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may 10th, 2017 // #vivs1.5k

yikesss the banner lmao thank you all so much for getting me to 1.5k followers!! i kinda wanted to do something for 1.25k but i never got around to doing it so here’s a big celebration!!

keep in mind ive been in a v bad place mentally and are in the middle of exams and still have gymnastics so this will probably happen slowly!


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HEYYYY! I just reached 300 followers this morning, technically yesterday, but i went to bed before that. But thank you all so much for 300 followers, I cannot thank you all enough! So thank you all so much for all the follows and i love everyone!

mbf meeee

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anonymous asked:

name your top 20 friends on tumblr :)

oh god this is mean and hard but

1) @phalangine : this girl right fuckin here is like my spirit animal, we basically send each other ridiculous memes to see who can out gross one another, also she’s just an awesome human being in general with an amazing sense of humor, go follow!!!

2) @jim-kirk i text this kid like, every frickin day, ben is hysterical and a great gif maker, 10/10 recommend you follow ben and he too, great sense of humor.

3) @idriselbas: LARA!!!!! i dont think a day goes by where i don’t text them. like lara is fucking hysterical, has an A+ choice in men, and like, is just a good person to talk too, follow them right now!!!!

4) @samerulesapply: my mcavoy guru, like, seriously, i got all my knowledge about james through them, and like, her sense of humor is wicked amazing, posts amazing things about james, and is just a great mcavoy fan to follow if you want a normal stan to follow, 10000/10 recommend. 

5) @xavviers: dis binch right here is amazing mkaaaaay, like, i text her ALL DA TIME!!!! also, we low-key met james mcavoy together and like, that was hella dope, also she’s wicked smart in terms of history, and her fan fics (From the little amount i’ve read) are hella great, follow her she’s just dope as hell.

6) @panslabyrinth: i’ve only been following vilu for a short period of time, but i think i found my soulmate in her, like, we are film hoes who have extremely similar tastes, and she’s super nice and makes like THE BEST gifs, her coloring is on fucking point, FOLLOW!!!!

7) @aliciavikander: MEERA IS THE QUEEN OF PRETTY FUCKING GIF SETS!!! like, seriously, i want to someday be as good as meera when it comes to coloring and choosing scenes to make gif sets out of, plus, she fucking loves james and just has an amazing blog and is a total sweetheart, go follow now!!!

8) @greysummers: MY CHILD ™ !!! Saey is adorable, way too funny, like girl, become a stand up comedian pls. like she may be young but her sense of humor is fuckin on point, also, just a great human.

9) @undomiel: BIA IS THE SWEETEST!!! like, i fucking love bia!!!!! her pastel gifs might be the only ones you’ll ever see me reblog because, a)i subject her to my screaming about how much i love james and b) they are very pretty!, if you like aesthetics go follow

10) @alcmaeonids: syd, what an amazing human!!!, like her cherik gif sets crush my soul and i live for it, super unique blogger who is definitely worth a follow, also a total sweetheart!!!

11) @silverjohn: HEND!!!!! if we aren’t screaming over black sails, its probably screaming over just life in general, if you love anything related to black sails, or want a sweet new friend, check hend out, you won’t be disappointed.

12) @eggogorgon: blake!!!!, i just recently started talking to them and like, wowee what a great blog/blogger, gifs are on point, and like, stranger things fans, NEED TO FOLLOW THIS BLOG! JUST DO IT!!!

13) @alfonso-herrera: vinny underneath all the layers of sarcasm and bitterness, is an awesome person, and a really just overall great blogger, i really enjoy talking to him and his taste in men is like A++

14) @mcavoys: me and marcelo are url twins essentially, which in turn means he runs an amazing blog, his up to date photo sets of celebs and red carpet events makes me feel like i’m there in the moment, plus he is just a great gif maker as well!!! worth checking out!

15) @delzinrowe: STEFF IS AWESOME OK!!, like, she’s so sweet and so kind and is always checking up on me, which is rare to find in a tumblr user, she’s one of the first friends i made when i came back to tumblr after a hiatus, and she’s just super cool, go follow her right now!

16) @dundermifflinscranton: if you really want a nice blogger and a good friend look no further than kristian, he’s not only the BEST OFFICE BLOG ON TUMBLR, but an amazing friend, also he’s australian meaning he’s cool as hell and that deserves a follow on its own.

17) @rachelmcadamses: robin is super sweet, also her movie score gifts are to die for???? like, flawless for real. i love how much effort she puts into her gifs and how just generally nice she is, its rare to see someone so genuine on this hell site, go follow!

18) @stexvebucky: I LOVE SCREAMING ABOUT JAMES WITH YOU!!!!, like, isabella is so sweet, and so nice, and she loves all the same things as me for the most part!!!, and just a great friendly blogger!!!, go follow!!

19) @l-p-r-o-c-k: rocio is a total sweetheart, like, legit sweetheart, i love her and her blog is amazing, she’s a great mcavoy fanblog if you are in need of following one! the best!!!

20) @miliebobbybrown: yo, me and this girl just started talking recently but i love her blog, like tatjana runs an awesome blog especially about stranger things and films, and is super nice so like…..go follow? do it now!!!

