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Can you give us a hint on what your next theme for Inktober will be. Because your inktobers are INCREDIBLEEE

Thank you!! Posting this public ‘cause I wanna hear what you guys think~

I’ve actually had a couple ideas I’ve been tossing around. A lot of people want me to do DCtober, but my DC knowledge is pretty limited so I’m not sure. Hamilton, Star Wars, Marveltober Round 2 were also on the list. I also kinda want to do one that’s just Netflix themed, so I could do multiple shows like Voltron, Stranger Things, Marvel Defenders, maybe Trollhunters. And actually TAZtober has been growing on me…I’ve been bingeing The Adventure Zone and I LOVE IT, and designing everyone would be a nice challenge~

I don’t know, there’s still a lot of time til then. Thoughts? :)

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Name: I don’t have a name lol I don’t want to tell my real name publicly

Nicknames: Frywen / Freyja

Zodiac: Leo

Sexual Orientation: Queer

Ethnicity: European

Favorite Fruit: Peach

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Flower: Carnation

Favorite Scent: I’m gonna sound really cheesy now, but hubby <3. He smells like peach candies <3

Favorite Animal: Cat

Coffee, Tea, or hot chocolate: I love all of them, but I mostly drink tea. And by mostly I mean I drink it all day every day and I should probably try to give myself some sort of limit on how much and how often I drink tea. Tea is life. And it has caffeine so I can be a fully functional adult on most days.

Cat or dog: Cat

Dream Trip: New Zealand or Japan

Number of Followers: 362

What do I post about: Mostly SLBP, occasionally some anime like Natsume Yuujinchou and Yuri on ICE!!!, LotR, Harry Potter, feminism, history and nature, and some weird stories, sometimes with aliens. Possibly dragons. And shitposts.

Do I get asks on a regular basis: Fairly regularly. Usually a couple times a week.

Favorite Band: I don’t really have one. 

Aesthetic: black, lace, moomins, dragons, cute gothic stuff. 

Fictional Character I’d Date: Date Shigezane. Possibly Hideyoshi, but I view him more as a friend. Naoe Kanetsugu (but he would hate me, I’m about as organised as Kenshin ;A;)

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

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Hetalia Characters as stuff People say to me at Work

America: “So like is this produce American grown?”

Canada: “So I was looking at your maple syrup and you don’t seem to have any just regular maple syrup?!? It’s all the fake maple flavored crap!”

Germany: “I’m German and like cabbage…don’t judge me.”

Prussia: “What do you mean there’s an alcohol limit?! If I want 20 cases of beer I want 20 cases of beer!” (The state I live in has laws on how much alcohol you can buy in one transaction.)

France: “So beautiful what do I have to say for a date and maybe a couple dollars off?”

Russia: “Consumerism is just a plot by the government to control us all!”

Sweden: “I have a date tonight and just what flowers should I get? I’m sorry I’m just really nervous!”

China: “Its been so long since I’ve come to the store without children! I’ve forgotten how nice it is!”

Finland: “Do you have anymore eggnog in the back? I grabbed all I saw out but I still need like 6 more.”

For me, all I’m going to focus on is to make sure I don’t treat her any differently. I don’t want her to grow up thinking that her gender makes a difference… I want her to be a good person and make good choices, but I don’t want to push her in a direction that I want her to go. But I do want her to feel like her gender doesn’t limit what direction she can go.
—  Ryan Haywood on the way he tries to raise his daughter, Always Open #21

ugh i’m trying to compose an eloquent text post about this but i’ve erased it like four times now but like. there’s nothing wrong with being a moderate - in politics and in cultural stuff like fandom and everything else. a person doesn’t need to be Dead To You for saying one wrong thing. and on the flipside (and this is more my point), a generally shitty person (like jason kenney, or fucking like john mccain or someone) shouldn’t be Your God & Bae now for saying one right thing. don’t be reactionary, and don’t be polemic. don’t be inflammatory when you’re arguing with someone; they’re not an enemy to be destroyed. the end.


