and is bc his jokes are so corny they make you laugh

Shiro/Lance interactions I’d like to see in future seasons:
  • Shiro laughing at one of Lance’s bad jokes/pick-up lines before he can catch himself (preferably while Keith is present, so he can shoot him a “I’m so disappointed in you” look ;p).
  • Shiro telling Lance a corny joke of his own, completely deadpan. Lance just stares at him for a moment before going, “Did you just make a joke?” and positively beaming.
  • Lance calling Shiro out on his tendency to internalize his pain and isolate himself rather than talking about it – “Just because you’re our leader doesn’t mean you don’t need help sometimes.”
  • Shiro realizing that Lance recognized this tendency bc he deals with his negative emotions in a similar fashion (seriously, this is one of the biggest things they have in common imo – we see it with Lance when he runs off to cry alone after getting homesick, and with Shiro when he waits for everyone to leave before letting out his frustration at Sendak).
  • Shiro and Lance bonding over the fact they were both international (or first-gen?) members of the Galaxy Garrison.
  • A scene where Lance tells Shiro he’s his hero.
  • Shiro getting to see more of Lance’s serious side.
  • Shiro accidentally revealing his dorky/less serious side one day and Lance being absolutely delighted (totes inspired by Josh Keaton saying Shiro likes memes but would never tell Lance).
  • Like just imagine Shiro delivering a very poignant speech before a battle one day, and when it cuts to everyone else’s faces they’re all smiling softly, looking inspired….except for Lance, who’s grinning like his birthday just came early. “Dude did you just quote [Generic Cheesy Sci-Fi Action Film]?! My favorite movie of all time?!”
  • More of these fond looks from Shiro when Lance is goofing around:

Originally posted by xiuhun

  • hahahah fuk
  • OKAY first of all, lemme set the mood
  • so you first met dean because you auditioned to be the lead in a music video for him
  • the concept was pretty cool, and you’re a convincing enough actor so you get the part right off the bat
  • (you don’t know that dean actually picked you bc he saw your audition video and couldn’t stop thinking about you for the next twenty four hours)
  • so you get to the set, go through hair and makeup and you’re all done up, waiting to be told what to do
  • you haven’t actually met dean yet but you’re not too nervous bc honestly its just a video, you and him probably won’t even be that intimate (lmao)
  • so he walks into the room with the director of the video and almost immediately his cheeks go bright red
  • he’s stuttering as he introduces himself “I’m dean hyuk- I mean kwon dean- i mean… ugh” 
  • he’s just so cute!!! wow!!!
  • you end up giggling at him and he smiles a lil, at least glad you aren’t like disgusted by how shy he is
  • you two exchange pleasantries and the director begins explaining the plot he’s got and what he wants you two to do
  • the video actually requires a LOT of skinship tho… like a lot
  • if dean already wasn’t about to explode of awkwardness he is now
  • you too, are kind of nervous
  • but dean really looks like he sweatin damn
  • so you decide to crack a few cheesy jokes to ease the mood
  • (I’m stealing this corny joke from a site) “why did Beethoven get rid of his  chickens? because they kept saying ‘bach-bach-bach’” 
  • he actually laughs so hard he snorts and suddenly the mood is ruined for the director but its so much lighter between the two of you
  • you keep cracking jokes every time he starts looking worried again, and he’s actually thankful, giggling into your neck for one scene and biting his lip in another
  • the director wants to kill y'all 
  • but the video ends up perfect and dean kinda fell in love at first sight with you
  • he ends up asking you more confidently out to dinner, and you two hit it off
  • early in the relationship, he’s not super into pda
  • like he’ll maybe touch your lower back while you’re walking or kiss your cheek when no one is looking, but later down the road he’s so damn affectionate you almost wanna fight him
  • always singing
  • in the shower
  • while he’s cooking
  • in the car
  • look,,, this kid is so fucking annoying bc his voice is actually good
  • like you’re just innocently enjoying a song on the radio and dean has to pull out some extra ass riffs and high notes and basically out sings every song you put on
  • one time you tried to listen to beyonce in the car and he was about to attempt her high notes in love on top and you just. reached over and grabbed his tongue
  • like just deadass grabbed his tongue
  • he looked at you mortified and you were like “enough
  • but you enjoy his singing when you’re sleeping, especially when he’s singing about how much he loves you
  • wakes you up by singing super loud in the shower every saturday morning
  • *him, singing super loudly and purposefully off key* “I looOOOOOOOOOoooooOOOVe my baby-”
  • *you, half asleep in bed, tempted to finish him off once and for all* SHUT UP
  • he dances like a dad ok
  • y'all go to the club and you’re actually just so embarrassed bc he just… like he just sways his hips with a beer in his hand and attempts some form of a movement with his arms
  • its ok you don’t like him for his dance moves
  • always kissing your neck
  • loves biting you
  • kisses the back of your hand while he’s driving and nips your fingertips
  • when y'all are in bed he’s like biting into your neck and growling bc he literally can’t hold back you make him unravel so easily and haha… dam
  • obsessed with your body and pleasuring you
  • will go down on you for hours bc he just loves it, loves the sight of you when he does
  • always has to be touching you
  • has a hand on your thigh, not even sexually like he just likes touching your thighs cause theyre warm and soft
  • actually takes naps on you a lot
  • he’ll splay out on you while you’re laid on the couch and he’ll nestle his face into your neck and wrap his arms around you before clocking out
  • its cute the first few times but its not so cute when you gotta pee
  • “baby… baby please I gotta pee and you’re crushing my bladder”
  • “hmm… no… no thanks”
  • you’ve got to beat him on the back before he releases you
  • you read him zodiac memes a lot and whenever you get to scorpio he just rolls his eyes so hard cause most are so cliche (if you’re a scorpio you two just roll your eyes together lmao)
  • your birthday is his favorite day of the year
  • he’ll wake you up with kisses, make you breakfast in bed, and then will force you out of the house for the rest of the day bc he’s planned a surprise party for you
  • does not understand personal space
  • you know that tweet thats like “*pulls curtain back while wife is in the shower* me: Are we - stop screaming, it’s just me- are we out of Cheetos?”
  • thats dean
  • you’re like shitting on the toilet and he walks in like “yo that stinks, anyway I’m taking the dog for a walk to the store do you want something”
  • you throw a roll of toilet paper at him and he’s like lol why you throwing that you’re gonna need it judging by the smell
  • probably proposes to you while you’re half asleep, tucked under his arm while you watch a movie
  • he just slips out an expensive ring, smiles as your tired eyes widen, and then chuckles, “i guess this means you really are wifey now, huh?” 
  • dean is basically just such a good bf and loves you a lot and can’t get enough, lucky you
EXO Reaction #2

Request: “…EXO reaction to you having a bad day and needing to be cuddled…”


(my exo reactions low key suck but hang with me here)

okay, so does each individual letter in exo stand for something orr??

Xiumin: He’d be a shy lil bean about it at first. He’d kinda just be circling around you for a bit. He had noticed that you had a bad day because of the way you were acting. Not wanting to ask you about it he’d take precaution with his words, careful not to trigger you. He came up behind you and gave you a back hug. He pulled you as close as possible to him and whispered sweet nothings into your ear. You’d soon both sit down on the couch and cuddle til your lives desires.

“Just forget about it, princess. I’m here now”

Originally posted by dailyexo

Suho: He would walk through the bedroom door and see you curled up in a ball in your shared bed. Right away he knew that something wasn’t right. Your quiet sniffles was perceived as he stepped closer to the bed. His eyes widened with immediate concern. He lays down beside you and wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. He’ll try to cheer you up by telling you some of his corny dad jokes. Sooner or later he figured out that his puns weren’t working very well. He cuddled up with you in comfortable silence, but not before trying one more time.

“How do angels say hello?…..halo”

Originally posted by daenso

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fam(ily) - epilogue | pkjm

parent!au: park jimin
A single father of twins show you the true meaning of family and what it takes to love like a parent, even if they aren’t your own.
word count: 1,241
genre: fluff (hopefully) ??  

one | two | three | four | five | the end | epilogue

[A/N]: this epilogue is completely optional to read, if you liked how things ended previous, you don’t have to read this part. but after much consideration, i have decided to write an epilogue bc yall deserve it honestly i love u guys ((: and you guys really wanted one so why not 

Originally posted by jiyoongis

                         Five Years Later; Christmas Day

“How was the dinner?” You asked Kim as she settled in the spot next to you on the couch. 