(if i left anyone out I’m sorry but yeah this is the list off the top of my head!!!)

anonymous asked:

hey sarai, what about an updated list of bloggers that make gifs, icons, edits and stuff? i saw the shout out you reblogged a few weeks ago and because of it i followed all of them

hey that’s a good idea. this list includes new blogs from before and probably missing some bc idk urls anymore..pretty sure i forgot some, too. (ever since the mobile update that listed followed blogs from alphabetically to most recent, i’ve been mixed up) also i just listed blogs that i know make gifsets, edits, and so on and i also noted what games they seem to go for.

(in alphabetical order)

@a-ripley - you want to talk about speed of content production? wth, i don’t know how they do it honestly. just all around a great blog with even greater gifs. a little bit of everything tbh, i don’t know where to start.

@captainwesker - riley has a really aesthetically pleasing talent with edits and gifsets and i find i’m very inspired by their stuff. also, their playlist making skills?? how ? resident evil, final fantasy xv, and some more.

@danamercers - the amount of content justine puts out is inspiring and each time it’s amazing. her scene choice is also worth mentioning bc i really think that’s a skill of its own. also the aesthetic posts!! a whole lot of games lol but most recently (that i can tell) resident evil, prototype, etc.

@darknatalia - g od, rebecca’s colorings!! i can’t get over them! also, her gifs in general are very high quality and she’s pro-mia winters. makes for resident evil.

@evilwvergil - momiji is quite possibly the nicest person ever and i’m convinced she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. that being said, she makes amazing and completely original things. her art is incredible, too. resident evil, dmc, mgs, etc.

@kkarnaca - ami and i have been mutuals since the jurassic era and even since then she’s been making consistently incredible gifsets/edits. idk how she does it. most recently dishonored (thnk u lord), the wold among us, tomb raider, etc.

@kousuisetsu - crystal is active again, woooo! the original gif/edit inspiration for me honestly and she still is to this day. from one game to another, she’s doing amazingly every time. wow. mostly final fantasy but also occasionally resident evil and maybe resonance of fate. there’s more.

@mercysblaster - a great icon creator with very nice coloring and cropping styles. most notably (and for me recognizably) makes for overwatch.

@nlghtwlngs - master of simplistic edits honestly. everything they make is legendary. pretty much the only reason the gaming industry is still going is bc of their edits/gifs. overwatch and just a whole lot tbh.

@raccoonscity - ashley is, imo, fearless when it comes to gifs and edits bc it seems like she goes for it and never fails. master of aesthetics. what a pure human, sheesh. resident evil and kindgom hearts mostly.

@theboss - alex’s 540px gifs are particularly note worthy and while they might say something about comprising for the gif limit, i’m still wondering how they got their gif to look so good. metal gear solid and resident evil.

@tracerwidows - elizabeth is like…royalty, pretty much. amazing at creating gifsets and has a great eye for style and coloring. i can usually tell when it’s something of their’s w/o needing to see the source. a little of everything tbh but definitely resident evil, bayonetta, mgs, SHEVA (thnks 4 that), some overwatch and so on.

@v-jolt - where anna finds time and the capability to be original all the time..?? tell me, i’m dying to know seriously. just such great content and so consistent wow! anna is a neccessity on tumblr. resident evil, silent hill, the evil within.

@zaeedsmassani - jc is an all around fantastic person. so nice. she makes great gifs and has been very consistent from the beginning. she’s not afraid to try new styles it seems. very good creations. oh dang uh… mass effect, resident evil, gears of war, deus ex, and so on.

i’m getting a gut feeling socif you’re not on here, i didn’t purposely not add you. i don’t know where you are or i messed up, my bad!

overcaffeinatedangel  asked:

I've seen a recent trend of people doing more art grimoires rather than classic old beautiful book aesthetic™. It's so cool cause they're rainbow and vibrant and messy and expressive and I think it's a great way for people to get over that "I don't want to mess up my pretty book" feeling. What do you think about this trend?

I love it!! It’s what I’ve been trying to do, too. Soon I’ll have some pics. :)

Flight Nobility Headcanons

Light and Ice flight are the most aristocratic of all flights. As the flights most concerned with history, record-keeping, and preservation, they’re the most likely to revere their old and influential clan lineages, some of which go back to the very first dragons created by their deity. (Technically they all do, but if you didn’t write it down, it doesn’t count. Getting rich afterward also helps.) Light flight in particular keeps detailed genealogies and records of their peerage, and marriages arranged between these two flights to increase family status is common. Ice flight nobility is known for being cold, dignified, and reserved, and pale/cool colors are considered a mark of good breeding since it’s said to represent pure blood from the very first ice colored dragons the Icewarden created. They rule vast, lonely stretches of territory, and according to old customs, travelers passing through will detour to their lair to pay homage and receive hospitality. Light flight nobility consider pale/gold colors a similar mark of good breeding, but are much more social. They often host lavish balls, galas, manuscript viewings, and parties, where the guest lists (and who actually deigns to attend) can be incredibly cut-throat status jockeying. Not being invited to the season’s signature event can ruin a dragon’s reputation, but a deliberate snub from one who was invited and failed to attend can reflect just as badly on a host.

