and it confuses him

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what's so iconic about the Viscosity Exchange ??

listen here. LISTEN. hERE. it’s just so good. (for anyone who wants to watch it back it starts at like :33 of the first undertale video.) okay first of all. the second phil first says viscosity dan immediately breaks off and turns to him with the crinkliest eyes and a lil wrinkled nose and it’s already aggressively cute and we are like a quarter of a second into this exchange. incredible. beautiful. to me it was such a significant thing that he doesn’t mock phil’s word choice to US in the way that he used to on dapg ALL THE FUCKING TIME, but instead he turns to PHIL and rather than mocking him he just does that cute confused face and kind of asks phil to clarify why doing a let’s play would involve viscosity at all. 

CUTE!!!! and then there’s A JUMP CUT!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! WHY? it HAUNTS ME TO THIS DAY! when we cut back, dan has completely dropped his on-camera voice and his body is pointed a little more inwards at phil. amazing. what happened in the lil bit that was cut out of this? we can ONLY GUESS. so then dan proceeds to ask in his much deeper/softer off-camera voice, “how can a let’s play have viscosity?” and honestly i am just left asking “how can such a dumb fucking question sound so soft and enticing wtf.”  and then phil tries to explain it in his silly way, he’s saying it’s “deep and sticky” and dan just gives a TEENY TINY SMILE and then turns to share it with us and THIS IS HOW HE IS REACTING TO PHILS WEIRD BRAIN NOW it’s no longer MOCKING it’s SOFT AND FOND and he’s smiling at us to sort of tacitly communicate how adorable he finds phil’s mind and i want dEATH and then, as if this weren’t enough, his voice drops even further and gets all hoarse as he asks phil, “do you know what viscosity is?” and just turns that same fond smile towards him 

and honestly if at this point you haven’t gone back to the video to watch this you really need to just for this part because holy shite man,,, that voice dan uses is Something and phil himself looks a lil shook and he gets all flustered and giggles 

and dan giggles while watching phil giggle and then phil says “let’s keep going!!!!!!” rly promptly and phil’s whole reaction was so unwarranted based on the actual words they are saying which makes me feel like phil is just reacting to dan’s flirty voice and basically wow this whole scene is everything to me ok you need to rewatch and appreciate it fully i still wake up in cold sweats thinkin about it

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For your beauty and the beast au would Lance completely loose it after finding out Keith is shorter than him as a Human?


Well I imagine it either like this: After the spell is broken and Lance is all happy that Beast is alright and not dead they kiss each other and the castle and the stuff turning back to normal. SO and they go towards the others, smiling and everyone is happy about being human again. And Keith is hugging everyone and Lance is still smiling. And they get married after some weeks and dance the famous dance again and while they do so, Lance is like: “Wait … since when can I look over yoU?!”

OR he just realizes it after the spell is broken and they kissed each other. AND starts to laugh and Keith is all confused, till Lance makes fun of him but in a sweet tease way C:

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imagine this: red riding hood au where yuri is a furiously grumpy red riding hood, jj is the wolf who's actually a giant puppy that needs pats, and otabek is the hunter (otabek with a crossbow pls). i haven't figured out who grandma is yet... either mila, lilia, yakov, viktor, yuuri or yuri's actual grandpa lmao. alternatively, this forest has six grandmas and everyone is confused

omg grandpa nikolai as grandma tho and Yuri taking him piroshkis that he made this time

JJ would be such a chatty charismatic wolf too HNNG wow kill me bye i love this so much thank you dear anon

My Boys: Beneath the Surface - Chapter 9

Hey everyone, here is the promised update. Thank you @jia911 for proofreading it so fast!

The other chapters can be found HERE.

My Boys: Beneath the Surface – Chapter 9

“I also know that I’m still crazy about you.

Amelia barely had any time to react when William tightened his grasp on her shoulder and leaned forward, taking her by surprise the moment he crushed her lips with his own, failing to part them with the tip of his tongue. She immediately pulled away, pushing his chest with her splayed hands.

“Will, what the hell are you doing?”

Amelia saw the embarrassment and confusion on William’s face as she roughly pushed him aside but the intensity of another stare caught her attention. Turning her head sideways, her eyes grew wide with shock when she noticed Owen by the door, staring at the scene in front of him with an expression she couldn’t quite identify.

“Owen,” Amelia quickly got up, eager to explain what had just happened, but he silenced her with a hand gesture.

Her husband looked at her with a mix of disbelief, pain and shock and Amelia suddenly felt the worse she’d felt all day. As if the fight with her family wasn’t enough, being stared at like that made her feel at her lowest. But Amelia had no idea it could get even worse.

