and is bc his jokes are so corny they make you laugh

Shiro/Lance interactions I’d like to see in future seasons:
  • Shiro laughing at one of Lance’s bad jokes/pick-up lines before he can catch himself (preferably while Keith is present, so he can shoot him a “I’m so disappointed in you” look ;p).
  • Shiro telling Lance a corny joke of his own, completely deadpan. Lance just stares at him for a moment before going, “Did you just make a joke?” and positively beaming.
  • Lance calling Shiro out on his tendency to internalize his pain and isolate himself rather than talking about it – “Just because you’re our leader doesn’t mean you don’t need help sometimes.”
  • Shiro realizing that Lance recognized this tendency bc he deals with his negative emotions in a similar fashion (seriously, this is one of the biggest things they have in common imo – we see it with Lance when he runs off to cry alone after getting homesick, and with Shiro when he waits for everyone to leave before letting out his frustration at Sendak).
  • Shiro and Lance bonding over the fact they were both international (or first-gen?) members of the Galaxy Garrison.
  • A scene where Lance tells Shiro he’s his hero.
  • Shiro getting to see more of Lance’s serious side.
  • Shiro accidentally revealing his dorky/less serious side one day and Lance being absolutely delighted (totes inspired by Josh Keaton saying Shiro likes memes but would never tell Lance).
  • Like just imagine Shiro delivering a very poignant speech before a battle one day, and when it cuts to everyone else’s faces they’re all smiling softly, looking inspired….except for Lance, who’s grinning like his birthday just came early. “Dude did you just quote [Generic Cheesy Sci-Fi Action Film]?! My favorite movie of all time?!”
  • More of these fond looks from Shiro when Lance is goofing around:
EXO Reaction #2

Request: “…EXO reaction to you having a bad day and needing to be cuddled…”


(my exo reactions low key suck but hang with me here)

okay, so does each individual letter in exo stand for something orr??

Xiumin: He’d be a shy lil bean about it at first. He’d kinda just be circling around you for a bit. He had noticed that you had a bad day because of the way you were acting. Not wanting to ask you about it he’d take precaution with his words, careful not to trigger you. He came up behind you and gave you a back hug. He pulled you as close as possible to him and whispered sweet nothings into your ear. You’d soon both sit down on the couch and cuddle til your lives desires.

“Just forget about it, princess. I’m here now”

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Suho: He would walk through the bedroom door and see you curled up in a ball in your shared bed. Right away he knew that something wasn’t right. Your quiet sniffles was perceived as he stepped closer to the bed. His eyes widened with immediate concern. He lays down beside you and wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. He’ll try to cheer you up by telling you some of his corny dad jokes. Sooner or later he figured out that his puns weren’t working very well. He cuddled up with you in comfortable silence, but not before trying one more time.

“How do angels say hello?…..halo”

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An ambitious performer who, so far, has made the right moves in order to make his dreams come true.

Being the main choreographer and leader of an unit sounds like an exhausting combination, specially when those two things involve leading twelve people to pull many different choreographies that will be seen by everyone around the world; but despite the huge responsibility those two titles have, you’ve carry them all perfectly to the point of receiving lots of praise both from outsiders who see the value of your work and from the industry itself, who even rewarded you and your members’ efforts with a World Performer Award which was widely acknowledged by your own group members as a major prop of yours. Plus, all this previously mentioned is topped with your joyful personality and your contagious laugh, always accompanied with that bright smile of yours.

Happy Birthday Hoshi, may your many talents keep blooming as the time goes. Thank you for being a wonderful person who inspires both the people around you and Carats as well 🌟 #PRINCEHOSHIDAY #호시왕댯님_탄신일 입니다


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  • hahahah fuk
  • OKAY first of all, lemme set the mood
  • so you first met dean because you auditioned to be the lead in a music video for him
  • the concept was pretty cool, and you’re a convincing enough actor so you get the part right off the bat
  • (you don’t know that dean actually picked you bc he saw your audition video and couldn’t stop thinking about you for the next twenty four hours)
  • so you get to the set, go through hair and makeup and you’re all done up, waiting to be told what to do
  • you haven’t actually met dean yet but you’re not too nervous bc honestly its just a video, you and him probably won’t even be that intimate (lmao)
  • so he walks into the room with the director of the video and almost immediately his cheeks go bright red
  • he’s stuttering as he introduces himself “I’m dean hyuk- I mean kwon dean- i mean… ugh” 
  • he’s just so cute!!! wow!!!
  • you end up giggling at him and he smiles a lil, at least glad you aren’t like disgusted by how shy he is
  • you two exchange pleasantries and the director begins explaining the plot he’s got and what he wants you two to do
  • the video actually requires a LOT of skinship tho… like a lot
  • if dean already wasn’t about to explode of awkwardness he is now
  • you too, are kind of nervous
  • but dean really looks like he sweatin damn
  • so you decide to crack a few cheesy jokes to ease the mood
  • (I’m stealing this corny joke from a site) “why did Beethoven get rid of his  chickens? because they kept saying ‘bach-bach-bach’” 
  • he actually laughs so hard he snorts and suddenly the mood is ruined for the director but its so much lighter between the two of you
  • you keep cracking jokes every time he starts looking worried again, and he’s actually thankful, giggling into your neck for one scene and biting his lip in another
  • the director wants to kill y'all 
  • but the video ends up perfect and dean kinda fell in love at first sight with you
  • he ends up asking you more confidently out to dinner, and you two hit it off
  • early in the relationship, he’s not super into pda
  • like he’ll maybe touch your lower back while you’re walking or kiss your cheek when no one is looking, but later down the road he’s so damn affectionate you almost wanna fight him
  • always singing
  • in the shower
  • while he’s cooking
  • in the car
  • look,,, this kid is so fucking annoying bc his voice is actually good
  • like you’re just innocently enjoying a song on the radio and dean has to pull out some extra ass riffs and high notes and basically out sings every song you put on
  • one time you tried to listen to beyonce in the car and he was about to attempt her high notes in love on top and you just. reached over and grabbed his tongue
  • like just deadass grabbed his tongue
  • he looked at you mortified and you were like “enough
  • but you enjoy his singing when you’re sleeping, especially when he’s singing about how much he loves you
  • wakes you up by singing super loud in the shower every saturday morning
  • *him, singing super loudly and purposefully off key* “I looOOOOOOOOOoooooOOOVe my baby-”
  • *you, half asleep in bed, tempted to finish him off once and for all* SHUT UP
  • he dances like a dad ok
  • y'all go to the club and you’re actually just so embarrassed bc he just… like he just sways his hips with a beer in his hand and attempts some form of a movement with his arms
  • its ok you don’t like him for his dance moves
  • always kissing your neck
  • loves biting you
  • kisses the back of your hand while he’s driving and nips your fingertips
  • when y'all are in bed he’s like biting into your neck and growling bc he literally can’t hold back you make him unravel so easily and haha… dam
  • obsessed with your body and pleasuring you
  • will go down on you for hours bc he just loves it, loves the sight of you when he does
  • always has to be touching you
  • has a hand on your thigh, not even sexually like he just likes touching your thighs cause theyre warm and soft
  • actually takes naps on you a lot
  • he’ll splay out on you while you’re laid on the couch and he’ll nestle his face into your neck and wrap his arms around you before clocking out
  • its cute the first few times but its not so cute when you gotta pee
  • “baby… baby please I gotta pee and you’re crushing my bladder”
  • “hmm… no… no thanks”
  • you’ve got to beat him on the back before he releases you
  • you read him zodiac memes a lot and whenever you get to scorpio he just rolls his eyes so hard cause most are so cliche (if you’re a scorpio you two just roll your eyes together lmao)
  • your birthday is his favorite day of the year
  • he’ll wake you up with kisses, make you breakfast in bed, and then will force you out of the house for the rest of the day bc he’s planned a surprise party for you
  • does not understand personal space
  • you know that tweet thats like “*pulls curtain back while wife is in the shower* me: Are we - stop screaming, it’s just me- are we out of Cheetos?”
  • thats dean
  • you’re like shitting on the toilet and he walks in like “yo that stinks, anyway I’m taking the dog for a walk to the store do you want something”
  • you throw a roll of toilet paper at him and he’s like lol why you throwing that you’re gonna need it judging by the smell
  • probably proposes to you while you’re half asleep, tucked under his arm while you watch a movie
  • he just slips out an expensive ring, smiles as your tired eyes widen, and then chuckles, “i guess this means you really are wifey now, huh?” 
  • dean is basically just such a good bf and loves you a lot and can’t get enough, lucky you

