and is one of the most selfless characters on the show

My Reaction When People Say They Hate Stefan

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Because he is a nice guy?

Because he treats people with respect and acknowledges their rights? 

Because he let Elena make her own choices?

Because he feels bad about his past and all the awful things he has done?

Because he (excluding Bonnie for this post) is the most selfless character on the show?

Because he frequently saves his brother and proves how much he loves him despite all the shit Damon gives him (their relationship is very one-sided)?

Because he is the voice of reason most of the time?

Because he tries to fix all of Damon’s mistakes?

Because he gives up his own happiness and safety to help others?

Because he was the only person (excluding Nadia) that treated Katherine with human decency when she was dying?

Because he overcomes all the shit and drama he is put through?

Because he always aims to be a better person and avoid hurting people?

Because no matter what he has a pure heart?

Because he understands what is and what isn’t acceptable?

Because he not only cared about Elena but also her family and friends and still cared about her and supported her (and her family and friends) when she left him for her brother? 

Because he is a complex character that went through actual development and has an intriguing story that the show is meant to be about? 

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I. Miss. Amy. Raudenfeld. So. Much.

You guys, shit-talking Faking It ending aside (which became my specialty and I’m sorry, I’ve just been real bitter), I will never forgive Carter for not allowing me to see more of Amy’s progression. To those of you who still follow this blog, who still care about Faking It, I’m not sure if you feel the same but I’m weirdly nostalgic tonight and this is my biggest regret I don’t think I got to share.

I can’t forgive Carter for fucking up his show so much that it got cancelled because I’ll never get to see more of Amy Donut Shirt Bacon Pants Selfless Idiot Raudenfeld. Amy Raudenfeld is one of the most relatable, complex and emotionally raw characters on television, period. She is such a kind, selfless soul who has been through so much and only evolved and became stronger, who loved so completely and so unconditonally it tears a whole through my heart watching her heartbroken expression and her struggles or just thinking about what she’s been through. 

She was so real to so many of us who loved and never got loved back by the one person we would be willing to give our everything to. She was so real to everyone who felt neglected - she loved Hank, her father, despite him not being there for her because she knew he did everything he could even though it had to hurt her. She was afraid of the dark because maybe sometimes she couldn’t find the light to fight against it. She let Karma chase after Liam, she did everything to encourage them to be together because she wanted Karma to be happy. Because that is who Amy Raudenfeld always was. She made mistakes, she fell, she acted recklessly because she always got less than she deserved. And she deserved a better ending than a rushed 3 episodes long “romance”. We did too.

I deserved to see more of Amy and Karma goofing around with each other, eating donuts, watching films, maybe finally realizing how in love they both are with each other. I deserved to see more of Amy’s passion for film. I deserved to see more of Amy coming to terms with her identity I deserved to see more Amy/Lauren sisterhood scenes. I deserved to see that beautiful evolution. We all did.

And I’ll forever be bitter about Amy because I am Amy. So many of us are. It’s just unfair. Faking It had a lead character that was golden, despite unfortunately being a punching bag 24/7. *takes Amy away from Carter and the writers, while giving her a nice vacation in the Bahamas and an endless supply of donuts.*

I just miss her, you guys. So much.

Tonight is the final night of The Vampire Diaries. While most are shedding tears of sadness, I’m shedding tears of happiness. 8 long years I’ve had to deal with inconsistent writing, awful ships, fandom coddling, disastrous retcons, and ship wars.

TVD had so much potential to be an amazing show. That was until Julie Plague got her grubby hands on the sole writing, and hired the devil incarnate Caroline Drywall. They ran one of my favorite shows, a show I used to run home to every Thursday, into the ground. They lived their lives through certain characters and ships, to live out some pathetic school girl fantasy.

The only main POC who happens to also be a WOC, got the worst treatment of all. Bonnie Bennett, who I related to the most on the show, was the most selfless, kickass character I’ve ever known. But because she wasn’t Caroline or Eleanor, she got the shit end of the stick. Bonnie fans wanted nothing but the best for her. It took three seasons for Bonnie to even get a house, when we’ve already visited the other girls home. Where was Bonnie’s 18th birthday? Caroline and Elmo got one.

Don’t even get me started on Bamon not being canon. Or any interesting Bonnie ship for that matter. Instead we were thrown bread crumbs (i.e. B/remey & Bon/nzo) to “satisfy” us. I can go on forever on why Bamon should have been canon, but I’ll leave that for the Bamon Captain, Ian Somerhalder.

“Certain rabid Bonnie fans…”

“Bonnie is too beautiful and strong to be with a vampire like Kol…”

But yet this woman spent 8 years coddling another certain fan base, giving them stunt flash backs and retconned storylines.

I’m gonna stop now. I just wanna say goodbye and good riddance.