“Delicious, when did you learn how to cook? I’ve known you for my entire life and all you knew how to make were eggs.” Kim smiled as she sipped her mug filled with warm eggnog. 

Your uncle lightly patted your head and joined the conversation, “Kim’s right. I remember when you came over that one time and you almost burned my house down. You and little Kimmy never set foot in the kitchen ever again.”

“Dad, we were trying to make you breakfast.” Kim laughed and made room for her father to sit down. He looked better everyday and you were so happy that you were able to fly him down to spend Christmas together.

Scanning the room, you saw all your closest friends and family chatting among themselves. Jimin’s relatives and coworkers were all mingaling as well. It was an image you wanted to remember forever. It was happiness. “Jimin did most of the cooking. I didn’t trust myself that much.”

Jimin caught your eyes from across the room. He stood next to Jungkook and smiled. His eyes ducked down to the ground shyly, but quickly back up to look at you. His head motioned to your shared bedroom and you excused yourself to follow him.

“I know we said we wouldn’t get each other something, but I couldn’t help myself.” Jimin was shuffling through the closet and pulled out a neatly wrapped box. A big mischievous grin appeared when you unraveled the present. 

“Now I feel bad because I really didn’t get you anything.” You sighed, anticipation and guilt raising. 

His strong arms wrapped around your waist and he kissed your temple. “Don’t feel bad. I was the one who broke the deal. It’s also not even that big of a gift.”

Inside revealed a coffee mug with large font printed on the side. 

#1 MOM 

“It’s to match my corny cup.” He mumbled into your ear. It was a big deal. Even though the girls addressed you as their mother, it wasn’t real. It was a title you still couldn’t fit. You loved Minseo and Minjoo with your entire heart, but the elephant in the room didn’t allow for comfort. You loved them with a heavy heart.

“Jimin, I can’t accept this. I’m not —”

“Dad! Mom!” Minseo’s voice caught your attentions. Turning around in your husband’s arms, you saw soft eyes staring back at you and a sweet smile resting on his face. 

“You will be soon.” He rushed you out and a spot was left for you on the couch. Minjoo and Minseo stood in front of it. Everyone was gathered, waiting for something. They watched as Jimin lead you to sit down. The silence was killing you.

“What’s going on?” The atmosphere was unsettling. It felt like everyone was hiding a secret from you.

The girls shared a piece of paper, a jittery grin before them. Minseo cleared her throat and her eyes darted around the crowded room. “First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone.”

“We’re gathered at this important moment because we, Minseo and I, have something we need to give Ms. (Y/N).” You were never strict to enforce the mom title. It was okay for them to call you by your name because it made events easier to transition. 

“You two got me a Christmas present? Why are you guys and your father so much alike?” You joked and laughter filled the living room. Jimin stood at the side, watching the scene unfold. He was rocking left to right, like he couldn’t wait for the reveal.

“For the past five years, you’ve been in our lives, helping us every step of the way. You showed us compassion and love. The past five years, you’ve selflessly given your everything for our family. You let me cry horrendously on your shoulder when I was six about not having a mom.” Minjoo was tearing up, her voice breaking between sentences.

“You took care of us, silly girls, when you didn’t need to. We are more than grateful for that. We are grateful that you were able to be someone who we were missing. You became our mom, unofficially. I still remember the moment we saw you after a month. You came back and you stayed.” Minseo wiped the small droplets from her cheeks.

Their kind words caused practically every friend and family member to tear up. Your watery eyes looked over to see Jimin with wet cheeks, staring at his baby girls giving such a heartwarming speech.

“We know we’re sometimes a handful. We misbehave, but not for one second did you stop loving us. You’re our hero. Minseo, Dad, and I have been saved by this incredibly strong woman. We went from a family of three to a family of four because you wanted us. Sissy and I took a pledge on your wedding day that we would be the best daughters to you because you were the best to us.” 

“Not everyone would take this responsibility, especially after knowing the truth about our past. However, you didn’t flinch or have a doubt in your mind when Dad told you. You held us in your arms that night and told us that even though none of us were related, we were a family. It was love that bonded us, not blood. I will never love anyone as much as I love you and Dad. We cannot be more thankful for you and Dad.” Kim’s hand rested on your thigh, and you peered over at the mascara running under her eyes. 

“Dad raised us alone for six years when we weren’t even his and I didn’t think there was anyone stronger than him. You proved me wrong. You didn’t even know Stacey, our birth mother, but you still tried your best to fill in her shoes. I repeat the same thing I said to you five years ago because it still represents how I feel to this day. If I were to have a mom, I’d wish it was you.” Minjoo handed the paper over to her sister as she reached underneath the coffee table for a box.

“So, finally, we present to you our Christmas present.” Your wet hands accepted the box and everyone started to crowd in closer to get a peek. Your heart sat in your throat, and your eyes flowed with more tears. 

As you got closer and closer to the surprise, Minseo and Minjoo said in unison, “Merry Christmas, Mom. Will you officially be ours?

Blinking, you couldn’t believe what was before you. Adoption papers. An uncontrollable feeling tugged down at your heart, releasing it back into your chest. Hurrying up, you ran to hug your beautiful daughters.

“A million times yes.” You sobbed and applause broke out. Jimin kissed the tops of their heads, and embraced you with all his strength.    

You finally felt worthy of being their mother. For the past five years, the once foreign feeling became familiar. It was something you felt every passing day. It was going to be a feeling you were going to feel for the rest of your life. 

“I love our family.” You whispered confidently to the small family in your arms.

Minjoo, Minseo, and Jimin exchanged glances and shared their signature smiles. “We love you, Mom.” That was when it felt real.

[a/n]: im not exactly sure how i feel abt the epilogue, it feels lw shitty ))): but thank you to everyone for reading and supporting me every step of the way !!!

know who you are

pairing: Bucky x Reader

summary: The mission was supposed to be simple; in and out, no problem. Hydra ambushing the building you and Bucky were supposed to infiltrate was definitely not part of the plan, and neither was the Winter Solider showing up, leaving you unprepared and unknowing how to reverse it.

warnings: winter solider!bucky , a lil angst 

word count: 788

also on AO3

When you were first recruited for the Avengers, you hadn’t expected to have such powerful bonds with the whole team. Especially with a certain Bucky Barnes. Of course, at first, you were hesitant. you had heard the horrifying stories about the Winter Solider. After a year of late night movie sessions and countless early morning cooking lessons, you and Bucky had a best friendship that anyone and everyone would be envious of.

You loved him. Not just a friend love, but a “I really love your face, let me make out with it” love. An “I want to spend each and every day with you because I could never get bored with you” kind of love. You kept it to yourself though, but it was very obvious to everyone who saw you and Bucky together. Well, it was obvious to everyone except Bucky himself, of course.

Fury had called a meeting and issued a mission that was to be done on the same day, seeing as it wouldn’t take very long. There had been a dozen distress calls coming from an abandoned building in a secluded area in Russia where terrorists were known to hide out. Fury had already picked the small team going on this short op: you and Bucky.

It was supposed to be a simple, in and out mission. Figure out where the signals came from, kick some ass, save some people, then leave. Yet, that didn’t happen.

Hydra had been hiding out in the building, waiting for you and your team to arrive. Not expecting such a fight, you and Bucky were ripped from each other in a matter of ten minutes.

                               I have crossed the horizon to find you.


                                              I know your name.

Seemingly days had passed, but it was actually ten hours, when you saw Bucky again. “Bucky, oh god, are you okay?” you cried while running to him. His face was stone cold. Still and calculating, he watched you with dead eyes. “Bucky?” you reached a shaky hand to caress his face, his metal arm immediately catching it and twisting it, your face contorting in red hot pain.

“He’s not your Bucky anymore, princess,” said one of the Hydra agents. Realization quickly smacked you hard; this wasn’t Bucky. this was the Winter Solider.

“End her.”