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I'd love to see some modern wesper headcanons 😉

oh my god Y E S

- jesper loves making playlists for wylan even though their taste in music is very different (wylan is more into instrumentals and jesper likes catchy, upbeat pop songs that may or may not have some hidden innuendo)
- he also gives them cute titles like “you better work wy!!” which is a car playlist to get wylan going in the morning or “let’s get it wy-on” which ofc is a sexy playlist and wylan gets extremely flustered everytime he sees it (either in one of his work folders or his ipod)
- while we’re on that topic, jesper LOVES to push wylan’s buttons and see him get 150% shades of bright pink
- wylan may be hella rich and everything but i’m ready to bet anything they still live in a small cozy flat and order takeout and drink root beer and cheap wine bc they know the true meaning of money and wy would NEVER let it go to his head like that
- jesper has THE BEST fashion sense… i’m talking reece king realness
- wylan takes after his adoptive father, kaz brekker, and runs his biological trashbag of a father’s, jojo van evil, business like a mothereffin BOSS (which he is but i mean like a pro)
- i have this very vivid image of them playing games on jesper’s playstation
- wylan’s a sore loser and jesper adores his pout more than anything in the entire world bc it makes him look so young and sweet and delicious and he loves to plant kisses on every pissed off wrinkle so in a nutshell wylan may not have won the game but his consolation prize is considerable and paid in full
- wylan used to be shy but now he struts in nothing but jesper’s baggy tshirts and smirks when he sees that flush creep up his gorgeous bf’s neck
- sometimes, when jesper’s gambling addiction gets really bad, wylan takes out a deck of cards his mother painted for him a few years ago - a different crow on the back of each card - and they play until sunrise while jesper’s playlists blast on volume in the background
- jesper orders a dozen of those corny couple tshirts and it starts off as an inside joke between them but people at wylan’s company swear they’ve seen him come to work in a tshirt that says JESPER FAHEY IS MY BOYFRIEND at least twice
- wylan may not be able to read but he LOVES to learn and explore new worlds so audible is the #1 app on his phone
- he listens to books EVERYWHERE  - on the train, in his car, while he makes his coffee in the morning
- sometimes, if the book is really really good and catches jesper’s fancy, he would either record himself reading it and upload the mp3 to wylan’s phone or just read it to him live which is even more fun bc he gets to hear wylan gasp and laugh at certain scenes
- and it makes his heart melt and wylan reddens again when he sees how jesper’s eyes shine for him but it’s okay bc they’re both secretly mushy and /not secretly/ super mega hella in love with each other
- wylan sings to jesper when he’s sick (or loads his favourite movies into one massive netflix playlist so he can entertain himself while he’s at work)
- they probably (definitely) get a dog. or two. or a dozen. wylan’s wary of cats bc some of them are a bit too independent and distant but then he finds a stray cat and immediately takes it in
- like he doesn’t even think about it, he just scoops up the poor rascal and takes it home for a bath and a nice meal… and next thing you know, wylan’s filling out pet passports and health cards
- jesper sends flowers to wylan’s mother every week in case her son is too busy and pays her visits (even on his own) every friday
- he reads her the same stories he reads to wylan at home so sometimes he comes back smiling and says to wylan “your mom recommends it too”
- for all of jesper’s endless, tireless flirting, they really like to just cuddle and lie pressed against each other for HOURS
- every once in a while wylan would unbutton his business shirtTM if it gets too hot in the office and there’d be a constellation of hickeys

Boyfriend Wonwoo headcanons (Seventeen)

requested by anon

  • this poor soft boy oml
  • wonwoo was one of your good friends
  • you had known each other for the longest
  • and in all that time that he had known you, he wasn’t sure exactly when he had developed feelings for you
  • but surprise! they were there and in full force any time he saw you
  • of course, he was extremely hesitant to tell you
  • he was terrified that you’d reject him and stop being his friend poor baby and he values you far too much to risk losing you
  • so he kept it bottled up
  • but secretly he’s completely whipped okay
  • so one day he invites you over to his house to watch some movies
  • now we all know this boy loves his scary movies, so he’d pop one into the dvd player and laugh every time you jumped/screamed
  • but what he didn’t expect was you clinging on to him for dear life
  • or how much he would dislike it when you let go after the movie ended
  • that would probably be what led him to tell you his feelings honestly
  • he confessed really simply
  • you were relaxing with him at a small cafe when he asked if he could say something very important
  • he’s a little flustered
  • he looks straight into your eyes the whole time
  • “Y/N, I’ve had feelings for you for a while in all honesty”
  • “I was scared I would lose you if I told you”
  • “but honestly I don’t think I can bottle it up anymore, it’s too much”
  • you were overjoyed to say the least
  • you had been waiting for him to ask you out for the longest time, dropping hints at every chance you got
  • and fiiiinnalllyyy he did and you two officially became a couple
  • it takes a while for his mind to fully transition from “best friend” to “person I’m in a relationship with”
  • but as soon as he’s comfortable, he’s fine
  • he especially likes hand holding or throwing an arm around your waist/shoulders because he likes having you close and showing you off to anyone around him
  • when he’s nervous, he automatically reaches for your hand and rubs circles into it with his thumb because having you next to him calms him
  • he’s honestly a super sweet, goofy bf
  • he loves making you smile and tells corny jokes 24/7 in hopes of hearing you laugh
  • probably the type to give you surprise gifts because he thought you would like it or he saw you looking at it in the store or it reminded him of you
  • he loves kissing you on the cheek because it’s simple but still affectionate
  • he’s completely head over heels for you
  • and he gets teased by the other members of seventeen for being so whipped
  • but all he does is smile and laugh bc at the end of the day, he’s just so happy he gets to be with you bc he loves you so much
BTS Scenario: BTS as Students

