and instead he was dancing in tights


request: Hey love, can you write something about reader keeps teasing Steve and touching him in an important meeting under the table because she likes how he gets tense and blush like crazy, and no matter how many times he tries to stop her and move her hand away she teases him even more so he snaps and take her hands and drag her to the nearest empty room and fuck her up against the wall so roughly she can barely stand up after they’re done

word count: 2033

warnings: smut, swearing

Addiction. There was only one way to describe Steve, you wanted to take him like a drug and have his sweet taste on your tongue, lacing your lips with his addictive taste.  Like any addict you couldn’t go long without a fix, you needed him no matter the time or place. The place was a meeting Tony was holding, all of the Avengers were there including Steve and yourself; he was beside you and looking as delicious as ever. He had one hand resting on your thigh and despite all your dirty thoughts and prayers he didn’t move it any closer to the arousal pooling in between your thighs, no, instead it stayed still.

You needed it there and then.

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Pseudo Princess Pt.21

Succumbing to Love


Pairing: King!Steve x Reader          Word Count: 2,645

Warnings: Smut, feels, a smidge of angst

A/N: Rather than make you wait, I decided to release this on its own. It’s just smut, y’all. I mean, my smut is never just smut. There is a lot of exploration into their feelings in this one and some pretty big emotions are felt but it is just smut. I hope you like it! I don’t feel like I’m the best smut writer. I write it and hope that it’s okay but I know LOTS of other writers who can do it better. I hope only to make it enjoyable. Anywho, if you happen to reblog, thanks for helping me spread my work. xoxo


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Hurts Like Hell | Alfie Solomons

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unrequited! Tommy Shelby x reader / Alfie Solomons x reader

Warnings: violence, swearing, smut

Summary: unrequited love sucks, until you move on and they realise they’ve lost you for good

word count: 2.3k

Loosely based on ‘hurts like hell’ by madison beer

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Sprace Highschool AU
  • Spot is the only kid at school who managed to be popular without being on a sports team (although he does wrestle: being small, spry and angry means you get underestimated a LOT). But he’s student body president and he kicks ass at it. He’s incredibly good at organising people and making sure they all know what’s what. 
  • Race is the Fred and George Weasley of the school. He pulls legendary pranks and starts betting pools that he somehow always seems to win. He’s also one of the only queer and out kids in the school and he gets hell for it but never lets it bother him. 
  • They start hooking up. Race has detention (again) and the teacher who was meant to take it gets called away for some emergency with another student. Spot happens to be nearby and the teachers trust him so he gets asked to watch Race in detention for a couple of minutes, which he begrudgingly agrees to. 
  • Race doesn’t shut up and he starts talking about the active bets at the school. Spot can’t support them or even really know they exist because the school is trying to crack down on them (first years keep losing their lunch money) so he pretends not to listen. But then Race brings up a running bet that Spot is gay, and Spot gets incredibly defensive. He starts arguing that Race should know better than to trivialise someone’s sexuality and that it’s private and shouldn’t be bet on. Race goes very quiet and realises something. 
  • ‘I need to change my bet, don’t I?‘ 
  • ‘What did you bet?' 
  • 'That you weren’t.' 
  • There’s silence and it confirms actually what Race is thinking. He just smirks because wow it’s good to have a hot guy batting for his team. He says as much and Spot blushes which is far too attractive and they end up making out because Spot hasn’t kissed a boy before and Race is cute and there and bi.
  •  Making out becomes a regular thing and soon it’s less just because Race is bi and more because Race is Race. When it gets to Prom, Race wants to take Spot because he’d always hoped he’d have a boyfriend by his side at prom and whilst Spot wasn’t officially his boyfriend, he was close enough. But Spot isn’t out and wants to get to the end of school unscathed. They can’t even go as friends because, as far as anyone knows, they barely even talk. 
  • Race goes with a few friends and sits in the corner and sulks. Spot at least goes stag, so there’s no girl for him to get jealous of, but he’d still rather be dancing with Spot than sitting alone. Spot wins Prom King and he had to do the honorary first dance with Katherine, the Prom Queen, and for the entire duration of the song he wishes it was Race he was dancing with instead. He’d been avoiding the dancing thing all night for this very reason. 
  • Just as the first dance fades to its end, Spot abruptly steps away from Katherine and scans the room for Race. When he finds him, still alone in the corner at his table, he crosses the room and holds out his hand. Race looks up, confused but hopeful, and willingly lets Spot drag him wherever he wants. The entire Prom is watching them and whispering, and Spot wants to die but he still doesn’t regret it because Race is holding his hand real tight. When they reach the dance floor he starts to dance with Race and it’s the first dance all over again but this time people are looking at him for an entirely new reason. He’s uncomfortable about it but Race snaps out of his confusion pretty quick and, in the midst of his happiness, he manages to remember that Spot needs him to be supportive too. He can do supportive. He meets Spot’s eyes and gives him the best reassuring look he can manage. 
  • 'No one’s even looking.' 
  • 'Liar.’
  • But Spot still doesn’t let go.
Flight Attendant AU
  • It’s offseason and Jack is going to Rome for a much needed getaway 
    • (and to feed his history loving soul ofc) 
  • The flight attendant is an adorable blonde man, with a southern accent and a smile that lights up the plane
    •  “Hey y’all! My name is Eric and I’ll be your flight attendant today.”
      • *Cue little hearts in Jack’s eyes* 
  • Jack doesn’t sleep on the flight, but instead takes every chance he can find to talk to Eric
    •  Is he flirting? He’s definitely flirting. Holy shit his accent is so cute.
    • “What no? I’m good on drinks, thank you though.”
  • After the flight lands Jack finds himself kinda disappointed that he didn’t get the Eric’s number 
    • No, that would have been unprofessional, Jack.
  • He finally gets to his hotel, but finds himself restless. He can’t stop thinking about Eric, so he heads down to the bar.
  • He sits there for a while, not really drinking, just people watching.
    • Then he spots him. He’s coming from the dancefloor to stand at the edge of the bar, no longer in his uniform, but instead in a tight t-shirt and a nice pair of skinny jeans
      • That hug his ass nicely wow
  • Jack doesn’t know how he manages to walk over to him without chickening out, but he does it.
    • “Ummm, hi. Eric, right?”
  • Eric turns, his cheeks still flushed from dancing. His eyes widen when he finally focuses in on Jack.
    • “Why hello there, 2A.”
    • “You remembered my seat number?”
    • “Oh honey, how could I forget a face like yours?”
      • Jack is speechless. That was smooth as fuck.
    • “Let me properly introduce myself. My name is Eric Bittle.”
    • “Uh, Jack. Jack Zimmerman.”
    • “Well, Mr. Zimmerman. I just happen to be on layover for a good 24 hours. Wanna make the best of it?”
Nesta’s First Starfall

