and is all the more awesome for it

What I need for Lena in S3 and/or end of S2 now that we know she is coming back

1. More Lena and Kara scenes in general 

2. Lena actually getting thanked for all the badass stuff she’s done

3. Kara revealing herself as Supergirl to Lena. I mean, we ALL know that Miss “Well that’s lucky” knows based on her smug ass smiles and remarks but still I WANT THIS SCENE

4. Lena joining the Superfriends and the DEO. Like Lena and Winn working together with the DEO and L-Corp’s resources to make badass modifications to Kara’s suit, Alex’s arsenal, etc…

5. Lena saving Supergirl, preferably with an awesome weapon because Katie is so badass with them

6. A Lena/Alex friendship

7. Lena being invited to Thanksgiving so she doesn’t have to spend it alone in her office again. Eliza loves having more kids to celebrate with and gives Lena a hug and piles food on her plate because she knows as CEO with her long hours she doesn’t eat enough. Then Eliza gets on to Kara for not taking Lena enough food during the work week. OR Kara bringing Lena leftovers and they chill while eating them

8. I want to actually see Kara and Lena’s lunch outings

9. More couch scenes between Lena and Kara. Doesn’t have to be in Lena’s office. They could totally share some donuts on Kara’s couch as they laugh about the latest villain they crushed with their awesome team work

10. Lena being accepted publicly because L-Corp is finally ridding itself of Lex’s negativity


12. Lena and Maggie sitting in a booth watching Kara and Alex “play” pool - each wondering how they got so lucky to fall in love with these dorks

13. A Lena/Winn friendship where they argue about geek stuff constantly

14. At least one more instance of Supergirl carrying Lena bridal style (or some other way - I ain’t picky)


16. More conflict between Lena and her mother (just because I love Brenda Strong and her scenes with Katie are awesome)

17. More Lena backstory

18. Lena getting to go with Supergirl on a crossover episode

19. Lena finally getting to hold a press conference for a good cause without things going to shit


I’m sure there is tons more but the moral of this post is MORE LENA!!!

HVFF Chicago 2017 Wrap Up

What an amazing weekend! First, I got to spend it with my dear friend @triciaolicity​. She generously let me stay at her house, which gave us ample more time to talk about Arrow and our lives as wives & mothers. We are two Irish ladies who love to sit around a kitchen table and share stories. She is such a blessing in my life. I love you!

Second, HVFF Chicago was AWESOME. Seriously great. I tweeted out as much information as I could, but I do have a few more details that cannot fit in a 144 character limit.

This was my third convention, not including SDCC. I realize there are so many of you who would love to go, but may never get the chance to for a variety of reasons. So, all the goodies I picked up at the convention I will be giving away.  It’s just my small way of trying to bring HVFF to you. The giveaways will start the week before 5x20 airs. I’ll give away something each week (5x20-5x23). I thought it’d be a fun way to wrap up the season together.

Back to HVFF though. Let’s dig in!

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Phichit and Chris would be awesome BFFS

And like, they wouldn’t become BFFS just because of Viktor and Yuuri. There are plenty more other reasons.

  • They’d find and follow each other’s Instagrams, enjoying the content and comments of each other’s posts.
  • They share stories of what it’s like to be the best friend of someone so Extra and incredibly crushing on someone.
  • Chris: “My rink mate is going off on another monologue about his crush in drunk emojis.”
  • Phichit: “You too? My rink mate keeps texting me in all caps about his crush taking a selfie with his poodle.”
  • They make tons of bets about things other skaters do on and off season.
  • They share beauty and fashion tips.
  • They always hang out whenever they’re at the same competition. They’re coaches come along sometimes too (just to make sure they don’t get into too much trouble).
  • They watch each other’s skating programs and give comments or critiques.
  • Chris would share stories of when he was Phichit’s age, and sometimes gives advice on growing older
  • Whenever they travel they text each other for food/sightseeing recommendations
  • They’d be each other’s tour guides when they visit each other’s countries.
  • They discuss/debate about musicals, A LOT
  • They sang a duet together, once in a karaoke bar with other skaters
  • Phichit likes to try on Chris’ glasses
  • Phichit gets really nervous meeting Chris’ cat, mostly for the safety of his hamsters.
  • They pick up on Yuuri and Viktor’s moods/behavior a lot quicker than anyone else
  • PHICHIT AND CHRIS DANCING TOGETHER AT THE BANQUET(Like, nothing romantic, they get down and dirty on the dance floor trying to one up each other’s moves to some rock music)