Earth flight should technically be included in this, as they too keep family histories going back centuries, but most of them are just too humble for the snobs of Ice and Light flight to see as worth associating with. They also prefer to relate their ancestry back not to their oldest, richest, and most influential ancestor, but to someone who performed a deed they admire. It’s not unusual to see Earth flight dragons adopt the name of the one who founded the museum they work in, or a mentor, or historical figure, in addition to their own, particularly if they hope to follow in their footsteps. Archaeologists uncovering tombs or ancient civilizations will occasionally choose to show their respect for the former inhabitants by taking their name, especially if this was the dig that made their career. However, it’s rarely done, because if they take their name not out of respect but as a brag, that’s a fast way to get cursed or haunted.

Shadow flight is full of royalty. They love tricks and intrigue, and they love to win, and what are power and titles but yet another marker on the gameboard? Any clan leader can declare themselves royalty without challenge, and set up their court, be they never so base. The challenge is not in the claiming, but in the keeping. Shadow courts are full of backstabbing, gossip, spying, plotting, and power grabs, some for the sake of fun, some in deadly earnest. They are rackscrabble, ostentatious things, all smoke and mirrors, black velvet drapes and raven wings turning a chair into a throne, laughing behind their paws at the knowledge of what a joke it all is to pretend themselves lords and ladies. Most of them have the time of their lives playing at being royalty and nobles like a massive game of chess, knowing it means both everything and nothing. It pisses Light the hell off to have all these jokers making a mockery of their very serious lineages, which is probably part of why they keep doing it.

Plague flight cares little for nobility or royalty. The strong will persist, the weak will fail. A warrior might add the name of a particularly strong or respected foe they slay to their own, to take on their strength and courage. And yet, there are whispers, of warrior kings and necromancer empresses, who rule vast kingdoms of both the living and dead, from atop ziggurats built of bone, made ever more powerful by living sacrifices. There are tales of the times when their armies swept across Sornieth, slaying and devouring all in their path, seeking to build an empire of blood. There is a reason the Gladekeeper wars so fervently with her sister, more so than old rivalries. Nothing slain in Nature’s domain can rise again; it rots and is devoured, and its bones lie unmoving. It would be best, if Plague’s denizens continued to care little for royalty.

Wind flight sees the occasional emperor, dignified in silk and jade, whose lineage is as ancient and pure as any Light dragon might claim, in whose veins runs aether and breeze. They are not widely known of outside the flight, keeping exclusively to their palaces. Their lives are bound around by strict tradition and ritual, by rules as old as their land. They are not public figures to be petitioned and admired by the masses, but dragons of great import, whom a subject might see once in their lifetime, from a lofty distance, and count themselves blessed. It is death for a dragon who has not been given dispensation to touch them, and the family lineages of their servants are often almost as old as they are, generations born with blood sanctified not to defile their palace or person. They are the stability, the anchors, the writ and rule, the hand that holds a free-flying kite’s strings while it soars and flutters. As Wind’s emperors tend to live in unchanging isolation, letting the years outside pass them by unchanging, many view them as only an old myth now.

Lightning does not give two shits about whether a dragon is nobility or not. The true rulers there are barons and bosses, self-made titans of industry who run Lightning’s electricity farms, factories, railways, or assembly lines, commanding a veritable army of workers. The older nobility wishes they could snub them, but the wealth and influence they’ve made for themselves, the fast-paced parties and the glittering luxuries and conveniences they produce, are impossible to ignore, despite their sniffs about “young money” and “not our sort.”

Nature flight has had their kings. They are feasted and pampered, garbed in crowns of leaves and oaken scepters, kept in luxury. Beautiful consorts, the finest of food, the richest of furs to line their bower, all is theirs for the asking. Until the winter comes long with no promise of spring, until the harvest fails, until the blood moon shines and the omens line up. Then comes the stone altar and the knife, and royal blood shed to serve their subjects in the most great and final of sacrifices. When Nature gives, she is bountiful and generous, but what she takes is gone for good. And the spring comes again, the harvest flourishes, and soon, a new king is born.  

Water flight reveres its seers above all else, and it is their lineage that marks a dragon as such. Water dragons take as their family name that of the greatest seer they are related to, and as such they may change when a new one rises to prominence. This makes name and rank an intricate and changeable dance beneath the Sea of a Thousand Currents. Some dragons of the same family, particular older ones, would rather continue to call themselves by the name of an older, or long dead, seer whom they believe is greater than one with a newly risen star. This can lead to bitter disputes, and entire branches of families going by separate names, refusing to speak to or acknowledge each other. (Water flight has many great plays that hinge upon such separation among families. Water flight’s literary aesthetic is basically a mix of southern Gothic and Shakespearean tragedy.) However, above the surface, Water dragons who have left those halls behind likewise throw over the tradition. Where pirate kings rule, water dragons identify themselves by the name of their captain, introducing themselves by name and “of so-and-so’s crew.” Usually right before they start a tavern brawl.

Arcane flight is a mageocracy, and that goes about exactly as well as you’d expect in a region where pretty much everyone uses magic. Most of them are too busy trying to take the world apart to see what happens to listen to anyone trying to give them orders. However, unfortunately often, one of them starts gibbering in tongues and telling everyone about their magnificent plans to create a vast magical rift in the fabric of reality, which shall usher forth wonders and abominations into this plane such as you lowly wretches have never dreamt of, and everyone goes “yeah that sounds cool, let’s do it.” This also goes about as well as you’d expect.

