and is bc his jokes are so corny they make you laugh

Namjoon as your Boyfriend

A/N: Thank you anonymous for my first request ever! Love you lots and here’s your request! Hope you like it!

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•listening to his corny jokes all the time
•you laughing with him even though it’s not actually funny
•him stealing some of your clothing to make a new fashion statement
•you taking his outfit of the day pics for him
•him randomly spitting out random information that you didn’t know bc he’s a genius
•you accidentally breaking something
•him looking at you and shrugging his shoulders bc let’s be real he’s 10x worse
•him letting you listen to new verses/songs that no one has heard yet
•random rap battles between you two
•him constantly calling you “baby” with his deep voice oh god
•him not getting enough attention from you so he pulls you onto his lap and kisses you all over the face
•you ending up staying in his lap the rest of the night
•you two have deep, intellectual pillow talks 
•you eventually falling asleep in the crook of his neck
•him carrying you to bed and watching you sleep while stroking your hair until he falls asleep too