and irritating to muns

You know, I’ve been in some really crazy situations. It just comes with the territory. I’ve even been in a few of them working with and for @askraymondredreddington, but would it kill him just once to let me in on the play? 

If I’m not careful, having Reddington as a father in law is going to get me killed. 

I’ll be around some this evening. If you have questions, send them in.


I just wasted 3 hours failing at drawing, so needless to say my mood isn’t the best, so I’ll put off drafts for now. Sorry about that. I’m still terribly jetlagged so I’m super cranky rn, which is affecting Ozen’s mood. I’m gonna doodle some vent art so hopefully that’ll help. For now though, I’ll be lurking.


This harasser is smolpinkuu, a user who has been stalking and harassing the Reaper RP blog @deathwalksamongstyou’s mun for the past few weeks. The mun had blocked the user, who had been RPing with them via PM, due to the user making them feel very uncomfortable during their conversation. 

The screenshots above are of a string of messages sent to chubbydemoness shortly after the block occurred on their RP blog. Oddly enough, smolpinkuu appears to have copy-pasted a conversation with one of her friends (presumably the “Blackmamith” in the conversation, who at the very least does seem to be staying neutral, kudos to them) about the situation into her PM towards them. While it does give me an insightful look into the other side of the story, it also presents evidence for many problems with this user’s claims.

Smolpinkuu claims the reason for this sudden block  and refusal to RP was due to her “having a black character while being a white mun” and has been branding the mun, chubbydemoness, as a racist despite that point having very little to do with why she was actually blocked. This is, in fact, a false accusation. I am also white and have multiple PoC characters on my own RP blog, and this mun has no problem writing with them. However, my characters are all written with distinct personalities and are all their own separate entities.

 The problem with this point arises in smolpinkuu’s above copypasted conversation with her friend. She explicitly states, 

“I literally just DESIGNED her. I didn’t make her personality or anything cause I just wanted to design a character.” 

This means that, since the character isn’t developed as their own separate entity, they’re technically played as a self-insert-a white mun who self-inserts themselves into a black character. No, I’m not saying “uuuu self inserts are BAD” or “she’s a mary sue!!” because I really don’t have an issue with people having self inserts or Mary Sue characters in general. Every writer starts somewhere. My issue is that a white mun is trying to pull the race card on another white mun by essentially roleplaying as herself but racebent and citing that as the reason the block occurred to make herself look like the good guy, when that isn’t the reason at all. To clarify, the reason smolpinkuu was blocked was because the mun was uncomfortable with the way she was talking to them OOC, as well as our next issue. 

Smolpinkuu is, and has stated in the above screenshotted post that she is, 16 years old. The other reason that she was blocked was because she had been trying to pressure deathwalksamongstyou to write smut with her, even though they were clearly uncomfortable with doing so. All the RP and conversations happened via PM. As you probably know, it is, in fact, illegal to take part in smut roleplays or other sexual exchanges of any kind in the US if you’re under 18. And before you go all “oh but the legal age where I live is different” on me, remember that Tumblr is a US-based site, and therefore US laws are what Tumblr bases its guidelines off of no matter where you’re blogging from. Not only is pressuring a partner terrible RP behavior, but in this case it’s also illegal.

A few other issues can be spotted immediately in this post and in the previous string of PMs:

  • A very sanist/ableist “Triggered” joke. This is especially irritating to me because deathwalksamongstyou’s mun actually is neurodivergent, which makes this instance of the joke all the more shitty.
  • Pulling the “i’m a minor and therefore can’t possibly be doing anything wrong” card.
  • very clearly trying to guilt-trip the mun for blocking her, despite there being several very good reasons to do so.
  • Transphobic and aphobic remarks within the copypasted conversation.
  • Pretty obviously spamming, insulting, and harassing them over this, both publicly and privately.
  • Tagging their URLs in the (not very) vague posts, as if to invite her friends to come hate them along with her. They did, in fact, receive hate messages from a few of her friends as well.

Moving on from that last bullet, chubbydemoness and deathwalksamongstyou both recieved anon hate from smolpinkuu and a few of her friends. These were the ones answered publicly: 

As you can see, more guilt-tripping, sucide encouragement, and even threats of doxxing. Not exactly looking very sparkly-clean and faultless for a “harmless 16-year-old girl,” are you? 

Also, please note that the first two anons were from about two weeks ago when this began, the third one was from a couple days ago, and the fourth one was from just this afternoon. This has been going on for that long already, and according to the tracker on both the mun’s personal blog and the RP blog, she’s been obsessively stalking and checking on their blogs on a daily basis. 

(And another “triggered” joke. Lovely.)

In conclusion, smolpinkuu is guilty of the following:

  • PM spam
  • Anon hate
  • Private harassment off-anon
  • Public harassment
  • Stalking
  • Prompting other users to send hate
  • Pressuring partners to RP with her
  • RPing smut while underage
  • Guilt-tripping
  • Ableist, aphobic, and transphobic hatespeech
  • Threats
  • Suicide encouragement
  • Twisting the situation to make herself look like the victim

I would also like to note that this user appears to be targeting various Reaper RP blogs around Tumblr, as she stated to deathwalksamongstyou that she had been talking to 5 other Reaper blogs before them and that they’d all ignored her. Be sure to be especially cautious if you play a Reaper, and please do not interact with her. Even if you don’t roleplay as Reaper, blocking and reporting this user would be the best course of action.

