and introduce her to supernatural

The Library

Author’s note: I have spent all day writing and typing this so I hope you all like it. I will start on the Little Flower part two and another Draco one-shot later this week. My weekend has been kind of terrible. My grandma feel yesterday and broke her femur above the knee so my mom went to see her and then the power went out for a while and then my dad and I had to go get my sister from gymnastics and on top of that I had a terrible head ache so I’m surprised this is even done. Love you all.

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Parrish x reader

warnings: None

Words: 1253


“What are we going to do now,” Parrish asked the group of teenagers. All he got were shrugs for a response.

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Request: Derek Hale imagine where him and female reader get into an argument but make up with lots of fluff 

I paced the floor of the loft, waiting for Derek to walk through the door. I have had enough of him leaving in the middle of the night without telling me and refusing to tell me what going on, other than the Pack needs his help. For all I know, he could be lying and could be seeing another girl! Tonight, I was going to confront him about it.

As soon as I heard the loft door slide open, I stopped where I was, turning to face my boyfriend. “Where have you been?” I asked calmly. 

“Out with the Pack. Something came up and I had to meet them at Scott’s.” He replied, blowing it off as if it was nothing. 

“Derek, I can’t do this anymore.” I say.

He looked over at me with a confused face. “Can’t do what anymore?” 

“I’m done with you just leaving in the middle of the night, leaving in the middle of our conversations, leaving during our time together to be with the Pack. I understand a few meetings, but it’s gone too far. I hardly ever see you anymore.” 

He crossed his arms, and tilted his head. “Y/N, the Pack needs me. They’re just kids. I can’t let them do this by themselves.” 

“Well, then maybe they should take a break from all of this.  And besides, if they’re just kids to you, then I am too. I’m not even 20 yet!”

“Y/N, you know what I meant.“

I nodded my head, “Yes. I know exactly what you meant. But that still isn’t going to stop me from leaving.” 

“You’re not leaving.”

“Oh, yes I am. Watch me.” I bent down and grabbed my bag and headed for the door, but before I could get there, a hand grabbed my arm.

“I’m not letting you leave.” Derek said, looking me straight in the eyes. 

“So it‘s okay for you to leave, but I can’t? Hm.” I said and jerked my arm away from his grasp. I didn’t look back as he called my name, and I walked out of the door. 

It’s been a few days since I had last seen anybody other than my best friend B/F/N. After I left, there was only one place to go that I knew of. B/F/N had welcomed me in with open arms, and I told her everything. She knew about the supernatural after I introduced her to Derek. 

The Pack and Derek all have left texts and voice mails asking me where I was and if I was okay. Obviously, I didn’t answer them. 

Today, I was lying down in the guest room, watching a movie when B/F/N came in. 

“Somebody is at the door for you.” She said. 

“Who is it?”


“Why is he here? How did he know?” I ask.

“I called him. Look, before you get mad, I just needed to tell you that you guys really need to talk. I’ve seen some of the messages that he’s left on your phone. Just please. Do it for me. And if things go bad, I have loads of ice cream on hand.”

I smile. “Fine.”

I get up and walk to the front door. Opening it I find Derek standing there awkwardly. When he saw me, he immediately reached forward and pulled me into a hug. “Oh, Y/N! I have been so worried about you! I didn’t know where you were until B/F/N called. I thought you were hurt.”

“I’m fine, Derek.” I said as I patted his back. 

He pulled away from the hug and looked at my face, and it was then that I actually got a good look at his. He looked like he hadn’t been sleeping for the days that I’ve been gone, he had dark circles under his eyes and his hair was kind of crazy. 

“Don’t ever do that again.” He said. 

I shrugged as I look anywhere but him. “What are you doing here?” 

“I came to take you back home.” 

“I’m not going back, Derek.” I reply.

“Why not?” 

“Because, Derek! You’re never there! It’s lonely. Here, B/F/N can talk to me, can watch movies with me, and do all the other things that you haven’t been here to do. It’s not much of a home when the one that you love isn’t there.” I reply. 

“I’m gonna be there though.” He replied. “I talked with everybody and after I told them that you had left, they told me that they didn’t need me right now. That I should be with you. And I’m going to be. I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for you, and I’m sorry that I never told you what was going on, but I did it to protect you, just in case somebody wanted revenge on us, or in case they kidnapped you thinking that you knew something, I didn’t want to get you involved. I need you, Y/N. I need you more than you probably need me. I miss you and I love you.” He grabbed my face in his hands. “Please come home.” 

“Just kiss already!” B/F/N screamed from inside. When we both looked back, we saw her peeking through the window. She gave us a thumbs up, and disappeared. 

Derek smiled as he leaned down, and his lips connected with mine. We stayed like that for a minute before I pulled away and said, “Okay. I’ll come home.” 

In the future

Teacher: Kansas, why did your parents name you can that?

Kansas: Because my mother is obsessed in Supernatural and named me after a state the the main characters where born.

Teacher: Destiel, why did your parents name you that?

Castiel: because Kansas’ mom is my mom’s best friend and 
introduced her to Supernatural

Teacher: Lawrence, how about you?

Lawrence: ditto on Kansas

(Kansas’ mother shows out of nowhere): I REGRET NOTHING

Ok I got it,,,

For the Spooky Scary Fake AH Crew AU:

Monster types:

Geoff - Vampire

Jack - Slime lady

Ryan - Skeleton

Michael - Demon

Gavin - Zombie

Ray - Ghost

Jeremy - Immortal being

Matt - Demon

Lindsay - Angel

Kdin - Fairy (shes a big fairy, not like tinkerbell or nothin)

Mica - Werewolf

Meg - Siren (evil mermaid)

Caleb - Angel (and also a martyr)

Griffon - Vampire (Millie is also a vampire)

Stuff about each person:

Geoff - Became a vampire sometime in the 80s, tolerates Mica despite the vampire vs werewolf thing, tries his best to keep Griffon and Millie out of heist stuff, dresses like it’s the 1900s

Jack - Very loving, refuses to miss out on a heist, doesn’t usually go outside do to the bugs and leaves that fly onto her and get stuck

Ryan - Keeps on his skull mask despite the face that he’s a skeleton, wears gloves so his bones are concealed, wears thick jackets 24/7 to look fleshed out

Michael - Has been nicknamed “The Jersey Devil”, met Lindsay when there was a Heaven and Hell “meeting” between God and Satan, Left Hell promising to wreak havoc

Gavin - Was only dead for about a day, grave was dug up and suddenly he became conscious again (still hard to talk though), the first member of the crew he met was Michael

Ray - Killed during an amateur store robbery, Usually doesn’t engage in heists, seen floating around the HQ a lot, if Jack does leave the HQ (maybe to go shopping or something) then he has to go with her

Jeremy - Thinks he’s mortal, is ok with knowing his friend’s will never die, after he wakes up from dying Jack offers him food either made by her or bought straight from the store

Matt - Works behind the scenes, gives different heist plans to the rest of the crew, thinks Jeremy is an ok guy, left Hell around the same time Michael did

Lindsay - After falling in love with a demon she was pronounced a fallen angel and banished from Heaven, wandered the streets for weeks and months and years until she finally came across Michael again, watches over heists and makes sure that they go as planned

Kdin - A charmer, able to get gangs to back off of the crew by either threatening them or by using her cuteness to distract their minds, has very big pink and blue wings

