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The Good Girl’s Bad Boy

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“Can you do the good bad boy for Yoongi too? And when they go on the date some guys start coming onto the reader and Yoongi protects them? Sorry you don’t have to just asking…”


PAIRING:Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Badboy! AU,  School AU! Fluff

Word count: 1.3k


When your date with Min Yoongi is interrupted because of unwanted attention, you finally see the good man behind the bad boy. 

A/N: I loved writing it.This is the lil brother of The Good Bad boy! Please give it a lot of love too. I hope you enjoy reading this :) 


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Anger was building up in you as paper planes kept on hitting your desk. You stormed off to Yoongi’s  desk as you had enough. “What the hell is your problem Yoongi?” you yelled, the eyes of your fellow classmates turning towards you both. Yoongi was sitting on his chair with his feet propped up on his desk, tie hanging loosely off his neck and a lollipop stick dangling off his lips. The moment you laid eyes on him all traces of anger were placed by nervousness.

He slammed his hands on the table before he stood up. “I” he stepped towards you. “Am” you stepped back. This happened until you found yourself in an isolated corner of the class with Yoongi’s hands caging you in. “asking where our date should be” he bent down to your eye level.  You avoided his gaze because your stomach knotted every time you looked at him. With your eyes travelling everywhere except for resting on his face you answered. “ I never said yes” at which he chuckled. “I never asked sugar” he whispered.

“Tell you what. I promise I wont touch you without your permission.” he said aloud and you could hear your classmates gasp in shock. These were not the words anyone in school expected to hear from him because Yoongi was the bad boy and boys weren’t supposed to be so respectful “I wont even kiss you without your permission” he whispered just loud enough for you to hear. Your head finally snapped in his direction and he smirked, satisfied with your response. “I’ll pick you up at 7” he turned around and walked away to his desk ready to start a very long day and you stood completely stunned in your spot because Min Yoongi had just asked you out.

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“Fall Feeling”

Summary: It’s Bucky and the reader’s first fall together.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 508

A/N: I know i have requests, but I’ve had a lot of good and bad things going on. This one is just for myself. I’m sorry for the lack of posts. I’m really trying to find anything to make me write. 


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The air smelled of fresh, crisp leaves, the wind nipped at her skin. It was finally starting to feel like fall. The leaves were changing and her mood was lifting. Fall was always Y/N’s favorite time of year, but this time was even more special. She got to spend this fall with Bucky Barnes, the love of her life.

 They started dating just after Christmas. Their friendship blossomed thanks to Steve. He was the one to introduce them anyway. Bucky had been wanting to ask her out for some time, but couldn’t find the right way to do it. She made him feel human again. He would always love her for that.

It was New Year’s Eve when he finally asked her out. The Avengers had all gathered for a small party. Tony wanted to through a huge and extravagant get together for everyone he knew, but was ultimately shut down by almost everyone. Thor was the only one who really wanted to party.

Bucky knew all day that he would have to ask her out. It was his New Year’s resolution. He wanted to be happier. He knew it would come true, only if he could be with her. His nerves were going into overdrive as the clock was about to strike midnight. 2017. The year that would change his life forever.

Ten seconds from the clock striking midnight, Bucky made his move. He took a deep breath, gathered his courage, and marched himself right over to her. She saw him coming and gave a bright smile. When he stopped in front of her, the countdown was just a distant hum in his ear.

“I want to start this year right, Y/N. I want to start it with you.” Before he lost all of his courage, he cupped her cheeks and kissed her, just as the clock struck midnight.

The kiss took all sense of time from him. The cheers of the new year came in slow motion to both of them. When he pulled away, he noticed her flush cheeks and adoring grin.

“This is our year, Buck.”

 Ten months later and they were still together. It was their first fall, which meant decorating their joint apartment for the first time together. Now, Bucky was being pulled every which way around the store. He watched Y/N’s long locks bounce in time with her footsteps. She had a basket in one hand, and Bucky in the other.

She was pulling every single fall decoration from the shelves. She had fake leaves, ceramic pumpkins, even a plastic black cat to place outside their door, since Tony won’t let them get a real one. She had candles in every fall scent imaginable, but Bucky wouldn’t have it any other way.

He watched her gorgeous smile light up more and more the longer they looked at things. He didn’t mind that his arm was starting hurt or that he was getting looks from other patrons in the store. All he cared about was her and a lifetime of falls together.

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I'm pretty sure one of the only reasons I have a good relationship with my siblings is because we've shared the same interests in video games, we don't really hug each other (excluding my 5-years-old brother) but we have A LOT of inside jokes and stuff like that

Heh, good for ya. My sibling is not much older than me, and we have some in jokes and memories, but they’re just memories.

