and is about to go through so much shit

Yui appreciation week: Day 1 & 2

I know I’m late, leave me alone I forgot… So here’s day 1 and 2!

Day 1:

(a wip I started long ago like last year and never finished it so I guess it’s done)

My favorite quality about Yui is that she’s feisty and sweet at the same time. She takes so much shit daily from sadistic vampires and can still smile and I admire that so much. 

‘If you’re going through hell; keep going.” - Winston Churchill

Service Dogs

I know a lot of y'all have seen the fics and art about Bucky getting a service dog for his PTSD. And I LOVE THIS H/C SO FUCKING MUCH. But it got me to thinking:

Why doesn’t Steve have one?

This boi has been through SOME SHIT. Like, you’re really going to tell me he doesn’t have PTSD and severe, crippling depression and major anxiety issues?

Why doesn’t anyone write / draw Steve with a service dog?

Maybe I’ll write this into Paper Moon. I think they both need one.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on Steve Rogers for today.

Yui appreciation week day 2

I think Yui’s best quality is her kindness. Seriously these undead assholes put her through so much shit yet she still remains nice too them.
You wanna know what would happen to me my sarcastic ass would be probably be dead. I can only put up with so much bullshit before I started dealing with it. Which usually results in a super sarcastic as hell response to just about everything lol. Either that or I’d be dealing will a lot of punshiments 😂
You go Yui you are one tough cookie!

So my brother was on a camp out with his boy scout troop this weekend and apparently some kid started talking about how great he thinks Trump is and shit and my brother cut him off with “How much did that Nike sweatshirt you’re wearing cost?” and the kid didn’t know because his parents bought it so my brother replied “Well it probably cost around $75 but if Trump goes through with his proposed tax increase on imported goods, especially those created in China, it’s going to cost $200 so enjoy it while it lasts” and apparently the kid was so pissed he couldn’t come up with a reply

I wrote about this on Facebook and have seen a lot of references to it elsewhere but I just think for archival purposes I might as well write it down here: Trump is a puppet and Republicans of all stripes are desperately scrambling to force through as much absolutely repugnant shit as they possibly can, so that when his downfall comes (and someone, somewhere, probably has a careful plan for how to bring that about, and maybe even a schedule; impeachment most likely, and they’ll drag it out but let it happen), they can disavow everything terrible that happens, and spend just long enough dragging their feet on “repairing” all the “damage” he did (and it was all him! all on his own! he and his people! such rogues!) that the things they wanted will still happen, the people who were getting paid off for various corporate deals can still cash out, the assets can still get stripped out of the various government agencies, the outrage can burn itself out a bit, hopefully the few thousand sickest and most expensive patients stripped of healthcare will up and die already, the most annoying activists can get declared felons, a good collection of undesireables can get rounded up and deported or whatever, it’s all to the good even if it’s morally and legally indefensible. 

But by the time midterms roll around, they can all pin the blame for everything terrible that has happened on Trump, and campaign for re-election and maybe even swing some *more* seats red because of the terrible consequences of the things they pushed through. They were helpless, you see. It was all that horrible man’s fault.

So. I’m thinking maybe we need to spend a little less energy frantically protesting everything he does, and a little more energy carefully taking note of just who wrote each of those executive orders, who the authors of those bills were, and who, especially among the Democrats, collaborated. 

Take note of your Republican reps’ actions, and write to them and tell them that you see what they’re doing, and when Trump falls you’re not going to let them blame it on him; you see what their actual actions were in this ridiculous and confusing time, and you’re not going to fall for it.

Take note of your collaborators and write to them and tell them you’ll be backing a primary challenger against them in the next elections, if they’re Democrats. 

We surely need to be planning for 2018, and these are the first steps for that. This is all meant to be overwhelming and distracting. Look to the long view. There’s not much more we can do in the short view– obstructionism is the only way to minimize the damage before Trump is eliminated. 

(And, of course, keep the pressure up so that he does actually get eliminated.) 

