and is not ashamed about it xd

Okay I have a question for you peeps who are much more knowledgeable and have been to cons to see Timothy Zahn and spoken with him and stuff.  And don’t judge me.  xD

How do you pronounce “ysalamir” / “ysalamiri”? 

Mostly I’m curious about the “ys” at the start.  Because when I first read TTT I thought, maybe the Y is silent. But then at some point the books start saying “an ysalamir” and that really threw me off.  :P 

I mean I’ve just been calling them Force Salamanders in real life conversation all this time, but I’d like to know how to actually pronounce it.  xD

blj2007 replied to your post “I was tagged by @prettylightwoodinspires, thank you, love. RULES:…”

Alyx–I love your answers! “Cows because reasons” had me dying. Never be ashamed of all your Malec love. You must see fantastic beasts! Its amazing.

And thanks a lot for ruining my life with a Malec kissing in the rain headcannon. �� So fun learning about you. We have a lot of things in common here :)

I am never ashamed of all of my Malec love. XD I really do need to see Fantasic Beasts… Soon!

You are most welcome for the ruining, my dear. <3 

Think about it, they are on a walk hand in hand when the rain comes out of nowhere… Magnus begins to pull Alec under a covering, but Alec pulls him back, “No… I have a better idea.” Magnus cocks an eyebrow at Alec, as if to say… It is pouring and you are having ideas… “Kiss me…” And Magnus never has to be asked twice when it comes to Alec. He presses close to him, one hand on his chest, the other at his waist. His lips meeting Alec’s in a wet and energetic kiss. Alec’s hands on either side of Magnus’ neck, his thumbs caressing just below Magnus’ ear… The kiss will grow deeper, I mean how not, right? Magnus will finally pull Alec under the shelter, pressing him against the wall and they will kiss for quite sometime before finally parting, but only to make their way home… Shedding wet clothes as they enter the loft. Working shoes off and pressing for the bedroom. Unable to keep their hands off each other… Okay that ran away from me lol

What if SLBP Lords have Onee-sama/Imouto?

LMAO so me and @nijigendiaries with some inserts of @laurifakristalina have some old prompt talks between us, which lead to our heated discussions. Since I’m not a great writer, I’ll put this in convo format xD Well, basically we talk about this LOL, not in the correct order hahaha. Oh Lol some of them are long coz too much possibilities xD


L: Imagine all lords with badass oneesama. Except Saizo and Kojuro. Coz Yuki and Kita are badass. Nobu lol. He has Oichi.
M: Yuki being twisted still as awesome as Kita lol. I think Tenka has rare women sprites.
L: Yupp2.


M: Let’s give Mitsuhide a sister of his contrast. I could only imagine Mitsuhide big sis being as elegent as him, making MC ashamed of herself xD Perfect woman.  
L: Yeah lol then he has a young sister that’s like Nobu. Poor Mitsu.
M: Hahahahaha Nobu’s twin like sis. His head would be a disaster. Double headaches for Mitsuhide. Running away from castle. Climbing tree. Sneaks around. Goofy.
L:  Lololol
M: He has enough with Nobu.
L: True XD


M: OH I think Yukkin’s big sis would always tell him to man up. And would be using any tactics as cupid lol. Between Yukkin and MC.
L: Matchmaker lol
M: Hahaha right?
L: Yeah.


M: Masa, I could not imagine his sis. 
L: She would be protective though esp from Yoshihime. KOJURO’S MC is his sister lol
M: Oh that’s nice, at least Masa needs other women to he comfortable with. Like Kita. Lmao. Kita could be MC too xD
L: Ahahaha


M: Hide’s sis would be playful too? I wonder xD I imagine Hide’s sis has his face with long brunette hair. Pfft cute.
L: Give hide a quiet sis lol. They’d be shocker.
M: Contra? Ouhh. Quiet sis, but full of thought and shows thru action than words.


