and isn't that what's most important

I’m so fucking done with our education department and the school curriculum.

Can we please stop teaching students that Aboriginals were savage and aggressive?

Can we stop teaching them that the English “settled” here?

Can we stop giving them the cheap cliff note version of aboriginal history?

How about instead of ignoring one of the most important facts in the history of Australia, we tell students the truth?

Let’s tell them what their ancestors really did to the “savage” aboriginals?

Let’s teach them about the lost generation?

Let’s tell them about what happened to aboriginal children? Or what they did to half caste babies?

The Rabbit Proof Fence isn’t teaching kids shit about what happened, it’s a shitty PG version.

  • 1st House: Probably has a lot of mirrors, "I woke up like this", says "me" or "same" to everything, just focused on finding themselves, tries to be positive
  • 2nd House: Blankets and cookies 24/7, v pretty clothes, probably Netflix binges, obsessed with saving or spending money, "If you're not talking money, I don't want to talk"
  • 3rd House: Never shuts up, probably an English major, reads a lot, highkey nerd, "So I read this article today-"
  • 4th House: At home a lot, doesn't feel safe most of the time, v private, finds everything cute, is the mom friend, just wants to be held
  • 5th House: Partying/clubbing 24/7, v dramatic, "The world is my stage", loves kids and pets, has a lot of love to give
  • 6th House: Probably has a studyblr, workaholic, pretends to be healthy but probably binges in private, hypochondriac, lots of complaining, "I like organizing and planning what's wrong with that????"
  • 7th House: Constantly around people, highkey clingy, "Hey wanna come to __ with me? I don't want to go alone", really into romantic shit, "I thought of you when I heard this!"
  • 8th House: Looks like death, lots and lots of secrets, "I'll tell you later" (Doesn't actually), probably a witch, lowkey freak, sexsexsexsex
  • 9th House: Wanderlust, "Sorry that isn't politically correct, you should-", "Have you ever tried meditating?", probably a know-it-all, is really stubborn but somehow changes opinion a lot
  • 10th House: Always has to be on top, everyone knows who they are, wants a lot of money, puts on a show, "Sorry I'm only focused on my career at the moment"
  • 11th House: Friends with everyone, probably says "squad" a lot, just really focused on their dreams, likes to volunteer, "My friends are the most important thing in my life"
  • 12th House: Constantly confused, lots of crying (alone), "Sorry what did you say I wasn't listening", rly shy, alone most of the time, reallyreallyreally sweet and caring, CONFUSED, just wants to nap

A lot of advice for beginning artists really drives home that you have to practice, and you have to practice effectively by doing certain things, but it’s worth remembering that for most people: the only reason to practice is to further your enjoyment. You don’t have to enjoy every second but remember that practice is for your enjoyment.

If you’re drawing because you enjoy it, that’s ultimately the end purpose of any activity which goes into drawing. It’s the reason to draw every day, or practice, or take classes, or try new things, or stick to what you’re good at. Your enjoyment is the reason to improve. 

You can’t assume that enjoyment’s just going to stick with you no matter what you do. You have to foster your enjoyment just like you foster your skill, only moreso because it’s more important. Especially when you’re just starting, that involves drawing what you want, when you want, because you want to. Maybe supplement that with drawing exercises, but you’ll get better even if you don’t.

What’s important right now, and forever unless you’re hoping to get paid or have another end goal in mind, is that you enjoy it.

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random but always relevant: you know how a lot of people go on about how viktor speaking russian in bed with yuuri would make him blush and be such a kink (which yes, same, and very important lol), but what about yuuri speaking japanese, either if it just slips out or if viktor asks him to, i just can't at yuuri whining 'kimochii' ('that feels good') or 'hayaku!' ('faster!') etc, as viktor tries not to come just from hearing yuuri's whimpering voice *eyes emoji*

On that first plane ride to Hasetsu, Victor split his time between telling the lovely old woman sitting across the aisle from him about how he was on his way to find the love of his life and tripping over his own tongue while he sounded out the words in the Russian-to-Japanese dictionary he’d picked up at the airport. The pages were crammed with chaos: alphabets broken and bent into new shapes, words that had fifty different characters with one meaning, L’s rolling into unfamiliar R’s that barely found purchase in his mouth. When he finally saw Yuuri, the declaration the kind woman on his flight had helped him prepare—Iしてるの君—had turned tail and fled, leaving him to take the coward’s way out by switching to English and rattling off something about being Yuuri’s coach. That night, ensconced in his little room, he read his dictionary from cover to cover by the light of his phone, whispering every word aloud until the first rays of Japanese morning crept in to goad him into getting off his ass and trying again.