You know, that whole ‘microfic day’ thing we had going was pretty rad.

@queenvallkyrie @butteredonions @paladinpuppypile we should do this again sometime.  It was CRAZY but it was so fun

Decided to do a redraw of some of my older pics cause my tablet drawing skills have changed so much since I started with it… 

This is the the draft of my first redraw- the pic is from @miraculousturtle ‘s awesome fic “To You I Thee Wed” 

I am trying to keep the style the same- more of the anime style. 

It’s already looking better. Will be fun to see how it looks when its all done ^_^ 

I was reading some Caryl fanfics the other day (b/c that’s what I do anytime I’m in front of a computer screen) and it just reminded me of why I want Caryl to go canon so badly:

I’ve already talked about the social reasons as to why I want them canon, for it would shut down all the shitty stereotypes that we see on tv everyday. Caryl would give us a couple with a base of a strong friendship and unmatched understanding and trust. It would give us an example that you can find the person who’s right for you even if your middle aged or even if you’ve been married before, and it would be awesome to see Caryl basically give the middle finger to all the crappy ageist asshats. 

Yet what I’m excited to see the most is just how Daryl and Carol will react to the more intimate moments together. 

I cannot wait to see Carol discover that making love is not brutal, making love is not painful, and making love can feel good if the man you’re with treats you like a rare diamond, which we all know Daryl would treat her as such. I can’t wait to see her cry in a mixture of sadness yet joy, for she hated how long she had to deal with the likes of Ed, yet was so grateful to finally have an experience like this with Daryl.

I can’t wait to see Daryl take his time, reveal every inch of her slowly and carefully, never rough or forceful. I cannot wait to see him treat her like she’s priceless, kissing every inch of her body before even giving in to their sexual needs. I cannot wait to see his wide eyes take her in, gasping in awe of how beautiful she is to him even if she doesn’t think so herself.

I cannot wait to see them gaze into each other’s eyes when he’s inside of her, both of them gasping from not only the sexual desire but also the emotional connection they both feel. I can’t wait to see them smiling at each other as they bask in the feeling of them being joined. I cannot wait to see them so overwhelmed that they tear up, especially when they both climax because they’ll be shocked at how good this feels to be with each other.

And of course I cannot wait for the aftermath, seeing Daryl try to get his bearings as he laid his head on her breast, needing comfort from her. She smiles and kisses his head as she rakes her hands through his hair, not caring how heavy he felt, for his body surrounding her made her feel safe. Then we get a morning after cuteness, when Daryl holds her tightly against him as he caresses her back and looks at her lovingly.

Lord why do I do this to myself…

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anonymous asked:

y dont u like bill nye and neil degrasse tyson? neil has a podcast called star talk and its pretty funny and informative lol im not attacking, im just curious

I don’t particularly dislike either (although NDT needs to stop with the faux deep science tweets like dear lord). 

It’s just that they suck up all the air in science communication and make it really hard for other voices to come through (I don’t think this is intentional per se, I just think we as a culture only have room for like at max four physics men to tell us what science is at any given time).

Mostly I just want people to stop treating them like they’re the end all be all of science and acting like we don’t need other voices. We need women, and people not in physics/astronomy/engineering, and more people of color (although obvs NDT is black and it’s awesome that he’s as prominent as he is but like, let’s have even more diversity).