-Lady A

Please remember that this blog does not condone the sending of hate to any user spoken about on here.

Why nea get so much sympathy for actually loving his bro when he has shown no sign of it and has been a total cunt to him in nearly every picture past and present but adam gets treated like a horrible psychopath when he has canonically stated various times he loves nea to death and cried his eyes out on his worst enemy that wants his life just becuase of how badly he missed him?

Why does mana(especially past mana) get all the praise and fanart for him loving nea when we know that isn’t everything

I mean nea deserves fan support as much as the next guy but how come the instant a new antagonsits shows up that is no less if not more evil and heartless than the current one and happens to be perceived as more conventionally attractive the fandom collectively jumps to give him snuggle s for something he seems to not feel bad about?

I’m just curious someone let me know cause unless it’s just purely physical I have no idea

littlebundleofbolts  asked:

Tiny orange motortrike pounces on the poor, unsuspected four-wheeler and wraps her limbs around his skinny frame, while lightly headbutting Oil Slick and his hooked nasal ridge. "Eskimo kiss for the sherbet lemon!"

Oil slick despises kisses. Even idiotic, childish ones like this. 

“Unhand me you poor excuse of a muse!” He roars at the irritating figment of his mun’s imagination and banishes the obnoxious femme from his part of her subconsciousness.

How to care for your favorite RP Blogs, A guide for Non-RPers

Hello! So you have stumbled upon the roleplay community, welcome!   Now you if you are new to RP, or the Tumblr RP Community, you may be a bit confused by the habits of the RP Blogger.  I am taking a moment to write up a few tips so you may have better understanding as to how to properly interact with your favorite RP Blog.

What is RP?

  • RP, or roleplay, is where an individual pretends to be a character and interacts with other characters/roleplayers to create stories together.  This comes in many forms, but for the purpose of this post we are focusing on Tumblr RP.

What does Mun or Muse mean?

  • Mun refers to the actual live person aka the Tumblr blogger who runs the blog.  I promise you, they are indeed a real live person, not a figment of your imagination.  They are human (at least until alien life has been found) and have real lives complete with jobs, school, family life, friends, etc.  Please remember in your interactions with the Mun, to treat them like you would want any friend you have to be treated.  Or perhaps like that strange cousin of yours that means well, even if they are a bit odd.
  • Muse refers to the character that the Mun is portraying.   At no time does the Muse’s behavior reflect on the actual behavior of the Mun.  This is a fictional creation, which may do things that the Mun would never ever do in real life.  The key word here is fictional, as in not real.

What is Out of Character verses In Character?

  • All out of Character actions refers to the thoughts, feelings, and general reactions of the Mun.  This can also be referred to a number of ways.  Many roleplayers have pet terms to indicate when they are speaking as themselves, rather than as their character.
  • In Character refers to the actions, thoughts, feelings, and general gadding about that the character does.  Again, it is important that it sticks in your head; this is not what the blogger thinks, feels, or is doing.  This is the actions of the fictional character only.

What is a Fandom?

  • Well, if you are Tumblr, I really, really hope you already know this one.  But just in case, this refers to a group of individuals that share a common appreciation for a show, move, actor/actress, fictional works etc.

What is the difference between Canon Character and Original Character?

  • A Canon Character is one that appears in the show/book/movie.  Portrayals of said character center around their actions/stories in the published/broadcasted body of work.
  • Original Character is one that is created by the Mun.  They can be based out of a particular fandom, or none at all.  This means the Mun has gone to the effort of creating someone totally new.  As such, it’s generally a very bad idea to try and roleplay as that character without the permission from the person that created them.

What is AU or UA?

  • Universe Alteration refers to the framework the mun is writing in that deviates slightly from the established lore of a show/movie/book.  
  • Alternative Universe refers to taking familiar characters and putting them in an unfamiliar setting, and then playing the story out. 
  • Some use these terms interchangeably. Basically, it is not a portrayal that strictly keeps to the established Lore of the show/movie/book.

So why do you guys roleplay?

  • Well, a lot of us like to play the game, what if?  What if this happened to the character instead of that?  What if this person came back?  What if this person didn’t die off?  What if this crazy monster tried to take over the earth?  Roleplay gives them an outlet to create stories centered on these ideas.   It is essentially collaborative creative writing, typically between two different Muns.

Why are you guys talking to each other in all Caps, are you mad?

  • Typically if two roleplayers are typing in all caps, this is an actual sign of affection and/or comradely.  Just check the content of the words, or the tags on the bottom of the post.  Sometimes entire conversations are carried out in the tags between the two Muns.
  • Occasionally yes, they are irritated by something. Again, check the content of the words.  If they are upset, the best idea is to give them supportive hugs or offers of commiseration.  Further aggravation is not recommended.

I really like this story they are writing, why did they get mad when I reblogged it because I love it so much?