His trusty dictionary has seen some things; its pages are crinkled and ripped, dogeared into deformity, and the cover threatens to just up and disintegrate if he so much as looks at it wrong. It’s been his only line of defense the past year, a wrecking ball wielded in the face of countless cultural barriers, and he knows it so well that he could probably recite every single word by page number and line. Except one.

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on the “is kawoshin canon or not?” debate

What I don’t understand is that eva fans demand so much proof to accept that Kaworu and Shinji’s relationship is supposed to be romantic in nature, but their arguments for it only being platonic have literally no evidence whatsoever. 

Like the idea that Kaworu “only loved Shinji in a jesus way” (lmao) - has Anno ever even said anything like this? Western fans associate self-sacrifice with Jesus but I don’t think a Japanese viewer would make the same connection. And Shinji has Jesus parallels too - he even had stigmata - but no one claims that he’s Jesus just because of that. 

And the idea that Kaworu can’t feel human emotions like love and attraction bc he’s an angel, like where did this come from?? Has anyone from the production staff or something ever said that? No… which means it’s literally just a headcanon and not actual fact. And the idea that he doesn’t understand human nature so that’s why he seems unintentionally “gay” doesn’t hold water either. His whole shtik is about how he understands human nature very well. 

Another popular narrative is that Shinji is actually 150% hetero and he was just confused/desperate/going through a phase. And the “proof” they use to back this up is usually like personal experiences (like, oh yeah I - I mean, my friend went through a phase where he liked dudes but now he’s totes straight so Shinji was just like me - I mean, my friend). Think about this for a second - why are people treating Shinji like he’s a real person with a real sexuality? He’s a fictional character ffs. His only sexuality is the one the writers give him. Which is pri much bisexual. If he was a real person, you could ask him like ‘dude, u gay or what?’ but he’s not!!!!! everything you need to know about his sexuality is in the fucking show already!!! there’s no need for all this useless speculation!!!  And btw, if you - I mean, “your friend” really reacted to another guy the same way Shinji reacted to Kaworu, then, I hate to break it to you, but he homo af.

Also ppl use semi-canon side materials to prove that LAS or whatever ship is canon, but if anyone tries to do the same w/ Kawoshin, the sources are suddenly completely irrelevant. Like double standards, much?

Idk, I’m just really fucking tired of every single discussion about Shinji and Kaworu devolving into this stupid argument over whether they’re gay or not.  Like you can’t even discuss their relationship in terms of themes or meaning to the plot w/o all this no homo bs.

Like I’m not saying there’s absolutely no room for debate about their canonity(?) or true feelings for each other, but it’s pretty clear the relationship was at the very least intended to be very homoerotic and that’s confirmed by the creator, the production staff, voice actors, official guides, etc. And also, on top of all the evidence from the actual show/movies/manga, Anno literally called Kaworu Shinji’s “same-sex love interest” . there are canon het pairs that everyone accepts with less evidence than that.

Tbh, it reminds me of arguments between creationists and evolutionists. Evolutionists have a shit tonne of evidence to back up their claims but creationists just plug their ears and talk about how they feel in their heart and “it’s gotta be true bc I say it is.” lmao i can’t believe I just typed that sentence.

While I have to admit it is pretty funny seeing people try to justify their homophobia by coming up with all these wild theories to prove Kawoshin can’t be anything but str8, it’s honestly getting pri stale. like why are you so triggered over the possibility of two fictional characters being gay for each other? why?

Just please… get out of your homophobic asses and face reality…

in light of the recent explosion at ariana grande’s concert in manchester, please keep in mind that the most important thing right now is not celebrities’ reactions on social media, or your personal opinions of those reactions. please, do not spread any more hate, and focus on what is actually important: keeping everybody safe and mourning for those who have been killed. this is a terrible thing to happen, do not undermine it with celebrity drama. 

The signs as "Heathers" quotes
  • Aries: The extreme always seems to make an impression.
  • Taurus: I say we just grow up, be adults, and die.
  • Gemini: I can't believe you did it. I was teasing. I loved you! Of course, I was coming up here to kill you..
  • Cancer: Dear Diary. My teen angst bullshit has a body count.
  • Leo: Chaos is great! Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling.
  • Virgo: If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn't be a human. You'd be a game show host.
  • Libra: I shop, therefore I am.
  • Scorpio: Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Do I look like Mother Theresa?
  • Sagittarius: Our love is God. Lets go get a slushie.
  • Capricorn: Are we going to prom or to hell?
  • Aquarius: Whether to kill yourself or not is one of the most important decisions a teenager can make.
  • Pisces: This isn't just a spoke in my menstrual cycle.

