and is a tall athletic girl

Tsukkiyama Headcanon

Ok ok just imagine Tsukki and Yama going on a fancy dinner date and Yama gets there first and he reserved a more secluded table so it takes a moment to find someone. Yama sat down and waited patiently and suddenly he sees Tsukki walking in

“Who’s that hot guy?”

Yama stopped and looked at two girls sitting at a table next to his and overheard their conversation.

“He’s tall and handsome, maybe he’s an athlete!”
“No way, he looks like a college student or a young teacher.”
“Hmm do you think he has a girlfriend?”
“I don’t know but what if he’s actually gay?”
“That could never happen, he’d be throwing away his chances of having a family!”

Yama immediatley faltered and started tearing up (bless him I can’t) but then Tsukki came over and lifted his chin up to kiss him.

“Finally found you,” he said,“Did I keep you waiting?”

“Not at all”

Yama then gave him his cute ass smile with his cute ass freckles looking like stars and the two girls shrieked loudly.

the foxhole court gothic
  • there are people on the roof. they are making out. when aren’t they.
  • there’s this guy at your school. you swear his eyes were brown last week. were they ever blue before? it doesn’t matter. oh look, they’re brown again.
  • you hear rumours about a terrifying man. the terrifying man is actually five feet tall. somehow, you’re still scared.
  • there’s two of the man now. maybe three? four? you wonder how many you’ve missed.
  • you watch a match. there’s girls kissing. in your home team, there’s three men with a boyfriend. you wonder if everyone who does sports is gay. this might be the time to get closer to the athletes.
  • the athletes have disappeared. do they even attend school?
  • it is game night. the athletes are still gone. suddenly, the athletes are on the field. of course they are. it is game night.
  • you turn on the tv. there is a game on. you turn the tv off. there is a different game playing. you turn it on. yet another game. it must be the athletes.
  • the cheerleaders are practising. you turn around. they’re in front of you. you wonder how many there are. it’s never the same cheerleaders.
  • you have only ever talked to 10 people in your entire school. it’s okay. it’s like that for everyone.
  • you’re not sure how long you’ve been a student. you think it’s five years. you look at the calendar. wrong. it’s been 3 days. maybe you should take a nap.

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Laila Dermott chose California because of the sunshine. She’s never been a fan of the cold, and a school with a Class I Exy team renowned for their kindness and a mild climate sounded perfect.

She didn’t only find sunshine in the sky, though. She finds it in a backliner’s smile. She finds it pressed against her skin in a bed that’s too small for two athletes. She finds it in a bashful grin, behind wilting daisies presented as a whimsical gift. She finds it in a girl who’s too tall and likes to be called by her surname.

(“What mysteries are you hiding from me?” Laila whispers; any sound too loud would ruin the perfect morning, with its sea breeze and warm legs tangled together.

“Multiple homicide,” Alvarez whispers back, breath tickling the tip of Laila’s nose. “No, just cruel parents,” which Laila knows isn’t true. Her parents are almost as welcoming as their daughter.)

Laila had hoped USC would be accepting. Their exy team seemed like a good chance. And if not, she could easily take her aggression out on anyone stupid enough to annoy her. But better than acceptance, she found the love of her life.

“Aww, you look so small when you’re sleeping,” Alvarez says, returning from her early class and opening the curtains. Maybe Laila doesn’t love her that much, actually. “No, I forgot, you’re always small.”

Laila throws a pillow at her girlfriend. “Go away. I don’t love you.”

“Yes, you do,” Alvarez says, smoothly catching the pillow. “And now you don’t have something to sleep on.”

Laila realises the errors of her ways, but playing a male-dominated sport has given her years to practice covering up her panic, and she nestles down into her duvets like it’s okay. “Don’t need it,” she mutters, though she does.

“Yes, you do, princess,” Alvarez laughs.

“Not fair,” Laila says to her blanket. “One time I complain about a thin mattress. Once. And I’m labelled a princess.”

“And because you’re as pretty as one.”

“Flattery won’t get me out of bed.”

“I know,” Alvarez sighs, and she’s still not giving the pillow back.

A genius idea strikes. “I’ll get out of bed if you let me nap on you,” Laila says.

