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Also, because some folks have asked: each page takes about an average of six-ish hours to complete, and these have not been completed in advance! I sorta do it half and half–the inks get completed the night before, while color and text is finished up the day of. (Which is why they sometimes get posted later in the day.)

Eight things that can happen when you post to the interwebs, anxiety version

1. Nobody takes much notice (probability: 50 + f(FQ), where FQ is some kind of internet fame quotient and f is totally a function of some sort)
2. Some people like it a bit (probability: 10 + g(FQ), maybe, where g is f’s best function mate)
3. It is the best thing ever for approx. two days, then business as usual (probability: I dunno, 1 + h(FQ), h and f aren’t speaking though)
4. You acquire an army of enthusiastic fans who will buy you margaritas and fan you with fluffy things and whatnot (probability: 0 + also 0, but not IN YOUR DREAMS, eh)
5. You mess up, that’s OK, nobody noticed (probability probably quite a lot)
6. You mess up and someone points this out and you try and do better in future (also non-negligible)
7. You mess up (either in your own personal system of morality or someone else’s that you may not yet know about) in a way that becomes a meme that make meme-you the worst person in the universe ever to a wide assortment of humans all over the world and even if you go to hide in a remote mountain cave you will sooner or later be interrupted by an axolotl who wants to know if that picture was you and did you really do that thing you didn’t? (probability aaaargh(FQ))
8. Keyboard unexpectedly turns into lava (probably infrequent?)

cryptidsdickhunter  asked:

I heard through the interwebs that you are Damien's age now? How are things for you and you dad on the future? Are there flying cars yet? Also... am I still alive over there?

That’s allot of questions at once. Dad and I are both doing good. Being and adult is exhausting. The technology exists for flying cars but It’s illegal to drive them in the US. 

Tumblr is the only place were you can ship

Skeletons with fucking robots and Goat moms
Demons with normal people…
God and Lucifer…
Birds and Fishes…


Here it is. The big explanation-why the interwebs series is dead. Subscribe if you’d like–I have a lot more content coming soon.


The new comers: Guys HALP! Why are they slapping each others’ butts? 

The inspectors: Yes judging from his shadow it is Jimin in the BS&T era and judging from V’s Gucci slippers it was taken the second week of december of last year #TrueStory. 

The  theorists: They sold their souls to the evil to understand BIGHIT’s Bullsh*t.

The fanwar soldiers: Don’t start an argument with them, they have loads of clap-backs ready and are as savage as yoongi.

The shippers: “OMG their pinky fingers touched ME DEAD”. they gathered more proof about their ship than the FBI would ever.

The aristocrat: No I am not like those basic, crazy fangirls. *She/He is*.

The bias ho*s: Changes a bias on every comeback, but no one can blame her… We have loads of those btw

The content makers: The last time they slept was when BTS had a hiatus aka never.

The promoters: If you are a liiittle bit known in the interweb. Don’t you EVER DARE use the word “BTS” or your comment section will turn into “You should check BTS out, they are very talented, they can sing and dance, plz collab …”.

The broke: Considers water a meal after spending all the money on anything BigSnake throw at them.

The poors:  feed their passion through fancams and salty tears.

The delusional: If I was in korea my bias would have fallen for me. *flips hair*. “Beach he is taken” said the shippers.

The youtubers: React to BTS mainly for views but tell us they are fans.  

The FAKE fans: If you see “I used to like BTS but …” It is them. Stay away! the fanwar soldiers will take care of them.

The dancers/singers: They shoot vdeos everywhere and it turns out either super cool or super cringy. there is no in between

The seasonals: They know two things about BTS: their names and main tracks. They appear twice a year when BTS have a comeback. 

The horny: Dangerously reads smut in public. Gets horny over the weirdest body parts “Look at Jungkook’s elbow bone SHOKE ME daddy”

The fansites: If you see someone with a latter and a high definition camera that can probably shoot the aliens on Mars running in an airport. It is them! Their favorite color is white as they looooove turning BTS into A4-white papers.   

The basic fans: Are here mainly for the music/dancing. Always educating and judging all the above. They start all their sentences by “DON’Tbecause *insert BTS human rights*” 

I hope I didn’t forget anyone ^^ Gotta love our fandom!
By @mimibtsghost

anonymous asked:

ned is such a Soft Boy but dont mess w peter bc everyone knows he will not hesitate to punch a transphobe in the face for His Boy

peter coming out as trans at a young age (around age 7) and it kinda causes an uproar among peter’s friend group and their parents, bc suddenly there are parents accusing may and ben of not being good guardians.

and when they find out that may and ben are putting peter on blockers they say “that child is too young to know what they want” and get furious when may and ben reply with “if a child is old enough to know they’re cisgender then they’re old enough to know they’re transgender”

and some kids at school begin to tease peter a bit, saying shit like “my mom and dad told me that your aunt and uncle are crazy, and that you are too” or they begin to call him trans slurs, and may and ben hate that those kids didn’t know what those slurs were a few weeks ago, and that their parents taught them what they think peter should be called

and one day peter is sitting at lunch alone and flash walks up and begins calling peter names, and peter tries to ignore him. but he’s already having a bad day (he only got an A- on his math test instead of an A+) and he’s just a kid, and he begins to cry. and that only makes flash laugh. peter is hoping that some teachers will come aid him, but they don’t, they never do. so he just sits there as flash and his goons continue to snickers, and he tries to get his tears under control so he doesn’t encourage flash more.