Fire flight measures the worth of their clans in wealth. The oldest and most influential clans tend to be the ones whose territories contain large and rich mines. Whether they yield ore or gems, they will bring the family great wealth and prestige, provided they are cleverly managed. The mines are named after the families who own them, and to speak about one is to speak about the other, as their fortunes go in tandem. When a mine fails, the family who owns it often will too, unless they’ve managed their fortunes and lands wisely. Fire flight nobility are the envy of others, because they tend to be overwhelmingly more wealthy than any other flight, and able to show it off with dozens of elaborate pieces of jewelry, wrought from ores and gems from the mines on their territory. They often boast fine silks, adoring courtesans, and elaborately decorated lairs, that some would jealously dismiss as ostentatious.

The three things that changed about phil when he met Dan 2

Summary: when punk!Phil met his boyfriend pastel!Dan he changed in lots of ways for the good. Here are three changes that happened. PART 2.



Word count: 1383

Tw: mention of drinking, mention of smoking, mention of illegal drugs.

Phil had first started smoking when he moved to high school and joined one of the gangs there. He’d initially not enjoyed the taste but it was quite easy to get used to and it wasn’t about the cigarette anyway, it was about the bonding experience with his friends, right? Or so Phil had thought.

However when Phil had an argument with a ‘friend’ which lead to a fight around the bike sheds, which lead to him winning and having a suspension on his hands. And as a result of those events he bacame the schools ‘to be feared: badboy’. He was left with no bonding experience and a fully fledged addiction.

As someone who’d grown up with policemen and parents telling him how awful cigarettes were, Dan was quite worried when he learnt that Phil smoked. Although he wasn’t so narrow minded that he didn’t try to understand why Phil couldn’t help it. But he vowed to try to help him to quit, or at least do it less.


TWO: Phil tried to smoke less.

'You’re still coming out tonight aren’t you baby? xxx’

Was what Phil texted for probably the fifth time that day. He couldn’t help it, he had to be sure that Dan still wanted to go. Maybe he’d changed his mind? What if he wanted to do something else? What if, in the last hour since he texted Dan, he’d decided that he hated Phil?

Phil was paranoid and clingy. Which is not what you’d expect from a guy who’s 'badass’ and the leader of a gang. But who could blame him when his boyfriend was Dan Howell. In Phil’s eyes Dan was a literal angel. So who could blame him when he couldn’t go a few hours without talking to his Dan.

When Dan heard the faint buzzing of his phone he knew immediately that is was Phil. Phil either text or rang Dan all of the time that they were apart, and honestly, Dan loved it. He quickly typed back:

'Yes of course. Can’t wait to see you, nerd xxx’.

'Nerd’. It was an inside joke between them. Phil was far from being a dorky nerd in school. Dan had just called him that after Phil had gotten really passionate about something to do with Buffy once and it had stuck as a loving nickname. Phil had a fair few pet-names for Dan anyway. The most popular being baby, sweetheart and angel.


Phil arrived at Dan’s house at about 7pm. Their parents thought that they were going on a cute date night, when really they were planning to hang around with the gang and maybe illegally sneek into a few clubs. Dan’s parents had already been hesitant to allow him out so it was a bit risky, but Phil had reassured him that he’d have him home for 11pm.

Phil knocked on the front door loudly and was promptly greeted by his beautiful boyfriend.

He was dressed head to toe in soft pastels. Dan loved the pale shades and has talked to (more just at) Phil about how they are literally his aesthetic. Phil loves how Dan looks in the colours, so it’s great for everyone.

Well maybe not. The members of the gang were not too happy when they saw that Phil had brought pretty pink Dan Howell into their group. Apparently he ruined their look as he didn’t come across as intimidating enough. However Phil soon put them in their place and they haven’t mentioned it since.

Phil stared at Dan, he was wearing a pastel green v neck t-shirt which was quite big on him, reaching mid thigh and showing off his prominent collar bones. His white skinny jeans were extremely fitted. He had actually bought them for Dan when they went on a shopping date together one time. His ass had looked amazing in them. Which is probably why Dan was wearing a big t-shirt that covered it, as he was quite self conscious. Dan also had on some white Dr martens and a matching white flower crown.

“Are you gonna come in then Phil?” Dan questioned after Phil hadn’t moved for about thirty seconds.

“Wha-what? Oh y-ea sorry. You look amazing, sweetheart”. Phil stuttered as his face turned slightly pink. He was only like this in the presence of Dan.

Dan smiled as Phil reached forward and hugged him, lifting him off the floor slightly due to Phil being quite a bit taller. He then proceeded to kiss Dan right on the lips and then his nose, forehead and both of his cheeks.

They walked to Dan’s room which was decorated in all pastels. Phil jumped and lay on Dan’s single bed straight away, his dirty shoes were still on. Dan decided to ignore it as Phil was never brought up with manners and there was no point in making him feel bad now.


“Shall we go then baby?” Phil asked Dan thirty minutes later, who was now sat on his thighs (with a sketchbook laid on Phil’s stomach) drawing. Dan nodded and got off Phil.

To Phil’s dismay he wrapped a pale pink scarf around his neck, covering up the bit of chest and collar bones that were exposed before. He didn’t put on a jacket but Phil supposed that he’d want to borrow his leather one later. Not that he minded, Dan looked tiny and adorable in it.

Dan sighed unnoticeably at Phil lighting a cigarette as soon as they left the house. It was annoying habit that Phil just had to have one as soon as he was outside, like he despised the fresh air.

