and it actually makes it on here


“(Y/N) are you alright, don’t vorry I’ll get Bruce in here to make sure you’re okay,” Pietro panicked, zooming up to you as you looked up from the book you were reading.

“And why would I be I injured?” You asked, clearly not amused by his antics.

“Because you just fell from Heaven of course,” Pietro smirked, looking like he had just delivered the smoothest line in history.  

“Actually I scraped my knee climbing out of hell,” You replied on instinct, ignoring him and going back to your book. Pietro, however, seemed determined to get your attention, so much so he plucked the book from your hands and sped off somewhere else. Getting more than pissed you tried to chase after him, finally reaching your whit’s ends you turned the gravity in the area off. Pietro floated in the air, holding your book.

“Drop it,” You growled as he struggled to move without the assistance of gravity.

“Alright Printsessa, but only for you,” He chuckled before dropping the book into your hands. You walked out of the room, and with a click of your fingers, Pietro fell to the floor with a thud. Pietro only smirked after you, he wasn’t giving up yet.


If only Pietro wasn’t so hot, and you weren’t so stubborn something would happen between you two. Wanda and Natasha were on short fuses with you both, and Tony just wanted the pair of you to stop being idiots.

You walked down the towers hallway, nose in your book once again. Before you knew it, you were tackled to the ground, and of course, Pietro was above you.

“Sorry Solnishko, I didn’t see you there,” Pietro chuckled as he eyes your face. A raging blush spread across your face from the position you were both in before you pushed him off and stood up.

“You definitely did that on purpose,” You huffed before walking off once again.


“I swear to god if something doesn’t happen between the two of them I’m going to make something happen,” Natasha hissed as she watched Pietro try to flirt with you once again.

“Don’t vorry, it vill happen soon, I assure you,” Wanda responded casually.

“Your lips look so lonely; would they like to meet mine?” Pietro asked, leaning closer to you. You placed your hands on his lips, pushing his head back.

“No thanks,” You replied dramatically trying to ignore him still. Pietro huffed in annoyance before looking at you with a frown on his face.

“Oh come on katyonak, vhy von’t you play along for once. I know you like me I’m not zhat stupid,” Pietro huffed, smiling upon seeing the surprise on your face.

“Fine then. Are you a magician? Cause every time I see you everyone else disappears,” You replied. Pietro seemed taken aback for a second before a grin spread on his face.

“Are you happy now!? I hate you so much,” You groaned before getting up from where you were sitting and going off to your room. Pietro only continued to grin, maybe he did have a chance with you.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but… bureaucracy in the galra empire must be an absolute nightmare for everyone involved.

I mean, accountability seems to boil down to “does your boss know you did that and did they decide to stab you over it” at least on the military edge of things. Does Zarkon care about economics? Clearly, per Space Mall, there’s actually a good-sized non-galra civilian population separate from people like the Balmerans and Olkari who were used as slaves but the higher command can basically arrange for some downright egregious wastes of resources without anybody batting an eye- which seems just par for the course if we imagine the empire as nothing but military, but they’re obviously not- there’s a large non-military sector here.

And the fact that the empire’s been able to hold together at all in ten thousand years, much less have bustling commercial hubs like we’ve seen, would actually suggest that they have things pretty well together.

Which just makes it hilarious, because let’s be honest: the galra military is a mess. Whether or not you get away with something hinges entirely on “did you sufficiently anger someone who has the authority to stab you, and did they”. Ranks are pretty decent, chain of command is orderly, but enforcement is all over the place and then there’s the waste of resources.

Where’s the accountant that has just been explained why they needed not one but multiple giant murderous hell machines to upload people into? Each one of which gets thrown at Voltron, immediately destroyed, and no effort made to salvage the remains? Oh, sure, the robeasts are powered by souls, that’s very nice, tell that to the entire viable planet you reduced to a lifeless husk to stuff extra juice in Drazil and all the metal and technology you spent creating the shell itself.

Somewhere, some poor person needs to budget that, and ‘needs’ is ‘because a druid materialized in your office, approached your desk in that creepy boneless glide they tend to move in, and gave you all the forms before dissolving into black smoke and that’s not a person you can say no to’

Fată Verde / Zburător aesthetic

Fată Verde is an old romanian folk-rock song (the song here) about a “Green Girl” with “forest hair”. The night weaves her a “ie” (romanian traditional blouse) for the Flyer’s visit.