•greets everyone in his class with a ‘good morning’
•decorates his locker to look festive for every holiday
• runs for class president
•hands out pins and hangs up posters around the school
•brings his own lunch that he prepared himself
•also brings his friends lunch bc he likes to take care of them

•always comes into first period half an hour late
•"i overslept"
•hands in assignments late
•plans out which classes he’ll take naps in
•instead of taking notes he writes lyrics in his book instead
•daydreams half the day
•likes going to gym to play basketball

•walks in to class late with his hair messy and shirt all messed up
•"i ran my bike into a bush"
•gives philosophical answers that makes everyone question who they are
•doesn’t study but gets 100 on all his tests
•makes jokes with the person next to him
•broke a desk once but whats new

•high fives everyone he sees
•is surprised whenever he learns something new
•"woah i never knew that"
•laughs at the teacher’s corny jokes
•always participates in spirit week at school
•lets people move into his locker if they need extra space
•gives everyone in his class the homework answers

•walks down the hallway as if it was a runway
•always in the library doing anything else but schoolwork
•orders pizza and takes it to class
•shares it with his friends
•doesn’t like to participate
•still does good in all his classes

•sells candy during school
•"do you guys wanna buy some candy?“
•is chill with everyone in school
•goes into random classes whenever he wants to skip
•never does his work but still manages to pass every class

•always comes to class on time
•says he’s going to skip but always chickens out
•"i had an important lesson so i couldn’t skip”
•tried to bring his teachers an apple so they can pass him
•"can you round up my 75 to 100?“
•in gym he acts like its the olympics

New ‘Do- A Sirius Black Blurb (SMUT)

Anonymous Asked: hi!! i was wondering if i could request a sirius x reader shot where the reader has a buzzcut? bc you know, i’ve got one and usually the reader has long hair!! (and i’m sorry if it’s a little bit confusing, english is not my first language) 

Back to reality. Winter break had ended too soon. Classes were about to resume- something you were not entirely ready for. You were, however, ready to see your boyfriend again. Sirius Black had been your crush starting when you first laid eyes on him your first year, and ever since the two of you had been inseparable. He was your biggest fan and confidant, and you loved him with every ounce of your being. While you couldn’t help but feel anxious to see him again, you stomach was tying in knots for an entirely different reason. Over the break, you had made the decision to buzz your hair, opting for a much shorter look. You loved the way you looked with the new ‘do, and even more so, you loved how it made you feel. The only thing was you hadn’t told anyone, not even Lily or Sirius, that this was something you were even considering.

You sat on the edge of Sirius’ bed, waiting impatiently for him to kick through the old wooden door of the boy’s dormitory, ready to forget about having to be home and tell you a corny joke. Finally, you heard the click of the brass knob shifting open, and soon the impossibly handsome Sirius was standing before you. He dropped all his bags at once at his feet, a wide grin spreading across his face.

“And what do we have here?” he purred, taking long strides towards you.

“Hi, Pads,” you cooed, reflecting a similar smile back at him. He leaned down over you and tilted your chin up using one of his long, pale fingers. He kissed you deeply, his relief in seeing you again evident in how he moved his lips against yours. He broke away for a moment, grabbing both of your hands, making you rise and stand in front of him, cradled in his arms.

“I have to say, sweetheart, I am in love with this new look of yours,” he beamed, passing his hand over the short hairs on top of your head. A wave of comfort and relief washed over you at his words. You leaned into his touch and looked up into his grey eyes.

“Thank you, Pads. I was hoping you would,” you said, kissing him once again. He was still smiling as you passed your tongue along his bottom lip, asking for permission to enter. He happily obliged, humming softly into your mouth. Step by step, he walked you back to the bed, his hands firmly placed on your hips. The two of you fell back onto the soft blanket, Sirius long and lean frame hovering above you. He moved his kisses down from your lips to the soft skin below your jaw, delicately sucking and nipping along the way. His hands began making quick work of the buttons of your blouse. It felt like home to have him on you again, to be completely immersed in his scent and in his skin.

Sirius had just begun to remove your blouse when a familiar sound clicked behind you. Three boys appeared in the doorway- usually you could hear the rest of the Marauders before you could see them. For all the pranks they were able to pull off, they never were light footed.

“Oh for Merlin’s sake!” James cried out, dramatically turning his back to you. “You couldn’t wait five minutes into seeing each other to start snogging?”

“That’s a little funny coming from you, Prongs. Seem to remember catching you and Evans more than once…” Sirius called back, careful to shield your half naked boy from the boys.

“Hello, Y/N,” Remus chimed in, giving you a warm smile. You lifted the hand that wasn’t trying to cover yourself up to give him a small wave. “Your hair looks lovely,” he added.

“Thank you, Remus. That’s very kind of you,” you replied.

“What’d she do with her hair?” James asked, still not turning around.

“Well, if you turned and looked, I suppose you could find out,” Remus quipped before walking away from James, pulling his trunk to the foot of the far bed.

Tentatively, James slowly turned to face the couple once again. By now, you had adjusted to clothe your top half again. “It’s ok Prongs, everyone’s decent,” you mocked. He finally turned to face the both of you fully.

“Oh, Y/N! Really love the look. It suits you,” he exclaimed, walking over to you and patting the top of your head, much like a brother would. You put up your hands, playfully pushing his arms away from you while he continued to try and touch your hair.

“Now that we’ve all said hello, would you lot get lost?” Sirius begged. They all looked at one another and laughed, the irritation on Sirius’ face growing.

“C’mon, it’s nearly time for dinner,” Remus finally said, ending the residual giggles they all had. The boys filed out together, no doubt trying to scope the Great Hall for the prime seats. Peter shut the door behind them, and you finally found yourself alone with Sirius again.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go eat? We’ll have plenty of time to…” you began, but his lips were already all over you.

“We still have a minute before dinner. Feels like just enough time to…” he started, his hand reaching down between your legs. You let out a small gasp at his touch, something you had longed for for 3 long weeks. A smile danced across his face, forming that same shit eating grin you had come to love so much. “Sounds like you’ve missed me as much as I have you,” he added, moving two of his fingers into your entrance. The pressure was very much welcomed, a louder moan falling from your lips. He continued to pump his fingers in and out, rubbing the pad of his thumb over your clit. Your chest began to heave as his pace quickened, you release quickly approaching.

