślubionym Jarosławem.

Tomasik, Krzysztof. 2014. Homobiografie. Wydawnictwo Krytyki Politycznej. ISBN 978-836-468-232-2.

So it is very sad that this is the only way we can attempt at uncovering the truth. It is incredibly tragic that these women erased their own identities, which means we can’t give them voice now and can only make guesses here and there. But I think that’s something at least. Anyway, I wanted to share these thoughts with you guys, this is by no means a scientific article or anything, just a bunch of thoughts put together.

kayladchristine  asked:

When you realize that Nico didn't even start speaking English til he was 9-10

Oh my gods. This is something I have a lot of feelings about. Like, I always kind of know it, but then every once in a while it strikes me and I’m left gaping like a fish with the thought of baby Nico with flawed English and a thick Italian accent.

  • by the time he’s fifteen, nico’s english is pretty much perfect
  • he understands most people immediately, without having to put extra effort on translation in his head
  • he speaks english with everyone and it comes so natural to him that if he drops a book on his feet he curses in english without even thinking about it
  • but there’s still this tone in his voice that comes with the underlying italian and makes the words sound like music in wills ears, and it becomes more and more clear when nico is relaxed or sleepy or just really happy about something
  • nico is seventeen when he one day realizes that he mostly thinks in english now too
  • then he tries to remember the way he talked italian with his mother, and with bianca, but only bits and pieces come to him
  • he remembers how to speak italian, but it’s not effortless anymore
  • it’s more of a second language than a first now, and part of nico is sad and desperate and terrified, but mostly he’s just frustrated
  • he opens up to will about it because “it’s supposed to be my mother tongue, will, how can i forget a language that was the first i ever spoke???”
  • and he cries a little, but doesn’t dwell on it, because he has english anyway and it’s all good
  • that’s until it becomes clear to him that what he feels towards will can’t be just “i really really like you” anymore
  • and he thinks that it must be love, but the word love seems so used he doesn’t want it to define what he feels towards will because that’s just so much more
  • so he’s lying in his bed one night and staring at the ceiling, listening to will’s slight snoring and feeling the swelling in his chest
  • when he suddenly remembers it
  • hears it like it’s yesterday, when in truth it’s been decades
  • the soft voice of his mother, singing words rather than saying them, whispering in his ear while stroking his hair to distract him from the bombings that shake the walls in the shelter
  • and before he knows it, nico is shaking will awake, tears falling down his cheeks, and he doesn’t know if the tears are happy or sad
  • sad because of the terrifying memory that has just surfaced
  • happy because he finally knows what to say
  • he decides to go with the latter, because when will opens his eyes and nico sees the blue he can’t help but smile through his tears
  • “ti amo, will”, he whispers, and even if will doesn’t speak italian it’s clear to both of them that he understands
  • “ti amo tanto”
  • and it really doesn’t matter to nico that will answers in english, because he knows what will means when he says “i love you too”, knows that will means it the same way he does
  • flash forward a few years, and it’s pretty much the only italian nico ever uses anymore, because he doesn’t see the need to
  • nico still speaks in that singing tune that makes will’s lips curl into a smile
  • he still has to focus really hard when he talks with will’s texan cousins because he really wants to understand them but can’t (he’s pretty sure it’s not all because he used to speak italian)
  • he still translates the menu to will when they go to an italian restaurant on a date, even though he’s done it so many times will should know them himself by now
  • and once or twice he’s accidentally slipped to italian during an argument when he’s been really angry, but he doesn’t even notice himself and can’t do it again when he tries on purpose
  • but nico isn’t sad about losing his mother tongue anymore
  • because he rather likes it when he stubs his toe on the coffee table leg and mutters a snappy fuck and will absentmindedly tells him to watch his language

Sorry again for getting side tracked with this… Keep those thoughts coming, sweetie!

anonymous asked:

"Because we have you sarada" was mistranslated right? Isn't it "because you exist sarada" or something like that. I've seen arguments saying that he meant that's what's keeping he and Sakura together. It's ridiculous. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't he mean that she is proof of their mutual love? And basically if he didn't love Sakura he never would have impregnated her?

Of course that’s what he meant, but obviously the die-hard SasuNaru, NaruSaku and SasuKarin extremists just can’t accept that, and instead choose to formulate all these theories that make no sense.

“Because you exist” was the Viz translation, which is more often than not the most reliable one:

Sarada asked Sasuke if his heart was truly connected to Sakura’s, and he answered affirmatively. Firstly, what the extremists don’t seem to understand is that people’s hearts don’t connect through having a child; their hearts need to be connected in order for them to want to have a child in the first place. They were together before Sarada existed, so for Sasuke to say “we’re connected because of you” doesn’t make sense, regardless of how desperately the extremists try to make sense of it. They were already connected, and Sarada is the proof of that.

You also gotta love how so many of them spout things like how “a child being the proof of love is a horrible message because what about divorced parents who have major issues with each other?”, as if that has even the slightest bit of relevance. Sasuke and Sakura aren’t divorced, nor do they have problems with each other. So how is that in any way applicable? It boggles the mind.

If the extremists want to believe that Sasuke meant that Sarada was the only thing that was keeping her parents together, despite the fact that he obviously meant it as that Sarada is the proof that Sasuke and Sakura’s hearts are connected, not the reason, because if their hearts weren’t connected, then she wouldn’t exist, then let them, because what’s the point in trying?