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I'm actually asking this question on behalf of my whole class. The thing is my class has a problem with the development of our stories. It's a problem most of us have. My teacher is giving us extra writing practices and tips but it would help if you could give us some advice. There isn't much of a problem with language, just the story in general. Preferably tips that are more helpful for primary 6 pupils.

I’d be glad to give an overview on basic story development. Tell your class that I say hi! I may cover some things that you already know, especially at the beginning, but I like to be thorough and I don’t know how much you have been explained already.

The most important part of any story is the protagonist. This is your leading character, the person who drives the story. Your protagonist needs a goal. What do they want? The story is about how they achieve that goal.

Your story needs an antagonist. This is the protagonist’s enemy, or a force that gets in the way of their goal. The interaction between the protagonist and the antagonist create the conflict that makes up your story.

A general plot can look like this:

As you can tell by the diagram, you start by introducing your characters and the protagonist starts their attempt at achieving their goal. The ‘events’ on the diagram are obstacles that need to be faced by the protagonist and are part of the (unlabeled) “rising action”. 

Lets look at an example (sorry, you’ll need to zoom in to read it, and it doesn’t display too well on mobile tumblr):

Now, this is just the bare bones of a simple story, but notice how the events develop in a way that prepares for the climax. They aren’t random, but are interconnected and affect each other. They also affect the characters. Good story development is seen in more than just a cohesive plot, but in how the characters react and grow. At the end, Maria and Jamie are no longer the same characters that they were at the start; they underwent development because of the plot events.

To develop a story, you want to look at cause-effect relationships. If something happens, what is the reaction of both the world and the characters? In the example above, the world (the art teacher) reacted to character action (the theft of art supplies) by trying to get Maria and Jamie to make up. There is a logical chain of events. Setting can also affect events, because if this didn’t take place in a school, then there would be no art teacher.

Character development can be more open in that Maria and Jamie could have chosen to NOT make up in the end. Their choices are part of their characters, and different characters can change how a story will unfold. An assertive protagonist will not make the same choices as a shy one, a coward may run where a brave person may fight, there are endless examples of how people (and thus characters) can differ. 

What would have happened if Maria or Jamie won as opposed to that unnamed person? That would have changed the ‘falling action’ and ‘resolution’. You can have fun testing story ideas by asking “what if?” for a lot of different ideas, and don’t be afraid for the ideas to get absurd! 

I hope that helped, and if you have a more specific question, or if I forgot to cover something, stop by the blog again!  


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Nalu headcanon: Natsu isn't always the most *aware* person but once he fully realizes something is important to Lucy it sticks with him. His sense of smell gives him an edge in knowing what is genuinely important. This is especially true when Lucy becomes concerned about or attached to people (even "problematic" people). It helps him be the kind of partner who is deeply understanding of Lucy's need to help others and spend time with her friends. He gets it and accepts it and Lucy loves that.

YES!!  This can be proven true (imo) in the Key of the Starry Heavens Arc/Infinity Clock Arc (I can’t remember the exact name, sorry!) when Natsu was going to beat up Michelle/Imitatia, and even though he had just cause (and was going to beat her because she hurt Lucy), Lucy yelled “STOP” to him and he stopped in the middle of his attack, and got HIMSELF knocked out all because he knew that she was important to Lucy.  

Yes, yes, yes, yes, this headcanon is CANON imo!!

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Starks bending the knee metaphorically *and* physically

my kink tbh?

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I can't believe today we learnt that Phil doesn't have a significant desire for love and his love life isn't important to him

Nah anon what we learned today is that Phil doesn’t desire love because he already has it and that he doesn’t need to get wet because being wet indicates the importance of sex and when you’re in a rapidly approaching eight year long term relationship sex actually isn’t the most important thing to you. You can have it when you want, so it’s less of a dominating factor of the relationship than actually building a long term life together. 

