and instead of answering her he just

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In all honestly (no disrespect to Rose cause she's amazing 💕). But do u think at the start of game of thrones if kit and Emilia had more access together he would have fallen for her instead? Just a thought

I love when you guys send me those questions about Kit and Emilia…*wink *wink*

You know, i’m just gonna say that if all the rumours out there are true, nothing stopped Kit to have a crush on Emilia of the size of Titanic..

when is a bed not a bed?

when it’s a prison. when it’s a morgue. when it’s 4 in the
evening and you
can’t get out from under the covers. when you just want to study but
every bad thought
is hitting you and all the bruises are showing. nothing is working. you’re tired
but then again
you’re always tired. you’re always tired.

did he ever love you?

short answer- no
evidence- he’s with her now. he could’ve been with you but instead you’re alone
and you can’t
bring yourself to think of her as anything less than something ruinous,
something with blood on her hands.
you ignore the taste of metal in your own mouth,
like your innocence really is still there after everything.
like hers wasn’t.

are you going to survive this?

survive what? the divorce or
the emptiness? the way your dad fell out of love with your mom or
the way the boy in next semester’s guitar class is
never going to look at you like you
mean something to him.
survive what?
be more specific. the answer is only yes sometimes.

—  please answer truthfully. this is a test– lily rain 

Since there’s some negativity lately, I felt the need to make a list of all the moments that JD and Veronica were truly sweet and pure, to show that most of their relationship before everything went to hell was actually really good.
1. When Veronica was all dreamy-eyed and giddy watching him during fight for me
2. When they were flirting and he opened up to her in the 7/11
3. When she tell him she knows he’s not numb inside like he thinks he is, and that he’s beautiful.
4. When they kiss in Heather’s kitchen
5. When JD tries to get Veronica away from his dad because he’s being creepy
6. When JD holds Veronica close while all the students are making fun of her
7. When Veronica gets so concerned for him after he gets into the second fight with the jocks and she helps him up and asks him if he’s okay, and then instead of answering he just takes her hand and says, “Are you?”
8. When Veronica holds JD and says “You’re not alone”
9. When she holds her hand out to him in Seventeen and says “Don’t stop looking in my eyes”.
10. When Veronica quietly tells JD to stop talking over her and he shuts up immediately and apologizes, and she kisses him.

They had some damn good times, guys.

Newt > everyone else

Seriously. Look at this dude.

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Being LIGHT YEARS ahead of fashion standards aside, he’s just adorable. Steps off the steamer, stammers his way through Customs because sure, he’s nervous and just off the boat. Then while staring up at the skyscrapers he just bumbles past the Second Salem-ers because hey, he’s English, they’re wacky American religious fanatics, who wouldn’t stop and watch that train wreck amirite?

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And then his totally Golden Retriever ass gets yoinked by Miss Tina I’m-Taking-You-To-The-Pound-But-Totally-In-A-Self-Destructive-Way-Because-I’m-Gonna-Adopt-You-And-Put-A-Bow-On-Your-Head-Instead Goldstein. And the puppy eyes go every which way but on her, which is kind of unusual because again, this is a movie, we know there is bread and a side it is usually buttered on.

He’s in MACUSA, really just not paying much attention to anything, giving very terse answers. Eyes still all over the place. Mumbling a bit.

You just get the feeling he’s just… really…

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He’s being RUDE. Like just really, distractedly rude. 

Running out on dinner. Trying to be anywhere but where he is. Eyes all over the place but never on who he’s talking to. Short to the point of total silence. He barely has three lines strung together with Tina or Jacob until he starts talking about his creatures, and then it’s like suddenly getting hit with the Professor McGonagall Better Pay Attention Or Else This Might Kill You train. 

I mean, they made you COCOA, Newt. COCOA.

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Minerva disapproves of your manners. Minus 10 points to Hufflepuff.

I honestly wasn’t sure about thirty minutes into the movie just what was going on and how much I would like Newt as a character, but I knew there were bigger things moving beneath the surface. Listening to how he talks about people versus magical creatures, wizards and their treatment of magical creatures, the way human beings respond to anything that’s new or different… that’s when you really, really get it.

He doesn’t like people. At all.

People are the worst, in his opinion.

He has spent years traveling the world, including lots of time in Africa, and he’s seen some horrible, terrible, hair-turning-white stuff. Darkness for sure, but not just Voldemort’s level of Capital-E-vil, just the plain old darkness at the heart of people. The darkness which leads them to kill anything they consider dangerous, or lock it up, or profit off it if they can.

