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Smol (Spideypool Quick Fic)

Okay, so this was just a little idea, and it was supposed to be funny but I literally can’t write these two without at least some feels.

So here ya go. Enjoy some Sundays with Spideypool.

“I have found the perfect word to describe you.” Wade announced, and had to smother a laugh when Peter nearly fell out his bed in shock.

“Wade. It is three in the morning.” Peter flopped back against his pillows with a groan. “My first class is at eight am. What are you doing here?”

“I was in the neighborhood.”

“You are literally never in the neighborhood.” Peter corrected and threw an arm over his eyes. “Say what you need to say, Wade. I’m exhausted. And kind of mad at you. I almost got ran over by a bus today because you somehow manage to be completely distracting while we are working and–

“Okay, you know, my bad about the bus thing.” Wade admitted, but wiggled his (non existent) eyebrows. “But did you die? No, you didn’t. And you know, as thanks for that, the least you could do is invite me into bed so we could snuggle.”

Wade stuck his bottom lip out. “I came all this way and–” he grinned when Peter kicked the blankets down and rolled over to make room. Wade climbed in the twin size bed eagerly, twisting and grumbling and complaining about how small the bed was until Peter lashed out with a hard kick and sent him flying off the bed and into the wall.

“Either get in and shut up, or go away so I can sleep. I have an exam at EIGHT AM!” Peter snapped, and Wade had to hide another laugh.

Even though he had seen Peter’s strength in action many times out on patrol together, it still surprised the hell out of him when Peter used it on him. He outweighed the kid by close to a hundred pounds, and being tossed around like a stuffed animal was both terrifying and a complete turn on.

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Connor Murphy with a Writer S/O Headcanons Part 2

Part 2 to this.

  • Ok, now you two were inseparable. Connor went with you everywhere, and you ditched class with Connor all the time.
  • Connor opened up to you little by little. Even told you that he wanted to do therapy for years, but his parents kept on saying he didn’t need it.
  • You were furious. You helped him as much as you could. Connor began to help himself sometimes, too. It was amazing.
    • “(Y/n)?”
    • “Everything ok, Connor?”
    • “I feel…”
    • He wouldn’t need to say anything else. You’d hug him and kiss him and whisper sweet nothings into his ear.
    • Connor would push you away sometimes too, go silent and just not talk to you.
    • “Connor?”
    • Silence
    • “Superman,” you’d drawl and wrap your arms around his shoulders, “hey, you know you can talk to me about anything, right?”
    • Still silence.
    • “Ok, I’ll be right here when you need me.”
  • Then, you got a job. You wanted the money for yourself, sure, college and publishing and all that, but your main reason was Connor.
  • You emailed a doctor that Connor contacted a long time ago. You explained what was happening to Connor, and that doctor knew a therapist who would give you a discount just for Connor.
    • “Connor?”
    • “Everything ok?”
    • “Perfect, actually. Uh, so I’ve been saving up some money.”
    • “Where are you going with this?”
    • “Well, I know you’ve wanted to go to therapy, and one of the psychologists offered you a discount for sessions.”
    • Connor blinked.
    • You froze, scared you did something wrong. That you were intruding and that Connor didn’t want any therapy anymore.
    • Then, he took you in his arms with tears in his eyes. “Thank you,” he whispered.
    • You could breathe when you heard those words. You hugged him back as he whispered those two words over and over.
  • Twice a week, you and Connor walked to the psychologist’s. You waited inside another room where you could write and read.
  • When Connor missed a session, whether it was because he had a particularly bad day or because his parents forced him to go somewhere, the psychologist gladly moved his appointment and never deprived Connor a session.
  • Both of you still get teased and bullied. It doesn’t get to either of you as much, though. The other was always there.
  • You were a writer, so you developed your own sense of wit when it came to responding to bullying
    • One time, Connor was waiting for you outside of your classroom. Then, some douche decided to confront him. He didn’t insult you, just Connor, so Connor didn’t feel like fighting back.
    • But, when you came out, all hell broke loose. You saw your boyfriend surrounded by idiots, while head idiot was spewing shit about your boyfriend.
    • Some idiots were smart and let you through. Some weren’t so you pushed them out of the way until you were standing in front of Connor. “Shouldn’t you be picking on someone your own, size?”
    • “What, like you?”
    • “Me? I’m too big for you. I mean, you’re what, three inches? Two?” You scoffed. “I mean you’re obviously compensating for… well.” You held up your fingers to demonstrate how small two inches really was.
    • The head idiot was so mad and embarrassed, he couldn’t even think of a good comeback.
    • You grabbed Connor’s hand and pulled him out of the crowd.
    • Connor kinda just stared at you in awe.
    • “What is it, Superman?”
    • He kissed you against the lockers with passion you hadn’t thought possible. When Connor pulled away, he just breathed, “You’re amazing.”
    • You told him. “Learned from the best.”
  • Connor was always honest and blunt, so when it came to responding to bullying…
    • You were in the library. Connor had left to find some more books for research. He had also left with a kiss on your cheek, you know, if you wanted to know.
    • A group of girls came up to you and asked what you were doing.
    • “Some research for my rough draft.”
    • “Rough draft, like a novel?”
    • You nodded with a smile.
    • A guy scoffed. “Right, cause you can write a good novel.”
    • You blinked. “Well, I-”
    • “Is it even good?”
    • “Look at her! She can’t even speak, let alone write.”
    • You were shivering. You couldn’t fight back, not when it was about your writing.
    • “I found the perfect book!” Connor came rushing back, but when he saw the group of kids and your shivering, his smile faded into a scowl. He stomped over to you, wrapped you in his arms, and glared at the kids. “Apologize.”
    • The kids shook in their place. “We d-didn’t do anything. WE just-”
    • “I don’t give a fuck about what you think you didn’t do. Apologize. Now.”
    • “We’re sorry!” They scurried off while Connor gripped your arms and shoulders.
    • Your boyfriend just continued to glare at the spot those kids were standing in before.
    • You pulled on his jacket. “Connor,” you whispered.
    • He pulled away from you and held you by the shoulders. “What did they do? I swear, I will-”
    • “Connor!” You took a deep breath and kissed him lightly. “Thank you.”
    • He laughed. “Anything for you.”
  • I know this is long already, but just imagine the first I love you. It would probably almost a year into the relationship.
  • You’d be writing away at the foot of your bed. Connor would be reading on your bed, because if your significant other’s a writer, you are going to pick up a bit of reading.
    • You were getting some serious writer’s block. Bad writer’s block.
    • After an hour of staring at your rough draft, you threw back your head and groaned. “That’s it. I’m done. I can’t finish this.”
    • Connor peaked over the side of his bed. “What are you whining about?”
    • “This! I can’t finish this. Too complicated. Too many characters and subplots and motifs. What the fuck is a motif anyway?”
    • Connor chuckled. “You know what a motif is, (Y/n)?”
    • You shook your head. “I’m giving up. I can’t finish it. I can’t edit this many words and get it out to the public!”
    • Connor rolled his eyes and flopped back onto his bed. “I know you’re exaggerating.” He held his book above his face and continued to read
    • You humphed and plopped down on the bed. You removed the book from his face. “And how do you know I’m exaggerating?”
    • “Because if you were telling the truth, you wouldn’t be the person I fell in love with.” He went back to his book.
    • It took about five seconds for you to register what just happened.
    • You couldn’t exactly find your voice, so you just sat on the bed staring at the wall because that wonderful, passionate, stubborn guy loves you. And you love him.
    • Connor voices his thoughts. They did not match yours.
    • “I fucked it up, didn’t I?” He pulled at his hair. “Ugh! I’m sorry. I am so sorry. I knew that I was going to mess this up somehow. I’ll just leave. I’m sorry. Of course, I said it too early and I’m too fucking needy.”
    • He continued to ramble as he grabbed some of his stuff and walk to your door.
    • You pulled him back and kissed him. You pushed him against the door and intertwined your fingers with him. You smiled against his lips and kissed him again. You let go of his hands and wrapped your hands in his long hair and pulled him closer.
    • When his hands were free, Connor tried to get the nerve to pull away from you to ask if you were sure about this, but he couldn’t do it. Not when you were pulling him closer and smiling against his lips like that. Just more reasons to love you.
    • He pulled away first with a gasp.
    • You giggled and whispered, “I love you, too, Connor Murphy.”
    • He shook his head. “What did I do to deserve you?”
    • “What did I do to deserve you?” you countered.
  • You meet Mr. and Mrs. Murphy at graduation, and you were not grateful for them. Because Connor had been rubbing off on you, your first impression was everything but traditional.
    • “So you’re (y/n)!”
    • You froze next to Connor. Even he stiffened and pulled you a closer to him.
    • You looked around to make sure everyone around you was occupied with other things before you whipped around and interrogated his parents, “So why’d you ignore Connor when he asked to get therapy?”
    • Mrs. Murphy’s face filled with dread, and Mr. Murphy clenched his jaw.
    • Mr. Murphy let go of his wife and crossed his arms. “I don’t think you have the right to ask such questions, (Y/n).”
    • “Being Connor’s girlfriend for the last two years, I think I have every right.”
    • “Connor doesn’t need therapy,” Mrs. Murphy argued. “He’s fine now.”
    • “He’s fine now because I brought him to fucking therapy,” you stated.
    • Just on time, the psychologist who helped Connor for over a year, and still makes time for him when he needs it, pushed through the crowd to commend you and Connor on your accomplishments.
    • “Doctor, this is Mr. and Mrs. Murphy.”
    • “Ah, your son has made so much progress. I expect big things from Connor.”
    • Connor smiled a little. “Thank you.”
    • The doctor left, and Connor’s parents were speechless.
    • Wanting to shed some light on the situation, Connor explained, “(Y/n) paid for it, so you don’t have to worry about your precious bank account.”
  • Years pass and even though Connor and you go separate ways, your relationship persists.
  • Then, you get your book published with sketches by Connor and a dedication to Connor.
  • Your book gets enough attention that you and Connor are promised a book tour after you graduate college.
    • “What do mean (Y/n)’s late? You’re her agent. Aren’ you supposed to make sure she’s here.”
    • “She called in earlier, Mr. Murphy. Her flight’s been delayed, and she will be a few hours late.”
    • “She’s the fucking author. She can’t be late to her own book tour.” Connor slumped in his seat.
    • Then, hands covered his eyes. And only one person had the guts to do such a thing to Connor Murphy.
    • His lips curled into a smile and let out a laugh. “(y/n), I swear-”
    • “What is that, Superman?”
    • He turned around and kissed you hard while your agent averted her eyes and gave you too a moment.
    • “I missed you,” you murmured against his lips.
    • Connor couldn’t help himself. He kept on kissing you, running his hands up and down your body just to make sure you really were in his arms. “I love you,” he whispered.
    • “I love you, too.”
  • You were dreading the last stop of your book tour. You weren’t sure what you were supposed to do afterwards. Connor had a bright future ahead of him as an aspiring social worker or therapist or psychologist or something like that. You… You weren’t sure what to do with yourself.
  • When the cameras were all gone and the people deserted the bookstore, you took a deep breath and prepared yourself for whatever end was coming.
    • “(Y/n), everything ok?” Connor came up behind you and hugged your waist.
    • You sighed and leaned back into him. “I’m fine.”
    • “I’m calling bullshit.”
    • You laughed. “As you should.” You licked your lips. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do after all this. Most writers have a second profession, but me? I have no clue if that will happen or if I’ll go back to school. I just… I don’t know what I’m supposed to do for the next year or two or forever.” You laughed bitterly. “I don’t know.”
    • Connor rubbed your arms, and you leaned into his warm touch and closed your eyes.
    • Your boyfriend of over six years leaned over and whispered, “Marry me, then.”
    • Your eyes flew open. You turned your head and breathed, “What did you say?”
    • Connor nodded to the space in front of you. You followed his silent instructions and looked in front of you. In Connor’s hand was an open ring box with a diamond ring.
    • You brought a hand to your mouth as tears formed in your eyes.
    • “I do believe,” Connor whispered, “that I asked you to marry me.”
    • Yes. You wanted to say that one word so badly, but with the tears in your eyes and Connor’s warmth around you, you just couldn’t find your voice.
    • Connor backtracked. “If you say no, it’s fine. You have stuff to figure out, so do I. Trust me. I am perfectly happy with just being by your side with no ring or whatever and… Did you just nod?”
    • You nodded again.
    • Connor gasped. “Wait, so you’re saying yes, right? Don’t fuck with me, (Y/n).”
    • You laughed. “Yes! I’m not joking with you. I’m not fucking with you. I am saying yes, and I would love to be your fiancee and get married and get a house and a job and…” You inhaled sharply. “I love you, and I want to be with you, Connor Murphy.”
    • Your fiance beamed and brought you back in his arms for a kiss. “I love you,” he whispered. “I love you.” He kissed your forehead. “I love you.” He kissed your nose. “You and only,” he kissed you again, “you.” He laughed.
    • “Saved me again,” you joked, “my superman.”

