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Prey for me [ Clary x Pearl ]


Something wasn’t right.  Clary could see again but that was the least of her troubles now.  She hadn’t fed in little over a week and she could feel it wearing on her.  She was having a hard time sleeping also.  Horrible nightmares plagued her dreams and while she thought it was from the blindness at first, now she wasn’t sure.  She was pissed off and starving and walking down the street, everyone who passed by smelled irresistible.  She couldn’t keep blood bags down no matter how hard she tried.  She thought they’d gone bad but that wasn’t it.  Maybe her body was finally rejecting them and she needed something fresher?  Well it was a good thing there were tons of potential meals around.

That’s when she saw a figure in the distance.  Blonde and beautiful and seeming familiar.  Thinking back to the night of the bonfire, Clary thought she remembered the girl talking with Laila.  Was she a friend?  Perfect.  With a smirk on her lips, the red head made her way over, linking arms with the other woman.  “Hey there,” she said cheery enough.  She could hear a heart beat and she didn’t have that sickening sweet blood smell like a fey, nor did she smell like a dog.  Was she human?  Even better.

“I’m Clary.  I saw you at the bonfire.  You friends with Laila?”  She asked curiously.  Hopefully Laila hadn’t said anything about her.


Kagome Kagome (Hannibal Gamer AU Comic)

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I’m sorry it looks so rushed but @reapersun‘s Gamer AU is just… AAAAAA. I’m so sorry about the watermark but I love this AU I love it I lov e it il oveiitt <3 <3 <3

I loved the cutesy stuff but I also wanted to expand on the “he discovers Will is a genius and actually brilliant at hardcore co-op games” part, so what better game to do it with other than GMOD Murder? :] (yes I changed a few things BUTITWASFORTHEBETTEROKKAY)

Many thanks to @camilleflyingrotten as well for inspiring me to just DO IT. Also, this v v cute fic by @slineq​ inspired this V much.

Happy Hannigram Day! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Newbie || HighSchool Au || +Niceguylucas

Kurt’s voice filled a messy room, slowly awakening the blond teen. She sighs in frustration, new day new school. She’d rather stay home, as she did for the past 3 months. Only Mr. Cobain’s voice understanding what she went through. Or at least a way to feel understood.

Miss.Petersen, had been kicked out of school, after hitting one of the most popular girl, who happened to be a nosy cunt. But it hadn’t just been her. it had been the whole goddamn school, Johana wanted to lit up.
She shook her head at the past feelings and moved out of her bed. Maybe Dad can drive me there, she hoped he could manage getting up after the long night he had.


“ Be good, ok?” Erik, her father gently asked her, before attempting to lay a kiss on her forehead. Instead his lips met the wind as Jo slammed the door.
Their morning conversation, hadn’t gone so well, and the young lady could already feel the anger filling her.

Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t mind getting bumped into, all she wanted was peace and quiet in this shit hole. The future assassin, just wanted to fly through this as easily as possible without any turbulence that might looked like clones from Clueless.

A rushed meeting with the principal and someone escorted her to her first class: French. It was actually a subject she liked and was excellent at because of her origins. Of course, she had to enter the room when the bell had long rang and everyone was settled down.
The teen, knew that half of the students were alerted that there was fresh meat, and they couldn’t wait to sink their teeth in the tender flesh.

The assistant, knocked on the door and whispered to the Professor’s ear the news.

“Ah, we have a new student. Come in.” He flashed a warm smile to encourage her to come in. With hesitant steps, Johana entered the sun bathed classroom.
It was in a faded yellow, with enormous windows on the right side, the ground recovered with white dust because of the chalk and the typical cheap wooden desk.
The secretory, quietly and quickly left the room, leaving Petersen nearly bare in front of sharks.
“Class, this is Johana Petersen. Why don’t you say a few words to present yourself.”
Fuck, that was really something she didn’t wish for. It’s not like the kids would actually listen to her.
In the left back section were the jocks with what looked like the cheerleaders. She rolled her eyes. In front where the nerds, behind them the unseen kids, that she wished to be part of. Better invisible than brought to the light to be laughed at. Then the wannabe goths and then the so called rebels, who were on the opposite side of the popular students.