Mica - Most of the time she works like Lindsay and Matt, During full moons she’s used as an extra weapon to fend off cops an harm bystanders

Meg - Stays in water at all times, mysteriously appears in different places (from a stream, to the ocean, to a puddle, to inside of a pool, etc.), Sets up get away boats and jet skis, spies on opposing crews and gangs

Caleb - An angel sent by God to make sure Lindsay had learned her lesson, ended up being the crew’s go to when someone has a broken body part, has no plans to return to Heaven

Griffon - A stay at home mom with her vampire daughter Millicent, knows a lot about Geoff’s crew but refuses to let Millie know about it, chainsaws are her favorite

How they joined the crew:

Geoff - Wanted to one day have a vampire gang to scare people with, ended up having a crew of other monsters, sadly not all vamps

Jack - After emerging from a drain in Geoff’s apartment, she was allowed to stay (so long as she didn’t touch anything)

Ryan - Was recruited because he tried to mug Geoff in an alleyway, the deal was fully sealed once Geoff saw that Ryan’s skin mask covered yet another real skull

Michael - Wandered the streets for days looking for ways to fuck people over, Jack spied him setting tiny fires to leaves while she was in the park, and she invited him over. Geoff agreed that he’d rather have Michael on their side than against them

Gavin - Came knocking on Geoff’s door one night asking for his arm, Geoff was like “oh fucking cool, you can’t die either, awesome!” and therefore Gavin became target practice

Ray - Just showed up one day in Geoff’s bathroom, Geoff let him stay b/c he wasn’t doing any harm

Jeremy - The whole crew decided that he was just great at faking his death, so they let him join

Matt - Sneaked out of Hell to join Michael on Earth, when he found Michael, he was offered a place in the crew, but not wanting to bring too much atention to himself, he stayed behind the scenes

Lindsay - After being forced out of Heaven she looked restlessly for Michael, and one day, while telling Caleb that she just couldn’t go back to Heaven, she spotted him and told him she’d do anything to be with him

Kdin - Gavin noticed something shiny zoom past the windows of Geoff’s house, and when he looked out he saw a beautiful fairy, awestruck, he let her in and Geoff made her a distraction

Mica - A girl Jack saw in the park, she thought something was off about her, and so she contronted her and flat out asked if she was  a supernatural being. When Mica said yes, Jack introduced her to Geoff, at first they got along, but Geoff was honestly continuously planning to kick her out, that is until she seriously went IN during a heist

Meg - Gavin was walking along in the rain, confused and trying to find his way back to Geoff’s house, when a very pretty lady appeared in a large puddle and told him exactly where to go. Once Gavin arrived back at the HQ, he told Geoff all about Meg and she unknowingly became a member of the crew

Caleb - Couldn’t just leave Lindsay alone on Earth, and it’s in his nature to take care of people, so Caleb stayed put and once again unknowingly joined the crew

Always - Isaac Lahey Imagine (Teen Wolf)

Prompt: Isaac Lahey Imagine where he wants the reader to come over because he’s scared of his dad. The reader stays with him and things happen between them. You decide what happens when his father comes back and see the reader with his son. :)

A/N: I really like this imagine a lot. I remember when I wrote it and I had a lot of fun doing it. It deals with a broken home, but I liked how it ended and hope you guys do too! :) x

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As long as (Y/N) could remember she and Isaac had always been the best of friends. She knew that no matter what would happen, he’d always be the most important person in her life. Growing up wasn’t easy for both of them, especially after Isaac’s beloved mother died. His big brother who had always protected him from their abusive and alcoholic father, had left for the army a few months after her death and Isaac was left alone with him.

(Y/N) knew Isaac’s father since she was a little girl because both of their families were really close, but she had never seen him being violent infront of his son, at least not when she was around. So when she found out about the bad circumstances her best friend was living in, because of his abusive father, she couldn’t believe it.

But then (Y/N) remembered. She remembered the numerous times Isaac came over for their weekly movie nights with a black eye, telling her it had happened in school during Lacrosse practice. She remembered the numerous times he had called her in the middle of the night, crying in her ear and telling her about the nightmares he had, while in reality he was hiding from his drunk father. Suddenly it clicked in her mind and she knew the rumours were true. In that moment she realized that she was the only hope he had left, the only person who could get him out of that terrifying nightmare.

(Y/N) knew that she had to distract him and keep him away from his father as often as possible. So she helped him to overcome one of his fears and socialize with other people. She introduced him to her supernatural friends and brought him along everytime she was hanging out with them just to make sure he wasn’t alone at home. Her friends Scott Mccall, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Allison Argent, Derek Hale and Jackson Whittemore had soon welcomed him to be a part of their group and (Y/N) was really happy about that.

Isaac didn’t know how to thank her; she was a real blessing to his life and helped him through so many moments already. He suddenly was part of a group, part of a world he’d never imagined himself in and that only because of her. (Y/N) was the reason why Derek had turned Isaac into a werewolf and Isaac knew that he’d always be grateful for that. Not only did he have heigthened senses, super strength or speed but he finally felt confident about himself.

Isaac thought that he’d finally overcome the abuse of his father after he was turned into a werwolf but he was wrong. He had no chance against him no matter how strong or confident he was. Tonight was another night where it was going to be bad for Isaac. Mr Lahey was having another bad day and he was blaming his son for it again. Isaac had just come back from Lacrosse practise, his father drunk and angry, yelling at him for being late. He called him names like useless, failure or mistake - names Isaac was used to hear from him. While Isaac had to deal with his drunk father again, his best friend (Y/N) had to deal with a studysession for her upcoming spanish exam.

(Y/N) hated spanish more than any other subject and she knew that she would fail the test whether she would study for it or not. Even though she wasn’t in the mood she knew she had to at least get a C to not fail another one of her classes. Right now she was in the middle of creating a list of vocabularies she had to learn for the test, when suddenly she heard a buzzing sound from her nightstand. It was her phone. She stood up from her desk and walked over to the side of her bed, grabbing her phone. A smile appeared on her face as she read the name on her display - it was a message from Isaac.

I know you’re in the middle of a study session, but could you please come over? My dad freaked once again and I’m just scared that he might put me in the freezer again. He just left to get some air but I know he’s coming back soon. Isaac

But after reading the message she frowned and knew she had to get to him as fast as she could. She looked over to her desk, which was full of books and papers she had got from Lydia and sighed. I’m gonna fail the test anyway, (Y/N) thought to herself before shutting the lights out and leaving her room.

I’ll be there in 5 minutes xx (Y/N)

She send the message and ran down the stairs as fast as she could, yelling: “I’m at Isaac’s, Tell mom and dad I’ll be back soon,” to her little brother before leaving the house and jogging over to her best friend who was living just a few blocks away from her. As she reached his house, she grabbed the key that was hidden under the door mat and let herself in the Lahey household. A familiar scent of alcohol and cooked vegetables embraced her as she entered the floor. “Isaac?” She called with a worry in her voice as she walked around, searching for him in the different rooms of his house.

“I’m here,” She heard a familiar voice say and instantely turned around to see her best friend standing at the end of the stairwell. He smiled as she turned around and approached him, his heart almost beating out of his chest at the sight of her. Isaac had always been in love with (Y/N) but he was too stubborn and scared to admit it. She was the most important person in his life and the only girl he ever wanted to be with.