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Jordan Parrish is the most selfless character in this show. Always helps when someone asks, has a kind heart and he is still unexplored, very powerful supernatural being that everyone fears, including (presumably) Ghost Rider, which rather threw into reverse and Parrish did not have to be on fire! Yet Lydia thinks there is no other help?!! It certainly makes sense, when Lydia always came to Jordan for help and she wasn’t sure that Jordan can solve it, but she tried and helped him, too. I’m not sure, if she forgot Stiles or rather Jordan. So, that guy, who was able to break walls for her rescue? No? The adult guy who has the most enchanting smile and always helps her with everything what she needs?  The guy with the most beautiful green eyes on planet Earth? Still nothing?

Writers are probably afraid that one single scene between Lydia and Jordan would have more tension, sense and chemistry than the entire STDi @ thing.

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Tell me how you feel about Eddie Thawne

Eddie Thawne has to be the most selfless character to ever exist on the Flash
Not just because he killed himself to safe the people he loved and cared about but because of the way he showed his love to those people when he was still around.

Eddie is by far the best thing that has happened to Iris.
All he wanted was to make her happy even if that wasn’t with him and that is what I call true love.
Love is how much you would give up for the person you care about. And Eddie gave up a lot. Sadly it was all for nothing.
In the end, the only one who was really there for Eddie was his Iris. Because no matter how much Eddie loved Joe, Joe chose to stab him in the back by denying him Iris. No matter how much Eddie valued his friendship with Barry, Barry chose to keep pining after his gf. So you can quite literally say that Eddie had nothing. He only had Iris.

All that Eddie wanted was to be her hero. And in the end he was.

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things i can finally say now that tvd is ending.

i will NEVER understand steroline

both stefan AND damon deserve happiness



the originals were the best thing that ever happened to tvd

katherine pierce and kai parker were also very good.

there are sooo many plot holes is this damn show.

alaric and jenna deserved better.

so did jeremy and anna.


your fave would be dead without her.

how is matt still alive?

ripper stefan was so hot.

the acting sucked. not all.
but most.

fuck julie plec for disrespecting all her characters. especially my boys stefan and damon. fuck, just let them live.

INFP Video Game Characters

(this is in no particular order)

1. Garry - Ib

Garry is a kind and protective man who protects and bonds with the protagonist. By the end of the game, he shows both how selfless he is, as well as a darker side. 

2. Spy - Team Fortress 2

Spy is a talented mercenary with a foggy past who always remains anonymous. He built his career on his ability to understand and read people and he shows often that he is the most mature of his team.

3. Mikan Tsumiiki - DangonRonpa 2

Mikan is a submissive and caring individual who seems to often end up in sexual situations. Her downfall is even caused by her willingness to protect others.

4. Napstablook - Undertale

Napstablook is a shy and musically gifted ghost. He is kind, but often doubts himself to extreme points. 

5. Doug Rattman - Portal 2

Doug is a gifted scientist with schizophrenia, who is left as the last one alive in aprture studios. His depth and intellect keep him alive for as long as he is. 

6. Clementine - The Walking Dead

Clem is a resourceful and independent young girl who survives with her wit and her ability to relate to the other survivors. 

ok but sasha has been one of the most selfless people on the show. she’s dealt with so much pain and has only gotten stronger with it. & now she’s accepting her fate so willingly & without fear. she’s such a beautiful character???? she was literally looking at hilltop just making sure maggie had the support & that she’d be okay without her. and now she doesn’t see herself playing a role around her family anymore like this is it for her & she’s completely fine with that reality and it fucks me up!!!

Fili's Selflessness

Fili’s selflessness is one of his most defining traits. Selfless characters are seldom seen in media and whenever they do I feel a strong liking to them. Fili is no exception to this. From the start of the hobbit trilogy this golden-haired (and golden-hearted) Dwarf has show both small and large acts of selflessness and kindness all the way through to his death at the hands of Azog. In the start of this three-movie journey Fili and his brother are seen as young and joyful, caring more for mischief and mayhem then the seriousness of the quest. But little glances at Fili show that this cheerfulness isn’t all that is to him.

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As for Bellamy, nobody trusts him after his actions. According to Rothenberg, fans shouldn’t count on him being redeemed anytime soon.