  • Steven's song, 'Full Disclosure': I don't want my best friend to go through trouble for me, she shouldn't have to worry about me.
  • Literally the next song in the entire series, sung by Pearl and Connie: I'm gonna learn how to beat the shit out of anything that looks at Steven wrong.

me, disconsolately, with tears welling up: they DID do shit for you, scanlan, the moment you were like “I’m outie, y’all, I have to find my daughter” they were like “shit, of course, how can we help??” and vax went with you in the sewers to try and find her, and the moment you were like “I’m going to Kymal to find my daughter” they were like “shit, of course, do you want us to come with??” and pike did. you can only ask someone “are you okay?” so many times before you know the answer is going to be “I’m fine, don’t worry about me” and all those kids are kids, not much older than your actual kid (except maybe Pike) and they LOVE you and you are TOO GOOD at lying and what happened the one time someone did saw through your bullshit?? It was Vex and she was kind and understanding and loving and she swore to never tell and she didn’t, scanlan, she never told. I’m not saying you have to be happy and hunky-dory but once you’ve leveled out and had a moment to breathe you’ll understand this and come back, right?


Honestly I’m so upset about this whole thing I legit started crying while I was having dinner and I know I’m being dramatic but it’s just Eren has given so fucking much and not once did he ever complain about anything nor did he ever expected anything in return and to see him, someone who deserves so fucking much, go through all this shit because of other people is just…… The amount of shit he has been through is just ridiculous and he still keeps going and going no matter what. Eren has been fucking tortured, he is mentally unstable too, everyone he loves is taken away from him so fucking easily, he harms himself regularly, he has begged to die, he keeps hallucinating and having break downs, he is treated like a monster and a tool, he just wants to be trusted and to keep the only friends he has left close to him no matter what, he has given his life away so many times, he was fucking used and traumatised by his poor excuse of a father and that disgusts me more than anything honestly what the fuck.

And there he is, again, in a goddamn cell, probably hungry, unclean, uncomfortable, sleep deprived, having hallucinations, crying. He specifically said in those interviews he hated to sleep underground because of the lack of sunlight and because of the mold but I don’t see him complain at all, he just endures it like always and suffers for other people’s mistakes and stupidity and this kills him. Why? because he begged to save his best friend (the one and only who always believed in him no matter what, the one who was ALWAYS by his side since the beginning) and it is so fucking unfair to see literally everyone shitting on him and shitting on his problems and treat him like this is all his fault when he’s the one who suffers the most because of all of this and he just got caught up in this mess. He never fucking asked for any of this, he literally told Historia to take his powers away from him, he just happens to have a fucked up dad who happens to use his goddamn sons as fucking war tools or some shit I don’t even know what to say I’m just really upset, specially when I get to see so many people shitting on a character to whom I can relate deeply and who is heavily misunderstood. Eren is constantly taken for granted and people criticise him for the simple fact that he’s the protagonist and they reduce him to certain characteristics because they don’t even bother to try to understand how amazing his character actually is and how unique he can be.

Again, I just don’t really want to see Eren crying in a fucking cell and literally deteriorating and becoming progressively worse and worse and honestly if this gets worse I’m going to be so fucking sad because Eren has so much potential and he can do so many great things but unfortunately it seems like people won’t realise that any time soon which is kinda sad because having such a nice character is one of things that makes snk so appealing and even if you don’t like him, eren gives a very special vibe to this show and he fits in it perfectly and he has shown enough times he’s worthy being this show’s protagonist and he was literally created to fit in it and he is so complex in his own messy way and I’m just being clumsy right now but what I really want to say is that I really love this character and I’m upset things are going against him right now and I just really really hope he gets through this because I know he can and I believe in him a lot

silverfoxtony  asked:

just letting you know that i'm going through your tony stark tag from 2012 to now. 111 pages through, 1220 to go. i love seeing the changes in your writing style and your perception of the material tony's in, as well as the steadily increasing nat bitterness™ i've grown to love! adore your blog forever and always, thanks for being such a gift to this fandom. tony stark would be so proud! incredulous and sceptic of all the praise and love directed at him, but proud and happy nonetheless :')

OH MY GOD NO if you do that i will be exposed for the sham that i am holy shit please just promise me you won’t make fun of who i was during my young and more vulnerable years. i didn’t know what i was doing. i still don’t. oh god

Okay I think one of the reasons there’s so much hate for Lukas is that it’s really hard to separate understanding someone’s actions and agreeing with them.

