and it came to her

Weird day

A lot of Weird Shit™ happened at work yesterday.

1. I have a lady a quarter back in change. She looked at it with disgust and disappointment, and demanded i give her a new one.

2. Area Latino men are confused when I say I am not Latina (I’m a light skinned black person)

3. A nurse from the clinic next door came in for soda and candy. Her total was $6.66. I giggled. She did not.

4. I met two (2) lesbian couples and it made my little gay heart so happy.

5. My co-worker told me the reason people are republican is because they don’t drink enough water. I believe it.


After Mary presented Darnley with his child, she told one of her soldiers: “This is the prince whom I hope shall first unite the two kingdoms of England and Scotland.” A wish that came true. With this speech she had obviously given up her hope to succeed to the throne of her great grandfather, Henry VII.

BuckyNat Week Mini Bang Masterlist

I want to say a big THANK YOU to our 16 teams for this year’s mini bang! Everyone should go check out all of the fics and the artwork, which you can find here: BuckyNat Week 2017 Mini Bang.

as time goes by by  bucksnatalia and art by fontscosplay

Natasha came to in a dirty alleyway, a discarded newspaper beside her. She groaned as she pushed herself to her knees, rubbing the back of her aching neck. How long she’d been knocked out, she had no idea, but she was relieved at least to see a car driving by on the road ahead of her – an old car, but a car nonetheless. At least she hadn’t been shot back to the time of the dinosaurs or anything. 

She reached for the newspaper, scanning it for the date. 

Her eyes widened when she found it; February, 1943. “Shit,” she said under her breath.

SHIELD is once again messing with things it shouldn’t be, and this time, it gets Natasha sucked back into the 1940s.
At least her cute future boyfriend is there to show her around?

Bright Lights, Big City by joerobards and art by dreaminglikeeames

After James died as Captain America, the Winter Soldier and Black Widow have been hard at work. The Zephyr Project was a secret the Red Room had buried deep within James’s head, and uncovering the secrets of it wasn’t going to be easy. Their recent lead has lead them straight to the Los Angeles County Art Museum. Between Breathing lights and the Rain Room, a run in with a few HYDRA agents turns out to be a little more than they had expected.

Dreaming Aloud by eustaciavye28 and art by coffee-your-teapot/loonymoons

Anxiety and grief have their place, Dr. Yelba told him when he broke down in one session. There is no shame in tears, in memories, in feeling. We must find a place to keep them, before they get overwhelming.

Bucky found his peace with Natasha, in ways he never thought he would.

How We Get There by steverogersnotebook and art by lasenbyphoenix

When Bucky needs to get from Chicago to California, Steve remembers Natasha’s dream to drive across country along Historic Route 66. He sets them up for the drive, hoping it will give Bucky the inspiration he needs to move on from the motorcycle hit and run that cost him his arm, and changed his outlook on life. If anything can, he knows that an extended road trip with Natasha who will likely drag Bucky into every tourist trap along the way, just might do the trick.

I Called Him Mine by pastismyown and art by geisterschloesser

Natasha has spent the last few decades mourning the loss of her soul mate, a man who was taken from her before she even knew who he truly was. All of that is about to change.

If Love Wants You: Everything Your Mouth Remembers by blessedharlot and art by falcon-hill

Bucky threw his gaze to the far wall. “If this…” He trailed off and shook his head vigorously. “If this fix doesn’t work, Natalia, I don’t want you here.”

“If this fix doesn’t work,” Nat explained gently, “and I’ve done the triggering…”

She stepped closer to him, close enough that Bucky could feel her body heat radiate across the bare flesh of his arm. He could feel the soft currents of her breath brushing his skin.

She continued. “Then you’re under my control, taking my commands.” Her smile curved further into something mischievous. “I’m good with that scenario,” she whispered. 


It’s post-MCU Civil War, and Bucky has complicated new medical advances and relationships to navigate.

Jigsaw Falling Into Place by lostinastainedglassdaydream and art by mirandaleiggi

Loose ends are something she hates. Amidst everything, it’s one thing she cannot afford.

And the fact there’s multiple ends missing, means she has to take a detour to find them.

Pancakes by yeleenabelovaaa and art by erisandbtheapple

After Natasha drops Bucky off after the events on the moon (BW issue 10 by Waid…), robots attack New York and they struggle to reconnect over the rubble of their relationship.

Paris, 1956 by wikiaddicted723 and art by chichots

The Algerian War spills over the streets of Paris, and the KGB’s best assets have been sent to pour fuel into the fire. Posing as the ideal married couple–young, beautiful, and nauseatingly in love–the Black Widow and the Winter Soldier must prevent the Algerian Peace Envoy from ending the conflict.