“Hmm,” Alvarez says, as though she’s considering it. “Not the point. You promised you’d get up early to help me with my assignment.”

“Yeah, but that’s boring,” Laila replies.

“You know what’s more boring? Arguing about going back to sleep or not.”

“Talking to you could never be boring, darling,” Laila says in an affected accent.




“Maybe,” Laila concedes, finally forcing her eyes properly open. Alvarez is still stood by the window, and the light makes her appear as heavenly as Laila knows she is. She smiles. “The light suits you.”

“Good thing we’re in California,” Alvarez says, deadpan. “Get out of bed.”

Laila groans. “Can’t we do the assignment from here?”

“If I thought you had any chance of actually helping instead of falling asleep? Sure.”

“You’re mean,” Laila says.

“We can go to the beach. It’s not that crowded today, and there’s not much wind either,” Alvarez replies, a calculated move.

“I take it back, you’re the best person I’ve ever met.”

“I know,” Alvarez says.

“But bed is better.”

Alvarez steps forward to grab Laila’s arm, which is (unwisely) hanging over the side of the bed. And she pulls.

“I fell for you again,” Laila mutters to Alvarez’s feet, to the gratifying sound of a snort.

Alvarez helps her up, presses a quick, soft kiss to Laila’s cheek. “Get dressed, babe.”

“Yes, mom.”

Alvarez’s smile is worth any number of early mornings.

Imagine cheating on your boyfriend with Sonny

(A/N: Contains emotional abuse and cheating.)

Imagine cheating on your boyfriend with Sonny

You were the small town Fairytale.

First you were childhood best friends, then you were still best friends as you got older, then he asked you out and you were your High-school favourite couple. Voted cutest couple. Prom king and Queen  both your families loved the other, making jokes about your future kids and inevitable wedding.

You and him were the ultimate American high school sweethearts.

Everyone in your small town thought you were going to be together forever,do did he and back then so did you.

Justin Wheeler lived the American dream. He was tall, dark, handsome. Athletic, to the point he was soon Captain of the Football team. He could have any girl be wanted and he wanted you. Only God knows why, up until he asked you he was just your best friend. You didn’t have any romantic feelings towards him but when he asked everyone expected you to say, yes, so you did.
As you progressed through your relationship you grew to develop the feelings he obviously had for you. Sure, you fell in love with him. But when he said it to you the first time, you lied. He never could tell though.

You think you stayed so long because he brought you comfort. He was your best friend and you had fun. After high-school and when you moved away he reminded you of home.

You were always an over-achiever. You liked working and you knew what you wanted to do ever since you are seven. It was careers day and one of your classmates brought their Grand Uncle in who was a Captain in the Philadelphia Police Department. Everyone else in your class ignored his speech and asked about his gun but you listened. He helped people everyday,  put away bad guys and no one day as a police officer was ever like another. You feel in love.

After high-school you both moved to Philadelphia to attend Penn State. You on a academic scholarship and him on an athletic one. You took Criminology and did it in three years over the usual four. Which meant dispute living together you barley ever saw each other. You knew Justin had hoped that after it all out would have gone back to how it was in high school but as soon as you finished joined the police department. Much to Justin’s distain. He didn’t like the idea of you becoming a cop,  he wanted you to do something else, something safe. He also assumed that after college you would move back home which was something you didn’t want. Your  town was too small for your big dreams.

While you were in the academy he constantly told you that you could have done something better with your life considering how smart you were. Always trying to get you to reconsider becoming a cop in the big city and moving back home with him. His Dad ran a successful Car business throughout the state and he was planning on taking over.

But you couldn’t just be his housewife.

You reasoned with him and he eventually gave in. He took over the Philadelphia division of his families business and by that time you are a Patrol cop.

Things died down after that. Things got better between you two. You both actually spent time together again. You wanted to make things work. You thought he was your forever.

Things got better and then they went bad again.  Your supervisor had suggested you take the detectives exam after only four years on the job, which was practically on heard off but he said you had talent and were wasted as a uniform. You took the test definitely expecting to fail, but you passed with flying colours and were officially a detective.

He celebrated with you. Buying you presents and throwing a party. You were so happy but as soon as you became a Detective. Things went bad again. You spend more and more time at work because you had to. He didn’t understand that being with a cop meant adjusting. He was unwilling constantly arguing with you about the fact you are always at work and never at home with. You tired to reason with him but he was unfazed and unwilling to change.