They can’t even ask themselves why Sarada would have given such a warm smile after seeing the affection displayed between her parents if there was actually no love between them whatsoever:

Why would she be smiling like that after coming to the realisation that there truly was nothing at all between them? Why would she be happy about such a negative thing? It makes no sense. Yet, they think it makes perfect sense to believe that Sarada giving such a genuine and warm smile:

Was because she realised that there was absolutely no love or affection whatsoever between her parents. Lol, of course it does! She was so jubilant because she noticed that her parents don’t love each other. Logic! ^_^

Using that same logic, they also never ask themselves why Sarada would get so happy to the point of tears, and why Naruto and Chouchou would be so happy for her, after hearing Sasuke imply “You’re the only reason you’re mother and I are still together, Sarada”. Why would Sarada be so pleased to hear that? Why would Naruto and Chouchou be so happy for her?

Chouchou would essentially be thinking “Aww, lucky Sarada. You’re the only thing keeping your parents together!”.

See how stupid that sounds? And the extremists think that’s what the scene is indicating? Because that apparently makes perfect sense right? Goodness.

Now let’s look at some examples of how they grossly twist interviews!

Some extremists would have you believe Kishi claimed that Sarada’s mother is open for interpretation, that he wasn’t sure if Sasuke and Sakura were happy, and that he was thinking of divorcing them in the future. Despite the fact that what he actually said was:

God only knows where they got all that other nonsense from.

And lastly, back to admiring their logic :)

If the extremists want to cling onto the hope that Kishi, Sasuke, Sakura and even Karin herself could all just be lying in order to keep up appearances for some unknown reason, when especially Karin had absolutely no reason to lie to Suigetsu whatsoever:

Then let them.

Goodness, all of those statements just sounded so ridiculous, because that’s exactly what they are. If they want to ignore what the characters say, and not only blindly deny canon material, but also ignore what the author himself says, and even go so far as to actually twist his words in favour of their own headcanons, then I can only just smile and nod, seriously.

anonymous asked:

So in Portuguese we call frogs sapo, and I thought it would be cute if Lucio's SO referred to him as "minha pequeno sapo" since he has the whole frog motif going on.

Ah my heart… also shoutout to google translate (sorry if it’s messed up, i don’t know any portuguese :P )

Edit: i’ve been told that “minha sapinha” is a better translation than “minha pequeno sapo” for grammar reasons so i’ve replaced it in the fic. Portuguese seems very complicated, props to everyone who speaks it!

Edit: someone else told me that “minha sapinha” is feminine, and the masculine version is “meu sapinho”, so i’ve replaced it again!

It’s storming outside.

You and Lucio had been on your way to a music festival, but the sudden downpour of rain made them postpone it last-minute. It’s kind of disappointing, but not really, because both of you love the rain and you’ll still get to see the show eventually. You know 76 is going to have your asses when he sees the huge water trails your dripping selves left down the hallways but what the hell? You’re young and in love and are entitled to some fun every once in a while.

Lucio slams the door to his room and doubles over, breathless from his unstoppable giggles. Both of your faces are flushed from the cold and laughter. He wipes tears and raindrops from his face and you can’t help but think this is better than what you originally had planned. “We’re in so much trouble,” he gasps, looking up at you. You shrug.

“When aren’t we?” He giggles more, leaning against the wall for support. Your heart is warm but your soggy clothes are more than a little uncomfortable. Deciding to bite the bullet, you slip your shirt off over your head and toss it to land wetly on the tile. Well. You sure have his attention now.

He approaches you with purpose, a sweet smile on his face as he draws you closer by your bare waist. He cups your cheek with one hand, his thumb freezing as it brushes over your cheekbone, leaning in slowly. You’re both still smiling as his lips meet yours. Brief kisses slowly turn deeper, pressing harder against each other. You loop your arms around his neck, uncaring of his wet shirt sending a chill down your spine.

You bite at his lip and he pulls away, leaving a parting kiss on your cheek. “You get the blankets, I’ll set up a movie?” he asks, eyes soft and happy.

“Of course,” you chirp, reluctantly breaking his embrace to run to the closet. By the time you meet him on his bed, you’ve acquired a small mountain of blankets and a couple too-big tshirts stolen from Reinhardt. The two of you strip out of your wet clothes and nestle into the blankets, holding hands as the opening credits start up.

“Lucio,” you sigh, and he turns his head to look at you, “I’m so lucky to have you, meu sapinho.”

He laughs and snuggles closer to you, pleased with the nickname. “Eu te amo,” he says into your shoulder.

“I love you too.”

I Dare You To....

So bippity boppity boo this is the thingy I made for my amazing Secret Santa for the MCGA Secret Santa (@mcgasecretsanta2016)!!!!!! :D

Soooooooooo @majestic-flap-flaps I hope you enjoy this thingy ma boober I made in which the gang plays truth or dare!!!


Really, out of all the things we could do to cure our boredness, I don’t understand why we had to play Truth or Dare. Who even plays Truth or Dare anymore? I mean, sometimes bored teenagers will play it at a sleepover so they can tease their friends endlessly about their answers, but the five of us plus Truth or Dare should’ve never been a thing that happened, but it did. 

So that is how I came to be sitting in a circle with Hearthstone’s knee brushing his and Alex, Magnus, and Sam sitting on either side of them, completing the circle. Alex looked like the devil, Sam looked innocent, Magnus looked excited, and Hearth shared a knowing look with me that said “Are we really doing this?” Apparently we where. 

“Okay so who starts?” Magnus asks, tapping his fingers on his jeans. 

“Rock, paper, scissors?” Sam suggests. We agree to decide that way like we’re little kids. Honestly. 

Magnus ends up asking the first question. 

“Hey Sam? Truth or dare?” And the game began, revealing secrets and heart stopping dares, but none came close to what was yet to come. 

“Hey Magnus truth or dare?” Sam asks, a smirk on her face. 

