and is it weird if i ship them

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I never understood why people think frans is pedophilic. Sans isnt an adult in the game hes a teenager, and we dont actually know how old frisk is. We assume child but child can mean any age, in any case sans is the same size as them. It seems pretty weird to think its pedophilic in any case, your art clearly portrays them both as adults. Sorry you got that ask.

funny enough, when i first played undertale i never had a specific age (or gender/race for that matter) in mind while playing frisk. same with sans for that matter. i didnt even ship frans until i saw fan art of it featured here. 

i think the core in antis thinking process is that they head canon frisk as a child, and when they see frans art, they dont see frisk of the age that the artist has interpreted them as. they just think “frisk = child = pedophilia” and then they call the ship toxic and tell shippers to kill themselves, and wish death and harm on people that have done nothing wrong. and then they pat themselves on the shoulder for making the world a better place :)

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Is it weird that I ship Medic and Driver, but not as romantic partners but as best salt friends who do weird organ experiments in the dead of night and talk about morbid stuff casually in front of the others? Also, Do the mercs have any nicknames for Driver like medic does? For some reason I can picture spy calling them "chauffeur" "or "chauffeuse" this was quite long, I am sorry!

No, that’s not weird at all! I can totally imagine that being the case. A strong platonic friendship is a beautiful thing, and men and women can be friends without romance entering into it, of course.

Nicknames are fun! I actually have thought about this. I do think the idea of Spy calling Driver “Chauffeur” is pretty hilarious and appropriate for Spy as a character.

Driver has several nicknames among the other mercs. Some of them are obvious, like Demo calling them “Ginger” and Engie and Scout both using “Carrot Top.” Sniper calls them “Bluey” because that happens to be the Australian term for redheads.

Other nicknames are more interesting and make references to animals and mushrooms. (’Cuz Driver’s hair looks like a mushroom, get it?) Heavy calls them “Лисичка” (pronounced Lisichka), which means “little fox” and is also a term for chanterelle mushrooms. “Drossel” does mean both engine throttle and a type of songbird (which includes bluebirds) in German. I think it comes from an archaic German word for throat? Soldier calls them “Foxtrot” because of course.

Scout will also call them “Cali” sometimes, which Driver responds to by calling him “Beanie.” Scout hates it.


Just a bit of dialogue between CS (does it count as a ficlet if there’s no exposition?). 820 words, or thereabouts.

“The first and last diaper I changed was my brother’s.”

“The time he shat all over you?”


“Well, you’ve changed more of them than I have.”

“No kidding? I thought you might have had more experience than me.”

“I hate to break it to you love, but there’s not much time for the care and keeping of infants aboard pirate ships.”

“Eh, I guess maybe I thought you had some experience with Gideon.”

“Gods no. I couldn’t possibly change the diaper of that man-child.”


“Every time I’d look over at him in Belle’s arms all I could see was his adult face and that ridiculous haircut of his.”

“You had an issue with grown-up Gideon’s hair?”

“I guess I can’t blame him. The dark realm wasn’t exactly the place for playing around with hair length and vestments. But in all honesty, it was more that every time I’d see him I’d imagine that moment.”

“What moment?”

“Oh, nothing of importance. Just the instant in which my wife sacrificed herself.”

“Well, it’s not like I didn’t have a good teacher.”

“Are we really laughing about our deaths and subsequent resurrections?”

“I guess so. What else is there to do about it– cry?”

“No, love. No crying. We’ve had enough tears, I think.”

“Ok. But back to, you know, this.”

“If by ‘this’ you mean to the discussion revolving out unborn child, then next time you should just say so instead of waving your fingers awkwardly in the direction of your abdomen.”

“Well, I have another confession: I don’t exactly understand the purpose of a pacifier. Is it to shut the kid up? Trick them into thinking they’re about to get fed? What’s the deal?”

“It does seem odd, but you’ll get no answers from me. And I have a confession of my own.”


“I fail to comprehend what it is an infant does all day.”

“What do you mean? It’s just alive. It breathes and sleeps and eats and poops and sleeps and poops some more.”

“That sounds… lovely.”

“It seems relatively easy. I’m more concerned with teaching the basics. I don’t know anything about introducing a baby to solids, or potty training–”

“Sword fighting.”

“Yeah, sword fighting. No, wait, what?”

“No worries, Swan, only the rudimentary steps in the first year. I’ll whittle the little one a wee sword.”

“And what, I’m going to knit the kid a hat then?”

“Don’t sound so unhappy about it. If you prefer, I’ll knit the hats, and you make the sword.”

“That’s an idea.”