M:  I could see Inu’s big sis is brass and  would slap him hard for misconducting.
L: Inu always lol

Ieyasu & Mitsunari

M: I just have a desire to woman with archery.
L: Yasu?
M: Like strike shot. DANG. That oneesama would be awesome. I wanna say Yasu. But he’s having that one oneesama is cliche. Hahahaha.
L: Yeah since he uses one.
M: I hope Yasu’s big sis not as foul mouth as he is xD I would die with double the heart pain by 2 of them.
L: I want him to have a younger sister.
M: Or she could have foul mouth. Yasu? Yeah since he’s a brat xD
L: Yeah hehe
M: A brat would mature a bit if he got younger sis. Lol if Yasu’s sis is as foul mouth, I hope she’s on MC’s side and use the power of the foul language to slash her bro. MANNN. I love to see that. I wanna see Yasu being speechless.
L: Word war with Yasu XD
M: Mitsun would get a naggy one. i guess xD
I: Well… he’ll be like, very snappy with women but when he’s with his sister he was teased to hell. Lol
M: Pfft Mitsun.

Kenshin & Shingen

L: Kenshin. No women in the castle.
M: kkkkk. You need to allow family xD
L: Hahaha.
M; Kenshin onee-sama is an exception. Like Ai :3 
L: Yes hehe
M: Ohhh I could imagine her voice would be so elegent. But when wielding hiragana or swords -
L: Princessy
M: AND DRINK SAKE. She would be so badass.
L: Goddess of victory.
M: A woman who changes attitude if manage to wield weapons 
I: Ohh, if it’s Kenshin too, his sister will be a tomboy or something lol. Since he’s just too pretty and she feels like she won’t ever be able to beat him. kkkkkk.
M: Ouh it would be nice if Kenshin oneesama falls in love with Kanetsugu.
L: Horrryyy OMG
M: I just have an image that Kenshin’s big sis would be smitten with Kanetsugu. Well coz they are kind of together since little right? They are not really have age gaps right? 
L: Yes yes :3 Ahh Kanetsugu would deny. Coz she is Lady Uesugi.
M: Yeah, I just wanna say coz of status too.
L: Shingen with an oneesama. Lol. 
L: I can’t imagine.
M: RED HAIRED ONEE SAMA. MANN. Would she be as playgirl as Shingen xD Shingen’s sis~ Emm~ I wanna imagine him flirting with retainers but but but -
M: I could only imagine badass oneesama with Shingen’s sis. 
I: Shingen and his sister will be a perfect partner on battlefield.
L: Yess firey sister. 
M: Geh she would be so gorgeous.
L: And Kansuke. Lololol.
L: But Kansuke is Stone Faced. Ignores her.
M: Kansuke would be [……] all the time. Hahahaha. And she gets fired up? I won’t give up tendency.
L: Why is my sex appeal not working on him lol 
M: Yeah, a rare man. Since almost all men are smitten with her. She would feel like a challenge LOL.
I: Lol of course. And Yukkin will be like flustered and she was his first crush but when he stalked her he always see her going somewhere alone (because he can’t see Kansuke).
I: And Saizo will just sighing over Yukkin as usual lol 
M: So, if the goddess meets tigress, what would happen? 
L: Tigress and goddess are bffs.
M: Hahahaha. Screw bro battles. Feigning by battling each other, but actually bestie behind.
M: Oh, I also hope for Kenshin falls for Shingen big sis, and Shingen falls for Kenshin’s. Like LMAO.
L: Ahahaha. They’d be bros for real.
M: Hahaha great alliances on marriage.
L: They look so powerful I imagine.