Unknown and overlooked in a foreign country, away from the ever-looming threat of their handlers, they take a moment. Resume their affair.

Reason to Hope by bucks-metal-fate and art by yawpkatsi

Over missions together, moments of training and moments of intimacy, Bucky and Natasha work to reacquaint themselves all over again, and while it’s not all smooth sailing, some moments definitely leave behind a reason for both Bucky and Natasha to hope that the life ahead of them is worth all the loss and pain of their pasts.

Remember The Time by kingaofthewoods and art by mushewhosta

What do Michael Jackson, the Lindy Hop, and two Soviet assassins in love have in common? Surprisingly a lot, actually.

A shameless romp through the years, with the King of Pop providing a soundtrack.

Then and Again by drivingdeanwinchester and art by mirandaleiggi

Starting over is often easier said than done, but everything old need not remain that way. Of course, there’s no growing without the growing pains. Thin Mints and Lego bouquets make the process a little more enticing.

Therapy by iheartbuckynat and art by squidfeathersart-blog

As part of his treatment in Wakanda, Bucky undergoes psychotherapy sessions. While trying to unravel the Winter Soldier, he begins to explore a memory of a mysterious woman he knew in the late 1950s.

We’re Both of Us Beneath Our Love by sierranovembr and art by pathulu

Many thought that the saga of James “Bucky” Barnes was over after his explosive exit from the dance scene five years ago. Barnes electrified the community when he became the youngest principal dancer in the history of the American Ballet Theatre at the age of 19. After a shocking injury, he walked out of ABT, turning his back on the company that had nurtured him since he was a boy and giving a series of blistering interviews condemning the company’s treatment of their dancers.

Natasha Romanov left her nest at Moscow’s Bolshoi Ballet at the start of a less controversial journey. She has floated among companies as lightly as she floats though grand jetés on the stage. Though recently she seems to have found a new home at the Royal Ballet, and at Barnes’ side.

Within The Ashes by laurelsalexis and art by karendrawsheeyay

Post-tws. Nothing makes sense with Bucky. He wonders if it’ll ever make sense.

The Wolf and the Sparrow by derriere-extraordinare and art by octozoid

Some people live their whole lives without awakening the magick within them. Natasha and Bucky are not among them.

Nat has been closed off to any relationship ever since the Incident, but when she meets Bucky at her gym and he won’t leave her alone, she can’t help but give into their connection. And it changes everything.

Rhaenys had slept in her bed for months, now. Her little girl had simply climbed in one night, curled up beside her, and snored softly in her sleep. Elia did not begrudge her this; it was not as if Rhaegar would take his place beside her. He had not done so ever since she became with child.

It had hardly been a week since she had given birth to Aegon, in the midst of more agony than Elia had ever known before. Her body was barely strong enough to carry a child, and when it came to birthing the creature, it had felt as if her whole body was going to tear apart. Where women knew sweetness and bliss after such an ordeal, Elia met with fever, anguish, and strife. Some days, she could hardly move from her bed. Others, she managed to sit up. Any more than that, she had not yet accomplished.

It was her sweet girl was who stayed by her side for all those days. Rhaenys would climb into bed and take gentle hold of her hand, asking her all manner of worried questions. “How are you feeling, mama? Is the baby okay, mama? Do you need to sleep, mama?” Elia had tried her best to keep her from worrying. “I’ll be fine, darling. We’re all okay.” She always faced her daughter with a tired smile that Rhaenys returned with much more heart.

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Post Season One Character Analysis: Pearl

The mommiest of Steven’s ‘moms,’ Pearl is a lovable, snooty tooty fresh and fruity little string bean, and she’s also rife with grief, insecurity, and pain. She starts out the season as the know-it-all, stuck-up, careful-to-a-fault archetype and … well, she hasn’t changed that much in those regards. She’s still overbearing on occasion, and still tends to be overprotective of Steven, but she almost always has his best interests at heart. 

We can dive right into the meat of it - Pearl is undeniably in love with the late Rose Quartz. She is still grieving heavily over that loss, and she can’t be blamed - for a being that lives as long as she does, and for one that is nearly immortal, the loss of Rose came out of left-field and left her blind-sided. The ~12 years she’s had to get over Rose has been nothing but the blink of an eye for her, and that wound is still fresh. And raising Steven, taking up the role of mother for him, must be bittersweet - here she is, nurturing the life that Rose left behind, but he’s also a daily reminder of the love she lost to someone else. It’s difficult not to wonder whether Pearl resents Greg, and by extension Steven, for stripping Rose out of her life. 