So over the past week I’ve been working on an au that started as a pet shop/flower shop tsukyam au but I ended up adding magic to it and a bunch of other fun things.  
Long story short; Yamaguchi is learning how to master plant spells from Suga while also helping him in his gardening shop, while Tsukishima, someone who wanted to try to live a magic free life, ends up getting a job in a pet store run by two shapeshifters. (more notes about it below. I ended up writing a lot whoops)

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so my 3am thoughts had me thinkin bout a lot of things but mainly rules and restrictions of magical spells for some reason and it made me think bout the accio summoning charm in particular. like what are the restrictions on that charm cause like you have scenarios where the weasleys summon their brooms but why would it matter if it’s their brooms specifically y'know what I’m sayin, like why wouldn’t just any broom do the trick cause it’s still technically what they summoned. are there limitations on summoning things like non solid objects like water? what’s to stop me from just summoning a fucking castle like can I do that? like fuck you im really missing hogwarts rn fuckin accio hogwarts this bitch rn let’s go you see what I’m sayin? is there a line of sight? Distance? Knowing exact or approximate location? can you accio vague stuff like or non physical things like accio my will to live or my motivation??? idk?????

  • Hunk: Hey, Keith, do you have any hobbies?
  • Keith: Swimming..
  • Hunk: Really? That's cool. I never expected you to-
  • Keith: In a pool of self hatred and regret.
EXO Teasing their Girlfriend for Being SHORT Reaction {Requested}

“Can you please do EXO teasing their gf on how short they are? (I’m requesting this cos I am really short ^.^) Btw, I just found you blog and I LOVE IT! Carry on writing as you just gained a new follower:) ( I have a lot more to say but word limit)xD”

Thank you! Here you go anon!:)

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Xiumin: “what do you mean you can’t reach the pot?” He asked you coming up from behind you and pulling it down. “Maybe if you would have put on those heels you love to wear all the time, then you’d be able to reach!” He teased causing you to snatch the pot and give him a swift elbow to the rib as you huffed away.

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Luhan: “I’m sorry baby but you know I can never take you seriously when I can see right over your head!” He laughed at you, effectively cutting you off in the middle of your sentence. You were trying to scold him for leaving his shoes in the doorway (repeatedly) and making you trip but you could tell he wasn’t listening at all.

“Aughhh!!” You yelled in frustration. Sometimes it sucked being fun-sized.

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Kris: “What did you say?” He asked you, grinning. You wanted to take a napkin and wipe the grin off of his mouth but you knew that would solve nothing. “Ugh, I said that I can’t see can you please….” You sighed deeply. “Give me a boost?”

“I’ll consider it.” He answered simply as he walked away leaving you fuming and wondering what in the world was going on at the neighbor’s house over their fence.

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Suho: “You realize your legs practically stop at my ankles right?” He asked you as you both stood in front of the full length mirror in the clothes department of your favorite store.

“I can’t hear you!” You said in a singsong voice as you left him to continue perusing the racks.

“Can you not hear because your ears are small too?” He asked laughing as you picked up a hanger and began chasing him around the store.

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“I didn’t know shoes came in sizes this small” He mused out loud in wonder as he held your winter boots in his hands. “Are you sure this isn’t a doll’s shoe?”

You reached up and took the boots out of his hand and placed them back in your closet. “I had to order them special okay? So treat them with care, or else I’ll try and return YOU and get a refund.”

He just laughed at your empty threats and grabbed you for a big bear hug.

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Baekhyun: “That’s the rules, I don’t make ‘em I just enforce ‘em!” He told you holding the last cookie up in his hand as you stood on your tippy toes trying to reach it.

“What do you mean you don’t make them? This dumb game was your idea! Ughh if I would have known that to get the last cookie you would just hold it in the air I would have never agreed! You pouted. You really wanted that cookie. It was double chocolate chip, your favorite.

“Tough luck shortie, next time put your heels on and maybe you can have a delicious cookie in your life.”

You watched in horror as he took a bite.

You would get him for this.

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Chen: “Why wouldn’t you just tell me that you needed a booster?” He cried out as he looked at the hand held mirror at his mangled locks. You had volunteered to help him cut his hair, but the problem was that you couldn’t quite see exactly what you were doing as you did it. The chair he had sat in had been a little too high so some parts you kind of just cut in faith and good intentions.

“Well thanks Y/N, I always wondered what I would look like if I got run over with a lawnmower and now I definitely know!”

“You’re welcome!” You replied as he began chasing you down with the scissors still in his hands.