I mean Lukas is going through a really hard time. I understand why he’s lashing out at Philip. I understand why he’s treating him like shit. I even understand why he feels like his only solution is drugs.

Do I agree with his actions? Fuck no. Honestly I’m super pissed that he would ask Philip for drugs. He knows that Philip has seen firsthand what drugs do to the people he cares about. Fuck Lukas for asking that of Philip.

But I also understand that he’s not exactly in his right mind at the moment. He’s really scared about coming out, he’s really freaked out by what happened in the cabin, and he looks like he might be dealing with some PTSD.

I think it’s really important to find the balance between judgement and empathy here. In understanding why he does the things he does we can realize that Lukas isn’t a bad person, he’s not trying to hurt Philip. He’s just in a really bad place and needs some love and someone to talk to. That doesn’t excuse his actions of course, but it does explain them.

honestly don’t come at me with ‘this arc proves that Yang and Blake shouldn’t be together because Yang needs someone who won’t leave her and Blake needs someone who’ll follow her’ shit because i’m just gonna delete it

the entire point of this arc is for character development, Blake to get over her instinct to run, a result of the trauma and abuse she’s been put through, and return to those she cares about, that she’s so specifically paralleling Raven in regards to Yang is poignant because Yang paralleled Adam in regards to Blake. but Yang also proved how much she wasn’t Adam in 3x12, so it follows that we’re going to get a moment where Blake proves how much she isn’t Raven by returning for Yang’s sake - not because Yang’s 'useful’ or because she needs Yang for something, but because she cares about Yang and they both need each other

Blake showing that she understands Yang in return for how Yang showed she understood her all the way back in volume 2. they’ve proven to have a deeper connection than any other characters we have seen, a connection that can only really get deeper as things go on, now that they are so thoroughly and permanently intertwined narratively because of Adam

I am dearly hoping poor Donald is the anxiety-ridden member of the crew who’s been through SO MUCH SHIT. AND THAT’S WHY HE’S GOT SO MUCH ANXIETY






Pairing: Jungkook/Jimin
Rated: E
Author: Harlot
Length: 40k

Jungkook is young and he is more acquainted with confusion and poor-decision-making than he’d like to admit. Despite being only 19 years old, he sometimes argues that he’s been through and seen some shit. He is never sure where he’s going to end up and he’s not entirely sure what kind of future is waiting for him. He is often not sure of a lot but he is certain—absolutely certain—that he’s not gay.

Alternatively, a story in which Jungkook meets Park Jimin and doesn’t like him whatsoever. There’s just something about him… there’s just so much about him. Jungkook really can’t stand him. In fact, he can’t stand him so much he can’t quite seem to get him off of his mind.

One of the best fics I’ve ever read (i just read it, already fave). Honestly this is really good and really well written deserves like a million likes. Also, like Jungkook says in the fic: turns out there is a 11 out of 10 cus this fic gets that.

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The lost one

Request; Cassian arguing with his boss (Draven).

Warnings; some cursing

Word count; 647

Summary; You’ve been sent on mission all by yourself and Cassian really doesnt like it.

A/N; I feel like the grammar is quite shitty in this one but I don’t feel like fixing it right now. Feedback would be appreciated so so much, thank you!