  • Well, there are a number of reasons why the Mun got mad or irritated.  The biggest one is many roleplayers use thread-trackers, or their activity log, to keep track of who’s turn it is to reply.  When you reblog the roleplay, you cause an error in the tracker, so they can’t tell who’s turn it is.  This may cause them to completely loose the thread, and thus kill the story.  Secondly, they often don’t intend to share the story with anyone but the other roleplayer, and their followers.  They do, however, love it when you favorite the thread.  This is an excellent way of telling them that you enjoy the story they are creating
  • Some roleplay blogs do not mind.  However it is a good idea to ask first, so you know if they are okay with it or not.   When in doubt, liking a thread is always appreciated.

The character would NEVER do that in the show/movie/book, why the heck are they writing them that way?

  • All Roleplays are AU, or UA, which means they might do something that would not happen in the show/movie/book.  This is the mun exploring different characterization or story-lines.  Under no circumstance is the mun implying that the character would behave that way in the show/movie/book.  

How do I show my favorite Roleplay Blog I enjoy their stories, even if I don’t RP myself, or I just don’t RP with them?

  • Roleplayers can occasionally be a slightly insecure and self-conscious bunch, and are easily frightened away.  So remember to be gentle with your favorite RP blog, and feed them a steady diet of hugs and praise.  You are welcome to leave nice notes in their askbox, on anon or off.  In fact this is greatly encouraged, letting them know how much you like their blog/threads.

I hope you have found this guide helpful.  If you are now interested in actually roleplaying, don’t hesitate for look for guides to RP.  I know I’ve run across quite a few.  People put a lot of time and effort into them, in order to introduce you into the styles of roleplay.  Many RP’ers will also welcome questions and be happy to help, or point you in the direction of someone that can. 

Oh lookie here! An entire page filled with doodles of @cxnvictnxvermxre character JailBird!

Go give the mun and his muse some love and fluff guys, they are both swell dudes.

Edit: So apparently he has a tail I forgot to draw. Am I gonna fix that? ….probably not. At least now he has a reason to be irritated like he is in the top left corner.

 - scweamcat Mun

Hello and welcome to Nintendask!

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but here is a helpful tip guide into the wonderful world of Nintendask~

So what is Nintendask? Well, it’s a community of role playing and ask blogs here on Tumblr pertaining to characters from Nintendo games! Of course it’s not a purely homogenous community, and everyone has a different style of story telling and interacting with other blogs, but here’s a general guide for all of you fresh faced blogs out there.


  • Muse is the generally preferred term for characters here on Tumblr, as they are the characters who inspire us to create! They can be original characters or preexisting characters from any given franchise, and their behavior is up to the Mun’s interpretation.
  • Muns are the people who run the blogs! The origin of the term is up for debate, but the general consensus is that it is either an abbreviation of the spanish word “mundo” or the English world “mundane”, which mean “world” or “of the world” respectively (since we the writers exist here in this world, and not the worlds of our characters :p ). However, some people prefer to be known as Mods (moderators) instead.
  • Munday (or Moday) is every Monday, and it is a day for muns to post selfies of themselves and answers questions about their lives rather than their character’s lives! Of course everyone is free to post their own personal answers and photos all week long, but Munday is the day the community as a whole gets together and does it.
  • Ask Blogs  are blogs that respond to asks and answer them in character (as far as their interpretation of the character goes).
  • Role Playing Blogs are blogs that actively interact with other characters via chats and reblogs. Of course most blogs are a mix of the ask and rp format. However, please respect the wishes of blogs that insist they are Ask or RP only.
  • Art Blogs are blogs that interact via drawn responses rather than written ones. Some people have pre-made reaction images that they use to respond to situations quickly. Others draw original comics and things of that ilk in response. Regardless the format, all are a valid form of response.
  • Tags (I shouldn’t need to explain this, but just in case here goes) tags are those little grey words at the bottom of Tumblr posts that follow a hashtag. They enable people to search content on your blog and to filter out things they do not want to see. If you want people to search your work effectively, the first 5 tags in your tag line are the ones that will appear in Tumblr searches. It is a good idea to create a tag for your character and to tag other blogs involved in said post. Additionally, it is critical to tag things that others may deem upsetting or inappropriate, the quintessential tag being NSFW
  • NSFW (or Not Safe for Work) is content that would be unacceptable for someone to browse at work or school. This includes, but is not limited to: Nudity, Adult Content, Graphic Violence, Substance Abuse, etc etc. Even if you are joking or being playful about it, it is best to tag anything which would be uncomfortable to explain to your parents as NSFW or NSFW-ish (i.e. implied violence/sexual content/etc)

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Friendship and romance are not mutually exclusive.

Friendship and romance are not mutually exclusive.

Friendship and romance are not mutually exclusive.

Friendship and romance are not mutually exclusive.

  • Friendship and romance are not mutually exclusive.

Friendship and romance are not mutually exclusive.

Friendship and romance are not mutually exclusive.

Just because you’re dating someone, it does not cancel out the friendship you have with them.

If you are not friends with your partner, you are not in a healthy relationship.