“Everything alright? It was only a joke.”

“Yeah. Just thinking about all the things I can’t do. Can’t knit. Never whittled a thing in my life. Don’t know anything about feeding a baby, or taking care of one, even with all the fake memories Regina gave me when Henry and I left Storybrooke.”

“Emma. I can’t knit, or change diapers, and I know nothing about caring for a child.”

“But you’ve never had a child. I should know all of this stuff already.”

“You did what you could for Henry. So we’ll learn together, you and I. As I imagine all parents must.”

“I guess.”

“It’ll be alright, love.”

“Yeah. Just promise me one thing?”


“No swords the first year, ok?”

“Just a small one, Swan. The child’s going to need to learn to defend herself early on.”

“'Herself?’ We’re having a girl now?”

“Or himself. I’m not terribly particular.”

“Well, how about you whittle a tiny ship for the tub instead of the sword.”

“And you’ll knit the hat?”

“No, Granny will knit the hat.”

“And what, pray tell, will be your contribution in all of this?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Guess I’ll think about carrying this kid to term, watch him rip his way out of me, spend my days as a glorified milk machine…”

“You are a bloody marvel, Emma Swan.”

“You’re not too shabby yourself, Killian Jones.”

“That reminds me– what of the surname?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think Swan-Jones sounds too bad.”

“It doesn’t, does it?”

“Actually, it’s pretty damn perfect.”

“Well, we’re only having the most damn perfect child in all the realms.”

“Are we now?”

“Hush, Swan. Don’t listen to her, child. She’s just a bit tired. You do keep her up all night, so she’s allowed. But incase you missed it, you are damn near perfect.”

“Giving the kid an ego boost already? God, that tickles Killian. And I don’t think you should be introducing the kid to four letter words already.”

“Right as always, Swan. I’ll wait until the child is cognizant. When will that be? At five?”

“You’re hopeless.”

“And you’re laughing, so that’s what counts.”

“Keep it up and I’m going to pee myself.”

“It would give us an opportunity to try out those diapers.”

“Stop it. I’m turning the lights off now.“

“Goodnight, Emma.”

“Goodnight, Killian.”

“…Goodnight, child.”

@remielvsinclair and their oc Jack! (His alter ego Marqûis)

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maybe a weird question but we all know you love and ship mattelektra haha but do you have any other ships you like in the Netflix stuff? either that you ship or just think are cute

Haha not a weird question. I think I’ve been asked this before but happy to answer it again!! Once you get past my ride and die, one and only Mattelektra (lol), I have a decent list of notable “oh that’s cute!” or “i dig it” ships – romantic ones are:

  • Jessica and Luke are one of the very few romantic ships I’m actively rooting for in the Netflix showverse. I’m not like super invested in them? But The Defenders reminded me that they OOZE chemistry and there is a lot of shit that’s (rightfully) keeping them apart…but I really hope they can find a way to make it work in the future…it might be a side effect of the comics in this case, but I really do enjoy them together…a lot!
  • Karen and Frank are a couple I lowkey enjoy, not to the degree of full-on shipping, but I’m very appreciative of their scenes together – they have such a compelling dynamic and that’s something I’m always looking for in my TV shows! Also, I just really like everyone that I’ve encountered in this fandom who ship them??  They always write and create such amazing content!! I’m that rando that likes all of the stuff you guys make, hi!!

  • Danny and Colleen are weirdly sweet to me, just two little innocent cuties with mild rage issues, but that’s about as far as it goes. Hoping to see some good relationship development for them in IFS2. I’ll also say that I hope they keep them together or keep them as the main relationship (even if not romantic) only because I cannot in a million years see Danny / Misty happening in this universe. 
  • And BE, or Before Elektra, I was 100% on the crew of the Clairedevil ship! I think it ended realistically but I miss their friendship quite a bit.

I also have a TON of platonic ships / broTPs!

  • Jess and Matt: Firmly firmly bros for me, though I understand where people see the potential romantic dynamic. I am desperately hoping for JJ to make an appearance on DDS3 so that she can chew him tf out for staying behind. I think they would have such an amazing sister - brother dynamic, especially since they both lost their family kind of tragically.

  • Luke and Danny: I’m so ready for Heroes for Hire, it’s not even funny.

  • Colleen and Misty: Likewise, I’m also really ready for Daughters of the Dragon?! 

  • Karen / Foggy / Matt: Avocado family! I had some slight shippy vibes for Foggy and Karen in S1 but ultimately I really love the friendship dynamic between these three the most! 