Hahahaha we really have fun. Lol we hope we don’t make any offence, just wanna share our opinion of lords potential sis xD

Oh extra -

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Imagine #2

Imagine about Hvitserk part 2 , found part 1 

Note : also very short.
Warning : none

Requested by Ano :`
Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for the imagine of Hvitserk ^.^ I do not know if I should ask for another imagine xD But if you want or you can do the second part of the imagine, I am so ashamed to ask for another. If you do you could do it where they have a baby and Aslaug finally accepts them thanks to the baby. Thanks *.*

Hvitserk POW :

« As a king son you can have as many woman as you like » I stay quiet, before meeting Y/N I would agree with her, but not now.
« I don’t want any other woman »  I yelled. « Ivar can have everyone but I can’t marry the woman I loved?! »
« HVITSERK » yelled even harder mother. I saw pain cross his face « I’m sorry mother »  

Reader POW :

I didn’t saw Hvitserk since this night, I wondered if this was the end of us.
I was in pain and it hurt like hell, I wasn’t feeling great all day long, paler as shit. At the end of the day, in front of my door house, I throw up. Holding my belly I knew exactly what this was about.
2 days without Hvitserk, how could he do that? I pray the gods last night about the child. How am I going to tell him if he has decide to leave me.
On the third night, he knocked at my door, I stand in silence, waiting for him to speak. 
«  I miss you so much » He hold me in a giant hug, and I rest my head on his chest, holding him. 
« I have a lot to tell you » « Me too » you whisper.
« Is everything ok? »
« It’s you to tell me that » your eyes start to fill with water, and he pat your cheeks « What’s going on? »
« I’m in child » you say touching your belly on your dress. Hvitserk freeze, mouth opened. « Are you serious? »
« I am » He started to turn around in circles « I’m going to be a daddy » he opened his arms and punch his chest « a daddy.. » he finally got closer to you and gently touch your belly. « This is unexpected »
« I understand if you know, don’t want to be related to him, because of Aslaug and.. »
« What? This is my child we talked about and this is you, don’t you know already know how much I love you, I want to marry you, and raised this child together, no matter what. »
You start to cry really hard, and he hug you again « Ubbe is going to be over the moon » he smile for himself, his eyes full of sparkles.

« This is not a good idea », now your belly show enough for everyone to know your pregnancy. 
« She will found out, she’s my mother, I want her to know, even if she don’t like it » You enter the throne room, Hvitserk holding your hand, your belly hidden by a large coat. 
«  I have something to annonce » say your boyfriend
«  I know » reply Aslaug, I glance to Hvitserk « you know? »
«  I saw it , in my dreams »
« What did you saw, is it bad? » you grab his arms harder, Aslaug looked at you « The baby is healthy »

You sight with relieved, Aslaug face seams to relax a little, Hvitserk was smiling.  
He hug you hard « The baby Hvitserk! » he let you go in apologies, you swear you could saw Aslaug smile a little.
« Thank you mother »
« Wait, I want to talk to Y/N alone » you panic a little, he gives you a warm look and leave you with her.
« Welcome to the family » Those words was the most beautiful things you ever heard. « You obviously make my son happy, and you are giving him a baby. This is what I wanted for him, and you are who the gods want him to be with. »
You smile, moved by her words.
« Ask me anything, if you need to » She lean to give you a quick hug.

Months after, you give birth to a lovely son, Hvitserk was the most pleased about a little boy, Aslaug was waiting outside and come to great her grandson.

Uncle Ubbe and daddy Hvitserk 

Thank you for reading, have a lovely day x


If someone who has left doesn’t come, wait a little longer. 

To have loved more is not something to be embarrassed about. 

To have loved longer is not something to be ashamed of either. 

- Kim Nam Jo: “The person who left and doesn’t come back”

We’re done>> Hongbin, you (Part 3)

Please prepare a tissue box next to you. 

Why would you guys say yes when I asked you to say no? XD why?

Part 1 | 2

The next day you decided to stay at the dorm. It was the best decision to avoid Hongbin. You were concerned about your classes and that your absence would affect your GPA.

But you couldn’t bring yourself to step out of your bed. You remembered the students’ eyes in the food court, how they looked at you with pity. You winced, pulling the blanket over your body. The memory made you feel embarrassed and ashamed.