Zburător / Flyer is a romanian folklore roving spirit who makes love to maidens by night. He appears as a ghost, as a shooting star, sometimes winged, coming down in the shape of an incredible handsome man and, sometimes, in the shape of the man the girl loves, although he cannot be seen by other people. He is actually the personification of the intense feelings of erotic desire and longing for a man. They met and consume their love in the world of dreams but everything is so intense, almost real that the young woman becomes exhausted and obsessively in love. Some old books even tell stories about young girls haunted by this mysterious man, becoming so desperately in love that they started acting like lunatics, walking almost undressed and untidy, obviously exhausted and sometimes semi conscious.

The “zburător” or “sburător” can also refer to a demon that takes the shape of a young handsome man, visiting women in their sleep: incubus. 

Thank you for 700 followers!!! I remade my blog only 2 months ago and I remember being devastated because I had lost seemingly one of the most important things in my life lmao but that gave me a chance to start over and make an effort to actually talk to people!! yay!! socialising!! ok here are some people that are really cool (ps the idea for the meme edit is someone else’s i just can’t remember wHO pls help me)

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Apparently the EXP stands for EXPERIMENT but they’re also using the tagline EXP PLANET and it’s like…honey….

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so if naelia summons lightning and is the thunder queen, wouldn't that make her like. lightning mcqueen.

first of all, how dare you

Confessions and Realizations

@chibi-lioness Asked: “I’ve kinda hit a wall with a short story I’m writing as a present for a friend. The main character is in love, but her main love interest is attracted to her sister but it’s more like, puppy love than actual affection. She does confess as the guy leaves for an amount of time and asks for an answer after he is sure of what he wants but I can’t seem to come up with WHY he realizes he likes her more, if that makes sense. She has always been supportive, but he is quite clumsy with girls. Thank you!”

1. “I love you. I just thought you deserved to know.”

“I don’t understand. Why didn’t you say anything?”

2. “Here’s the thing: I know I’m never going to see you again, so I’m going to tell you something that I swore I never would.”

“It’s about your sister, isn’t it? She really does-”

“No! No, it’s not about her. It’s… It’s about me.”

3. “I had no idea…”

“That was kind of the point, you know?”

4. “I care about you so much, and you’ve never known. All you’ve ever seen is her.”


“And I get it, I really do. She’s an amazing person, and I don’t blame you. I just wanted you to know the truth.”

5. “Can I kiss you?”


“No? But you just said-”

“I know. And now, you have a plane to catch. When you decide what you want, give me a call.”

6. “I think-I think I want this, too.”

“Of course you do. It’s the heat of the moment, and your emotions are all mixed up. Talk to me when you’ve had time to think about it.”

7. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Just say… Say that you’ll think about it. Say that you’ll let yourself consider me and you.”

Reasons for realizing:

1. He keeps catching himself wanting to talk to her whenever something funny, sad, or stressful happens.

2. He catches himself daydreaming about her.

3. He starts dreaming about her.

4. He hears that something bad happens to her. (A car accident, for instance.) It can turn out to not be anything, or it can be something major, but either way, he has to go see her immediately.

~I hope these help!!~

Making my list, and checking it twice.

For those few of you that have gone through this before, you know Hotelpocalypse is maybe more nerve wracking than trying to actually get a badge for SDCC. Of the 7 years we have actually stayed in San Diego (we just went down for the day in 2009) we scored a downtown hotel 3 years. As always I am hoping to get a downtown hotel. It doesn’t totally suck to stay in Mission Valley, but we always much rather stay near the convention center. It’s just more convenient. Anyway, here is hoping things go in our favor, and we are downtown again this year!

hey my buds, just an update about what’s going on in my life:

As of Friday, our writers room on Shannara ended for the season which means as of this friday, I’ll be grinding on the unemployment train. That means lots of looking for jobs and shows with openings (which could take months and months and months to pan out) and lots of looking for freelance work as well as trying to gear up support and content on my patreon and coffee pages here, give y’all some content worth supporting, and trying to get all of my own writing projects to a point where they can actually be useful to my career or as publishable content and not just drafts. I will be both really busy and around a lot more so hopefully that starts making my voice and my blog of some value to you again. As always, your support on this long and often frustrating but amazing process is so ridiculously appreciated. Thank you and much love. 

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Hi here for prompt 14. And 29. For prinxiety.😂 i love them. Its okay if you don't get to it, love you your blog btw!😍💚💙

Ahhh ty
14) “Take. It. Off.”
29) “Come over here and make me.”