Dan gives him 'the look’, as Phil calls it. Which means that he doesn’t approve but he’s not going to protest.

Phil sighs and mutters an excuse “it’s been a stressful day”.

Dan knows that Phil doesn’t need another reason to feel stressed so he just smiles and gives him a quick peck on the lips. “It’s okay, but that’s the last kiss you’re getting until you have a mint or something”.

Phil laughs at that then lights his cigarette and puts the other behind his ear.

They continued to walk hand in hand. Phil noticed that Dan’s hands were slightly clammy as they usually were when he was nervous about being in a social situation.


They ended up staying James’ house, the same guy who’d had the party. It wasn’t a party this time though, more of a gathering of sorts.

There were about twenty people there split up into three groups. The people at the kitchen getting drinks. The people in the garden smoking various illegal drugs. And the group that Phil and Dan were in, they were sat in a circle on the expensive looking carpet.

A few people had flirted with Dan earlier as he was definitely the youngest there. But Phil had warned them that Dan was with him. He never left Dan on his own with his friends now, after the time at Dan’s first party where they’d tried to put him through a 'drinking initiation test’.

Phil had his arm firmly wrapped around Dan’s middle. The others were gossiping about something or presumably talking about someone. Dan had lost interest in the conversation an hour ago and had rested his head on Phil’s shoulder. Phil still joined in, laughing along. He honestly liked his friends, they were a real great laugh, even if they were kinda terrible people.

“Hey, Phil, we’re going out for a smoke. Wanna come?” A few of the guys asked.

Phil hesitated, he’d already had two today so he probably shouldn’t. And he didn’t want to disappoint Dan. He looked at the younger.

“No Phil. You know you promised” Dan stated shaking his head hoping that Phil would listen to him.

Phil smiled at Dan trying to cover up his sigh and said “sorry guys, I’m gonna stay here with Dan”. He kissed Dan quickly on his lips.

The people muttered to each other about his little boy-toy having Phil wrapped around his finger, which Phil struggled to ignore until Dan sat directly on his lap and hugged him tightly.

“You know I love you right? The younger said, and then added “and I’m proud of you too!”.


A/N: wtf even was this. This is what happens when I smush a Fic that I’d already half written with an idea of another Fic together. Wow. I hope it was fluffy enough. Shoutout to ofambiguoussexuality who put nice things in the tags when they rebloged the first part. You were my motivation to write this.
Also, fun fact: I literally had to look at a wiki how and reddit to find out vaguely what teenagers do at house parties. Wow. I put more effort into these than my school work.

Thanks ^ω^

since it’s almost christmas and a time for everyone to be happy, and because i recently reached 2.5k, i decided to make another follow forever!! (okay truth is i’ve been wanting to make one for a while but ignore this) this time i have some special mentions to make, because i met some really amazing people here in the last few months! and i know better who my favs are this time lmao (also i can’t seem to get the links and mentions to work for some reason so just know that if im following you, you’re here. just search for your url)

> @khazbrekker > duda i love you so much, you have no idea! you are the most precious angel, my moon and my stars, one of my best friends <3 i love talking to you, i love working with you, i love everything <3 i remembered when we were both going to do enem and you said to me you were wishing i did well and that you would think of me during the test and i was like “who is this person?? how can anyone be so sweet?” and i just adore you so much! talking to you makes my days better love <3

> @vvinterhayle > ju i will never forget the day you came to me with the first idea for the yalitsquad!! for one it was what started the network, which i love so, so much, but more importantly it was the start of our friendship! i love you so much, never forget it <3

> @hxcates​ > vi, somehow it seems we never stop to talk properly (except for that first time, that is), but i really really like you?? you have a special place in my heart, and your blog is amazing darling <3

> @collinslily > pristine!! you are like out of this world amazing! and guess what i’m back to saying that we never got to talk much (we did a little at least) but i feel like we have a connection? somehow? for one i think your blog was like my first inspiration as my blog was starting to take shape and grow to be what it is now, and the first time i saw yours i was like “wow!! so pretty!! what an amazing icon! what perfect everything!” and you had that real great persephone url too that i just loved. you were an instant fave, and so far i haven’t changed my mind.

> @cuipid > teresa you cannot imagine how much i love your blog! whenever someone asks me about a blog that looks great, like theme goals, mobile theme goals, aesthetic goals, i think of yours. and your edits are so perfect i still don’t know how you do it! we never got to talk properly (we started once, but didn’t go on? was it my fault? idk) but i know for a fact that you are this sweet and amazing person and i love and admire you so much <3 keep up the good work darling!

so yeah those are my favorite favorites haha, but i love everyone i follow and i love everyone who follows me, and the rest of the amazing people on my follow forever are waiting bellow! i was going to put them under a read more but tumblr is messing with the links and maybe this way it’ll at least show on the search idk (faves // ♥ loves of my life)