That was two years ago. You took on one less tour at work to appease him. From that point is when you realised you weren’t in love anymore, though looking back you don’t think you ever were. You realised only dated him because every expected you too. You never liked him romantically despite how much as you wish you did. You just didn’t. You fell in love with the idea of being in love with your best friend. The fantasy of falling and spending the rest of your life with the person who’d grown up with. Who doesn’t want to spend their life with their best friend? You certainly did but not now. You weren’t in love with him and you weren’t even his best friend anymore. He wasn’t the same person he was bitter, resentful and belittling but he was still in love with you, apparently.

You spent the rest of the next year, trying to work up the courage to break it off. You tried but whenever you’d start to talk about your relationship he’d shut you down. Distract you, do anything for you to stop talking about it. He’d bring up weddings, marriage, kids and the future. Even bringing in your parents, who loved him and reminding you that they were so excited to see the two of get married. Looking back on it now, you realise that what he was doing, he was making you feel guilty about even thinking about leaving him. Reminding you about ho long you’ve been together and how much he has sacrificed for you. Making sure you’d never leave him.

Ever since you both left College he’d been trying to propose but you always made a big deal of being too busy for anything. You knew however he proposed, it would be big,extravagant and public. You couldn’t reject him like that.

So you lived in misery up until last year. That’s when you were offered a transfer to Manhattan SVU in New York. You met Lieutenant Benson and Sergeant Tutuola after they came down to liaison on case. Someone who they had put away had been realised and seemed to have resurfaced in your neck of the woods. They were impressed by you and you had left it slip to Lieutenant Benson that you weren’t exactly happy. So she suggested a fresh start in a new city with new people. You took it as soon as she finished her sentence.

You put in transfer papers that evening.

That same evening, you went home adamant on telling him it was all over. That you were leaving and not planning to ever return to your childhood town, a dream he clung onto and often referenced. You got home and told him everything, how you were feeling and what you planned on doing. You said your part only to be met with a blank look and then a smile. He laughed and said you were talking nonsense. That you was moving was fine, he was willing to try long distance. You argued back saying that wasn’t what you wanted.

He insisted though that you were saying such ‘idiotic’ things because you had assumed that he wouldn’t want to try long distance but for you, he’d do anything. Then he grabbed your arm, a grip much harder than usual,reminding you that you’d never be alone your entire life. How would you cope, survive,live. He was circling you, breathing heavy, shooting these questions at you so fast that you couldn’t give him answers. Then he smiled, gave you a kiss on the cheek and told you everything will be okay because you had him.

Yes, you had him and he had you, under his control.

You moved to New York and it was the best decision you had ever made. You got yourself an apartment in the city and officially transferred to Manhattan SVU. Five out of the seven days in the week, you were free from him. You had agreed to go back every weekend, but for five days you got what you wanted.

On your first day at SVU, you feared that you wouldn’t meet the standard and get sent back. Manhattan SVU was infamous department, it had apprehended some of the biggest criminals on the east coast. They were one of the only departments in the whole country to actively try and almost succeed at getting rid of their rape-kit backlog. They had high expectations and you could only hope you could meet them. 

Liv had explained to you the dynamics of the squad. You had met her and Sergeant Tutuola, though he insisted on you calling him Finn. Their were four other people on the ‘squad’ that hadn’t met. Their was Detective Amanda Rollins who was Finn’s partner, their was ADA Rafael Barba who wasn’t technically on the squad but was close enough, then their was Sergeant Mike Dodds, who was technically your Sergeant and finally Detective Dominick Carisi Jr, your partner and preferred to be called Sonny.

You were nervous about meeting everyone but especially nervous about meeting your new partner. You had always had good partners in the past and you feared what would happen if you didn’t get along with your new one.

Despite your fears, you got along with everyone when you eventually started. You fit perfectly in to the squad, though you soon realised that it was more of a family. Everyone had each others back. They were more than just a police department, they were a unit bonded by the drive o deal with the most sordid crimes in existence.