“I guess I’ll choose dare because Alex keeps pinching me whenever I choose truth,” he says, glaring at her. 

“What? It’s boring picking truth all the time,” Alex admits. She winks at Sam. It was quick enough that Magnus didn’t see, but I did. What where they plotting?  

“Okay. Magnus Chase. I dare you….. to…..“ 

"Oh my gods just spit it out already." 

"I dare you to kiss your crush.” Magnus’ smile disappears from his face and he bites his lip. I don’t blame him. A few weeks ago he asked me and Hearth how to deal with his huge crush on Alex….. 

“I-I-I-” he stutters. I know what kind of fear must be cramping at his chest. I feel it every time I find myself a little too close to Hearth, and I always want to make that extra step for a kiss. But it would ruin everything we had together now, and I couldn’t ruin that. Plus, Hearth already has a broken heart that needs mended; I don’t know if I can trust myself with making him lose a friend too. 

“What?” Magnus finally stutters out. His mouth is agape and he seems to be puzzling to put pieces together. Alex rolls her eyes. 

“C’‘mere you idiot,” she says, latching her hands on Magnus’ shirt and pulling him into a kiss. It’s over in five seconds, and Magnus just sits there, looking confused with everything. Looks like Alex is going to have to talk to Magnus later.

Of course, I knew Alex liked him back. Anyone who couldn’t see that coming from a mile away is an idiot. Magnus seems to get over his shock and blushes fiercely. Then, he turns to Alex. “Alex, truth or dare?" 

"Truth,” she says, looking pleased with herself. 

“Alex is it true that you ate falafel?” Everyone laughs. Of course Magnus would ask that. 

“True. And it was delicious,” Alex says, sticking her tongue out. Magnus looks horrified. 

“You monster!” Alex giggles. 

“Your a dork,” she says. She turns to Hearth. 

“Hearthstone,” she says, 

“Truth or dare?" 

  Truth, he signs. Alex shoots a questioning look at me and I mouth "truth”. She still isn’t the best at ASL yet. Although, all Hearth really taught her was how to swear…. 

“Is it true that you’ve been sleeping with Blitzen?” she says, a devilish glint in her eye. Hearth blushes a deep green and I feel one working at my cheeks as well. 

Could you repeat that a little slower? Hearth signs. Alex looks to Magnus for a translation and then he does. Then, putting an outrageous amount of emphasis on each syllable, she repeats the sentence in agonizingly slow motion. I can’t stop myself from blushing, and I just hope that Hearth can’t see right through me. 

No. We aren’t… We’re just friends. Yes. Exactly. Just friends. No reason why I should feel any other emotions, no reason why the word should twist at my gut like poison. No reason I should want to fix the stupid elf’s scarf and run my fingers over his cheeks, pressing my lips to his. Nope, no reason at all. Magnus clears his throat. 

“Well Hearth I guess it’s your turn.” Hearth purses his lips and takes a deep breath, then he points to me. 

B-l-i-t-z-e-n. Truth or dare? He signs. 

Dare, I sign back. 

I dare you to go twenty four hours saying nothing but the truth

Okay? I sign back. I don’t understand why that dare is bad, considering I always tell the truth…. mostly. The game continues on and on and on. Finally, we get tired of it and go our separate ways, Alex and Magnus going to sort a few things out in her room, Sam going back to her place, and me and Hearth going to my apartment for the night. It’s raining outside and of course I didn’t think far enough ahead to bring an umbrella, or a coat for that matter. Luckily, Hearth brought an umbrella, which is an amazing excuse to walk really close to him so our arms brush and I can almost imagine holding each other’s hands. 

Hearth stops, which causes me to stop, cocking my head questioningly at him. Hearth looks at me, biting his lip and opening and closing his hands nervously. Finally, he signs something. 

B-l-i-t-z? Can I ask you a question? 

Of course, H-e-a-r-t-h. 

Do you like me? He blushes and looks at the ground. For a moment, it takes me a bit to decode the gestures in that order said by that person. Then– 

“Oh Hel.” Hearth looks back into my eyes, awaiting an answer. In the back of my mind, I remember the dare from earlier. Shooootttt

H-e-a-r-t-h you're my friend, of course I like you. 

But as something more. Green is tingeing his face with a blush and I feel the cold air around me warm. I bite my lip, slowly nodding my head. It turns his ears green. 

Is it okay if– He leans down, his face inches from mine, his breath hot in my face. He wants to kiss me. 

“Yes,” I breath, but I know he can’t hear me. So instead of signing it, I stand up on the tips of my toes, pressing my lips to his, my arm around his neck. 

It’s slow and gentle and everything smells like woodsmoke and morning dew. The smell of evergreens seems to be stuck to his hair, which I twined my fingers in. It feels just as soft as I imagined it. One of his hands clutches the umbrella tightly above us, rain splattering everywhere but in that circle. His other arm is wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to him, and gods it felt so good to finally kiss him. 

When we break away, the rain is starting to slow and the sun is starting to shine. The whole moment seems magical. And it becomes even more magical when Hearth signs “I love you” to me, my head against his shoulder, our fingers twined together.

Executive producer Ben Edlund says directing Supernatural for the first time was, “Many things.  It was really, really frightening,” he admits.  “I think it was a lot more than I understood it to be when I got into the ring with it.  I was very fortunate in that [The Man Who Would Be King’s] really about acting in a lot of ways, because it’s an introspective episode.  It’s got Cas at the center of it, and it has more character to character relations than it has massive things moving forward, so it’s really about the actors giving energy to the material, bouncing off each other, and that’s something they did wonderfully.  They rehearsed it quite a bit, and it felt like it was a little one act play.”