In a second, you were up against the cold, stone wall with Bucky’s the Winter Solider’s metal arm around your throat. “I won’t fight you, this isn’t you Buck.”

His eyes caught your’s, flashing with confusion.

                           They have stolen the heart from inside you,


                                       But this does not define you.

Hydra had done this to him. Again. they had taken the good, honest man Bucky was and forced him to become something he wasn’t. It made your blood ice cold with rage.

“I said: End. Her,” the Hydra agent was getting impatient.

The confusion in the solider’s eyes and the hope in your’s quickly faded. A harsh punch was delivered at your gut, knocking the breath you’d been holding in out of you.

“Bucky, please.”

“This isn’t you!”

“Come back to me.”

After every request you cried out, the hits became harder. Yet, you knew, deep down, the man you loved was in there, so you kept trying. And he kept striking.

                                          This is not who you are,

Memories from the past year flooded your brain, trying to get you to forget the pain. Bucky’s laugh, his corny jokes he would only share with you, his love for Steve. Tears bubbled up in your eyes along with a sob cracking through your throat, causing the solider to stop his attack.

Something stopped him. Was it you?

“Keep going, Soldat!”

The solider slowly back away an inch, gazing at you with confusion and a little glimpse of recognition.

                                          You know who you are.

The hope you had felt before came flooding back. You knew Bucky was near, you just needed something to lure him out. You had to think quick, not knowing when the solider would strike again.

Your hand suddenly captured his face, your lips softly pushing themselves to his. You had wanted this for so long, just not under these circumstances of course.

Bucky’s lips slowly starting moving, causing you to let out a squeal of joy.

“Soldat!” You reached for the gun in Bucky’s holster and fired a shot, ending the life of that annoying agent.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m so so sorry-”

“It wasn’t you Bucky,” tears were streaming down your face as you hugged his giant body to yours tightly; him gripping you just as passionately.

“C’mon, we got a mission to complete. Then let’s go home.” 

You had gotten him back.

You had helped him realize who he truly was.

if you guys like this i might continue it or do a little back story and make it a series to go more in depth with it ; just let me know !

on AO3, it was only lowercase and i added a few more things to it to post on here so that’s why they look a lil different

high school au! ong  seongwoo

summary: ong is the president of your school’s drama club
genre: fluff
a/n: please tell me what you think!!! and thank you for reading heh

  • ong is super popular in your school like almost everyone knows him 
  • and being the president of your school’s drama club is only part of the reason why
  • he’s very well known for being very warm and welcoming to everyone without bias, and he never fails to bring up the mood and make people laugh
  • unlike the other popular kids, it’s obvious that ong is actually genuinely nice and that he sincerely likes the people around him so it’s amazing
  • anyways so about the drama club
  • you decided to join the drama club this year because you used to dabble in theatre a while back, and your school’s drama club was known for being really bonded and fun
  • and you thought it would be fun to join even if just for the experience
  • during your first few sessions with the club, you already knew that you had made the right choice because everyone was being super friendly and welcoming towards you 
  • true to the stereotype, everyone was extremely loud and energetic all the time and you loved the atmosphere so much
  • the first time you got properly introduced to ong was at the end of the first session
  • usually theatre kids do this thing at the end of each rehearsal/session where they sit together and kind of just talk as a form of debrief
  • it didn’t necessarily have to be related to the day of rehearsal, it could be about anything anyone had in mind
  • just because shows are usually a lot better when the cast members themselves have good synergy offstage
  • so during that debrief session on the first day, ong introduced himself as the president to those of you newcomers 
  • you had a good impression of him right away because he seemed so nice and he made it clear that anyone could approach him about any problem at any time and he would be there to talk to you about it
  • and you were like damn. thats nice
  • anyways club dinners were when you got the chance to actually become close to him
  • usually when rehearsals ended it was already super late and yall were starving + dinners together as a club is a good way to bond
  • it just so happened that for the first dinner both of you ended up sitting next to each other 
  • and damn. you guys hit it off right away
  • like ong was thinking who is this person who makes so many lame jokes
  • and you were thinking why is this boy always tryna get attention (you could relate)
  • when both of you simultaneously dipped your fries into your ice cream it was decided for real
  • “aren’t we soulmates??1?!”
  • “yup. no other explanation”
  • that’s how it all started. from then on you guys just got closer and closer
  • even on days when you guys weren’t having club dinners both of you would go out on your own for dinner or snacks
  • for warmups and stuff if y’all were trying out some whacky new activity (as theatre kids do) then ong would call you up to come and demonstrate it with him to the rest of the club
  • sometimes he would ask you about his president stuff like 
  • “y/n, do you think our club would appreciate getting matching socks
  • “should i ask the school to paint our room a darker shade of black or is this shade of black good enough” (because drama rooms are all black on the inside in case you’re confused dksjds)
  • weird stuff like that and he could always trust you to be as excited as him about this kinda stuff

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An ambitious performer who, so far, has made the right moves in order to make his dreams come true.

Being the main choreographer and leader of an unit sounds like an exhausting combination, specially when those two things involve leading twelve people to pull many different choreographies that will be seen by everyone around the world; but despite the huge responsibility those two titles have, you’ve carry them all perfectly to the point of receiving lots of praise both from outsiders who see the value of your work and from the industry itself, who even rewarded you and your members’ efforts with a World Performer Award which was widely acknowledged by your own group members as a major prop of yours. Plus, all this previously mentioned is topped with your joyful personality and your contagious laugh, always accompanied with that bright smile of yours.

Happy Birthday Hoshi, may your many talents keep blooming as the time goes. Thank you for being a wonderful person who inspires both the people around you and Carats as well 🌟 #PRINCEHOSHIDAY #호시왕댯님_탄신일 입니다

Boyfriend Wonwoo headcanons (Seventeen)

requested by anon

  • this poor soft boy oml
  • wonwoo was one of your good friends
  • you had known each other for the longest
  • and in all that time that he had known you, he wasn’t sure exactly when he had developed feelings for you
  • but surprise! they were there and in full force any time he saw you
  • of course, he was extremely hesitant to tell you
  • he was terrified that you’d reject him and stop being his friend poor baby and he values you far too much to risk losing you
  • so he kept it bottled up
  • but secretly he’s completely whipped okay
  • so one day he invites you over to his house to watch some movies
  • now we all know this boy loves his scary movies, so he’d pop one into the dvd player and laugh every time you jumped/screamed
  • but what he didn’t expect was you clinging on to him for dear life
  • or how much he would dislike it when you let go after the movie ended
  • that would probably be what led him to tell you his feelings honestly
  • he confessed really simply
  • you were relaxing with him at a small cafe when he asked if he could say something very important
  • he’s a little flustered
  • he looks straight into your eyes the whole time
  • “Y/N, I’ve had feelings for you for a while in all honesty”
  • “I was scared I would lose you if I told you”
  • “but honestly I don’t think I can bottle it up anymore, it’s too much”
  • you were overjoyed to say the least
  • you had been waiting for him to ask you out for the longest time, dropping hints at every chance you got
  • and fiiiinnalllyyy he did and you two officially became a couple
  • it takes a while for his mind to fully transition from “best friend” to “person I’m in a relationship with”
  • but as soon as he’s comfortable, he’s fine
  • he especially likes hand holding or throwing an arm around your waist/shoulders because he likes having you close and showing you off to anyone around him
  • when he’s nervous, he automatically reaches for your hand and rubs circles into it with his thumb because having you next to him calms him
  • he’s honestly a super sweet, goofy bf
  • he loves making you smile and tells corny jokes 24/7 in hopes of hearing you laugh
  • probably the type to give you surprise gifts because he thought you would like it or he saw you looking at it in the store or it reminded him of you
  • he loves kissing you on the cheek because it’s simple but still affectionate
  • he’s completely head over heels for you
  • and he gets teased by the other members of seventeen for being so whipped
  • but all he does is smile and laugh bc at the end of the day, he’s just so happy he gets to be with you bc he loves you so much

anonymous asked:

I'd love to see some modern wesper headcanons 😉

oh my god Y E S

- jesper loves making playlists for wylan even though their taste in music is very different (wylan is more into instrumentals and jesper likes catchy, upbeat pop songs that may or may not have some hidden innuendo)
- he also gives them cute titles like “you better work wy!!” which is a car playlist to get wylan going in the morning or “let’s get it wy-on” which ofc is a sexy playlist and wylan gets extremely flustered everytime he sees it (either in one of his work folders or his ipod)
- while we’re on that topic, jesper LOVES to push wylan’s buttons and see him get 150% shades of bright pink
- wylan may be hella rich and everything but i’m ready to bet anything they still live in a small cozy flat and order takeout and drink root beer and cheap wine bc they know the true meaning of money and wy would NEVER let it go to his head like that
- jesper has THE BEST fashion sense… i’m talking reece king realness
- wylan takes after his adoptive father, kaz brekker, and runs his biological trashbag of a father’s, jojo van evil, business like a mothereffin BOSS (which he is but i mean like a pro)
- i have this very vivid image of them playing games on jesper’s playstation
- wylan’s a sore loser and jesper adores his pout more than anything in the entire world bc it makes him look so young and sweet and delicious and he loves to plant kisses on every pissed off wrinkle so in a nutshell wylan may not have won the game but his consolation prize is considerable and paid in full
- wylan used to be shy but now he struts in nothing but jesper’s baggy tshirts and smirks when he sees that flush creep up his gorgeous bf’s neck
- sometimes, when jesper’s gambling addiction gets really bad, wylan takes out a deck of cards his mother painted for him a few years ago - a different crow on the back of each card - and they play until sunrise while jesper’s playlists blast on volume in the background
- jesper orders a dozen of those corny couple tshirts and it starts off as an inside joke between them but people at wylan’s company swear they’ve seen him come to work in a tshirt that says JESPER FAHEY IS MY BOYFRIEND at least twice
- wylan may not be able to read but he LOVES to learn and explore new worlds so audible is the #1 app on his phone
- he listens to books EVERYWHERE  - on the train, in his car, while he makes his coffee in the morning
- sometimes, if the book is really really good and catches jesper’s fancy, he would either record himself reading it and upload the mp3 to wylan’s phone or just read it to him live which is even more fun bc he gets to hear wylan gasp and laugh at certain scenes
- and it makes his heart melt and wylan reddens again when he sees how jesper’s eyes shine for him but it’s okay bc they’re both secretly mushy and /not secretly/ super mega hella in love with each other
- wylan sings to jesper when he’s sick (or loads his favourite movies into one massive netflix playlist so he can entertain himself while he’s at work)
- they probably (definitely) get a dog. or two. or a dozen. wylan’s wary of cats bc some of them are a bit too independent and distant but then he finds a stray cat and immediately takes it in
- like he doesn’t even think about it, he just scoops up the poor rascal and takes it home for a bath and a nice meal… and next thing you know, wylan’s filling out pet passports and health cards
- jesper sends flowers to wylan’s mother every week in case her son is too busy and pays her visits (even on his own) every friday
- he reads her the same stories he reads to wylan at home so sometimes he comes back smiling and says to wylan “your mom recommends it too”
- for all of jesper’s endless, tireless flirting, they really like to just cuddle and lie pressed against each other for HOURS
- every once in a while wylan would unbutton his business shirtTM if it gets too hot in the office and there’d be a constellation of hickeys

Movies - OngNiel but mainly Niel Au (??)

- admin xion

Originally posted by kingdans

genre: fluff but with swearing and sexual jokes
member: ongniel is science
word count: 815
requested: yes
side notes: i tried to do 2 requested in one lol

requested by: anon

Hiii, can I please request a scenario where you and your friend go to the cinema to watch a horror movie and end up sitting next to scarred puppy Daniel who got dragged by his friends, and you don’t know him but he keeps clutching your arm bc he’s soooo scarred XD and then when the movie ends u forget your phone or something and he runs after u to return it 😁 I know you said no more Daniel scenarios for a while but me and my friend watched IT the other day and this is all I could think about…

Hi can I please get a scenario where you’re friends with some of the Wanna One members and you go over for a movie night where you meet Daniel/Seongwoo (whichever I don’t mind I feel like they both work for this) and you guys start flirting like crazy… like the rest of the members are basically sick bc of you guys. Please make it cute and cheesy <3

- time to kill two birds with one stone
- btw im writing this from my computer for the first time in forever
- lol
- watching some scary movie
- i personally hate scary movies but enough about me hah…
- you were with your friend
- lets call her
- jeenun
- and jeenun also brought some of her friends !!
- that just so happened to be all guys !!
- wow jeenun what are you doing on your days off?
- when lining up to buy your tickets, you eventually learned all of their names
in which was jisung, jihoon and woojin
- the three of them claimed how their going to meet two more of their friends in the theatre too in which you simply agreed too
- entering the theatre with a large bag of popcorn and a medium sized drink, you followed jeenun as she skipped onto a few seats near the middle row and middle seat
- everyone sat around her as you sat beside woojin
- there were 2 seats available beside you
- hAH
- as trailers played, suddenly, you noticed woojin looking around as he suddenly waves
- two tall men
- and
- handsome
- and sparkling
- coughs what
- they waved back as they approached the two seats available next to you
- “yo, seongwoo it’s a girl, don’t loose your shit,” you heard one mumble as seongwoo punched him in the stomach
- the other one laughs as they sat beside you and you all introduced yourselfs
- suddenly, wow although we’re in 2017, thE 50 SHADES OF GREY TRAILER GOES ON AS YOU BEGAN CHOKING ON YOUR POPCORN
- daniel and seongwoo beGAN WHEEZING as seongwoo sPAT OUT HIS DRINK
- “daniel look that’s you,” seongwoo teased as he pointed to the screen of the girl that’s being slowly stripped eyes emoji x2
- “does that make you the guy who’s taking off my clothes?” daniel asks back
- “…maybe,” seongwoo mumbles as began to lAUGH
- throughout the whole movie, you were just whispering to seongwoo and daniel
- when suddenly, you conversation became quiet and all of your focus was on the screen
- as for them, it was the same
- the hand slowly creeped up against the characters back as she turned around and bAM JUMPSCARE
- but he just didn’t throw it into the air
- he “somehow” threw it all onto seongwoo and you
- seongwoo smiled forcefully
- very forcefully
- lowkey you were eating the popcorn without giving a crap
- “well i guess i could say, things would be a lot butter if i didn’t do that,” daniel joked as he began to laugh
- you chuckled as seongwoo softened up a bit and cackled
- “i’m gonna pop and corny pun now,” seongwoo replied
- “are you soda? because i want to mountain dew you,” you added on as you rose an eyebrow
- “oh my fucking god, will you guys stop already?” jihoon said as he accidentally released a curse word
- “yOOOOO JIHOON’S SWEARING” seongwoo blurted very lOUDLY
- “shHHHHHHHHH” you all shushed seongwoo as he instantly made a mischievous smirk
- “my god, we’re gonna get kicked out i call it,” jisung whispered-
- you rolled your eyes when a bunch of screams was suddenly released
- you jumped a bit
- when suddenly you felt a strong cling onto your arm
- looking to the left of you, daniel was hiding behind your shoulder as his teeth clattered
- “you okay there buddy?” you asked as you leaned a bit closer towards him
- he flusteredly chuckled
- “sorta,” he replied
- he smirked as he released the tightness around your arm, but still kept his wrapped around yours
- woojin tapped your shoulder and offered you a twizzlers as you accepted and placed it into your mouth
- you glanced over at daniel whom look at you at the same time
- before you knew it, daniel leaned in closer and took a bit of your twizzler that was dangling from your mouth
- “tHE FUCK THAT WAS MY TWIZZLER” you yelled as you were shushed aggressively
- daniel laughed and smirk as he ate his portion of the twizzler happily
- the movie soon ended as you all eventually parted your ways
- exiting the movie theatre, you noticed you were missing something
- your p h o n e
- as you turned around, you notice a running figure coming towards you aS THAT FIGURE TURNED OUT TO BE DANIELLLLLL WOOOOOW
- he came up to you with your phone
- “idiotttt” he says as he breaths heavily, slightly smiling
- you smiled warmly as you retrieved your phone and thanked him
- he soon ran off as you turned on your phone and unlocked it
- it had no passcode
- your wallpaper was different
- it was of daniel and sEONGWOO MAKING FUNNY FACES
- you opened your recent apps and saw contacts as you notice the contact “daniel (;” with
- his number beside it
- “tHEFUCK-”

coffeeshop au! seventeen (vocal unit)

a/n: these are shorter than I usually write, but if you want a more detailed and a possible love interest for these boys with this au, please feel free to request! I have a general idea for woozi’s part 2, so please be on the look out for that! coffee shop au’s for the performance unit and hip hop units are on the way!!! :) 
reminder: request box is open!
also, the gif does not have the original poster (so pls if you are, then contact me, i’ll give you credit!)