(Y/N) felt the same way about him. She always had. She wanted to be more than just friends with him but she was too scared of losing what they both had just in case the other one wasn’t feeling the exact same way.

(Y/N) embraced Isaac in a warm hug and rubbed his back softly. “Are you alright?” She whispered into his chest, still holding on to him. “Yeah, I’m fine. I just couldn’t handle being on my own.” He responded while pulling away from the hug so he could face her. “Thank you for coming over, (Y/N).” Isaac smiled at her. He knew that his best friend had other things to do then always being there for him and he definitely didn’t take it for granted that she backed off her plans whenever he was in need of her presence. Actually, he rather felt guilty about it. I’m such an idiot. She needs to study for her test, why am I always being so selfish? He thought. “What are you thinking about?” (Y/N) asked him, bringing him out of his trance. Isaac smiled at her and put a string of hair out of her face and put it behind her ear. “You,” He whispered. She looked at him with an expression of awe on her face, her mouth a little agape. “Why?” She questioned, starring into his eyes.

“Because I’m always thinking about you, (Y/N).” Isaac confessed as he put both of his hands on each side of her face. “You are there for me in every possible situation and you back off your own plans everytime, just to come and see me. I feel like an idiot for keeping you away from studying, even though I know how important the test for you is,” He caressed her cheek with his thumb and she smiled at him. “You’re my best friend, Isaac. Of course I’m there for you. I would do anything to make you happy.” She responded softly. “How come that I deserve to have someone like you in my life?” He asked as he looked at her. (Y/N) felt her heartbeat increasing and bit her lower lip nervously. Isaac noticed the change of her heartbeat and smiled. This is your chance, Lahey. Just kiss her already. He thought to himself before he finally leaned in and connected his lips to hers.

(Y/N)’s whole body felt with electricty the moment his lips met hers and she knew that this was all she ever wanted in her life. She pulled away from the kiss and rested her forehead on his. “Do you know how long I’ve been wanting to do this?” She asked as she opened her eyes again. Isaac looked at her surprised. (Y/N) giggled at his reaction and wrapped her arms around his neck, her hands playing with his curly hair. “Yes, I’m in love with you Isaac, god I’ve been in love with you for so long.” She finally admitted as she looked up to him, starring into his ocean-blue eyes. Isaac had the biggest smile on his face now. “I’m in love with you too (Y/N).” And by that he kissed her again. This kiss was different though, more passionate, more heated. Isaac’s hands wandered down to her waist, lifting her up and placing her on the stair-rail. Kissing him made (Y/N) feel complete, something she had never felt before.

The sound of someone opening the door broke them from their kiss and Isaac’s eyes instantely filled with fear. “It must be my dad,” He mumbled, looking towards the door. “You need to hide (Y/N). He’s going to freak when he see’s you.” Isaac looked back at her, his hand still on her waist. (Y/N) jumped down the stair-rail and her feet were planted with the floor again. “No Isaac. I’m not leaving you alone with him again,” She reached for his hand and intertwined it with hers. She squeezed his hand lightly and nod at him, a comforting smile on her face. “It’s gonna be okay, I’m here with you.” Before Isaac could respond to her, the door flew open and a drunk Mr.Lahey entered the house.

At the sight of (Y/N) and his son, Isaac’s father froze. “What the hell is she doing here?!” He yelled, his fists tightning on his side. “Mr. Lahey,” (Y/N) spoke, a forced smile on her face as she looked at him. “Oh, don’t act like you’re happy to see me, cause I know you’re not.” He replied, glaring at her. “Not even my own son is happy to see me. He’s so ungrateful, you know?” Mr.Lahey looked over to his son, who was standing still, starring down at his feet. “I raised this stupid, useless kid on my own and he’s not even grateful for the things I’ve done for him,” Mr. Lahey continued. He walked towards the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of whiskey that was standing on the kitchen counter. He took a zip of it and let it burn down his throat and body. “He keeps runing my life. This stupid kid keeps ruining my life.” It was the alcohol that was speaking of Mr.Lahey’s mouth, but Isaac knew without a doubt, that his father was telling him the truth. At least it was the truth about how he really felt about him.

(Y/N) felt Isaac’s hands getting sweaty and even though she didn’t had heigthened senses she knew his heart was beating fast and unregularly. She looked at him, her hands still intertwined with his. Mr.Lahey took another zip of his whiskey and looked back at his son. “You really think I care about her being here? She can’t protect you son. No one can protect you from me, you know that.” Mr.Lahey stepped closer to the both of them. “You’re killing me, Isaac. You’re killing me.” Mr.Lahey said, his voice full of frustration. “You’re killing me and you killed your mother. You hear me? You killed her.” Isaac’s head immediately shot up. His eyes were filled with anger and he could feel his claws coming out. (Y/N) looked at him with a worry in her eyes and held on to his hands tightly. “Isaac, calm down. It’s gonna be okay,” She whispered to herself, knowing that he could hear her with his werwolf-hearing. “Calm down Isaac, okay? You are going to shift, do you really want to shift infront of your dad?” She asked, her voice above a whisper.

“Oh, you’re getting mad? That’s good! Get angry, yell, even attack me if you want. You’re such a wimp. You’ve always been a wimp.” Mr.Lahey laughed and threw the empty whiskey bottle in his hand against the wall behind Isaac and (Y/N). The glass shattered and hit (Y/N)’s face. Isaac’s eyes widened in shock and he instantely looked over at his best friend. A little bloodstain appeared on her face as blood was running down her cheek. He touched her cheek with his thumb and caressed her face softly. “Isaac, it’s okay.” (Y/N) whispered, forming a small smile with her lips. Isaac shook his head and clenched his jaw. His hands curled up into fists, his knuckles turning white. He felt his claws come out and felt his eyes changing their colour, but he managed to control his shift because he knew he couldn’t change into a werwewolf, at least not infront of his father.

Still, he was angry. Very angry. He run towards his father and tackled him, pushing him against the cold livingroom wall. “YOU BASTARD!” Isaac yelled angrily. He placed his hands next to Mr.Lahey’s face, curling them back into fists. “I know you would never hit me, Isaac. You’re just too scared about the consequences, aren’t you? About me, locking you into the freezer again,” Mr.Lahey laughed bitterly, provoking his son. Isaac’s claws came out again and the anger inside him took over his whole body. He hated him. He hated his father so much. All the pain he had put him through his entire life, all the terrible things he’d said to him, all that came back into his mind as he was looking at his father infront of him. “You disgust me,” Isaac stated, inching closer to his father’s face. “You never even cared once in your life about me, about mom, about our family. The only thing you ever cared about is yourself! Drinking your dirty ass off and absuing your children because you’re frustrated about your own life, that’s what I’d call a useless life.” Isaac exclaimed, his voice full of hate. “You’re not worth it, Dad. You’ve never been and you never will. But I’m warning you, if you ever dare to hurt, touch or even talk to (Y/N)  again, I’m going to kill you,” Isaac backed off his father and glared at him. “You heard me?”

(Y/N) had managed to stand still this whole time, looking at the situation that happened right infront of her eyes. She wanted to stop her best friend at first, but something inside of her had told her not to. He was doing the right thing. “Stay away from me, alright? Just leave me alone and never talk to me ever again. I don’t need you in my life, I never did. Go and keep drinking your ass off, I don’t care anymore. Just stay the hell alway from me and her, I mean it. I don’t want to come back and make my warning reality.” Isaac said to his father coldly. He grabbed (Y/N)’s hand and a few other things he needed, before he left the house and slammed the door behind him. (Y/N) and Isaac ran away as fast as they could. All they wanted was to escape and get away from this place. As they finally reached (Y/N)’s house, they both breathed out and sat infront of her doorstep.

