and is still suffering for it

(Context: half our players couldn’t make it so we had a mini venture. Our fighter, rogue, and Druid (me) entered a bar for a drinking contest, and the rogue has just ingested some of my deepshrooms, giving him the mind reader effect. This is a collection of quotes said during that segment.)

DM: Ok, first round. The drink of choice is Dwarf Vodka. It’s a very strong liquor brewed with deepshrooms.

Rogue: (ooc): This won’t make me loose my mind reading, will it?

DM: Nah. But you might suffer cardiac arrest.

Rogue (ooc) I’ll still do it.


DM: Ok, first round is down. Everybody make two fort saves: one for the taste and one to continue.

Me: 19, 17.

DM: You flinch, but stay in the game.

Rogue: 12, 18.

DM: It burns the back of your throat permanently, but you’re ok. You also gain a +1 to your mind reading.

Fighter: NO! F$&K!

DM: Critical Failure! (Player name), you take a test sip, and immediately pass out, taking 2 damage as your head smacks against the table.

Me: Someone roll him on his side so he doesn’t choke on his own vomit.


DM: Fourth round, everybody. Roll.

Me: Aww, I got a 4.

DM: (Player Name), you stutter a bit, and slump against (Rogue’s name). You’re out.

Me: Can I roll to suppress vomit?

DM: Not when you’re asleep.

Me: Damn.


(Rogue has spotted a red Magee who stole his documents earlier)

Rogue: I’ve got some beef. I’m following that guy.

DM: While you’re drunk, high, and about to pass out?

Rogue: Yes!


Rogue: I’m making a capsule to put documents in. It’s going up my butt.

DM: I’d ask why but whatever.

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“me and you? we’re simply not cut out for this lovers thing” with stuckony please, because I'm an asshole and my life force comes out of stuckony suffering and angst.

They had tried. When Bucky had come back and it was clear that he and Steve were still in love, they had tried the polyamory thing, mostly because Tony didn’t want to let go of Steve.

But it was clear that it wasn’t working out. Steve and Bucky were closer than Steve and Tony ever had been and while Tony was rapidly falling in love with Bucky it was clear that Bucky didn’t see him as anything else but as competition.

And it was time to put an end to all of their suffering.

Tony cornered Bucky when Steve was out for his run with Sam and it already spoke volumes that Bucky angled himself away from Tony before he even opened his mouth.

“Okay, let’s be honest here,” Tony started and forced his voice to be steady. “You and me? We’re simply not cut out for this lover’s thing.”

Bucky’s eyes went wide, but he continued to put more space between them.

“What do you want me to do?” Bucky carefully asked and Tony’s heart broke when he saw how scared Bucky looked. Scared, that Tony would take Steve away from him and this only cemented Tony’s decision. The three of them were no good together at all.

“Nothing. I just wanted to let you know that I…, well, I guess I am breaking up with you.”

“And Steve?” Bucky asked, voice small and Tony could hear it trembling.

“I’m gonna break up with him, too, of course,” Tony said with a frown. “You belong together and I should have ducked out when you first came back, but I…” he trailed off, unable to say it.

But he didn’t have to because Bucky understood him perfectly as it seemed.

“But you loved him so much, that you had to try. You loved him too much to just let him go.” Tony nodded but didn’t say anything else.

“Do you not love him anymore?” Bucky asked him.

“I do. Of course I do, but he loves you more, and I’m just not worth it. And we’re not working out too well, are we? You can hardly look at me as it is. I never meant to put such a strain on your relationship.”

“I’ve been trying,” Bucky mumbled and Tony chuckled, because otherwise he would start to cry.

“I know, and I’m not saying you haven’t. But this is still not working out, for neither of us. So I’m just gonna give you space and you can, you know, be together like you have before without me bothering you.”

“Tony?” Steve suddenly asked from the doorway, still panting and sweaty from his run. “What is this?”

Tony had thought he would have more time to prepare to break up with Steve too, but apparently the universe hated him today.

“I’m breaking up with you,” he said evenly, trying to blink back the tears.

“Why?” Steve asked and he sounded desperate.

“It’s not working, Steve. We said we would try, and we did, but Bucky and I, we are not working. And it’s straining your relationship too, and I love you too much to see you unhappy.”

“Tony, I love you. Don’t do this. You and Bucky are fine,” Steve pleaded and Tony laughed at that.