It’s sooo long!!! Ah, but I love it so much! It’s so cute!! This is dedicated to all the imagine writers in the DEH fandom. Uh.. trying to think of some off the top of my head. @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou, @pacman-tattoo, @cherrywiness, @let-the-world-pass-by, @indigo-streaks-in-her-hair, and @dear-evan-imagines, thank you for the imagines and headcanons and for being amazing writers that I read constantly. I’ve forgotten a few, but if you have ever tagged anything Connor murphy x reader, I probably read your stuff, so thank you very much.

Also dedicated to my awesome friend, @super-fabulous-killjoy, who introduced me to Dear Evan hansen and got me back into my Broadway obsessions!

Have wonderful day, readers!

I’m here for black girls that do ulzzang makeup and feel insecure because people tell them they’re features aren’t pretty enough.

I’m here for black girls that are emo/scene but are told that they can’t do certain hairstyles because of their hair texture.

I’m here for black girls that love cosplaying but have to deal with people saying they don’t look as attractive as an Asian or white girl.

I’m here for black girls that love kpop and wonder if their favorite idols would ever be attracted to them. 

I’m here for black girls who get ridiculed by other black people for liking things that’s perceived as “white”. 

I’m here for black girls who feel they’re not feminine enough. 

I’m here for black girls that love trap music and get called ratchet despite non black women being accepted.

I’m here for black girls that love to twerk and get called a hoe even though when white women do it, they’re seen as “bad” or “taking charge of their sexuality”.

I’m here for black girls that wear weaves and are accused of self hate because assimilation does NOT = wanting to be white.

I’m here for black girls who love long nails with different colors because you should be able to wear whatever the hell you want.

I’m here for black girls from the hood because there’s nothing wrong with where you came from.

I’m here for black girls that are plus size and feel they’ll never be desired. 

I’m here for black girls with small asses because people love to say you’re not black enough.

I’m here for black girls with big asses because people often fetishize your body.

I’m here for black girls that get picked on by black men.

i’m here for mixed black women who worry they’re never black enough.

I’m here for black girls who feel depressed and don’t love life.

I’m here for black girls who can’t tell their families they’re depressed.

I’m here for black girls who have to hide their emotions in order to not be seen as angry.

I’m here for black girls who grow up thinking their hair isn’t beautiful because it’s not straight or loosely curled.

I’m here for black girls who have trouble accepting their complexion.

I’m here for black girls that are strippers.

I’m here for black girls that are porn stars.

I’m here for black girls that are lesbians.

I’m here for black girls that are bisexual.

I’m here for black girls that are pansexual.

I’m here for black girls that are transgender.

I’m here for black girls that are asexual. 

I’m here for black girls who struggle every day to love themselves, but won’t give up.

I’m here for you all black girls.

I love and respect you all. @baby-macsauce @fedupblackwoman @blackwomenconfessions

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Companions react to Sole wearing their clothes? ;)

(For female companions, it’s female Soles. For male companions it’s male or female Soles ;) )

Cait: Cait strolled out of the bathroom doorway, whistling to herself, only to be stopped in her tracks, naked, to see Sole wearing her corset. She jumps back to safety and tells Sole off for staring at her nips, even though she wasn’t and she shouts at her until they take her stuff off. She isn’t very happy.

Curie: Curie walks out of the bathroom, an old towel tied around her and she looks at Sole wearing her clothes. “Is this, something humans do? Share clothes? I’ve seen Monsieur Deacon do it many a times…”

Paladin Danse: It had only been a quick shower. Him and Sole were on the Prydwen together, and Sole had to ‘attend a meeting’ with Elder Maxson. So to pass the time and freshen up, Danse decided to take a shower. Only to discover that when he came out to go get dressed in his jumpsuit, Sole was wearing it, leaning against the wall. “Soldier… What are you… Doing…”

Deacon: Deacon laughs for a while. Before putting on the exact same outfit that Sole was wearing. “Hey look, we’re twins… A fighting duo. Cool right?”

Hancock: Hancock walks out of the mayor’s office, wearing a tank top after taking a nap for a while and begins to grin when he sees Sole wearing his outfit. “Hey, always knew you’d look good in that…”

MacCready: He gets out of the bath after a five minute soak and reaches for his clothes on the floor. To his surprise, they are nowhere to be seen. Staggering out of the bathroom, he searches the room for anywhere he could have put them before he hears a light cough from the other side of the room. He turns around to see Sole in his clothes, before accidentally swearing and hiding behind a nearby wall, stark naked. “What the frick man? I-I’m freezing!”

Preston Garvey: Preston walks around sleepily, not really remembering what happened the previous night, looking for his clothes that had apparently gone missing. He searches Sanctuary high and low, only in a dressing gown, until he finds Sole spread across the sofa in them in a deep sleep - The hat over their face. He chuckles and decides to leave them there, waiting for them to wake up.

Piper: Piper gets out of the bath, and similarly to MacCready, she realizes that her clothes are no longer on the floor where she put them. She immediately knows that Sole did this. “Blue, you’re so dead when I find you…” she shouts, grabbing a nearby piece of cloth to wrap around herself. She sees Sole dressed in her clothes and simply says ‘Well they don’t look bad on you’, before screaming at her to give them back.

X6-88: “Very funny…” he says, in his normal monotone voice. “Now give them back.”


Strong: Sole grabbed Strong’s armor whilst he wasn’t looking and somehow managed to fit it onto them, despite it being over sized. After Strong came out of his little shack and looked at Sole he laughed and pointed at them.
“Super Mutant armor not for small human! Human looks even more funny than usual…”
Sole pushed the helmet further up their face so they could look up at Strong and frowned. “Thanks pal.”