You got along with everybody but you really got along with your new partner.Sonny. He wasn’t anyone you’d met before. He was kind and sensitive but he could be scary and intimidating when he wanted too which was rare. He loved his family like you did yours. He loved kids as much as you did. You were a bit cold when you first met but you soon relaxed and became what he describe is a ‘complete and utter weirdo’. The two were great partners and had even better chemistry. You won’t say that you don’t find him attractive. He was extremely handsome.

The first year at SVU was one of the best years in your life. You finally found a home and that sense that the Captain you met when you were seen talked about. Despite still being in  a relationship with someone you didn’t love. When you were in New York, when you were with Sonny, you forgot all about him.

Being partners meant you grew extremely close. Working at SVU meant lots of late nights which meant a lot of late nights at the station with Sonny. Doing paperwork, just talking to make sure each of you were still awake.

You waled about a lot things during your late nights. You childhoods, dreams, ambitions and yourselves. You were from a small town that no one has ever heard and he was from one of the famous cities in the world. You both were super close to your mothers. He had three sisters while you were only child. You soon learned everything about each other, he was your best friend.

As weeks and months passed your ‘liking’ towards him grew and grew until you felt something towards him that you hadn’t ever felt before. It took a while but you soon understood, realised what it was. It was love. True love. You didn’t know how he felt but you certainly knew how you did.

As much as the two of you talked their was one thing that you never went into detail about. Your relationship. Sonny knew you had a boyfriend and that was only because you had a picture of you two on your desk. He’d given it to you, a gift, so even when you were away, he was still with you. You never brought him, Sonny always did and when he did you’d stop, taken aback. You think he figured out that their wasn’t something, right about the two of you. He tried getting it out of you but you always resisted, trying to gloss over the topic as soon as possible, so you could go back to pretending.

You were always tense on Fridays. Friday night is when you took the train back to Philadelphia to go back to him. Every weekend. You found yourself curing every Friday morning as you packed your bag, promising this would be the last but it never was. You knew Sonny had realised that you were always different on Friday. You assume he’d grown tired of you being tense and miserable every Friday.

It was late one Thursday night at the office when he finally asked you about it. You were talking about something random when you suddenly caught sight of of the clock. Just gone midnight. You took a quick look at his picture and you sighed.

“What is it with you and Fridays?” Sonny asked causally having just watched your little realisation.
“What do you mean?” you questioned, playing it off.

“You’re always weird on a Friday.” he elaborated.

“How so?” you asked playing along casually.

“You’re tense.” he continued.

“Well I’m always tense. You know how stressful it is working with you? ” you joked dryly in your usual fashion.

“Yeah, but you know most people relax on Fridays. It’s the end of the week, everyones looking froward to the weekend. But not you. Which you assume you would be considering you go see your boyfriend every weekend.” he explained.

“Sonny, I am fine.” you reassured with a smile looking up from your paperwork.

“Yeah, you are on everyday that isn’t a Friday.” he commented, studying your face.

“Have you got a problem?” you accused extremely uncomfortable.

“Yeah, I do because you have one. You’re my partner Y/N. If you’ve got a problem then so do I” he countered as if he’d been holding onto these feelings for a long time.

“How many times do I have to say ‘I’m okay’ before you believe me?” You asked with a sigh.

“Until you stop saying it and tell me what’s really going on.” he countered.

“There is nothing to tell.” you defended.

“Okay so why do you always so tense on a Friday?  Why do you never talk about your boyfriend? And most importantly why do you flinch when someone mentions him? Why do you flinch when you see his picture?” he ranted as if asking these hurt him physically.

You couldn’t come up with an answer. You mumbled inaudibly unable to give an answer. You were helpless.

“What does he do to you, Y/N?” Sonny asked suddenly his voice sincere and worried.

He was looking dead at you. Pain in his eyes. You think he thought Justin was beating you. The look he gave you was hurt and heartbreaking.

“He doesn’t hit me. I know you think he does but he doesn’t. He’s never hit me, he’s grabbed me a few times but never hit me.” you reassured.

“That’s good.” he nodded, “What is it?”

You looked around cautiously ensuring , "It’s hard to explain.”

"I’ve got time.” he smiled sadly.

You both moved into the lock so no one could overhear. He also pushed a chair against the door so no one could come in. And you talked for what seemed like forever.

