and is still suffering for it

Just wanna say: for you dps suffering long queues for the MSQ dungeons, feel free to poke me on Ellere Valahan if you see me on and want a healer to hopefully shorten it up! I’m not that insta-tank queue but, can still help!

Feel free to poke me over tumblr too, if you don’t see me on. Chances are I’m leveling Arshtat. Switching characters is gross right now with log in queue, but I can try to accommodate!

suspicious partner 25-26

This was really a turning point for the drama, 2 episodes that would or break the main plot for me. The issue with many police/crime dramas is with all the fluff and humor in the first half, the darkness in the second half feels too heavy for what we’ve been given so far to the point where it’s like it isn’t even the same show since the things you loved about it are gone (you’re all surrounded, for example, suffered this imo).

I am very happy to say I’m not feeling this right now. Yes, we were given a lot of humor in the beginning, but we were also given murder and Bong Hee’s arrest and trial, which set a tone very much like what we got with these 2 eps. Because of this, I didn’t feel like the drastic mood change from last week was out of place for this drama at all. Actually, I enjoyed the dark turn we took today because the focus was still on the characters more than the plot itself.. 

I have to say the stand out scene for me was everyone going over why/how they blamed themselves for Mr. Bang’s injury. Rather than having one character go on their noble idiocy arc alone (though i’m still not entirely convinced Bong Hee won’t do something,) I enjoyed everyone knowing how everyone else could have done something to save Mr. Bang, but nobody blamed each other. The loyalty and teamwork of this group is astounding to me and I really enjoy the dynamic. Another thing that really surprised me was Attorney Cha being a welcomed member of the team despite her history with both Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk. The level of maturity of these people despite the circumstances is what’s setting these characters apart for me from other similarly themes dramas. 

I was disappointed by the lack of romance (I’m a simple girl with predictable  tastes), but was still pleased with the little we got. Again, speaking to maturity, by all accounts Ji Wook and Bong Hee should still be in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, and even though they couldn’t be all over each other I still saw the newness conflicting with the need to comfort and be comforted. The comforting scenes were simple, and sweet and the most I could have hoped for. 

Ji Wook was definitely the stand out character of this hour, and watching his dark side come out was equally terrifying and exciting. He’s been an amazingly kind, upright man so far and I’ve been wondering for a while what his breaking point was (the man let him self be physically assaulted and fired for doing his job correctly for god’s sake). I was equally pleased to see that his anger was solely focused on Hyun Soo and he never turned on the people he loved, Bong Hee for example. It would have been easy (even understandable) for him to push those he loves away to get revenge, but he was just as soft and kind to the as he’s always been. And as @overthinkingkdrama pointed out, the way he showed his pain by changing so quickly into lawyer mode was more powerful than any of JCW’s acting thus far (which us saying something since I think this has been some of this best work). 

Hyun Soo’s demise disappointed me. It was an entirely cliche and expected move to off him just as the lawyers are closing in, and in a show that has constantly been subverting my expectations, I wanted something more. Of course, he could be alive but I’m not holding my breath. With the only known Big Bad gone, I have no idea what will come next, but there was more potential than what we were given from him. 

The biggest question on my mind right now, is, assuming the psychic was right, and if Mr. Bang survives tomorrow, who will be the second person to die?

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Is it just me or does anyone else think that (despite recent Imperial calamities) at least one Chapter of the 26th Founding will STILL hear of the Ultima Founding and think "After almost three hundred years, we're not the New Kids anymore AT LONG LAST!" before cheering? (I'm not saying that Imperial Institutions tend to suffer an inferiority complex when they can't find anyone junior to them, but I am heartily inferring it).

“Why are you so damned cheerful?” growled a voice from next to him.

Captain Micos of the Vanquishers turned to see his counterpart from the Watchkeepers, Captain Felleren, glowering at him, his scarred face twisted in a disapproving frown.

Despite the glare, Micos could not dampen his own expression.  “Because, brother, today I am granted the honour of standing closer to the Ultramarines than ever before.”

Felleren’s glare was unwavering.  The pair of them stood close to the tail-end of the gathered column of space marines, lined for the ceremony in order of succession.  As members of the Twenty-Sixth Founding, the Vanquishers and Watchkeepers would be among the last to be recognized.  “You’re no closer to the Ultramarines than you have ever been,” Felleren finally replied.

“This is true,” Micos agreed with an amicable nod.  “But now, for the first time, we have someone standing behind us,” he said with a gesture towards the behemoth of a marine that stood on his other side.  Still helmeted, the representative of the Knights Cerulean turned his head briefly, but otherwise the primaris marine did not acknowledge the remark.  “As such, our standing relative to the full length of the line has decreased considerably.  I find that ample reason to smile, brother.”