Nick Valentine: Nick could’ve sworn he put his trench coat down on the arm of the sofa. Where the hell could he have put it? This was specifically the reason why he didn’t take his stuff off for very long - only for a quick wash to get any dirt and grime off of it. It was then that he saw Sole, struggling to untie the coat in a desperate attempt to get it off.
“Kid, what the hell have you done, and why are you wearing my clothes…” Nick says, narrowing his eyes.
“Uh, I can, explain…”

Snowbaz Swimming AU

i know its been literal months but i got a few requests to continue so ive decided to revive this fic

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12


Simon chapter again! (i think im going to alternate): simon’s first swim lesson with baz

Words: 1.1k 

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2. “Oh no!”  “What is it? What happened? Who died?!”  “I think I just felt an emotion!”  “You’ve got to be kidding me…”

22. “So-um- I noticed that you’re kind of…naked… is that intentional, or…?”

33. “Are you fucking insane!? I’m not wearing that.”  “Don’t be fucking rude, it’s part of the mission.”

W/ John Murphy

For: @imaginehuntress

“What?!” You shake your head at Bellamy and Clarke, “I’m not going with Murphy! Hell no.”

You had to negotiate with group of grounders to convince them to become your allies. They helped Murphy when he was banished, and the leader of tribe, Aidan, had taken a liking towards you, “It’s the only way Y/N, you two are the only ones they trust.”

After a bit of convincing, you are standing in the bomb shelter with Murphy, you had stopped to get some supplies before heading to the village. Murphy, came out of the small room, wearing nothing but his boxers.

You look at him, going red, “Murphy, so-um- I noticed that you’re kind of…naked… is that intentional, or…?

“I’m not naked Y/N…”

“You’re almost naked!” You squeak, “But that’s beside the point, why the hell aren’t you wearing any clothes?!”

“I was getting changed, but I took the wrong set of clothes, the ones in there are too small. I came to get the right ones. Speaking of which,” He shamelessly walks across the room and picks up a piece of folded fabric and brings it to you, “I’m going to need you to change into this.”

He unfolds the garment and holds it up. It’s a cropped top, the neckline is incredibly low and it looks as if it’s a size too small. The shirt is a stark difference from what you normally wear, baggy t-shirts, “Are you fucking insane!? I’m not wearing that.” 

Don’t be fucking rude, it’s part of the mission,” He deadpans.

“How?! How will this,” You gesture to the top in disgust, “help with anything?!”

“Aidan, likes you Y/N, and it might be easier to convince him to join our alliance if you look a little more…pleasing,” Your jaw drops repulsively, “Come on Y/N, just put it on!”

You groan and snatch it from his hand; you go into the room to change. You can hear Murphy talking to Bellamy on the radio, but he finished the conversation by the time you walk out. As soon as he looks at you he mutters, “Oh no.

Thinking that he’s referring to his conversation with Bellamy, you get worried, “What is it? What happened? Who died?!

“I think I just felt an emotion!” He finally answers. 

You’ve got to be kidding me…” You say irritably, “Let me guess, that emotion is lust?”

He looks you up and down, “Maybe…”

You growl, “Shut up and get dressed Murphy. I don’t have time for this!”


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“What if they’re hurting her? What if she’s dead?”

Where is she? Fic tag, after 4x12 Daisy’s pov

She’s been searching everywhere for him. His room, the common area, the basement, the lab, the kitchen, the gym, yet she still couldn’t find him. Going into the basement was creepy enough, but seeing the LMD May was jarring. The image made her pause. May laying, unmoving on the gurney. She looked….dead. Daisy shook her head. No, not May. It was just an LMD. It was so difficult staring at that thing and remembering that it wasn’t real. May wasn’t here. They didn’t know where she was. 

Daisy was pleased to find out that Coulson hadn’t been down there, in the basement. That was the second to last place that she thought to look for him. She couldn’t get the memory out of her head. One of Coulson standing in the basement and just silently watching the LMD. That’s what he had been doing a couple of hours ago, which was the last time that she saw him.

Daisy walks down the hallway, finally stopping at her destination. A door. She reaches for the handle, knowing on some level that it would be unlocked, and pushes it open. 

There she sees him, standing in the corner of the room, leaning against the wall. His gaze unfocused. His mind going a mile a minute, lost in thought.
She scans the room. The bed is made. Surprisingly, there are clothes thrown on the comforter. A couple of shirts and some pants that are certainly wrinkled by now. A water bottle and some mugs sitting on the nightstand. A hairbrush, some make up, bottles of lotion, and other containers littering the surface of the dresser. 

It made Daisy want to smile. It reminded her of the one flaw that she had learned about May after they started training together. May was kind of a slob. It was surprising, seeing as every other aspect of May’s life was so precise. May’s room was the one place that always fascinated  Daisy. She always jumped at the chance to peak in here.

Except now. Now, it felt wrong. This room had all of the signs of a life lived. This life that’s been infiltrated by an impostor. These are all of May’s things, but she wasn’t the last person to touch them. Her space had been intruded upon by an imitation. 


Her attention snaps over to Coulson. She focuses on him and what she sees truly worries her. He stares at her in confusion, like he couldn’t figure out how or when she got in here. 

She slowly walks over to him, pulling out the manila folder that she had been carrying under her arm. “Hey,” she greets him softly. “The team raided Radcliffe’s. She wasn’t there. It looks like they packed up and left a while ago.” She hands him the stack of photos that the SHIELD team had taken at Radcliffe’s.  

He begins slowly shuffling through the stack, intently studying the scenes. When he comes to the photo of the closet, she points at it. “This closet. They found some hair. Simmons is testing it now. It was dark, so they don’t think it came from AIDA. There wasn’t any other trace of her." 

Daisy watches helplessly as he stares at the picture of the closet in silence.
The closet is small. She can spot pieces of tube and wiring scattered on the floor. If May had been in that closet, what the hell had they done to her? She can’t imagine what it would take to keep May in a closet that size. They would’ve had to drug her or knock her out. Well, they definitely had to have been drugging her. If they had been keeping her there for a while it was a sure bet that she was drugged. That’s the thing though. The big question on everyone’s mind: how long have they had her? 

She’s broken out of her reverie when she sees a tear drop onto the ink of the photo. It didn’t come from her. Sure, she wanted to cry, but she was feeling more anger than sadness right about now. It was Coulson’s tear. 

She turns her attention to his face. What she sees is a man in tremendous pain. His eyes are watery, barely holding back the stream of tears threatening to fall. She’s never seen him look like this. He is heartbroken. It just finally confirms how much May really means to him.

"I’m so….sorry,” she tells him tentatively. 

“Don’t,” he says, voice breaking. “Please, don’t feel sorry for me.” His head hangs in defeat, not meeting her eyes. 

“Okay,” she whispers, like a child scolded.

They stand in silence for at least 10 minutes. She silently watches him continue to fight the tears in his eyes. Other than his rapid blinking, he leans against the wall like a statue. The picture of the closet gripped tightly in his right hand, resting at his side.

He’s in so much pain. She hopes her presence gives him a little bit of strength, but she doesn’t know. Maybe he wants her to leave him alone. Did he want to breakdown and cry? Was he holding it all in until she left? 

She makes the decision to leave. If he wants her to stay, he’ll ask. She takes one step towards the door when his voice freezes her in place.

“I kissed her,” he confesses. 

Daisy opens her mouth, but doesn’t know what to say. He doesn’t want to hear how sorry she is, but that’s the only thing that she can even think to say. 

“We kissed in the Labyrinth before Sam brought the darkhold out. It was everything I wanted,” he explains further. “How could I not know?” he asks, while shaking his head back and forth. 

“You couldn’t have. Simmons and Fitz said she was an exact copy. She had duplicates of May’s emotions, feelings, thoughts." 

"But I should’ve known. She’s-” he cuts himself off, breath coming out in rapid puffs. His fist darts out and punches the wall. “We don’t even know where she is!" 

She’s barely able to stop herself from jumping in surprise at his sudden movement. She’s never seen him so angry before. He wasn’t like this when Rosalind died nor when Ward betrayed the team. 

"I know how much she means to you.” She pauses, trying to speak calmly, hoping that would help him relax a little. “I love her too." 

The fight immediately deflates out of him. He exhales slowly as his shoulders hunch over. The tense posture that he was exhibiting now gone. He looks up at her with watery eyes. "I keep picturing her screaming in pain. I know it was an LMD, but just seeing her on the ground like that. What if they’re hurting her?”

He’s referring to when she threw LMD May into the bookcase in the Labyrinth earlier. Her bones had cracked. Or no, not bones. Whatever she had in place of bones had snapped. The LMD had screamed out in pain and rolled around on the floor clutching her leg. It was hard to watch.

She knows that he would give anything to be with May right now. “We’ll find her,” she reassures him.

“What if she’s dead?” He asks, hesitantly. 

That question makes her want to throw up. She can’t answer because she doesn’t know. The thought hadn’t even crossed her mind. It’s unimaginable. She can’t even picture a life without May in it. 

She immediately steps over to where he’s standing and hugs him. His body tenses up at first, then his head falls to her shoulder. His arms reluctantly wrap around her, but she knows that he needs this. He needs to get this out. That’s when she feels the wetness soaking into the fabric of her shirt. He’s crying, but silently. 

They’ll find May and she’ll be alive. Because if they don’t, she doesn’t think Coulson will make it through. Her death would completely break him.


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I work in a kids/baby retail shop. There was a kid who came in wearing shoes that were 4 sizes too small. They shoes were stretched as hell and her feet looked a little swollen (omg I was so concerned). Anyways, this mom is so convinced that her daughter's foot is size 9. Like, I even measured her foot to show her. Ma'am, you're buying your 11 year old shoes for a 7 year old. She got so upset with me that she left to sit in the car while her husband got the shoes (he got the right size btw).