“Ben Edlund had a blast,” producer Todd Aronaeur affirms.  “He seemed kind of fried when he came home, but in a good way.  It’s a really strong episode."  Executive producer Robert Singer adds, "We’re really happy with the episode.  But,” he points out, “it is one of the episodes you really gotta pay attention to."  There is a lot to learn and a lot to keep track of, but the payoff is well worth it.

Executive producer Sera Gamble says they also made sure it still felt like a Ben Edlund episode.  "He was responsible for a tremendous amount of mythology loose ends, but we wanted to make sure we gave him room to do some Ben Edlund stuff in the episode, if you will.  He is a very quirky, singular, creative, and visual writer and director.  So when we were breaking this episode, one of the mandates was, ‘Let’s make sure this is also Edlundian.'  That’s why when Crowley is pitching to Castiel that it’s a good idea to work with him, he takes him down to Hell and we see this quirky revamped version of Hell in which there’s a line that goes on forever and there are funny signs on the walls.  Ben dreamed it up and we wanted to make sure there were those grace notes throughout, because that’s what makes Ben Ben.  I think that’s one of the things that make that episode special.”

“Working with Ben was fabulous,” Mark Sheppard says.  “I love Ben’s writing.  Ben could never cease to amaze me in these circumstances.  I’ve loved his writing since The Tick.  There’s a great wit about him, and it’s fun to see him translate that into the visual.  The idea of Hell as an endless waiting room is a lot of fun.  He’s something else.”


“We lose our friend Cas over the course of this episode,” notes Edlund.  “I happen to be very fond of the innocent Cas and the fun Cas, so being the agent of his destruction was quite a challenge.  But I think it’s good drama.  To me that was a sadness and a greatness.”
—  Knight, Nicholas. Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 6.
Titan Books, 2011: 110-113.

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Do you remember there being a gag about Usagi always writing in a certain script? I think I saw a post explaining it a while back, where there was a screenshot of a letter she wrote to Chibiusa, indicating that she still did it after becoming queen. I didn't know anything about Japanese scripts when I saw it so I'm not really sure what the joke was. And obviously it's not something that would be easy to translate.

That’s from S, episode 104, where Chibi-Usa comes back from the future with a letter from her mom (NQS) “explaining” why she’s there (which basically just turns into “hey thanks for looking after my kid”).
[Some of you may be familiar with this scene already, so skip to the bottom for some new info/speculation!]

You’ve mostly got the gist of the scene. What actually happened is that NQS hadn’t used any kanji when writing her letter.
There are three alphabets in written Japanese; hiragana, katakana, and kanji. Hiragana and katakana (grouped together as kana) are phonetic alphabets, i.e. they transcribe sounds, not meaning. They are learned during a child’s first year of school. Kanji have inherent meanings and are made up of radicals (basically, smaller, simpler kanji), and there are so many of them that they’re taught throughout a student’s school years.
It’s a bit hard to explain the functional difference between kana and kanji without an example, so; take the word kaeru, which can have one of many meanings. If you use kanji, you can convey which meaning you intend; if you write 帰る you’re saying “return", if you write 変える you’re saying “change”, and if you write 蛙 you’re saying “frog”. If you write it in just hiragana or katakana, かえる or カエル, it can have any possible meaning of the word “kaeru”, and you need to rely on context to know which one.
There are some kanji that everyone is expected to be able to read/write because they’re common or important. These are known as joyo kanji. There are over 2000, and kids are supposed to have learned just over 1000 of them by the time they finish elementary school (around age 11-12).
Going back to the kaeru example, 帰る (return) and 変える (change) both use joyo kanji, but 蛙 (frog) does not. As a result, if a person wants to write “frog”, they generally only use hiragana or katakana, meaning that if you read the word かえる you assume the writer means frog, and not return or change. But if the writer is a child, for example, you might not know.
That doesn’t mean that every Japanese person knows every single joyo kanji by heart or that they never have problems remembering/reciting them, just like you might not still be able to spell every single word you ever had to learn in English class. But the assumption is that even those who are bad at kanji will remember some of them. And if you don’t, you can check how to write them by using a kanji dictionary, especially if you’re writing something important.

NQS used both katakana and hiragana in her letter, but no kanji. None. At all.

Given that kids are supposed to have memorised a thousand of them by the time they’re 13 years old, and she’s the Queen of the World, this is naturally a huge shock to the other characters, and it’s no wonder that Usagi is this embarrassed when it’s revealed:

It’s not as though NQS didn’t have the opportunity to use kanji, either; there are several words there that utilise joyo kanji. Ami points out that you can see where she tried to write kanji, but got them wrong and erased it; Artemis asks why she didn’t just check a dictionary and Rei says it’s probably because NQS thought it would be too much of a pain in the ass. It’s almost unthinkable that someone in a position like Neo Queen Serenity wouldn’t use kanji that are considered “common use”, which is exactly why it’s so funny (and in-character).

It obviously doesn’t translate 100%, but it’s really not impossible. Here are some similar scenarios using English;

  • The letter has no punctuation or capitalisation and is just one long run-on sentence
  • The letter is full of basic spelling mistakes, and/or only utilises very easy-to-spell words, because she forgot how to spell longer ones so she just swapped them out for simpler alternatives
  • The letter is full of text-speak/abbreviations, like “thx” and “pls” (note that NQS full-on drew a love heart in the letter so you could throw in some emojis too)
  • A little more exaggerated, but only a little; the letter is written in crayon

Interestingly, even though the characters in the 21st century made fun of her for it, just 20 years later it actually doesn’t seem unreasonable that Neo Queen Serenity wouldn’t remember many kanji. Japanese people forgetting how to write kanji is actually a documented problem due to the rise of smart phones, computers and tablets, which automatically suggest any possible kanji for the words you type. [1] [2] [3]
I can only imagine how different the world would be in the 30th century, and how much more prevalent technology would be in writing & reading. Obviously people aren’t quite at NQS’s level yet, but it’s not hard to imagine a future where hand-writing kanji without any digital assistance is so antiquated and referencing a dictionary so laborious that she would find it genuinely more convenient to write it all in kana. This theory seems to be strengthened by Usagi’s reaction; while she isn’t the best student, she probably does remember quite a few joyo kanji at her current age, so she seems mortified at the suggestion that she’s even worse at it as an adult. Just another way Sailor Moon is ahead of the curve, I guess~!