“We are not fine, and you know it. He can’t even touch me. And don’t even pretend that you love me like you love him. I know that you love him, maybe not more than you love me, but he is more important to you. I won’t stand between you anymore. It’s been a selfish decision from the start.”

Bucky had kept quiet this whole time but now he started to reach out for Steve.

“Steve,” he pleaded and Steve instinctively reached out for Bucky.

It was like a stab to Tony’s heart, to see those two together, but it only showed him that he was right.

“Tony, he loves you,” Steve said when Bucky didn’t say anything else and Tony had never thought that Steve could be cruel, but apparently he had been wrong.

“Don’t,” he managed to say but Steve shook his head.

“He does, Tony, he does. He just doesn’t always know how to express it.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Tony said around a sob. “It’s never gonna be enough. Not compared to what you have. And I just… Steve, this isn’t working. Just let it go.”

“No!” Steve said decidedly and Bucky reached out for Tony this time, but Tony took a step back.

“I’m sorry. I’ll go now,” Tony managed before his voice cracked and he turned around.

He swallowed around a sob as he left, but when no one called out for him again, he knew that he had made the right decision.

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(hi, sorry i keep clogging your box) so i know i'm not cut out for vet work, i have too much empathy for cats and dogs and it'd be too hard for me to see them suffering, but i still want to help them, is there any way besides volunteering or donating, or fostering? (i'm not 18 so i can't volunteer at most places, and we have 5 pets already)

That’s exactly why I didn’t go down the vet path too. My mom really wanted me to be a vet (we’re a very sciencey family) and I tried volunteering at one and definitely could not hack it. I can hang out and observe surgeries and stuff but I have a really hard time with the animals that are awake and in pain. 

You should be able to volunteer with animal shelters if you’re in your late teens. You may not be able to handle animals, but they always need people to help staff booths at events or greet visitors. 

If you’re looking for ways to contribute things but don’t have an income to donate, you could do a pet-supply drive in your neighborhood to benefit the local shelter (like a food drive, but with a list of things the shelter needs) or a chores for charity thing. 

If you’re interested in trainer, you might be able to shadow a dog trainer or volunteer during group classes. Again, basically no animal contact, but a great way to get involved and learn. 

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Kara has to choose between saving the ppl of national city from a bomb or saving the love of her life (the reader) from being tortured by the villain and slowly bleeding out

Originally posted by kara-luthors

Angst ahead. I’m sorry. 

“You have two minutes, Kara Zor-El. Time to choose. Tik Tok.” You vaguely heard the deep voice threaten Kara as he sped off, but it was hard to concentrate as you blinked in and out of consciousness.

You were lying limp on the warehouse floor, suffering from multiple gunshot and some slash wounds. With the amount of blood spilling out of you, you were surprised you were still awake, let alone alive.

You felt familiar hands on you, trying to plug up your wounds, but you knew it was useless, and you knew she couldn’t be here much longer.

“K…Kar…” You wheezed out.

“Shh, don’t talk.” You heard Kara’s voice trying to be strong, but was quickly wavering. “You’re…You’ll be Okay, Y/N. We..we just have to get you to a hospital and-”

“There’s….. no time. Y-you.. have to go-”

“NO!” Kara finally lost it. “I… I can’t… I won’t just l-leave you here. I-”

“The city… you have to…”

“I can’t! I… I love you, Y/N. I don’t know what I’ll do without you.” Kara sobbed.

“You’ll be a hero… y-you’ll do what you l-l-love…saving p-people…”

“But, I love you.”

“I l-love you… too. But, the c-city n-needs you…. y-you know it too… you..have t-o g-go.

“Y/N…” Kara could barely get your name out.

“It’ O-Okay-y.” You gave a sad smile. “G-go…please. Y-you’re running o-out of time…”

Kara finally nodded and started to get up, but not before capturing you lips in a searing kiss. “I’ll be back. I promise.”

You nodded. “I-I love you Kara… please don’t f-forget that… don’t f-forget me…” You wheezed out one last time before Kara sped off.

By the time she successfully defused the bomb, and got back to the warehouse, you were lifeless.

Okay. A human called Heather, an alien called Freckles, and a computer called Larry.

Larry is suffering from PTSD after being taken apart while still running. Heather and Freckles don’t have a language in common and mostly just assume the other one will yell at them if they do something wrong.

They fight robots.