That would legit get a 51-A filed on her where I’m from (that’s a report of neglect/abuse)

California King Bed

Tom Hiddleston fic

Part 1: Issues

*A/N: This is a mini sequel to Friend request pending…


External image


She smiled from ear to ear. She hadn’t been truly happy in so long or as long as she could go back to remember. Her hands wrapped around one another. Her eyes closed, feeling the plane descend and touch down on the sunny lit evening of San Diego.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have successfully landed in San Diego, California. You are now free to use your electronic devices. Please stay remained in your seats until the plane has come to a complete stop. Check around your seat for any trash and personal items. From everyone at American Airlines, we thank you for flying with us.”

Aubery rubbed the raised button sized bit of flesh through her freshly dyed tangerine hair. It was a party favor from a car accident nearly a year passed that took a great amount of memories instead of her life but this, San Diego was always a dream she remembered. She was up and out of her seat with her hand clutching her shoulder strap on her bag. Her boots took her forward one step at a time until she ended at the carousel for her luggage.

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 The ending kind of falls off I’m so so tired of looking at this. @klangst-week

Title: I’m just a notch in your bed post (but you’re just a line in a song)
Prompt: Mistake/Faith
Rating: T
Word Count: 825
Warnings: Pining Keith, unrequited love, mentions of sex
Summary: Keith has been many places in the world and he’s never belonged anywhere but beside Lance. Even when it hurts.

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Chloé vs Adrien! Fight! Chapter 5

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4Ao3

Summary: Chloé and Adrien compete for Ladybug’s affection.

Chapter 4: Chloé and Adrien have a Talk.

Adrien was Chat Noir.

Adrien was Chat Noir.

Adrien was Chat Noir.

Adrien was Chat Noir.

No matter what the emphasis, Chloé still couldn’t believe it. But the proof was right in front of her. One second Chat Noir was there and then the next it was Adrien.

She shrieked. That was the only reasonable response to discovering that your best friend was a superhero.

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I'm writing a novel that features faerie culture significantly. Can you give me some tips on different types of fae, the Seelie and Unseelie Court, strengths, weaknesses, etc? Thanks~


  • Fairy/faerie/faery
  • Fae/fey/fay
  • Sidhe
  • Wee Folk
  • Fair Folk
  • Good Folk

There isn’t a cut and dried definition of “fairy”. In some places, fairy refers to an ethereal, human-like creature with no empathy. In others, fairy is a catch-all term that encompasses trolls, goblins, banshees, gnomes, brownies, dryads, leprechauns, redcaps, buccas, elves, mermaids, trolls, and others. 

For the sake of simplicity, this article is about the former definition, although you can certainly work the latter definition into your world; I’ve read several books that use the all-encompassing definition to great effect (psst read The Dresden Files psst). 

Origin, Appearance, and Powers

Fairies supposedly kept the wild places in the world before humanity entered the picture. Humanity defeated or warded them away with iron, so the fairies became weaker, but still a force to be reckoned with. In some tales, they live on Earth. In others, they live in another plane or dimension that humans can rarely enter. Tales of fairies also came from religions predating Christianity. Fairies differ in their description: sometimes they are dead, gods, demigods, spirits, or halfway-fallen angels. Many sources believe fairies traded their souls to the Devil in return for their powers, making fairies as a whole soulless. Christian scholars also classified fairies as “too good for Hell, too bad for Heaven”.

The first fairies appearing in folklore resembled contemporary versions of elves more than Tinker Bell: tall, beautiful, and even angelic-seeming. The first descriptions of trolls - classified as a kind of fairy - named them as short and wizened. Small fairies often appear in folklore, their size ranging from minuscule to that of a human child. The earliest fairies did not have wings, although they could fly with magic. Small fairies sometimes rode birds.

Fairies had the power to fly, cast spells, and foresee the future. They also had the ability to cast powerful glamours or illusions that could trick mortal minds into seeing anything.


Seelie Court

Seelie fairies will seek help from humans and return human kindness with that of their own. They play lighthearted pranks and quickly forget their sorrows. They will not show remorse when they realize the negative effects of their machinations. Seelie appear most often near twilight.  You must offend them to bring down their wrath. Seelie are the nicer of the two fairies. They are also called “The Golden Ones” and “The Light Court”. The Seelie Court is closely associated with spring and summer.

Unseelie Court

The Unseelie appear at night as a group. They attack anyone they come across, often by carrying them through the air, beating them, and forcing the them to kill cattle. Some Unseelie can be fond of a human who respects Unseelie culture. However, this human ends up as a pet rather than a friend. The Unseelie Court is closely associated with winter and autumn.


Iron burns them. Rowan repels them. Fairies must keep promises they repeat three times (or just promises they make). 

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A Lamb Among Wolves Ch:19

Chapter Nineteen: Watchful Eyes

Dawn wasn’t sure exactly how much time had gone by since the horrible scene Vernon’s ex-mate had pulled the pair into. It could have been an hour, maybe and hour and a half or even longer judging by the way the sun was now settled in the sky. But to Dawn it had felt considerably longer. The whole affair had left the ewe twisted up inside, souring her stomach and sending her mind into overdrive with all sorts of terrible thoughts. Despite Vernon’s assurance to the contrary, Dawn knew better when it came to politicians and what they were capable of. She had been inside the political scene long enough to see the way ‘distinguished’ mammals exerted power over the small. Hell she had experienced it first hoof, although she hadn’t realized at the time that it had nothing to do with size or species, merely the nature of power itself. With the right 'say-so’ to the proper connection, a mammal could find his or herself without a job, homeless or worse depending on just how petty and corrupt a politician was. She knew it because she had been in the same position, and she had nearly lost herself over nothing more than petty, misguided revenge.

But Vernon seemed to believe that they were more than safe. After all what could Kendrick really do? They knew the Mayor of Zootopia, and he was nothing more than a glorified secretary to the Meadowlands representative. By virtue of hierarchy, anything the wolf could try to do could see him and Damon Ruddy absolutely destroyed by Mayor Snow. Still, the last thing Dawn wanted was to have to call in a favor, to have anything to do with political affairs ever again if she could help it. But, despite Vernon’s every attempt to ease her fears, she couldn’t get the knots out of her stomachs.

Dawn had remained largely quiet since the terrible scene the she-wolf had caused, her responses minimal and brief. The ewe had tried to press on like nothing had happened, but the mood had ultimately soured. On top of worrying about Loupon’s connections, the fight and subsequent silence had caused the ewe to become hyper aware of her surroundings. Suddenly she seemed to notice a great number of mammals staring at the pair as they walked about the fair, boarded various rides and attempted to pick up where they left off on their romantic day out.

Glowering disapproving faces, disgusted sneers, Mother’s with children giving the two a suspiciously wide berth as they passed. Dawn wasn’t sure if she had been oblivious to it before the fight because of the fun the couple had been having, or if it had only started to pick up after the debacle that was confronting Windpaw. A part of Dawn felt that the number of judgmental stares was on the rise, but she couldn’t be sure if it was just paranoia or fact. In the state she was in every face was starting to seem cruel to the timid ewe.

“Alright, I’ve had enough of this.” Vernon suddenly interrupted, pulling Dawn away from thoughts as he stopped the couple in their tracks.

“W-what?” Dawn asked.

Vernon let out a tired sigh, wiping a paw over his eyes.

“Dawn, I can tell that Loupon fella is still buggin’ you.” Vernon said. “It’s been two hours and we’ve barely been talking.”

“O-oh no Vernon, I-”

“Dawn.” Vernon shook his head. “C'mon, between the two of us we’re constantly talking. You can’t tell me you ain’t had anything on yer mind for two hours other than which rides to go on, and games to play.”

“You didn’t say anything either.” Dawn muttered, looking down at the ground. The ewe lamely kicked away a small rock.

“That’s because I was giving you time.” Vernon replied. “I wanted you to talk about it when you were ready. But I think two hours is a bit much Darlin’.”

Dawn let out a sigh, adjusting her glasses before looking back up at the wolf. Vernon’s ears were sagging as he eyed her in concern.

“T-there’s no point.” Dawn said. “ I mean, it’s just the same thing as before, and I already know what you are going to say about Loupon’s threat.”

“Alright, if that’s the case then think of something else to talk about.” Vernon rubbed his temple. “I mean, you ain’t going to get it out of your head if you don’t change the subject Honey Lamb.”

Vernon was right, with nothing else to think about the ewe had little to distract her from what Loupon had said, and the implications it could carry for them. At the rate she had been going she was set to sulk the rest of the day for something that probably wouldn’t even come right away, or possibly had simply been bluster. It was another two days before they’d be back in Zootopia, and any problems at that point would be far out of reach of the Meadowlands seat of power. If she didn’t try to at least push it out of her mind for a little while, it was set to spoil the rest of their date. But Dawn could barely think of much else to talk about.

“W-well what should I talk about?” Dawn asked timidly.

“Whatever ya want Darlin’.” Vernon replied. “Just talk to me.” The wolf offered a meek smile, and despite Dawn’s mood, she couldn’t help but feel a smile creeping up on her own muzzle.

“O-okay, okay.” Dawn replied. “But can we get back to walking? I think it will help get my mind working again.”

“Just as long as it ain’t about Loupon, sure.” Vernon chuckled.

In truth the reason Dawn wanted to get moving again had nothing to do with jogging her mind. It was a response to the creeping paranoia, the feeling of being stared at and watched. The longer they stood still, the more eyes would certainly be fixed on them, and it was a feeling the ewe was eager to push away. But as they made their way back into the crowds, something did come back to Dawn. It was something Vernon had said to Ana that struck her as odd, something she wasn’t sure she had heard correctly.