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Twin Peaks promotional idea

A fake episode of a true crime tv show covering the Laura Palmer case.  A deep-voiced narrator says things like “No matter how much the killer cleaned up, he couldn’t clean up dreams”, and “It was at this point the FBI hit upon the idea of throwing rocks at a bottle to determine which leads to follow up on.”  Albert as a talking head going “Well, we COULD have done a real autopsy, but we’ll never know what that would have revealed because SOMEONE had to get fussy about the funeral.”  Cooper as a talking head acting really weird, indicating that he’s either possessed or has been through so much shit at this point in his life that he’s just absolutely exhausted.  Reinactors playing Donna and James who are obviously like ten years too old for the roles.  Audrey is credited as “Audrey Horne, author of In the Shadow of the Peaks: My Life in the Center of a Small Town Crime Ring.”  The show itself has a really suspicious name like Stories in the Blood or The Truth Has Eyes Everywhere.

russian association

ok so I’ve been thinking a lot about how andreil learn Russian together and how it is something that brings them closer together and reminds them of the other. It then got me thinking about Russian terms of endearment (and I saw a post about this the other day that just further fueled me) and how they would use Russian terms for each other because no one else would know what they’re saying. BUT THEN I was thinking about what would happen if they started using those terms to wake the other up from nightmares and this is what happened:  

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After all the hype from having Armin finally see the ocean I feel like not enough people is talking about Eren’s reaction.

Can we please acknowledge that this kid is still going through so much shit? It’s just sad that Eren’s so weighted down with all the truth about the world and all the memories he have that aren’t his that he can’t even enjoy that they reached the ocean.

It breaks my heart to know that the boy tha once wanted to see the ocean with his best friend is now way too damaged to care about it.

“There are people in this world that you’ll come across. Most of them will come and go from your life.
And there are those rare people who come along and make a really big impact on your life.

They’re the ones who have so much love to give. They care so much about you, and they always go unnoticed by others. These people are the ones who always get the shitty end of the stick, the ones who are scared to be used and hurt again. They’re also very unappreciated, and often get taken for granted. They can have so much shit on their plate, and still find the strength within themselves to get through the day.

But let me tell you, these people are true blessings. They make life so much more enjoyable, and fun.
If you come across one of these people on your life journey, please do not let them go. They appreciate the fact that you’re also there for them in their time of need.”


she’s now my bestfriend


Musical Neighbors, A Lin x Reader Part 6: How do I tell him?

A/N: i’ve hhhaaaddd such writer’s block on this, i’m sorry. thanks to @justanotherfanficreader for some help with it.

also, prepare your asses, some shit is about to go down

Summary: your relationship with Lin has grown, but some news might bring it down. 

Warnings: swearing? i think? idk

I have never worked on Broadway or met the original cast. I apologize if any of my work is inaccurate.  

(Y/U/N)-Your username on social media.

(Y/F/D)-Your favorite drink.


As weeks and months went by, Hamilton grew more popular and so did the cast. Ticket sales were through the roof, and you barley saw Lin. You still got to hang out with him though. You didn’t mind it that much though, because you still had to finish your song. You and your friend Andy, the guy you were helping write the song, often facetimed. His band was getting slightly popular, and was soon to go on tour, so you had to get this done. 

Around 9pm, you were still facetiming Andy, working on the song.

“Okay, so like, what about this?” You asked, playing a string of notes off of your guitar.

“Fuck yeah!” Andy exclaimed, causing you to laugh and roll your eyes.

“Does every phrase you say include a swear word?” You asked.

“Absolutely fucking not.” He responded. 

“You’re a dork.”

“I’m aware.”

You were strumming along to the lyrics, when you heard a knock at your door.

“Ah what the fuck?” You groaned, placing your guitar down.

You answered the door to a tired-looking Lin.

“Shit, Lin I’m sorry! Was I being too loud?” You asked frantically.

“Oh, no. I just wanted to pop in, see how you were doing.” He smiled.

“Oh, well, come in. I’m just facetiming my friend Andy. He’s the dude I’m working on the song with.” You explained, letting him in.