I’m just tired of the majority of the work when it comes to science communication/outreach being done by women and yet pretty much the only household names are Bill Nye/NDT/Sagan. Like let’s do better. 

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I would love to know what your opinions are of Grace Neutral

She’s awesome and i’ve been following her for years, even before she was a tattoo artist. I haven’t watched all of the needles and pins, since I figured it would be more fun to watch them with someone and not alone, so once my apartment is ready, *ok hand gesture* 

Commission status

and a bit of a PSA

I’m taking a bit of time with commissions this time around for reasons:

-I want to share some more free art out there for my good followers so I’ve been juggling both commissions and personal doodles

-I tend to take time with commissions because I like to finish all the sketches first and send them

-I’ve been getting sick an awful lot recently I’m trying to take it easy on my body rn

-For those who are curious my order of commission work goes: Sketch, Render, Illustration, Icons, Comics

And just as another message, thank you all for following me and supporting me, it’s been a long long time since I started my blog and I’ve gotten a huge amount of support from you guys, thank you so much.

All I can ask is that you continue being awesome, and if possible, there are tons of other artists who deserve way more love than I do, don’t be afraid to share and support them too!

Bye y’all, keeping things updated soon

so here i am making another one of these because i’ve somehow reached 300 followers! that’s hard to imagine given that i never expected to have even 30 followers in the first place, much less 300. i still can’t believe people are even interested in me writing an au version of a character that’s already not incredibly popular, but i’m also very thankful that people have given this blog a chance. i’ve had some fun times writing here, & have been able to expand my portrayal of digger far beyond what i ever thought i would. i’ve been lucky enough to have followed, befriended, &/or interacted with some awesome people, so here’s a little shoutout to them. know that i appreciate every single person that follows me, however, & would like to say thanks to all of you!~

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katyaismyfakename  asked:

What do you feel about the boys paired with either Yachi or Kiyoko? Like. Who out of the two and some headcanons maybe. Tbh I think UshiYachi is my rarestpair.

Sen: tfw roleplayers mess up your opinion of yachi. I still love her immensely but I can’t think of her without remembering some cunt lmao. 

Current song


Honestly, I see this pairing working more but UshiYachi is also an equally awesome ship.

- Their relationship is basically just them being awkward with each other and other people being threatened by them. Their own struggles with socialising is worked upon though because they find it easier to relate to someone who knows the struggles of being placed on a pedestal and isolated.

- He’s very protective of her after learning about how nervous she can be around people. Her comfort is of the utmost priority and if someone were to even make her feel tense at all, he’ll be sure to call the person out on it straight away - though, most of the time the person doesn’t actually mean any harm and Ushijima just misread the situation.

- Ushijima always wants to show off in front of her, since so many guys have their eyes on her. Whether it be his cooking or showing off his little plants to her. Showing off doesn’t always come off in the form of his athleticism but rather his domesticity and calmness. He’s not a wild animal after all.


- Goshiki’s first attempts at flirting with her were just really cheesy pick up lines, the kind you’d search and find on the internet. Though, most of them really didn’t work because Yachi would just get too flustered upon hearing them and Goshiki thought that he’d said something that offended her.

- Goshiki is always begging to hug Yachi, though she isn’t always comfortable with it when they’re surrounded by others. However, when they’re alone, she’s just as affectionate as he is. Mostly, it’s her anxiety talking to her about how she’s not good enough for him but Goshiki makes sure that he can reassure her in anyway he can.

- Being on opposite teams doesn’t stop them from being a couple. When either one of their teams are playing, they’ll try to come to each others’ matches. While of course, Goshiki doesn’t need to come since Yachi isn’t actually playing, but it’s nice to spend time with her and bond over what brought them together in the first place.

Katie’s 1,000 Follower Challenge!

Hello there all. Queue basic cheesy writing challenge photo:

There it is. 

Anywho. Last week we hit 1,000 followers! And I’m so, so excited. You guys are all awesome, and I’m here because of each and every one of you. Seriously, I’ve only been here for 4 months and you guys are incredible.