  • Elektra / Frank: My murderfriends brOTP that will never be :(:(:(. I just wanted to see them murder ninjas together, is that so much to ask?

  • Elektra / Frank / Matt: My slightly revised murderfriends + the annoying voice of reason they tolerate b/c they love him brOT3 which will also never be :(:(:(. It would have been SO GLORIOUSLY COMICBOOK-Y but I think it probably required a Matt that was a lot more comfortable with his  DD identity to happen on the screen the way I would have wanted. 

That was probably more than you wanted to hear :D. But yeah, I just love these characters so much!!

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What put you back on the ship?

Not actually a shipper, I just hang out with them because 1) I’m bored and their content is the most entertaining and mostly 2) they are the only ones willing to talk to my weird ass.

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So, not gonna lie, suuuuuuuper excited to find another Tortall/Tamora Pierce lover (no one else I know have ever read them and it kills me), especially one of my absolute favorite blogs and writers, so I was just wondering... Ships? Fave characters? Headcannons/AUs, if you have any? Like I said, I love the way you talk about characters and literature and I would love to hear your thoughts on a series that has always been very close to my heart :)

really?? oh man that surprises me, though I guess it shouldn’t - she was such a big part of my childhood but I read some kind of weird books. The Immortals series was/is definitely where my heart lies - I would have given my soul to talk to animals the way Daine does - though I also love Alanna. I don’t remember the Trickster’s Choice series as well, though I feel like I liked it too. I missed the Circle of Magic books and the Beka Cooper books.

OH AND PROTECTOR OF THE SMALL WAS GREAT, Keladry is the best, love her.

let’s see though, general things…


  • Ozorne/Numair, I MEAN I talked about this but it is all over my kind of thing.
  • Roger of Conte/Thom (are we seeing a pattern here)
  • Buri/Thayet (is there fic of this? I’d read fic of this)
  • I remember liking Numair/Daine a lot, sure it’s Problematic because age difference or whatever but still
  • as of reading Tempests and Slaughter I now ship Varice/Ozorne/Numair
  • I’m so obvious I swear to god


  • Daine
  • Rikash
  • I remember really liking Roger of Conte (I have realized recently that my taste in characters goes back a long way)
  • also Ozorne do we see a trend here, yes we do
  • Numair
  • Keladry

I feel like I can’t think of headcanons at the moment (it’s been so long!) but I definitely want to go back and I feel like rereading might unearth some fresh feelings about things.

also can I just say I’m super flattered that you like the way I talk about literature, because while I talk more about other things on this blog I am so much about books and shit, I feel like I’ve been getting back into reading a lot lately and I’m really happy about it

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Aging up these characters make you any less of a weirdo wtf you're an adult shipping children

noah fence buddy but like;;;

a) they’re characters from a book where it concludes with all the losers in their 30′s. I’ve read this book. I’m gonna go ahead and guess that there was a phase in between them being 12 and 39 where they were unmistakably teenagers / young adults . I’d understand your concern if i was shipping the actors, cuz that’s gross, but I’m not? lmao

and b) even if I were drawing them as their canon ages in chapter 1, my dude, I’m not sure if you watched/read the same IT as me, but in case you didn’t pick up on it: there’s a canon romantic subplot in IT. A love triangle between bev, ben, and bill. It’s designed for you to be rooting for one of the boys to end up with her. Like pal, is it weird because the ship wouldn’t be straight?? Take a moment before sending stuff like this my way pls tysm

Okay guys, one more complaint about season 4… maybe. But like Regardless of shipping Klance or not they had undeniably started becoming close/ confiding in one another. I just think it’s really fucking weird that Keith would say he wanted to leave the team and Lance wouldn’t have literally anything to say? Like no “are you sures” because Lance had no problem voicing his opinions to Keith when he was leader, especially because he knew they’d be acknowledged and regarded respectfully (SHIRO) and you know our boy has opinions on literally every goddamn thing. Like I just can’t imagine them having such open communication before and suddenly not really interacting during this whole fiasco 

If you ever ask me who’s real space dad in Voltron my input is always Coran.

Listen- if we’re determined to cast this found family in stereotypical roles that it may or may not fit, Shiro’s not dad. He’s the perfectionist oldest son everybody calls “dad” with a mix of love and exasperation because he’s trying so dang hard to be another parent when everybody actually knows he doesn’t have it in him and he’s maybe slowly falling apart from stress, and the best thing that happens to him is he learns to stop heaping more things onto his workload.


Coran’s the guy who left his destroyed planet with the unconscious body of his best friend’s daughter and who’s just trying to take care of her and support her because they’re alone out here, and he’s quietly managing his own grief more or less behind the scenes to support everyone without running himself into the ground.