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their tumblr blogs, moffat era
  • 11: videos of small animals making a fool of themselves tagged "AHAHA same," clumsy selfies of him and Amy making silly faces, hipster aesthetics ruined by enthusiastic and not at all restrained comments like COOOL I LOVE BOW TIES, tries to help out anons as much as he can but worries about them all the time, dance music and colourful toys
  • Amy Pond: hot selfies and silly selfies that are somehow still hot, sunset wild hair aesthetics, a surprisingly fervent passion for second-rate sci-fi, nail polish tutorials, occasionally mentions her various jobs offhand and confuses all her followers, super stylish minimalist theme with a splash of gif colour here and there
  • Rory Williams: instagram pictures of travelling, helpful text posts about how to look after yourself in tough situations "with love from a trained nurse", reblogs all of Amy's selfies with increasingly amazed 'i cant Believe i get to be with you' tags, occasionally reblogs 11 and Amy's conversations and reminds them both to turn off their capslock
  • River Song: curly hair positivity, photos of her standing on the Great Wall of China like 'i had the afternoon off so', archaeology blogging, space blogging, lowkey passionate about everything blogging, got that aggressively pan aesthetic like "i am a very queer woman so FIGHT ME"
  • Clara Oswald: "raise your hand if you are short and bi and here to fight", highkey literature nerd queen, secretly loves the Beatles but is too feminist not to criticise their behaviour, gets into fights about the historical legitimacy of Robin Hood, pretty minimalist floral theme with impressively organised tags, gay for Jane Austen, just wants to talk about ancient philosophy to anyone who will listen
  • 12: angry scot pride, sad pictures of misty moors, caffeine blogging, long rants about everything up to and including; banter, sword fighting, having to babysit small children, his friend's boyfriend who SUCKS, and people not paying attention to him. Moonlights as an absurdist "do you ever think about your kidneys, i mean REALLY think about them" shitposter. Reblogs Clara's occasional book and tea selfies with weird ambiguous comments like "you have enormous eyes" and "what's your nose even DOING" and "ok", mainly just messages her like "MUSHROOMS" and she's like "doctor my ask says you sent me this at 3am what is actually wrong with u". One time made a post which was just clara's name written out twenty one times
  • Missy: would shitpost from a shitposting jail if it had wifi, vagueblogs like "it's such a shame that some people don't know how to forgive even when u apologised three times for straight up murdering their friends", stalks Clara's blog and sends her little black heart emojis, messages 12 like "SEND ME NUDES", still thinks rick-rolling is fucking priceless
  • Danny Pink: "doctor i know it's you sending the 'u stink' messages please stop it's getting embarrassing"

You’re beautiful tbh like you look great and should post more selfies but also like your existence in general is beautiful too. I want to live in your aesthetic tbh it’s so pretty and good?? Also my day gets 15 times better every time you bless me with pics of your pets so thankyou omg… Also sorry friend but you’re younger than me just enough to be the same age as my oldest siblings so it’s like big sister mode activated whenever we talk fhfjf i’m sorry but it’s good for my heart. Overall you’re a blessing and deserve the world ok

studyfeather  asked:

🌻 I'm currently waiting at school to take my last final of the semester - and ahhh!!! so stoked for it to be summer!! Feeling pretty positive about all my exams ehee. I hope you're having a great day! 💞

aAAAaaaHHHhh wish you the best for your upcoming final! ayyy, if you feel good about your exams, yOU’LL DO AWESOME, FO’ SURE.

icon: very cool! | this is so cute, what even | i really really like it ahhhh | i love it so much oh my gosh

desktop theme: just a little difficult to navigate thru | omg i love how organized it is | this is so aesthetically pleasing, i’m floored | oh my gosh, can i please get the code for this?

url: interesting | nice, i dig it | it’s too cute oml | i love it and i want it, please let me have it for a lil while ;v;”

original content: i couldn’t find any D: | i really like your handwriting oh my | your content is heavenly, bless | you are a legend, #goals

overall: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

following: no but i still love you ^^ | i am now :D | already was ;v;

compliment: oh my gosh, your bujo spreads are lovely? i really love the “crunch time” one eeEEK! i also love your drawing “Gone Fishing” - it’s super cute !! hope you have a lovely day!

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(Cont) it was fairly thick fabric and it was loose and it had kinda an androgynous vibe to it which is my aesthetic but like now I can wear it because he decided to join a fucking cult. This is not a serious problem but I am annoyed. The design is printed in that sort of plasticy way as well its not in like the colour of the shirt otherwise I'd just dye it. Although the patterns pretty too. It's a great top I just not wearing a scientologists merch. This is a weird rant

Is this about black veil brides omg

Reasons to See Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

(light spoilers follow)

1) It’s exactly what it says on the tin.

It’s Pride and Prejudice. If there were also zombies around at the time. You’ll get the familiar plot, the impassioned speeches, and the very proper behavior… even when sometimes they’ve got to take a minute out from a ball to slaughter an impending zombie hoard.

One of my favorite moments is when Elizabeth is kicking zombie as and Darcy is in the wings telling Bingley how hot she looks right now. Bingley, meanwhile, gives him a look like “Wtf, seriously? Right now?”

2) See some familiar faces in delightful roles.

GoT’s Lena Headey appears as Lady Cathrine, the best swordswoman in all Britain. She’s a complete badass (though sadly we don’t really get to see her fight, but she’s awesome nonetheless).

Also from GoT, Charles Dance plays Mr. Bennet, the father who makes sure his daughters can defend themselves from the zombie threat. After all, Mrs. Bennet, isn’t their immediate survival more important than their marriages?

Matt Smith gets to be a super-dorky Parson Collins, which I have to say, seems like a role he was born to play. Though we’ve seen him as a sometimes-serious Doctor, him being a goofy dork seems to work much better for him, and is utterly delightful.