but then suddenly flash is being shoved by ned leeds, that quiet dude in his class who never talks much. peter doesn’t know him very well, but he never thought ned would be the kind of guy to stand up for him. or even try to know him.

and flash swears at ned, but ned just punches flash and tells him in a really low voice to “leave peter alone” and that…. just shakes peter. nobody besides his aunt and uncle have called him peter yet, everyone else deadnames him. it’s almost surreal to be hearing somebody else call him peter, especially someone he’s never really spoken to.

some teachers come over and pull ned away from flash (because of course they’ll defend flash even though peter was just loudly being bullied by him), and ned throws an apologetic glance over his shoulder as he’s escorted to the principals office. flash glares at peter and goes back to his own table in the cafeteria. and peter waits a few moments, picks at his food thoughtfully, before he gets up to go sit outside of the principals office.

he waits outside the office for about twenty minutes, not really caring that he’s missing his history lesson, and then finally the door opens and ned walks out with his head hung low. he’s holding a dark pink letter, something people only get when they’ve gotten a detention.

ned startles when he sees peter and then sheepishly fiddles with the letter, kind of afraid that peter might be mad with him. peter worries ned in turn might be upset too.

“i’m sorry,” they both say, before looking confusedly at each other

“why are you sorry?” peter asks quietly, standing up from the bench he’d been sitting on

“i made a big scene, i’m sorry about that,” ned sighs. his voice is smooth and soft, much different than how it sounded when he was talking to flash.

peter blushes then sighs. “i should be the one saying sorry, i’m the reason you got detention and – ”

“no!” ned says angrily. “you didn’t do anything, flash is the reason i got detention! he needs to stop bullying you!”

peter looks down and kicks at nothing in particular. he needs to retie one of his shoes. “yeah… i dunno, i’m beginning to wonder if they’re right about me. maybe i am just a freak.”

ned walks close to him, and peter flinches, but all ned does is hug him. ned is much bigger and taller than him, everyone kinda is, and they usually use that advantage to be cruel. but all ned does is hug him. and peter just kinda wants to crumble. he gets this kind of affection from may and ben all the time, but he’d missed having it from others. he had felt so alone since he came out that he had started to forget how it felt to have a friend.

“you aren’t a freak,” ned whispers. “you’re so cool! and smart! they’re just stupid, peter, they’re really dumb!!”

peter doesn’t know what to say really, so he doesn’t say anything. he just whispers a shy “thank you” back. ned hugs him for a bit longer and then finally pulls back. peter doesn’t want this to stop, maybe he’s being greedy but he wants ned to be around him always. suddenly he feels addicted to ned’s company, despite only having it for 10 minutes or so.

“school’s almost over,” peter says shyly. “do you wanna come over to my house and play legos? i know they aren’t very – ”

“legos!!” ned says, his eyes going big and a silly smile breaking across his face. his voice cracks lightly, the early stages of puberty beginning to creep over him. “i love legos!!”

“really?” peter says, beginning to bounce on the balls of his feet. he’s so happy.

“yeah!! and model planes too!”

“my uncle builds those!! and those neat ships in bottles!!”

they both begin gabbing about building legos and ships and planes as they walk outside of the school. peter introduces ned to may when she picks peter up from school, and ned calls his mom to say that he’s going over to a friend’s house (making sure to let may speak to his mom first). peter likes where this is going, he likes the way this day has gone and he hopes it’s the first of many days that he will see ned leeds.


now available by popular demand: The List

What is it? 

  • A very large spreadsheet of 400-ish (dubiously) lesbian-interest movies

Why does it exist? 

  • Me and some college friends were hosting Gay Movie Mondays and running out of things to see, especially things with happy endings. Digging through the depths of the internet for every imaginable scrap of lesbian content somehow seemed like a good solution. 

What’s in it? 

  • Movies. Some worth seeing, some not. Some with lesbians, some with bi ladies, some with all of one male-gaze-y lady-on-lady kiss, and more. 
  • Basic info. Year. Title. Language. MPAA Rating. The usual. 
  • Gay info. Who’s in it? Do we get a happy ending? Do we bury any gays?
  • My bad taste. A brief description and some very subjective ratings on the Quality of Film, Quality of Gay, Quantity of Gay, and overall enjoyability.  
  • Spoilers. Lots. This was made for folks who like to know what’s coming in their gay media. Columns to skip to avoid them are noted inside.
  • The ability to sort out what you want to watch by any of the above.

What’s not in it?

  • Comprehensive content warnings. There are warnings, but they aren’t a trigger list. 
  • 100% accurate information. I can only concretely vouch for what I’ve seen, and I have definitely not seen all 400 of these films. If anyone actually does that, I’m handing off admin duties to you immediately. 
  • 100% of all lesbian movies ever. Every time I go looking I find more. Happy to add them, sorry if I missed your fav. 
  • Links to watch. Not taking chances with google’s copyright policies. 

Please take note of the disclaimers in the “Start Here” tab and use this garbage resource responsibly but otherwise… 

what are you waiting for go watch some lesbian nonsense