Ok I am really frustrated about this. No one trusts him after his actions? HOW MANY TIMES has Bellamy saved people’s lives? Why is  HE the only character that needs all this redemption when others have LITERALLY gotten with murder and don’t require as much forgiveness, or need to re earn everyones trust? Bellamy has been abused, emotionally and physically, and still continues to protect the others, just like he has always done. He is the most selfless character on the show, and would die for any one of those people who will apparently not trust him. His intentions have ALWAYS been to protect others. But apparently, he unlike the others, has to suffer more and continue to be treated like a villain? I swear this better be an over exaggeration. I am so done with Bellamy getting abuse and mistreated.

if we do end up getting a kiss tomorrow (or holy shit if we get the sex scene) on the anniversary of the first clexa kiss, I’m going to be so awestruck and astounded and amazed because who would’ve thought we would be where we are today. a year ago we were overjoyed that they made our lead character bisexual and actually had her kiss a girl on screen and now a year later we have the most well written canon f/f couple on television having the relationship that is usually reserved for the main hetero ships. we have two women who met against all odds, who have a real connection and who understand each other and their experiences and who teach one another and learn from each other and are equals and soulmates in every sense of the word. we have a queer relationship where the characters are more than just a love interest. a show where these two women are leaders and who are strong and independent and selfless and fierce and queer and so in love and their relationship isnt sexualized it’s developed and heartwarming and its real like who would’ve thought we would be so blessed

The 100/Divergent Meme → Monroe

Abnegation Born – Dauntless Transfer

Aptitude Test Results: Dauntless

Monroe was harder to place, because she’s one of the more minor characters and hasn’t had much screen time to show personality or backstory, but from what we’re shown, she’d definitely have an Abnegation upbringing. She has a quieter demeanor for the most part, and tends to stay in the background instead of at the front with Bellamy and co. There are also a few moments of selflessness throughout the series, like her refusing to close the dropship door before everyone is back, but her tendency to take care of herself before everyone else shows that she wouldn’t have an actual aptitude for her original faction. And besides her hesitation during the Bellamy vs. Tristan thing, she’s proven to be one of the bravest and most badass characters on the show, which is why she would have a sole aptitude for (and end up in) Dauntless.

This is a moment that often gets overlooked, but honestly it’s one of the most important in the entire series both in terms of Oda showing this kind of grey morality he has overshadowing everything and as some serious insight into Luffy’s character.

The fact is, Hannyabal’s right.  People like Iva and Inazuma who are in Impel Down because they’re opposing the government, or Jinbe because he wouldn’t fight with the Marines, or Ace simply because of his bloodline are the exception, not the rule.  Crocodile killed and tortured countless people, almost destroying an entire country, so it’s probably safe to assume most of the higher-numbered-level prisoners have done things equally as horrendous and yet Luffy’s fine with them being freed and being able to go back into the world and continuing to threaten innocent civilians.  

Luffy’s not selfless, and while he’d do anything for a friend, both he and Zoro have stated multiple times that they don’t want to be heroes - Zoro even going to far as to say that if they end up helping people, that’s just an unintended positive side-effect of whatever their personal goals were.  

The Strawhats have saved a lot of people and a lot of nations, but in this moment, Luffy’s willing to sacrifice countless people for one person’s life, because Ace is that important to him. It’s things like this that make Luffy an interesting character and keep him from being just an always-saving-the-day protagonist, and it’s something I appreciate a lot about Oda’s writing.  

I need to say a few words

Glenn was the purest, sweetest, most precious lil cinnamon bun to ever cinnamon bun. He was an amazingly selfless character with so many wonderful qualities and quirks, and he was probably my favorite character on the show. Glenn Rhee was a beautiful soul who that group was #blessed to have on their team. He was loving and loyal to his wife, he would have made an amazing father, and his last moments were spent thinking of others. This character was a gem whose story ended far too soon and who deserved the world and more. And I don’t think I will ever fully get over the face that he is gone.

But… let’s not be so quick to blame Daryl for his death. Hear me out:

Daryl did not kill Glenn. He did a dumb thing, yes. But whose hands were on the handle, remind me? This wasn’t his fault. You could see he thought that HE would be the one to take the arrow or the blow for his actions. Even Dwight thought that, and he’s one of the Saviors!

He thought he was putting his OWN life on the line, to avenge his friend and possibly kill some asshole motherfucker Negan. Daryl is rash, Daryl doesn’t always think. Daryl made an impulsive decision and may have even thought he could win that fight. But he’s loyal as shit and he would have easily traded his own life for his friends’ lives. This has been proven again and again throughout the series. Daryl is loyal as fuck. To his brother, despite the abuse. To Rick, through all the shit they’ve been through with the group. To Beth, whom he could have stopped searching for but didn’t. He’s a loyal person, we can agree on this much, yes?

Who the FUCK in that group could have predicted that Negan would punish GLENN for Daryl’s outburst???? How do you predict the actions of a psychopath, who are- by their very nature- unpredictable????? That’s literally the trademark of a psychopath????? You could see the pain in his eyes when he realized. You could see the magnitude and the weight of what he’d done, settling in. Had he fucking realized the cost, he would have sat his ass the fuck down and stayed silent.

Daryl did not kill Glenn. 

Negan killed Glenn. 

This has been a PSA.

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I always see people talking about how selfless it was for Stan to spend thirty years bringing Ford back and on some level I get it but I just don't see how knowingly risking destroying the world to turn on the portal because Stan wants to bring one guy back counts as anywhere approaching selfless. It seems like one of the most selfish moments in the show.