3) Holy crap it’s so pretty.

Regency outfits + leather + knives is my new aesthetic. I cannot even.

Buildings get the same treatment as the people… you have these gorgeous big houses, but outfitted with barbed wire and spikes and moats and such.

Just…. so pretty.

And even the stuff that isn’t pretty (aka zombies) is really well done. Makeup is great. It’s not super-inventive, but it’s solid, and I think they were trying to make sure it didn’t get too gross. This movie isn’t really about that.

4) I want them to make Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.

Please give them money. This movie was fun and I would love to see more of it. Wouldn’t Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters be fun? Think Regency + Bioshock. I want it.

It’s just a fun movie. It’s delightful. The acting is solid. It looks great. I’m so glad they made it into a movie.

anonymous asked:

How do entp perceive infj? Overall how do you think their dynamic is?

YAY the INFJ! 

I’m a huge fan of infjs. I’m pretty sure that they’re our natural partners too. (Hold, up, googling… yep) In the least scientific terms, I freakin love infjs. 2 of my closest friends are infjs, and the guy i’m sorta not seeing but call my guy is either an infj or an intj. The dynamic is weird actually now that I think about it. It’s great though.

I met my most recent infj friend at a tour of a cathedral. I’d noticed him already because his face is really nice (but i’m a deep person and I cannot be wooed purely by aesthetics). But I really noticed him because he was bright eyed, kind of animated, but ridiculously quiet. Whenever I said something smart-ass, he always reacted in his eyes. Once we become friends, I’d tell people a bunch of BS, and he’d be sitting there, being the only one not falling for it. 

For example, I was a barbeque, telling a group a people that it’s legal to have pet bears in the states until they’re of certain age to set free. They were eating it up because I can be very convincing, and for some reason, people think I’m reliable. When someone asked me what kind of teddy bear I had, I replied, “Black bear.” My INFJ friend, laying down and basically out of the conversation, snorted and said, “You mean teddy bear.” And then people started realizing that I was lying through my teeth. 

But it’s great because he kind of weighs down how obnoxious I can be while being creative at the same time. 

My infj is such a recluse though, so often times I’m the one to get him out to do things without forcing him to do the socialization. I think he really enjoys our weird conversations– it’s like they excite him and constantly surprise him. 

The dynamic, overall, is a good middle ground. The two types, I feel, bring the best out of each other. INFJ probably holds back the doucbaggery in the ENTP a bit, and the ENTP gets the INFJ more comfortably outside of the house. 

anonymous asked:

hey, i was wondering, could you list down all the era(s) of PATD but if you answered this before, you can just link it. I don't mind oh, and the Spencer is still in the band right bcus Wikipedia said, "Since its inception, the band currently consists of vocalist, guitarist Brendon Urie and bass guitarist Dallon Weekes." So, i was confused. Oh and, did Panic! used to be only Panic and not Panic! ((if you get what i mean.)) sorry and thankyou very much!

I haven’t actually formally listed the eras, I’ve only listed the members from the beginning to now, so let’s do it! 

By eras I assume you mean the albums and the “aesthetics” of them if you will, so I’m going to try to briefly sum them up to you in that format if that’s okay! 

Oky coky, so first up we have A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out 

During this album the guys were decked out in the famous eyeliner and “Moulin rouge” inspired outfits. On stage they were surrounded by a whole cast of incredible circus performers and took on a burlesque style of stage presence involving them wearing very elaborate costumes and makeup too. 

If you want to see a great example of this era please do watch “Live in Denver” - you won’t regret it. 

For the next album however, they took a totally different turn sound wise and image wise. Pretty. Odd. saw the “hippie era” come together, and this so happens to be the album when they dropped the exclamation point as you were wondering about! 

As you can see, they had a more subdued and “chilled” look. There was lot of use of flowers around the stage and on the mics as you can see. Still a very beautiful aesthetic, just not as intense as fever. far more relaxed. If you wanna see the full stage and performance from this era go and watch some clips from “Live in Chicago”!

Next up in the aftermath of the split we have Vices and Virtues. 

With this album panic! took up a steampunk genre, and lots of sexy suits and bowties and such like were involved. The stage was packed with awesomeness and these concerts were so full of energy (I was lucky enough to see them in this era!) 

as you can see, very vintagey and very beautiful. They took a lot of care into how the set looked for this album and it really shone through!!

Coming into the present day, Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die brought us sparkly suits and insanely tight leather jeans. 

the stage for too weird definitely did not suffer, and panic! along side keeping the aesthetic interesting kicked up the stage presence a notch with this album too. you could tell brendon was so so proud. My personal favourite part of these concerts was the “gospel stage” when they performed this is gospel, and I’m gonna let the image speak for itself

So to answer your final question, I believe that spencer is still in the band, but he was unable to tour with them so I think that’s possibly why wikipedia has marked him as a past member. brendon hasn’t said anything about him leaving, so I trust that if he did brendon would tell us. 

I hope that’s cleared some stuff up for you lovely!! (sorry it’s so long!!)

Magnificent Seven Ramblings

I saw The Magnificent Seven again….and loved it just as much. Here’s some (probably) incoherent thoughts. 