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The Powers That Be

TITLE: The Powers That Be


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them.

RATING: Teen and Up

Alexia felt as though she was spinning, or was it the room that was spinning, either way, she felt nauseous. She whimpered pathetically as she began to open her eyes.

“Whoa, someone get a bucket, she is about to hurl.” The plastic basin was placed in front of her just in time as she was violently ill.

“You didn’t see that coming.” She looked up at the silver haired man in front of her, his thick accent confused her slightly, she did not know if she knew him. He was winking at Barton.

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I dreamed that Hanzo and McCree were in my room in the middle of the night. Hanzo grabbed me and said "Stop drawing fanart of us. We do not like eachother like that." Then I was sad and McCree yelled at him for making me sad. It...was very confusing...

Hanzo wtf. Don;t go into ppls rooms to tell them that.

(u draw that McHanzo anon do it do it)

imagine: daichi with a migraine at an overnight training camp

when he wakes up, his head is throbbing, but he ignores it and doesn’t tell anyone.  suga notices that he’s quieter than normal, less vocal at practice and meals, but doesn’t say anything because he knows dai wouldn’t want to be called out in front of the team.  suga thinks dai would tell him if it got too bad, anyway, and decides to ask if the chance arises, but to not force it.

then, daichi’s leading them in cool down laps, and he slows down gradually.  the rest of the team is confused and slows with him because they’re used to him leading the way.  they don’t say anything because they assume he has some sort of plan in mind, but suga is watching carefully.  

daichi’s shoulders are moving up and down visibly as if he’s panting heavily, and suga can hear him sucking in desperate gasps of air.  as he approaches, he notes that daichi’s whole body is shaking and he’s making these almost hiccuping noises–

and then he realizes, shit, daichi’s crying.

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FtM!Barry and any of the Rogues finding out

1 - Len already knows. He’s found out Barry Allen’s name and he went old-school stalker on him, including digging up records at the Hall of Records. It does not matter to him and he is confused by the surprise shown by the other rogues.

2 - Mick is equally indifferent. His response is literally “Good on you. Do we care?” He does punch Mardon when Mardon makes an uncalled-for comment. Hartley gets about halfway through his own uncalled-for comment before finding out he is NOT immune from being punched by Mick. Everyone else quickly stuffs any comments back down their throat. Mick’s punches are not to be played with.

3 - Barry is touched. They’re all handling it very well, really. Len offers to get Barry illegal HRT if his job stops funding it. Barry is…still touched, slightly concerned by the fact that Len’s first instinct is always crime.

4 - Presumably this only comes up because some meta is attempting to take advantage. The Rogues agree to help because that’s some real bullshit right there.

5 - nobody ever mentions it again.

For verily, there is not any of the Children of Ādam except that he has a companion that beautifies wicked deeds for him. This devil will go to any lengths to confuse and confound him. The only person who is safe is He Whom Allaah protect.

The Prophetﷺ said,

There is not a single one of you except that His companion (a devil) has been assigned to him.

Muslim (no. 2167)
Tafsir ibn Kathir (114:1)

Niall wakes up,milky white sheets spilling all over his chest and wrapping around his legs,binding them in their clutches,symbolic of last night with Mary.

He runs a hand through his hair and his body feels jittery with excitement acquired from the images of last night running through his head where she was on her knees,moonlight glimmering in her eyes and casting a silvery look to the sheen of sweat on her body while she was sucking his cock.

“Niall some girl left her-Niall,forGod’s sake,put some clothes on mate.’’.Liam scolded as he burst into Niall’s room.

He was fumbling clumsily around his hotel room scooping his clothes from last night off the carpeted flooring,tugging a pair of boxers up his thighs and-”Fuck Niall-what are you on,you’re trembling like a little leaf.”

And he couldn’t explain.Blood coursing through his arteries and fueling the frenzy of lust and confusion she sent his body into.

Liam directed him to the phone number of the girl from the night before and it’s been non-stop talking to her since.He’s been blanking out during rehearsals because he’s been messaging her and changing his sleeping schedule to fit hers and it’s costing him his sleeping hours but to him it’s worth it because something is different about her.He knows what he’s doing is wrong because he has you waiting for him at home.

He can practically see his darling y/n,girlfriend of 3 years,pacing around in front the upstairs window in one of his sweater and a pair of tube socks , mug of tea in your hands.You’re his main girl and he loves you,his heart beats for you but he’s been tied down for so long that his inner beast wants to pounce on the first thing he sees and that’s Mary.She’s no virgin but she’s tighter than one and she’s the human equivalent of Mary-J.