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Can you do rfa + v + saeran with an MC who has just gotten a new job and it is c o n s u m i n g her to point that she's not spending time on anything but it and what free time she has she is very tired and mentally exhausted. (and maybe not completely happy because this isn't quite what she thought it was going to be and she misses having a life outside of work and might have cried due to stress more than once)

Aww anonny, I hope that you’re not feeling stressed out because of your job! Every job that I’ve had made me feel like this so I relate to this request so much. Make sure you don’t overwork yourself, your health is always the most important thing! I hope that you enjoy!! :) 


  • Yoosung was so excited for you when you told him that you got a new job
  • When he wasn’t busy tending to sick animals, Yoosung would send you encouraging texts throughout the day
  • As time went on, Yoosung noticed more and more how busy you seemed, deeply saddening him
  • You would come home late, so late that the dinner Yoosung made would be ice cold and a very sleepy looking Yoosung
  • One day when the two of you had off, Yoosung eagerly asked if you wanted to play some LOLOL with him but you declined saying that you had some things for work that you had to get done
  • That was the final straw for Yoosung
  • After coming home late from work yet again, you trudged your way to your shared bedroom, expecting Yoosung to be asleep already
  • But you didn’t expect a pair of warm arms to wrap around your waist, pulling you down onto the bed as Yoosung told you
  • “I know that you’re not happy with your job MC, and that’s okay! This isn’t what makes you happy and you should follow your dream job. You know that I’ll be there for you to support you every step of the way!”
  • You quit your current job the next day after Yoosung’s pep talk making him happy
  • For the first time in a very long time, you and Yoosung slept soundly wrapped in each other’s arms that night


  • Zen was so proud of you when you told him that you got a new job
  • He was quite busy himself with rehearsals for upcoming musicals so he would always look forward to coming home and relaxing with you
  • But as time went on, Zen noticed how little time the two of you would spend together because you were at work
  • Of course Zen was happy for you, but it did hurt him a little that you chose to spend more time at work than with him
  • One night Zen was flipping through his script mindlessly until he heard the front door shut and you sighing heavily
  • Zen knew right away how stressed you were from your job because of your flushed cheeks and shaky hands
  • He gently picked you up and carried you to the bedroom and laid you down, kissing your forehead as he laid himself down next to you as he softly whispered
  • “Jagiya, I know how stressed out you’re getting because of your job. It isn’t healthy for you to work so much and you look so sad. But no matter what happens, I want you to be happy and healthy okay?”
  • You quit your job the next day and told Zen that you wanted to pursue your dream job to which Zen happily agreed and supported you every step of the way


  • Jaehee smiles on the outside but is wary on the inside when you tell her about your new job
  • But she still supports you because Jaehee would support anything that you do
  • It doesn’t take her long to notice just how draining your new job is, especially since she’s been in your position before when working for Jumin
  • She watches sadly as you come home from work, almost passing out on the spot from exhaustion, not even having time to eat dinner or relax with her
  • It hurts Jaehee to see you like this so after another long day’s work and you coming home late, Jaehee took you to the couch
  • She sat you down, having to bite her lip from crying because the look of sheer tiredness is like a mirror for Jaehee
  • But she steadies herself, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and resting her chin on the top of your head as she told you
  • “I see how hard you’ve been working MC. Please don’t take this the wrong way but your job is draining you, you need to get out of there. I promise to always be here to help you okay?”
  • So the next day you ended up quitting your job in order to pursue your dream, making Jaehee smile
  • You and Jaehee finally had more time to spend together which mostly included lots of snuggles, coffee, and watching Zen’s musicals


  • Jumin didn’t quite get why you decided to get a new job but he was still happy nonetheless
  • He repeatedly told you that you could have anything that you wanted from him but you were determined to find a job since you didn’t want to feel like a burden
  • Of course Jumin disagreed, saying that being a burden was the last thing that he would describe you as, but he did admire your work ethic
  • As time went on, Jumin saw you less and less, greatly frustrating him
  • He would sometimes come home early to find you still at work and when you came home you would go straight to be, telling him that you were tired
  • Jumin isn’t having this
  • When you come home from work one day you find Jumin already in the bedroom with a look of worry on his face
  • He pulls you in for a tight embrace then leading you to lay down on on top him with your head on his broad chest as he said to you
  • “MC I don’t like seeing you so exhausted like this and I know it’s because of your job. This job isn’t making you happy and you deserve to be happy. You need to go out and pursue your dreams my love.”
  • With Jumin’s words in mind, you quit your job the next day with both you and Jumin feeling instant relief
  • Jumin supported and encouraged you to follow your dream job, giving the two of you lots of much needed time to spend together