Edit: I just realised that I made a glaring error and said NQS had used both hiragana and romaji in her letter. What I meant to say was hiragana and katakana. Katakana is a Japanese script, but “romaji” is the word used to refer to the English alphabet in Japanese. Technically NQS did use romaji (you can see she wrote the English letter “Q” in her signature in place of the word “queen”) but this was not the point I meant to make. Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing!

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Hello! I noticed that as a tag for one of your recent posts you wrote "zhongwen". What does that mean? I heard that it refers to mandarin when the other language being referred to is a language/dialect other than Chinese (for example, english or Japanese). Is this true?

You’re phrasing has got me a little confused maybe… “zhongwen” is not something you’d say in English, I just used pinyin because I think people look in that tag (since “chinese” brings up a lot of porn…). Much in the way “Chinese” works in everyday English, zhōngwén (中文) refers to Mandarin pretty much always. I have heard that someone who says “中文” in like Hong Kong could theoretically be referring to Cantonese, but I’ve no personal experience with this and seems like not what the govt would be into (followers?). You’ll notice on wikipedia or other sites that offer multiple languages, Mandarin will be labeled 中文. 

What’s maybe a little confusing is that it’s not the only common way to refer to Mandarin—in Taiwan you might hear 國語 guóyǔ*, “national language,” or in China 普通話 pǔtōnghuà "the common language.“ Surprise these both have political histories—Mandarin itself was standardized and enforced as a national language (especially for education), sometimes to the detriment of other languages. You might also hear 漢語 hànyǔ, literally “The Han Language,” and while the Han ethnicity is the majority of China, they are of course not the only ones who speak Mandarin. also 華語/華文 huáyǔ/huáwén but those don’t come up much.

中文 as a label works the way other country language labels work, it’s place name (中國) + writing 文**, there’s 英文 yīngwén “English,” 西班牙文 xībānyá wén "Spanish,“ etc. But it’s never going to refer to “any ol’ language in China,” if you were talking about Tibetan you’d say 藏文 zàng wén, if you meant Hakka you’d say 客家語 kèjiāyǔ, y'know? Because the ~national standard~ is Mandarin. Same in English, you’re not gonna ask someone if they speak Chinese and then start rambling in Shanghainese. It’s a political name, like all language names, but that’s how it’s used. If you want the whole Sino-Tibetan language family then it’s 漢藏語系 hàn zàng yǔxì. Language is my jam but this is probably more than you wanted to know so I’ll stop!!1!1

*maybe interesting/relevant, in Japan this was also sometimes used to refer to Japanese. can’t underestimate the power of language ideology in the building of nation-states
**oh my god there are so many ways to translate 文 but not important rn

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Isayama himself used a mother bird and her chick to describe Eren and mikasa's dynamic and didn't even once mentioned chapter 50 and neither did the interviewers because they realize it's not the nature of their relationship. In the guide book it calls Mikasa Eren's sister, Grisha refered to Mikasa as Eren's sister in the manga and in the Lost girls side manga and there isn't even one reason to think of their relationship as anything more than familial

1.  Isayama himself used a mother bird and her chick to describe Eren and mikasa’s dynamic and didn’t even once mentioned chapter 50 and neither did the interviewers because they realize it’s not the nature of their relationship.

  The interview where Eren and Mikasa’s relationship was described in such a way was an anime-centric interview that was conducted years ago, back when the anime was still airing the Trost arc, and was only recently released. Isayama himself said in the same exact interview that the nature of their relationship was subject to change, which was a blatant allude to chapter 50. Chapter 50 was not specifically mentioned because when the interview was conducted, it did not exist yet because this interview is three years out of date.

Also: the person who translated this interview explained that this does not negatively impact their relationship, no matter how you want to see it, because the cultural context in Japan of having Mikasa compared to a mother is acutlly a huge compliment and means Mikasa is one of the most precious people to Eren in his life.

And since I know you won’t read that source, here’s a bit of what it says:

Actually, recently I have just discussed relevant issue with my Japanese colleagues. She told me that the guy she is seeing, always relates her to his mother, which she finds unsettling but the older lady colleague told her that actually it is a compliment, that he relates her to his most precious person [that guy really love his mom, LOL]. I know it might sounds weird, especially we girls & women don’t like to be compared to someone else.

I was a bit surprised that many view that statement in different light, Isayama also mentioned that the love toward mother is precious although annoying. Romantic or not, Eren still regards Mikasa as precious person [equal to his love toward Carla], so I think this really explains on how Eren feel toward Mikasa at the moment.

2. In the guide book it calls Mikasa Eren’s sister

The English guidebook is a mistranslation that has been bastardized by the Japanese-speaking parts of the fandom numerous times. The original guidebook said that Eren was “like family” to her, but the term siblings was never mentioned. Also, since you seem to love this guidebook so awfully much, I should probably mention that the same exact guidebook refers to Armin as Eren’s family as well, on the same exact level Mikasa is.