Around your neck, there was a silver necklace. Your fingers reached to the charm hanging in it. You felt a sudden burning in your throat, the back of your eyes stung with tears. You couldn’t have imagined that you and Hongbin would end up this way.

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crystarmium  asked:

Hey, I know about foot/leg scars. The reasons for mine are really "pity me, sad" for me but you have some really funny stories behind yours XD. Anyway, if I could ask a question, what's the one thing you wish people knew about you but you don't know when to say "well, I'm <insert thing here>"? Like, it's not something you mention in casual conversation but you want people to know about you?

Hi! Lovely to hear from you again <3 

Wow, what a tough question… I guess one thing would be “Well, I’m really really gay!” Surprisingly, only a few of my close friends know this, and it’s not like I’m ashamed at all. I just live in a place where it’s not talked about, and the fact that I technically am dating a guy (who is all about muscles and meat and ugggh >_<) makes it really awkward to bring up. Plus i maaaay have a crush on one of my coworkers, and she might not have agreed to go to coffee with me if she knew my true intentions lol (or maybe she would and then….oops, trouble)

(PS I hope your feet/legs are okay, please don’t hesitate if you need to talk)

anonymous asked:

I was about to write "what's his problem, i go hiking topless all the time if its hot" and then I realised you were trans, and I'm just honestly ashamed I didn't consider that, but hey, at least we all know ain't no-one gonna mistake you for the wrong gender, right xD

Hahah trust me I get that a lot so don’t feel bad. Definitely makes me feel good.

hiimcaroline  asked:

Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and then send it to the last 10 people in your activity! 🌹🎈❤️

(◔ ◡ ◔) (◔ ◡ ◔) (◔ ◡ ◔)

Oh dear! Thank you! And, here I go:

1) First thing is obviously BTS. I love them so much and my life very much revolves around these dorks, of which I’m not ashamed at all!

2) My closest friend @r3dhawk Although she probably should be the first one on the list LOL (sorry Jagi xD, the order is random) You know I love you anyway… (^∀^)I think I’m addicted to this girl, I seriously can’t possibly imagine a day passing by without her. I’d much rather not think about such things.

Here I’d like to also mention all the people that care about me and are with me when I’m down (and not only). You genuinely make me happy. Also, I wanted to thank @hiimcaroline for being such a great Tumblr pal. Tumblr experience has never been better than now  ❤  ❤  ❤

3) MY CATS YAHSSSSSSSSS kitties, puppies, animals… God these perfect creatures <3 I’m melting…

4) Pink clothes, pink and cute things… I like surrounding myself with such objects. So aesthetically pleasing.

5) Travelling - it’s one of the best things ever.

and I guess many more, but there is no more place to list them xD

What Your Favorite Sanrio Character Says About You
  • Hello Kitty: You have never seen another sanrio character OR you've been obsessed with hello kitty since you were six
  • Cinnamoroll: you unironically call things kawaii
  • Chococat: You own at least two (2) totoros
  • Keroppi: You're a fckin weirdo, who cares enough about the frog? You. Weirdo. wth
  • Pochacco: You're a Dog Person
  • Kuromi: You use XD and are That Guy
  • Little Twin Stars: All of the youtube channels you're subscribed to are deco channels or japanese in general OR you are japanese and literally living in japan right now
  • Badtz-Maru: "I'm not a feminist! I believe in EQUALITY."
  • Pompompurin: ☆~(>౿o)
  • My Melody: Your favorite used to be Kuromi. This is something you are ashamed of.
  • Tuxedo Sam: You are Soft Meme Trash
  • Gudetama: You are Meme Trashcore
About Shion’s topping and embarrassed Nezumi

Little humor story from Nezushi daily life. It can be treated like a standalone story or part of my “Not Perfect” universe. It’s about idea of Shion getting banned from being on the top by Nezumi. Sorry for any grammar mistakes, I didn’t want to bother anyone to correct this little smut/fluff XD.  