  • Seven knows a thing or two about being stressed out from work
  • He does a complete background check on the company to make sure that they’re safe, which they are
  • But as time goes on, Seven notices how little time you spend at home and when you are home, you’re doing more work for the company
  • It breaks his heart to see you so stressed out but you kept insisting that you were fine
  • But Seven knew better
  • After you came home one day, Seven waited up for you, almost passing out from how late it was
  • He was about to scold you for staying at your job until he saw tears streaming down your cheeks
  • Seven immediately wrapped you into a big hug and pulled you onto the bed stroking your hair softly as he told you
  • “My Honey, I know how stressed out your job is making you. You need to tell your boss that he doesn’t deserve a hard worker like you! Please MC, your happiness is all that matters to me.”
  • So the next day, you quit your job thanks to Seven’s advice, making both of you relieved
  • Seven eventually convinced you to pursue your dream job, having the two of you celebrate with lots of Honey Buddha Chips and cuddles


  • V was so happy and proud of you for getting a new job
  • This boy would always support you no matter what you did and your new job was no exception
  • But as time went on, V noticed more and more just how drained you were when you came back from work
  • You worked early morning until late at night, looking paler with each passing day, and the two of you spent a lot less time together
  • V was becoming concerned and asked if he could do anything to help but you brushed it off saying that you were just a little tired
  • One night, you came home extremely late to find V with a big blanket, a hot beverage, a sad smile, and open arms
  • You couldn’t stop the tears from coming so you ran over to V to cuddle in his long arms
  • He held you close to his chest, humming softly as he told you
  • “I can see how much your job is harming you MC and I’m concerned. Your health is the most important thing and if your job is hurting you, you must stop. You know that I’ll be here to encourage you every step of the way.”
  • So with V’s words of love, you quit your job the next day in order to get yourself healthy again and more importantly, to spend more time with the man that you love


  • Saeran would never admit it out loud, but he was secretly very impressed that you got a new job
  • He started to see how long hours you’ve been working and how tired you seemed after you came home from work, worrying him
  • So Saeran secretly hacked into your workplace’s security cameras to find you working your butt off with your boss giving you no gratitude
  • He was infuriated, how the hell could someone treat you, the most perfect person in the world in Saeran’s eyes, so poorly?
  • After you came home from work that day, tired as ever, you saw Saeran waiting for you on the bed with a huge bowl of your favorite ice cream and two spoons
  • The stress from your job finally caught up to you and you started crying your eyes out
  • Saeran jumped slightly, not expecting you to be so upset, so he stood up and gave you an awkward yet loving hug
  • He softly shushed you and ran his fingers through your hair telling you
  • “I know how terrible your boss is MC, you need to get out of there. I can’t stand seeing you so sad and you out of all people deserve to be happy and follow your dream.“
  • Following Saeran’s encouragement, you quit your job the next day and as you left the building, you saw Saeran waiting for you with a small smile
  • The two of you went to the sweets shoppe and indulged yourself in the goodies because to Saeran, you deserved every bit of happiness and love

@thebeautyisme Omg, perfectly said!!! And I absolutely agree. But—to me at least—this seems to be veering off into the same old argument of, “Who does she love more?” which isn’t really what I’m going after. (Claire and Jamie’s love is, like, The Love of All Loves, of course!) I’m just trying to say that Frank, at one point, was as important to Claire as Jamie is to her now. What she felt for him then was the most genuine, heartfelt love she could give at the time, or had ever felt. Even if she has changed since then, her feelings for Frank were very real. And those lingering feelings will always color Claire’s life in some way (and they certainly played some sort of role in Frank and Claire’s relationship, post-Culloden.)

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my dude... how do you paint/draw the shadows and folds in clothes... do you use a Reference? yours always look rly natural im struggling

oh thank you omg! no i don’t use a reference haha, most of it has just come with practice really, but i could try giving some tips to help you out!

so for clothing folds… i would say one of the most important things is to try to keep in mind what kind of fabric it is and how it fits on the individual’s body. like for instance with this drawing of ding dong:

the shirt he’s wearing is way too big for him, so it bunches up near the bottom where his torso meets his legs and flows freely where there’s nothing pushing on it (arms). same goes for the pants, which are scrunching up at the end since it’s less tight fitting there and they’re meeting the bed. if he were wearing a more tight-fitting shirt, there would be less wrinkles since there’s less fabric to bunch up, like in this drawing for example

clothing folds are also irregular, they’re not usually straight lines and bumps. of course, this depends on the fabric/how tightly the shirt is fitting on the person, but generally if it’s a looser piece of light clothing (like a t-shirt) then it should be more random and curvy, like this

whereas with heavier fabric like leather or wool, there are less folds!

and obviously, references are the best tool you can use! look up pictures of people wearing t-shirts or whatever and study from them, incorporate what you see into your drawings! there are also a lot of great tutorials out there that you can look at, i think this one specifically does a really good job at explaining folds and such

(also, for shading, looking at real life images is probably the best tip i can give. sorry i can’t help out more with that :’O just keep in mind that curves are the way to go)

btw just as a disclaimer, i’m not an expert at drawing clothes lol, i still have a lot more to learn. this is just what i usually keep in mind while i’m drawing them. but hey, i hope it helped!