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“You make me feel like a giant” He informed you and you stood in line for snow cones at the local ice cream shoppe.

“You are a giant, I should be the one complaining, you make me feel like a toddler!”

He reached over and pinched your cheeks. “You’re right you act like a baby, you look like a baby and you’re as tiny as a baby!” You smacked his hand but he kept laughing.

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D.O.:  “I didn’t see you at the concert? Were you there asked you?” As he greeted you and walked into your living room. “Of course I was there!” You told him “I was in the front row!” He scrunched up his face like he was in deep thought before his eyes lit up. “Oh you’re right! I did see you! You were just so short next to the sage all I saw was the top of your head bobbing around! Next time I’ll ask them to build a special mini stage just for you!” He laughed.

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Tao: “I’m starting to think you keep me around just so I grab things for you.” He grumbled out loud as he stood on the attic ladder handing down boxes to you. “Maybe you are.” You teased struggling with the heavy boxes and hoping that he didn’t notice.

He did.

He looked down at you and laughed as you struggled to place the box down without dropping it on your own toes.

“Be careful, that box is almost bigger than you!” He warned as he turned back to the attic.

“Hardy har, har” You fake laughed. “I hope you fall.” You added in a whisper.

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“Your hands are so little, they dwarf in mine!” He exclaimed as he held your hands in his. “How am I ever suppose to find a ring for your finger if you have elf fingers?”

“WOAH HOLD UP! Are you asking me to marry you?” You asked in excitement your heart racing.

“Um, no….it’s only been three weeks but I mean still you hands are freaking miniature!”

You groaned and threw the nearest pillow you could find at the side of his perfectly tousled head.

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“I don’t know why you complain so much about being little, I like the way you feel in my arms.” He told you as he came up and hugged you from behind. You smiled. Sehun might sometimes get a bad rep as being a scoundrel and self absorbed but it was moments like this you wished everyone could see the real him.

He continued.

“I mean you’re so tiny it’s kind of like you’re a bug and I’m the giant shoe that could squash you or let you live.” He burst out laughing as you wriggled out of his arms. Forget the mushy stuff. Sehun was still a big fat jerk.

Why didn’t Sherlock see the glass?

There’s been a lot of bantering about how it could be possible that Sherlock didn’t notice there was no glass in Eurus’ cell, so I thought I’d have to try to explain this fact to you.

Have you ever been really stressed? Do you know what happens to your brain when you are confronted with a really stressful situation?

Your cognitive abilities shrink, your vision field is limited to the point in which you can get your vision tunneled.

All your senses can become tunneled when you are stressed. For vision, it means your visual attention can be focused on one small geographic area of an emergency scene or one task being performed at a scene and you miss seeing things in your periphery.

When you are suffering from tunneled senses your situational awareness is vulnerable because you are likely to miss important clues and cues.

No wonder, even for such an observant person as Sherlock, that in those extremely stressful circumcstances - seeing his long forgotten, psychopatic sister, after he heard (and ignored) “vatican cameos” from John, he lost his usual abilities to see details, he was doing his best but his it was his humanity, normal physiological and emotional reactions that didn’t allow him to use his brain to its fullest, as usual.

I am really not surprised Sherlock didn’t see there was nothing to see.


YO @ichiwashername-o!! I’m your Secret Santa for the @undertalesecretsanta! 8D 

I actually wasn’t exactly sure what to draw you, at first. (Your prompt was GB!Papyrus, so the sky was the limit) So have some long-overdue What Are Friends For-related fanart! 

I really enjoyed drawing the WAFF version of GB!Papyrus - he’s a little more slender and draconic than my Puppyrus. If you guys haven’t yet, you can give the fanfic a read right here, or check out Ichi’s Tumblr!

The second image is a scene from Chapter 10 of WAFF. It features a flashback of how the Skelebros met Grillby after they escaped from Gaster’s lab. Sans isn’t doing so well, hence why he’s being carried by Grillby, there. And our favourite fire elemental’s the one who gives Papyrus his iconic scarf. It’s probably one of the scenes that stuck with me the most.

The last image is just me trying to sort out how to draw WAFF Pap’s skull, but I think they turned out alright, so have those as well! WAFF Papyrus is pretty sheepish in quite a few scenes. Big dragon dork.