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I know exactly how you feel... losing a grandpa... I lost mine a couple of yours ago and I'm still really sad about it... I couldn't even go to his funeral D"X All my love and condolances to you and your family *hugs*

I’m actually relieved that he died, his life condition was terrible and he suffered from dementia and a bunch of other stuff, at least he rest in peace now. Thank you so much for the love and support, you,re so sweet ;u;

~Important Notice~

Alright I want to just say a few things because I feel like this should be taken seriously & pointed out.

Right now I just want to say that for those who still calling her AU FNAF…..just stop just sto it please. Hateful Wonderland is NOT FNAF! Yes I understand some characters looks a little bit lime the FNAF characters & I understand some are use to the old version of it which use to be called Needles & Thread but please you need to understand & respect that it’s not FNAF & never will be! Like can all of you “Fans” please respect her wishes?

Not only that but guys especially the haters…PLEASE…PLEASE leave her alone! She’s suffer enough already don’t make it ANY worse! Don’t Rip of her works, don’t bully her, don’t steal her art & recolor it & don’t call anything FNAF!

Especially taking her works & bullying her! Trust me I know what it’s lime beimg threaten & bully heck I even became that person when I snap & had enough but (with help from God) I’m slowly forgiving & changing. But bullying it’s not a fun thing & nothing to be pround off & needs to be taking seriously!

Like I mean seriously? I don’t what excuses youbwant to give bullying her just because it’s no longer FNAF or something it’s just completely stupid! Like what the hell?! Excuse my language but it makes me very angry.

But also stop taking her work & ripping it off! She works seriously hard on those & I mean seriously like 1 year hard & its not fair to her that her hard work is being rip off & stolen. Like she has to be very angry & upset about it. I mean if your inspire then yes but completely taking everything & ripping it off its just plain wrong. Like only her friends can do some things but the rest of us needs to come up with something our own. Like the art style…that really all depends on her. Her friends are of course obviously allowed but the rest of us of course needs to ask permission.

Lime quoted in her journal -> “in·spi·ra·tion



the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”

You freaking mother 12 year old ass tumors just need to stop. Leave her alone. Stop taking her hard work. Stop bullying her. Stop harassing her. Just completely LEAVE.HER.ALONE! She suffers ENOUGH already.

She deserves better than this. She’s only 16..16! She’s still young to receive something like thos to her. It really makes me upset to see this hapoen to her & she gets upset. Poor thing had enough.

Cara hun if your reading this then there’s something you should. You are the most beautiful girl & very talent artist/writer/animator. You have such a huge imagination, you inspired a lo lt of artist, writers & animators. You mean a lot to all of us & we all love you very, very much. We all made not know each other much but you need to know that we are here for you, we are here if you need anything & we all love you & care about you very much.

Don’t let ANYONE bring you down, don’t let them ruin you & your day & don’t let them get to you. They’re nothing but mediocre moron tumors, they mean nothing to you. Just keep doing what you love, keep on smiling & keep on being with the people you love.

I mean it Cara, if anything, anthing at all don’t be afraid to go to those who still cares & love you. We all love you very much hun & we hope you have a wonderful & blessed year. As for the tumors….buck off! -_-


@fiftyshadesofstelena I will answer you here,ok?My answer is a little long lol.

If Justin and Selena both marriage with other people ,well,i will accept.This is their life not my.
But,be honest,can you really imagine Justin marrying with a random girl?Can you imagine Justin erase Selena’s tattoo from his body?Can you imagine Justin stopping sing about Selena?Can you imagine Justin loving another girl how much he did love Selena?Can you imagine this?No.I know you can’t.
Selena love Justin too. Even with people deny this,and sometimes even Selena deny,but she really care about him,and did a lot for this relationship work,remember the hate of the  Beliebers that she suffer  still this days?She faced it,only to stay with Justin.I doubt she will do it for another person.Selena never will completely love someone like she did with Justin.What Justin and Selena had was special and rare.What they still feel is one in million.This is why the time pass but yet they still can’t get over one another.This is love.We are talking about first love.No one can compete with that.First love will always be in your heart for your whole life.

People ignore the fact that Selena and Justin lived together,talked about marriage and kids.They was thinking about  future together.Share a future.

I believe that Selena and Justin are meant to be.But who knows,maybe they never come back together.But i know one thing:I don’t regret nothing lol.For real.All this time shipping Jelena,i don’t have regrets,because i know that at least i ship true love.

