and is surprised by how much of it i still have memorized

i’m…dying… @aki_the_geek on twitter was live translating ep 12 overview and kubo’s interview for this month’s spoon.2di magazine and several IMPORTANT things have been said:

  • it’s confirmed yuuri is in st.petersburg and practices around yurio and yakov with victor still as his coach.
  • victor knows fully how difficult coaching and returning to competitive skating is going to be
  • kubo said she made sure to include many moments before the kiss in episode 7 before STRIKING when emotions were high. she also said this was her most memorable moment that was animated and was surprised she was getting so much response from international fans on twitter afterwards.
  • she also commented she found it funny overseas fans needed a confirmation that it was a kiss but japanese fans didn’t need any (HAH!!)
  • she said in regards to ep 12 yuuri and victor can’t live without each other or think about seperation so both had to revise their initial plans in the end.
  • for victor, yuuri was someone that needed him in a new, fresh way and he’s incredibly happy about their bond. he thought yuuri needed his presence too so being told to “end it” shocked him. (regards to ep 12)
  • after victor became his coach, a new emotion was born in yuuri - the need to show someone else’s existence through his skating
  • yuuri wanted victor to stay as his coach but didn’t want to hold him back anymore that’s why he decided to end it back then
  • in regards to yurio, she said that it seems like couples keep popping up around him. yakov and lilia even seem to be getting back together -not saying that they WILL. then there’s the way yuuri and victor act, and then mila is starting to get into otabek, please don’t forget about yurio everyone!
  • they (yamamoto and kubo) decided on yuri not winning gold from the beginning.
  • they wanted to include the pair skate from the beginning
  • as of this interview a sequel isn’t confirmed but she really wants to do it. tbh it’s probably going to happen 95% sure even the jp fandom knows this. they encourage good sales for BD/DVD to make it happen!

i only compiled victor/yuuri parts of the interview and although i tried to be as accurate with my words as possible, please head over to @aki_the_geek on twitter to read the original translations and more in detail, about other characters too! and don’t forget to thank them for sharing ^^

the interview is from January’s spoon.2di issue. buy it if you want to read for yourself!

rosehardt  asked:

How do you think the RFA members (you could include V in this one if you want) would act if they found out their S/O had a wicked talent for rapping? Like they can bust out in those dank rhymes without hesitation ( ಠ◡ಠ )

This was seriously so much fun to write! I switched up the formatting a little bit so I hope that’s okay. Thank you for the awesome request!! ;D 


  • He was having a tough time memorizing some terms for an upcoming exam
  • Poor Yoosung was stressing out but you offered him a way to help remember
  • Yoosung happily agreed and after you looked through his notes, you came up with a easy to remember but still super awesome rap
  • He’s so surprised but so impressed!
  • You help him get a passing grade and Yoosung is so thankful
  • Even though you teach him some basic raps, Yoosung is literally the worst rapper ever
  • He tries so hard but he just can’t get it
  • But you tell him he’s doing good and Yoosung gets so happy
  • It becomes a fun bonding experience for you and Yoosung to try and teach him how to rap
  • Rap Name: Lil Yoo


  • Zen took you out to karaoke for a date night
  • Since Zen has the voice of an angel, everyone was in awe as he sang
  • But you wanted to share his limelight
  • When you got to the stage, you busted out the greatest rap about how great Zen is
  • Everyone, including Zen, went crazy
  • Zen begs you to teach him how to rap
  • And since he’s a fast learner, by the next song both you and Zen are rapping your hearts out
  • Both you and Zen agree that it was the best night that they had in a while
  • Rap Name: Bad Boy Zenny


  • She was humming one of Zen’s songs while the two of you cleaned up the cafe after it closed for the day
  • You told her how much you love to hear her humming
  • Cue blushing mess Jaehee
  • She says that she’s never heard your singing voice and asks you to sing for her
  • You tell her that you’re not really good at singing but you can do something better
  • Jaehee eagerly asks you to do so
  • You take one of Zen’s songs and turn it into an awesome rap
  • She is so stunned but so amazed!
  • Jaehee says that your rapping is better than Zen’s singing
  • Best moment of your life
  • Rap Name: Mama Baehee


  • He takes you out to a fancy business party
  • The people there are super snobby but you and Jumin stick together
  • You and Jumin are talking to a couple of particular stuck up people
  • They find out that you’re not in the upper class and ask if you have any skills
  • Jumin gets upset and is about to tell them off but you stop him saying that you do
  • You bust out an awesome rap about how ridiculous the people at the party are
  • They all gasp and whisper about you but Jumin starts clapping
  • He leads the two of you out of the party and makes sure that those people’s investments fail
  • Jumin has never heard about rapping and he becomes so intrigued!
  • You teach him a some easy raps and now all Jumin raps about is Elizabeth the 3rd
  • Rap Name: King Juju


  • When he gets bored, Seven randomly challenges you to weird contests
  • He usually proclaims himself the winner and today was no exception
  • Seven taught himself some basic raps and he’s ready to completely roast you
  • So when he comes into the living room with some shades and a snapback on, you know it’s about to go down
  • He declares the ultimate rap challenge against you and you gladly accept
  • Seven says some pitiful rhymes, thinking that he’s doing so good
  • But then it’s your turn and you destroy him
  • You bust out the greatest rap that you could come up with
  • Seven is S H O O K
  • He bows down to you and calls you the rapping queen
  • Your honestly so proud of yourself because you finally beat Seven!
  • He begs you to become his rapping master to which you happily agree
  • You and Seven rap all of the time now especially during RFA meetings annoying everyone but you two have so much fun
  • Rap Name: Killer Seven


  • The two of you were cuddling on the couch, enjoying each others company
  • V decided to play some soft orchestral music
  • It was nice, but after a while you asked V if you could change it
  • He happily agreed but you wanted to take it one step further
  • You told him that you wanted him to listen to one of your talents
  • V gets so excited and anxiously awaits
  • You play a fast, up-beat song and bust out an epic rap
  • Once you finish, V is literally speechless
  • You think that he hated it but a second later, he asks you to rap for him again
  • V thinks that your rapping is art and records you and listens to it when he gets sad
  • You ask him if he wants to learn but he just smiles and says that he’s going to leave the rapping to you
  • But after a while, he gives in and V becomes the most timid rapper ever
  • Rap Name: Playa V

~ Request and Match-Ups are Open! ~

Like all good things, I suppose our time at the Institute has to come to an end. Now before anyone starts to get too sentimental, I have every intentions of joining everyone at the new center in New York, but I am – unfortunately – not going to be able to stick around for the big party tomorrow night. Kudos to Noel, however, for getting everyone together tonight for the ice-cream social. I’m not usually one for that sort of thing, but it was good to catch up with everyone before we all get swept up in the chaos that is packing and preparing to move. Orientation at Columbia is bright and early Monday morning, and I’ve still got a few things I need to do before then, so it looks like I’ll be heading into the city a bit ahead of schedule.

But on the topic of sentiment.. I suppose I want to thank everyone, especially the staff and Mistress Crane who were patient enough to put up with the lot of us, for making this a memorable experience. I can’t say that I expected to do anything other than procrastinate and put off law school for a few months, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed my time here and the people that I’ve met while here. I suppose you could say that this is one of the best distractions that I’ve ever happened upon, and here’s to hoping that the future only brings more good things and memories to be made.