About Shion’s topping and embarrassed Nezumi


At the some point of their relationship, Nezumi and Shion switched almost equally in being on the top. Nezumi really enjoyed it, to his surprise, even if he was the bottom.

But sometimes Shion did or said something that embarrassed the long haired boy so much that later Shion was banned for a while from being on the top. Number of the banned days depended on how much Nezumi felt ashamed while their lovemaking.


They were at the shower. Their lovemaking was in middle of the way and Nezumi couldn’t hold moans that were coming from his mouth.

“It’s so… pretty. The sounds… you making… It’s like… you’re singing for me. ” Shion said between his own groans and hard breaths.

“Stop..Ah… saying such.. things, air… head.” The dark haired boy said slightly embarrassed leaning more on the cold tiles.

“Why? I like it. And it’s me.. who making.. you sing like.. this…” The crimson eyed boy whispered into Nezumi’s ear. He wrapped his hand around older boy’s length and started to pump it with vigor. “Sing for me… more… Nezumi.”

“Shi… Ahh! Shi.. t… Mmmh.” It felt too good, so Nezumi, wanting or not, fulfilled Shion’s request. It didn’t mean that he didn’t feel embarrassed. He did and he cursed at Shion for turning him into such mess.

“See?… Like this.” Shion said with low voice making Nezumi coming hard.

Nezumi didn’t know that it was possible for this airhead to embarrass him so much until that day.

Because of that he didn’t let Shion to be on the top for around the month.


„Ah… mmm… Shi..on, harder.” Nezumi moaned, closing his eyes from the pleasure.

“Did… I heard… please?” Shion teased while hovering over him.

“Are you… fucking… kidding me?” The older boy raised his head from pillow to look at Shion’s face. “Kidding? Ah… Never… Fucking? Yes… Just right now.” Shion grinned happily while joking and Nezumi didn’t know what to say as his face covered with darker shade of red from the embarrassment.

After that Shion didn’t topped for the two weeks.


There was a day when Nezumi teased Shion about lack of the other boy’s creativity while sex. He never thought that he will regret those words later.

They were alone and they somehow ended in the bakery. Nezumi leaned over the table as Shion has prepared him from behind. The white haired boy massaged his lower cheeks and kissed one of them.

“Mmm, what a fresh and tasty rolls, I’m going to put my baguette between them and fill them with my butter…”

Nezumi turned around surprising Shion, but he didn’t care. He was never so speechless in his life and after first shook passed away Nezumi was only able to laugh for another two hours.

Shion didn’t topped that day and for the next three weeks since each time he tried to approach Nezumi, the dark haired boy started to laugh teasing Shion about his ‘baguette’.


It was often like this. When Shion was on the top his hands and lips was everywhere on Nezumi’s body. Holding him close, touching his face, kissing him, whispering silly confessions and doing all those things that people called ‘Making love”.

Only Shion was able to make Nezumi feel so vulnerable and at the same time so good and safe. Shion was able to make Nezumi melt with his gentle touches so the older boy wasn’t sure anymore if he was still a single being.

When they climaxed, Shion often laid on him, still holding him like existence of the world was depending on it. It was clear that the white haired boy was exhausted, but he still moved his face from safe corner of Nezumi’s neck and kissed his boyfriend in the cheek.

“I love you” He said almost out of breath.

“You are pretty clingy today, your Majesty.” Nezumi teased a little feeling slightly embarrassed by this small confession. Still, he couldn’t deny that he was the one that screamed Shion’s name with such love just a few minutes ago. That realization was always embarrassing when Nezumi thought about it later.  He was just as silly as the white haired boy.    

Shion looked at him while raising a little on his still shaking arms.

