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Loch Slapin and Bla Bheinn, Isle of Skye by Paul Thallon
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Bla Bheinn (928m/3044ft) Location: B8083, Torrin, Isle of Skye, Scotland 

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In reply to the 'canes on flights' ask - my sister had to contact them before hand to take her walking stick, and I think it was taken away from her for the duration of the journey? It may depend on the airline, hers was Ryanair.

@pavusiing said to shit-abled-people-say:
There is really nothing you need to do special with a cane. They’ll ask you if you need assistance or if you want a wheelchair and someone to push you. You’ll also need to run it through security but they have chairs you can sit in once you go through or their own cane to use while yours gets checked. Not a big deal!

@wishtoflyakite said to shit-abled-people-say:
@ anon: I always bring my cane when I’m flying. I’ve never had any problems. When I book my tickets I also book assistance, they’ll help you find an accessible seat (usually an isle seat) and you can use your cane in the cabin, but it needs to be flat on the floor as long as the seat belt lights are on. Most (if not all) companies allow you to bring mobility items free of charge, but it does need to be checked by security.

If you don’t need assistance I recommend emailing/calling them that you are bringing a cane and need an accessible seat. I didn’t do this the first time (I didn’t need assistance back then) and it wasn’t really a problem, but it might be for a different company.

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Regarding air travel with canes: Employees will try to get you into the crappy wheelchairs they’ll insist on pushing themselves, but you can refuse them. In the cabin, you will be asked to stow the cane in the overhead compartment. If you get a window seat, however, you can wedge it between you and the window and generally the employees will overlook it.

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Pairing: Veronica Sawyer x Fem!Reader

Request: Are requests open if so ,can you pls write Veronica sawyer x female reader pls (like Veronica protecting her gf from JD :) ~ Anonymous

AN: Imagine Ryan’ s JD.  This is a stupid title,  I just couldn’t think of a better one. And this isn’t the best x reader ever but it’ll do for now.

Words: 342



You happily sipped away at your cherry slushie as you walked down the isles of the 7/11 along side your girlfriend Veronica. You really did love each other. But unfortunately couldn’t really show it in public because not a lot of people approved of same sex couples. But hey it could be worse.

The bell above the door jingled. Curiously you looked over and froze once you saw who it was.

Jason Dean.

His eyes locked onto yours, he smirked. You tore your eyes away and grabbed Veronica’s hand. She was in mid-chew of her Slim Jim when she looked at you curiously because you never hold her hand in public. Her eyes caught sight of your nervousness. She swallowed the slim jim and tugged you close to her as she led you to check out.

The cashier checked out their items before putting some things into a bag handing it to Veronica who quickly pulled you out of the store and away from JD.

Veronica was very well aware of what JD is capable of that’s why she broke up with him, and you had no idea what he’s done just that he wasn’t good. Ever since they broke up JD tried to get Veronica back and failed miserably.

The last time she was alone with JD he threatened to hurt Y/N, and Veronica wouldn’t have that so she knew you needed to be far away from him when he came.

Veronica ushered you to the car.

“Veronica I know he’s not a good person, but you shouldn’t leave because of him. Screw him!” You told her as she backed the car up.

“Trust me, it for the best.” Reaching over her hand grabbed hold of yours.

She won’t let JD or anyone touch you, over her dead body.

“I’ll never stop looking out for you, you know that right?” Veronica said, half way through the drive home. You looked at her.

“I know.” You grinned, leaning over, you pecked her cheek.

“Never.” Veronica muttered, but you didn’t hear it.

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A vague request I hope you'll like: can u please post some of ur fave im@s songs??? (Aka I need song recommendations)

This was a really hard one to answer since there are just too many good songs! Anyway, Here’s some of our favorites!

Mod Takanya:
Flower Girl by Takane
Koi Kaze by Kaede

Mod 720p:
Dakara Konya Kimi to by Takane, Hibiki, & Yukiho
Isle (Harmonized ver.) by Ibuki, Julia, &  Mizuki
Aoi Tori -Taku Inoue Remix- by Chihaya