“That’s mine.”

Anxiety looks up from his phone, Prince’s crown sitting on his head at a an angle. Admittedly, he does look adorable, but it’s Prince’s crown and he doesn’t like people touching it. “I’m aware,” Ann says, and goes back to scrolling through tumblr.

“Take. It. Off.”

“Come over here and make me.”

He sticks out his tongue petulantly, not expecting Roman to actually cross the room and lean over Anxiety, his arms caging the boy into his chair.

“Last chance.”

There’s a dangerous look in Prince’s eyes, one that almost makes him back down, but Ann just shrugs and carries on with his phone. Prince snatches it from his hands, tosses it behind him, and shifts so one of his hands pulls Anxiety forward by the back of his neck for a messy kiss. While Ann’s distracted, Prince streals the crown and pulls back with a grin.

“Maybe if you’re good,” he calls over his shoulder as he walks away, “I’ll come finish this later.”

some Shinsou headcanons because why not

  • buys a lot of books but never reads them
  • stays in bed at least ten minutes after his alarm wakes him up
  • will never admit it but he baby talks to cats
  • “nya? what does tan mean? are you hungry? here I brought you some food. it tastes nice doesn’t it. nyom nyom nyom”
  • if his bike has a problem he likes to repair it himself
  • is actually self-conscious of his dark circles 
  • he’s kind of proud of being class president
  • was worried that people would make fun of him after the sports festival but the only comments he received on the street were kind and encouraging words telling him grow stronger
  • a man told him “can’t wait to see you again next year!” and Shinsou stood there for a few seconds because he was so touched
  • actually cares about his looks
  • his cat sat on his books while he was trying to study once and Shinsou was like “excuse me some of us are trying to do something with our lives. get a job”
  • he often daydreams about having his first kiss because he’s a kid after all
  • he then gets embarrassed about it and has to calm himself down
  • one of his favorite memories is from that one time in the grocery shop when a 5 year old kid ran towards him and handed him a pack of cookies
  • Shinsou was like “for me?” and took them before the kid’s mom took him away and apologized. he actually bought the cookies.
  • is scared of bugs
  • when he smiles wholeheartedly you can clearly see his dimples
  • is self-conscious about his crooked teeth so he covers his mouth when he laughs
  • has a notebook full of ideas for his hero suit as well as for his hero name
  • he has it abandoned under the bed ever since he finished middle school
  • the type to cry when angry or frustrated

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what do you wanna talk about, just start talking <3

*looks around*

are you -

are you sure? you want me to? actually talk about something???

shit ok, damn this is the nicest ask i’ve probably gotten…

So i wanna talk about characters because this has been bothering me for a long time

i hate it when ANYONE tells me how to DESIGN my character. I hate it when I post a character and someone has to throw their 2 cents in like “why don’t you make ‘insert race here’ character?? are you racist ???”

No I’m not racist, my characters are diverse in their species and not their skin colour, in my universes, things that run free are

robots, human bugs, anthros, demons, gods, angles, ghosts, slime, dreams, nightmares and many more.

 I have species, not races, these species can count as races if you so desired but for me their different. 

i just hate it when their like “you need more diverse characters!!!!” my characters are diverse in a species way, not in a coloured skin way. When i do have races, they’re all weird colours like purple, blue, grey, pink, not just black, white and shit like that i dont care about all of that because 

skin tone/colour/race does not define a fucking character.

if a character of mine is white, doesn’t define their personality. If a character of mine is blue, doesn’t define their personality 

it has nothing to do with anything. Its literally just a difference in skin. Same goes for sexuality or gender. These things do NOT define a character, if they did I would have the most VAPID characters. 

“my personality is pan.”

“my personality is purple.”

“my personality is female”

like who the fuck does that????????/ i dont care if your character is whatever the fuck, as long as those things do not define the character im ok with it.

The only character I have like that is Seth, but he was fucking DESIGNED to be the worst fucking character I have. 

I mean can I please design my characters the way I want? They are my characters. I can make whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want.