And he’s decided “Nope, not worth my time or attention, thank you. Bugger off, now, I can get more good done on my own.”

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So he sets out to write this book, to show wizards they’re being gigantic turds about how they treat magical creatures, and along the way it’s tied into the larger picture of just how poorly wizards treat everyone else. But that’s not even his intention, is it? He just wants them to leave these creatures in peace.

He’s still dealing with the pain and trauma of the things he’s witnessed, the things he’s maybe even unwittingly been a part of (how did he know poachers go after Occamy eggs for their silver), and that’s led him to keep other people at bay, to push them away, to keep avoiding them when he can because they just make his work harder.

It’s incredible to see Eddie Redmayne shift from awkwardness, to rudeness, to terse leadership, to awkwardness again as things move along. He never shows the fiery anger Harry Potter had, or the stately power of Dumbledore and McGonagall, or the careless and carefree joy of Hagrid. He’s just here to try and help save creatures, and perhaps save some wizards from themselves along the way.

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There are many reasons why I enjoyed Fantastic Beasts, but Newt lies at the very center of it, and Eddie Redmayne did a powerful job of turning him into a complex, amazing character.

So you’ve heard of Lance getting sick and calling out for his mom, but what if Keith does it instead?


Allura’s talking to him gently, pressing her palm to his forehead to check his temperature. He’s burning up. 

Everyone’s standing in Keith’s bedroom doorway, waiting for answers. Lance’s holding tight to Hunk’s shirt with a death grip, next to Shiro and Pidge.

“Just try to get some sleep, okay?” Allura says as he tucks him in. Keith closes his eyes and whispers: “Thanks, mom.

Allura freezes for a moment; Shiro bites his lips and looks away, trying to hide tears trickling down the inner corners of his face; Pidge’s just standing there in silence; Lance is a complete mess. He crumbles to the ground, sobbing uncontrollably as he wraps his arms around his own body. He was too busy bickerin’ with him and missing his own family to realize that Keith doesn’t even have one and that this team is all he’s got. Hunk’s doing his best, but there’s nothing he can do to stop his friend’s tears – or his own.


i’ve got quite a few messages in my inbox abt jinyoung’s appearance in legend of the blue sea so im just gonna answer a lot of them here with my thoughts. no, that kissing scene is not cute. no, it’s not romantic. no it’s not anything to be fangirling about. that girl he’s kissing is 14 years old. jinyoung is 22. if they wanted the love story around that point then they should’ve casted an older actress or not have casted jinyoung and instead a guy much closer to her age. i don’t blame jinyoung for this, the decision was out of his hands, it was in the script, he’s just the actor and he had to just play his role. but i’m getting sick and tired of seeing this recurring gross theme in k-dramas of young girls getting casted to act with older guys.

In the fifth episode of Insecure there is a surprisingly explicit sex scene that spins the season into a startling new direction. Like the rest of the series it’s gorgeously shot, intimate and told through a female perspective but it sets up a difficult, and often unexplored, situation for the show’s lead character.

The entire season was building up to this erotic and heartbreaking moment: Issa, played by writer/creator Issa Rae, cheats on her boyfriend of five years just when he’s finally getting his act together. Afterwards the show doesn’t provide easy answers or judgment. Instead it uses vulgar humor and pathos to interrogate the desires of black women with honesty. But Insecure isn’t alone. 2016 has been full of pop culture breakthroughs that hinge upon exploring women’s sexuality from multiple angles. Looking at the modern television and film landscape there are deeply flawed, complex women wrestling with this subject everywhere. What makes this year different is that these stories aren’t cautionary tales or defined by sexual violence that acts only as an inciting incident.


Angelica Jade Bastién, “Why 2016 was a Game Changing Year for the Cultural Portrayal of Female Sexuality in Film and TV” for The Guardian

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In my first piece ever for The Guardian (!) I discuss female sexuality in film and TV this year. I touch on Fleabag, The Girlfriend Experience, The Handmaiden, and much more!


Liam Dunbar x EvolvedWolf!Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: None
Word count: 765

Part 1

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“You have to apologize to Y/N.” Scott urged as he sat down beside Liam. Having Stiles sit down as well as they exchanged serious looks, it’s been three days since you lounged towards him after accusing you for belonging in hell with your former friend Theo and you still haven’t spoke to any of them besides Scott about it.