“Vernon?” Dawn asked.

“Mhh?” The wolf replied.

“When you and Ana were fighti-”

“Oh Dawn, come on, I just want to forg-”

“No-no!” Dawn released her grip on Vernon’s paw, placing her hooves up defensively. “It’s not about the fight itself. I was just curious about something the both of you said.”

“Ugh…” The wolf grumbled, running a paw through the tuft of hair on his head. “Alright shoot.”

“W-well.” Dawn awkwardly twisted a hoof in the dirt. “You and Ana both said something about omega wolves not having last names?”

“Oh.” Vernon seemed somewhat relieved, his brow un-furrowing in response to her question. “That.”

“Y-yes.” Dawn replied. “I don’t remember us covering that in the notes, and it seems rather important.”

Vernon let out a long sigh, scratching the back of his neck as he seemingly worked out his reply in his head.

“Welp…it’s pretty simple I guess.” Vernon shrugged. “Omega wolves weren’t considered part of the pack anymore, and since a last name in native circles refers to what pack you are in, it’s essentially revoked when they kick you out.”

Dawn scratched her chin as she considered what Vernon said.

“Ah, so when Ana called you 'Vernon no last name given?’

“She was hoping my family disowned me. Even though we don’t practice most native wolf things.” Vernon grumbled.

“But how did you know Ana’s real name then?” Dawn asked. “I mean the non-native one.”

Vernon scratched the back of his head awkwardly, his muzzle lips curling around his teeth slightly.

“W-well I was her first real 'mate’.” Vernon rolled his eyes, seemingly searching through his memories. “ And at the start of our relationship she was still figuring out exactly who she wanted to be. So I ended up learning a lot about her 'actual’ family that way.”

“I guess that’s why she’s always made it a point of putting me down whenever she saw me. Trying to pressure me into keeping my muzzle shut about her past, since I was one of the few who knew.” Vernon shrugged.

“Not the best way to force someone to keep a secret I should think.” Dawn replied.

“Well it’s not like it did much persuading.” Vernon chuckled. “I usually just kept my trap shut because I didn’t want to stoop to her level. It’s not like I hadn’t heard it all already, it was just quicker to let her tire herself out and move on.” The wolf sighed.

“So you never brought it up before?” Dawn asked. “Then why now?”

Vernon glanced back at the ewe, flashing her a meek smile.

“Because making fun of me is one thing, I won’t stand fer her tearin’ apart my mate.” Vernon shook his head tersely.

Dawn blushed fiercely, placing a hoof over her muzzle in a poor effort to cover it up.

“Now I know yer gonna tell me how you don’t 'need’ me defendin’ you, but I-”

“N-no Vernon.” Dawn stuttered, squeezing his paw affectionately. “I-I understand Puppy. I know you care about me…”

Vernon blushed slightly. “T-that’s puttin’ it lightly.” The wolf chuckled.

“And I’m sure just seeing Ana had you on edge.” Dawn added.

Vernon let out a snort. “Among other things…” The wolf replied.

“Y-you mean like the re-union?” Dawn replied.

The wolf let out a sigh, turning his head away from the ewe and back toward the crowd.

“Let’s talk about somethin’ else Honey Lamb.” Vernon said. “Preferably not about Ana or the re-union. Remember, we’re trying to have fun here! To get our mind off the messier things fer now!” The wolf emphasized, evidently eager to change the subject.

“Oh.” Dawn said disappointedly. It was clear she had touched another sore spot. She could tell there was more going on to Vernon’s feelings about the whole affair regarding his brothers and Father, but for now he had elected to keep silent about it. Dawn had only really known Vernon for six months, but in that time she had learned it was best to let him open up to her on his own terms. The wolf wasn’t the type to want to burden others with his problems, especially not those he was closest to. And Dawn being his mate usually meant he was most reluctantly to talk about that sort of thing unless it was dire. If it did come to that, she would have to put her hoof down, much as he had earlier with her feelings about Loupon’s threat.

Dawn went back to examining Ana and Vernon’s exchange in her head, looking to glean more useful from her chattering about native traditions. Dawn shuddered as she recalled Ana’s 'mutton’ comment, praying in that moment that Vernon had been right about the she-wolf not being allowed on any tribal hunts. The ewe preferred to believe she was trying to put the scare into her, and that there weren’t actually packs that still partook of such terrible practice despite the rumors. At the very least Dawn would be able to sleep at night if she saw it that way.

“Vernon?” Dawn asked, suddenly remembering another tidbit from his rant.

“Hmm?” He replied.

“You said your grandmother gave up her pack name? Right? So she wasn’t an omega?” Dawn asked curiously.

“Naw, she was just sick of pack life. At least that’s what Ma used to say.” Vernon replied.

“S-so what? She just left forever?” Dawn continued her volley of questions.

Vernon let out another sigh. “Well, yes. Ya’ see you can choose to expel yourself from a pack when it comes to native bloods.”

“What?” Dawn was slightly surprised. “I don’t think I fully understand.”

The wolf came to a stop. Turning to face Dawn, Vernon Crouched down to her level, placing a paw to his chin.

“Well, if you don’t see eye to eye with your pack for whatever the reason, you can choose to be an omega more or less.” The wolf mused. “O'course doing something like that means you can never go back. Yer essentially walking away from your family, from everyone related to you.”

“Oh that’s awful!” Dawn said, clasping her hooves to her muzzle. “Your poor grandmother!”

Vernon chuckled. “Ah, she was all right. If she hadn’t done that she would have never been with my grandpa.” Vernon slowly rose to his feet, but not before giving the ewe a playful pat on the head. “Even if he had lived near her on the west coast, she’d never get permission to tithe a civilized mammal. So she made her own family to replace the one she lost.”

“Still though…” Dawn muttered. “I don’t know if I could make such a life changing decision like that.” The ewe smiled up at Vernon. “She sounds like she was really brave.”

In that moment the wolf seemed to look troubled, his eyebrows pursing as he stared off and away from Dawn. “Yeah…” The wolf trailed off. “ She was.”

Vernon was silent for a moment before his attention snapped back to Dawn. “T-then again, you almost killed yerself to save me.” Vernon flashed the ewe an awkward smile. “I’d say that’s pretty brave.”

Dawn felt the heat rush to her cheeks and desperately tried to hide the growing blush with her hooves.

“Vernon! Stop!” she whined playfully as the wolf laughed.

“I’m going to kill you now though.” Dawn said between her own giggling.

“Oh?” Vernon crooked and eyebrow. “Why’s that?’

Dawn gave the wolf a playful slap. "Because now I have to redo that whole native wolf chapter! I can’t leave the name thing out!” She laughed.

Vernon’s ears drooped slightly.

“Aw my bad Honey Lamb, I just forgot is all!” Vernon whined. Dawn watched as the wolf got down on his knees and clasped his paws together. Vernon shook his paws as his face twisted into mock terror.

“P-please spare me Floofs!” Vernon said dramatically, wringing his paws.

Dawn tried to play along, but she couldn’t keep the laughter from breaking through her fake stern tone.

“W-well maybe you can make it up to me.” Dawn grinned. “But how?”

With that, Dawn found herself pulled into the wolf’s arms, and soon enough she was back atop his shoulders. Dawn was still giggling madly, but swatted at the wolf’s head a few times as she scolded him.

“VERNON! I told you to warn me!” Dawn laughed.

“I’d say now is the perfect time to hit the Tunnel of Love, wouldn’t you say?” Vernon grinned up at the ewe.

Dawn blushed slightly as her laughter waned and a long involuntary 'Awwwww’ escaped her lips. The blush grew redder as the ewe managed to give a meek affirmative nod, which only served to widen Vernon’s grin.

“O-okay, I’m ready.” Dawn stammered.

“Great!” Vernon barked.

Placing a paw above his eyes, the wolf began to scout the fair grounds. It only took him a few seconds before he found what he was looking for.

“And there it is! Looks like the lines pretty short too!” The wolf chirped.

“Are we that close?” Dawn asked, placing a hoof above her face in an effort to spot the ride herself. “That’s lucky.”

“Actually I started heading for it minutes ago.” Vernon chuckled. “I was waiting for the right time to spring it on you.”

Dawn gave the wolf another playful slap.

“Bad Puppy!” Dawn said with a laugh.

“Mean sheep!” The wolf fired back with a laugh.

It had only been a short walk before the ride came into Dawn’s line of sight. It was dressed up much in the same way as the others, carved polished wood statuettes drenched in harvest hues. The main hardwood banner was emblazoned with the words “Lazy Lover’s Lagoon.”, surrounded by a swath of embossed hearts as it hung over the entrance to the tunnel itself. Flanked on either side of the banner were cute cartoon sheep, one with a bow and the other a top hat, nuzzling each other affectionately. In the waters below, a gaggle of boats styled after various different mammals lie in wait for passengers, bobbing gently with the ripples on the mammal made canal’s surface. As they arrived she could see a pair of bunnies leaving port, snuggling up to one another as their boat drifted into the dark interior of the tunnel, as well as the three couples waiting before themselves. A pair of foxes, another set of rabbits, and a sheep and goat stood waiting to board as Vernon took his place in line with Dawn still riding atop him.

The attention was almost immediate to Dawn. As soon as the wolf took his place in line, the ewe watched all three couples turn to look back at them. The foxes did a double take, before keeping their backs sharply turned away. The pair of rabbits looked shocked before quickly hiding their faces, although Dawn could tell they were whispering in secret. And while the goat had only briefly glanced at them with vague disinterest, the ewe he was with stared at them curiously.