“Wow, I’m just the dude.” Andy’s voice came from the phone.

“Are you-”

“Together? No. He’s just an asshole I decide to hang out with.” You cut off Lin’s question.

Andy rolled his eyes. “Thanks, asshole.”
“Oh wait, is that Lin-Manuel Miranda?” He asked.

Lin popped into the view of the camera. 

“Oh shit, I love Hamilton man! It’s a great musical!” He almost dropped his phone.

Lin smiled. “Thank you!”

“(Y/N/N), you know I love Hamilton! You didn’t tell me you lived in the same apartment as Lin-Manuel Miranda!” He whined.

“Once you get to know him, it’s not that entertaining.” You shrugged, causing Lin to pull an offended face. 

“Wow. That’s extremely rude.” He gasped dramatically. You rolled your eyes. 

“I’ll talk to you later And, I think I might go to bed.” You said. You two said goodbyes and hung up.

“Okay, so what are you doing here?” You asked.

“So, I found this thing awhile ago that tags along with Twitter, called Periscope. You can do a live video on it!” He responded excitedly. “And I was wondering if you’d like to do one with me?” 

You shrugged. “Uh, yeah sure.” 

He smiled, and starting setting it up on his phone.

After a  few minutes, he looked rather sad.

“No one’s joined.” He sighed.

You walked over to check it.

“Lin, you’re not even connected.” You raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, wow. I’m dumb.” He pressed the button, and almost instantly fans started joining.

“Hello! Here I’m with (Y/N), in her apartment.” He said to the viewers, who were spamming likes and comments.

“Wow. A lot of people like you.” You pointed out.

“You find that surprising?” He glared at you.

“Yep.” You teased, causing him to roll his eyes.

“She’s the best.” He said sarcastically.

“So how have the Ham4Hams been going?” You asked, getting drinks.

“They’ve been great, lots of anxiety though. New York traffic, people trying to cross the streets to get to us.” He responded.

You nodded, walking over with a cup full of (Y/F/D) and handing it to Lin.

“Thanks hon.” He said, taking a sip. You blushed slightly, only for a short time, it dying down.

Apparently it wasn’t as short as you thought, because fans starting flooding the chat with “I ship it!” and “Aw so cute!”

You sighed, sitting next to Lin and taking a sip of your drink. For about an hour, you and Lin responded to many comments, and many people began coming up with ship names for you two. 

“Alright, we’re gonna go now!” He smiled at the camera.

“Bye everyone!” You threw on a sheepish smile and Lin leaned in, kissing your cheek (which totally did not cause you to blush) and then ended the stream.

“So, that’s not the only reason I came up here.” He turned to face you.

“What is it?” You asked, sitting back.

“We’re having a Ham4Ham tomorrow, and I was wondering if you’d like to come by! We’re changing up the roles a bit, and preforming the Schuyler Sisters, but like, the Schuyler Brothers. Get me?”

You nodded. “Where do I come in?”

He placed his cup down, and clapped his hands together.

“So first, I was suppose to be Eliza, but everyone wanted me to be Angelica, even Daveed, which is surprising. So Daveed took Eliza and Groff took Peggy. Then they convinced me to ask you, would you like to play Burr?”

It hit you like a truck. You knew why they wanted you to be Burr and Lin to be Angelica.

Because Burr flirts with Angelica in the song.

Those fuckers.

You hesitated at first.

“Um..yeah sure. What time?” You asked.

“About 1 o’clock. Afternoon. Of course.” He responded excitedly.

“Right, see you then.” You smiled.

He grinned, and walked back to his room.

You grabbed your phone and texted Daveed.

To: Daveed
You asshole. You set that up, didn’t you?

You got a response from him a few minutes later.

From: Daveed

I might’ve. Don’t blame me, Renee came up with it. See you tomorrow, Burr. ;)

You groaned, flopping onto your couch.

Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

The next day you got up around 11:30am, ate breakfast, and watched Doctor Who until it was time to get ready and head out.