I do not need the most colourful cast, I’ll admit most of the characters are paper white but thats because most of them have an excuse 

Tobi is albino

all of my dead heads ARE DEAD

Felix is dead

most of my characters are paper white because of death/genetic things. If you look at my characters they now have skin tone. I never made skin tone because on flipnote you couldnt do that without someone looking like a pink ass ham. So i grew up making everyone have paper white skin, I even made my cousins steven and selena, who are A LOT tanner/italian than me, and I made them paper white

it’s just how I draw them, now I fixed that when re-designing them for certain projects. The only one who is paper white in the group is ME so 

to sum it up, don’t tell me how to design my characters and stories, don’t tell me that gender, sexuality or race defines a character, don’t tell me i need more skin tones when I have species I’d rather be working on.

Don’t tell me how to be an cartoonist.

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what is your full cursed episode list?

so this list changes each day depending on my mood but roughly speaking here it is:

  • the lethal weapon episodes: “dee reynolds: shaping america’s youth” + “the gang makes lethal weapon 6″
  • the following carmen episodes to various extents: “charlie has cancer” + “mac is a serial killer” + “mac fights gay marriage”
  • “the gang hits the slopes” 
  • “who pooped the bed?”
  • “the gang gets a new member” 
  • “sweet dee’s dating a r*tarded person” 
  • “frank’s brother” 
  • “the gang cracks the liberty bell” 
  • “dee made a smut film”
  • “dennis’ double life” :~)  

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hey this is a weird ask but have you ever done anything with Slav and OCD? I have OCD and relate to him a lot and the way Voltron treated him made me feel pretty crappy

I can definitely understand why you’d feel that way. Personally as my icon might suggest I have a soft spot for Slav, but in general I have a soft spot for characters framed as “annoying” especially because it’s usually very unfair.

I did talk about this a bit here, but to address that with- a little more sympathy, I think… it’s important to realize that Shiro’s response to Slav is not him being rational and Slav being super annoying.

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details about the AU thing!

cause i know nothing about history at all, it’s going to be fantasy AU instead of actually based in our world in the past. i hope you don’t mind, i’m still hoping to make it sufficiently badass!! and here are the characters so far!!

Day = @paox
Lee = @godbriel
Sammy = blogger who prefers not to be named
Anna = @mishacrazyworld
Maria = @wildtendermythologia
Triss = @trisscar368
Mark = @evil-pie
Lily = @fuckrealityfictionisbetter
Annaliese = @1967-chevy-impala
Rosetta = @rainbowpitofdoom
Charna = @messy-buns-and-shotguns
Abia = @white-flutterby

let me know if you want to be added and if so, what role you want to play! so far i’ve got noblemen/women. revolutionaries, people fighting for the eastern republic, civilians, gang members and rulers. let me know what role you want to play so i can write you in too!!

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Nalu. "Is that a kitten in your sweater?! Can i pet it?"

Would you believe,that i actually forgot i’d open requests last week????

Like jeez what’s wrong with me?? Maybe it’s the stress, maybe it’s school, heck if I know but hey! Here’s something else!

Thank you for the request kind anon( and sorry for the wait!) So please enjoy!

Man, bus experiences were weird. It was like stepping onto a bus flung you to another realm where the impossible and improbable were commonplace.

Lucy met her best friend on a bus, when the driver slammed the brakes without warning and Levy’s book went flying in her face. There was a guy who came on fully-clothed and left in just his pants and undershirt.

Then there was the yodelling guy, the coyote asleep on the seat next to her, the lady dressed as Santa Claus in the middle of summer.

She could go on and on about the weird stuff she’d seen on a daily basis but at least today it was something cute.

A soft ‘mrrw’ bubbled up from the guy next to her, pulling Lucy out of her novel to cast a side glance at him as he fiddled with his phone.

He was quite……pink. From his dyed hair to his near purple sweater to the headphones that leaked an unfamiliar rhythm and the twisting tendrils of a tattoo that wrapped his throat.

He was very, very pink but Lucy had to admit, it suited him.

Mr.Pink shuffled in his seat, tugging at his sweater and another ‘mrrw’ erupted from him. Specifically from the sweater.

Lucy’s eyes dropped low-not inappropriate low, but low enough- to spy an odd lump in the sweater, that moved.

It wriggled unnaturally and well, anyone would stare if they saw some guy’s clothes dancing on its own, wouldn’t they? So it was only fair that Lucy’s eyes stayed glued on that spot that wasn’t inappropriately low.

‘mrrw mrrw mrrw’ ‘mrrw mrrw mrrw’ ‘mrrw mrrw meow’

Mr. Pink sighed, more annoyed than anything else and dove his hand under the sweater, rummaging around a bit and with a little grunt, casually pulled out a kitten that was a odd bluey-gray. He tucked the little thing in the crook of his arm and absently scratched its ears, eyes drifting back to the phone with a smile.

