and it couldnt have been better any other way

I feel a bit better and i just wanna say i love my bf so much.. like words cannot describe. i worry a lot and maybe i’m a freak sometimes but we really help eachother and i’m SO thankful.. i couldnt be more lucky.. sometimes i wonder why he picked me when i’m like This but i remember that we’ve been friends for nearly 5 years and we work so well together! i wouldn’t have it any other way

I’ll spread my wings and-

(A/N): Let’s be honest Warren most def has knocked shit over with his wings before. 

Warnings: Swearing

   Warren Worthington wasn’t the most coordinated man on the planet, especially with giant ass wings hanging off his back. It had taken Warren years to finally get used to his wings but even now there were times where he couldn’t really control them. For example, when Warren stretched his wings decided to stretch with him. Didn’t matter how hard he tried to get them to stay they always fluttered out, stretching to their longest length. Also, Warren tended to have feathers flying off him at the smallest movements. Cough? You bet your ass he’s going to lose 5 feathers in the process. 

   But the most difficult thing Warren had to do was walking. Trying to walk around with his wings was probably the most impossible thing to do. They were always getting caught on something or someone which tended to led to awkward conversations. Everything seemed so small in comparison to his wings. He could barely even fit through a doorway for fucks sake. In fact, Warren couldn’t even enter some classes because of how small the doorway was. To be honest It was quite frustrating. 

   Even worse, Warren was always breaking valuable shit with his wings. The professor’s favorite ceramic pot, an old painting from god knows when, and even sometimes a person’s face. In fact, that had happened to so many people too many times. Warren’s wings would suddenly decide to stretch, usually hitting someone in the face and leading to a few not so comfortable apologies. In fact that’s how Warren had met (Y/N). 

   He’d been walking down the hall, being careful not to cripple anyone with his massive wings. He’d been doing a damn good job too when a sudden sneeze overtook his body. Against every fiber of his being Warren sneeze, sending his wings flying out behind him. A small grunt was made behind him as his wing came in contact with someone’s face. Warren immediately whipped around, ready to apologize for his mindless wings when a small laugh filled the air. The person he had hit was laughing, full out laughing. In all honesty, Warren hadn’t ever received a response like this before. Usually everyone would grumble a “get out of the way” or a “watch it” and scurry off. But suddenly, this person was laughing.

   “Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” Warren apologized profusely. “I didn’t mean to, It’s just kinda a reflex!” But the person continued to chuckle. In all honesty Warren didnt know how to respond. Here he was with an insanely attractive person before him laughing at the fact he just hit them in the face. 

    “It’s really okay,” they laugh. “Just a bit of a surprise,” Warren smiles, it was a soft almost adoring one. The kind that could honestly melt someone if they stared at it too long. 

   "So, you okay?“ Warren asks as he inconspicuously surveys their face, making sure they weren’t injured to badly. The person nods, a small smile overtaking their features. "Name’s Warren by the way.” Warren quickly adds. “In case you didn’t…” He trails off, awkwardly scratching at the back of his head. 

   "Name’s (Y/N),“ they respond, their tone warm and soft. The two stood in silence, just kind of staring a each other as if in a sort of daze. (Y/N) cleared their throat, breaking the peaceful silence between the two. "Well, I guess I better get going. It was nice bumping into you Warren,” (Y/N) gave him a wink, a amused smile making it’s way to their lips. Warren couldn’t help but chuckle, shaking his head lightly.

    “I really didn’t mean to hit you,”

    “I’m sure feathers, hope to bump into you again soon.” As (Y/N) walked off Warren couldn’t help but stare, a bright smile coating his lips. In that moment, Warren couldnt have been any happier to have his wings.