It was supposed to be a one night stand but with her it’s like his heart refused to let go of the warm feeling that spread across his chest when her body wrapped around his.It’s sent him into thinking that he should send her a bracelet with his name engraved in it.He’s a centimetre away from letting her be his side toy because she’s not like the other girls.He fucked her with his gold pieces on,while she called out to him moaning,groaning and scratching down his body telling him he owned her pearl.

But in the back of his head was you and how infinite and powerful and masculine and sexy he felt when he fucked you.It made you feel like you owned the world but it made him feel  like you were his whole world.Something he never felt with Mary.

And he can’t explain why he feels this way towards her because she’s aone night stand.

He’s over her when the tour comes back to her city for an encore performance.He comes over to her place to fuck for the last time because he realized on his own (after Liam knocked some sense into him) that Mary was slowly killing him.He can’t remember the last time he got at least 5 hours of sleep or when he spoke about something besides her or when his phone was charged because speaking to her ate up all of his battery life.

I’m outside your place,let me in.-xx Niall

Door’s open-y/n

They got the house to themselves because Mary’s flatmate went out for a drink.Niall doesn’t waste time,as soon as he’s through the door he kissing her because he’s got his own personal supply of Marijuana right in front of him clad scantily in a pair of red bottom heels.

Halfway through you taking his shirt off he starts to wonder if this is worth it because the first time he slept with her he ended up vying for her attention.The thought leaves him feeling silly for contacting her and it makes him sick to his stomach the lengths he’s gone through for a second night with this woman.He’s a man of stature and he never wanted to disrespect himself by doing this to himself and ,by extension,to his one true love.

Mary’s done this before and he knows that by the way she gets her dress to slip effortlessly right past her shoulders and down her hips and he likes the techniques she’s using but he can’t help but wonder how many times she’s done this before.Y/n was Niall’s first and only time and he was her’s and there was a pang of guilt in his heart because sleeping with another felt like betrayal to his lover.It was betrayal to his lover.

The crackling sound of the the fire in the fireplace is casting a golden light on her and he’s seeing her in the adjusted light.

His chest feels cold when her body clashed against his and his cock wasn’t half as hard as it got for you.Her movements felt clumsy and rough and totally amateur as compared to yours and he doesn’t know why he chalked it up to such a high esteem.He blames the alcohol from that night.

Wavelength adjusted,posture straightened and clothes dawned.She’s lying on the bed,catching her breath and Niall’s shifting in his Nikes.They’ve finished.

“We should do that ag-”she starts.

But Niall knew why he came back now because he wanted a little minx to chase and his dick slipped in and caught feelings for the chase and it was fun but the adrenaline was gone and he could think straight.He wanted his main girl,you.He vowed never to speak a word of this because that could jeopardize everything.

It was over with him and Mary.

She was just a drug but he was clean now.


Niall turned on his heel and left before she could finish the sentence.Door slamming in her face and closing behind him before he clicked the button on his key chain to unlock his Range Rover.

 He drove away,deleting and blocking her number from his phone and the messages too.

He called you and in his sweetest voice,”y/n,princess,I love you.”

And you,sweet,unsuspecting superfreak,”I love you too,Ni,”

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24 for spencaaa ?

24: “Show me your texts or it’s over.”

You’d heard that Lila Archer had started contacting Spencer again, after the breakup with her current boyfriend. However you hadn’t heard it from Spencer, it was Penelope who had warned you thanks to her constant intake of celebrity gossip. News had it that Lila was trying to rekindle an old flame, that could have been anyone but with the way Spencer had been acting recently it only lead you to believe it was him even more.

“Show me your texts.” You demanded one evening at home, Spencer had been checking his messages all evening and it was slowly driving you insane. Morgan had joyfully retold the story of Spencer’s pool date with the actress and at the time it didn’t bother you because you knew it was in the past but now you weren’t so sure.

Spencer looked up from him phone, his brows furrowed in confusion at your request. It was unlike you to be so untrusting, he was aware that he had been a little distant recently but it wasn’t for the reasons you were thinking.

“Show me your texts or it’s over.” You repeated slowly before sticking your hand out for him to place his phone into, Spencer did as you asked.

It’s been years, can’t you come visit me at least once?

Lila, I’m not interested. I have a girlfriend now, I don’t want to come be your distraction again.

Spencer come on! I know you remember how much fun we had!

For the last time, no thank you. I’m not interested.