“You just couldn’t keep quiet could you lil’ guy?” “Meow.”

Oh God. He has a cat.

Even better, he has a kitten. All the good cattiness compacted in a small and ridiculously cute package.

She had to pet it, now that she’d seen the little fluffball Lucy’s day would not be complete without touching it.

So of course she had to prod his shoulder. Maybe a little bit too hard but hey, his eyes shot off the phone in an instant, confusion very clear on his face as he reached to pull off the headphones.

Four piercings on his ear greeted her; two hoops, a simple bar and -surprise,surprise- a pink stud to top them all off.

“Yes?” He asked, brow quirked.

“You have a cat.” Lucy stated plainly. “Yup.”

“And it was in your sweater.” “Uh-huh…..?”

“Can, can I pet it?”

Rather boldly she outstretched her fingers towards his travel sized companion who sniffed them curiously, then meowing back at its owner as though approving her request.

Pinkie chuckled, scooping up his pet and gently plopping it in Lucy’s lap with a goofy smile. Lucy wished she could describe the sound she made.

“Happy likes to chew fingers,” He warned as she scratched the kitten’s chin. Happy immediately bit down on her finger. “Too late.”

“Happy? Is it because he’s always happy?” Pinkie shrugged’ “Nah. He’s kind of an ass, but he makes me happy so, yeah.”

“That’s mean!” She laughed. “He’s just a lil’ baby! Aren’t you?”  Said lil’ baby was held aloft, with various kissy faces and coos directed at him.

“He’s chewed through 3 different pairs of shoes with those razors in his mouth and almost got himself killed climbing out on the sill.”

“He’s adventurous.” “He’s crazy.”

Lucy smirked, lowering Happy back to her lap with a gleam in her eye and a smirk on her lips. “Might I daresay, a bit like his owner?”

If he was intrigued by her before her statement must’ve doubled such feelings. He swiveled in his seat to face her properly, his smirk mirroring hers.

“And how am I crazy?” “No-one completely sane carries a cat in their sweater.” Lucy stated simply. Happy meowed in what she thought was agreement.

“You expect me to leave a baby home by himself? What kind of parent do you think I am?” He clutched his chest in mock outrage.

“A weird one who dresses in full pink.” She teased. “I hate to break it to you, uh……” “Natsu.”

“Natsu.” She said with a smile, quite liking how the name rolled off her tongue. “I’m Lucy and I really hate to break it to you but most people don’t usually deck themselves out in a one colour outfit.”

Natsu ran his fingers through his hair, unintentionally showing her its pale red roots. He closed his eyes in thought. “You raise some valid points there my new bus friend who’s pretty weird herself.”

“I-” “But!” One eye flew open to focus on her, twinkling with mischief. “Don’t you think cat fatherhood and pink overload works for me?”

“Sadly, yes.” Lucy grinned.

This guy was definitely friend material.

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6 people you would terribly miss on here and one thing that makes them special! Spread the love!

@becksndot5 -  I couldn’t do it without her, and she’s our dark wizard.

@sunshinetoday - how would I know anything without her? 

@sembell - she can’t leave this place until Eaden is 18.

@campaignofmisinformation​ - Just look at her blog! what even would be this fandom without her?

@ilove-gillian -  And I actually miss her here

Same for @gunningforabasementoffice

mediocrelanguage-learner  asked:

Blackmail me to learn swedish

NOOOO I forgot to reply to this!

Okay, here we go.

See this kitty? See its little paws in the air? The fear in its eyes? I’m not saying anything will happen to this little fluffball if you don’t learn Swedish. But you better start learning.

Is it working?


Let me try this again.

1) You already know German, so most of the little grammar quirks Swedish has will be familiar to you. Except that Swedish grammar is like a bazillion times easier. Only two grammatical genders instead of three, no cases, all personal pronouns take the same verb ending, plurals actually make sense (most of the time - there are a few rules you’ll have to learn), NO CASES.

2) You’ll be able to watch all those Swedish crime shows in the original (if that’s your thing. If not, they will be once you’ve started to immerse yourself. There’s no escape.)

3) The music! Need I say more?

4) It’s just such a cute and happy language! Who can resist the sing-songy power of “hej allihopa” or “ursäkta mig” or “hoppsan”?

5) I’d love you forever and be always at your service if you started learning Swedish!