and it breaks my heaaaaart

nice musical things in repo
  • the violin lick in mark it up
  • the kazoo solo in thankless job
  • “you used my mother’s death to use my father, you’d use my father’s death to use me too” *piano riff*
  • when the beat drops in legal assassin
  • the acoustic slow part in legal assassin 
  • the harpsichord sounding thing in chase the morning
  • when amber’s face falls off and her back up singers start singing “you didn’t see what you just saw/ you didn’t hear what you just heard”
  • graverobber’s bass note
  • “zydrate comes in a little glass vial” “a little glass vial?” “a little glass vial
  • all of zydrate anatomy tbh
  • when beat drops in we started this op’ra shit
  • the lead guitar in seventeen
  • seventeen in general cause its fun fuck you
  • nathan’s voice change in tonight we are betrayed
  • iiiii rEEEEMEEEEMmmmbeeerrrr
  • shilo: will he live?
    nathan: *snaps a man’s neck* it’s looking grim
  • “You break my friggin’ heaaaaart!”
  • the end of night surgeon goes so hard

feel free to add more