and instead of saying 'yummy looks great'


Alright so tonight was the night I got to go to Deafined! Deafined is a  Deaf-based restaurant, 2nd in Canada! Everything is in Sign Language with Cheat Sheets for non-Signers! Which means VOICE OFF once you enter the restaurant!

I booked my reservation online last night. They asked for your email and phone number. So typically restaurants will call you to confirm your reservations correct? DeaFined? They EMAIL you and TEXT you! Now this is what I call proper Accessibility!

So we arrived at Deafined and well, I HAD to get a picture of myself (properly!) In front of it…

And the “Welcome!” sign…

So we walked up those stairs (which will eventually have accessible ramp sometime in near future! Promise!) to the restaurant. Okay let me tell you it was VERY beautiful inside! Seriously just LOOKING at the Name made me smile so much! My dad kept saying “Abby you keep smiling!!!” Well YEAH! I’m in my own little ‘home’ here!

When you walk in the first thing you REALLY see is the Manual Alphabet!

Obviously everyone communicated in ASL, but if you’re hearing and have NO knowledge of ASL there were people who voiced, or just used Paper/Pen to communicate! There were also little cheat sheet that helps you know at least the basics of Signs!

An Example…

which gave you instructions on how to sign it! My dad had lots of fun learning the signs. It was REALLY sweet/cute/adorable of him trying! At least he knew the signs for “Good” “Thank you” “Please’ “Drink” “Water” all on his own!

So we got to our seats and menu’s handed to us. It was great because I actually got to converse in Sign Language with the waiter! I couldn’t stop smiling after! FINALLY! A place where I can actually Sign and not get weird looks! I can sign and SOMEONE ACTUALLY UNDERSTANDS!

I couldn’t get the inside of the menu (forgot) but here’s what the outside says when you first look at it!

The food was DELICIOUS! I loved it so much! Also the drink I had (Something Lavender Tea of sorts) was YUMMY! It was great, when the server came to ask how our food was… I didn’t have to awkwardly chew then talk, instead it was Signing while chewing! They understood! Now this is what I call PROPER service! I loved being able to Sign 99% of the time! It was just pure wonderful :)

Yes, I had such a wonderful fabulous time, my dad understood why I love the Community so much, why I take pride in being Deaf and what it means to me. He understood and did you know… apparently he has around 18 relatives who are deaf themselves? Know sign language too?! (Except they’re all in Europe!) Hey! That explains why he is so accepting and understanding! So he enjoyed it too and learnt a few new signs as well! 

I had so much fun, I STILL cannot stop smiling and it’s been 3 hours since the dinner! Would and Will I go there again? ABSOLUTELY! I love it there! I finally felt at home and it’s just WONDERFUL to have such an amazing Deaf Community here :) This Deafie is VERY pleased with the food, drinks, service, the restaurant itself!