So since I have quite a few things that I’m working on, I’ve decided to challenge you guys. 

That’s right, below the cut includes directions, rules, and a list of prompts for you to choose from. I’ve also included my everything tags crew. 

Queue ‘keep reading’ function.

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First off, I wanted to say congratulations on the channel hitting 15 million yesterday! It’s pretty insane to think that this family has grown to 15 million people…
I know I’m late, I’m sorry. I lost my phone so I won’t really be very active on this tag…. which sucks, because everyone is so amazing! Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you. You do help me forget about the world when it seems to be nothing but darkness. The channel is somewhere I can go to when I’m feeling down or alone. It’s a place I feel welcomed. This community has helped me be more positive and a better person over all-and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you, Jack, and the community, for everything. Keep being the awesome people you are! :) (I also don’t have any drawing skills whatsoever so I thought I’d try writing a message instead) …

College AU-Pickup Lines
Voice Impressions-Oswald and Edward

Go check out @colfernygma‘s wonderful College AU gifset as you listen to this, u g h!!~ <’3 Sorry I didn’t do at all together..yet, I think gonna wait until it’s all done.

Also dearie, your AUs and gifsets are wonderful, you’re awesome! I hope you like this…Cory’s voice is so deep it still needs more work >.> XD

Oh! just a reminder, I have made a link for all my voice impressions in the blog, so if you haven’t seen the others, hop right in! Enjoy!!

@will-grammer @endless-nygmobblepot @riddlerbird


Zygopetalum, Orchidaceae

I wrote before I only bought my first orchid last summer, and I need to admit even then I didn’t feel particularly confident I could provide it with the best care possible in my Scottish flat. But we all have to start somewhere, and so much practical knowledge and confidence come with research and observation. In the past few years I’ve tried to learn more about one of the largest and most diverse families in the plant kingdom and slowly I’ve been able to appreciate its appeal and some of its complexity. Tumblr has proved to be an invaluable source of learning material -I’ll take the chance to thank all the Tumblrs I follow who post primarily about orchids, your blogs are awesome!- but thanks to the numerous indoor gardens in Scotland I have also been able to observe many species, varieties and hybrids in person. I think it was only natural I would end up with a few favourites, and the only two Zygopetalum orchids I’ve seen with my own eyes are in the top three. 

Top and bottom photos are Z. Artur Elle from the RBG in Edinburgh, while the middle one is from the Winter Gardens in Glasgow and might be Z. blackii, but it didn’t have an ID tag, so please correct me if I’m wrong! 

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Aaaand right when I didn't think you could get any more awesome, you actually started writing for the umfb-verse fics <3 Thanks so much for that they've all been amazing. I especially loved your historical au one and it kind of reminded me of Captive Prince. Thanks again for being so good to us and I hope you're having as much fun writing as I am reading your stuff <33

I had so much fun writing them because it was a nice little break from Rivals and I didn’t have to care about OOCness or anything because they were supposed to be ooc and it was fun to do some world-building for a completely different AU!

inkravensketchbook ha risposto alla tua foto

What’s the filter you’re using?? It’s so awesome aa

:,D Thanks!!
Actually it’s not a filter, mostly it’s a gradient map put on the grayscale sketch, 

like this

after which I add some more levels (color or soft light mode) to give some local colors and variations, then a couple of layers in color dodge and linear dodge for the lights and if I’m still not sure I play a bit with a color lookup layer on top of it all :D

It’s not very detailed (and I still have a lot to learn) but if you have any question feel free to ask! :D

togpie222  asked:

I'm so glad there's another Darksiders headcanon blog! It's already shaping up to be awesome! Do you think you'd be cool with some scenairos of the Horsemen's (and whomever you'd like to add) S/O bringing up/ trying to start a more physical aspect (read= sex!!) to their relationship? PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!

Thank you so much!! 💙 Sorry for keeping you waiting, here it is!