Isaac was the first to calm down and speak. “I’m sorry you had to see me like that.” (Y/N) looked at him and took her hand in his. “Don’t be. I’m proud that you finally spoke up. He deserved it.” He sighed and looked back at her. “But you got hurt. It’s my fault and I’m sorry.” He caressed her wound with his thumb. “Isaac,” She put his face in her hands and starred into his eyes. “Stop blaming yourself, alright? It’s okay, I’m fine.” She rested her forehead against his and smiled. “I love you, Isaac.” (Y/N) whispered as she began rubbing small circles on his cheek with her thumb, calming him down. Isaac finally looked up to her and a small smile appeared on his face. “I love you too (Y/N),” He also put his hands on her face, pulling her closer to him. “so, so much.” (Y/N) smiled and leaned in, connecting their lips once more.

Isaac and (Y/N) both melted into the kiss, making their lips synch in the same rhytm. Isaac smiled into the kiss and cupped her cheeks softly. (Y/N) felt the butterflies in the pit of her stomach and she knew that’s the way she always wanted to feel. As they both felt the need of air, they slowly removed their lips from each other, breathing heavily. She felt the warmth of his breath against her lips and smiled. “I wish any of us had said something earlier, you know. Telling the other one about his feelings,” She mumbled, tracing his bottom lip with her thumb. “Cause if we had we could have done this sooner.” With that she pecked his lips once more, causing Isaac to smile even wider. “It’s been you. It’s been you the whole time. I was just to stupid to admit it,” Isaac laughed a little and wrapped his arms around her. “But I can’t hide my feelings anymore. I want to scream out loud to the world how much I love you.” He kissed her forehead and pulled her closer.

“You don’t have to hide them anymore, because I feel the exact same way about you. I always did.” She whispered into his chest. After a break of silence she spoke again. “Where are you going to stay over night?” She asked, looking up at him. “I don’t know. I guess I have to figure something out.” He responded, playing with a string of her hair. “We can talk about it tomorrow at the pack meeting,” (Y/N) said. “But until you have found something, you can stay with us.” Isaac looked down at her. “Really? I don’t want to bother your parents.” Isaac mumbled. “My parents love you Isaac, especially my mother does. Oh and don’t start talking about my brother. He admires you.” (Y/N) giggled as she thought about the way her little brother talked about Isaac and always mentioned how cool he was.

“Hey, I like your brother. He’s really cool,” Isaac laughed. “Thank you, (Y/N). You saved me once again.” He kissed the top of her head and stroke her hair. “You always save me, (Y/N). You are my superhero.” Isaac said, cupping her jaw and forcing her to look up. “And you are mine, Isaac Lahey.” (Y/N) whispered, kissing her best friend and boyfriend on the cheek. Both of them knew that no matter what would happen, they would always have each other. Always.

Making Sure You’re Safe!

Request: would you please do a Reader x Peter Hale where the reader gets attacked one night and afterwards Peter always follows her around sometimes even without her knowing, to keep an eye on her because he feels guilty because he introduced her to the supernatural. Then she finds out and reassures him and it ends all fluffy? Thank you!                                                                                                                                                 Warning:None!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Note:I hope that you’re going to like it so if you do let me know..And I’m really sorry if it’s short.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I was on my way to my sister home,she asked me to take care of my niece tonight because she have a date..It was cold and windy tonight..I have some strange feeling that something wrong will happen or am I just being paranoiac,truly it’s been like that since Peter told me about all the supernatural things that happened and still do..I was about to turn into the next street when suddenly everything went black.                                                                                                                                                                                                         I opened my eyes adjusting to the light,I instantly felt a sharp pain in my head so I put a hand on it and tried to sit up..’Easy,easy Y/n.’ I turned to look at Peter ‘Ugh what the hell happened?’ He sat down beside me putting a wet towel on my head some omega werewolf attacked you but luckily  I was there on time.’ I looked at him confused..’So are you following me now or what?’                         ‘Ummm..What?No!’ I stood up..’So how do you know where I was then?’           ‘I passed by and accidentaly saw that it was you.’ I let out a sigh not wanting to argue ‘Fine,but I need to call me sister.’I grabbed my phone but he stopped me ‘I already did that.’ I smiled softly ‘Thank you.’   He smiled back and spread his arms..’Now come here you need to rest..’A instantly runned into his arms and ‘Yeah you’re right,I feel like I was hit by a huge truck.’                                                                                                                                                                  Some days passed and somehow everything was fine,there was no supernatural things lately so I felt kind of relieved because of that..I was in my backyard lying down,watching the stars…Then suddenly I heard something in the bush and instantly got up  but when I saw a shadow so I knew who it was..’You can come out Peter,I know you there..’He stood in front of me looking unsure..I crossed my arms over my chest..’What do you think you’re doing?” …  ‘Who?What?’                                                                                       ‘Oh don’t play stupid don’t suits you.’ He let out a sigh and walked closer to me ‘Fine you got me,I was just making sure that you’re okay.’ I put my hands down..’But why?’ He put his hands on my shoulders …’Because I love you and it’s basically my fault that you got hurt in the first place.’ I looked at him..’That’s no true, I’m with you because I want to and I love you too..Not because I’m scared or something..So there’s no need to play a guardian the whole damn night.’ We both smiled..’But seriously Peter,promise me you’ll stop.’He put a hand on my cheek..’I can promise you that I won’t follow you around,but I’ll always take care of you..Always.’ He kissed me and honestly I’m really lucky to have him..’That works too.’                        

Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness: Part One

Dedication; I wrote this story in dedication to one of my closest family members, and my bestest friend(as she would say)

In the event of her short life span, I had introduced her young mind to the world of Supernatural, and the effect it took was great, she told me, on her birthday, that she wished to be a Winchester, and since her passing, I’ve dedicated myself to making that wish come true in whichever way I can.

In loving memory of Liberty Trude

Disclaimer: The owners of the photos used to portray Liberty have given full consent and are happy and healthy :)

Characters: Slight oc John, young Sam, young Dean

Word count: Probably a lot.

Silence in the Winchester family car was normal, whether it was John moving them around for a new hunt, someone got hurt on a hunt, or everyone was just tired.

John Winchester had just received a call from the LaPlace Louisiana police department, informing him that he’s been summoned by the remaining family of the “deceased” to take a DNA test, with the possibility that he may have another child in tow. Glancing in his rear view mirror, he sighed when he noticed the sleeping faces of his boys. He hasn’t told them about their possible sister. Dean was 12, almost 13, while Sam had just turned 9. He didn’t know how a couple of kids their age would take the news of a new baby. Well, a couple of kids that live the life they live.

Of course, that’s what John had been trying to convince himself with. In reality, he hasn’t told the boys because he wasn’t even sure if he would take the girl in. With his ‘job’ and mission to find his late wife’s killer, he wasn’t sure if he would be able to tackle another kid.

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Past Loves

Summary: Although the reader now hunts with Sam and Dean, they weren’t the first brothers to introduce her to the supernatural. Salvatore is just as much a meaningful last name as Winchester to the reader. The past is brought up when a trip to Mystic Falls leads the reader to run into her past love, Damon. Let’s just say Damon is perfect at making Dean jealous. 