Good things about Star Trek Discovery:

  • adorable gay nerds 

  • adorable 100% CANON gay nerds 

  • Michael Burnham in all her reckless sarcastic trying-to-do-the-right-thing glory

  • Lieutenant Commander I-actually-feel-like-an-alien Saru 

  • Actually can we just have a whole show of Michael and Saru being prickly at each other while Michelle Yeoh watches indulgently? That was great 

  • Clear effort on the background gender ratio 

  • Technobabble that sounds like they did some actual research  

Bad things about Star Trek Discovery: 

  • We’re on streaming so we can be GRIMDARK
  • Klingons are cannibalistic torturers because ?????

  • Every Klingon scene bringing the whole show to a halt because Klingon is apparently the Entish of conlangs 

  • A suspicious number of dead WOC among the named characters only five eps in 

  • Captain Mood Lighting 

  • Hooking up evidence they did the research to total off-the-wall fantasy bullshit in such a way that the seams are very obvious 

  • Every time they say ‘mycelial’ I die a little inside 

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are you being serious?????? before the show started we had a whole video of Bughead kissing a promo with Betty and Jug in a motorcycle and last week we had the hug and all the kisses at pops!!!!! Stop being a fucking brat

Alright you caught me in a bad mood. When I say let me vent I’m not asking for your permission, you don’t like what I have to say stay off my page, considering the fact that I said nothing to offend you personally you have no reason to call me a brat for voicing my opinion on MY page. Come off of anon and then we can talk.

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i hate this so much.. i really was excited for the live show and for it to have canon bbrae. i really trusted them but they misled us. now all the antis in the tag are kind of shoving it in our faces. im in a really horrible mood now and hopeless

I’m here with you, friend. I am proud of one thing though: not one BBRae fan has said they’ll still ship it with this age gap.

I know it’s a dumb, obvious thing, but haters love having a moral high ground, and by showing we are disappointed because it is NOT going to happen (because of the AGE, not RACE) proves a lot of that nonsense is made up to make them feel good about themselves while they make others feel bad.

Block them. I went on a blocking spree, I’m not ashamed. It’s one thing to dislike something innocent and another entirely to actively try and make others feel like actual shit because of something so…insignificant.

I reblogged a post a while ago about how it isn’t about what people ship that defines them, but their actions towards actual real human beings that speaks volumes of the type of person they are. Tumblr, sadly, perpetuates and encourages this toxic behaviour of being cruel to fellow fans and wishing the WORST on real people.

How many folk get messages like GO DIE in their inbox from anons because they disagreed with someone?

These people are the same ones who go around toting on and on about important issues like fair treatment, diversity, acceptance, kindness and love, while at the same time doing the exact opposite to their fellow man over….


It’s hard to take anyone seriously on this site when everyone can be so quick to hate people over petty shit. I know I’m guilty of this, too. I’m sure I am. But it’s opened my eyes.

I really, really never want to be like people like that ever, and if I ever have. I am so sorry. No one deserves to be made to feel like shit by people who thrive on nothing but hate. No one, no matter what they ship (with the exception of incest and pedophilia) or who they like.

A lot of us are here to escape the horrors of reality, and when fandom is supposed to give us a break, it sucks to come online and see…people being horrible to people all over again.

Do yourself a favor and block those people. Not because they are awful or you hate them, but for YOURSELF. You don’t deserve to put yourself through shit like that while trying to enjoy your fandom, and if it helps to block them out, then that is self-care.

BBRae is a fanon ship. Has been for years now.

The people who got you, fanfic writers. Fanartists.

We got this, and we’ll keep making content even if DC won’t. Fandom has been helming this ship since 2011, and we won’t stop now! :D


I got some bad news Monday night (another friends father passed away) and was still in a sad/bad mood when I woke up so I workout out hard and distracted myself yesterday. I find focusing on exercise and pushing myself helps when I am in a mood.

Yesterday in 4 pictures:

  • My tumblr friends and I swap these superhero workouts every week and I have Buffy for now (which I am super cool with because I loved the show). I did the 7 sets but to push myself I did 3 sets with double the reps and a minute rest between the supersets and then a single set for cool-down
  • I then walked to the gym and did Chapter 2 of the Darebee Age of Pandora workout (once again doing double sets because the less time I am jumping around the gym looking like a fool, the better).
  • I then did barbell Preacher Curls and beat my previous PR total. (Old total was 2940)
  • I came home and watched some T.V. with my gf and ate dinner (not pictured) then after I did the dishes I made some protein muffins. Mocha-Orange and Apple-Chai.