You told him about you guys met, how you got together, the life you’d had, how’d you tried to leave. Multiple times. You told him about all the things he said to you. How constantly insulted you and belittled your life choices. Always telling could have done better, be better. You told him that you had tried to leave, so many times but he’d get you to stay. Remind you that you needed him and how deserted both your families would be if you left. How sad your little town would be to see their golden couple broken after all this time. You told him that you don’t think you were ever in love it was just convent to be together, safe, familiar but now you felt trapped. Drowning, even. you told him that you kept telling yourself that this would be it, the last weekend but it never was. You kept going back because he controlled you and you didn’t know how.

“Y/N, he’s manipulating you.” Sonny stated leaning forward head in hands.

“I told you he doesn’t hit me.” you argued.

“He doesn’t need to. He’s using your emotions against you. trying to make you feel guilty about not being in love with him anymore.” he explained.

“No.” you whispered unable to believe it.

“Y/N. He only tells you that everyone will be disappointed in you and that you can’t live without him so you don’t leave.” he continued, looking back at you.

“No.” you repeated.

“Y/N, he’s controlling you.” he pleaded with you.

“But I do this job. I know the signs…” you fumbled unable to comprehend.

“You can see it everyday. You can deal with it and get people out of it everyday. But when it happens to you. You can be blinded. It’s not your fault. He made you think this way.” he explained.

“How could he do this to me? People don’t do this to people they love? How can he do this? He told me he loved me, how can do this?” you questioned, tears spilling down your face.

Sonny grabbed you and pulled you in. You sobbed into his chest as he placed kisses on the top of your head. He rocked you, gently.

“I don’t know. I don’t know how anyone could do this to you. You’re the funniest, strongest most amazing woman I’ve ever met. I don’t understand how anyone could do this to anyone let alone you. Only monsters do this. ” he comforted.

“Strongest?” you scoffed in disbelief.

“Hell yes, strongest. You’ve been doing everything you can to get out of this relationship. Your surviving it.” he reasoned.

“I’m surviving it but I’m not getting out of it.” you reminded, shaking your head.

“Y/N, you’ve dedicated your life to helping people, saving people from situations like these. Let someone help you. Let me help you but I can only do that if you want me to.” he informed but he was begging for you to agree.

“Please.” you agreed.

“Okay, good. Really good.” he nodded, flashing you a smile of relief at you.

‘What are we going to do?” you asked.

“First off you’re not going back their today and not ever.” he stated, “You didn’t leave anything of yours their did you?”

“No,” you informed, “I brought everything with me and whatever I take, I bring back.”

“Good, save me a trip.” he said standing up and beginning to pace.

“Sonny, if I don’t go. He’ll call and ask what I’m doing.” you mentioned.

“Then you won’t answer the phone.” he replied.

“But if I don’t answer he comes to my apartment here. Last time I tried, he came to my apartment and I lied and told him I was at work when he found me there.” you explained.

“You can stay at mine for the weekend.” he offered.

“I couldn’t do that to you…” you went to dispute.

“No, please. You won’t be any trouble or inconvenience. You can stay as long as you need.” he insisted.

“Are you sure?” you questioned.

“It’s the least I can do for you. You’ve done so much for me. For everyone.” he nodded.

“Thank you.” you said standing up.

“Don’t thank me. I would do anything for you. You’re…” he sighed.

You gave him a sad smile, understanding. You both went home after that. He told you to pack a bag and bring it to work later and you’d go home together. For once you felt normal on a Friday. The day seemed to go in high speed. Soon enough you found yourself staring at the clock, the bad by your feet, stewing yourself out. Then you felt Sonny’s hand on shoulder and he lead you to apartment.

It was exactly liked you’d expected. A man cave but due to all the women in his life it was well kept and clean. He insisted you sleep in his room while he crash on the couch. You protested but he won. you got settled for an hour. Sonny had taken your phone so if he did call you you wouldn’t get the call. Later he called you out of your room for Chinese on the couch while you watched a cheesy movies. One of your favourites.

He kept you entertained, making you laugh, smile. You kept catching yourself watching him laugh and just admiring and how wonderful he was and how lucky you were. You felt that overwhelming feeling, you wanted to tell him but refrained afraid he wouldn’t feel the same and even he did would he want to after all this.