Word count: 2818

Author’s Note: I love the vampire diaries and Damon just demands to be written. If you guys are fans too I think I’m going to start writing TVD imagines too! 

The Winchesters hadn’t been the brothers to introduce you to the supernatural, but they were your family now. As it always went, you’d had a life before you’d met them. You’d never really talked about your past life, Sam knew certain things. Keeping your past life hidden, meant keeping a past love hidden, Damon Salvatore.

You didn’t know where to begin when it came to Damon, he’d helped you through so much. The reason you’d kept him somewhat of a secret was because your current feelings for Dean. You knew how Damon was, and if he knew you were hopelessly in love but too shy to do anything he’d intervene.

The problem was that your current case called for a trip to Mystic Falls. You were sitting at the table with Sam as Dean was making coffee. Sam spoke up, “So (y/n) is today the day we meet the infamous Da-”. Sam knew you were head over heels for Dean, and he was totally up to something. You cut him off, “Maybe if you stay alive to actually work on the case today”.

Dean didn’t miss anything, “Who are we talking about?”. You sent daggers at Sam, “Oh uh no one”. You hoped Dean would just give up, he had his own past love affairs, so many in fact that why would he even care about yours? Sam continued regardless of your glares, “Not just anyone from what you’ve told me (y/n)…”.

You choked on your coffee and Dean raised an eyebrow. You blushed, “You guys aren’t the only two that have past loves”. Sam smirked at watching Dean’s reaction as he questioningly asked, “Past loves?”. Blushing you got up from the table, too confused as to why Dean cared so much when he never made a real move.

Sam smiled, “Well guys let’s get on the road today should be fun!”. He was loving Dean being jealous because he knew his brother just needed a push to really accept how he felt. You were Sam’s best friend, and if anyone were to be with his brother it should be you. Everything was packed and within a half hour you were on the road.

The ride included Sam hinting at your past and Dean getting jealous. You didn’t understand how he was so jealous because on every hunt you ran into someone Dean had known on a…more personal level…so why wasn’t it okay for you? Regardless his emotions were getting the best of him.

Finally the impala pulled into Mystic Falls and you lead the boys to , “The Mystic Grill” because you knew burgers and beer would lighten the mood. You were sat down at a table and when the waiter came to take your drinks she said, “The man at the bar ordered you this shot, said he remembers how you like it”.

You smiled and rolled your eyes, this had Damon all over it. You looked to the bar and there he was, smirking raising his drink. Dean spoke up, “Little early for a shot-”, but you were already gone from the table. Walking over to the bar you took him in, sexy as ever but then again he didn’t age.

Damon smiled, “So (y/n) I can’t tell if you miss me and that’s why you’re here or if I’ve been replaced”. He looked to Sam and Dean and you smiled. You hugged him, “Damon no one could replace you”. For a second he pretended to be the carless wild Damon many knew him as, but he soon melted into the hug and held you tight.

He whispered in your ear, “Next time don’t go so long without calling”. When the hug ended you explained yourself, “ Life has been so crazy I’m sorry”. He raised his shoulders telling you that all was forgiven, then he grabbed your hand and made you do a slow spin. He clicked his tongue, “Hmm hmm hmm, time does you well”.

Before you could speak he raised an eyebrow, “Okay why is the shorter lumber jack giving me a death glare right now?”. He must’ve been talking about Dean, and you had to admit it was a funny description. You decided to take the shot before explaining but he knew you too well.

Damon let out a sigh, “You’re in love huh? Please don’t tell me-”. You shook your head, “Damon he’s just too good for me, and he doesn’t seem to care, so I’ve kept my feelings quiet”. Damon got that look in his eyes, the classic “I’m about to put things in motion” look.

He raised his eyebrows, “Doesn’t care, if I’m hearing correctly short lumberjack is asking tall lumberjack just who the hell I am and why I’m all over you…I can work with jealousy”. Damon was a vampire which meant super hearing, and you had to trust what he said.

You put up a finger, “Damon no, do not-”. Too late, he’d set his mind on something. He compelled the waiter to give you another round of shots, alcohol would make things interesting. Smirking evilly he asked, “Never too early for a body shot right?”. Before you could object the bartender was back with salt, lime, and tequila.

Rolling his eyes he said, “ Come on, he’s jealous and he should be. You’re too good to wait around for something, I’m showing him what he’s missing”. You hated to admit it but he was right, and Dean deserved a taste of his own medicine. You smiled, “ You’re right, but don’t go falling in love with me again”.

You both started to laugh, “Same goes to you (y/n), but we should make this look real”. Damon placed the salt up your next and you happily took the lime between your lips. He pouted, “Missing something” and before you knew it the shot was placed between your breasts. Your mouth opened but you laughed, this was classic Damon.

Damon took down the shot and winked at you. His tongue slowly licked up your neck and to add effect he sucked a little, of course leaving a mark. He whispered in your ear, “Oh this is funn”. His lips soon met yours as he took the lime in his own mouth. When it was over he licked his lips, “My work here is done, the dynamic duo is walking our way as we speak”.

Dean was the first to speak, “Let me guess this is Damon”. Before getting up to greet Dean he took his thumb and wiped the lime juice from the corner of your mouth before dragging down your bottom lip slowly, man was he good at this. Damon smiled, “Sorry, had a little something there”.

Damon got up and went to shake Dean’s hand, “The one and only”. Sam looked to you and you just grinned. Sam tried to defuse the anger, “Well I’ve heard a lot about you from (y/n)”. Dean added, “You know I can’t imagine you two having a past”.

You opened your mouth to speak but Damon spoke first, “Oh (y/n) and I had fun, you know I might still have a couple scratches on my back to prove it”. Deans jaw clenched and Sam tried not to laugh. Damon continued, “Wasn’t it fun (y/n) sneaking around trying not to get caught, but you were always too loud..but I mean I’m not really complaining”. Now Dean’s fists were clenched and you wanted to break the tension.

Sam beat you too it, “You know I have a feeling (y/n) was totally different back then”. Damon looked at you and winked as he said, “It’s always the quiet ones”. Dean was about to combust and he barely got out the words, “(y/n), outside”.

He pulled your hand and dragged you to where the impala was parked. You were telling him stop and within a flash he was suddenly pinned against the impala. All you could say was, “Damon?”. Dean was trying to push him away but Damon had a couple hundred years on him, “Why so angry?”.

You went next to them and pushed them away, “Okay Damon that’s enough, point proven”. Dean fixed his jacket but looked angrier as ever. Damon backed off but not before asking, “You know you can’t be angry, she’s not even yours”. With a flash he was gone, all he really wanted to do was emphasize the fact that you were never Deans.

Dean ran his hands through his hair, “Vampires, it had to be fucking vampires”. At this point you were angry too, you never acted like an ass when you saw him hitting on girls on cases. Crossing your arms over your chest you answered him, “Damon’s right Dean, why are you so angry? Why do you get to be angry?”.

He looked lost for a moment, trying to find the right words. He let out a sigh, “ I don’t know okay? All I know is that I didn’t like some guy all over you as I watched”. The irony caused you to laugh. Really? Rolling your eyes you spoke the truth, “Dean what do you think I’ve had to watch every hunt, but you don’t see me freaking out. You know what why are you freaking out, the thought that someone might want me is too much for you?”.