“Sirius, I’m gonna…” the words had no sooner left your mouth when you felt yourself peak. Every muscle in your body was on fire, every tension you held was gone. All that was left was you, Sirius, and the way he made you feel. You let out a long sigh before opening your eyes up to him. He ran his hand along the side of your face in a careful caress. A moment later, he pulled his fingers from you, lifting those that had just been in you up to your lips. You took them both between your lips, sucking your own flavor from them, never taking your eyes off his. His mouth fell open slightly at the sight in front of him, a small smirk creeping on his face.

“Your turn after dinner?” you teased, releasing his fingers with a pop.

“Can’t wait for it, doll.” He kissed you one more time before following behind you out of his room.


A/N: Thank you anonymous for my first request ever! Love you lots and here’s your request! Hope you like it!

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•listening to his corny jokes all the time
•you laughing with him even though it’s not actually funny
•him stealing some of your clothing to make a new fashion statement
•you taking his outfit of the day pics for him
•him randomly spitting out random information that you didn’t know bc he’s a genius
•you accidentally breaking something
•him looking at you and shrugging his shoulders bc let’s be real he’s 10x worse
•him letting you listen to new verses/songs that no one has heard yet
•random rap battles between you two
•him constantly calling you “baby” with his deep voice oh god
•him not getting enough attention from you so he pulls you onto his lap and kisses you all over the face
•you ending up staying in his lap the rest of the night
•you two have deep, intellectual pillow talks 
•you eventually falling asleep in the crook of his neck
•him carrying you to bed and watching you sleep while stroking your hair until he falls asleep too

even4s5  asked:

evak + bad jokes (hope this cheers you up my love ❤️)

thank u sm bub ❤️

⚫️ even loves annoying isak with his terrible egg jokes when he is making breakfast
      ⚪️ when isak says something moody to even (bc its a saturday morning and even woke him up extra early for breakfast and hes hella tired from last night wink wink) even says “omelette that slide” and isak just groans and stuffs his face with eggs that even so casually slides onto his plate

      ⚪️  “what? cant take a yolk?” even says, keeping a straight face as isak gives him a dead ass look and even chuckles but isaks mouth twitches up into a small smile

      ⚪️ after a few moments of silence, even says “hey isak” “what?” “why cant u tell an egg a joke?” “even please no-” “because it will crack up!” and right now even is the one cracking up and isak just buries his face in his hands

⚫️ dont even get even started on lunch - isak was about ready to go eat his food out in the hallway outside their flat bc evens jokes were so corny but he couldnt help but laugh

      ⚪️ even decided to make his famous spaghetti and in the middle of lunch, even looks at isak, a smirk on his face and isak is already about to say something for even to stop but the joke comes first.

      ⚪️ “hey isak” “even i am trying to eat lunch, i got homework to do” “what to you call a fake noodle?” isak groans, “even no” “an impasta!” and isak tries so hard to swallow his food bc hes laughing so hard and trying not to choke on his spaghetti and even is just the same

     ⚪️ after lunch while even is trying to find something to drink and isak is doing dishes, he spots the ketchup on the side door of the fridge and takes out the bottle, holding it behind his back “Isak, i have something to tell u it’s important” “what is it?“ even pulls the ketchup bottle from behind him and says “you need to ketchup on those dishes!” even laughs, running away from isak as he throws soap suds on him and his hair

⚫️ finally, dinner rolls around and even makes up burgers (trying to remake the ones from the hotel but doesnt go as planned but they are good anyway) and isak expects a flooding of jokes, and hes right

     ⚪️ “isak” “yes?” “wanna know something cool?” “if i say no you’re gonna tell me anyway” “yeah ur right but listen,, where do hamburgers go on new years eve?” “where, even?” isak smiles this time “to a meat ball!” isak shakes his head, laughing, throwing a piece of bread at even as even smiles

     ⚪️  “where do burgers like to go on vacation?” “hm?” “the swiss cheese alps!” “wow, of course” isak rolls his eyes, finishing the last bite of his burger as even leans back into his chair, his laugh echoing through the flat

⚫️ finally, isak praises that is time to go to sleep (only around 2 am pfft) and him and even crawl into bed but even has one last joke (more like pickup line) for isak

     ⚪️ “isak” even whispers as he feels isaks nose nuzzle into the crook of his neck “mm what?” isak mumbles, sleep almost coming over him already “can i tell you one more joke?” “sure, i guess” isak sighs “do you have a map?” even says “to where?” isak adds “your heart” and he can feel the heat rushing to isaks cheeks and isak takes a pillow and lightly throws it on top of even “you already have my heart you doof, now sleep” and isak drifts off quickly as even chuckles, closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep too

anonymous asked:

Yay you're back!! :3 If you've got the time, any Kakashi head canons would be great! Whatever inspires you or whatever you can think of... :) I just need more Copy Ninja in my life.

hi hello im not leaving again LMAO, i haven’t been doing requests bc ive recently been feeling like shit :((( but i dont want to leave you guys with nothing sooo im here c:

- He loves bringing his s/o gifts, especially flowers.
- Kakashi loves it when his s/o embraces him in their arms. He finds that it’s the best part of his day.
- He would make corny jokes, mostly because he loves hearing his s/o laugh.
- He loves making his s/o blush, he makes it his hobby to do so.
- Okay, so you know how he’s always late and has excuses? I like to think that his excuses have something to do with his s/o.

Favorite Features - Avengers Preference

Trying something new lol
I want to expand my writable characters
I’ve included all of the AoU Avengers (bc why not) 
Tell me if you guys like it :-)

Tony - Smile
The billionaire never settles for anything less than perfection, and when it comes to your smile, he always thinks it’s perfect. Your smile may not be the straighest or the brightest, but Tony just loves the way you glow when you smile. The only thing he can do when you is smile back and fall in love.

Steve - Laugh
Call him cheesy, but Steve loves your laugh. He finds it absolutely infectious, and every time you laugh, Steve finds himself laughing along. His heart flutters just a little bit when you laugh. He claims it’s like a little drop of sunshine. Steve can’t help but fall in love all over again when you laugh at one of his corny jokes.

Bruce - Voice
Bruce was never big on music, but when you speak, he swears it’s better than Mozart. He loves the way you can spin a sentence, and he especially loves the way you say his name. Your whispers alone are enough to calm him down if the other guy decides to show up. He doesn’t know why, but every time you speak, his heart races a bit.

Clint - Hands
Maybe it’s creepy, but Barton has no shame in the fact that he loves your hands. Every where you go, he’s holding your hand. Just the way your fingers lace together with his is enough to make him grin. The archer claims your hands fit together perfectly, like how an arrow notches a bow string, and therefore you’re meant to be. Regardless, he can’t go very long until his hands find yours.