If a space marine’s glare could kill, Felleren’s dark glower would have rendered Micos down to atoms.  “That,” he declared, “is the most idiotic thing I have heard you say all day.  You are an idiot, and now I am more the idiot for having listened to your idiocy.”  With that, he turned away, and did not look towards Micos again.

Captain Micos faced forward once more, still grinning.  The sun seemed a little brighter today than it had moments ago.

A conversation with @shiranuigenma got me thinking: what if Yamato has a severe pollen allergy? Kakashi brings Yamato flowers after the war and he’s released from infinite tsukuyomi because apparently people do that to cheer others up, and can’t believe the way Yamato reacts. Yamato would insist he’s fine and refuse to get rid of the flowers, but oh boy does he suffer.

Of course, Kakashi can’t help being amused by the irony of a wood release user having hayfever, although he does go to Sakura to get medicine when it becomes clear that Yamato is keeping the flowers, and will fish them out of the bin Kakashi has tried to throw them into if necessary.

The next time he gives Yamato flowers, he hands over some pills at the same time too.

because i’m still mad about this

  • flower deserved better than how he was being treated in the pens franchise. he wasn’t a starter, he barely got ice time, and his game suffered because of it. he’s not a bench goalie and you can’t expect him to be content with that.
  • he made a choice in FEBRUARY to waive his NMC, allowing the pens to leave him unprotected. this is a choice he made. yes i am aware that had he not made this choice they would have worked to trade him, but he knew this was the best opportunity for him.
  • repeating above, this is the best opportunity for him. flower is a talented elite goalie, he’s a franchise building goalie. he helped bring the pens back from the dead. he doesn’t have a place in the pens where he can get what he wants (ice time, games, wins) with so much new talent in the team.
    • if he was traded, he’d be the “new goalie” on a team that’s already settled and content with each other off the ice.
    • he’d have to learn the team while the team knew each other and how they played on the ice. that’s a lot of pressure on him.
    • either: he’d be taking another starters spot. this is flower. he would never choose to do that. or, he wouldn’t be a starter. he’s gone from a bad position to a worse position.
  • flower now has the chance to do what he loves - play games, win games, expand hockey, build relationships, and promote youth leagues - which he’s already said he’s looking to do in vegas.
  • the “pens fans” who hated them weren’t pens fans. they were fans of a team that won. flower, with his lack of ice time, the roster changes in the defensive lines, and the defensive lines mistakes to clean up after, wasn’t winning as much as muzz was. they went after him because he wasn’t winning, and that’s all they cared about. these fans are not representative of the pens fanbase, of the fanbase in pittsburgh, or the fanbase of marc andre fleury.
  • if you love flower as much as you say you do, support him. have his back. show him you still love and appreciate him. that’s what he needs right now. not blind hatred towards his new team, not blind hatred towards the pens.
  • “He wanted to come here. He kept letting us know that he wanted to come here. And so Pittsburgh made sure that it happened. They gave us a pick to make sure it happened, and it was going to happen anyway.” from vgk GM, George McPhee
  • he made his choice. respect that.

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hey, what things do you think even is referring to when he's telling the other guys that isak has to deal with a lot the rest of the year???

Hey you! I’m so sorry for the late reply, today has been a Lot™ . I think what Even was referring to was the fact that he still believes he is a burden to Isak due to his mental illness which can make life quite challenging at times. From what we saw today, Even hasn’t completely let go of the mindset that his disorder is hurting Isak and that caring for Even during an episode takes its toll on him by wearing him down and causing him to hurt as well. (which makes me wish he could have heard Isak’s speech at the end of season three - because some days can indeed be bad and seeing a person you love so much suffer this way without being able to do much to help does hurt but… this only makes the good moments shine even brighter. And Isak wouldn’t change this, the best thing that happened to his life, for anything in the world.)

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as somebody tht suffered trauma & drug addiction does it bother u tht so many writers on here tht have no experience with those elements try 2 write abt it? it always feels empty. i only ask bc i remember u used 2 (still do?) like Ginger Bronson & her "story"/"persona" has been proven to be all made up & 4 the "aesthetic" & I wondered how u felt abt the people on here tht perpetuate things like tht when uve actually dealt w it (if this makes u uncomfortable feel free 2 ignore ofc)

O, Ya. ❌ Everythin so maims my hart abt that. I hate it. I hate these fake fucks who snort xanax before writin a poem abt bein bad 🙄. I hate that shock, tha way they hold tha world U can tell they’re not meant 4 it.

I wus so desperate 2 believe that ppl like GB were real, cus then I was. 😔 Wit GB, I said she’s like me she’s a reflection a me so talkin 2 her is like prayin 2 myself. 🦋 Wen everythin came 2 light I was heartbroken. all throughout addiction I thought ..I’m so alone in this fucking death but she’s here wit me. N she wasn’t, nobody was.