But yeah. Merry Christmas, Ichi! : D 

I was this close to animating the entire musical number of We Are Number One featuring Magester and his students, but I ran out of time. I hope this suffices, in the end.

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but like imagine junkrat, zarya, and mccree, pining after somebody who is literally perfect in their eyes, like they dont think theyll ever get together cause theyre not in their leuge, they still stalk then and pine after them of course, but imagine their surprise when this god/goddess in their eyes kisses them!

(Admin A here, sorry if these suck or don’t really feel that yandere. Though they are really fluffy :3 Anyways, We have finished up what we have left and we did rush them so sorry if they’re bad. I feel I did a bad job on this one so if so I’m sorry but I hope you can enjoy it nevertheless. I do feel that this one was hard to make yandere, it took more of a stalker specifications which made it hard for me to be more creative. For future ref please make your ask as yandere as possible and don’t set to many limitations on them cause it makes it harder on us. After this is posted the box will be open so send in as many as you want.)


♡ At first site Junkrat knew he was in love. All it took was for their eyes to meet his and in that moment he felt his heart flutter. He had never laid eyes on someone so perfect before, never had anyone spark this type of kind of emotion in him before.

♡ He found his thoughts flooded with them, everything from their hair to their lips. He knew that they were far to amazing for anyone on this planet, including him. The thought made him feel wistful, knowing that he’d never be good enough for them. Despite telling himself that everyday it didn’t make it any easier. He wanted them, no. He needed them in more than anything, so he started to make friends. Becoming closer to them everyday.

♡ At first this was enough, being able to get close and talk to them everyday maybe even get a hug every now and then. But it wasn’t enough. It was never enough. He could still remember how it felt to hug them for even a moment. Having their arms wrapped around him and his around them. He felt warm and at ease, holding them close was everything.

♡ He found himself needing more though. Their touch now gone left a sensation of wanting more. So he started stalking them. He’d often follow them to the store maybe talk to them like it was pure coincidence. Going into their room in the cover of darkness just to caress their cheek.

♡ This would go on for weeks, Junkrat hanging out with them during the day, and watching them at night. Whenever he saw them talking to someone else he felt jealousy flare up inside him and the person would always be reported dead the next day. He knew that they were far too perfect for anyone, he knew that no one deserved to have them. So when someone tried to take them, they’d die. It’s as simple as that.

♡ The day’s turned to weeks and before he knew it a few months had passed. Everything being the same till this day. Feeling a soft tap on his solder he turned only to be greeted with the lips of now lover. He doesn’t hesitate to kiss back, taking in his s/o.


♡ When she first saw them she didn’t think anything special, they looked small and week as if they could be crushed like a bug. She felt the need to help them become stronger. So she volunteered to train them, helping them become stronger.

♡ As she trained them she grew to see them as much more than what she first thought. They were strong, not wanting to give up and always trying to do better. No matter how tired out they were they never gave up. She began to admire that about them.

♡ The moment she realised that she had feelings for them she felt herself melt, her mind becoming clouded with thoughts of them. When helping them work out she’d most often find herself lost in her thoughts, thinking about confessing how she feels. That is till it hits her, she goes to get a drink only to come back and see someone flirting with the one she loves. She feels angry but keeps a calm exterior acting as if nothing is bothering her.

♡ That night she kills the one who chose to flirt with her crush, she says how they deserve so much better than anyone on this planet can offer. She upset, angry with herself knowing that she’s not good enough but then thinks. If she works harder and improves herself even more than maybe she’ll be good enough.

♡ She starts training even harder knowing that one day she can be good enough for her crush. Well training one day she didn’t expect to see her crush being harassed by a man. Going over to them she’d threaten and if they chose to not listen she’d deck them before telling them to run. Once the man has fled she’d make a mental note to find them later and finish them off. She’d ask her crush if their okay, only to be greeted with a pair of lips against her own. She’d hesitated before kissing back smiling knowing that she’s the only one good enough for her s/o.


♡ McCree has always been the type to joke around but when it came to his crush he often just because a blubbering mess. Everytime he see them is like the first as he falls in love all over again. Eyes become fixated on them taking in every little detail. How their hair shines in the light to how they subconsciously tug their shirt when nervous.