Thor - Hair
Though the God of Thunder has his own luscious locks, but he loves yours so much more. No matter the style, length, or texture, Thor is constantly playing with your hair. It’s become a habit by now. He loves how your hair shines in the sun, and how it suits your face so perfectly. He says the not even the gods have such beautiful hair.

Natasha - Lips
Natasha’s not one for PDA, but she can’t deny the fact that your lips are perfectly kissable. In general, she loves they way they fit your face and how they move to reflect your emotions. Sometimes when you talk, she finds herself staring at your lips rather than your eyes. She just can’t get enough of them, and takes every opportunity to kiss them.

Pietro - Butt
The platinum blond never settles down, but he’ll take a couple minutes to check out your butt. There are plenty of moments where Pietro will zoom by, slapping your bum in the process. He always leaves with a grin on though. Sometimes when you go running, Pietro will let you run in front of him, just so he can get a few more glances.

Wanda - Eyes
Considering the fact that eyes are the windows to the soul, it’s no surprise that Wanda loves your eyes the most. She loves they way they light up when you smile, and how clear they always are. She knows your eyes will always tell her the truth. It’s not uncommon for Wanda to get lost just staring into your eyes.

Vision - Personality
Vision can never seem to completely understand your personality, and that’s why he loves it so much. Although he has a fairly good grasp on it, your personality is one of the few things that Vision is unsure about. He enjoys the surprise, however. Vision is constantly making notes, trying to figure you out, but unconditionally loving every part he discovers.


Holding Hands - a Jaehyun Scenario

cough im gonna be doing a lot of jaehyun bc jaehyun is my ultimate bias cough

fluffmas prompt list

Day 3: Christmas Shopping - Winwin

Day 4: Movie Night - Ten

Day 5: Dancing - Ten

Day 6: Decorating the Tree - Taeyong

Day 7: Drinking Hot Cocoa - Mark

Day 8: Ice Skating - Taeil

Day 9: Mistletoe Kisses - Jaehyun

Day 10: Snowball Fight - Doyoung

Day 11: Party/Celebration

Day 12: Wrapping Presents - Mark

Day 13: Wearing Ugly Sweaters - Taeyong

Day 14: Holding Hands

Member: Jaehyun


“I’m not going out there, Jay.” You looked your boyfriend in the eye and crossed your arms over your chest. “It’s too cold.”

“Ah, c'mon! I just want to hang out with you, ______. We can just sit on the porch!” Jaehyun whined, laying his head on your thighs, looking up at you.

“You know how I am this time of year, Jaehyun. I can get sick in the blink of an eye because of the cold!

“Just bundle up. Winter clothing has a purpose, you know.”

“I don’t have gloves or a scarf.”

“I can lend you a scarf, but I only have gloves for me.”

“Then I’m not going out! My hands have to be warm, too!” You pouted.

Jaehyun sat up from his spot on your legs and grabbed your hands. “I’ll just hold your hands the entire time! It’ll keep them warm.”


“Yah, Jae. You’re so corny.” You laughed as you snuggled closer into Jaehyun’s chest as the two of you sat on the bench on the porch, enjoying the quiet. Jaehyun squeezed your hands, making sure they were as warm as possible in the cold, snowy weather.

“Hey, my corny plan is working, though. You haven’t complained once that you’re cold and you haven’t shown any sickness symptoms.” He smiled a large smile, his dimples and nose crinkles showing.

You faked a sneeze. “Jaehyun I’m cold~” You pretended, digging your face in his chest, and he put both of your hands up to his mouth, softly breathing his warm breath to keep them warm. You laughed at how protective your boyfriend was when it came to how cold you were.

“I was just joking, Jay. You’re keeping me warm.”


yo im sorry this one isnt that good ?? idk today was just a rough day for me so im not really feeling it, but i hope tomorrow things will be better and ill work harder on tomorrows scenario !!


Boyfriend Dawon ♡
-the funny boyfriend
 -tells you jokes constantly because he loves your laugh
-worries a lot if you’re sad, he never wants to see you not smiling
-tells you corny jokes to see you blush and you do because ? it’s him hello
-puts his face close to you bc he loves how shy you can be
-cheek & forehead kisses x50
-one day when you were sad and in bed he surprised you with a cute little puppet show with all sorts of different voices to get you to laugh and it worked
-when you finally cracked a smile he jumped up with a happy scream and hugged you
-which made you laugh so much 
-somehow that lead to you guys having a pillow fight how cute 
-you take him with you shopping but it’s difficult because he says you look good in everything so you end up spending way too much money 
-for your first birthday together he pretended to forget which made you a little upset but he surprised you with an amazing dinner, roses, and a sparkling new necklace 
- “i couldn’t find a necklace as beautiful as you, i hope this is fine for you :/”
-when you visit the boys during their break from practice you and him are always the loudest people in the room but you make them all laugh with your back and forth antics 
- seriously cutest and funniest couple 10/10 would recommend 

anonymous asked:

could i have some hc's for what hanzo's, soldier 76's, and mccree's weddings would be like? tysm!!

Ahhhh I love wedding hc’s thank you so much! Sorry this request took so long to type up, but I put a lot into it so I hope you enjoy it!


  • Probably wants a private wedding, nothing too big or flashy, maybe with some of his s/o’s convincing he might let some of the other overwatch members come to the ceremony
  • A traditional Japanese wedding would probably be his choice
    -Although I don’t see him wanting to go to Hanamura and risk having assassins come after him or his s/o on their wedding day
  • Imagine having the wedding ceremony at a Shinto temple and the venue being beautifully decorated in red and white with lining gold
  • Maybe an open temple that leads out to a gorgeous water pavilion and plenty of trees and flowers and nature of the sort
  • Has stone dogs guarding the entrance and a tall red gate that looks over the water
  • Hanzo in a damn traditional white kimono and looking super freaking handsome and probably even bashful because dude he probably looks so pure in that omfg
  • The  sake sharing ceremony where there will be three stacked cups of sake and both Hanzo and his s/o have to drink taking three sips
    - Some believe the three sips each time represent love, wisdom and happiness
    -Hanzo believes they represent the biggest human flaws, which are passion, hatred, and ignorance that him and his s/o will overcome in their life together
  • The wedding speeches are the best part because the team getting up and saying things about how Hanzo and his s/o were meant for one another and mushy corny, yet very funny stuff that really has everyone smiling
  • Then Genji getting up and despite the jokes and laughs in his speech, it gets emotional and its amazing when he says that no matter what his brothers happiness makes him happy and Hanzo lowkey getting emotional but not showing it, just smiling very softly to Genji and mouthing a thank you to him
  • All the soft kissing between Hanzo and his s/o through out the entire day bc Hanzo really cannot believe this day has even come and he’s never really smiled so much in one day up until this point
    -Bonus is his s/o can feel Hanzo constantly smiling into these kisses omfg
  • Hanzo not letting go of his s/o’s hand the entire day and always finding a reason to hold them very close to him
  • The crane is a symbol of longevity and prosperity and so 1,001 gold origami cranes are folded to bring luck, good fortune, longevity, fidelity, and peace to the marriage and they are decorated all over the place
    -Bonus is the overwatch members spent a week folding all these cranes themselves to surprise Hanzo
    -Another bonus is that it was Genji’s idea cx
  • Probably lots of sake drinking and goofy dancing to traditional Japanese music that very few understand but many are actually enjoying
  • The night ending with Hanzo holding his s/o close to his chest as they take a walk in the night, probably talking about how they got there and how everything that happens from here on out doesn’t matter as long as they have one another