Anybody pretendin they’re on some hardcore shit cus they took a pill once.. esp in a poem.. makes me red as a war-pluckt sea. 💄 U can smell deceit, like cooked flesh, it is such palpable rot n it stays on em like a stain.

&, There’s real harm 2 b done by this. Only 1/10 heroin addicts make it. One Outta Fuckin TEN.

Any day I can relapse n die, that’s a guarantee. I’m a addict 4 life not jus 4 tha nite Lmfao. I wake up every day wantin 2 shoot heroin n I may always want that. This is a prison not a party. Nobody here is goin home singin or fallin asleep in tha backseat 2 a top 40 radio hit. We’re dying.

Ppl are so glamour dumb. They dunno what it means 2 b a slave 2 a drug, 2 do tha things we’ve had 2 do, jus to get high. Just 2 score a fuckin bag.

&U kno these ppl, too,–They think they’re too pure 2 b actual drug addicts. 👁 So they’ll drop “ecstasy” a few times in a poem n let ppl think that says smthn abt em that’ll make em worth shit. Mm, so sad. ✍🏼

They can maintain their moral purity that way. N avoid bein filthy like Us. These r likely tha same ppl who think depression makes u a better writer. 💃🏻Suffering is not a qualification 4 art. 💃🏻 N certainly, not good art either..

U can eat that steak but u still cut it outta ME. U can wear that fur but it grew from MY BODY, & it was natural that way, & that’s how I was so beautiful.

I wus beautiful by tha dark things that made me. But u? ⚡️ Wit ur plastic? Nuh-uh. U can’t take em & be beautiful by proxy, not wen tha very thing that makes it beautiful–me–is lacking! 💀

In tha heat, I shine. But (them) in that heat? Exposes all tha ugly underneath. All a that skin just melts right off. Wen ur deaths are just in ur head.. what tethers u to what’s real? So satisfying 👅

I just wanna write this because people are really talking shit about sulli’s eel post on instagram (now deleted)

She posted a video of a supposedly “dying” eel being cooked. While I do think the video was gruesome (aka, she shouldnt have posted anyway), some people really think the eel was still alive? 

Did you know that dead animals, especially those recently killed, still react to stimuli shortly after? especially if you add salt, or put it on direct fire, which is both the case. If you ever saw an eel being cooked like the one sulli posted, you’d know it has no heart anymore, so it’s really pointless to say the animal was suffering.

I did my research for this a hundred times, since I’m a vegetarian. If I’m wrong please correct me (I know in some places eel are actually cooked alive but i dont think this is the case). Otherwise, just keep your comments about her to yourself.

To the oracle I wandered

In search of eternal rest

For years I have been suffering

At Arceus’ request

I asked her why he hated me

Her bosom glistened blue

She leaned over and kissed me

Before saying what she knew

“Why does Arceus hate you?”

She cackled with delight

“Why, Arceus thinks nought of you

And your pathetic trainer’s plight.”

“Then why does he still torture me?

Tell me, Whore of Sinnoh fair!

For I have murdered Gods before

And for a witch, I do not care.”

She pulled me close and whispered

“Oh Remy, you brutish fool.”

And together we made love submerged

In the fortune teller’s pool

And when I came, a silent prayer

I sent in search of death

To which she said,

“All dreams are but another reality.

Never forget…”

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looking at these stills and what will happend with the whole seelie court next week it seems that c/imon will (hopefully finally) break up .. and like i love simon and i don't want him to suffer (he's better off without clary anyways so it's for the best) but i would holler if ma/ec got their sweet waking up/morning together while the c/imon break up happens .. just once i wanna see the hets suffer while the lgbt couple gets to be happy .. just for once! please deliver @ show .. i beg of you

akladklealdkmlelakde me as HELL. i just hope simon is the one to break up w her cus good god she never deserved him. and YES i want a malec makeout scene in the morning w/out the camera cutting out their hands and w/out fading to black (smh), and then it cuts to a scene of the hets having a fight. this is the only thing ill ever ask for…….ple as e

Both Arya and Sansa suffer from feelings that they have become no longer “pure” because of the abuse they have been put through and the things they had to do to survive.

And her lady mother, what would she say? Would she still want her back, after all the things she’d done?

White towers and white snow and white statues, black shadows and black trees, the dark grey sky above. A pure world, Sansa thought. I do not belong here.

For both girls, thoughts of home bring a nostalgic longing for their childhoods, and a sense that they can never get it back, a sense that they no longer fit in a society that places such harsh restrictions on girls. Arya because she does not conform to traditional patriarchal values, and Sansa because she is no longer the innocent maiden ideal. She’s seen too much, been exposed to too much.

You ever think about the fact that the only way to save everyone from the squip was with red mountain dew and michael’s main color is red 

Like im not saying Michael is the main hero of BMC but im saying Michael is totally the main hero of BMC and I love him