3.  Grisha refered to Mikasa as Eren’s sister in the manga

Bitch, where? No, seriously. Where? I want an exact chapter and an exact panel, because I own the entire official printed English releases of every single volume of the SnK manga and that has never been said, ever.

4.  Grisha refered to Mikasa as Eren’s sister in the manga and in the Lost girls side manga

Lost girls is not a “side manga”, it’s a spinoff that wasn’t even written by Isayama. I can’t vouch for what was or wasn’t said in Lost Girls because I haven’t read it, but it’s not canon. Isayama has said that the spinoffs take place in a universe detached from the canon universe. Lost Girls is about as canon as the Jr. High  spinoff and the Chibi Theater. So if we want  to make that comparison, I guess all the romantic implications of Er emika in those spinoffs make that canon too, huh?

5.  There isn’t even one reason to think of their relationship as anything more than familial

First in a series I am doing that I am calling WinterBones Tango :)

My parents always said that the original tango (as originated around Rio de la Plata) was danced by single men as a sort of peacock exhibition for women, a way to display their passion, flexibility, and virility in the hopes of attracting some companionship since the interaction between unattached men and women was restricted. There is a pretty good documentary about it (I’ll see if I can track it down).

Wiki article about tango can be read here.

If you want to see what the tango danced by two men might look like I would suggest you check out these youtube videos: x, x, and x (my favourite!)

I have seen some pretty fantastic art of Bucky and Natasha dancing ballet with the understanding that Bucky was taught ballet by the Russians for the same reason Natasha was.

This got me thinking of WinterBones and what could be appropriate for them if we went ahead and tossed over everything we knew about them (no HTP trash here please and thank you).

This got reeeeally looong….

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Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Game - The Layabout and the Busybody

ft. stalker Kin-chan. Also Atsushi in an apron and the rather quirky habits of the Yufuin household, but really, what more do you need than stalker Kin-chan?

As always, sorry about the translation errors and typos that come up! Never mind En - my eyes are glazing over as I type, so do let me know if you spot something odd!

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10 oldies I want to remind you of

Some older fandom classics make the rounds regularly (TIF, hellooooo), but some get relatively forgotten about too soon. So here, have these 10 hand-picked old (came out in 2013 or earlier) darling fics that everyone should (re)read. Those who were around when these came out have seen these for sure but feel the nostalgy with me, okay? Newer readers: I hope the magic of these fics translates even after this time.

Tiptoe Through Our Shiny City

The one where they’re two strangers on a train and end up spending the day in Paris. Because that’s what you do when you’re young and definitely not in love.

(There’s a sequel, be sure to check that out too!)

To Build A Home

A story about a broken boy and the boy who falls in love with him.

(Check the author’s notes for warnings. Sidenote: this fic keeps fucking me up after all these years.)

From The Love To The Lightning

“i didn’t realize it would sometimes be more than whole, that the wholeness was a rather luxurious idea. because it’s the halves that halve you in half.” a like crazy au where harry and louis fall in america, but have to try to make it work when problems arise that force louis to stay in london.

(While we’re on the topic of fics that have fucked me up… I have this literally listed as “it fucking hurts” so I mean I’m providing tissues and an ask box to cry in for those in need.)

Researching Volcanoes, And Blowing My Mind

au; there’s a gym and a juice bar and a surplus of dumb flirty boys being dumb and flirty.

Exhale The Dust

Louis is a disgraced former pop star who needs help writing a single. (a Music and Lyrics AU)

A week later, the note from Breakfast Harry is still buried in Louis’ kitchen drawer under forks and spoons and spatulas, all but forgotten. Louis is in bed (because it is only 11 o'clock, after all) when he gets another call from Herb. It’s probably about opening for fucking Blue again. He’ll probably say yes this time. He hates turning Herb down, especially since he knows that Herb most likely begged Blue’s people to consider Louis in the first place.

If It’s Me You’re Looking For

Louis has a bad habit of getting drunk before he confesses–or maybe it’s the other way around. AU.

If You’re For Real And Not Pretend

In which Harry works in a bakery and Louis can’t seem to find what he’s looking for.

Paper Planes (AO3 users only. I hope this link works for you, I’ve had some trouble with links to private works)

Louis sold his soul to the Devil when he was sixteen, tear-stained and miserable, grief wracking his body as the doctors told him his mother had days to live. Lucifer prefers to go by the name Harry, wears Louis’ soul around his neck as a pendant, and spends the next five years following him around. (Please see the notes below before reading this)

Something To Be

Louis plays football for UCLA; Harry used to love football.

We’re The Sparks That Never Fade

Louis rests his chin against his knees and stares up through his eyelashes. “So what’d your shrink say, then? Are you certifiable?” he asks seriously; he’s wearing a beanie hat and a knitted scarf now, and his cheeks and nose are tinged pink with the cold. Harry wants to tell him he looks like winter, but he doesn’t.

or, a garden state au in which harry doesn’t even know what’s wrong with him, louis lies a lot, and in the end it doesn’t really matter because all they needed was each other

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What if Eggsy is a closet polyglot, reason, he doesn't want Dean to take it away from him like gymnastics. He teaches Daisy too. Somehow, during a mission with Harry, they didn't realise they were conversing in multiple languages until Merlin points it out.

I DID NOT FORGET OR IGNORE THIS, HONEST. The holidays were kind of a mess, and then Google translating everything … well. I hope you like it?

The door to the flat slammed open, and Eggsy winced as he shoved the book deep under his mattress. Dean would be looking for him at any moment, and if he looked like he was enjoying anything Dean would take it. He’d learned that long ago.

“Oi, get your arse out there an’ fuckin’ earn your keep, yeah?” Dean spat, barging into Eggsy’s room. Eggsy resisted the urge to fight; his mum hated it when he fought with Dean (though the man deserved everything Eggsy could give him and more).