And yet, with all that hanging on his head, he gets stuck on a ship with a couple of weird alien kids and by the second day he’s got them ranked by height, he gives them juiceboxes and tells them to not overwork themselves.

Coran, with very little preamble, steps up and really takes in all of the paladins. Everybody talks about who in Avatar the Voltron guys remind them of but I don’t think anybody’s pointed out that Coran in some regards is a dead ringer for Iroh: the older mentor and surrogate father to young and troubled royalty who initially reads like comic relief and is both ready and able to raise hell if properly crossed.

But it’s not just Allura that Coran is looking out for. Consider episode s1e4, where both Lance and Shiro are withdrawing from the party and upset- and who checks on both of them, but, Coran, who does so in this completely innocuous, casual manner that makes it seem like he just happened by when we actually see him take note of Lance leaving the party.

And I mean, c’mon. He does embarrassing dad things, he worries, he uses weird turns of phrase, he’s singlehandedly the backbone of the team playing Every Support Role At Once. Coran’s the real team dad. 

1026. When Snape died, the first person there to greet him was Lily. She walked up to him and punched him in the face, demanding answers as to 'WHY THE HELL DID YOU VERBALLY ABUSE MY SON FOR SEVEN YEARS???'
So there's this thing

So where I’m from, we have this thing with ships. They have weird names and we always refer to them by those names as a classification.

•The Titanic
These are the ships that will never be canon. Mostly like those gay ships of straight guys that every fandom has.

•The Sailboat
These are the weak ships that are kinda like “I wouldn’t have a problem, per se, if this happened, but I don’t ship it hard.”

•The Fleet
These are the ordinary ship. Like, you ship it more than the casual “I ship it,” but less than the battleship.

•The Battleship
The strongest of the ships. It’s like the commander of everything shipping.

•The Pirate Ship
These are the ships that are already canon. They destroy other non-canon ships and plunder the remains, but we still love them.

•The Submarine
These are the obscure ships that we still love. Whether it’s a random pairing that nobody seems to ship or just an obscure source, maybe some book nobody seems to have ever read. But usually, these pairs are basically like two subs passing without their lights on.

Named after a sunken Soviet sub, these are like the normal submarine, but will never be canon, and will probably sink with their nukes onboard.

These are the classifications of ships.


•Santa Maria
@yuzuling pointed this out, but it’s a great addition. These are the old ships, the ones that practically everyone has forgotten, but for you, they’re basically classics, those ships you know you can always go back to.

•The Mayflower
@thereonce-was-a-girl named this one. It’s a “toxic ship”. For most of us, it’s the ship that we don’t like or support. We don’t openly spread hate for people who do ship it, but for us, these are the canonical ships that tend to cause the impossibility of a Titanic rather than allowing a ship to be a fleet ship or pirate ship.

Presumably, if adult humans are weird, then human kids must be weird as well. But of course, since aliens probably wouldn’t interact with human children too much, there might not be much about them in the human guide.

Imagine a human leaving her kid with an alien friend because her SO is sick and none of her human crewmates are able to act as babysitter and she’s got an important meeting. So she goes to the meeting and the alien takes her kid to one of the rooms in the ship that acts as a sort of play area.

Then, when the human comes out of the meeting, she picks her phone up and sees that she has some missed calls…

1st call: “Hey, Katie, it’s me, Grit. I know you’re probably in the meeting by now and can’t answer your phone, but I was just wondering… Jackie’s been chasing the other kids a lot, is she hunting them? Is that part of the whole predatory instincts thing? They all seem to be having fun— at least I think so, they’re all making that weird noise you guys make— but I just thought I’d let you know. And, um, listen… she’s not going to try and eat the ones she catches, is she?”

2nd call: “Hi, Katie, Grit again— look, I know that you guys are descended from tree climbing mammals and so your offspring need climbing equipment to satisfy those instincts— but there’s no way she’s supposed to be that high, right? None of the other parents are doing anything and I can’t go up and get her down because my hooves can’t get a grip on the frame. She’s right on top and— NO!<incomprehensible noises that sound like a cross between the moo of a cow and the bray of a donkey>— okay, so she’s swinging from the bars. One of the other humans just explained that that’s normal. He’s offered me some coffee, but I said no because I’m pretty sure that stuff’s toxic. I’ll try not to call again unless there is an emergency.”