And worse yet, she continued to ogle Dawn, instead of following the proper social etiquette of looking away before you’ve been seen. Dawn could feel her stomach begin to burn as the sheep stared at her. She was certain the mammal was going to say something.

“Edna…” The goat muttered, giving the sheep a terse pull by the arm. It broke the stare, and shortly after the ewe turned away from them. An involuntary sigh of relief escaped Dawn’s muzzle as the crisis seemed averted.

“You’re up!” The ride operator instructed the foxes, ushering them aboard the nearest vessel. Within a few moments, the pair were ushered into the dark tunnel. Dawn watched as the tod and vixen intertwined their tails, leaning against one another as they dissipated into the darkness. Despite their previous stare, Dawn couldn’t help but smile at the intimate expression of love.

“Excuse me?”

Dawn felt a lump form in her throat as she turned her attention toward the voice only to find the same ewe was staring at them.

“Are you two going to ride together?” The ewe asked, brushing aside the drape of wool that hung partially over one of her azure eyes. The ewe was a bit larger than Dawn, dressed in an orange and deep red skirt and blouse that more or less matched the fall scenery around them. The sheep seemed to bounce slightly in her step, evidently excited, although for what reason Dawn was unsure. She could only hope it was just for the ride itself.

Dawn could feel the wolf below her muscles starting to tense up.

“We are.” Vernon replied calmly.

Now the goat was looking over his shoulder, a clear look of nervousness crossing his face. Dawn could see him run a hoof up one of his horns as he muttered something to himself. The strange ewe looked at her feet briefly before looking back up at the pair and cocking her head.

“Like as friends or…” She trailed off, playing with her hooves idly as she seemingly tried to skirt what she was getting at.

“She’s my mate!” Vernon said firmly. Despite not being able to hear it, Dawn could feel a growl rumbling inside the wolf’s frame. It was deep and low, something only detectable due to the fact that she was touching him.

“C'mon Edna, leave 'em alone!” The billy chided, pulling the ewe back around. “Gods know we got our own problems.” Dawn could hear him mumble.

“Rabbits up!” The operator said, loading the small rabbits onto the next available ferry. An awkward silence now hung in the air as Dawn watched the couple follow after the foxes before them.

“Y'know I think that’s really brave.” The ewe had spun back around, offering a meek smile up at Dawn.

“I-” Vernon’s voice was loud for just a moment before he seemed to realize just what the sheep had said. Dawn could feel his stance soften dramatically, as if the simple comment had sent shockwaves through him. Dawn was also equally surprised, nearly falling off the wolf as she registered what the sheep had said. The last thing she had expected was unsolicited praise from a stranger.

“I-I, uh…thanks?” Vernon sputtered.

“You were so firm, you didn’t even hesitate.” the ewe continued. “ You weren’t ashamed, you were proud of it, I mean of being mates. That’s beautiful.” Edna smiled widely.

“O-oh.” Dawn murmured. “I-I honestly wasn’t expecting that.” Dawn said, trying her best to smile back at the ewe below.

“You we’re expecting us to make fun of you?” The goat let out an annoyed sigh, turning to face the towering pair. The blue eyed billy was clad in more muted attire than his date, wearing a simple green sweater and brown pants with darker stitched patches over the knees. His horns were tightly spiraled on either side of his head, and as well maintained as his long goat beard. He briefly stroked it as he eyed the couple. “Like we’re in a position to judge what’s natural?” He shrugged.

“Well, usually when people feel the need to speak up it’s generally-” Vernon trailed off.

“Disgust, yeah I understand. Trust me, Edna and I get nothing but that kind of stuff from our parents.” The goat rolled his eyes. “I can’t even imagine what kind of fresh hell the two of you go through on a daily basis with the stigma that’s follows a pred/prey couple around.” The goat chuckled.

“Heh, well I…” Vernon ran a paw through his hair tuft, briefly touching Dawn in the process. The wolf paused for a moment, allowing Dawn to place her hoof on his paw and squeeze it. Vernon glanced up at her, flashing a brief smile before turning his attention back to the couple below. “Thank you.”

Vernon extended his paw to the goat, which the goat took in kind.

“Vernon Hunter” The wolf stated, voice rising pleasantly as he shook the goat’s hoof.

“Alex Frisa.” The goat replied with a laugh before wrapping a hoof around the ewe next to him. Pulling the sheep into a side hug, the goat continued. “And this nosy little ewe is Edna McCalli. My mate.”

“S-sorry.” The ewe gave the pair a meek grin as the goat squeezed her face up against his own.

“I-it’s fine.” Vernon replied. “You folks are more pleasant than most strangers we talk to.”

The ewe let out a giggle before turning her attention to Dawn’s lofty seat. “And you are?”

Dawn froze for a moment, shrinking back low against Vernon’s head as the pair looked up at her expectantly. The ewe wasn’t sure how to proceed. While the couple was nice enough to have been receptive to their unconventional relationship, Dawn’s identity was something else, and she was somewhat afraid her name alone would dispel the good will the strangers had bestowed upon them. While she was never ashamed in the slightest when it came to her relationship with the massive wolf she sat atop, the name that followed her still carried with it some feeling of disgrace and humiliation.

“This is Dawn Bellwether.” Vernon said proudly, stealing the ewe’s chance at lying away from her. Dawn continued to slink against the back of the wolf, so much so she could barely see the couple over Vernon’s hairline.

“Oh, you are that Vernon and Dawn! From the 'Zootopia’s Last Night’ plot!” Edna chirped. “So you are an item!” The lamb cooed.

Dawn let out another sigh of relief as she clambered back to her previous position.

“Ah, so the rumors were true.” The goat laughed. “Well good for you. It must help your relationship to have most of the city rooting for you, right?”

“You’d think so.” Dawn let out a weak, albeit relieved chuckle.

“Next!” Called the ride operator.

“Well looks like we’re up, it’s been nice chatting with you.” Alex gave a polite bow of the head before turning towards the ride ramp.

“Same.” replied Vernon.

As Edna followed, she glanced back at the couple, offering a bright smile.

“I hope you have fun on the ride!” She chirped.

Dawn offered a polite wave as the two were loaded onto the next boat, and with the couple out of the way Vernon made his way up to the gate.

As the ride operator started Alex and Edna’s boat off toward the tunnel, he turned back toward the entrance and for the first time Dawn could clearly see him. It was an old billy goat, horns long and worn. His facial fur was a bit on the disheveled side, and his pinstriped red and orange ride operator vest had seen better days. But was the most striking feature about the old billy was that he was clearly blind in his right eye. It’s blue iris faded and covered in a milky film as it wandered up and to the left of his sightline. The other piercing icy blue eye was now levied at the couple, and Dawn watched as the goats lip curled into a sneer.

Dawn felt her heart slip into her throat as Vernon continued his march toward the gate. But as soon as he was mere inches from it, the old goat snapped a hoof between them and the marked entrance.

“Now hold on second there.” The goat grumbled. “What is this supposed to be?”

Dawn gulped, glancing at the boat now making it’s way into the darkened tunnel. The ewe could see one last glimpse of Edna, now looking back toward Dawn with a concerned look on her face before they were enveloped by darkness.

“What is THAT supposed to mean?” Vernon huffed. His muscles immediately tensed again.

“This rides a couples ride.” The goat said dully as he chewed on some unknown substance.

“And…?” The wolf gestured between himself and the ewe on his shoulders.

The goat spat in a nearby bucket, before continuing to chew. “REAL couples.”

Dawn could feel a rising growl return to Vernon’s throat. “WE. ARE. A. REAL. COUPLE.” Vernon stated, each word more emphatically than the last.

Dawn could feel herself slipping down his back again.

The old goat cocked his head, seemingly trying to stare them down with his bad eye despite the fact that it was clearly useless. It was only now that Dawn noticed the scar that ran on the outer lid, denoting the injury could have only been inflicted by another mammal. Perhaps it was his way of intimidating them, and in Dawn’s case it was definitely working.

His silent stare lingered for what seemed like forever, leaving the ambience of the crowds of fair-goers to fill the void. Of course it didn’t last forever, and the sudden uproarious laugh that cut through the previously low sound of the Harvest Festival made the ewe nearly jump out of her wool.

The old goat was practically choking with laughter. At one point bending to place a hoof on his knee as he tried to catch his breath.

“Woah nelly!” The goat wheezed, wiping a tear from his eye. “It’s been a good long while since I had a laugh so good.” The old goat grasped the nearby gate and braced himself, and for a moment Dawn hoped the goat had simply been teasing them, and was going to let them in.

But as his laugh subsided, he’s face slipped back into a cold, stern seriousness as he stared back up at Dawn. The goat grimaced as he eyed her suspiciously.

“Darlin’ you need me to get an officer?” The goat asked, stroking his beard. “This wolf holding you against your will?”

“Excuse me!?” Vernon huffed. Dawn could feel the wolf take in a large breath of air, causing her to rise slightly. She could tell Vernon was readying to slip into intimidation mode.

“Well I figure that’s the only reason a little ewe like that would go along with you calling her yer mate. She’s prob'ly scared.” The goat grinned before spitting into the bucket. “Ya’ll can’t expect me to believe-”

“We’re together.” Dawn stated firmly, doing her best to diffuse the situation. While the whole confrontation made her nervous, she knew she had to sound firm. Any wavering in her reply would only lead the goat to believe his suspicions to be true. “Vernon is my mate!”

The goat looked back at her first in slight shock, but then his muzzle twisted in disgust.

“So can we get on already or what!? Vernon glowered.