Walking closer to you he uncrossed your arms, “I’m sorry that’s not what I want, or think. I just, I’ve…never been in love and-”. Love, were you hearing him correctly? Dean continued, “I was scared of what I felt, Winchesters don’t have a good track record when it comes to love, but that was no excuse”.

You were still hurt, “You’re right it wasn’t”. He laughed and took your hands, “Damon just got me so angry you know? All his little remarks”. You couldn’t help but shake your head and smile, “ He’s known to have that effect on people”. It seemed like Dean was still not telling you something so you raised an eyebrow.

Finally he spoke up, “Was what he said true?”. You were confused, “About what?”. Suddenly you were catching on and you grinned. Biting your lip you replied, “What do you think?”. Dean stepped even closer to you, “I think I’ve done enough waiting”. His lips were on yours, a mixture of whiskey tequila.

His hands frantically roamed all over your body, trying to makeup for lost time. You smiled, “Dean I think we’d both be a lot happier somewhere more private”. Dean was already one step ahead as you heard him open the impalas door for you.

Dean turned on the radio and you slid closer to him, the best part of the impala was the fact that there wasn’t individual seats. You started to kiss his neck and he laughed, “ Where is somewhere more private?”.

Sliding your body down you were now hovering over his pants zipper. You looked up to him, “Until we find somewhere more private I figured I could keep you occupied”. Before Dean could question what that could possibly mean you started to unzip his pants and pull them down.

You were still looking up at him and you could tell how flustered he was, “ Uh (y/n) I don’t..are you sur?-”. You cut him off by slowly taking his member in your hand. All thoughts left his mind as he watched you.

Laughing you reminded him, “ Uh Dean shouldn’t you be watching the road?”. He half smirked and reluctantly took his eyes off you and brought them to the road as he drove. You slowly licked up his shaft stopped before you got to the tip.

You were still watching him and you wanted to laugh as his eyes frantically darted from the road to you. Continuing you circled his tip with your tongue before sucking lightly. You put your other hand to use by lightly grasping his balls and massaging.

Suddenly you felt his hand slid up your back before resting on your head. You knew what he wanted to do and you encouraged him, “I like it when you take what you want Dean”. He then had the courage to guide you down onto him.

Dean was still being reluctant and to encourage him even more you took as much of him as you could into your mouth, which was a lot more than he’d originally thought. You took your mouth off of him and looked up at him smiling.

He was biting his lip and his grip on your head tightened, “ I want you”. You took as much of him as you could again and bobbed your head up and down. His hold on your head guided you and caused you to pick up speed. Dean’s moans and groans were so loud they rang out over the radio, “ Fuck baby”.

You took your mouth off of his penis to begin sucking on his balls and you thought he was going to crash the car right then and there. Your entire body moved as Dean took a turn. Looking up you realized that he’d driven to a dead-end surrounded by trees, as private as he needed.

His voice was coarse, “ That feels so good but I need more”. Taking the hint you straddled Dean, feeling him press into you. You smiled, “ I need this too Dean”, and with that you both took off the rest of your clothes as quickly as you could.

Dean had one hand on your hip while he held his penis in the other, “ You sure you’re ready?”. You wanted to laugh, you were dripping wet of course you were ready. To convince him you kissed him passionately, lightly biting his bottom lip. With that he entered you, and you instantly groaned.

Slowly you moved your hips and Dean’s hands grabbed them. Once again he started to guide you, making you go faster. You started kissing him again until he stopped to kiss down your neck.

Dean moaned, “You feel so damn good (y/n)”. This only made you want to go faster and before you knew it you were bouncing up and down. His mouth moved to your breasts, sucking your nipples tenderly.

You nearly screamed, “ Dean fuck, fuck”. Knowing it would feel even better you turned around, your back now to Dean. You leaned against dashboard, arching your back. He slapped your ass, “ Shit that feels good huh?”. You moaned, but that wasn’t enough.

Dean grabbed a fistful of your hair pulling you closer to him, “Talk to me princess”. Again your face was right next to his as your head rested in the crook of his neck. Looking at him you answered, “you feel so- fuck- so good Dean”.

One hand found your clit and began rubbing while the other lightly gripped your neck. He continued, “You’re so fucking beautiful baby”. Dean began to thrust deep and hard into you. You began to close your eyes, everything was too intense. Dean spoke again, “ No baby, open those eyes”.

You felt your orgasm coming, but you fought it. He didn’t slow down, “ You’re gonna come huh princess, tell me who’s making you cum!”. You were unable to reply so his grip on your neck tightened.

Your voice was faint but you answered, “ You are Dean”. Dean actually laughed, a new side of him showing. His hand and hips somehow went faster, and he knew what he was doing to you. He demanded, “ I want you to cum for me princess okay? Tell me who’s making you feel so good when you do”. You nodded your head in response.

Once again his grip tightened, “ Need to hear you say it baby”. It was now seconds away but you yelled his name out. You felt him coming undone as well, “ Fuck (y/n), fuck yes”. As Dean came so did you, everything was so intense.

Your eyes shut, and your body was trying to cope with every nerve suddenly being on fire. If Dean hadn’t been holding you up you surely would’ve fallen. As your orgasm shook over you all you could do was scream his name.

When you both finished all you could do was attempt to catch your breath. You turned around to face Dean again and saw the happiness in his eyes. He ran a hand through your hair, “ I really fucking love you princess”. Dean kissed you on the forehead, and it was your turn to beam with happiness.

You suddenly heard your phone buzz and saw you’d gotten a text from Damon. Out of curiosity you read it and it said, “ Nice performance, princess, next time try not picking a place so close to our house. Super hearing is a bitch”. You couldn’t help but laugh, and be insanely thankful for Damon. You kissed Dean again, realizing how lucky you truly were.

Just the Way You Are

Pairing: Non

Characters: Jared, Jensen, Bella, reader

Words: ~1,840 (<– :o this is officially the longest thing I have written.)

Warnings: non really, slight language but nothing else I can think of.

A/N: This is my entry for Kari’s (@thing-you-do-with-that-thing) 6666 challenge. My prompt was Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel. Any mistakes are mine (sorry in advance if I made any.). Specific Positive Feedback is welcome.

*Gifs are not mine

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“Hey Sam.” you called without looking up from the drawing you were working on.

“Hey.” he said, coming over to see what you were doing.

You both looked up as Cas popped into the room.

“Where’s Dean?” he asked without saying hello.

“He’s in the-” you stopped as he started giggling. “Seriously guys?” you asked breaking caricature, mock angry,  “That’s the fourth take!”

“Sorry.” Misha said as you fake glared at him.

Looking up at Jared you told him, “Can we please do this without you messing him up? I have homework I need to do.”

“Sorry.” he told you. “I forgot.”

“It’s fine. Lets just finish this?” you asked smiling up at him.

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Cas was called by Dean as an emergency. He was needed once every other month or so to keep Y/N safe, every time she was introduced to the Supernatural he would erase her memory of the details and she’d be clueless once again. 
Both Sam and Dean knew it was wrong, they just loved their sister so much they couldn’t bare to see her get hurt. they couldn’t drag her into the life of a hunter and ruin every chance of her having a normal life.
But something went wrong this time. Cas exorcised the demon from a possessed Y/N, her body was bloodied and tired, she fell into Sam who caught her with ease and lowered her to the ground as he examined her body for the worst of the wounds. She started crying and buried her face in her hands.
“Cas, you need to heal her and take the memory.” Dean whispered, nudging the angel who did nothing but stare.
“Cas!” Dean shouted firmly, not wanting to see his sister in pain any longer. 
“No.” The Angel declared, he looked angry.