You’d finished eating. You were both at other lying on the sofa. Legs on other ends but meeting each other in the middle, relaxing in silence.

“Hey Sonny, whats going to happen after this weekend?” you asked suddenly.

“What do you mean?” he replied.

“After this weekend, after next week, next weekend. What am I going to do? I can’t come here every weekend.” you elaborated.  

“Break up with him.” he suggested.

“Tried that.” you reminded once again.

“Not with me.” he corrected.

“What do you mean?” you questioned.

“I mean this time around. I’m going to support you. Make sure you can get out and stay out. Hopefully, it will be easy. He lives in a different city, you haven’t got anything to go back to in Philly. You’ve got a home here. Though, since he knows where you live, you might need to get a new apartment but you can stay with me until you find one. And if does bother you, here we can get a restraint order so he doesn’t come around you. If we can’t get him on the abuse will get him if he harasses you after.” he explained.

“You’d do that for me?” you asked staring at him with wide eyes.

“How many times do I have tell you? I’d do anything for you.” he reassured taking your hands.

“I know. It’s just hard to believe sometimes.” you smiled sadly.

“Y/N, can I tell you something?” he asked.

“Of course.” you agreed.

“I know this is bad time. Ma, always said I gad awful timing but I don’t think I can go another moment without telling you this.  I’ve always liked you, you know that. But for the past few months it’s grown into something more. I had a crush…What I’am trying to say is i really really like you and not in a friend way. In a romantic one and to be honest I don’t just like you. I think I’m in love with you.” he admitted.

“You love me?” you whispered.

“I know this is really bad time and you don’t need this right now. But yeah. I’ve known for a long time and I didn’t say anything because you were in a relationship and I didn’t think you’d like me back. And I don’t want you to think I’m doing all this to win points. i’d do it even if I wasn’t because you’re so nice to everyone. You don’t deserve it…” he began to ramble.

“I love you too.” you interrupted.

“What?” he questioned taking a deep breath.

“I said I love you too. For a long time. For almost nine years I thought I was in love but then I met you and I finally realised what love was.” you explained.

“You love me back.” he rejoiced, grabbing you and pulling you towards him.

He pulled your face close to his. His hands on his cheek as you held his wrists. With his thumbs he was wiping tears.

“You love me back.” he repeated, his own tears spilling.

You nodded. He leaned in about to kiss you before stopping.

“We shouldn’t.” he commented.

“Why not?” you questioned inching closer.

“You’re still in a relationship even if it’s with the scum of the earth.” he reminded.

“That relationship was over two years ago. You helped me see that. Today, it’s not even a relationship. You have to want to be in a relationship and I don’t want to.” you explained befriend kissing him yourself.

The force and surprise of it caused him to fall backwards, you on top of him. You were still kissing. You hands all over each other until he suddenly pulled away and grabbed your face again.

“Are you sure?” he asked for reassurance, “You’re emotional right now. I don’t want you to regret our first time. I don’t want to take advantage.”

“Sonny, if their is one thing I’m sure about it’s how it’s how I feel about you. Someones been taken advantage of me for the last few years. I know what it is like. For once I’m making this decision, for me. And about regrets. I wouldn’t regret anything with you.” you reassured.

He gave you a quick smile before pulling you in again. You continued to kiss as he tugged your shirt off and you his. He picked you up, whispering he didn’t want to do this here. He carried you to the bedroom, kicked the door shut behind him.