A sense of relief washed over you, you handed Spencer his phone back and quickly apologised. It was wrong of you to be so jealous when he had been nothing but perfect your whole relationship but it was your own personal insecurities coming up, Lila was a beautiful, successful woman who anyone would be jealous of especially considering the history.

“What happened between me and Lila is just history, I haven’t thought about her since that night and definitely not since I met you. It was wrong of me to keep texting her but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings in the already fragile state she was in.” Spencer explained, putting the phone down on the table before opening his arms and letting you crawl onto his lap.

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Han gets Luke pregnant early on but they aren't together. Though watching Luke go around with his bump just makes Han fall hard for him. Luke's pretty confused when Han asks him out. Where he's from they would've already been forced to marry, so he thought that they were just in the awkward stages of that.

I could image the sight of Luke pregnant with Han’s child would be an attractive one to Han. Like the kid’s cute already, but knowing that he’s carrying you’re child? Yeah, Han’s finding himself more and more fond of Luke by the day.

I feel like it’d take something other than Han asking him out on a date for Luke to realise – because really, awkward force-marriage early days would probably include the odd truce “so how about we go on a date because we are a couple now”. So probably more something Han says on the date that cues him in then the date itself.

That conversation is probably both adorable and awkward. Because Luke probably does the kind of disappointed “oh” when Han says something that makes him realise that he doesn’t think they are together, because of course he doesn’t think they are together the rest of the galaxy doesn’t work like Tatooine, Luke was just being stupid and hopeful. Han of course asks what’s up (because what he said was probably a positive and not likely followed by disappointment) and Luke explains. Han probably has a moment of thinking he’s an idiot because it seems like the sort of thing he would know with the time he spent on Tatooine working for Jabba (don’t get any locals pregnant because they’ll expect you to stick around and marry them and not doing that is just cruel). Luke quickly backpedals that of course he doesn’t expect Han to stay with him, he was just being dumb and forgetful and really don’t worry about it. Han… can’t promise that he is going to stay around forever, he’s still Han Solo (and I mean that’s probably a part of the reason Luke slept with him in the first place), but he’s game to try if Luke is. Of course, Luke is.

And things probably move incredibly slowly, because that’s probably better for the both of them.

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What are your thoughts on the whole good vs evil is always a war inside of Zuko?

I thought it was ridiculous. How can I call that a good redemption when good and evil will always be at war within him? It is stupid. Zuko has free will. His family history has nothing to do with his ability to choose his own destiny. That was the whole point of his character arc until Book 3.

Zuko was never a black-and-white good vs. evil character. His inner conflict was because he had a pure heart, but his indoctrination led him to be confused about how he was supposed to live. He was out of balance due to trauma and abuse. He had a destiny that was forced on him to capture the Avatar. I never saw his actions as being motivated by some inner good vs. evil. They were fueled by his own sense of morality conflicting with everything he has been taught for his while life as a prince. His issues came from outside of himself, symbolized by the scar on his face. They did not originate in his flawed character. That is what made him so interesting to me. He was not motivated by evil. His redemption was about him rediscovering his authentic self, which Ozai had made him lose touch with. Not about overcoming his inner evil. That came out of nowhere.

In Book 3, they made Zuko a lot worse of a person than he was in Book 1 and a lot less sympathetic and likable. In Book 1, he was acting out of brainwashing and programming, but you could really empathize and root for him because he was struggling so hard. His pure-hearted inner self was fighting against the outer indoctrination. He just wanted love. He was taught to be ruthless, but he chose to show pity on Zhao, for instance. In Book 3, they basically made him a selfish and cold-hearted person. He was now battling his inner evil, which was different from how he was in Books 1 and 2. I liked him better before. They took away a lot of what made him so fascinating and likable in Book 3. His sense of innocence and purity. It is weird that I found him less likable after his redemption. He was more sympathetic as a bad guy. LOL.

yesterday i had to explain to cody how engagement rings and wedding bands work. it was like a 20 minute conversation. he didn’t get that the engagement ring is the more expensive one and for a good year but more prior to this conversation i’m pretty certain he believed he got an engagement ring as well……ANYWAY i had to physically go get my moms rings and put them on bc he didn’t understand that (traditionally) you have an engagement ring and a wedding band that are eventually just worn together bc apparently his moms rings were fused once she got married so she only ever wore one ring. i’ve never seen that in my life but it obviously had him confused as hell. he was like “so like the engagement ring kinda goes in the trash after you get the wedding ring?” like oh my lord honey no listen

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Ok, for the de-aging prompt. How about Stanley after he was de-aged by the axolotl, in a world where they couldn't reverse it and he has to grow up again. Can have any characters and any age, just something like that with Stan living in that world. Where the Mcguckets are raising him up?