pairing: none
genre: fluff
warning: none
others in the series: vocal unit, hip hop unit, performance unit


  • cashier jeonghan is secretly annoyed every time owner seungcheol comes through the doors
  • but is very friendly towards everyone else though
  • he wants the customers to have the best service
  • wanted to be one of the baristas but seungcheol was strongly against it
  • you can attract people with your face
  • is the unofficial manager of the coffeeshop bc seungcheol is literally never there
  • is literally done with everyone
  • just wants to go home
  • deals with everyone’s b s
  • is extra tired when soonyoung walks into the shop
  • i have to deal with this idiot again
  • the type of cashier who remembers the orders of regulars
  • when days are slow, he likes to sleep in the back room and makes jun cover for him
  • (which makes joshua happy because he can finally be behind the counter)
  • looks like he hates his job and doesn’t ever want to be here
  • but he really does love this job & his co workers and the regulars (& even soonyoung bc he doesn’t want to admit it, but soonyoung makes his day entertaining)
  • he’s sees a lot of stuff that makes him laugh and this job just makes his whole day 10x better
  • is the type to yell out the orders instead of just writing them down and giving it to the baristas
  • one soy vanilla latte!!!
  • hyung, we’re like… right here;;;
  • cashier jeonghan looks like he hates his job but in reality, he really loves it (stop being fake jeonghan)


  • joshua is a barista but doesn’t have a chance to make coffee bc he’s always put in the front of the store to give out free samples
  • your face can attract customers
  • (seungcheol knows how to advertise)
  • but is really shy when passing out free samples
  • someone complimented on his hair once and he almost dropped the tray
  • hyung! i made that tray, that’s precious coffee!!!!” -mingyu
  • when he does make coffee, he’s decent
  • not as good as mingyu, but definitely better than jun
  • cannot do latte art to save his life
  • has this knack of messing up an order but the customers never complain bc apparently it tastes even better than the original
  • he literally poured in like a tablespoon of salt instead of sugar” -mingyu
  • *proceeds to taste the drink*
  • what the heck this is good
  • *does the same thing and tries his drink*
  • i’m telling you, this boy works miracles
  • a lot of girls like to talk to him while he’s behind the counter
  • h eh , this boy is way too shy to talk back and seokmin ends up talking to them instead
  • his face gets red every time he has to take over seokmin’s job bc oh no he needs to t a l k to people
  • however, at regular customers, this shy persona flies out of the coffeeshop
  • this boy is w i l d with people he actually knows
  • jeonghan rolls his eye whenever joshua gets shy bc “this is not how this boy really is
  • cracks jokes behind the counter which are actually pretty funny to jun’s, mingyu’s and jeonghan’s surprise
  • lowkey disses jeonghan’s taste in music with jun and changes the music
  • basically, barista joshua has two sides: either you get shy schoolboy who’s face is red every time someone talks to him or jokester joshua who cracks corny ass jokes every chance he gets and is sassy


  • jihoon’s that customer who always sits in the corner and likes to be alone;; nobody touches that table bc everyone knows it’s hIS table
  • (but then whenever it’s a slow day, seokmin likes to sit with him and they have these really philosophical talks)
  • drinks straight black coffee with a straight face
  • some think that he’s literally done with life but in reality he’s just t i r e d
  • also likes to talk to joshua and they get along swell
  • is always writing in his little notebook
  • it contains his thoughts, random lyrics, his observations
  • maybe that’s why he likes sitting in the corner????? he’s an observer :o
  • seungcheol wants him to perform at the open mic night all the time, but he politely refuses every time
  • shy boy jihoon is a real thing
  • but then joshua persuades him to perform by offering him free coffee for a week
  • he instantly says yes bc coffee is expensive and he needs it to function like a proper human being
  • performs once and everyone literally falls in love with his voice
  • seungcheol literally be g s him to perform as a regular every friday night and that he’ll pay
  • he hesitates but ends up saying yes bc hi I’m getting paid and I’m getting free coffee
  • knows that joshua also plays the guitar, so the two have duets onstage once awhile
  • which makes everyone fall more in love with the two of them
  • cue joshua blushing beet red whenever girls go up to him to the counter
  • jihoon’s unfazed but whenever someone tries to talk to him at his usual spot, he gives short replies, but is slowly starting to open up to people
  • soon becomes a regular customer there that likes to write random songs with cute tunes
  • ends up being the coffeeshop’s official performer on friday nights
  • but we don’t even open up this late” -jeonghan
  • tIME TO MAKE NEW DRINKS!”- mingyu
  • I need to get a raise g d i “ -jeonghan


  • server seokmin is a sweetie
  • he likes to write cute messages on the cups
  • you can do it!
  • carpe diem!
  • good luck on that test!!!!!!
  • but how does he know that you have a test that day?
  • it’s because he seems to know everyone that walks in the coffeeshop
  • of course he does bc he’s the one that has to give everyone their order
  • but anyway!
  • because of this, he pops in to jun’s and jeonghan’s talks from time to time
  • but doesn’t like to participate frequently though bc the two tend to talk about weird things
  • if he’s in the mood (which is always), he’ll sing out the order
  • & if it’s someone’s birthday, he’ll gladly sing for them 
  • everyone’s in awe because his voice is just so beautiful & how is this angel working at a coffeeshop and not having a career as an idol? ?  ????
  • tbh the employee that everyone remembers the most
  • bc who wouldn’t forget the angel that sings daily?
  • I sure wouldn’t
  • & can we talk about his smile?
  • he makes sure that with every order he gives out, he also gives his smile
  • and his smile is literally the best thing that you will ever get from this man (aND YOU BETTER CHERISH THOSE 5 SECONDS WHEN HE’S SMILING AT YOU AND HANDING YOU YOUR COFFEE : ) )
  • even goes out of his way to even bRING your coffee over to you if he sees that you’re too busy in a conversation or studying for an exam 
  • he’s just so sweet; love this boy


  • customer seungkwan likes to order the hot chocolate because he thinks that coffee is the devil’s drink
  • likes to sit near the door to greet customers
  • is the coffeeshop’s unofficial doorkeeper
  • you don’t even work here” -jeonghan
  • manages to put a smile on everyone’s faces
  • bc he sits at the door, he gets to meet new people every day
  • and people just naturally gravitate towards him 
  • bc he’s a ray of sunshine & everyone loves him 
  • but real talk here, he’s just a very welcoming and friendly person 
  • he’s a person that loves to meet new people every day and the fact that he’s allowed to do this and not have jeongcheol scold him is a dream come true
  • people even come to talk to him &  they’re genuinely in love with this boy and how bubbly and friendly he is
  • loves to give out advice and words of encouragement because he hear’s so many stories a day
  • he just wants to leave a memorable impression on everyone that he meets in the coffeeshop
  • he’s just hecka cute & deserves the entire world♡
  • love seungkwan pls
BTS Scenario: BTS as Students

•greets everyone in his class with a ‘good morning’
•decorates his locker to look festive for every holiday
• runs for class president
•hands out pins and hangs up posters around the school
•brings his own lunch that he prepared himself
•also brings his friends lunch bc he likes to take care of them

•always comes into first period half an hour late
•"i overslept"
•hands in assignments late
•plans out which classes he’ll take naps in
•instead of taking notes he writes lyrics in his book instead
•daydreams half the day
•likes going to gym to play basketball

•walks in to class late with his hair messy and shirt all messed up
•"i ran my bike into a bush"
•gives philosophical answers that makes everyone question who they are
•doesn’t study but gets 100 on all his tests
•makes jokes with the person next to him
•broke a desk once but whats new

•high fives everyone he sees
•is surprised whenever he learns something new
•"woah i never knew that"
•laughs at the teacher’s corny jokes
•always participates in spirit week at school
•lets people move into his locker if they need extra space
•gives everyone in his class the homework answers

•walks down the hallway as if it was a runway
•always in the library doing anything else but schoolwork
•orders pizza and takes it to class
•shares it with his friends
•doesn’t like to participate
•still does good in all his classes

•sells candy during school
•"do you guys wanna buy some candy?“
•is chill with everyone in school
•goes into random classes whenever he wants to skip
•never does his work but still manages to pass every class

•always comes to class on time
•says he’s going to skip but always chickens out
•"i had an important lesson so i couldn’t skip”
•tried to bring his teachers an apple so they can pass him
•"can you round up my 75 to 100?“
•in gym he acts like its the olympics

anonymous asked:

Can I request head cannons for the Oda forces how they react when their s/o is pregnant and when their s/o goes into labor? Thank you in advance!