Beauty & the Beast 2017
  1. ‘It’s a quiet village, every day like the one before.’
  2. 'Good morning ___, have you lost something again?’
  3. 'It’s about two lovers in fair Verona.’
  4. 'No denying she’s a funny girl, that ___’
  5. 'That’s too expensive!’
  6. 'Ah, if it isn’t the only bookworm in town.’
  7. 'Your library makes a small corner of the world feel big.’
  8. 'Here’s where she meets Prince Charming, but she won’t discover that it’s him 'til Chapter Three.’
  9. 'Look at her, ___, my future wife.’
  10. 'You’re so….athletically inclined.’
  11. 'Here in town there’s only she who is beautiful as me.’
  12. 'He’s such a tall dark strong and handsome brute!’
  13. 'Can you imagine? Me, the wife of that boorish, brainless…. !’
  14. 'I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. I want it more than I can tell.’
  15. 'For once it might be grand to have someone understand.’
  16. 'He was mean and he was coarse and unrefined, but now he’s dear and so unsure. I wonder why I didn’t see it there before.’
  17. 'No, it can’t be. I’ll just ignore…but then, she’s never looked at me that way before.’
  18. 'True that he’s no Prince Charming, but there’s something in him that I simply didn’t see.’
  19. 'Who’d have thought they’d come together on their own?’
  20. 'I’ll tell you when you’re older.’
  21. 'It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight.’
  22. 'Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious!’
  23. 'A dinner here is never second best.’
  24. 'If you’re stressed, it’s fine dining we suggest.’
  25. 'Ah, those good old days when we were useful…’
  26. 'Heaven’s sakes, is that a spot?! Clean it up! We want the company impressed!’
  27. 'Gosh, it disturbs me to see you, ___, looking so down in the dumps.’
  28. 'There’s no man in town as admired by you, you’re everyone’s favourite guy!’
  29. 'As a specimen, yes, I’m intimidating!’
  30. 'I needed encouragement, thank you ___.’
  31. 'I use antlers in all of my decorating!’
  32. 'Barely even friends, then somebody bends unexpectedly.’
  33. 'Both a little scared, neither one prepared.’
  34. 'Bittersweet and strange, finding you can change, learning you were wrong.’
  35. 'We’re not safe until he’s dead!’
  36. 'It’s time to take some action, boys, it’s time to follow me!’
  37. 'Say a prayer then we’re there at the drawbridge of his castle, and there’s something truly terrible inside.’
  38. 'In times like this, they’ll do just what I say.’
  39. 'There’s a beast running wild, there’s no question; but I fear the wrong monster’s released.’
  40. 'We don’t like what we don’t understand, in fact it scares us.’

ultrakpoptrash03  asked:

Hey, is it alright if I request a ship with Seventeen, BTS, got7 and exo I'm tall, I have mid length brown hair, I'm shy and highly nerdy, I am also very tom boyish, I'm almost always smiling, I low key can be athletic if I wanted to be. I love you work by the way!~ fighting!~❤️

Tysm fam we love your support ;)

For Seventeen, I ship you with The8 :)


I think Minghao would lowkey love your nerdiness and think your shyness was adorable af. He’d also love how you’re always smiling and you’d make him smile and then you two would get disgustingly cute

For BTS, I ship you with Jin :)

Jin is tall and he also seems like the type to fanboy whenever there’s a super shy girl around. Plus, who doesn’t love Jin, I mean…

For GOT7, I ship you with Jackson ;)

Ah, the clown. Who doesn’t want some of that ;))))) I think Jackson would bring you out of your shell a bit, and I think he’d like your tomboyish style quite a lot ;)

For EXO, I ship you with Sehun :)

Cause sassy Sehun is life and he’d go all weak n shit around you cause you’re shy and cute and stuff. Also a tall boy ;) 

anonymous asked:

Teenage Link is a late bloomer when it comes to puberty, and his best friend is turning into this athletic young man while he stays short and chubby-cheeked a while longer. In this time he becomes obsessed with muscles and men, and he gets really into wrestling. And Rhett, his friend who goes from lanky to lanky with a few muscles, becomes his big crush!

AAAWWW YES …. omg rhett’s so tall and he’s good at basketball and he’s had more girlfriends and he can play guitar ……. and link is shorter and he still has a baby face and he’s awkward when girls talk to him …. and he tries to play soccer but he’s not very good …. (he also plays some guitar but he’s not as good as rhett …)

omg i feel like high school link’s obsession with wrestlers was at first like, wow look at their muscles and how cool and confident they are .. i wish i could be like them …
and then it slowly became like, wow look at their muscles and how cool and confident they are …… i wish i could smoOCH THEM …

and it becomes that way with rhett too …. like he went from admiring his bff to like REALLY ADMIRING HIS BFF…… especially when rhett gets a bit of muscle (as much muscle a lanky teenage boy can have lmAO) from all the basketball practice and link just wants to feel his arms and chest so bad …
(and link doesn’t know that rhett loVES link’s cute baby face and his cheeks and wishes he could smooch him so bad too ….)