Soldier 76: 

  • Probably doesn’t want to make a huge deal out of the wedding
  • Likely wants something small and intimate, very detailed rather than big picture kind of stuff
  • It’ll probably be an outdoors wedding because being in the fresh air is more ideal to him then in a stuffy reception room full of more people all breathing the same hot air
  • The wedding ceremony is in one of those beautiful white gazebos that sit overlooking a lake that stretches for miles
  • There are tall trees of green everywhere because it’s definitely a summer wedding
  • Trails of vines covering the gazebo in green, with soft colored pallets of flowers surrounding the gazebo and the arch entrance into it
  • The wedding ceremony will take place at sunset while the reception is at night time, thus having the entire place decorated with little twinkling lights or paper bag lanterns that light up the entire place like stars
  • The wedding ceremony would be pretty traditional, doing the whole “I do,” thing, except Soldier 76 would get so emotional 
    -Totally has little tears peaking out of his eyes as he cannot stop smiling to his s/o at the alter 
    -Getting really worked up over hearing his s/o say “I do, Jack” and him just practically crumbling when it comes to the big kiss
  • The kiss would be so soft and he’d cup his s/o’s cheeks and hold them there until they are unable to breathe because he never wants it to end
  • The first dance with his s/o would be a slow dance with super sappy lyrics, I picture it being Bryan Adam’s- Heaven but an acoustic version such as this one and he definitely knows every word and is whispering the lyrics into his s/o’s ear as they dance close together
  • Can we imagine the other overwatch members getting super emotional at the wedding, Winston and McCree tearing up together while Reaper is doing the full blown sobbing and blowing his nose extraordinarily loud into a tissue
  • Soldier 76 and his s/o feeding each other the cake and laughing when they get it on each others cheeks and kissing with their faces all messy
  • Everybody marveling about how Soldier 76  has legit never smiled as much as he has today and in every image taken of him and his s/o, not one is of him grouchy or frowning
  •  The night ending with Soldier 76 carrying his s/o back to their car (the car with the ‘Just Married’ sign on the back of it and tin cans taped to it yes that one) and everyone cheering and clapping and crying for the very happy couple that have been waiting for this day for so long
  • Soldier 76 intertwining his hand with his s/o that now has both their bands of marriage to one another on the others married finger and him rubbing his thumb over their knuckles sweetly as he smiles and they lean on one another the entire way home


  • McCree is SOOOOO cliche! He totally wants a big romantic wedding where he can show off his s/o to all their friends and family
  • Not too traditional though, like he wants it to mean something special, he doesn’t want to just rip off every stereotypical wedding in the history of man he wants it to be special for both him and his s/o
  • Everyone is invited to the wedding, even friends of friends are invited because he wants everyone to be apart of this union between his s/o and him
  • The wedding is held in late summer where it’s not as hot, but is still really warm and is heading into fall temperature
  • The wedding is during the day so that it’s super bright and everyone can see the two of them and how happy they are clearly
  • A really cute rustic style wedding, the wedding ceremony is outside in front of a large willow tree that the two of them get wedded under while the reception is held in a giant barn venue not too far away
  • McCree and his s/o definitely writing their own vows and McCree’s smile nearly overlapping his entire face because that’s how happy he is and cannot help a little bit of tearing up when the I Do’s come
  • The big kiss is definitely not slow and his s/o can feel him smiling into it and he doesn’t stop kissing them for at least a good couple of minutes and all their friends and family are cheering for them the entire time
    -Not to mention breaking apart from the kiss to see him laughing about how ridiculously happy he is to be finally married to his s/o
  • OKAY (this is so cheesy I am so sorry) but like after the ‘I do’s and the big kiss, McCree scooping his s/o up into his arms and hopping on a horse that was being held so that they could ride it to the reception!! (even better if McCree puts his s/o in the front and he sits behind them with his arms wrapped tightly around them as he holds the reins)
  • McCree taking a super long route to the reception so that he gets to cuddle close to his s/o and gush about how they are married now and there is lots of kissing and just admiring the beautiful day in general
  • The reception is full of life, love, and laughing as everyone is dancing and having way too much fun (there is probably some drinking too lets not lie)
  • The place is decorated in dark wood and white lace, mason jars filled with fairy lights on every table, rusted watering cans filled to the brim with flowers (tea roses, peonies, and baby’s breath), and don’t forget the loads of barrels and hay holding drinks (for both children and adults)
  • The eating of the wedding cake totally involves McCree shoving cake in his s/o’s face and then letting them do the same back to him, getting lots of wedding photos of them both kissing with cake all on their face
  • The wedding speeches come and McCree gets a tad bit emotional but is mostly spending this time to admire his s/o’s face and recall a list of everything he loves about them in his head
  • The night ending with lots of slow dancing and kissing with his s/o and just an unspoken happiness running through him because now he gets to be this happy with his s/o the rest of his life
Go! - Optional Bias Fluff Drabble

this is rlly short & kinda sucks, but just something to remind you i’m not dead

prompt: you wake him up to go catch some Pokemon

He groans, opening one of his eyes before closing it back up again

“Please, wake up, for me?” You pout, but he can’t even see you to feel bad.

You tap his chest another time and he makes another incoherent sound.

“It’s late, we should sleep.”
“I haven’t caught one all day and you’ve been gone all day, we could spend time together and I could raise a level.”

“I’d rather spend time with you on this bed.”

“Don’t be nasty.”

He opens both eyes, “I wasn’t, but we could do those kind of things, too.”
“Get up!” You sigh in frustration as you move closer, straddling his torso as you stare at him.

“So my options are; go Pokemon hunting or lose my oxygen supply from your thighs?”


“Eh,” He sighs as he thinks, “I don’t mind going out like that.” He closes his eyes again, and you whine.

He pushes you backwards before sitting up, dismissing his comment as a joke as he laughs at you.
“I’ll go, but only because I know you’ll go by yourself if I don’t.”
“Aw, are you concerned about me?” You mock and he doesn’t answer, pressing a kiss to your lips before moving you completely off to get dressed.

