and it blurs at every scene i wanted to use

Artists Self Rec Tag

When you get this, reply with your favourite five or so drawings, then pass on to about five other artists.

I was tagged by the amazing artist @theysangastheyslew!! Thank you so much for tagging me! <333 

1. “Please Stop Us”: This was based on a scene from Chapter 4 of Hellbound by @the-flame-and-hawks-eye, which was one of my absolute favorite moments because it was so chilling (tbh the whole fic is wrecking me with every update)! I added the motion blur to emphasize the parallelism between Roy and Riza, and fluidly show both of them struggling simultaneously. There’s also a bonus part to this in the post if you want more angst feels 83 

2. Back to Back: One of the earliest works I’ve posted here and this was a Secret Santa for @sofiakkuma back in 2015. I was trying to make my poses more dynamic at the time. So making Ed and Roy looking badass was a really fun way to practice! Also I really love making the alchemic sparks <3

3. Grocery Shopping: Drew this because the fandom needs more Mama!Hawk :3 I imagine Ed would sometimes help Riza with grocery shopping and it was Riza’s way to make sure Ed eats properly. I would probably make adjustments to the lighting, but overall I’m satisfied with it. I’m not sure if anyone noticed (but it was probably not obvious enough), but I added a bottle of milk in Ed’s bag and the Armstrong florist in the top right just for fun xD P.S. @the-flame-and-hawks-eye was so sweet to write an awesome one-shot for my birthday based on this fanart <333

4. Flower Crowns: I had this idea for a prompt for EdWin Week 2016 but decided to go with a different idea instead. Funnily enough, there was that flower crown hype later on so it seemed like the perfect time to draw this xD I think I was beginning to simplify my style around this time so I don’t have to concentrate so much on the details and focus on the foundation. I believe this is one of my top posts, which was kind of surprising! I’m glad a lot of you enjoyed this. <333 

5. Mama!Hawk and her Smol Birbs: This was resulted from a sudden influx of Mama!Hawk feels xD There’s no particular backstory in this fanart but I guess this is some sort of AU where Riza adopted the Elrics after Trisha died??? I just really wanted to draw Smol!Ed and Smol!Al with Riza owo And I really liked how this turned out, especially the lighting since it looks pretty consistent. Surprisingly, Al’s hair was the most difficult part for me to draw ;A; Maybe because I wasn’t used to it?? 

Now to tag some art peeps: @shiriartz, @kyattoi, @m7angela, @ask-royai-lty, and @mondfuchs!! Totally optional though :3 Also sorry if you’ve done this already, I’m not sure who has been tagged ;A;

‘Did we win?’
‘I’m here, aren’t I?’
He must be running. Her body jounced painfully against his chest with every lurching step. He couldn’t carry her and use his cane.
‘I don’t want to die.’
‘I’ll do my best to make other arrangements for you.’
She closed her eyes.
‘Keep talking, Wraith. Don’t slip away from me.’
‘But it’s what I do best.’
He clutched her tighter. ‘Just make it to the schooner. Open your damn eyes, Inej.’
She tried. Her vision was blurring, but she could make out a pale, shiny scar on Kaz’s neck, right beneath his jaw.

anonymous asked:

Hey lovely :3 Your pictures are so beautiful! I was just wondering, if you'd be so kind to share, how do you edit your photos? <3 ILY!

Hellooooo, first of all, thank you so much & ily2! Honestly lovely I can’t really explain because my editing changes with every picture as I’m still attempting to find a style I like but for the basics:

1. I use the liquify tool to fix any deformities in my pictures.

2. I blur the background of the scene and add a light shadow to the sims.

3. I then add my actions/psds, one I ALWAYS use is this.

4. I sharpen and tweak my pictures depending on the lighting I want for it, one thing I always do is add a sort of vignette effect and then lower the opacity so it’s not too extreme :3

5. I play around with curves until I find a setting I’m happy with.

annnnd that’s about it reallyyyy, I hope this at least somewhat helped, sorry I couldn’t be more helpful <33