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@oobs-kenoobs requested that I write a little something to go with this phenomenal sherlolly art she made yesterday. Please check it out if you haven’t already. Here goes…

Sherlock’s bow slid angrily across the strings as he came to a halt again, unsure where to take the next notes. He took the pencil and erased a few notes just as he heard a soft knock on the door…Molly’s knock.

She opened the door, tentatively peeking in. “Hi,” she uttered, briefly making eye contact with him before he looked away and picked up his bow again. “You writing?”

He didn’t answer, but instead began playing from the beginning again. She walked over closer, but he didn’t want to look at her. Likely Mary’s body had been taken to Bart’s earlier, and despite the fact that perhaps Molly was hurting and wanted to talk things through, he selfishly didn’t want to hear one word about it…for fear he might crumble instantly.

Sherlock cursed under his breath as he came to a stop again. 

“It’s lovely already,” Molly whispered gently. “I think, um…” Her voice cracked a little. “I think Mary would have loved it.”

Sherlock’s eyes started to feel burning hot and he drew a difficult breath. “I can’t…finish it,” he whispered, teeth clenched.

She reached out and touched his arm. “You will. It’s ok, you will.”

He set his mouth firmly and cleared his throat. “You don’t need to be here to right now. Surely John and Rosie-”

“Are fine. Harry is here for a couple of days. I’m not worried about them right now,” she said pointedly. 

He looked at her then, really looked in her eyes, and spoke firmly. “I don’t deserve your concern at the moment, or anyone else’s.”

Molly’s lips parted, her eyes full of horror. “Sherlock,” she said more sternly, grasping his arm again. “This was not your fault. Do you understand me?”

Sherlock wasn’t sure if he would ever believe her. He looked away and began lifting his violin again, but was a little shocked with what she did next.

Molly halted his arm and gently drew the violin down again, reaching up and wrapping her arms firmly around his shoulders and holding him tight. He thought about tugging out of her grasp, but his eyes started to burn again and somehow the tiny arms around him felt like the strongest support system ever built. And it felt so impossibly wonderful to suddenly be supported.

“It was not your fault,” she repeated softly but firmly. 

Sherlock couldn’t help feeling a twinge of shame as a hot tear slid down his cheek and onto her neck, but he still stayed firmly in place.

“Don’t go,” he whispered before really contemplating the words ahead of time.

“I won’t,” Molly confirmed instantly. “I’ll stay as long as you’d like.”

He couldn’t lose anyone else. He didn’t want to be without any of them ever again. Sherlock couldn’t fathom a world where any one of these precious people didn’t exist. And the woman holding him in her arms was certainly one of those people. 

Sherlock swallowed hard while setting his violin and bow down and finally wrapping his arms around her middle. He answer in a low whisper. 

“Then don’t ever leave.”

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People are so goddamn entitled. We were a little busy, and a woman who couldn't /possibly/ wait to have her question answered decided to impatiently ask a customer (who wasn't even wearing anything remotely similar to our uniform, and who I, a person IN uniform was talking to), if we sold Steam cards. He just snapped, "I don't know I don't work here." I'm so glad he wasn't polite. She should've waited 10 seconds for an actual staff member instead of acting like she was owed answers straight away

Bad News

Requested: could please do one where y/n finds out really bad news while y/n is on tour with shawn….



A buzzing in your pocket interrupts you from watching your boyfriend perform onstage. Pulling out your phone, you see that it is your brother’s number. Assuming you’ll call her back later, you just put the phone in your pocket again. A few seconds after your phone stops buzzing, it starts buzzing again. When you ignore it again, choosing to watch your boyfriend perform onstage instead, the buzzing begins for a third time. This time you pull it out, answering it. “Hello?” You ask, holding your phone close to one ear and using your other hand to cover your other ear. “Y/n?” Comes your brother’s voice. Right away you notice that he sound strange.

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Day 16-Town Christmas Lights-Liam Dunbar

Teen Wolf Imagine:#78 Prompt:#…none

Word Count: 810

Warnings: None that I can think of?

A/n: Yet another writing done by @joeynihil She is excellent and I so appreciate her help with this.

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Last Imagine

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The (Kuro)shit(suji) fandom, everyone.