(For people who might be a bit confused by the scenario, it refers to this adorable fanart/fanfic thing. I put most of it under the cut for length.  At the end, there’s a few notes about things I think happen with this AU of an AU.)

August, 1971 – Gumption

              “Here.”  Pa McGucket slid Stan a piece of paper.  Stan picked it up and frowned.

               “What is this?”

               “Official adoption papers,” Ma McGucket said.  Stan squinted at the name on it.

               “‘Banjomin Stanley McGucket’,” he read aloud.  “What- why are you changing my name?”

               “Well, we’ve been tellin’ folks that yer a distant relative, so we figured it’d be easiest to just…continue goin’ that route.  An’ it seems cruel to completely change yer name, so we kept the ‘Stanley’ in there fer ya.”


               “I know this ain’t the best situation, hon,” Ma McGucket said, beginning to stroke his back gently.  “But it’s what we got to do, since that axolotl wouldn’t listen to us.”


               “We also wanted to let ya know that we won’t force ya to go back to kindergarten or anythin’,” Pa McGucket said.  “We won’t degrade ya.  But ya will be gettin’ some lessons from us, to make sure ya don’t lose any skills.”  

               “And when ya get a bit older, it might be nice fer ya to start up again. Just to be socializin’ with folks,” Ma McGucket added.  Angie walked into the kitchen.  

               “Good mornin’, y’all.  What’s goin’ on?” she asked cheerfully.  She ruffled Stan’s hair.

               “Stan’s officially adopted,” Ma McGucket said.  Angie beamed.


               “You’re just happy you’re not the youngest anymore,” Stan grumbled.

               “That’s a bonus, that’s fer sure,” Angie conceded.  “But I’m also glad that no folks’ll be takin’ ya away from us.”  She shrugged. “An’ like the axolotl said, it’s a chance to start over.  Have a good childhood.  Gumption’s a nice place to grow up, lil bro.”

               “If ya say so,” Stan said quietly.  Angie grinned at him.

               “Would ya listen to that!  Yer already turnin’ southern!”



November, 1971 – Gumption

               Stan stared at Violynn’s oldest child, a girl named Layla.  She stared back resolutely.

               “Are they havin’ a starin’ contest or somethin’?” one of the older McGucket siblings asked quietly.  Stan was still figuring out how to tell them all apart, but it seemed like it was probably Harper who had spoken.  He was the most talkative.

               “I’m not sure,” someone else said.  “Stan?”  Stan looked up.  It was Angie. She sat down next to him.  “Uh, are ya goin’ to talk to Layla?”

               “Dunno,” Stan said.  Angie cracked a half-smile.

               “At least yer honest.  Stan, ya need to socialize with some folks yer own age, okay?”


               “I know,” Angie said softly.  “But Ma and Pa think it’ll be good fer ya.”  She rubbed Stan’s back in a reassuring manner.  “An’ look at it this way.  Socializin’ don’t always mean talkin’.  Ya can go play with the chickens together, or do some colorin’, or even watch television.”  Someone cleared their throat.  “Okay, Violynn don’t like the last one.  But the first two are options.  Spend some time with Layla.  She’s a sweetie.”  Layla beamed at the compliment.

               “Okay,” Stan mumbled.  

               “Thank ya, Stanley.”  Angie watched Stan stand up, grab Layla’s hand, and lead her back to his room.

               “He’s a bit of an odd duck, ain’t he?” Basstian said idly.  Angie sighed.

               “Don’t act like that, Basstian.  He’s been through a lot.”

               “Yeah, uh, how are we related to him?” Harper asked.  “He doesn’t really look like a Guckling.”

               “He was some sort of cousin, then Ma and Pa adopted him,” Lute replied.

               “Stan is a bit strange though, ya got to admit,” Violynn said gently.  

               “Everyone in our fam’ly is a bit strange,” Lute pointed out.  Violynn smiled.

               “Touché,” she said.  Lute exchanged a look with Angie.  The two youngest McGuckets hadn’t been very pleased with the decision to hide who Stan really was from their older siblings, but they had to admit it was easier than the truth.  

               “Fidds was precocious like that,” Harper said.  “Y’know, kinda mature fer his age an’ all that.  Maybe he’ll be an engineer, too.”

               “I don’t know if bein’ a precocious child means yer destined to be an engineer,” Fiddleford said.  “But I agree that Stan has a lot of potential.”

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