♡ He knows that he’ll never have them, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want anyone else with them. Oh no no. He doesn’t want anyone to taint what’s so perfect. Good thing he knows how to hide a corpse.

♡ He loves everything about his crush, and has come to terms of not being able to have them. Though not being able to date them doesn’t stop him from crawling into his crushes bed and holding them in his arms as he watches their sleeping face.

♡ He knows everything about them, from their middle name to the toothpaste they use He can’t help but have them on his mind 24/7 and when their in the same room talking he’s completely lost in their eyes, ignoring all the words that leave their lips. It often results in him coming back to reality embarrassed that he had zoned out and then jokes about it. Only to have himself completely fixated on their laugh. It’s like music to his ears and the oxygen he needs to breath. He needs it.

♡ In a blissful moment is when it happened. A small kiss was placed upon his lips, he felt himself freeze but as his crush pulled away he reached down to grab their face, pulling them into a desperate kiss. Something he’s dreamed about since the day he met them. He held them close as if they’d disappear from existence if he let go.


I’m having so much heckin fun with this style my goodness. I figured out what sorts of custom dithering patterns I made for this technique were my faves, and the challenge of a limited color palette for the sake of keeping layers concise was really fun to work within. :,0

The mAIN point of this stream was to whip up some gifts of characters I’ve wanted to draw for an age but kept putting off til now :,> So here’s everybody I drew up some stuff for~

@diabebus‘s Buck

@5targuitar‘s Z

@arrt-jim-lad‘s Rolling Flash

@artisticdoodler‘s Vito & Barrett

and @cecameron‘s Tacker

I hope you all like these! ;v; Love all you folk’s work immensely, and I can’t wait to see what you all do next.

Also if you’d like transparent versions of em at all feel free to msg me! :>

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(I need advice) This guy I've been talking to has just told me he's asexual, he said "were in this together" and honestly, and I told him, I'm not going to do that I like being sexual and so does he but he's stuck on being ace. It's very frustrating, especially because he told me I can't take care of my sexual needs myself and I can't not do that. I don't know what to do, I really like him but I don't think I can do this, especially if he believes I'm going to become ace too.

I think that if he is ace and is not interested you should respect that. But I think that if you are sexual he needs to realize that he’s not going to “convert” you. Especially if he is trying to control what you do on your own time, that’s not okay. I think that you should probably talk and get how u really feel out there. you could see about being friends or be in an open relationship. But if he’s being controlling I would suggest not sticking around.

Maybe it’s just the podcasts I listen to, but I’ve noticed that there tends to be a pretty dramatic shift between the first and second seasons. 

Purely speculation here, but I imagine it’s one part that the hiatus between seasons is a good turning point, and a good time for creators to ponder what works and what doesn’t, and to try something different. For creative teams who are relatively new to podcasting, I imagine that by the end of the first season their skills are refined to the point that they’re more willing to push the limits of what they can do. Also the nature of the first season finale seems to often require that at least some of the premise is abandoned, because the story seems to have moved on from there.

Personally, this pleases me– there’s something really nice about creators having the freedom to adapt the story as they go without the threat of executives breathing down their necks to keep rehashing the same thing over and over again. 

WTNV had probably a more subtle shift, going from seemingly unconnected daily life in the first season to the very clearly connected Strexcorp plot in the second. Notably with that one, though, the later seasons seemed to go back to more of a middle ground between the two. 

The season one finale of Wolf 359 cemented a fairly huge tonal shift in the series, but that was furthered by the format of mission logs and all that jazz being formally abandoned early into season two. 

I saw similar in the format and plot of both Tanis and Ars Paradoxica, though I’ll leave the specifics on that one to people who have dedicated more thought and energy to those than I have. 

Archive 81 kind of takes the cake for it, to the point where it inspired this post. Listening to the first episode of the second season, I was very much “well… that is not the direction I foresaw this show going.”

All that in mind, the Concierge episode of The Penumbra Podcast seems to be an in-universe segue for the same kind of shift in format and tone. Especially considering how the series was originally intended to be a Twilight Zone-esque anthology show and eventually turned into the Adventures of Juno Steel Plus A Few Side Stories.