The goat moved his hoof down to the latch of the gate. But instead of lifting it and allowing the couple to pass, the old billy pressed the locking mechanism back into place.

"Not on my ride, not while I’m here.” He grinned smugly at the couple.

“You can’t be SERIOUS!” Vernon snarled.

The old goat crossed his arms, spitting another black gob of tobacco into the bucket near the ride controls.

“You can’t be serious!” He retorted. “Walking around the way ya all are, proud of yer crimes against nature.” The goat shook his head. “Well I ain’t keeping my maw shut and looking the other way. I’m callin’ it like I see it.” Stabbing a hoof up at the sign over the tunnel, the goat continued. “This ride is fer celebrating mates, not filthy perverted prey-chasin’ fetishists like yerself!”

Vernon took a steep forward as he began to loom over the disabled goat.

“How DARE YOU!” Vernon growled. “WHY I-”

“Oh I’m sorry.” The goat placed a hoof to his muzzle, shaking his head dismissively. “What do they call ya’ll-” He gestured up to Dawn, scratching his beard for a moment. “Ah yeah, pred-baiters!” He sneered.

Dawn grimaced sharply, a feeling of nausea starting to overtake her. Worse yet, the conversation was getting louder, and with it returned the feeling of eyes boring into the ewe. Dawn glanced around briefly, noting the few fairgoers who had stopped to watch the spectacle. If someone didn’t step in to stop this soon, it would just be another debacle like the Windpaw fight just hours before, and that was the last thing she wanted at this point.

“We AIN’T NO FETISHISTS!” Vernon barked, taking another step. The ewe could feel herself rising as the wolf raised his shoulders in an attempt to intimidate the bigoted old goat. “WE LOVE EACHOTHER, NOW DO YER JOB, SHUT YER YAP, AND LET US ON!”

The old goat took a step forward, squaring his own shoulders as he stared up at the couple. It was clear he was staring Vernon in the eyes as best he could.

“Pft, that ain’t love. Yer just another pred preying on the small and meek fer yer own sick pleasures.” The goat spat at the floor, leaving a tarry dab at his feet. “Or maybe yer gal gets her rocks off to the fear of being with a pred? Maybe she thinks she’s making up for pred discrimination somehow by bein’ with you? A bit of sheep guilt?”

“Why you son of a-”

“Vernon don’t.” dawn tugged at the wolf’s fur, trying to grab his attention as the number of mammals looking their way increased. The wolf glanced back at her briefly, ears drooping for a moment before turning back to the goat. Vernon seemed to slacken his stance slightly, seemingly trying to calm himself.

“You let that last couple go!” Vernon lowered his voice somewhat, the wolf evidently trying to restrain himself. “You can’t tell me a goat and a sheep is normal either!”

The goat hacked another slick, black loogey in the nearby bucket.

“More normal than the two of ya’ll!” The goat hissed. “At least it’s prey stickin’ with prey. Not some some affront to the very natural order on every darn level!”

“Are you kidding me!?” Vernon sputtered.

The goat gestured toward the dark tunnel angrily. “It’s my fault society has come to accept even that kind of thing! Mammals like me stood by for far too long thinkin’ common sense would prevail! But nowadays nearly no one bats an eye! But with ya’ll two, I’m puttin’ my hoof down!”

“This is discrimination!” Dawn said firmly. “We’ll go to your bo-”

The goat let out a barking laugh.

“Unlike those two before ya’ll the public is still mostly on my side when it comes to couples like ’you.’ The ram gestured toward them as he emphasized the word. "I ain’t puttin my job at risk for tellin’ you two to scat.” A mischievous grin crossed his muzzle as his tone grew more jovial. “If anything, I’m keepin’ ya’ll from disturbing the other decent mammal’s good times.”

Vernon let out a loud snarl, his posture returning to it’s previous looming position. The wolf had snapped to it so quickly that Dawn had nearly lost her grip and fell off of him.


More eyes, more glares. Another terrible scene taking place. It wasn’t worth it to Dawn, not for something as silly as a ride. It was time to stop. Dawn began to gently tug at the fur on Vernon’s neck.

“Vernon, stop.”

“Pft, you try and I’ll get the sheriff. The recruitment stand ain’t far from here.” The goat let out a quiet chuckle.

Despite the gentle tugging, Vernon seemed to ignore her. Instead the wolf let out a loud laugh.

“Try it buddy! My Pa is the sheriff!” Vernon sneered. “"Who’s he gonna believe!?”

“Vernon, that’s enough.” Dawn pleaded.

The goat shook his head dismissively. “That may have worked if it was just me big fella.” The goat grinned. “But how may witnesses are gonna see you strike first? They’ll see the big bad wolf harassing an innocent old prey mammal who can’t defend himself!” He laughed. “No amount of friends in high places is gonna get you outta that.”


           "VERNON!“ Dawn yelled in the wolf’s ear, tugging harshly at his neck.

The wolf winced, turning to the ewe in shock.

"Dawn!? What!?” The wolf asked in confusion.

“I want to leave.” Dawn muttered.

The wolf looked at her in disbelief. “H-Honey Lamb.” Vernon sputtered. “You can’t be-”

Dawn stared at the wolf as seriously as she could. “I am.”

Vernon let out a whine, looking briefly back at the smug old goat before turning back to Dawn.


“Vernon please, we should just go.” The ewe sighed. “We aren’t getting anywhere with this grizzled old tup.” The ewe grumbled, an edge on her voice as she eyed the goat. “This ones just not worth you getting in trouble over.”

Vernon looked practically hurt, his ears flattening tightly against his head as he let out another whine.

“I c-can’t just let him get away with this Dawn!” Vernon whimpered. “I-I wanted to…we deserve…I just-”

“Maybe tomorrow Vernon.” The ewe said softly, gently petting the wolf’s head. “We did a lot today, and I’m getting pretty tired as it is. I think maybe we should just go back to the stand for a while.”

Vernon let out a few agitated huffs, staring daggers at the smug goat standing in front of the gate. The old billy took another spit in his bucket. Dawn could feel the wolf’s muscles continue to pulse beneath her, adrenalin straining Vernon’s whole body as it struggled to remain in fight mode.

Dawn laid her head on top of Vernon’s placing a kiss on his scalp as she continued to stroke his fur.

“You don’t need to fight every battle Puppy. Sometimes it’s better to walk away.” Dawn cooed.

With that, she finally felt the wolf relax. His posture returning to normal as he let out an exhausted sigh. He was quiet for a few moments, his breathing getting slower as he seemingly tried to compose himself.

Slowly the wolf turned away from the gate, and began to walk back down the entry ramp. Vernon made it about two steps before glancing back at the old goat. The nasty old mammal seemed pretty pleased with himself as he unlatched the gate again.

“We’ll be back tomorrow.” Vernon hissed. “And we’re getting on then.”

The goat chuckled. “Good luck, I’m running it tomorrow too.”

Vernon snarled and began to turn around, but Dawn was quick to yank his fur hard enough to stop him in his tracks. The wolf let out a painful yelp before eyeing Dawn sadly. The ewe remained stalwart, despite wanting to cry at the sight of her defeated Puppy.

“It’s not worth it.” She repeated.

The wolf let out another almost pleading whine, but the ewe remained stone faced, and eventually the wolf began to reluctantly continue down the ramp. Now clear of the ride, Dawn could see the smaller crowd dispersing. It hadn’t been nearly as big as the one surrounding them during Ana’s tirade, and for that the ewe was thankful. It was bad enough that they had already caused such a terrible scene once before, something she was certain would get back to Dorian. And she was sure the older wolf would be anything but impressed. She could only pray that this skirmish had been small enough to evade his radar, and so she could have one less negative point against her in the wolf’s eyes.

“I don’t understand.” Vernon muttered finally. The wolf had remained silent a good minute or two after they left the ride behind. “Why did yo-?”

“We aren’t going to get your Father to give me a chance if all we do is get into fights all day.” Dawn was more than ready with her response. She had expected Vernon to ask why she had told him to back down, although she was surprised he hadn’t asked sooner. “You think that mess with Ana isn’t going to get back to him?” Dawn shook her head. “At least with her we have an excuse. The both of you have a terrible history together, but with that goa-”

“He was being a bigot!” Vernon whined.

“Is Dorian going to see it that way Puppy?” Dawn sighed. “Or is he going to see it as antagonizing the townsfolk?”

“He can’t possibly side with that goat!” Vernon huffed. “We are in the right!”

“Vernon, your Father already doesn’t like me. I don’t want to make it any worse by forcing him to keep the peace around us. I just want…I just want to lay low for the rest of the day.” Dawn said.

“But Mutton C-chop.” Vernon whimpered.

The ewe began to gently pet his head again.

“We still have our picnic right?” Dawn cooed. “Just you and me, and no one else to spoil it.”

Vernon’s ears rose slightly. “Y-yeah we do.” His tone became slightly more cheerful as he said it.

“T-then we have that to look forward too.” Dawn added.

Vernon flashed the ewe a genuine smile, making her heart flutter in the process.

“I love you Dawn.” Vernon said.

The ewe squeezed her arms around the wolf’s neck a little tighter in an effort to hug him.

“I love you too Vernon.”

With a sigh, Dawn rested her head atop Vernon’s he continued to make his way back to the family stand. In actuality she had grown kind of tired of the bustling crowds and the noise of the fair and was eager to be getting back to the ranch soon enough with or without the chastising the couple had received from the old goat. Just hiding in the back of the stand for an hour or so until the family returned home sounded like the perfect way to recuperate for the romantic picnic still on the horizon. And with all the attention, the ewe was rather eager to just lay low and enjoy the relative quiet that would offer. She could only hope that she was done being a part of public disturbances for the rest of the day.

wildlife today was much better!

