and is this room really a room or an embrace

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IMAGINE: Steve getting jealous of your best friend Matt Murdock 

You walk in and see Steve punching the hell out of the punching bag. You saw as he packed the final punch and the bag went across the room. “Steve?”

He turned around and saw you. Steve grunted in greeting and then picked up the next bag. “Shouldn’t you be with Matt?” You could see the petty jealousy from a mile away and you grinned. “Why are you smiling?”

You shook your head and walked across to him. “He’s my best friend Steve. Just that, nothing else.” You embraced his back and placed a kiss on his shoulder. “Plus, my heart has no more room to love anyone else.”

Steve turned around and quirked his brow. “Really?”

“Mm hmm. So no need to get jealous. You’re the only one for me.” You placed a chaste kiss on his lips. “Have I ever told you that you working out turns me on?”

Steve chuckled and responded with a ‘no’. “Does it really?”

“Yep. Come on and let me show just how much I love you.” You grabbed his hand and ran all the way to your room.

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EreMika Fluff Week 2015. Day 1: Blanket

This is actually the first time I participate in events like this, so hope you enjoy my “art” the week is coming n-n And also I have to warn you I’m of those times in the artist’s lifetime her artstyle is changing, so my art can be weird sometimes…

Well, all started one stormy night. Mikasa always has been afraid to thunders, but that was such a horrible storm that decided to go to Eren’s room to receive at least some of comfort from him. 

The road between her room and Eren’s was such a challenge, but she finally arrived there, and made Eren be shocked when she explained him about her great fear, because he didn’t know she was afraid to thunders maybe because she hid that fear really good in the past. Eren, then, wrapped a blanket on her and decides to be beside her until she falls asleep. In the time Eren comforted her, Mikasa tended to embrace him very strong, which would embarrass Eren and make him blush all the time, but he wouldn’t show it at all because he didn’t want to stress Mikasa and make feel more uncomfortable than she was.

In the end, both felt sleepy and Eren carried her and leaned her down in his bed, and after he would lay beside her and embrace her until both fall asleep.

That idea is, actually, mine and ninjadango‘s ^^’ (we just invented a new Mikasa’s fear hahaha and also the new eren’s wrap thing: blankets!) And please, don’t ask me about the chibies of the second and third pic… I only can say Kuroshitsuji and Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic are ruining my life.

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Smith laughed and crossed the room to peer over Sips’s shoulder. He couldn’t quite make out the words on the paper, but he was sure it was some business proposal or something intelligent like that. He wrapped his arms around the paler man’s shoulders and leaned his head against his friends.

“They just put the new season of iZombie up Sips, I don’t want to watch it without you,” the ginger pleaded softly. “Besides, you haven’t been out of your room all day! We can order Chinese from that place you like and binge, please,” he practically begged. It seemed that Sips was in his room/office more and more recently, and Smith was really missing his companion. Sure, Smith had his own work to do, but he had a knack for getting things done last minute.

Sips gathered the papers into a stack and placed them down in the center of his desk before he finally leaned back into his chair and accepted Smith’s embrace.  It was only when his eyes glanced towards the window that he realised it was dark outside and that yeah, Smith was right when he said he hadn’t been out of his room all day.  He’d just gotten so wrapped up in paperwork that the day had slipped away from him – again.  This happened all too often lately.

“Yeah, yeah, quit your beggin’,” he teased Smith as he lightly patted an arm that was locked around his shoulders.  “I’m fucking starving anyway so I could use a break.”  Sips then wiggled free from Smith’s grasp so he could stand, stretching his arms over his head and popping his back.  Moving out the door of his bedroom, he shuffled into the living room where he almost immediately plopped himself down on the sofa and turned to look at Smith.  “Are the other assholes around or is it just you and me tonight?” he asked, referring to Smith’s two companions.

Until It’s Too Dark To Go Back

A/N: This is quick and real short. Sorry if I changed the prompt slightly. Anyways, this is just a little drabble thats super fluffy so enjoy!

Based on this Prompt @ mrasteroidsign

Summary: Dan accidentally stays up too late watching scary movies while hanging out in Phil’s room and gets too sacred to go back to his own room.  Phil, of course, lets him spend the night there. Dan then starts making a not so accidental habit of staying up really late in Phil’s room.

Warnings: None (loads of fluffiness)

Word Count: 606

Night 1

Dan lay next to Phil on his bed while they finished up their 3rd horror movie for the night. Phil loved scary movies and some how always got Dan to agree to a movie night with him. 

“Ahh!” Dan yelped as a ghostly women appeared on the screen before the credits popped up.

“Are you okay, Dan?” Phil chuckled, opening up his arms for Dan to embrace.

“I hate you.” Dan replied while being pulled into a hug.

“We should probably head to bed. We have to work tomorrow.” Phil smiled.

Dan looked to the door and then back at his best friend with pleading eyes, hoping he’d get the message.

“Please?” Dan whimpered.

“Of course.” And Phil tucked the both of them right under the blanket.

Night 2

It was about 5 days later and Phil had yet again convinced Dan into a horror night.

“Neflix is gonna run out of horror movies for us to watch soon.” Dan punched Phil’s shoulder. 

“Oh c’mon. Horror movies are the best.” Phil rolled his eyes. “I’m going to head to bed. I’ve got a long day tomorrow.”

“Oh! Okay.” Dan slowly got up to leave his room, lingering as long as possible.

“Aren’t you gonna stay? You must be scared.”

Dan smiled and hopped into bed with Phil.

Night 3

The following night, Dan had come into Phil’s room watch some more movies. Dan had made Phil promise that they wouldn’t watch anymore horror movies. They settled for a couple of Disney movies, one of which made both Dan and Phil cry.

“Those were great. I forgot how much I loved Disney movies.” Phil said while drying his eye with a tissue, pushing his glasses up slightly to do so.

“Yep.” Dan said as he standing up awkwardly from the bed.

Dan looked around the room for a few seconds and then back at Phil to find him staring.

“Why are you just standing there like that?”

“I was gonna go back to my room.”

“You still creeped by the movies last night?”

“Yeah. Kinda”

“Get in here, silly bear.” Phil laughed.

Night 7

Dan did this for the next three nights and Phil let him stay. He absolutely cared so much about his best friend and didn’t want him to feel scared, but it was almost a whole week since they had watched those movies and surely Dan couldn’t have still been scared.

“What are we watching tonight?”

“I think Netflix has not just run out of horror movies for us to watch, but everything.” Phil looked over to Dan. “Don’t you want to just have a night on your own. You’ve been sleeping here a lot. I mean, I don’t mind, but you still can’t be scared by those movies, can you?”

Dan looked away from Phil, avoiding any kind of eye contact. Phil placed a hand on Dan’s thigh in attempt to grab his attention.

“What’s wrong, Dan?”

“I’m not scared anymore.”

“Okay What do you need me for then?”

“What do you mean, ‘What do I need you for?’ I always need you, Phil. That’s the issue. I’m sorry. I’ll leave.” Dan got up, but Phil grabbed his wrist.

“Dan, you can stay if you want. In fact, I want you to.”

Phil pulled Dan closer to him, his nose into his hair.

“I need you too. You know?”

“Can we sleep?”

Dan wrapped his arms around Phil’s waist as Phil once again tucked them in.

“How long have you actually been faking being scared.”

Dan giggled. “ I don’t know. I never really was.”

“You’re the worst person in the world!”