Eggsy merely nodded, grimacing when Dean passed a bag of pills for him to sell. Nobody ever suspected a 13-year-old of pushing drugs, not even in their neighbourhood.

He’d get the money somehow, without resorting to selling again. The hoppers were already watching him for his connections to his stepfather’s drugs.

And if he managed to lift a little extra, he’d buy another book on Chinese grammar. The ladies down at the market seemed to think he was doing well when he dropped by to practice, anyway.

By the time he was 16, Eggsy was getting more lax about leaving his books out. He’d been careful before so that his studies didn’t go the way of his gymnastics, but now, more often than not, Dean was too drunk or stoned to recognise that the titles weren’t in English, and he often just assumed Eggsy was into foreign porn, which suited Eggsy just fine. He got enough shit without having to explain his love of languages—he was now conversationally fluent in Portuguese and Arabic to go with his Chinese—and his love of boys. If Dean knew that, Eggsy would be better off getting himself gaoled than suffering Dean’s homophobic abuse.

Eggsy smiled, mouthing the sentence once more: ‘Myn hovercraft sit fol mei iel.’ (1) He wasn’t sure how useful that one would be, but maybe he’d get a laugh when he used it. He already got a laugh from the bloke at the corner market when he said (2) ‘مبيعرفش في البطيخ’ .

Dropping out of school, and then the Marines, meant Eggsy had lost any opportunity to really study anything in-depth. His stack of language books only grew, with Welsh, German, and Swahili joining what he already knew. He spent so much time watching his sister that he had plenty of time to add to his linguistic repertoire, and it helped when Dean sent him out to deal with his distributors—they were a lot more willing to give him a deal when they knew he could understand what they were saying.

“Usiogope, upendo, nimepata wewe,” (3) he whispered to his sleeping sister, pressing a kiss to her forehead as she pulled her teddy bear closer.

Harry Hart was a test against temptation, Eggsy was convinced. He was exactly what he’d always liked in men: tall, cocky, and able to fight. He wore a suit like it was a second skin, and he’d bailed Eggsy out.

When, a few months after V-Day, they’d found him recovering in a Kentucky hospital, Eggsy added another thing he liked in his men to the list: living. Sure, he had a limp that he’d not had before, a few more scars than previously, but there he was, walking into Kingsman headquarters, no longer Galahad, but Harry graciously gave the title to Eggsy and let himself be christened with the title of Lamorak.

He was so thankful to see the man alive that he didn’t realise he wasn’t even speaking English at first, but Harry only smiled and replied back in fluent German.

That was hot. Eggsy had assumed Harry spoke something else; he was posh as hell and probably learned seventeen languages before finishing secondary.

He just hadn’t counted on needing to hide an erection from hearing Harry speak another language.

When he showed Harry his own aptitude for languages and explained how he’d learned, Harry had smiled warmly and made sure he had the finest materials to learn from in the future. Dozens of languages were available to him, from Adangme to Zulu.

He was going to learn them all.

“Gdzie jest wyjście?” (4) Eggsy called, mid-firefight, eyes scanning for any way out of their current predicament.

“Chuj wie!” (5) Harry yelled back, disarming one man and shoving his elbow into the throat of another. “Myślę, że musimy iść w górę!” (6)

Eggsy nodded, and began clearing a path to the stairs—if nothing else, they could get to a roof and escape that way.

“Idemo!” (7) Eggsy yelled once he’d downed another half dozen men, making a path for their escape. “Ovo neće biti naš grob!” (8)

“Mas malala pa ang tinakasan natin kaysa rito!“ (9) Harry panted as they raced up the stairs, dodging bullets, eyes trained on doors for any foes they’d need to contend with on their trek skyward.

“This is no different,” Eggsy agreed, turning around and jumping down the stairs, hearing a satisfying crunch as he landed heavily on the man following them.

“Gentlemen, we’ve a helicopter en route to your location,” Merlin’s voice broke in when there was a break in their assailants. “Can you last five more minutes?”

“Yeah,” Eggsy said. “Tre etager endnu ; we’ll make it.” (10)

They were silent for the rest of the run, conserving their energy should they be greeted on the roof by anything other than a Kingsman chopper.

The way was free, and as they climbed in and buckled up, Eggsy leaned over, kissing Harry deeply for just a moment. “Ek is lief vir jou,” (11) he whispered.

Merlin cleared his throat over the comms. “If you could keep your mission chatter to English in the future, that would be wonderful.”

Eggsy blinked, glancing at Harry. It was clear that the other man was just as surprised to find out they hadn’t been speaking English the whole time.

“We’ll, uh, do our best,” Eggsy murmured.

“Tsia, tsy isika,” (12) Harry countered, causing Eggsy to grin and Merlin to curse softly before cutting the comms.

1 - Frisian; my hovercraft is full of eels

2 - Arabic; they don’t know in the watermelon (aka - ‘mabye'rafsh fi el batteekh’)–and ughhhhh formatting fail.

3 - Swahili; don’t worry, love, I’ve got you

4 - Polish; where’s the exit?

5 - Polish; no fucking clue (edited because @lady-mephistopheles is smarter than I am and corrected!)

6 - Polish; I think we need to go up

7 - Croatian; let’s go

8 - Croatian; this won’t be our grave

9 - Filipino; we’ve made it out of worse (edited because @ligayaharukadiwata actually KNOWS Filipino without Google and corrected me <3 )

10 - Danish; three flights to go (edited by Mille on Ao3 because yay, Danish people knowing Danish!)