You threw on a pair of jeans with a black hoodie and converse, since it was suppose to be chilly out. 

You grabbed your phone and keys and headed downstairs.

You walked up to the Richard Rogers Theatre, and people were already gathering up. Lin helped you through the security gates, and you saw Daveed and Groff smirking.

When Lin was out of earshot, you walked over to the two.

“So you told everyone Diggs?” You glared at him.

“Oops. It slipped out.” He shrugged.

“Hey, but you guys are my otp now.” Groff winked at you.

“Oh please.” You rolled your eyes. 

“Hey, I’m not the only one. Check your twitter.”

You opened up your phone to a bunch of Twitter notifications.

Apparently, people have been taken screenshots and posted them to Twitter.

“Honestly, @(Y/U/N) and @Lin_Manuel are my otp.” Most of them said. You saw that most of the cast retweeted them too. Including Lin.

You groaned, noticing yourself turning up.

“Lighten up kid. Lin is a catch.” Groff informed you.

“Oh shut up Schuylers. Get ready for your performance.” 

After everyone arrived, the three “Schuyler Brothers” went into the theatre, and were suppose to come out when the “Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy” echoed out.

They set up an instrumental on a speaker, and you jumped onto the top stop of the front entrance.

There’s nothing rich folks love more, than going downtown and slumming it with the poor.” You sang, the crowd cheering.

“They pull up in their carriages and gawk at the students in the common just to watch them talk.” 

You added your own little dance to it, causing a mixture of laughter and cheers from the crowd. 

“Take Philip Schuyler, the man is loaded. Uh-oh! But little does he know that his daughters, Peggy, Angelica, Eliza, sneak into the city just to watch all the guys at-”

“Work work!” The crowd sang.

Lin strutted out, erupting cheers from the crowd.


Work work!

Daveed came out, walking gracefully.


Groff practically jumped down, almost falling.

And Peggy!

They walked around the small area, singing to the song and dancing to it.

Then that moment came.

Wooo! There’s nothing like summer in the city, someone in a rush next to someone lookin’ pretty!” You sang, walking over to Lin.

Excuse me miss, I know it’s not funny but your perfume smells like your daddy’s got money. Why you slummin’ in the city in your fancy heels?” You got pretty close, your lips almost touching. You had to stand on your tippy-toes though, since you were shorter than him. You could tell he was trying not to laugh.

Your face was almost as pink as Angelica’s dress, but you didn’t care.

 People were ‘oohing’ and whistling.

You searchin’ for a urchin who can give you ideals?”

Lin rolled his eyes, turning his head away from you.

Burr, you disgust me.”

You put your arm around him.

Ah so you’ve discussed me?”

Daveed and Groff put their hands on their hips.

I’m a trust fund baby, you can trust me.” You winked.

I’ve been reading common sense by Thomas Payne, some men say that I’m intense or I’m insane. You want a revolution? I want a revelation!” He pushed you away, you shooting a shocked face towards the crowd.

So listen to my declaration.”

We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal!
And when I meet Thomas Jefferson-

Groff and Daveed put their hands to their mouths. 

I’ma compel him to include women in the squeal! Work!

The rest of the performance was quite funny, you caught Lin looking towards you at some points as well.

When it ended, Lin pulled you over.

“Let’s hear it for our honorary Burr!” He shouted, pointing to you.

Everyone cheered and clapped.

“Good luck with the lotto!”

After a little while, you headed home, when you received an urgent text from Andy.

From: Andy

Hey! We got our tour date! It’s going to be in about a month!”

You smiled, texting him back.

To: Andy

Great! How long will we be out?

He texted you back rather quickly.

From: Andy

About 6 months. It’s going to be exciting!

You stopped.

6 months? Away from Lin? And the cast? And your home?

How are you going to tell him?


Ahhhh shit guys. This took awhile! Part 7 soon!

It’s almost 4am too. Wooo!

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