Viscount Druitt: *Asks Ciel if he’s an adult, only makes suggestive comments when he answers “yes”, shows interest in only adult women, doesn’t want to fuck anyone anyways and literally just sells people instead*

Fandom: “omggzz such a creepy pedo pervert >:cc bassy kill hem”

Lizzie: *Only wants to make Ciel happy, admits that she goes overboard at times but has good intentions, is shown to be strong enough to fight the demon, literally has no choice but to marry Ciel (unless he dies)*

Fandom: “fuckin brat gettin in the way of mah hawt yaoiz go die ill kill u >:cc”

Grelle: *Seems to care more about being loved than having sex, literally killed herself, Yana said herself that she doesn’t love Sebastian, is shown to be incredibly strong and smart*

Fandom: “wow grell u dumb ho pervert bassy dun luv u no 1 do u shud die”

Hannah: *Does literally nothing bad. Like, really, she cried when eating a soul, she helped Alois even though he hurt her, she gives the triplets flowers just because, is in general precious*

Fandom: “bitch”

Claude: *Is bad, but still doesn’t do anything creepy or sexual to the children (all he did was kiss his foot?? which was at one point a sign of respect??)*

Fandom: “pedo get tf away from ceil hes bassys”


Fandom: “Precious bby <3 u r teh best and can do nothin wrong any1 who says otherwise is jelly”

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"Because we have you sarada" was mistranslated right? Isn't it "because you exist sarada" or something like that. I've seen arguments saying that he meant that's what's keeping he and Sakura together. It's ridiculous. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't he mean that she is proof of their mutual love? And basically if he didn't love Sakura he never would have impregnated her?

Of course that’s what he meant, but obviously the die-hard SasuNaru, NaruSaku and SasuKarin extremists just can’t accept that, and instead choose to formulate all these theories that make no sense.

“Because you exist” was the Viz translation, which is more often than not the most reliable one:

Sarada asked Sasuke if his heart was truly connected to Sakura’s, and he answered affirmatively. Firstly, what the extremists don’t seem to understand is that people’s hearts don’t connect through having a child; their hearts need to be connected in order for them to want to have a child in the first place. They were together before Sarada existed, so for Sasuke to say “we’re connected because of you” doesn’t make sense, regardless of how desperately the extremists try to make sense of it. They were already connected, and Sarada is the proof of that.

You also gotta love how so many of them spout things like how “a child being the proof of love is a horrible message because what about divorced parents who have major issues with each other?”, as if that has even the slightest bit of relevance. Sasuke and Sakura aren’t divorced, nor do they have problems with each other. So how is that in any way applicable? It boggles the mind.

If the extremists want to believe that Sasuke meant that Sarada was the only thing that was keeping her parents together, despite the fact that he obviously meant it as that Sarada is the proof that Sasuke and Sakura’s hearts are connected, not the reason, because if their hearts weren’t connected, then she wouldn’t exist, then let them, because what’s the point in trying?

They can’t even ask themselves why Sarada would have given such a warm smile after seeing the affection displayed between her parents if there was actually no love between them whatsoever:

Why would she be smiling like that after coming to the realisation that there truly was nothing at all between them? Why would she be happy about such a negative thing? It makes no sense. Yet, they think it makes perfect sense to believe that Sarada giving such a genuine and warm smile:

Was because she realised that there was absolutely no love or affection whatsoever between her parents. Lol, of course it does! She was so jubilant because she noticed that her parents don’t love each other. Logic! ^_^

Using that same logic, they also never ask themselves why Sarada would get so happy to the point of tears, and why Naruto and Chouchou would be so happy for her, after hearing Sasuke imply “You’re the only reason you’re mother and I are still together, Sarada”. Why would Sarada be so pleased to hear that? Why would Naruto and Chouchou be so happy for her?

Chouchou would essentially be thinking “Aww, lucky Sarada. You’re the only thing keeping your parents together!”.

See how stupid that sounds? And the extremists think that’s what the scene is indicating? Because that apparently makes perfect sense right? Goodness.

Now let’s look at some examples of how they grossly twist interviews!

Some extremists would have you believe Kishi claimed that Sarada’s mother is open for interpretation, that he wasn’t sure if Sasuke and Sakura were happy, and that he was thinking of divorcing them in the future. Despite the fact that what he actually said was:

God only knows where they got all that other nonsense from.

And lastly, back to admiring their logic :)

If the extremists want to cling onto the hope that Kishi, Sasuke, Sakura and even Karin herself could all just be lying in order to keep up appearances for some unknown reason, when especially Karin had absolutely no reason to lie to Suigetsu whatsoever:

Then let them.