Was is morally right to risk the whole world for the sake of his brother?

Absolutely, positively not.

No question about it.

Objectively speaking, the moral mathematics of it just don’t add up. The reasonable, rational thing to do upon reading the invisible ink warning would be to decide that his brother isn’t worth the risk to the rest of the world, to shut down the portal and dismantle it, leaving Ford trapped forever between dimensions.

But Stan loved his brother too much. He’d come too far. He’d put too much of himself into this to bring himself to stop it.

Selfless and ethical aren’t always the same thing. A person can devote themselves selflessly to an unethical cause, after all. The selflessness of their actions does not make their cause moral. The immorality of their goal does not make their devotion less selfless. The world isn’t that black and white.

Selflessness is thirty years ignoring your own wants, needs and desires in favor of the needs of another.

Selflessness is spending every night, no matter how exhausted you are from the day’s work, laboring at a task that undoubtedly begins to seem futile, just because there’s a chance it will save the person you care about. 

Selflessness is ruining your health by burning the candle at both ends because there’s a chance it will help another person.

Selflessness is pushing yourself to do things you never thought you could do, slogging through the pain and frustration of studying subjects you barely understand. 

Selflessness is keeping secrets of such monumental size that you can never allow anyone to get too close to you. Selflessness is sacrificing those close relationships you might have had for the sake of another person.

Selflessness is being someone who regards the supernatural as a dangerous annoyance, and still living for thirty years in the most supernatural town in America because that’s the only place you can work on saving the one person you love more than anything.

In short, selflessness is loving someone or something else more than you love yourself. Taking better care of that person than you take care of yourself. Doing more for them than you would ever do for yourself.

Heck, selflessness isn’t always a good thing. There are kind, selfless people in this world who spread themselves so thinly taking care of others that they do great damage to their own physical and mental health. Selflessness has a dark side as well as a light. 

Stan puts his family above himself over and over again. Stan loves his family. Stan doesn’t love himself. That’s part of why his selfless love for his family is both a strength and a weakness.

It’s a strength because it gives him courage, drive and passion.

It’s a weakness because he will risk everything for them.

Side note that I’m putting at the bottom because I think it’s a little bit beside the point, but still worth noting: 

We don’t know how much warning Stan actually had. The only time we see him actually find warnings in the journal is in Not What He Seems when he reads that “continued use of the machine could result in minor gravity anomalies.” The end-of the world warning is only revealed when the three journals are put together and held under a blacklight. And until the events of Scary-Oke, Stan didn’t know about the invisible ink. Meaning for most of those 30 years, he didn’t have that warning. We don’t know for sure if he ever read it.

I’m willing to put that aside, though, and say for the sake of argument that Stan was fully aware of the risks by the time Ford came back. I say that because it’s likely that he read the warning by then, and because I personally believe if he did it wouldn’t have stopped him.

regarding marrish and jordan parrish: whatever happens in this episode or next season, just know that this is the most genuine and the most beautiful relationship lydia’s had with a romantic interest and i don’t see anything ever topping marrish. thank you jeff for marrish and i know the pressure is really bad from a certain part of the fandom, but we’re all grateful for giving lydia someone she could connect to on such a deep level, something she couldn’t do until jordan.
jordan parrish has not only been an amazing romantic interest, but also a really great friend to lydia. they’ve been each other’s rocks and they’ve trusted each other so much. and obviously they still do.
i would be very sad if jordan died or disappeared because he’s one of my favorite characters on this show. he’s an amazing person and i appreciate and respect him. he’s so selfless i cannot even. i also don’t want lydia to lose another person she loves.
whatever happens, remember this: jordan parrish and marrish have been blessings for us all.

My problem with Skye

So I’m gonna talk about some of the issues I’ve had with Skye as a character here. Now if you love Skye and don’t want to read criticism of her, then I don’t know why you would read this. So please don’t reblog with any attacks, if you want to reblog and discuss, that’s fine, but this is just my opinion. More under the cut.

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Things I’m mad about first and foremost surrounding Delphine Cormier:
• the loss of a brilliant mind
• the loss of a beautiful heart
• the loss of a selfless individual who was never once egocentric and always put others before herself
• the loss of a strong, empowered woman
• the loss of a brave woman
• the loss of a fighter
• the loss of a character I could relate to
• the loss of a strategist who used her wits before using her body to win
• the loss of a impeccably fleshed out individual who had copious amounts of potential
• the loss of a well educated, intelligent woman who busted her ass to get to where she was
• the loss of the most compatible partner to one of the shows main characters
• the loss of the only person who could truly bring out the best in Cosima
• the loss of the phenomenal talent of Evelyne Brochu

Things I’m mad about after all these facts:
• the loss of yet another queer fictional woman