A common theme throughout the course of the show seems to be insecurity. Pearl, as we saw in “Coach Steven,” has moments of self-doubt, too. At times she doesn’t see herself as capable enough, but as soon as she has someone on the sidelines cheering her on, she has reason to go on. Pearl’s problem is that she can’t find the strength within herself, and needs to look to others for that motivation.

Rose acted as Pearl’s guide and motivation, and without her, Pearl is lost - she doesn’t know up from down, doesn’t know what to do next, and isn’t sure what path to take. She’s lost her place without Rose there to lead her. Pearl was hopelessly devoted to Rose, and without her, she’s lost her purpose.

But Pearl is devoted to other things - she’s devoted to Steven, she’s devoted to her team, and she’s devoted to defending the planet Earth. But why is she devoted to these things? Does she see worth in them for what they are, or she devoted to them because of Rose? Is she a Crystal Gem because she agrees with the values of the team, or because she blindly followed Rose Quartz into a rebellion? Does she protect the Earth because she finds beauty in the organic life it nurtures, or because Rose saw beauty in all living things? Did she agree to raise Steven because she loved him (I’m positive she does now, obviously) or because he’s the last living piece of Rose? Does Pearl still live her life, doing and acting as she does, as tribute to Rose?

We know that Pearl still has a soft spot for Homeworld. She seems to miss the old life she lived there, and wonders how things have gone on without her, which raises questions about just what her role back on Homeworld was. Pearl, as we know, is the brainy one of the bunch - she takes interest in the arts and more “luxurious” endeavors that, in a rigid class-based or caste system, would only be typical of the elite. This, paired with small moments such as the hand ship’s laser going totally off-course and missing Pearl entirely, lead me to believe that Pearl was near the top of whatever sort of society Homeworld subscribes to. Pearls are usually worn and associated with high society, wealth, and affluence - if this is true, it’s no wonder that Pearl misses her life back on Homeworld.

I’m still not sure what to make of Jasper’s “lost, defective Pearl” line. How is she lost? Does she belong to someone, or is someone looking for her? If my theory that Pearl was someone of importance, I suspect the latter. And is she defective because she abandoned her Homeworld and took up arms against them, or because there’s something fundamentally broken about her? Both, maybe? I can’t make any real assumptions on the latter unless we meet another Pearl, but our Pearl seems fine to me with nothing to compare to.

At the end of the day, Pearl is doing the best she can - she loves Steven and she cares for him and his well-being. She’s still fighting for Earth, even if her motivations are a bit cloudy. Moving forward, I hope to see Pearl find motivations within herself, and take the steps to move past Rose. Because she may be neurotic and obsessive, and she may make mistakes from time to time, but this tiny little birb deserves happiness.

Be nice specific with what you want

Today I had this customer email something to get printed off. She emailed a document that was 10-up (10 images/items to a page) with only instructions saying “20 CUT heavy card stock”
I email back asking what she wanted done, 20 of the images or 20 sheets
She comes into the store, saying “Oh. Well I got an email saying it was done”
No lady. You didn’t. I emailed you and asked what you wanted done specifically.
Then when I go to charge her for the business cards that she ended up wanting, she threw a temper tantrum, asked me patronizingly if I was new and having a bad day, then asked my coworker if I was doing my job right. Then gets mad at me even more when my coworker says that I did charge her correctly.

TL;DR- Customer came in, threw a fit when she didn’t get what she wanted, patronized me, and basically called me stupid to a coworker

captain-my-yes  asked:

Can you tell us Aby's new back story? :D

OMG yes! 

So… Aby is a princess from another planet (still need to think about what planet) and she came to Earth undercover to investigate about it since her race was planning to conquer it, but as soon as she stepped into Arashi she was appointed as Mayor. At first she wasn’t really happy about it but little by little she fell in love with this planet and she asked her parents to forget the idea of conquering it. Of course her parents agreed (as they always did, at the end she is their precious little princess) and she stayed in Arashi as Mayor!

That’s it! I’ve been planning to turn Aby into an alien for a long time and finally I created her new backstory! 

A state of


came over her

from the moment he held her in his arms.

He did that to her.

She felt his warmth through his shirt,

his cheek against hers.

One hand on her back

the other in the nape of her neck.

She was home

safe in his arms,


that his sole desire

is their happiness.

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Give Me Love, 15 Sneak Peek

(Coming tomorrow, Monday the 27th)

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

She could see it in his eyes, all the things he was thanking her for. All the love and happiness he held there. All for her. And her own heart ached with it’s own love. All for him.

But despite all the things his eyes were telling her, his voice came out it just a whisper. Saying just a few simple words.

“For being you.”