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I really want Bellarke in the next episode. I mean just one episode of them separated kills me. But I don't see Bel getting to the mansion by the end of the episode I mean unless his trip with Jasper is a short one. I fear the writers will let us go into this hiatus with no bellarke reunion, I mean the way they've made us suffer over the past seasons I won't be surprised if they make us wait another episode(anxiety beginning again)

I don’t see them keeping them apart for too long. The  beginning of the episode shows Bellamy and Jasper, but all the stills have no Bellamy. So he’s not a part of any of the adventures. Why not? 

Where did he go?


Eren’s face bore signs of war and suffering, sadness and pain, sacrifices and death. They were present in all kinds of shape and form; visible and invisible, physical and mental, palpable on skin and lingering deep in his chest.

And yet there was still a bit of beauty – a bit of flawless perfection itself – grazing Eren, and Levi became weak to this side of him everytime anew.

—  A Moment Of Love (One-Shot Preview)

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What's wrong, if I may ask? I am really concerned about you right now, you are important to me already.

i’ll post this under a read more so you guys don’t have to suffer my bullshit (unless it’s still showing on mobile in which case whoops)

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But seriously, I don’t know how to feel about this ep. I mean, it was 100% Silverflint and half of it was heartbreaking and the other looked like a fanfiction (AGAIN).
I… liked the episode? I did! I just genuinely don’t know how to feel when all they proved with those flashbacks was how much Flint loves Silver? And I really don’t see how this could end.
I don’t know! I don’t know what to think or do or duspfjlajdladjsl JUST END THIS SUFFERING PLEASE

[ I do still think that Silver’s backstory ties in some way to Thomas and that’s partly why he doesn’t want to reveal it to Flint but idk ]

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Could I request some Kakyoin cuddling their s/o after a really bad week

But of course! I changed up the scenario a bit, so I hope you don’t mind! Enjoy!

Noriaki Kakyoin:

    You slumped against the couch  and relaxed your shoulders as your tired eyes slipped closed. Your limbs hung limply while your eyes were defined by dark and heavy creases under them. Releasing a resigned and weary sigh, a tension had lifted upon the realization that the week was over. It was officially Friday, and you had two days ahead of you to prepare yourself for next week, but your melancholy mood hadn’t lifted. After only two days, you still had to go back into the world. You couldn’t succumb to relief just yet knowing it wouldn’t last long before you had to suffer more.

   With your eyes still closed, you were on the verge of drifting off. In the back of your mind, you had caught the sound of the front door clicking open. After the door had been closed and locked once more, you can hear someone huff through their nose in a laugh.

   "Seems like someone’s had it rough lately.“ Kakyoin chortled.

   He placed his house keys aside before bending down to take off his loafers. As much as you wanted to react to his arrival, you were already asleep by the time he made it to the couch. Carefully sitting next to you, he laced his arms around your middle before gradually straightening himself against the cushions as to lay down with you on top of him. Even in your sleep were you able to feel his warmth bleeding into your form.

  Holding you close, Kakyoin’s heart thumped in accordance to your slow and shallow breaths. Noticing how serenity was plastered across your sleeping face, he only smiled to himself. He was glad to see you finally content after what seemed like forever.

   Falling deeper into unconsciousness, you hadn’t noticed that he placed a lingering kiss on your forehead before sleep started to pool at his own eyelids. Joining you in your moment of peace, he grew oblivious to his surroundings as he too nodded off, enjoying this moment with you.

- Admin CJ

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Any allies got that good old fashioned social anxiety?

From the main allies (Britain, China, Russia, America, France) I’d say Russia used to suffer from it in his youth. But over the years, he had learned how to deal with this issue and has overcome it.
However, I think Canada still suffers from it, not everyday, but if he’s surrounded by a great amount of people and they all believe him to be his brother, he will become stressed out and anxious. Very often, he then goes to France to seek refuge and help. Sometimes, he also goes to Britain. America feels incredibly bad for causing him to be stressed out like that and really tries hard to make people aware that he and his brother aren’t the same thing.

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SO MUCH KLEILAJAH!!!!!! Elijah was wiling to do absolutely everything to save his little brother, when he saw him after 5 years in pain and suffering I can literally feel his pain with that "brother" and all the bad memories of mikael coming back. AND KLAUS just letting his big bro catch him, cause he can't stand on his feet's anymore after using the littlest energy he had left to save lijah from the big bad Marcel. SO BEAUTIFUL. I'M STILL CRYING