and is attractive

“Calling a male character hot means you’re attracted to males” listen buddy. When I see Garrus Vakarian on screen and I call him hot does that mean I’m attracted to him? Does that mean I want him to raw my ass until it’s nothing but mass effect fields? Does that mean I want him to call me his girlfriend and hold me in his big strong dinosaur arms?? actually this is a bad example can I start over



Happy early (or late) Sat (or Sun) morning to you.

Last day killing time in the ski lodge this winter THANK FUCK.

I’m always writing in my mind. Folding life into stories sometimes acted out the way I see it in my head. I sit in front of my computer with an empty screen. I forgot my computer today. I’m ready to write again. It’s that thing where you know what you NEED to do to get the life you want. You know you CAN do what you need to. You IGNORE that fact and do what you hate to just get by. Today that stops. Today I write again and I win the lottery because good things come in millions.


Yes hello

This is my tfoc his name is Mega Dadmus

He likes poetry, legal documents, finding loopholes in the law, music, and cats

He would like to be a lawyer but he is being hunted after he dismantled a government with a misplaced semicolon in the constitution.

Everytime he breathes Rodimus is in physical pain.

Ultra Magnus and Megatron would love to meet him but in this au they mysteriously disappeared.