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So, as a lot of you have noticed, this blog isn’t really in use anymore. We don’t want to delete this blog as it has some gems™, but since neither of us really ship ryden or peterick anymore, we don’t really have a use for it

So if you would like to take over this blog, just reply to this post with literally Anything and we’ll randomly pick one in a few days!

Thanks for everything.


kingdomheartsfan234  asked:

1: So who are the (shipping) pairs if there are any? 2: Does everyone know each other's identities?

1. The pairs will probably follow the main fandom pairs - so boyfs, pinkberry, totally bi. Jeremy will still have a crush on Christine etc. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ship anything else!! That’s just what we’re probably going for.

2. only pinkberry are aware of each others identities!

So there are people calling the V route pandering to the fanbase and makes no sense storywise…but like…The Cheritz universe already proper lore of alternate universes and timelines (Dandelion was the first game to go into that). There’s the whole wizard thing going on in their past three games.

Like yeah people wanted a V route, and that probably had some hand in it. But to say that it makes no sense storywise in a game lore thats IMPLICITLY said there are alternate timelines and universe is stretching a biiiit too much…

Finn : a complexe, well-rounded, loveable black character

Hux : a white guy we saw 3 minutes in the movie, who said 3 lines, so 
insignificant I didn’t even remember he was there after seeing the movie 

She’s the betta half of the two


Older Klance? older MARRIED klance (they are like 30ish and still in space)

Mashing up my favorite things: Lance being Allura’s diplomatic ambassador (@worlds-shortest-astronaut) , and in a nice committed relationship between them.

Marichat May Day 25: Akumatized Chat Noir

Im part of the peolpe who believes that instead of transforming a superhero, the akumatization is mostly painful than anything, since it’s another type of magic, corrupted magic, that’s trying to posses the holder.

also i wanted to play with some effects xD

p.s.: never let me look into my other fandoms because i’ll always put a wink to them

The hero and the sharpshooter


Get ready for the #ClexaWeek2017! From February 27th to March 5th each day will have a different theme to celebrate Clexa.

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You can write fanfics, make fanart, edits, aesthetics, gifsets, music, games and whatever the hell you want. If you don’t have any artistic skill, you can even make fic rec lists for each day! You just have to post on the right day and tag it with #ClexaWeek2017, or you can send submissions to @clexaweek2017

For any other info, guidelines, suggestions and to keep up with #ClexaWeek2017, follow @clexaweek2017

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Tell your favorite writers and artists about it, start the preparations. And let’s celebrate everything we love about this ship. One year ago the 3.07 may have happened, but they’ll never take Clexa from us.