and is all the more awesome for it

The most humblest of thank yous

So I’ve spent my evening rereading all the fics that others have wrote of Casanova and Fanny and I just have to acknowledge them. (I’m on mobile so links would be sloppy but please do yourself a favor and go explore these lovely people and ALL their works):

@gingergallifreyan , @starsandfairytales , @perfectlyrose

All of you, all of the fics you’ve written have just been incredible. Honestly, even though I made the dang ship, I think you all do a better job than I 😂.

Please, just know how thankful and amazed I am at you.

ALSO note the lovely: @billspiperr who has made an incredible manip of them (my desktop background) and modern!AUs of them and the amazing @travelingrose who made the most beautiful drawing of the two (which is still my lockscreen!!!!!!) 

and just the overall TREMENDOUS support I’ve recieved ever since my first fic of them. I feel like I don’t deserve yet I am so utterly grateful. It’s you set this ship a sailin’ and I just, am beyond words. Those who reblog my fics with kind tags, prompt me, etc. It almost makes me feel like I’m not doin a lousy job (seriously read the fics my friends have wrote they’re pERECTION like whaTAmIDOIng??) 

But anyway,

You’re all such kind and awesome people and I love you all.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am Dragon

I just watched the Russian fairytale “I am Dragon” after @fuck-yeah-monsters-and-villains recommended it and that movie has a massive Reylo vibe all over it!! Besides it’s so colorful, has great shots, loads of slo-mo and is kind of a tease, because most of the time there is a strong tension between the dude and the girl but they can’t touch and you find yourself yelling at the screen for them to just jump each other.

Also awesome and also Reylo like -

Dude has a dark side that he can’t control

Kidnaps the girl

Dislike and mistrust at the beginning

She helps him be more human 

Cliff scene (lol, even several)

What I would like to see in ep. 8 or 9 - Fanservice. All. The damn. Time. He doesn’t own clothes and even if she get’s some for him, he still flashes his abs. We get a peek of his butt at some point.

He has a superpower (can see/control the wind) and teaches it to the girl.

He lets go of his beloved and it breaks his heart (Beauty and the Beast style)

Spoiler!! - She decides that she must follow her heart and calls to him and he takes her again, and she tames the beast inside of him. Happy fucking end.

“We’re going to be getting merch. We have an awesome fan who has created an amazing rosendereads logo that i’m really happy about. Any merch that we sell here.. i’m never keeping any of that money, i don’t want it. So all of it, it’s going to help. All of the money that the merchandise sells is going to help this foundation in South America that helps give kids access to reading, the access to education and the access to food so that’s where it’s all going. I don’t have any more information yet, i still have to work on a bunch of stuff because sell merchandise and make sure it’s all going to a place without anyone getting in trouble is a process. So you guys know that our bookclub is gonna be actively helping.”

- Alberto Rosende about the rosendereads merchandise (x)


this hasn’t been a topic i’ve seen too much about on tumblr so i figured it would be a good topic for a post !  now, keep in mind these are my own personal views on working with archetype and i’m by no means claiming to be an authority. ready ? awesome, let’s get started

working with archetype is a semi-secular alternative to working with deity. for me personally, both due to religious beliefs separate from my practices and some other personal reasons, i find it difficult and, in all honesty, awkward to try to connect and communicate with deities for witchcraft purposes and instead prefer to work with energies ( again, this is a personal thing and if you love connecting to a specific deity or pantheon, more power to you ! ). 

however, if you look at mythology ( and, in all honesty, modern mythology and how we tell stories now ) you might begin to see some patterns ―― for example, the war god, the healer, the sovereign, the love goddess, the messenger, etc. there are universal energies, or archetypes, that are present over many different cultures and eras. to me, this abstract and universal archetype is something that i find much easier to work with and tap into.

now, you can research different archetypes that exist or “create” your own. create is in quotations is because what i mean by this is to focus inward and think of what types energies are important to you. for example, one of the archetypes i work with frequently is the healer – did i create the idea of the healer? no way, but this is my own version of her that i have constructed that is most relatable to me, rather than having found the healer on a list of archetypes and tried to fit my practice and beliefs around that.

* note, this can cause some minor confusion later. for example, i have an archetype i work with that i refer to as the empress, but the tarot card i associate with it is actually the queen of swords. meanwhile, the healer archetype i work with is associated to the empress. … yeah, it’s a little messy but in the end i find it worth it. 

so how does one work with archetype? i think it’s different depending on the individual, just like working with deity depends on the person ( especially if you have “created” your own archetypes ). as far as a place to start though, build up and create connections and correspondences ―― personally i begin connection to an archetype by creating a two part list. the first part of that list is figures, who ( historical, fictional, or otherwise ) or what embodies this archetype? the second part of that list is elements, what physical objects or activities make you feel connected to that energy and archetype. when you need to tap into a certain type of energy, you have created a base system to look to and jump off of. from there, how you work with archetype is really up to you ! 

Another computer update, I have a friend running a diagnostic on my computer for free. Unfortunately, I won’t get any type of update until next Thursday.  If it’s what he thinks it is it could run me about $200, and another 2 weeks to get which I don’t have the money for.

I’m going to try and keep my chin up and hope for the best, and all it takes is him just “tightening a screw”. I want to thank all of you who have sent kind words!