You two were resting around a litefire after a long way walking. She was looking beautiful and you can’t help think about your own feelings. It all started with a kiss that she corresponded. At first it was light, like a soft and loving touch but soon gave way to a deeper one, more hungry. Fury laughed under his breath and stepped aside for a breath.
“Are you sure? I will not stop once it starts…” she said while stroking your lower lip with her thumb.
You did not answer and you continued to kiss her, she let herself be carried smiling to herself for how impatient you had been. The intimacy that had grown between you did not bother but incited her.

That first time was sweet and warm, an expression of love in each caress and a reaffirmation of the feelings that had grown between you from the first moment.
Still kissing you, let your fingers run through your center, watching your face and adjusting her movements to your reactions. He let you finish first, before letting you indulge her. More than sex, it had been something much deeper. He spent the rest of the night surrounding you with his arms and whispering words of love in your ear.

You two were chilling on the sofa of your house, watching a romantic movie.

“The humans are just so little practical.” he said when the protatonist didn’t admit his feelings in front of his loved one. “I mean, it wouldn’t be way easier just to be honest? Then you can sleep with that person and that’s all!”
You blushed a little at his words.
“Mmhh… You think so?” you said playfully and bring your lips to his neck. He shivered. “Then, I’ll have to be honest too.”
Strife smiled and started to kiss you, until you were almost without breath.
“So, what did you want to tell me?”
You said nothing, just smiled and tried to kiss him again but he turned his head.
“No, no, no, darling. First, you’ll tell me what you want and then maybe I’ll consider to give it to you”
You had a little grin and blush more intensely.
“I want to be with you all night long…” you whispered.
“Doing what?” he responded with an eyebrow raised and a sassy expression
Again, you didn’t answer but embraced his neck and threw he upon you.

You had the whole action on your sofa. He was passionate but caring, he was saying all time how good you looked taking his cock, how much he loved hearing you scream. When he came, left a little bruises on your thighs and keep thrusting on you until you came. Then he kinda collapsed upon you while embracing you. You are not allowed to left his side, don’t even try it.

You both were in your bedroom. You were cleaning a little bit the accumulated dust on your desk and he was sitting on the floor, headlow, arms crossed on the chest and eyes closed. You looked at him. He looked so relaxed, almost like he were sleeping. You didn’t could think in one more perfect time to do it.

You sitted on his lap and sorrounded his neck with your arms. He startled a bit, then, he threw you an inquisitive glance. You kissed him slowly, tasting his lips and rocking your hips a little on him. He relaxed even more and started to kissing you once that he understood what was happening with you. He buried his good hand on your hair to make the kiss deeper and with the other hand on your hips he started to guide your movements.

He was loving and caring, but he make you top him the whole time. His gaze was intense and you barely were able to keep your eyes opened. He stroked your breasts/chest and butt while you were riding him. His tact were sorpresively soft and he make you came first, then he let you resting on his chest while stroking your back.

The sound of his breathing and his warm body maked you fell asleep.

It was a long way by horse, and there was still a stretch for arriving your house after a mission. Not that you mind at all, anyway. From your position, you could feel him so close. You were front on him and little shivers of anticipation were running on your back.

You started teasing him, subtle at first, but then more evident. You were stroking his arms, kissing him on the chin and moving your butt a little more close to his crotch.

“You are playing with fire, Y/N” he said in a warning voice. “and you’ll don’t like the result”
“Actually, I think I’d like the outcome” you smiled and gave him another kiss on his chin.

He didn’t even answered you, he just let you tease him the rest of the way until, finally, you arrived. You just closed the door behind you and he carry you over his shoulder.
“DEATH, WAIT!” you shouted, startled.
“I warned you” he stated simply and carried you to your bedroom.

He was teasing you the whole time. Do you want something? You have to beg for it. He was rough but caring, he didn’t want to rip anything. He’s too old so he has all the experience and knows very well where to touch you to make you scream. Like Strife, he didn’t allow you to left his side until you calm your breath.