Mew Mew heights, just a WIP/doodle.  I like height charts and diversifying magical girls.  Also I’m proud that I can still draw all these girls from memory. This is just my personal head canon and they’re all this Japanese/Chinese(Pudding) but:

Zakuro is tall, skinny, and pale because model.

Lettuce is a bit chubby.

Ichigo is busty and tan.

Mint is smol and athletic because ballerina.

Pudding is prepubescent and darker than Ichigo.   

quickie doodles exploring one of my favorite nextgen families of mine

1-2.) Testing out designs for Human Rainbow Dash and Dumbbell, not finalized yet. Dumbbell is of course a big snarky jock jerkass, pretty tall and buff. I’ve always seen Rainbow as pretty petite tho, and of course very athletic. Dumbbell towers over her, but she can still kick his ass in an arm-wrestling match, go figure
I know Equestria Girls! Rainbow Dash has long hair, but honestly I can’t see her being willing to take time to brush and maintain lengthy hair everyday. Chop dat shet off

….what would pegasi flight racing translate to in the human world? Soccer? EQG Rainbow plays soccer, so lets go with soccer. My human Rainbow is a world-renown soccer champ

3.) One of Stormy’s nicknames is FluffButt because as a wee bab, he had quite a fluffy butt. Dumbbell thought his tiny son was very, very, obscenely cute, while Dash swore that his cuteness was only a mere distraction from the future awesomeness contained within, until Bell would get tired of her boasting and sweep his wife and kid up for shut-up-and-lemme-love you snuggles

4.) Human Stormy, drew him to compare with his parents. Seems like the Dash family is pretty into piercings. Fun fact, before Stormy grew up and filled out, he got mistaken for a girl a lot as a young teen. Rosemary assured him it just meant he was pretty

5.) Young Stormy and his baby sisters Ember and Misty. Fun fact, while Stormy was a planned pregnancy, the twins were not, and Rainbow banished Bell to the couch for like a month after receiving the news
Since Stormy turned out to be such a flower child, Rainbow wished that her next crotch spawns would finally have her competitive streak
she got her wish
the twins are competitive af but they also cause a fuck ton of property damage so yeah
Stormy loves his baby sisters though and they’re usually seen at his heels

quick quickie doodles

  • 14 year old Percy: I'm not asking for much.
  • Percy: I'm just looking for a girl who's funny, athletic, has a great smile,
  • Percy: isn't afraid to take charge, is strong.
  • Percy: And call me demanding, but I like them on the tall side.
  • Grover: You just described Annabeth.
  • Percy: ok what? Very funny. I've known her forever! We're just friends!
  • Percy: And I'll know a perfect girl when I see her.
  • Annabeth: *walks by* hey, guys.
  • Percy: Hubba-hubba

Ladies, just because you’re fat doesn’t mean you have to settle. This guy is a tall, strong, body building athlete and he’s into me. He was nervous because of me. Hell, he was so nervous he forgot to turn off his car when we went into a restaurant on our first date tonight. I’m insecure, it’s true. But this just goes to show that you don’t have to be thin to be with an attractive guy. Whatever is attractive to you, go after it. Any gender, any size, height, anything. YOU DESERVE IT. You’re beautiful.

anonymous asked:

5 basics (shoes) every girl shold have??

1. fashion sneaker. converse, vans, and adidas superstars are popular examples.

2. athletic sneaker. even if you don’t work out, it’s good for like traveling or being super comfortable in general.

3. ankle boot. my favorite type of shoe tbh. you can wear these year round and with like every outfit too.

4. high heels. doesn’t even have to be super tall. this is good for in case you need to look more dressed up, throw a pair of heels on and shabam you look sexy af.

5. some type of flat shoe. whether it’s ballet flats, flip flops, loafers, flat sandals, they are all very versatile and comfy to wear.

anonymous asked:

Are you single? How tall are you? What's your type? 🙃

Technically yeah but I’m talking to someone. I’m 5'3 and uh honestly everyone I’ve dated is very different so I guess I don’t really have a type per say. I like athletic girls with a good sense of humor, who’s very sarcastic but equally a massive sweetheart