You go downstairs to wait and he shows up minutes later, hair covered with a black cap and a black face mask that covers half his face to match.

“Is that necessary?” He raises an eyebrow at your outfit.

“Yes.” You counter. “I could probably catch a bunch of fairy types looking this cute.”

He rolls his eyes turning to his phone, but you can his eyes crinkling because of his smile hidden by the mask.

“Stop being so moody, I can go by myself, you know.” You scold.

He instantly picks his head back up, squinting at you, “It’s 10 at night, you’re not going anywhere by yourself.”

“Then can we go now?” You ask.

He takes one of your hands and heads towards the door, you hear him sigh in frustration, but you also feel him massaging your hand with his thumb, which lets you know he isn’t as annoyed as he’s trying to seem.

“I can’t believe you wake me up from my sleep to go catch some Pokemon.” He mutters as he locks the door, turning to you as soon as it locks.

You ignore him, opening the app on your phone and watching your character to see if there are any Pokemon around.

“I think we need to walk some more before they start to pop up.”

You continue ignoring him as your phone vibrates, and instantly you see an Eevee pop up.

“Yeah, okay.” You say sarcastically.

You tap her eagerly, finding her sitting on top of your car, before catching her with ease.

“Impressive.” He nods at you.

“Thank you.” You wink.

“If we’re gonna walk, we should walk to the street food mart, I’m hungry.”

You had caught 12 now; 7 normal types, 2 fairy, 1 psychic, and 2 ghost types.

“Are you satisfied?” He smirks at you from across the table.

It was almost 12, but many street food vendors were still open, so you had occupied a table near one of the stands and were currently chewing on some spicy kimchi dumplings.

“Yeah…” You muttered.

“So we can finally go home?” He sighs, yawning after his question.

“Don’t act like you didn’t have fun.” You point a finger at him and he looks at it, amused.

“You don’t seem to understand relationships, see; to make your significant other happy, you often do things with them you don’t particularly like.”

“Oh, okay Mr. “Did you get him? Get him, he’s right there.” also known as, Mr.Took-My-Phone-Multiple-Times-Because-He-Wanted-To-Play-It-Himself.”

He seemed unenthusiastic at first, but he couldn’t be grouchy for long as your cheerfulness only brought his mood up. 

He smiled every time you yelled in triumph after catching one, and even though he wouldn’t tell you, he only feigned interest in the game those times you brought up so you wouldn’t feel bad.

He grins, turning away to look at his lamb skewers.

“You had fun, don’t lie.” You add on.
“I had fun because I was with you.” He answers truthfully, looking back up, “If the game didn’t exist, there’d be no difference.”

“Don’t be so corny.” You roll your eyes looking away as he laughs.

“But, really, I’m very tired, can we please go home?” He rubs one of his eyes.

“Sure.” You stand.

You tug at his right arm so he stands as well, and he wraps the same arm around your waist.

He presses his lips to your left temple and sighs, muttering something you’re not listening to as you begin your walk home.

was that cute enough? idk, but i’ve been pokemon go since it came out a week ago, and i love it, okay? i’m obsessed,

who’d you imagine? i was thinking of kyungsoo/jaebum when i wrote this, but anyways,

thanks for reading~

dating calum

- shit ton of makeout sessions
- “babe can we get another dog?”
- “we just got one oh my god”
- him intertwining your hands together when you go out
- lots of lazy days
- netflix and chill ;-)
- you pinching his cheeks
- “sTop it”
- “i’m sorry you’re too squishy”
- him begging you to come to the gym with him just to take pictures of him
- “oh hell no, what do you think i am, your photographer?”
- “cmon”
- “no”
- you two would probably play fight ((either verbally or physically))
- “calum thomas hood, give me back my bra”
- “you look better without it so nO”
- you complimenting him as he blushes
- him giving you hugs here and there
- kisses kisses
- you two dancing to ‘work’ and filming it
- him making funny faces and corny jokes and even dancing weirdly just to make you laugh or smile bc you had a bad day aW
- “i love you”
- “more than you love your dogs?”
- “idk about that hm”
- “wHat”
- “kidding, i love you more than my dogs”
- laying down beside eachother on your phones, and just enjoying the silence
- the boys complaining whenever you two kiss

clairestokes252  asked:

Can you do Seventeen's reaction them realising that they are in love with their best friend please

OMG YAY MY FIRST REQUEST FOR A REACTION POST!!!! I didn’t really know if you meant like, how the would act towards you, or how their immediate “OMG I LIKE HER” reaction would be so I did a how they would act towards you type of scenario, I also added a ‘how they would confess’ in there as well because idk, these boys would all be so cute and cheesy while confessing. (Sorry I didn’t really know how they would act differently towards a regular friend and a best friend so it might seem like they’re just normal friends)

When they figure out that they’re in love with their best friend:


He’d be totally cool with it. Probably would be the least awkward. He’d try to get a lot closer (bc this boy is all about skin-ship). His aegyo will appear so much, because when he’s flustered I imagine that he resorts to aegyo. I think rather than worrying about ruining a friendship he’d be super happy, he would already know all there is to know about you, and he’d know how to handle you and what you like. Dating you in his mind would just add to the fun you guys would be able to have. Seungcheol, I think, is the type to ask you out after taking you to a bbq restaurant and enjoying a really good meal with you. When you’re both stuffed and feeling kinda warm and fuzzy (that feeling after eating a good big meal), he’ll feel so right and happy that it’ll just naturally come out.


Junghan would be a little awkward after realizing. He’d try to act casual and normal, but you’ll do something every once in a while, like jokingly holding his hand or lightly slapping his arm and he’ll freeze up. But nothing much would change because he’s worried that you might not like him back. You’d probably have to be more straight forward about your own emotions if you want him to ask you out. His urge to take care of you and baby you would also raise a lot, he’d blow on your food, and hug you more often, and buy you little toys. Basically a very lovable older brother type of guy. He’d probably ask you out after taking you to an arcade and winning you a big stuffed animal (aw).


Oh boy, this poor child would be so awkward every time he sees you. He’d try not to make it obvious, but that would make it more obvious. Like I swear, he’d avoid you at some point because at least that way he wouldn’t be embarrassing himself. All the other members are gonna realize it too because he’s so damn obvious. I picture this guy to be a lot more calm over texts though, so when you need someone to talk to late at night, he’s your guy. He’ll be a lot more chill and not as anxious over text. So get ready for a butt load of messages from this sweetheart. He’s always gonna be checking in, sending you pictures to make you laugh, and talking to you about all your favorite subjects to make up for the time he missed not being able to talk to you face to face. He’ll probably ask you out over text, after not being able to keep his feelings from you anymore (plus he was sick of having to communicate without seeing your face). He’d probably be the most extra about liking you though, just not to you, to everyone else, the members would hate him. (Josh is my #1 bias so I think I might just be super biased towards him)


Jun is a literal grease ball, he don’t care whether you’re best friends, he’s gonna get all up in that. Seriously, he’s gonna be so flirty it hurts. He’ll touch you more; small things like tickling your stomach, holding your hand while you guys talk (bc that’s not a big deal), or like putting his arm around your shoulder when you’re walking together. Anything he can do to give you the feel that he likes you. You’re not gonna be able to tell if it’s just a joke when he says he loves you because he’s flirty by nature. He’ll make his confession short and to the point, although you won’t believe it at first. The awkwardness that’ll linger after the silence of his confession will tell you that this is in fact not a joke and he’s being serious.