I’m so sorry this has taken so long to do, sweetie! Between being ill, catching up with my other blog’s asks and my mental block with children, it’s been a tad impossible to do.

However, here we are at last, although it might not be the best nor most creative because, as I’ve mentioned, pregnancy and child-related things really don’t work well with my brain, and labour is literally the most horrifying thing to me in the world ^^;;

May or may not have had to read up a bit on Japanese birthing traditions for this because I’m completely clueless ^^;;

… and that makes this ask really awkward because from what I can find:

  • Men basically had no involvement in birth.
  • Crying and/or screaming during birth in Japan is apparently a no-no.
  • Also as a general, medieval births were dangerous af and a lot of mum and/or newborns just outright died.

… I’ll just write how they feel about it then… and imagine that the MC wouldn’t be told off for crying bc birth hurts like hell… and imagine the MC was hella lucky and the mortality rate doesn’t apply to her bc strong modern bodies!

Hahaha! Haha…! Ha… ugh…

*Sweats and laughs nervously*

Last thing! For this, I’m using my headcanons for how many kids I think the warlords would have in this as well, and that imagine can be found here.

Oda Forces (Azuchi Castle)

Hideyoshi (His two children, twin girls.)

  • … this is funny because he’s more ready than you.
  • As soon as you realise you’re pregnant, he’s researching and asking around for information on how he can make you comfortable and happy.
  • He will constantly make you food be in complete charge of your nutrition.
  • He will also do absolutely everything you tell him through your future knowledge and will trust you entirely to know what’s best for the baby even if it’s something that sounds far-fetched or odd to him.
  • Expect him to sit and talk to the baby, rubbing your stomach and kissing it at any time during the day.
  • He will pamper you so much. Sore back? He’ll massage you. Tired? Bed it is. Anything for his precious and unborn baby.
  • Mama Hideyoshi knows his shit and is 1000% ready for go-time at any given moment.
  • When you start getting contractions and feeling that it’s time, he’s rushing you back to your room where he knows you’ll be comfortable.
  • Right up until the birthing starts, he’ll be by your side, letting you crush hold his hand and telling you how well you’re doing.
  • He may or may not also make corny jokes or say sweet nothings about the kid’s sex and potential name that you kind of want to smack him for.
  • When he has to go, he strokes your hair and kisses you gently, murmuring, “I know you can do this, ___. Hang in there. Just one last push - pun intended - and we’ll have our baby. I love you.”
  • But when he’s sent out because the midwife is taking over, he waits outside the whole time, leaning against the wall with his hands pressed together and fingertips against his mouth.
  • He prays that you’ll both be safe and almost sobs when he hears you crying out in pain.
  • It’s basically torture for him, but he manages to stay calm and keeps hoping for the both of you.
  • It pays off, and finally it stops. He almost dies when it goes quiet, but then there’s a little, weak cry, definitely not yours, and he basically collapses with relief.
  • When the second one comes as well, he just blanks.
  • He bursts into tears when he’s finally let in and allowed to hold his baby girls in his arms. He doesn’t let them go until they’re pried away from him by the midwife, and even then, he just crushes you in his arms with them both in yours, instead.

Ieyasu (His first child, a boy.)

  • He deals with medicine and health, so he’s pretty good with this, although he’s not an expert in pregnancy.
  • He’s careful with what he lets you eat and makes sure that you don’t have anything that could be dangerous for the baby he knows of.
  • He’s also hella, hella protective of you. Like, no one comes near you. At all.
  • He literally has to bite his tongue until it bleeds when it comes to your mood swings and sudden outbursts that he can’t understand.
  • Otherwise, he’d snap at you and he knows that’s a bad, bad, bad idea.
  • He’ll often rest his ear against your stomach and listen; it fascinates him, being able to hear and feel the little movements and kicks of the life he helped to create.
  • He instantly knows it’s starting when you get the pains and tell him you feel weird, and he’s instantly moving, sprinting to get the midwife and other maids to help.
  • He can’t stay inside, but before he leaves, he kneels next to you and kisses your forehead, then breathes out, “You can do this, ___. I’ll be outside, but you’re not alone. This is the worst part, and then it’s all over. I love you.”
  • Once he’s outside, he’s an emotional wreck.
  • What if something goes wrong? What if you’ve miscarried? What if the baby doesn’t come out the right way? What if it survives, but you die?
  • He’s pretty much crying by the time the screaming starts, and he’s on the floor the second he hears it.
  • He literally curls up and buries his face in his knees, begging the world to keep you and the baby alive.
  • He’s never felt so utterly shaken in his life.
  • But then there’s a lull in the screaming, and the cry of a baby, so he thinks he’ll be let in.
  • Nice try.
  • Another bout of screaming later, he’s finally brought in.
  • He basically passes out when he sees the baby boy in your arms.
  • But then he’s falling to his knees beside you and actually sobs while he holds you all because he’s never been so happy in his life.

Masamune (His first child, a boy.)

  • This one’s like Ieyasu but x1000.
  • The food control? It’s insane, and so nutritionally controlled that modern doctors would just bow at his feet.
  • The protection? Unless there’s absolutely nothing he can do about it, he will not leave your side, or at least without Yojiro and Shogetsu as well as several other vassals.
  • He’s constantly checking up on you, making sure you’re taken are of, that you’re warm enough and feel okay.
  • If anything’s off or you don’t feel well, he’ll be on it instantly.
  • He’ll try to ask around for advice from his vassals and people in Ōshu on basically how to not screw up your wife’s pregnancy.
  • He has no shame at all and it’s actually pretty adorable.
  • He sleeps with his one eye open (I’m laughing too hard at the thought of this…), in a hypothetical sense, because he’s so protective of you.
  • He also spends his every waking minute with you listening to and stroking your stomach.
  • N’aw… gawd this is so cheesy and it’s hurting my brain ;-; guh… no more…
  • When it’s finally time, everything in his manor is ready and waiting. He shower you with kisses, teases you to distract you from the pain, and will do everything you ask him to while he’s allowed to stay.
  • Once he’s told to go, he kisses your forehead one last time, whispering, “You’ve got this, kitten. We’re almost there.”
  • He gets outside the room, and he just loses his cool completely.
  • He’ll pace up and down restlessly, drag his hands through his hair, do something completely useless like swing his sword around… anything to calm himself down.
  • Shogetsu eventually slinks out of your room and finds him, and he sinks down to the floor to cuddle him.
  • He nearly cries at how agonised your screams are.
  • But he’s let back in soon enough when it’s quiet, and he’s met by the tiny cries of his baby boy.
  • He just drops down beside you, staring in shock at these one, tiny person before him. It takes him a long time to say something.
  • “I bet he’s going to be as smooth as me. He’s already handsome, am I right?”
  • You slap him around the back of the head.

Mitsuhide (Biassss… his only child, a girl.)

