and is still worried

you fucking degenerates: it was an accident!!!!!! it just slipped out!!!!!!! he forgot he was live!!!!!!! IT WAS A HEATED GAMING MOMENT!!!!!!!! 

me: thinks about vinny from vinesauce, someone who exclusively does livestreams, someone who has had plenty of Heated Gaming Moments and once got so enraged at continuously losing at mario kart that he literally threw up, but has still never accidentally said a fucking racial slur 


  • Gryffindor: Don't take this the wrong way, but relax. School hasn't started yet.
  • Ravenclaw: I've never known relaxation. My brain is on a constant cycle of things I need to do and then never doing them, so I'm still worrying about getting them done.
  • Gryffindor: ....okay....
  • Gryffindor: You need to lay off the caffeine

The sharpshooter and the hacker

Sketch dump of drawings I did for @flusteredkeith because after stumbling upon this theory, and reading her drabble, I was hooked.

Bonus shoutout to @longhairpidge who recced me this fic that I am particularly fond of.

Thanks you guys!!

for some people who asked, no im not going to drop jinki. i didn’t make a post earlier, because the media sucks ass and i was waiting for more info and im glad i did because now more things add up. the girl was standing on a platform and jinki was SO drunk that he stumbled and grabbed her leg then quickly apologized. the girl had every right to tell the police because in a place like a club it’s probably hard to see– she had no freaking clue who was touching her. she said that she’s okay and completely understands and it was all misunderstanding. im not happy that he got so drunk like that, but screw the media for going around saying he sexually harrassed that girl with no real evidence and the people who believed it. at the end of the day im just happy and relieved that the victim is okay, because that’s what really matters. i hope jinki will heal steadily from this and i’ll be there for him like he has been for me.