“No…??” Dean echoed, confused.

“NO.” Cas threw the brothers against the wall, not enough to hurt them but enough to keep them still and silent.

He strode over to your trembling body “Cas…?” You managed as he knelt down in front of you. He placed his fingers to your forehead and you felt your body become better, your wounds disappeared and only scars and dried blood remained. Then: memories flooded back which had been blocked by the same essence. You remembered everything, you remembered every situation where you’d discovered and rediscovered the supernatural and every time your brothers forced Cas to take them away. 

You shot back from him, staring in shock at your brothers. “What did you do?” Sam demanded.

“I saved her, this wasn’t right. I’m not doing this anymore.” He gave you a soft and sad look.

“She deserves to be safe-” Dean began but Cas cut him off.

“She deserves to know the truth!” He bellowed and you flinched. You rose from your position on the floor and walked over next to Cas. Not with him and not against him, just next to him.

“Why would you do that to me?” You ask, your eyes glistening.

“Y/N, we were trying to protect you.” Sam blinked hard to fight his own tears.

“What, because I can’t protect myself?!” You retort.

“We just don’t wanna see you get hurt.” He gave up trying to prevent the tears.


“Y/N, calm down okay-” Dean began.

“Calm down?” You repeated “You want me to calm down? You erased my own freaking memory just so you could sleep at night? Do you know how much I don’t sleep?” You catch their confused faces so carried on “I thought they were just nightmares, but they were memories. You lied to me. All of you! You glance around the room, shooting death stares at them “At least one of you had the decency to realise.” You spat towards Cas.

“Y/N, please.” Sam started.

“NO!” You roar “Just leave me alone.” You storm out of the room, slamming the door shut behind you and racing to the comfort of your bedroom.
You curled up in the corner of your room and wept. Your head was raging with pain as the tears streamed down your cheeks . 
You remembered every gory detail and every time Cas had pressed his angel fingers up to your head and wiped away the bad. You were angry- furious even. Furious they hadn’t told you the truth, they hadn’t thought you could hunt, and that they didn’t give you a chance.

Requested by anon and @can-i-feel (I hope you guys don’t mind me merging the two!)

could you please do one where the reader is the winchester’s sister, and the boys thought she had a normal life until they find out she’s been possessed? oneshot/imagine, whatever you think is better
I hope this is okay! Thank you for requesting!

I really love your blog and I was so excited when I saw your post! ❤ Can you do a sisfic when the brothers want to keep the reader safe so they always erase her memory? But she finds everything out? Or something like that. Thanks & have a nice day! 
Thank you so much! You have a nice day too ^_^
Again, hope this is alright, sorry about the angst-overload

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Dating Alison Would Include (gender neutral):

There are a few more sexual gifs so warning I suppose. GIFS ARE NOT MINE

-Her teaching you to shot

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 -She introducing you to the supernatural world and becoming obsessed with it

-Scott having a little ‘talk’ with you about looking after Alison and treating her right.

 -and promising to look after her and treat her right for the end of your days 

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-Becoming close friends with Lydia and helping her with anything you can

Originally posted by fyeslydiamartin

 -getting advice from Kira 

Originally posted by detectivejulesohara

 -helping Stiles with his cases and becoming part of the pack  

Originally posted by itsagirlthingbae

-cuddles 24/7

Originally posted by tilldeathdousart

 -kisses on the forehead 

Originally posted by green-humming-bird

-showing her your music and she showing hers

Originally posted by urban-pixels

 -always being there for you and visa versa

Originally posted by madzie-bane

 -loving each other unconditionally

Originally posted by isiyamor

 -Mr Argent being suspicious about you at first but after a amazing dinner with him and the rest of the family he immediately loves you despite his wives suspicion

Originally posted by unfeelingharlot-blog

 -protecting her even though she doesn’t need/want it

 -she protecting you also 

Originally posted by svaniti-nel-nulla

-telling her all your problems and visa versa 

Originally posted by camrenchances

 - Where are you two? Probably making out in a closet or ditching to be together.

Originally posted by kissing-pleasure

 -hand holding

Originally posted by dontmesswiththeleprechaun

 -dancing in the kitchen at 3am

Originally posted by apocryphalstories

 -having stupid little arguments but always fixing them before it gets worse 

Originally posted by distant-dreamer-edith

-Shes not the best romantic but always tries.

Originally posted by jonstavk

- 'I love you so much it hurts’

 -'I love you too’

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Scott’s little sister

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Request:  I was wondering if you would do something where Scott has a younger sister and it’s like, noon, but she’s just getting up and walks into the kitchen and is like “When did you get friends and why did no one tell me?” :o

A/N: This is set in 3b because I just sort of imagined it like this and season 3 is my favourite :)

Requests are open

“Just one more episode” 

You were sitting on your bed, comfortably, very comfortably, and did not wish to get up any time soon. Even though you might have needed the toilet and were most definitely hungry. You needed food. Urgently. 

“But the kitchen’s all the way down stairs” you muttered to yourself.

You were alone in your room, and probably alone in the house too. Knowing your brother, he was probably out doing whatever thing he did so frequently yet never bothered to tell you. Well, you never bothered to ask either. You decided to text him, just to make sure. You could have yelled out his name but you knew he never answered so the best choice was to text him. 

Except you had forgotten your phone in the kitchen. The same place where all the food waited for you. I might as well go down there

You got up and made your way downstairs, where Scott and a few others were gathered around the kitchen island. You recognised most of them from school, people you’d seen on the corridors or classes. But never with Scott. He wasn’t exactly the most popular person in Beacon Hills; but now it seemed otherwise.

“When did you get friends and why did no one tell me?” You asked your brother, causing the relatively cute guy with the curly hair to chuckle a little, Isaac.

Scott hit him slightly before looking up at you, “I have friends, plenty of friends actually” he said in a defensive tone. 

You laughed, “Friends? As in plural? As in people other than Stiles?” 

Isaac chuckled again, this time joined by Allison. 

Allison. Did she count as a friend? The last time you’d spoken, it being quite some time ago, she had been Scott’s girlfriend. But your brother had stopped talking about her and how much he loved the smell of her hair. Maybe they had broken up. 

“I have friends, Y/N, evidently” Scott said, gesturing to the people around him.

“Are you sure you didn’t pay them to hang out with you?”

“Yes. Now can you get whatever you came here for and leave? What we’re doing is kind of important and doesn’t require you to be here”

“Important?” You asked curiously as you glanced at his ‘friends’. Allison, Stiles, a pair of twins you couldn’t quite remember the names of, a girl with beautiful straight ebony dark hair, that must be Kira. And last, a girl with red- no, strawberry blonde hair and amazing green eyes. Lydia. You had imagined her in many different ways before, she always came up in conversations when you spoke to Stiles. You couldn’t understand his infatuation with her. Infatuation. It had stopped being so much as an infatuation these past few months as actually caring for her. He had stopped talking about how perfect she looked but rather now talked about how smart and strong she was. Looking at her now, you could see why he liked her so much. 