  • This one’s unimaginably sweet and thoughtful the whole time.
  • Like, he’s subtly protective and works with you, using your modern knowledge, to keep you nourished and taken-care of the whole time.
  • It kills him to be away from you when it’s doubly important for you to be protected, so he ensures that you’re kept under heavy guard during the pregnancy when he’s not with you.
  • He’ll always go and get dumplings from his favourite tea room for you and bring them back.
  • Massages. All. The. Damn. Time.
  • He’s so sensitive to your feelings that he’ll see and understand immediately if you’re tired, upset or just hormonal because of the pregnancy, so he never loses his temper or gets confused if you’re short with him.
  • And then he just laughs when you burst out crying, apologising for it.
  • He forgives you every time, of course.
  • He’ll often lie back with you draped over him supine, so he can rub your stomach and you can rest comfortably.
  • He tries to not show it because he’s so secretive and keeps his emotions to himself, but it just makes his heart go yay when he feels the baby kick or move about inside you.
  • When it’s time, he struggles to separate himself from you and trust in the midwife and maids to deliver you both safely, but he forces himself out with a last, deep kiss and a murmur of, “You’ve done so well. It’s almost here. You can do it, ___. I love you.”
  • When he’s outside, he just sits against the wall of the corridor, knees bent up and elbows resting on them, fingers clasped together and his mouth pressed against them.
  • Whenever people come to see how it’s going, he doesn’t take any notice.
  • The whole time, he’s just forcing himself to remember over your screams that the pain will be worth it. He drills it into his brain that you’ll be alright, that you’re the strongest person he knows and that you’ll get through it with the baby.
  • When it stops, it almost seems too quick, and he nearly passes out when the door opens.
  • But then there’s this little cry, so small and quiet that it doesn’t seem real. He’s almost cautious as he heads in, insides curling.
  • But you’re there, alive, with a baby girl pressed against your chest.
  • He laughs, with relief, with joy, amazement, appreciation… he laughs because he’s never felt such emotion in his life.
  • He spends a long time just sat there next to you, praising you over and over for making it through and hugging you both, no jokes for once.
  • Right now, there’s only love for the two most important people in the world to him.

Mitsunari (His first child, a boy.)

  • This adorable cinnamon roll is just precious the whole time.
  • He’s always doing everything possible to make sure you’re comfortable.
  • He honestly forgets to care about his own health because he’s so hellbent on preserving yours that you have to hire Masamune as a babysitter for Mitsunari.
  • He’ll constantly make tea for you and it’s amazing because he’s learnt by now exactly how to brew it perfectly for you.
  • He’ll be so supportive and will always be there to sooth you when it’s hard.
  • Whether you’re feeling rough, tired, fed up, sick or in pain, he’ll have the perfect solution straight away.
  • He’ll hold you and stroke your hair, or get you medicine for the pain, or even just sit and murmur to you about how far you’ve come and how it’ll be so worth it when the baby’s born.
  • He’ll always kiss, rub and listen to your stomach, even sometimes falling asleep with his ehad in your lap.
  • But then he’ll wake up sometimes because the baby’s kicked or moved and he will just fall about with the most adorable giggles ever.
  • When it’s time, it’s honestly fair game with comfort.
  • He’s half telling you it’s okay and encouraging you, but you’re half reassuring him that you’ll be fine and that you’ll get through it no problem.
  • He’s scared, of course he is, but he manages to give you that angelic smile and kiss your forehead, whispering, “I know you will, my wonderful ___. I’ll be waiting to greet our child. I love you so much.”
  • He kind of loses it when he’s in the corridor.
  • He’s so full of worry and fear at the thought of something going wrong that he ends up biting back tears, leaning against the wall heavily.
  • He prays, begging every and any possible force in the world or heavens to keep you strong and get you through it.
  • The screaming is something he just can’t bear. A few tears manage to escape, but he swipes at them as soon as they come, knowing you’re suffering far more than him.
  • At long last, it’s over and he’s let in.
  • Oh.
  • Before he knows it, he’s collapsing to his knees beside you, sobbing with absolute joy upon seeing you cradling your baby girl against your chest.
  • He thanks you over an over again, laughing through the tears and kissing you and his new daughter with all the love in the world.

Nobunaga (His only child, a boy.)

  • When the Devil King’s queen becomes pregnant, no expense is spared.
  • You will be protected in a way that you have never experienced in your life.
  • Be it by Nobunaga himself or a number of his vassals, or alternatively one of the warlords if they’re available and willing, you will very, very rarely be alone.
  • He will constantly have people report to him on your condition and how you’re doing, since he’s so busy and can’t be with you all the time. 
  • If he’s away, he’ll send letters to you every day through Hoguro, and will keep every single letter you send back, hanging onto every last word. It only bolsters his determination to get back to you, so he can be there for you through it all.
  • He will not be away during the end of the pregnancy. He refuses to leave the castle unless it’s a dire, absolute emergency.
  • He also spends a lot of time laying with his head in your lap, listening to the strange sounds from inside your stomach when the baby moves about.
  • When it’s time, he almost goes into battle mode; his eyes are on fire and he’s moving like someone’s threatened the castle itself.
  • He basically threatens the midwife and maids that if you don’t make it through, they’re probably going to die.
  • He does try to say it nicely but it really doesn’t work.
  • He waits outside, thinking that he’ll be fine. How bad can this be?
  • He abandons this thought as soon as you start screaming.
  • He’s never been around to listen to or see birth, so the intensity of it shocks him to the core and really, truly rattles him.
  • He nearly runs inside to kill the midwife because his first instinct is to stop your pain by ending her.
  • But then he realises that this is something called nature and that it’s just as gruesome despite being such a wonderful thing.
  • He forces himself to stay together, though, and nearly collapses with relief when the screaming ceases. He’s barging in instantly, bounding across the room to you.
  • You’re alive. He’s never felt so grateful in his life.
  • He lowers himself down beside you, and he sort of just freezes. He stares down at the tiny, squirming and now crying baby boy in your arms, watching his little life grab out at something it can’t even see.
  • And that’s the first time that Nobunaga Oda truly cries, clutching you and his child in his arms, finally with his family at long last.
Roommate AU! Ten

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Style: Bulletpoint

Genre: Mostly fluff, with badly written angsttttt…?

Warnings: Mild swearing, mentions of a cheating partner and smut ,.,.,, also kinda cringy everywhere and rushed at the end lol ,.,….. also reader is older than Ten if that’s really a warning !!

Words: Somewhere around 4k

a/n: I’m sorry !!!! This is the first thing I complete in months and it’s kinda shit but I tried !!!!!!! I also miss Ten where is he @/sm :////// btw requests are open !!!!!!! Pls enjoy~~


what/who do I request?

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New ‘Do- A Sirius Black Blurb (SMUT)

Anonymous Asked: hi!! i was wondering if i could request a sirius x reader shot where the reader has a buzzcut? bc you know, i’ve got one and usually the reader has long hair!! (and i’m sorry if it’s a little bit confusing, english is not my first language) 

Back to reality. Winter break had ended too soon. Classes were about to resume- something you were not entirely ready for. You were, however, ready to see your boyfriend again. Sirius Black had been your crush starting when you first laid eyes on him your first year, and ever since the two of you had been inseparable. He was your biggest fan and confidant, and you loved him with every ounce of your being. While you couldn’t help but feel anxious to see him again, you stomach was tying in knots for an entirely different reason. Over the break, you had made the decision to buzz your hair, opting for a much shorter look. You loved the way you looked with the new ‘do, and even more so, you loved how it made you feel. The only thing was you hadn’t told anyone, not even Lily or Sirius, that this was something you were even considering.

You sat on the edge of Sirius’ bed, waiting impatiently for him to kick through the old wooden door of the boy’s dormitory, ready to forget about having to be home and tell you a corny joke. Finally, you heard the click of the brass knob shifting open, and soon the impossibly handsome Sirius was standing before you. He dropped all his bags at once at his feet, a wide grin spreading across his face.

“And what do we have here?” he purred, taking long strides towards you.

“Hi, Pads,” you cooed, reflecting a similar smile back at him. He leaned down over you and tilted your chin up using one of his long, pale fingers. He kissed you deeply, his relief in seeing you again evident in how he moved his lips against yours. He broke away for a moment, grabbing both of your hands, making you rise and stand in front of him, cradled in his arms.

“I have to say, sweetheart, I am in love with this new look of yours,” he beamed, passing his hand over the short hairs on top of your head. A wave of comfort and relief washed over you at his words. You leaned into his touch and looked up into his grey eyes.

