and it blurs at every scene i wanted to use

Artists Self Rec Tag

When you get this, reply with your favourite five or so drawings, then pass on to about five other artists.

I was tagged by the amazing artist @theysangastheyslew!! Thank you so much for tagging me! <333 

1. “Please Stop Us”: This was based on a scene from Chapter 4 of Hellbound by @the-flame-and-hawks-eye, which was one of my absolute favorite moments because it was so chilling (tbh the whole fic is wrecking me with every update)! I added the motion blur to emphasize the parallelism between Roy and Riza, and fluidly show both of them struggling simultaneously. There’s also a bonus part to this in the post if you want more angst feels 83 

2. Back to Back: One of the earliest works I’ve posted here and this was a Secret Santa for @sofiakkuma back in 2015. I was trying to make my poses more dynamic at the time. So making Ed and Roy looking badass was a really fun way to practice! Also I really love making the alchemic sparks <3

3. Grocery Shopping: Drew this because the fandom needs more Mama!Hawk :3 I imagine Ed would sometimes help Riza with grocery shopping and it was Riza’s way to make sure Ed eats properly. I would probably make adjustments to the lighting, but overall I’m satisfied with it. I’m not sure if anyone noticed (but it was probably not obvious enough), but I added a bottle of milk in Ed’s bag and the Armstrong florist in the top right just for fun xD P.S. @the-flame-and-hawks-eye was so sweet to write an awesome one-shot for my birthday based on this fanart <333

4. Flower Crowns: I had this idea for a prompt for EdWin Week 2016 but decided to go with a different idea instead. Funnily enough, there was that flower crown hype later on so it seemed like the perfect time to draw this xD I think I was beginning to simplify my style around this time so I don’t have to concentrate so much on the details and focus on the foundation. I believe this is one of my top posts, which was kind of surprising! I’m glad a lot of you enjoyed this. <333 

5. Mama!Hawk and her Smol Birbs: This was resulted from a sudden influx of Mama!Hawk feels xD There’s no particular backstory in this fanart but I guess this is some sort of AU where Riza adopted the Elrics after Trisha died??? I just really wanted to draw Smol!Ed and Smol!Al with Riza owo And I really liked how this turned out, especially the lighting since it looks pretty consistent. Surprisingly, Al’s hair was the most difficult part for me to draw ;A; Maybe because I wasn’t used to it?? 

Now to tag some art peeps: @shiriartz, @kyattoi, @m7angela, @ask-royai-lty, and @mondfuchs!! Totally optional though :3 Also sorry if you’ve done this already, I’m not sure who has been tagged ;A;