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Alec saying "as much as I loved Tokyo and Prague, a bacon burguer from the East Village isn't that bad" was my favorite line from the episode. Besides being funny, it tells so much about Alec

lmao it was, he is such a down-to-earth kinda guy, even tho he grew up basically royalty in his own little circle (the lightwoods are an old important family, he’s the eldest male, the acting head of the institute…) he doesn’t take pride in more than what he specifically earned and worked hard for himself, (his ‘duty’ as a shadowhunter, his skill in archery) and doesn’t demand from his life the most luxurius things because the simplest aren’t ‘that bad’ and you could say carry the most meaning for him…look at the gift he gave magnus, so simple, yet so full of what it’s most important for him, the protection of his loved ones………yeah you gotta love him


Given straight to Paul Scholes - what about that! What about that! 

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tfw Zylbrad says "There's actually some skill to Mercy. I'm really confused right now" and like, what? Of course there is. Holding down M1 isn't the important part to play a good Mercy, unlike most DPS, where aiming/killing is the main goal. Mercy is about the timing, appropriate safe v. risky positioning, and juggling a bunch of lives. Sure, getting the healing beam to lock on isn't difficult, but effectively managing the other stuff takes a lot of big picture game sense + awareness.

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I love your blog I truly do but how is what is happening in Hamburg okay? They are destroying the things of working class people. This isn't protest anymore this is just being a fucking asshole. How can you be okay with this?

there are several reasons why violent protest and the destruction of property are important and sometimes vital actions alongside peaceful protest

1) causing damage to the city & property disincentivizes hosting an event like G20 again and turns most people against it even if its not because they are against the state or in support of anti-capitalism

2) starting fires and destroying property distracts the police from attacking protestors

3) destroying property is a way of creating a material impact on the community which then forces a conversation about the issues to the masses

furthermore, these actions are usually done as a last resort, in frustration of a status quo that has been unresponsive to other non-destructive actions, or a desperate attempt to counter life or global threatening issues. the quote “a riot is the language of the unheard” comes to mind here (such as ferguson)

in an ideal anarchist protest, the majority of property destroyed would be of the wealthy and of the state. but any realistic person recognizes that no such ideal protest exists, and that unfair casualties are an unfortunate result. disruptions such as highway protests are another thing brought up here, which do impact the oppressed, but are ultimately necessary for some causes.

and then finally, if you are focusing the majority of your energy & condemnation toward these actions than to anti-capitalism and anti police brutality, your priorities are skewed, as of course these casualties are by no means proportional to the amount of violence done by capitalism, the state, and the wealthy.

further reading:

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Saying white people who are telling other white people not to use racial slurs are just liars who are trying to big themselves up is a massively unfounded claim, and then saying whether or not it's true doesn't matter is pretty hypocritical. Like you can't call people out for dishonesty and then act like being honest isn't actually important. You can start a conversation about racial slurs without making stuff up.

Except that’s not what my point was.
I was saying that most white people have probably used racial slurs. This isn’t unique to The Really Bad Ones. Y'all gonna sit here and tell me you never used racialized language or used words like g*ped. You’ve never done anything like that in your life? I really doubt it.
BUT let’s say you haven’t. Lets say that you’ve never exhibited verbal racism at all. That’s nice and all but let’s not pretend that you’re 100% not racist because of that.
So are you making these kind of pat-myself-on-the-back-type posts because it’s true or because you’re lying to look good? Cool, I guess, if you don’t call POC slurs but like do you really need to make this about how PURE and not-like-those-other-white-people you are? You can’t address racism and the use of slurs without making it all about you and how great you see yourself?
And I’m not saying don’t call people out, like so many of you are accusing me. But call them out for the right reasons. Call it out because it’s dehumanizing and hurts us on many levels. Call it out and actually explain WHY it’s wrong. Don’t make it about what a great guy you are, and certainly don’t make these posts with the idea that you’re totally not racist because you don’t use slurs because that’s far from the be all/end all of racism.