  • I want to marry Billy but understand and accept that Goodie has already done so.
  • If you don’t get chills when you hear “I seek righteousness, as should we all, but I’ll take revenge,” don’t talk to me. 
  • Vasquez is my husband. Fight us, I dare you. 
  • Why is Red Harvest so fucking badass? (I love him)
  • Emma is ‘looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you.’ And also my queen.
  • I need to get Goodie a nice warm bath and then tuck him into bed with hot cocoa and a snuggly Billy asap. 
  • Faraday is such an asshole (I love him).
  • I want Sam to become the town’s wise uncle. He just casually shows up sometimes to hang out. Sometimes he ponders life with the preacher, other times he gives shooting lessons. Occasionally he chills and paints with the children. 
  • I want Billy’s knife skills. 
  • Ok but when Faraday gets shot right in front of Vasquez and then Vasquez freaks the fuck out and shoots the other guy more times than is necessary??????? That is my aesthetic. 
  • Billy’s excitement when he says, “I knew you’d come back!”
  • “I’m hungry.” FUCK, I LOVE RED HARVEST. 
  • The amount of horses that were running around riderless after the battle?????????
  • Vincent D'Onofrio is such a good actor and was pretty great as Jack Horne. 
  • When they get the church bell back up…like please let me live.
  • “Teddy, take care of Jack.” Ouch, my heart. 
  • I get too attached to fictional characters. I left the theater with a handful (at least) of husbands. 


Admin Tip #021 Making Good Font Aesthetics Choices 

Like a majority of the individuals involved in this community, my eye-sight is not great. Its pretty bad actually. It really helps to know a good level of basic understanding for graphic design and picking out what fonts, font-sizes, colors, etc. in order to make your main page as coherent and comfortable on the eyes. If you have a good premise and a great amount of information, potential applicants can spend a long time looking at your page. Font size and basic color choices are extremely important. So, lemme tell you a couple things about fonts, because too many rpgs that I’ve tried to look at recently have had obscenely hard to read text for a bulk, if not all, of their text.

  • Size

So let’s start with me telling you a little about fonts. I’ve noticed that lately people have been choosing to make their font-size choice extremely small - as in, sized inappropriately in single-digit sizes. Not good. A potential applicant who’s interested in your game can spend upwards of thirty minutes to an hour on your page reading through your material. If they’re looking that long at your page, you want to make sure the experience is as comfortable as possible for them. Don’t have them strain their eyes trying to read through you’re information. The absolute smallest you want to go is 10 pt, especially if you have a serif font. 

  • Serif vs. Sans-Serif

Now, what’s the difference between serif and sans serif? Serif fonts have “foots” on the ends of the strokes in a letter. The one you’ll be most familiar with is Times New Roman. Serif fonts can look nice and classy, but a lot of the time they’re much harder to read, and in general, when compared to sans-serif fonts, also take longer to read through in general. Because of the extra strokes on the letters, the mind has to siphon those out when looking at a selection of text. 

Now, as you may have gathered, sans-serif is in regards to fonts like tahoma, arial, verdana, etc. - for example, the default font that tumblr chooses to showcase dashboard posts in. Its much easier to read, and you’ll notice that many apps and websites choose to utilize sans-serif fonts. Tumblr, Facebook, Gmail … there is a reason for this! Not only is it easier on the eyes, but one is much less likely to get tired of looking at a text if the font is sans-serif. It takes away that extra effort that one has to put out when reading through a large amount of text. 

Now, there’s no harm in using a serif or sans-serif font for your text, but for the love of merlin make sure its legible. Don’t make it some minuscule size that requires someone with a larger screen resolution to zoom in four or five times. Yeah, one with a larger screen resolution usually expects to zoom in once or twice, but four times? That’s a bit ridiculous. Make sure you have a good font choice, and make sure its no smaller than a 10 pt. font. That really is the absolute smallest you should go. Sans serif you might be able to push a point size smaller, but honestly, only if you have a ‘wide’ font like verdana. Screw trying to look like some “elite” and “professional” establishment. You’re not getting any where close to 'that’ if nobody can read your shit. 

  • Color

Okay seriously - make sure you have enough contrast between your background color and text color. Lets say white has a value of 0. Grey has a value of 5. Black has a value of 10. For the love of all things good. Do not have a background and text color that are only like, two shades away from one another. There should AT LEAST be five shades of difference between them. 

Take your lightest shade, middle shade and darkest shade and put them in to photoshop or something. Put a black and white filter over it, or take out all the color. The colors should not be relatively close to one another. You want to make sure there’s enough contrast between your color choices! Having a grey background that’s only like, two shades away from your text-color is a complete utter nightmare. 

Font size is one thing that a viewer can usually fix with a quick key stroke or two. Color? If I can’t read your text I don’t look at your page. Simple as that. 

  • All in all

Font size, face and color are extremely important. Please keep it in consideration because seriously: if I can’t read your shit, I don’t look at your shit. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got great content or a totally awesome premise that’s right up my alley - if I can’t read it, I’m gone. End of story. 



[1/6/2016] happy june!! great the break has arrived, its time to get my shit together before its too late. tbh today wasn’t as productive as yesterday… but okai i got a new desk pad from ikea and spent about 1h printing motivation to put under it…. pretty happy with the end result hehe. also ft. the super pretty calendar from @studylittlestar !! i freaking love it. ok i should really get back to studying theres too much to do i want to die