3rd call: “I’m so sorry, Jackie’s been injured. She tripped over and seems to have lost a layer of skin from her knee. She’s making these noises and there’s liquid coming from her eye sockets and I don’t know what to do! Please pick up! There’s blood and the coffee offering human keeps saying she should suck the blood out or something. Is that a thing? Does your species’ saliva have healing properties? Shoud I call a medic?! Please pick up!”

4th call: “Sorry for that last message. Jackie seems to be doing fine now. I don’t know how— she should be laid out for weeks after an injury like that! Please, for my sanity, can you get a human babysitter next time?”

Humans Are Weird: Fun with Food Allergies

My humble submission to the Humans Are Weird conversation. I know we’ve talked about food allergies, but as someone with a LONG list of them, I have a feeling explaining the different ways multiple foods can fuck you up would be fun….

X’kora was learning fast. It was their first mission with humans aboard the ship, but they had felt adequately prepared. Until the peanut incident with Human Monica, that is. The human had been understanding, and had offered to prepare her own food, but X’kora insisted that they didn’t want Human Monica excluded, and that they would be happy to accommodate her needs.

“You turned purple. That is not a standard human skin tone. It must never happen again. Please provide me with your list of death foods.”

Of course, they hadn’t been prepared for the list of twenty-two foods Human Monica was not allowed to eat.

“I tried to color code them for you,” Human Monica explained. “Red are the ones that make my throat close up - like peanuts. The ones in yellow give me hives - a skin rash. And green just give me a headache or stomach ache.”

“All of these foods cause you various forms of distress?” X’kora asked in shock.


“I must avoid peanuts, bananas, and soy at all costs?”

“Please do. My grandma didn’t believe in food allergies, and baked some peanut butter banana cookies with soy milk - to prove to my parents that they were over protective. Didn’t see much of grandma after the death cookie incident.”

X’kora taped the list to the cabinet. “I will endeavor to meet your needs.”

“Don’t stress - I’m used to it.”

“You. Turned. Purple.”

instagram fandom

this is what you’re not going to do

- call finn RUDE for saying that mileven isn’t real. it’s not. it’s a fictional ship between fictional characters.

- constantly throw “fillie” in his face. he is fourteen years old. stop shipping him with his cast mates, it’s weird. they’re kids. stop doing that. 

- say he’s acting differently towards fans when he’s with his friends. obviously? when you’re in the spotlight you’re going to act different on camera than how you act around your friends and family.

he is fourteen years old, guys. give him a break. the insta fandom is so dramatic and imo they are being babies. he shouldn’t have had to apologize to anyone for anything he said on his livestream. y’all are going to drive this kid off of all social media if you keep accusing him of being rude/different. he doesn’t have to act any type of way towards any of us. again: he is f o u r t e e n.

Humans Are Weird

I don’t know if I’m too late jumping on this fad, or if it’s already been said.


Imagine our Earth viruses being like, super strains of alien viruses.

Like, you’re on a ship with a bunch of aliens. They’ve just picked you up from Earth, and you have a cold. It’s the common cold, nothing more. You know to drink lots of fluids, and to keep your fever down.

But to them, the moment you start your snot waterfall, they began asking what you want for your funeral. They start getting your pier set up to send you off like Guardians of the Galaxy 2. And the whole time you’re like - “guys, it’s just a cold.”

But the big one from Omega 3 that you don’t know too well is like, “My whole village got that! Only ten survived!”

They look at you like you’re strange when all you say is, “Well, if everyone who caught the common cold died - I’m pretty sure the human race would be extinct by now.”

Then, when you walk away, they glance at each other. “They’re in denial, aren’t they?”


Then imagine their surprise when, like a week later, you’re fine as can be. They tuck away the pier, just in case, in a storage haul. And all they can think is that humans are some kind of super being.

Humans and passing out

So I’ve been reading lots of the humans are weird/space orcs/space Australia posts (oh god I sound like all of them) and it got me thinking, what if we aren’t the only ones to breathe oxygen. But what if we *are* the only ones who pass out due to lack of it.

Like aliens can function on low atmosphere until they just drop dead, and even if you give them air immediately it’s too late, gone. Not humans though, we shut down a good while before death, somewhere between 5 and 15 minutes.

So imagine a pirate hacks into the life support systems on a human ship and shuts it down just long enough for everyone to pass out. Then they turn it back on to go aboard themselves, they’re searching rooms, and checking the engine for parts they can sell, maybe even looting some “corpses” and then with a huge gasp the humans all just sit up.

“Ah yes this vessel is a wealth of treasure! I thought the humans were supposed to be impossible to kill! OH GLORFLAX THEY’RE GETTING BACK UP!” -cue aliens run screaming back to their own ship-