”It’s just my way of loving you. I don’t know any other way to show you that I care about you. I always want to thank you for letting me be with you like this. I know it’s hard for you to trust others and yet you are giving yourself to me. I want you to feel happy, to make you feel as much loved as it’s possible. I love you. No matter if we have sex with you or me on the top.”

After saying that Shion again learned his whole body over Nezumi. His white hair tickled Nezumi’s flushed face.

“I love this part. After we done you always hold me like this.” Shion chuckled a little into pillows. Then Nezumi noticed how tight he wrapped his arms around Shion’s backs.

Was he always used to hold the other boy like this?

He didn’t even noticed. It always was natural thing to do, to have Shion’s warmth so close after all those silly love confessions. It feel so good.

“I love you, Nezumi” Shion repeated slipping slowly to the  sleep leaving Nezumi all red on his face and neck. Still, the dark haired boy didn’t move away. He tangled their limbs even more. His heart beat fast with happiness and love for that boy that get through his walls.

It was only possible for Shion to have such control over Nezumi, to embarrass the older boy and to be able to erase all of his loneliness.

Shion on the top and his lovemaking was often happened to make Nezumi ashamed to the bone and yet the dark haired boy loved that moments. They were the same. Nezumi also loved every way of being with Shion even if he will never say that aloud.

Else he wouldn’t let Shion to be on top while having sex with him when they rested and they found a way to each other again that night.      


Don’t let the stares from other people bother you!  Let them gawk! You’ve got nothin’ to be ashamed about! You look gorgeous and no one can tell you otherwise! XD

Not a Saint Seiya drawing today. 

This is my first Vanitas no Carte fan art. I’m so ashamed for some reason xD. After chapter 4 I’m so curious about Vanitas’ s scars. I really want him to have scars all over his body, I want an Angst story behind the scars, and I want Noé to kiss Vanitas’ scars asdfghjkl Sorry not sorry. Vanitas face here looks so girly OTL.

This manga is just beggining and is already one of my favorites, MochiJun’s work never disappoints me and I’m ready to cry a river with this new manga :’D.

caztalia so let’s just imagine that after Eggsy has become an agent of Kingsman (AND HARRY COMES BACK), one day he’s sent on a mission to extract information from a criminal lord (or a mobster idk) and when he’s handed the file, he’s just like “So this is the guy? And this is the info that we need? Bruv, I already got this a long time ago” and starts to lay out the info detail by detail and the other agents (including Arthur!Harry and Merlin)are completely taken aback and shocked and some of them start to question if Eggsy is a mole or something, but Eggsy would just blurt out about his past because he’s not ashamed about it, because he knows he now holds many valuable pieces of info that Kingsman needs and they don’t have to risk another agent anymore and oh Harry and Merlin are so fucking proud and probably gonna brag about their boy for the rest of the MONTH xD


Io route from the Boueibu game!!!
It took me so long but finally I got that money loving cutie!
I won’t say how many tries it took since I’m ashamed OTL

Io is such a smooth talker! ;u; I wonder if he picked any of it up from Ryuu xD

Anyway I am so happy I’ve completed all the routes so far! I never thought I would love Io as much as I do now >\\<

I look forward to playing the next routes when they come out! En and Atsushi are next <3 look for my results!

Any questions about the game feel free to message me :)

My friend had this said to her online,all i know they was in an arugment and well her mother died and she is 15. The girl claims to be 15,but the way she speaks sounds like a 9 year old.

This should never be said to anyone,my friend reported it to the website but they clearly did nothing to her.

Saying to a girl that your happy that her mother died,its wrong!

Later on the girl goes to say to her “Your mother was a slut and now are you”.

This should stop!

Do you think this ok? Are you happy that you said this to an innocent 15 year old.

You should clearly be ashamed in yourself.

I shall spread this around.

Repost if you think this should stop.

And apperntly my friend had sex at 15?

(Ps the person saying XD was about something else,because someone said “do you think thats funny?” but she put that because her and someone else was having a convo.)