“Important, yes, as in not for you. As in time for you to leave. As in exit the room now, Y/N”

You rolled your eyes and gestured for your phone that lay face down on the table, next to the fruit bowl, which you also pointed to after receiving your phone back.

Scott picked out an apple and handed it to you, also using it as a chance to push you out of the room.

Hey, if you wanted me to leave so badly you could have just asked” 

“May you please leave the room?” 

“Of course” you said, as you made your way to the staircase, fruit and phone in hand.

From the top of the staircase you could hear Isaac speak, making you smirk, “I like her”

“Well, don’t get too used to it, Scott doesn’t introduce her to any of his supernatural friends” said Stiles,

“Well, then all of them, except you, Stiles” said Lydia,


Being a hunter and befriending Buffy…

○ You both help one another out in training and real hunts
○ You swap stories a lot, some hunting ones and other ‘normal’ ones
○ When she saw you weren’t against all supernatural creatures, she quickly introduced you to her friends, including Spike
○ Becoming close friends has lead to many sleepovers and crashing on each other’s couch after hunts
○ You often have a battles of the wits every now and then 
○ You became protective over one another quickly
○ You’re treated like family when in one another’s house

Do Your Research

This was an anon request that got deleted accidentally, but I had a screenshot. So I’m really sorry that I don’t have the original ask! I hope you find this!

Original Request: Please can you do a deanxreader one shot where the reader is best friends with Charlie. One day Charlie meets up with the Winchesters and makes you tag along and Dean being Dean is just like fgs because he thinks the reader will be like a crazed like Charlie but the reader totally proves him wrong and hes really impressed because she is so sassy and flirts with him?

Word Count: 1504

Summary: Charlie introduces the Winchester to her friend that she made read the Supernatural books.

UPDATE! I did a Part 2! Knowledge


Charlie, my best friend from my college days. She called me up on a whim and said she was going to be in town this week and she wanted to meet up. Knowing it was always an adventure with the quirky girl, I invited her excitedly. I wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to spend time with her. I had been emailing her for a long time back and forth. She told me all about her escapades with two men, surprising for Charlie.


So, I kind of did something crazy. I may have embezzled money and screwed over the wrong people, but I’m safe! I promise! Have a couple buff, macho men looking after me. Write soon!


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Baby Argent and Baby Wolf

“Just trust me on this,” My older sister, Allison, kissed my forehead and left my room after another lesson on the wielding of Chinese ring daggers that led to a speech on the dangers of dating a werewolf. Ever since I’ve been introduced to the world of the supernatural, I was welcomed by her group of friends which included; a true alpha, a kitsune, a banshee, a Stiles and a very attractive and charming beta. But as usual, Allison has to ruin all my fun and convince our dad that it’s a bad idea for me to be around said attractive werewolf. But, being the Argent I am, I don’t do as I’m told.

Making sure my door was locked, I snuck out my open window and stepped carefully onto the roof, looking around before jumping off and grabbing onto the edge of a banister above me. Mentally thanking my dad for forcing me to take gym class, I did a few more acrobatics until I was far enough to safely jump to the ground and walk to the nearby park.

“Hey you,” I spun around to be faced with the bluest eyes. “Hi,” I smiled widely and hugged him. He intertwined our fingers and lead the way, spinning me around every now and then and pulling me back to whisper sweet nothings in my ear. “Let’s go somewhere new today,” he said suddenly, picking me up around my waist and spinning us both, causing me to laugh. “Like where might I ask?” “I found a really cool place at the edge of the forest with a great view,” I smiled widely. I have a serious fetish for great views and starry nights, so if this view was as fantastic as he was describing with the beautiful stars in the sky, it would be perfect.

We walked hand in hand for awhile and eventually I ended up on his back and he was running, my hands in the air screaming as we entered the forest. That is, until we fell. I don’t know what it was but Liam toppled over, taking me with him and we rolled and rolled until we eventually stopped in fits of laughter. “Smooth Romeo,” I said in between large gasps of breath and giggles. “Are you okay my fair princess?” he pulled me up with him and kissed my forehead. “Yes I am, thanks for asking,” “We’re almost there,” he carried me bridal style until we got there.

It really was one of the greatest views I had ever seen. “Wow,” I breathed out as he put me down. “I knew you’d love it,” he whispered in my ear, wrapping his arms around me. We were silent for a long time, just enjoying each other’s company and taking in the beauty of nature. Liam would place a kiss on my head every now and then and I’d lean back and press my lips to his. 

Allison’s POV

“I don’t know what it is with my family and werewolves,” I whispered, watching my baby sister and Liam from a spot behind a few boulders. “Opposites attract I guess,” Lydia said on my right. Isaac was on my left with Stiles and Scott next to him. “I told Liam to stay away from her,” Scott said almost apologetically. “And I told her the same about him,” I shrugged and shook my head. “Didn’t everyone tell you two to stay away from each other?” Isaac asked. “You guys should really just let me come up with the plans,” Stiles mumbled causing us all to laugh sliently.

I smiled as I saw Liam spin Y/N around as they slow danced to the music of nature. She smiled widely and tiptoed to kiss him. “I feel bad for watching them,” “It’s cute though,” Scott responded. “Isn’t this where we used to come all the time? When we weren’t supposed to be together?” he asked after a few minutes of silence and I smiled. It was.

should i write more to this orr??? put a little scallison up in hurr and brought back da bae Isaac. sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted but i could always write another one. i have two more requests to finish and post so put in a few more and keep me busy

Imagine being best friends with the Winchesters sister and her introducing you to one of her brothers to whom you take instant liking.
I got contacted by the publisher of the Destiel novel. Get a load of this.

I posted a blog discussing the new book Destiel by Jordyn Burlot and the problematic nature of using vanity presses. I discussed the problems Burlot is creating in the Destiel fan community by publishing a novel aimed at us while being dismissive and aggressive toward that very community.

A few minutes ago, the “publisher” contacted me and told me it’s defamatory and ordered me to remove it. They’ve said I’ll get sued if I don’t. They also implied anyone who spreads my post around will get sued too. In other words, they’ve tried to scare me by saying I’m putting all of you in danger if I don’t comply with their orders. Never in the history of posting opinions on authors, publishing houses, book reviews, etc., have I EVER been ordered to remove an opinion blog.

Additionally, the email also said, and I quote: “On a personal note, the author in question is a good writer however you wouldn’t know that as you have not read her novel.” Very professional.

So beware. If you call her publisher a vanity press or say anything negative about her book, you’ll get a cease and desist email threatening legal action. Good luck reviewing it, folks. I still plan to review the book though.

I don’t need to deal with the shenanigans of an author and publisher flailing in tantrums because people are openly questioning the intent of the book. Be clear that I have deleted the original post, not because I believe the publisher is right but because the author has been doing a lot of flailing and the whole thing is becoming cringe-worthy. However, I do intend to read and review the book itself in the coming days. “On a personal note, the author in question is a good writer however you wouldn’t know that as you have not read her novel,“ is more of a challenge to me than threats of a lawsuit because I called them a vanity press. So yes, I’ve got the book and it’ll be reviewed. But I’m not exposing my followers to the "publisher” flailing about lawsuits, so I deleted the original post. Whoever still reblogs it is not doing it from me.

Check my blog, John. It ain’t there anymore. And my name is JESSICA JEWETT, not “Miss”, which you saw when you visited my personal website to contact me. Good luck managing a client who introduces herself by giving her audience the finger.