A Kofi was an option that was stated, which I have and someone already donated to get the new charger, which I am so grateful for! Thank you so much!

 The thing is I’m too -prideful? arrogant? stubborn? crazy?-to ask for help and your hard earned monies, and don’t want to request any more money from you beauties, you guys are awesome enough! 

Just keep me in your prayers, if you do that. Hug your computer for me, or you know, yell at the moon, take a nap in my honor, whichever you’re more comfortable with!  

I will do everything in my power to keep Golden Slumber’s going! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

anonymous asked:

can you give me some cute stydia headcanons? please?


  • They have a family cell phone plan with the sheriff, Scott, and Melissa. 
  • Stiles is super easy to buy gifts for which makes him even more stressed about buying gifts for Lydia because she’s really picky so he ends up procrastinating every Christmas and birthday which is dumb as fuck because he always ends up finding something awesome.
  • Lydia edits his papers in college. 
  • Sometimes he comes home from work and discusses cases with her even when it’s pretty illegal bc he works for the government. 
    • Also everyone at Stiles’ office loves Lydia and asks after her all the time and she slays the office Christmas party whew. 
  • Stiles does the laundry and cooking and in turn Lydia cleans and gives many a blow job
    • Both of them are perfectly happy with this deal. 

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do you ever just sit and think about the SLs Magnus would be having if he was the protagonist or had a much bigger role/focus in the show and all the possibilities and awesomeness and wasted potential and just cry sighhhhh (not that we are not getting Magnus SLs but no matter what screen time restrictions is always playing against him) instead we are stuck with Clary and Jace

lol yeah 😖 biggest mistake they made… that’s why i’m hoping with edom being the focus and magnus’ father coming into the picture the narrative will be aimed more towards magnus in season 3 so i could actually enjoy the main plot for once heh

Though, let’s be honest nothing can be more awesome than the regular crew crossing paths with the other mirror reality’s crew, and all the priceless of them meeting another version of them. Spock’s face when mirror!Uhura tells him he looks better with a beard.

And ‘You can put her down now, Spock. No need to be gentle’

Post-Thanksgiving Transcript Volunteers Needed

Are you looking to avoid more awkward family talk now that Thanksgiving is over? Did you go to PAX Unplugged and are looking for a way to feel that same sense of Critter love you felt while you were there? Are you experiencing withdrawals from not having an episode this week? Are you a Critter looking for a way to help the community out?

Head on over to Critical Role Transcript and help them get all of Critical Role transcribed and captioned! Right now, they need transcribers for the Once Upon a Fairytale Cruise episode. Additionally, since the amazing Critters got the entire Vox Machina backlog transcribed, CRT has begun work on getting other Critical Role related videos captioned. This week’s episode is the Q&A Battle Royale from February 2016 with Matt, Marisha, Travis, Mary, and Will.

Never transcribed before? Fear not! They have transcription instructions linked at the top of both documents. Want an example of what a transcribed section looks like? We’ve got you covered there, too! The first 30 minutes of the Once Upon a Fairytale Cruise episode are already transcribed and edited, so take a look! Two of us CRStatsers are also CRT editors, and we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Appreciation||OOC Edition

I’m putting it lightly, honestly, when I say it’s been a really hard year for me. My sister got sick, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and it seemed like suddenly I had all of these extra responsibilities. Please don’t take that as complaining–it’s just simply the truth. But this place has always been a welcome distraction from my day to day life, and it’s because of all of you awesome people. Because of you, and these characters, I can have a crazy ass day–but I can get on the dash and just forget about it for a while. Trust me when I say having this place with you guys means so much to me. More then I can express in words, that’s for damn sure. I know there are times, usually long periods of times, when I’m mobile, and can’t properly get on. Or times when it’s been a while since I’ve been able to get on, and lose track of threads. Please know, this is a me problem. I enjoy interacting with everyone here, even if there’s times when I can’t. You all are very important to me, as are your characters, and I just wanted to express that–or try to–I’m really fucking bad at stuff like this, lol. Anyways, this is my all around love letter to all the members here. You’re all special and important to me, and please know, if anyone ever needs to just talk or anything, 9/10 times, I’m logged on to Katie on my phone, and 9/10 times my phone is always in my damn hand, so. I’m always here for whatever. Now, I needa shout out a few people individually, so here it goes:

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Okay, whoah, hum- i don’t even know what to say?? I mean, the only word in my mind now is a big huge thank you. I did not expect to have more then 200/300 followers to be truly honest, but here I am, with 1k followers, just a ordinary girl sharing her headers to the world. Thank you all so much, from the bottom of my tiny little heart! You guys are awesome!

1K??? Eu nem sei como agradecer, de verdade. A única coisa na minha mente é um grande obrigada. Eu não esperava ter mais do que 200/300 seguidores pra ser 100% honesta, mas cá estou eu, com 1k, apenas uma garota normal compartilhando as headers dela com o mundo. Muito obrigada a todos, do fundo do meu coraçãozinho! Vocês são demais!


“Maybe I failed this time, but… I’m not giving up. I’ll show them I’ve got what it takes to make the hero course, and I’ll become a greater hero than all of you!
| ★ Shinsou Hitoshi ★ | Happy Birthday to my lovely Aseel bby! @genosus (ノ≧∀≦)ノ♪♬