and irritating to muns

C’mon folks, say it with me:

  • Being asexual does not mean you can’t be sexually active.
  • You can have sex and be asexual.
  • Being asexual means you do not experience sexual attraction.
  • There are reasons to have sex besides sexual attraction.

Asexuality (or nonsexuality) is the lack of sexual attraction to anyone, or low or absent interest in sexual activity.

Notice the OR.

Just because someone doesn’t feel sexual attraction, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t having sex. They can even enjoy it.

Don’t push every asexual person into a single category when it has different branches to it.

There are sex-repulsed or sex-averse asexual people (like myself) who do not want to have sex. That is okay.

There are sex-indifferent asexual people who are okay with having sex with their partner. That is okay.

Both groups of asexual people exist. Please don’t erase either group or get mad at them for choosing to interpret a sexually active character as ace.

accioturtur  asked:

Ooo can I do 'talk about em' with southernblossoms?

[[Yes, you can!]] 

Leonardo gave a shrug, “What am I supposed to say? My Mun seems to like this mun. I don’t see why I shouldn’t feel the same way? Yeah, my mun is really fucking irritating, making me answer all these damned questions, but I see no issue with @southernblossoms.” He huffs out a sigh, “That’s all I have really. My mun would have more to say than me, but fortunately for all of you, this ask was for me.”


*frantic loon flapping, interspersed with irritated Time noises*


Why nea get so much sympathy for actually loving his bro when he has shown no sign of it and has been a total cunt to him in nearly every picture past and present but adam gets treated like a horrible psychopath when he has canonically stated various times he loves nea to death and cried his eyes out on his worst enemy that wants his life just becuase of how badly he missed him?

Why does mana(especially past mana) get all the praise and fanart for him loving nea when we know that isn’t everything

I mean nea deserves fan support as much as the next guy but how come the instant a new antagonsits shows up that is no less if not more evil and heartless than the current one and happens to be perceived as more conventionally attractive the fandom collectively jumps to give him snuggle s for something he seems to not feel bad about?

I’m just curious someone let me know cause unless it’s just purely physical I have no idea