All the working out and making muffins helped my mood immensely. I am still sad but it is not consuming me anymore.

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I saw the ask about whether or not you want Jungkook to bang you while singing or you want to give yoongi a bj while he's rapping, and I mean if JK was singing Rainism then that would probably be a turn-on since his voice in that performance was hella sexy 😍😍 But I'd have to keep myself from laughing and killing the mood whenever he says 'I'm gonna be a bad boy' cuz let's be real, our Bunny isn't gonna become a bad boy anytime soon 😂😂

Hahaha I can’t help but laugh at this 😂

things no one tells you about bpd
  • the multiples panic attacks you get when it feels like someone is abandoning you and you feel like you’re going to die exactly in that moment
  • feeling like every day is the same and the agony of having the idea in your mind that nothing is real due to dissociation
  • when you’re bored and it’s not like you’re just bored, it’s like there is something crushing your mind and sometimes you even get headaches because it’s literally void void void void
  • trying so hard to be a good person but still feeling like you’re a monster
  • invalidating yourself whenever you feel bad but get hit by a mood swing a few minutes later, so you’re probably faking the illness because you just felt bad for a moment, it doesn’t matter the intensity of the feeling, you’re healthy
  • triggering yourself on purpose when you feel invalid
  • being triggered when someone is talking about their problems with you and your hyper empathy acts up
  • also not being able to help a lot when you don’t feel very empathic and feeling like you’re worthless
  • no one knows how sad it is when someone you like tells you they will be offline to sleep/eat/whatever

( Jee belongs/drawn by @blesstale! )
( Adre @me! )

stuck on you. (m) | 01

“I want you to take my virginity.”
“What the fuck did you just ask me, Kim Taehyung?”

or, alternatively:

you’re not actually supposed to take your bestfriend’s virginity when he asks, right?

pairing: kim taehyung x reader 
genre: attempt at crack, eventual smut, college au
warnings: sexual jokes (like a cringe-worthy amount)
words: 9,582k
part: 01/03

out of context quote:
[9:52 am] Taehyung:  ___\o/___ me drowning in ur pussy lol 

“I want you to take my virginity.”

You’ve just taken a gulp of your pulp-included orange juice when Taehyung says this. He’s sitting across from you in the cafeteria of the University you both attend - have attended for the past two years.

His brown coffee coated eyes are staring directly into yours - a serious expression written across his features that tells you what he’s just spoken was said in nothing but pure seriousness.

And he says it so nonchalantly - so earnestly, that you do the only thing you can think of.

A perfectly reasonable reaction after hearing that your best friend, the boy you’ve been in love with for over two years - wants you to take his virginity.

You spit your orange juice out all over him.

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big mood: Magnus saying "No" to clary/jace/some annoying shadowhunter's whiny and trivial request for something they can't be bothered fixing themselves, having the audacity to bother Magnus while he's swamped with important High Warlock of Brooklyn work. And they're stunned for a minute before attempting again and- "I. Said. No."

it was a gloomy tuesday, the skyline thick with clouds, somewhere past noon but lunch had gotten lost in a landslide of things to do. and on this gloomy tuesday, magnus was not in the mood for anything.

he was not in the mood for the fire message from the high warlock of manhattan trying to change the time and date of a warlock council meeting yet again. he was not in the mood for the stack of contracts piled up on his desk that he needed to finish rereading by the next morning. and he was really not in the mood for one of his potions exploding because a client meeting had gone on too long. he had 10 minutes until he needed to portal to queens and yet there he was elbow deep in purple gunk, carefully using magic to try and remove the coagulated potion off of a very old tome that he really didn’t want to be ruined. so really he was not in the fucking mood for shadowhunters barging into his home.

his jaw was tight and there was a tense energy around his shoulders as he bent over the book, cursing under his breath as blue sparks spilled up over the spine and he watched the potion slowly dissolve away under his magic. he’d have to save the rest of the books with a simpler spell and hope that none of them were damaged, but this one was too important.

and of course, that was when the door rattled. he had been trying to school his breathing, trying to calm himself before he portaled off to drop off some potions but it wasn’t really working when this spell required focus and concentration, and now someone had the audacity to be at the door. his head snapped up for a moment and he glared at it, then dropped his gaze back down, deciding he’d finish the spell and see who it was after. it was probably a client who had gotten timing wrong, which was irritating but he’d handle that when he was done.

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i’m loving my bujo so far this month! i’m also so excited to show off the doodle for next week’s spread! i really like it though it could have turned out a tad bit better

i also really need to change how i edit my photos. this just looks really bad and i want to change it hhh