  • western screech owl is 100% cleared for tonight’s release 
  • the juvi cooper’s hawk managed to fucking escape my supervisor’s grasp after we cleaned his enclosure and holy hell what a fun yet hair-raising experience that was
  • chasing a bird with talons the size of your face through a building with nothing but a flimsy net is the new Hip Cardio Routine
  • n o  b a b y  r a c c o o n s
  • thank heck
  • only some real teeny ones that came in towards the end of the closing shift, but they were small enough that they were tubed and not bottle-fed
  • got to feed a real tiny baby squirrel!
  • we closed early
  • and i didn’t even get shit on ONCE
Clueless Subordinates Never Cease to Annoy

Title: Clueless Subordinates Never Cease to Annoy 

Pairing: HoriKashi

Summary: In which Hori doesn’t know what to do, Kashima is clueless, and Nozaki is one step closer to getting socked in the face.

Disclaimer: All rights belong to Tsubaki Izumi.

Warning(s): Mild Swearing

Word Count: 2,371

A/N: I’m terribly sorry for the cliched-ness OTL


As much as Hori prided himself on his strict discipline and restraint (or so he liked to believe), the moment he caught sight of them, he immediately knew the fates were tempting him, the telltale sign of his waning self-control growing more evident by the second.

In his defense, it wasn’t his fault the gods had bestowed upon Kashima such an annoyingly besotting trait. No, not at all. Nor was it his fault they were so damn tempting to look at. Hell, anyone with an eye for beauty would notice such things immediately. Well, considering the fact that her charmingly adorable demeanor wasn’t distracting enough.

Yeah, it was all her fault, Hori convinced to himself. All her damn fault.

The heat pooling in his stomach, the involuntary twitching of his fingers as he tried his damn best to restrain, the way Kashima continued staring at him innocently, as if she had absolutely no fucking idea what she was doing to him.

She might as well didn’t, not from the way she kept gazing at him like an attached puppy, nor the way she didn’t notice that her childlike euphoria wasn’t the only thing Hori was fixated on-

Her. Damn. Legs.

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One and the Same chapter 23

Chapter 1: Food Source                 Chapter 6: Reckless Behavior

Chapter 2: The Rogue                   Chapter 7: The Day After

Chapter 3: Blood Troubles             Chapter 8: Sudden Suspicions

Chapter 4: The Brink                      Chapter 9: Keeping Quiet

Chapter 5: Dates & Damnation     Ch.10: Fish Trouble

Ch.11: The Last Night                 Ch.16: Action & Reaction

Ch.12: Red Herring                    Ch.17: Echoes of Love

Ch.13: Bad Blood                        Ch.18 War Talk

Ch.14: (In)Sincerity                    Ch.19: Curiosity & Satisfaction

Ch.15: Pack Loyalty                   Ch.20: New Recruits

Ch.21: Monsters We Are

Ch.22: Prideful Casualties

Cruel & Unusual 

It was hard to tally up how many Mystics were missing. Partially because they had all fled faster than they could think, and partially because so many of them were pacing and panicking.

“Enough!” Will shouted. He winced and grabbed his side.

“Easy now,” Magnus told him. “It took a lot to fix you up after that silver dagger. Don’t exert yourself.”

“I’m fine,” he muttered. He sighed and looked at the others, trying not to let it show on his face how much he was panicking. Where the hell was Nico? “Okay, everyone split into your sections the way we did at the library. All fairies over here, the wolves behind me, imps, so on and so forth.” He let out a loud whistle as they began to move. “Hold it! I’m not done. Then I need you to figure out who is missing and send one person to me so we can tally up an estimate.” He waved a hand, dismissing them.

With their attention off of him, he let he worry come over his features. “Has anyone seen Nico?” he said, almost pleadingly.

Lou Ellen shook her head. “He was right behind us when we left.”

Will ran a hand through his head as another werewolf walked up to him, his eyes filled with grief. “Our alpha,” he began. Then Hazel raced up to them.

“I’m so sorry, but I need Will to come with me.” Will hesitated. “It’s about Nico.” He nodded and turned to the werewolf.

“Talk to Lou Ellen. Lou, can you take over for me?” She nodded, and beside her, Cecil stood up a little taller. Then he followed Hazel to the shade of the bayou that had once been her home. According to her it had been vacated for a long time now. “What is it? Did someone find him?”

“No,” she said. “But Magnus thinks he might know a way to.” Will furrowed his eyebrows as she led him inside. On an old, faded couch with stuffing pouring from its seams, was Annabeth, pale and in obvious pain. Beside her was Percy, leaning on his knees, holding her hand, his trident forgotten by the door.

“What happened?” he asked in shock.

Percy looked up at Will with those otherworldly green eyes. “An imp’s tail lodged in her arm. They’d dipped them in poison.” Magnus was tying a torn shirt tightly around her arm, just above a spot where she had been bleeding severely. Percy stood and walked over to Will, grabbing him by the shoulders. “Can’t you help her? You healed me, you can heal her. Can’t you?”

Will looked at him with wide eyes. “You only had bruises and a few scrapes. This is poison, I- I don’t-”

“Can’t you at least lessen the pain for her?” He looked over his shoulder then back at Will. In a low, urgent voice, he said, “She did this for me. That tail was aimed at me. Please.” His eyes had begun to water and Will furrowed his eyebrows.

“Don’t mermaid tears heal?” he asked.

Percy tugged at his own hair in frustration. “I tried! I tried, it’s not working. The magic was in my scales, and most of those are gone now, in case you haven’t noticed.”

Will put a placating hand on his shoulder, but Percy pulled away angrily. “I’ll try. Okay?” Percy fixed his eyes on him as he walked over to Annabeth and took her cold hand. She let out a strangled breath through thin lips and Will closed his eyes. He felt her heartbeat, and listened to her labored breaths. He heard a gasp and assumed it was working.

Annabeth let out a relieved sigh and groaned. He opened his eyes and saw her stormy irises focused on him. “Thank you,” she murmured.

“The poison is still in her,” Magnus said. “But Wolfy here definitely helped with keeping her alive long enough for me to fix it.” Percy jaw clenched as he resumed his position beside her.

“Come,” Hazel said, gesturing Will away. She led him to the kitchen and perched herself onto the counter. “Magnus thinks he can trace Nico. Sort of the way my mom was able to sense his proximity to you, but stronger. More accurate.”

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anonymous asked:

Omg yes please continue the Red Hood!Dick AU!! Your fics are amazing!

Hi!! So I just read Protected (you know, the Red Hood!Dick and Nightwing!Jason au??) and thought it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g, do you think you could continue you that??? Maybe get the other Robins in there??

Continuation of this.

Title: Golden
Characters: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne
A/N: I combined these two prompts because they were basically asking for the same thing. I also couldn’t tell if the first one was actually a prompt, but thought about adding the other Robins anyway, before the second prompt came in. But I’m weirdly really enjoying this AU. This one probably isn’t as good as the first story, I’m sorry. D: 


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whenever i’m on break i go to this one place to get coffee. i usually get a small because when no one else is around i’m cheap as hell. today i went in and ordered and the girl was like, “want me to make that a medium?” and in my head i was just like, “well well well, the day has come, the complimentary size upgrade is knocking at my door and i’m going to throw my arms around it like it just came back from war.” so i was like, “yeah definitely,” and she was like, “i mean, it’s friday, right?” and she laughed and i laughed because it was friday and then i looked at my receipt and she had just charged me for a medium. like that’s how big of a fucking ego i have. i’m walking around like, “my ships are coming in! i’m finally getting what’s coming to me!” and this girl is just like, “hey you sad, small coffee drinking fuck, you bum me out when you come in here and nurse like five ounces of liquid for half an hour, why don’t you live for two seconds.” well i did and you know what happened? the coffee didn’t cool off as fast and i burned the shit out of my mouth. so much for living.

Scenario: The Hobbit Cast on an Airplane (requested)
  • Bilbo: Hang in there, Bilbo. You must not throw up now. You will be oka– *throws up*
  • Gandalf: Yeah...That's right. The vomit bags right in front of your face are just for decoration...smh
  • Thorin: The toilet here makes me feel claustrophobic as hell, I can't go.
  • Dain: This bitch gave me a kids menu like wHAT THE FUCK I MAY BE SMALL BUT I'M A GROWN DWARF LORD!!
  • Elrond: No, dude. The serving sizes are always this modest.
  • Kili: *flirts with the flight attendant*
  • Fili: Aw hell no. I found a pube hair in my porridge.
  • Bard: I killed a beast that was twice the size of this plane. Wow. I scare myself sometimes.
  • Thranduil: Feren, I need my sheet masks. The frickin aircon makes my skin drier than my humor.
  • Legolas: What is going on why do I feel like my ears are gonna explode?? Am I going to die?
  • Tauriel: Wait– this film just came out in theaters this weekend. Is this even legal??
  • Azog: Ugh whatever. This is why I hate going on oversea trips.

anonymous asked:

i noticed from all your posts that you talk big but i bet if it came down to it youd be a shit fighter, people your size cant do anything significant in a fight. harsh but true.

Well, I’d sure as hell try.
I’m small, but I’m not a push over.

External image

Don’t be so quick to assume the capabilities of a person, no matter how big or small they are.

Being small may not always be to my advantage, but it sure as hell’s never stopped me from holding my own in a fight.

i dont even know why i got this message… like, its not relevant to anything??? wtf anon