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People with disorders and mental illnesses that are coded as “scary” or just aren’t taken seriously are valid and deserve to feel loved. Schizophrenia, DID, BPD, OCD, I’m sorry I can’t mention all of them in one post. This goes out  to everyone with mental illnesses that aren’t widely known of or that are considered scary or unlovable. Every single one of you deserve to be treated better, your struggles are not something for others to joke about. I know it gets tiresome when the only representation people give you is filled with stereotypes of violence or “weirdness”. It’s not true, society is wrong about you. 

There was a reason the Gods bound Hicphaestus to the Forges in chains. There was a reason they needed to placate his anger after centuries of letting him boil under his own misery. Do not piss off a God whose powers are drawn from the very core of the Earth and can be fueled by rage, for he would gladly watch the world burn if he is scorned long enough….  

I like the idea that Hicphaestus’s anger can turn him into this magma-based monster. 


bisexual rapunzel is my favorite headcanon ever tbh