11 - Afrikaans; I love you

12 - Malagasy; no we won’t

I am still taking prompts!

anonymous asked:

Stefan used the past tense to describe Klaus's love for Caroline and Klaus himself never confirmed that he still had feelings for her. In fact, when Stefan asked him if he still had feelings for her, he brought up the new women in his life. Then when Stefan said used the past tense, he didn't bother to correct him. It felt like closure to me. Yes she was important to him once, but now he can move on trusting Stefan will keep his word. What are your thoughts?

Aside from the fact that I honestly do not care for anything TO showed concerning Klefan and Klaroline I have only one thing to comment on this ask.

Actions speak louder than words.

Klaus risked everything and anything once more in order to make sure the well being of Caroline and all that only after seeing her name on a phone screen and hearing her voice again. He was coming undone and was taking sharp intakes of breath and reacted as if he was electrocuted every time Caroline’s name was mentioned. He recited by heart everything she had told him that last time they met. He brought danger in his city and his family in order to assure that Caroline’s happiness would be ensured. He used once more (double meaning) the word love when he was talking with her. He tried to manipulated his way into making Stefan break up with her while still having only her best interest in mind. He wanted to make sure that Caroline would be well taken care of and the first choice of those that she introduces in her life. Hanging up the phone seemed to cause him distress. He refused to answer directly to as if he has feelings for her and he also dodged the question and relegated the presence of every other “romantic interest and what not” that exists in his life currently to a simple vague “women” and all that while still having to deal with his personal struggles (from what I gather from the comments of blogs I follow) that are life threatening to him and his family and nonetheless he still chose to bring Stefan in and along with him potential more danger that could bring everything he currently holds dear down. And all that for making sure that Caroline would be safe and happy.

I do not know how someone else would translate all these actions but when it comes to relationships I have always learned to look not to the things that are said but always to the things that are not said. Not to words or what other people say. But to what the people in question actually do. Sometimes what you do not say (even in contrast to the things you say) matters more and shows exactly how and what you feel.

In the mean time there is an Original Hybrid that has lived for a thousand years prior meeting Caroline Forbes and falling in love with her made him promise her that one day he would be her last love however long that would take.

Yes Caroline does not belong to Klaus’s present time but he has basically took a stand and turned himself into her guardian angel from afar because for now they can’t be but they are eternal and one way or another Caroline’s importance in Klaus’ life is above all and for him what is important if for her to be happy even if they are not together. And if Klaus is capable of doing all these things in the midst of chaos for a woman that is with an old friend of his and not with him just imagine what he would and will do when the time comes for his promise to get fulfilled.

Mini-profile: Aomine Daiki

Excuse me, but I would really like to gush about how great of an antagonist Aomine is.
For the record, I’m on episode 43, so, spoiler warning for season 2 and stuff.

But anyway: Aomine Daiki.

The prodigy

KnB, for me, is a slow burn when it comes to a lot of the characters, but holy hell, Aomine. Dude has personality. He is also, let’s be honest, a dick. He walks around with a permanent evil scowl and he is dismissive and mean to everyone. The guy is 16 years old and already so done with the world. He is a sports anime character with nothing to challenge him and that is what *drives* sports anime characters. To be the best.

But for the longest time, Aomine *was* the best.

What if, at fourteen years old, there’s no more challenge? If you’re Aomine, you lose your spark. This dude is so disillusioned with life in general. Did you see how happy and cute he was just a few years ago? Once he realized that that’s all there was, he gave up. He became lazy, which is like a capital sin in Japan. He stopped trying, out of disappointment, but also out of fear that he would lose touch with everyone.

The loner

The backdrop of KnB is the Teiko prodigy team and the effects that has on the people around it. You see ‘normal’ kids like Hyuga wanting to give up on the sport, but also, the miracle kids themselves being bored and lonely AF. None of them seem to *enjoy* themselves at all. Early in season 2, Takao mentions that Midorima and him are not friends, but that he does respect him. And this is Takao, the guy who hangs out with Midorima the most. Midorima has no friends. Several of the miracle boys are fully isolated once they move to a new team. They rise so high that they lose touch with the 'normal’ people around them. Aomine definitely has this issue. He already had it in middle school and later on, he only isolates himself more. That’s why you always see him lying on a roof somewhere by himself.

Aomine’s “The only one that can beat me is me” isn’t just a catchphrase. He’s actively looking for someone who can beat him, and bar that, he will be his own downfall (that is actually such a good translated phrase, and I don’t know what it’s like in Japanese but I hope it also has that double meaning, if you know, please enlighten me).

In a way, he really wants to lose. He’s desperate for it. See that face he makes when he beats Kagami late in the match? That is not a triumphant face. That is disappointment. He looks like he just lost his faith in humanity all over again.

All the right reasons

Aomine may be a dick but he has not, I’m happy to say, gone Full Asshat yet. The show makes it clear that there is still some heart there. He will (violently) defend Kuroko when his team mate makes fun of him. He may treat Momoi like shit, but he does listen to her. He cares for his old team mates, because they were his friends in a time when he still enjoyed life. Momoi specifically stays with him because she fears he will go completely off the deep end if she doesn’t. “Who will take care of him if I don’t?”. You see that people still care about him, because of who he was. Especially Kuroko.

And that is what makes Aomine a fabulous character. He makes you root for Seirin in the Touou match, and you’re rooting for them for all the right reasons. Not just because of Kiyoshi, not just because of the power of friendship, but because you want Aomine to be saved. He needs to lose, in order to move on. You (and Kuroko) want to see him smile. So please note how his face goes back to his normal, not-evil Aomine right when he’s lost.

Seirin’s win quite literally gives this dude his will to live back, and that is beautiful.

I write a lot of these.