That fluttery feeling when you realise Natsu technically found Igneel the day he found Lucy. In knowing her he came to know the Heartfilia family, the origin of his scarf and, of course, the truth about Igneel. Without her, they wouldn’t have beaten Tartaros and discovered the dragons. Without Anna, he wouldn’t have the scarf that gave him comfort. He and Lucy have been connected all this time.

Spacesuits and Mando Armor

Okay, I know Star Wars doesn’t stick to real science, but how they hell can Sabine be out in space in just her standard Mando gear? I mean, c’mon…that helmet of hers comes off way too easy. Remember back in Always Two There Are and it just comes off after she gets knocked down?

Yea, there was an explosion, but it came off too easy. Definitely not going to give her the proper pressurization she needs to be out in space. 

Ezra is all sealed up… for more believable.

anonymous asked:

Would you agree that Mikasa is a Mary Sue?

In short: hell to the fucking no

It’s a shame that there’s no proper official definiton of the term, thus this’ll be a bit vague.

It’s true that Mikasa’s physical power doesn’t come exclusively from herself,  her relation to the Ackerman clan plays a big part in that, and it probably would be more believable if Isa had already explored this part of the story, but oh well.  However, Mikasa’s strength doesn’t just come from that. Like the others, she went through years of training, mastering abilities and techniques, and growing even stronger, through hard work, something that came from herself.

And even if her strength wasn’t her own, it still wouldn’t make her a Mary Sue, after all, Mikasa has found herself unable to achieve victory many times. She was unable to rescue Eren from Annie in the forest and would’ve likely been killed if it wasn’t for humanities strongest showing up. During the armored titan fight she wasn’t able to make a difference, and when the SC attempted to rescue Eren from RB in the fields, her physical strength was useless against Reiner, and she even ended up heavily injured and unable to fight even against the mindless smiling titan, spelling her doom if it wasn’t for Eren and Hannes. She was almost shot in the raid on the Reeves company, Bertholdt was able to hold his ground against her in human form in Shiganshina, and her thunderspears were useless against CT. And Hange bested her on the rooftop. Does that sound like a Mary Sue to you? 

Although Mikasa has often relied on her superior physical strength, it has proven to simply be lacking too often. And thats the thing about Attack on Titan: simply being the strongest guy around simply doesn’t cut it. As Eren put it in ch 72, they had to combine their forces in order to truly bring about change.

So please, no one ever call my daughter a Mary Sue again^^ 

This is my thing with Cass and Neda. I love Cass, I do. She was my absolute favorite person in bbcan4, I was such a Cass stan and so disappointed that she didn’t win. The thing about bbcan4 was though, apart from her, Tim, Nikki, Mitch and Ramsey I really did not like the rest of the cast at all, so it was easy to love Cassandra and to root for her. Now that she’s on bbcan5 with very likeable people such as Neda, Sindy, Ika, Kevin, Gary, Dre, Karen, William, and even Demetres, I can see certain aspects of Cass that I don’t really enjoy. She falls behind for me this season because she has this huge ego and weird presence about her that came from the last season claiming she’s better than Neda, should have won the vote over Neda, and claiming that Neda has a pre-season vendetta against her which she didn’t. Neda never once said she was a better player than her, was a huge Cass fan and wanted to work with her and only turned against her when she heard Cassandra say that she wanted to backdoor Neda if she didn’t have immunity. 

Moving forward i’m a 100% Neda stan and will support her through everything and if she needs Cass to go this week to win the game, then she must go. 

how long have you known?

“How long have you known?” Daveed asked as his hands met her stomach. A small kick came from the place where the baby was at. “I mean,” She paused and looked up at you, laying her hand’s on top of his. 

“Six months.” She whispered when his eyes showed he needed answers. Her eyes drifted to look behind him as they let out a sigh at the same moment, his large hand left her belly to touch her face in a soft motion. Her head moved upward once he moved her face upward.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He whispered and studied her eyes. “I told Rafa couple months ago, I begged him to let you have a break.” She mumbled. Daveed let out a huff of air before breathing in the intoxicating fumes that he knew to be the love of his life. “You should have told me…” His voice trailed off leaving them in a short but heavy silence. 

“I’m not sorry,” She whispered and moved so she was looking at his old Oakland shirt. “I knew you wanted to finish the tour,” she said in a soft tone, Daveed spoke up again and closed his eyes as tears filled them.

“The tour’s not done,” he spoke over you. “But I wanted to let you meet son.” she laid her hands on his face before bringing him down to kiss her. Their lips meshing.


This season finale had me tensed up from start to finish and did not disappoint.

But one thing struck my mind soon after it ended.
what about Ashoka?