“Thank you, Pads. I was hoping you would,” you said, kissing him once again. He was still smiling as you passed your tongue along his bottom lip, asking for permission to enter. He happily obliged, humming softly into your mouth. Step by step, he walked you back to the bed, his hands firmly placed on your hips. The two of you fell back onto the soft blanket, Sirius long and lean frame hovering above you. He moved his kisses down from your lips to the soft skin below your jaw, delicately sucking and nipping along the way. His hands began making quick work of the buttons of your blouse. It felt like home to have him on you again, to be completely immersed in his scent and in his skin.

Sirius had just begun to remove your blouse when a familiar sound clicked behind you. Three boys appeared in the doorway- usually you could hear the rest of the Marauders before you could see them. For all the pranks they were able to pull off, they never were light footed.

“Oh for Merlin’s sake!” James cried out, dramatically turning his back to you. “You couldn’t wait five minutes into seeing each other to start snogging?”

“That’s a little funny coming from you, Prongs. Seem to remember catching you and Evans more than once…” Sirius called back, careful to shield your half naked boy from the boys.

“Hello, Y/N,” Remus chimed in, giving you a warm smile. You lifted the hand that wasn’t trying to cover yourself up to give him a small wave. “Your hair looks lovely,” he added.

“Thank you, Remus. That’s very kind of you,” you replied.

“What’d she do with her hair?” James asked, still not turning around.

“Well, if you turned and looked, I suppose you could find out,” Remus quipped before walking away from James, pulling his trunk to the foot of the far bed.

Tentatively, James slowly turned to face the couple once again. By now, you had adjusted to clothe your top half again. “It’s ok Prongs, everyone’s decent,” you mocked. He finally turned to face the both of you fully.

“Oh, Y/N! Really love the look. It suits you,” he exclaimed, walking over to you and patting the top of your head, much like a brother would. You put up your hands, playfully pushing his arms away from you while he continued to try and touch your hair.

“Now that we’ve all said hello, would you lot get lost?” Sirius begged. They all looked at one another and laughed, the irritation on Sirius’ face growing.

“C’mon, it’s nearly time for dinner,” Remus finally said, ending the residual giggles they all had. The boys filed out together, no doubt trying to scope the Great Hall for the prime seats. Peter shut the door behind them, and you finally found yourself alone with Sirius again.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go eat? We’ll have plenty of time to…” you began, but his lips were already all over you.

“We still have a minute before dinner. Feels like just enough time to…” he started, his hand reaching down between your legs. You let out a small gasp at his touch, something you had longed for for 3 long weeks. A smile danced across his face, forming that same shit eating grin you had come to love so much. “Sounds like you’ve missed me as much as I have you,” he added, moving two of his fingers into your entrance. The pressure was very much welcomed, a louder moan falling from your lips. He continued to pump his fingers in and out, rubbing the pad of his thumb over your clit. Your chest began to heave as his pace quickened, you release quickly approaching.

“Sirius, I’m gonna…” the words had no sooner left your mouth when you felt yourself peak. Every muscle in your body was on fire, every tension you held was gone. All that was left was you, Sirius, and the way he made you feel. You let out a long sigh before opening your eyes up to him. He ran his hand along the side of your face in a careful caress. A moment later, he pulled his fingers from you, lifting those that had just been in you up to your lips. You took them both between your lips, sucking your own flavor from them, never taking your eyes off his. His mouth fell open slightly at the sight in front of him, a small smirk creeping on his face.

“Your turn after dinner?” you teased, releasing his fingers with a pop.

“Can’t wait for it, doll.” He kissed you one more time before following behind you out of his room.


A/N: Thank you anonymous for my first request ever! Love you lots and here’s your request! Hope you like it!

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•listening to his corny jokes all the time
•you laughing with him even though it’s not actually funny
•him stealing some of your clothing to make a new fashion statement
•you taking his outfit of the day pics for him
•him randomly spitting out random information that you didn’t know bc he’s a genius
•you accidentally breaking something
•him looking at you and shrugging his shoulders bc let’s be real he’s 10x worse
•him letting you listen to new verses/songs that no one has heard yet
•random rap battles between you two
•him constantly calling you “baby” with his deep voice oh god
•him not getting enough attention from you so he pulls you onto his lap and kisses you all over the face
•you ending up staying in his lap the rest of the night
•you two have deep, intellectual pillow talks 
•you eventually falling asleep in the crook of his neck
•him carrying you to bed and watching you sleep while stroking your hair until he falls asleep too

valtermeme  asked:

evak + bad jokes (hope this cheers you up my love ❤️)

thank u sm bub ❤️

⚫️ even loves annoying isak with his terrible egg jokes when he is making breakfast
      ⚪️ when isak says something moody to even (bc its a saturday morning and even woke him up extra early for breakfast and hes hella tired from last night wink wink) even says “omelette that slide” and isak just groans and stuffs his face with eggs that even so casually slides onto his plate

      ⚪️  “what? cant take a yolk?” even says, keeping a straight face as isak gives him a dead ass look and even chuckles but isaks mouth twitches up into a small smile

      ⚪️ after a few moments of silence, even says “hey isak” “what?” “why cant u tell an egg a joke?” “even please no-” “because it will crack up!” and right now even is the one cracking up and isak just buries his face in his hands

⚫️ dont even get even started on lunch - isak was about ready to go eat his food out in the hallway outside their flat bc evens jokes were so corny but he couldnt help but laugh

      ⚪️ even decided to make his famous spaghetti and in the middle of lunch, even looks at isak, a smirk on his face and isak is already about to say something for even to stop but the joke comes first.

      ⚪️ “hey isak” “even i am trying to eat lunch, i got homework to do” “what to you call a fake noodle?” isak groans, “even no” “an impasta!” and isak tries so hard to swallow his food bc hes laughing so hard and trying not to choke on his spaghetti and even is just the same

     ⚪️ after lunch while even is trying to find something to drink and isak is doing dishes, he spots the ketchup on the side door of the fridge and takes out the bottle, holding it behind his back “Isak, i have something to tell u it’s important” “what is it?“ even pulls the ketchup bottle from behind him and says “you need to ketchup on those dishes!” even laughs, running away from isak as he throws soap suds on him and his hair

⚫️ finally, dinner rolls around and even makes up burgers (trying to remake the ones from the hotel but doesnt go as planned but they are good anyway) and isak expects a flooding of jokes, and hes right

     ⚪️ “isak” “yes?” “wanna know something cool?” “if i say no you’re gonna tell me anyway” “yeah ur right but listen,, where do hamburgers go on new years eve?” “where, even?” isak smiles this time “to a meat ball!” isak shakes his head, laughing, throwing a piece of bread at even as even smiles

     ⚪️  “where do burgers like to go on vacation?” “hm?” “the swiss cheese alps!” “wow, of course” isak rolls his eyes, finishing the last bite of his burger as even leans back into his chair, his laugh echoing through the flat

⚫️ finally, isak praises that is time to go to sleep (only around 2 am pfft) and him and even crawl into bed but even has one last joke (more like pickup line) for isak

     ⚪️ “isak” even whispers as he feels isaks nose nuzzle into the crook of his neck “mm what?” isak mumbles, sleep almost coming over him already “can i tell you one more joke?” “sure, i guess” isak sighs “do you have a map?” even says “to where?” isak adds “your heart” and he can feel the heat rushing to isaks cheeks and isak takes a pillow and lightly throws it on top of even “you already have my heart you doof, now sleep” and isak drifts off quickly as even chuckles, closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep too

anonymous asked:

Yay you're back!! :3 If you've got the time, any Kakashi head canons would be great! Whatever inspires you or whatever you can think of... :) I just need more Copy Ninja in my life.

hi hello im not leaving again LMAO, i haven’t been doing requests bc ive recently been feeling like shit :((( but i dont want to leave you guys with nothing sooo im here c:

- He loves bringing his s/o gifts, especially flowers.
- Kakashi loves it when his s/o embraces him in their arms. He finds that it’s the best part of his day.
- He would make corny jokes, mostly because he loves hearing his s/o laugh.
- He loves making his s/o blush, he makes it his hobby to do so.
- Okay, so you know how he’s always late and has excuses? I like to think that his excuses have something to do with his s/o.