“Ne soyez pas timide.” He said in one of her native tongues.

Johana, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Do it quick and simple so they don’t think they can use you for homework.
“Je pense que la pluspart voudrais reprendre la leçon, Monsieur.” It smoothly came out with no accent, but left the teacher stunt.

“Avec un accent comme le votre je suis certain qu'ils en veulent plus.”

“ Je voudrais juste m'asseoir ”

“ Asskisser.” Someone coughed out, like the ignorant that they were.

How to Train an Assassin || paraktes

{ ♜ }       Ɲow was the time to choose an apprentice, but the very thought was not something he looked forward to. Erwin Smith was one of the greatest assassins in the world, helping those who could pay him the proper money for his services and bloodying his hands so they would not have to bother. It was a life that he had seen those in movies paint in glamorous light, games even foreshadowing the incredible skill of assassins in such a way that it had amused him and made him sigh with slight agitation as well—a mixture of feelings that clashed together like the sea upon the shore to represent the chaos within his own mind. Being an assassin was by no means glamorous, and it was not something that anyone should ever set out to do.

The life was lonely…or at least it was that way to him.

Sighing, he smoothed down the black suit he wore as he peered at himself in the mirror in his bathroom, trying to ensure that his appearance was impeccable and professional as it always was. There was a particular boy within the group that had captured his full attention, one who stood out among the others scouted out to be trained as future assassins. Today was the day that those young men and women would go under the wing of an older ranked assassin as a mentor…but…Erwin would get the first pick this time due to his…unique circumstances. Only the other high ranking members were aware of it, and he preferred to keep it that way since it was best not to speak of what would befall him, and focus on the here and now.

For years he brushed aside the prospect of taking in a mentor, and now he regretted it. However, what made him feel better was he had finally found that one he wanted to pass his skills to.

That’s what truly mattered.

Fixing his tie and ensuring it was straight, he left the bathroom and grabbed his keys off the stand by the front door. He could ponder everything about his choices later.

The drive to the proclaimed meeting place was a bit long, although not enough to cause him any form of inconvenience with its distance. Erwin had purposely chosen an apartment close to where they normally met in case there was a time that all the assassins needed to quickly get together. The function was always treated like a business arrangement, mainly to throw aside suspicion to any particularly nosey people, and it most certainly helped that where they met was under the jurisdiction of Dot Pixis, each and every person working in that building having something to do with the more technical side of being an assassin, thus able to play their roles quite well in pretending to be a normal business establishment.

To any that saw the men arriving in suits, they’d just look like they were all going to meet in the executive office as opposed to men and women that could lodge a knife in someone’s neck so quietly, they wouldn’t even know they were dying.

Glancing up at the building with its carefully shined windows that gleamed gold in the bright orange the sun cast upon them, he felt a faint tinge of hesitation. Erwin did not wish to do this…he did not want to take in an apprentice now, however, what choice did he have? Time was not his friend and never had been. Shaking his head, he made his way towards the building and stepped inside to walk down a long hallway to a front desk where a woman with glasses and blond hair that almost looked silver stared at him quietly before giving a curt nod. “Smith,” she spoke politely in greeting.

“Brzenska,” he replied just as curtly, bowing his head a bit.

“Everyone’s already here. They’ll be waiting for you in the meeting room.”

“And the new batch? They are all here as well I am guessing?”

“Mm, yes, in the waiting room making themselves comfortable. As soon as you join the others, they’ll start calling in the potentials. You are aware that you get to pick first, correct?

Erwin gave another nod. “I am aware.” He wasn’t…particularly happy with that though. However, at least there was a higher chance of him getting the apprentice he had his eyes set on. Making his way past the woman, he stepped over to the elevator and pressed the button to the highest floor in the building. Jean Kirstein. The boy had a lot of talent he could feel it. Why did he want to be an assassin though? That was an important question he intended to ask him. As soon as the elevator came, he stepped inside. Erwin supposed he would find out when the time came.