Title: Overwhelm 

Author: Amani Omejer

Sometimes I just want to climb into a hole and not come out. I feel overwhelmed by everything. All the things I’m not doing, the things I desperately need to be doing, and all the things I could be doing, blind me completely.

I feel helpless within my pain and anger I feel about the suffering, oppression, and major injustice, that is happening in the world. I feel shame and frustration that my health stops me doing so much I want to do, and really limits what I can tick off my to-do list in my daily life, so the more I feel ill/in pain, the more my anxiety swallows me whole.

When overwhelmed by everything I need and want to do, I often forget self-care tactics (and if I remember them they feel impossible to put in place, because I’m gripped so tightly by the fear), but drawing this cartoon helped me see my overwhelm for what is — just a really long list! — and helped me feel compassion for myself — seeing what I’m feeling weighed down by written down helped me remember that I need softness, slowness, and love in my life to cope with it all.

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As a latina teen, I have a lot of worry about if I really have the chance to make a difference, and go far in life. What can you say that will help me and will encourage me to keep going?

First, you have to believe that you can make a difference. You have to reflect on what you can do to contribute and realize that no matter how small, it’s one more step toward achieving your goal. You must also surround yourself with people who will encourage you and tell you that the sky is the limit. To me, that was my family. I was stubborn enough to believe my parents that I can be whoever I wanted to be, so I worked hard to do just that.

As a Latina, we face challenges that are unique to us, but it doesn’t mean that we let anything stop us! I hope that as a U.S. Senator, young Latinas will see that if I can do it, they can, too.  

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only 1% of the world is ace. sometimes i think i can't be ace because i know several other aces and how is that possible if it's only 1%?! do they even factor in grey aces? i'm worried i'm just a special snowflake because that's what my therapist says...

First off, I think your therapist is bad and if possible I think you deserve a more understanding one.

Second, the 1% marker is an old and imo flawed study. If you look into it, it asked people “do you experience sexual attraction” a no would be a tally for aces. Therefore it doesn’t include grey aces, or demisexual. But I’d be willing to argue that it isn’t even properly count every zero attraction always ace because so many of us are like “what is sexual attraction? How do I know I haven’t felt it if I can’t understand it really in the first place?” Which also limits the number of people who would say yes.

I’ve seen estimates that LGB are 10% and that trans people are less than 1%, yet every study that compares shows that more and more of younger generations are labeling under the queer umbrella. From millennials to the next generation have seen a 10% jump in labeling as bisexual alone! My point is, please don’t think 1% is the standard and timelessly true. Think of it as one study years ago where 1% of people understood and accepted the fact enough to say it. That’s a far better metric.

So what does that mean for you? You aren’t a special snowflake, you are on the edge of this identity being acknowledged and measured which can be heartbreaking because we really don’t know how big the community is or could naturally be given enough awareness. But today or tomorrow you are welcome here!

Bonus! If you find yourself around aces or other queer labeling people in general and you find it odd because it’s a statistical improbability, I want you to ignore math for a second and think about human behavior. People find and group up with like people, as well as people who understand them enough so they are safe. You can see this down classist lines too. People aren’t evenly spread really ever.

Final example, if I did a study of aces I see daily about 40 to 50% would be would be trans and non-binary. Statistically unlikely, but very true in practice. So if you find yourself around a lot of a group and think you just wantta be ‘in with the cool kids’ you might actually just be one in the first place.

It's Too Much Trouble

Concerning the latest OPM update (spoilers ahead)…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that we get to see Genos stay with his beloved Sensei longer yet I can’t help but wonder, is that really ok?
To go so completely against your own wishes based on another person’s decision. Granted Saitama is not holding Genos back at all so it’s like “dude, it seemed like you really wanted to transfer so what are doing?”

I think ONE is about to lay another motherfucking preaching upon us and this time it’s gonna be in OPM

But I can already tell you young ones (so that you don’t end up like me) that doing what Genos is doing is a bad idea.
Do not limit yourselves because of the people who surround you–even if they’re dear to you. And yeah taking decisions always comes with the risk of failing but you have to live the life you choose rather than sit at home and think of the what if’s. Sounds cheesy I know, but it’s true–sometimes wanting to hold onto people so strongly can mess you up.

I hope that I am wrong and completely misinterpreting the message here, but ONE is the type of dude to say that so we’ll see what happens…