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sorry if this was asked before, but do you have tips or guidelines on how you make such interesting character designs? :0

I’m glad people think they’re interesting! Really I just combine things I like together. Sometimes I’ll just look at an existing design I like and I’ll think about what actually stands out about it to me, break it down into basics like “it has spindly limbs” or “it’s translucent and luminous” and just remix those elements with other things I like, especially if I haven’t seen it too often.

Pokemon just combined a mosquito with a bodybuilder and that’s both a combination I’ve never seen in my life and one you would expect to just be silly but while it IS silly it also works perfectly and looks badass as heck.

Think of “fusions” between things, whether or not they make sense together, and interesting ideas will come!

You can also work backwards from the final “function” of a design, like, “something that squirts magma like a gun would be cool. What could that look like? Where does the magma come from?”

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How do you really feel about capitalism?

This sounds like a loaded question. I think it’s a system that has certain advantages and certain disadvantages. I don’t believe it is intrinsically “evil,” but in practice it has engendered extreme inequality and unnecessary suffering. It didn’t have to be this way (or maybe it did, depending on your view of human nature.)  Early capitalism in particular did raise the standard of living for many people, freed many from unrelenting agricultural labor, and created a system that has rewarded technological innovation and progress, something that many leftists take for granted. But clearly it’s done so at great cost to the environment and to humanity in general. Capitalism seems to allow the worst parts of human nature, including greed, selfishness, indifference to suffering, to flourish.

That being said, I’m not persuaded that communism is the most reasonable alternative (which I assume is the implied secondary question here). Not just because communist states have a history of repression and cruelty, but because communism rests on the idea that humans will willingly put aside the worst parts of their nature and put the needs of others, including people they don’t know, ahead of their own. This is not really how humans are, and state communism has historically been associated with extreme corruption, repression, and inequality, among other problems, which suggests it’s basically untenable in practice. That’s where the anarchist-communists usually swoop in to let us know that without a state, real communism will flourish. So will life on Mars, eventually, maybe, but I wouldn’t count on it. I also have some well documented objections to the idea that autonomous collectives will ever be able to replace the state in terms of what it provides to people who are not able to take care of themselves.

Mostly I “feel” that capitalism is here, it’s our reality, and instead of hoping it will magically vanish in favor of communitarian collectives that would miraculously be free of prejudice and never replicate existing inequalities, I would like to take concrete steps to make capitalism less extreme, less unequal, and less cruel. I don’t think wanting to acquire *some* wealth makes a person evil, but I also don’t think that the acquisition of extreme wealth is a worthy goal. I believe in the democratic process, and in the power of a democratic, transparently- governed state to do actual good and to lessen capitalism’s worst effects, especially when people are willing to be actively engaged with their government and when individual selfishness and systemic prejudices are recognized as fundamentally opposed to a democratic society. 

So tired of the anti-ace/aro crowd pretending ppl aren’t being nasty as hell to aces and aros left and right in this mess. Like if at least they didn’t try to shut ppl up about it if they speak out against it lol.

You’ll go, “ppl need to stop all that vile anti-ace/aro crap it’s toxic” and they’ll come at you like, “clearly you’re talking about x lolol x has nothing to do with hating aces and aros shut up”

And you’re like… no I was talking about way worse crap but nice try? Like u could just have asked but I guess you’d have to give a crap about treating me and others with basic respect and not harming us for that first. (This has happened so often to me it’s unbelievable)

Or you’ll say, “ppl have said z about aces and aros and it’s not good”

And get, “you disgusting lying liar how dare you how dare. That never happened stop lying” when… if the person had just asked u for proof u could have linked it. Not that someone not having proof at hand for something shitty they say happened automatically makes them a vile liar.

despising aces+aros must be fun

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I just want to take this chance to tell you that I absolutely love your fics and your posts. I had actually given up in FShenko fics for some time then I found your College AU fic back in 2015(??) and it rekindled my love for fanfiction (which then lead to me reading just about everything else you have written). Basically, I just wanted to tell you that you're a wonderful writer, a great source of positivism (and bs calling). And just thank you for being a part of this fandom!

Oh gosh thank you!!! You’re too sweet, anon.


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I've never been attracted to Dean like the rest of the fandom is. I've always looked at him in a fatherly way. Is that weird? I do find him handsome. Just not in *THAT WAY* I grew up with an abusive stepfather and my biological dad died. All of my male influnces have been BEYOND useless and basically made me feel worse about myself. So when I started watching SPN Dean kinda helped me in a way. The way a dad should help. I know it sounds weird but Dean is a father figure to me. Fictional or not.

That’s totally cool! I am not sexually attracted to him like at all but I think he’s beautiful. To me, him and Dee are the cool friends with cool friends and I want to hang with all of them. Of course, I’m older than Jensen too so there’s that.


Who is it that Bbong Ssuni is saving?
A prince that lives alone in a castle.