Hoshi is so lovable and cute. He’s a little squish. You guys hang out all the time, and he’s pretty much gonna act the same. But you know that face he makes on stage sometimes, that super cool, sexy face that he makes when he’s serious? Yeah, sometimes when you aren’t looking he’ll look at you like that. Or he’ll look at you with this soft, warm, sweet expression because he’s so happy that you guys get to hang out like this. He couldn’t ask for more really. He won’t want to confess to you because what if it ruins the moments you guys have? Although he’ll pretty much be the same sweet and funny Hoshi, he’ll be much more romantic. He’ll sing for you more often, dance with you, lay in your lap; all things that are still okay for a close friend to do, but he’s afraid to go beyond that. I think for Hoshi, you’d have to be the first to make a move, because he’d be too scared. when you guys do start going out it’ll be so much fun.


You guys are best friends that don’t need much words to fill your time together. Just looks and chuckles, slight grins or upward glances at each other are enough to enjoy silence together. When he realizes his feelings, he’s probably the one will change outwardly the most. He’ll smile bigger, laugh louder, talk more. Basically everything he usually does times 10. He’ll always be excited when you guys make plans, and try to keep his schedule open whenever he can. He’ll joke more with you, and the time that was usually so quiet and unfilled will now be filled with his corny jokes and your uncontrollable laughter. You both will see new sides to each other that you didn’t know existed, and it’s not a bad thing.He’ll want to confess to you in a very cheesy way, but also make it heartfelt, and unforgettable. I think he’ll do something like give you a book on your birthday and the book mark will be a little note with the question will you go out with me.


Okay, he’s probably super inexperienced with love so let me just say, he’ll be so flustered all the f**king time. I’m all for red faced Woozi choking up whenever you say his name or graze his hand. He’ll put his fluster and angst into his work so he’ll probably be too overworked to see you. He’ll try his best to stay collected but we all know that doesn’t last long, after a couple minutes of hanging out with you he’ll burn up and become a mess of hand cringing and flushed cheeks. I’d expect his Busan accent to come out every once in a while when he speaks to you. He’ll spend more time writing songs for you, and playing guitar for you, and basically just being a genuine sweet heart. I think he’d confess through song too, like probably write you a really cheesy love song and then at the end ask you out.


Okay this boy is the most bright ball of sunshine I’ve ever seen. He’s so sweet and caring, but i bet when he realizes he likes you he’s just gonna become even brighter. Like, he’s already super bright and happy, but whenever you come around it’s gonna be just, blinding, y’all have to wear sunglasses bc this boy is gonna be smily so wide. I s2g. He’s just. This really, sweet, lovable dork. He’s gonna do whatever it takes at any time anywhere to make you happy. That’s just how he is. He’ll love hearing you laugh, now it’ll be like the most beautiful music to his ears, and every time you smile puts a smile on his face. He’ll probably confess in a body gag kinda way, because even when confessing he just wants to make you smile.


Mingyu would become way too touchy with you once he realizes his feelings, like I don’t think this boy would get the line between best friends and being a couple. “What do you mean I shouldn’t be cuddling with y/n?” He’s a giant puppy, so every moment he spends with you will probably make him super hyper/excited. He’ll be smiling nonstop and be super sweet. Also the most loyal “friend” you could ever have. He’ll also try to show you how great a boyfriend he’d be, he’d cook for you, and help you reach high things, and piggy back you, and carry you and hug you and just- idk man. He’d confess after watching you eat one of the meals he cooked you, firstly joking that he’d make a great boyfriend, and when you agree he’d be like, then you should go out with me ;)  (im sorry he’s also one of my biases)


Minghao, would all of a sudden, act super strong and manly. I mean I know he already is #thughao for life, but like. He’d try to be super tough in situations where it’s not needed. Like, “Minghao, come watch this with me” “Sorry y/n, I don’t care for cute things like that” “TF u talking bout you loser you were crying over a puppy just yesterday.” Like seriously, he’d try so hard to show you how manly he can be and it’d just backfire on him constantly. After a while you’d ask him what’s up because “why do you keep denying to watch zootopia with me you ass I’ve bought the DVD bc you wanted to watch this.” And he’d tell you that he just wants you to see his manly side because he likes you and you’d just be like, aw. Because you know he’s manly and cool already, there’s no need for him to over exert his manliness. He still gonna tho.


THiS DivA. I swear. He’d be all up in your face. I think he’s the type, that when he likes someone, he’ll act more hostile towards them, just to hide the fact that he likes them. He’ll start bickering with you for the smallest things, and just overall be dramatic when you do ANYTHING. But when it really matters he will definitely melt into the sweet jeju boy his mother raised him to be. He’ll also get noticeably louder every time you pass by. He’ll hide his crush only to have vernon “accidentally” spill the beans. 


How will this poor meme be able to function. He’ll probably take all the quizzes on the internet on “how to tell if your best friend likes you” and will probably search on wikihow how to flirt. He’s just gonna be a mess. When you try talk to him he’ll break into a sweat and get really flustered. When you offer to eat out with him he’s gonna get ahead of himself and dress in a suit or something only to find out you meant Mcdonalds. Like someone help this boy. Anyways he’ll be awkward, and always red, he’ll try to be sweggy and show off how cool he can be but at the end of the day embarrass himself somehow. I think he’ll send you like a snapchat of himself with a heart, asking you to go out with him at the end of it all. He’ll think he’s being cute and unique but you’ll have to ask him to resend the photo because you accidentally double tapped and the picture disappeared lol.


He’s a baby. First thing he’s gonna do is go to his hyungs and ask for advice, then immediately regret doing that because they’re gonna tease him about it. “OMG YOU LIKE Y/N????” like please let him live. He’ll try to figure it out on his own, and will probably be the best at hiding his crush. He’ll act pretty normal around you, but you’ll notice the way he looks at you is different. It’s more serious, and strangely attractive. You won’t tell him that though. He’ll worry about how to confess for a while, but in the end come up with something sweet. He’ll get you something you said you wanted a week ago, write a card or a stickie, and then wait at your doorstep. He’s that kind of sweet and innocent boy.

Thank you for asking for this!! It was my first reaction post so I hope i did well!! (although in my opinion its not one of my best)