Goodness, all of those statements just sounded so ridiculous, because that’s exactly what they are. If they want to ignore what the characters say, and not only blindly deny canon material, but also ignore what the author himself says, and even go so far as to actually twist his words in favour of their own headcanons, then I can only just smile and nod, seriously.


I was wondering when I watched Ep 19 why Yeon Hwa did not tell So about Soo-Wook relationship herself since she knows all the details. Instead she risked her safety to seek Wook’s help to do it.

Then I recalled Yeon Hwa’s conversation with Queen Yoo in Ep 12 and got the answer.

Yeon Hwa: It is you, Your Majesty, who killed the woman that the king loves most

Yeon Hwa did not want to alienate herself from So or endanger her life by being the one to drive away the woman that he loves most. She is so despicable that she will make use of her own brother whom she has just betrayed, knowing it will endanger his life.

She is selfish and despicable to the very end.

Sometimes I wonder who is worse in this drama - Yeon Hwa or Wook?


Harry Potter & Pansy Parkinson - for the @slytherdornet Winter/Holiday Challenge!

Harry woke up on Christmas morning to see Pansy already awake and gazing at him lovingly. He felt his heart swell as she stroked his cheek and blushed from him noticing her gaze. It was her silent way of saying I love you.

“Merry Christmas, Potter,” she whispered softly, “Do you want to go down and open presents?”

He studied her eyes and the softness that was now behind them. Her guard was down this morning, and for that, he was grateful. This was a look she now only reserved for him. 

For once on Christmas morning, he did not want to go down and open his gifts right away. Instead, he wanted to hold her for a little while longer.

He pulled her close to his chest, and he watched as she closed her eyes. He wondered what she thought about whenever she heard his heart beating.

“Merry Christmas, Pans,” he finally answered, “Let’s just lay here for a little while longer.”

And so they did. 


Brooks Brown talking about Rachel Scott in 2000 

Ironically, he and Dylan Klebold were childhood friends. And up until their junior year (1998) Brooks was also friends with Rachel’s killer, Eric Harris. During his senior year he became good friends with Rachel. They had a class together and they were known to go out to the smokers pit and just talk almost everyday during 5th hour.  At the request of her friend and prom date, Nick Baumgart, Rachel quit smoking a week or two before she was killed. If she hadn’t, she probably would have been in the smokers pit on April 20th. Instead of being directly in the line of fire. In 2002, Brooks dedicated a chapter of his book ‘No Easy Answers’ to Rachel’s memory.

They were in the new loft they rented after they got back together again.

Felicity said that leaving him twice in that place was enough and she wasn’t going to push her luck for the third time.

When Oliver heard Felicity huff and puff she knew it couldn’t mean anything good.

“Honey?” He called her the question whether she was okay hearable in his voice.

“I am fine!” She answered.

Oliver waited for any other noises but instead of that he heard footsteps.

He was in the kitchen making dinner. When his fiance joined him.

Her eyebrows were crinkling, something was definitely up.

“What’s wrong?” He left the cooking as it was almost finished and pulled her close to him.

Felicity sighed. “Do you think I will have to put up with your exes for the rest of my life?”

Oliver just arched his eyeborw not sure how he should respond to that.

“I get Laurel of Sara cause of the friendship but that one time Helena came back again and McKenna cause they were short of detectives and when we had to work with Cupid.” Felicity grimaced at the memory.

“I never dated Carrie.” He said in defense.

Felicity just gave him a look. “And now just try to guess who is going to interview me…”

Oliver closed his eyes and sighed.

“Yep another of your exes…I should never agree for this interview. Most succesfull buisnesswoman.” She wrapped her hands around his middle.

“Do you always have to date when we break up?” She teased him. “I wonder how many more exes you will have.”

“None.” Oliver answered immediately. “ I want to remind you that we are getting married in two weeks.”

He pressed his forehead against hers.

“I remember but I also remember us getting married or trying twice before that.” She grinned lightly at him.

Oliver let out a breathy chuckle. “This is the last time Felicity. Trust me I will marry you no matter what this time.”

Felicity moved her hands to his neck and wrapped them around it.

“So no more exes?” She asked.

“No more.”

He sealed the promise with a hard and deep kiss.

And true to his promise two weeks later they were finally a husband and wife.