  • the prince: *humiliates and dismisses the old woman in front of all his guests*
  • me: wow what an asshole, he deserves to suffer
  • the prince, as a beast: *pretentiously criticizes romeo and juliet after belle names it as her favorite play*

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your Voltron headcanons are amazing and hilarious and a gift to this world

once again i’m in awe that my gift to humanity is shitposts

  • “where’s pidge” “i don’t know probably planking on a robot or something”
  • lance is a treasure trove of very specific and random skill sets that come in handy at very specific and random moments
    • one time he goes undercover as a circus performer and manages to distract the bad guys long enough for the team to stage a whole prison break by juggling for half an hour straight
    • can totally pick locks with bobby pins
    • king of limbo, once avoided death by lasers by shimmying under them
  • “oh my god guys guys if keith were a superhero he’d be the sandman. get it. get it because he lived in the deser-”
  • keith and lance use the buddy system whenever they have to walk through the castle because they still don’t trust it not to kill them and there’s strength in numbers shut up pidge
  • not that either party knows this but hunk can deadlift more than zarkon
  • allura’s vibe is “don’t fuck with me” while shiro’s is “you could pour soup in my lap and i’d probably apologize to you”
  • *in the middle of a fight* pidge: “tag yourself i’m that galra guy who just straight up ran away when he saw us“
    • lance: “i’m the ship that just blew up”
    • hunk: “i’m the cold, crushing void of space”
    • coran: “can you kids lighten up a little???”

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I would read the crap out of your bitty in the NHL fic

(anon is referring to these tags:  #b r a h#i have a solid 2k of backstory for how bitty could have started hockey earlier and been good enough to sign with the NHL after graduating#it involves bitty’s aunt connie john johnson’s mother and the edmonton oilers#idk if i’ll ever post it because i’m only done the outline of the fic#(thats just the 2k prologue lol) from this post

ME TOO!! I want to read it so bad, I just don’t…. want.. to write… it…… 

This is the summary though! 

Eric Bittle expected his first year in the NHL to be difficult. He expected the long road trips, the aggressive checks, the constant fatigue, the rampant homophobia lurking under the surface of a culture that put traditional masculinity on a pedestal. Less expected is the balancing act that is his social life. Putting up with a surly captain while keeping in contact with friends from college and slowly falling for an anonymous guy he met on tinder were not a part of Bitty’s contract with the Providence Falconers.

Yes, Jack is the guy he met on tinder. No, neither of them know that. 

I really want it to be a multi media story so it includes tumblr posts, newspaper headlines, text messages etc. for example, from chapter 3:

Tumblr post. fyeahjarse: Did you hear about Zimms helping Eric Bittle?? They’re doing extra morning practices together??? Look at my son helping my other son, what a good captain. -> reblogged and someone adds doodles of them as falcons a la the penguin artist on irl hockey tumblr (ninja omelet) 

jacksonwang852g7: My Dearest Mom happy birthday! 🎁🎊🎈🎉
Thank you for being by my side during my birthday, always insist of going to the supermarket even though you don’t feel well, just to cook me dinner. Always organizing and cleaning up my room. Always there waiting for me until I sleep. Basically thinking about me every moment. Always worrying about my health condition, about the amount of time I could sleep.
But to be honest, it really hurts me deep down my heart. You’ve already been through a lot back then while raising me up. And as your son I don’t want you to suffer anymore and I really want you to do what you loved to do and what you wanted to do.
I should be the one who is taking care of you and dad now.
Maybe in your perspective, sometimes you would say it’s a waste of money, waste of time and it’s not important.
But I just want you to know, as your son, The fact that I can do something for you, it’s happier than anything else, and more important than anything else.
Maybe I can’t be with you because of work all the time, not being able to do what a son is supposed to do. Truly sorry but I always think about you, and I wish you can be happy every day.
The world, no the greatest mom in the universe.
Happy birthday 🎂


Mean Girls, Seventeen edition: Who are the plastics? They’re teen royalty. If Pledis was Ceci Magazine, they would always be on the cover. Plan V + My Angel

Me, watching Beauty and the Beast
  • Expectations: Watching a movie, with hopefully good casting, well-made songs and a good remake of the original animation movie.
  • Reality: Watching an absolutely masterpiece with A+++ casting, main and supporting cast. Watching a movie of pure perfection and probably one of the best movies I've ever seen. Joining at least three new fandoms and meeting amazing people.
The white road

I am 24 when my doctor tells me that I was abused. She doesn’t tell me what happened to me, or plant any memories that weren’t already there. She takes what I have told her and she puts it all inside those six letters, that one word.

Before she takes my memories and gives me that word, I tell her that I have made the appointment because I want to know why I can’t stand being touched. I tell her that I’m 24 and I’m sick of flinching when shop assistants hand me my change, just in case their fingers brush against my palm and there is that fire again, the one that rushes up from my bone to the membrane of my skin any time it comes into contact that I wasn’t expecting. I tell her that I have been trying to do this properly, from dating to everything else, and it’s like I’m blocked. It’s like I’m missing a piece of myself that makes me an adult, or perhaps even a human, and I don’t know where it’s gone.

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