Requested by Anonymous 102: “To the night you’ll never remember.” 

Nessian - Starfall

It’s Nesta’s first Starfall and Cassian has taken on the responsibility of watching her. He eagerly volunteered to do it though he would never tell her that. He told her to dress nicely and that he will pick her up at nine to go out and join the festivities. Nesta grumbled a reply and had stalked off to the library.

Now, Cassian stands outside her room, a fist prepared to knocks on her door, but he pauses. He’s not sure what’s going to happen tonight, not sure what he wants to happen tonight. After all, the whole Inner Circle knows how Starfall had helped to open Feyre’s eyes to her feelings for Rhys, who knows what kind of affect tonight would have on Nesta, who was already so close to realizing what was between them. With a sharp intake of breath, Cassian knocks.

His fist is still in the air when the door opens less than a second later. Nesta stands on the other side, one eyebrow raised, and Cassian lets out a low whistle at her appearance. Looking utterly breathtaking, she dons a floor length dress that hugs her form until flaring just above the knee. It is dark blue and incredibly elegant.

“You have to stop hanging about like this, it’s unnerving.” She mutters, slipping her hand into his own outstretched one and allowing him to lead her down the hallway.

Cassian chuckles a bit. “Forgive me, you’re a little unnerving.”

Nesta surprises him by letting a small smirk flit onto her lips, lifting her skirt as they descend the stairs. “So, what is the plan for the evening? Dancing? Food? Wine?”

Cassian places a hand on the doorknob, pausing to give her his own smirk. “Oh, no. Starfall holds something a little more hardcore than that.” Then he opens the door and watches as Nesta’s eyes widen in delight.

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anonymous asked:

Thank you for your amazing blog. Can I make a request where they not dating, but MC needs somebody to pretend as her bf/gf for a party or a meeting and asks RFA and Saeran for help? And during that pretending they understand that they have feelings for MC.

Hahaha yes, this is the kind of request I would ask myself, I love this romantic comedy’s situations so much! <3
So I did as mini-fics, because I obviously got carried away, I hope you all enjoy this!

RFA + Saeran pretending to date MC


“Think of it as a chance to show your impressive acting skills, Zen.” That was the winning argument to convince him to pretend to be your boyfriend during the rehearsal dinner of your brother’s wedding. As much as you love your brother, it’s extremely annoying when he and other family members start teasing you for still being single. And the comparisons about your lives are so mean. Just imagine now that he’s getting married with this almost perfect lady.

“Well, the perfect boyfriend is a role I haven’t tried yet… I’ll accept this challenge, MC, although it would be like playing myself…” you giggle. It was a weird request, but you have been so nice to everybody in RFA, how could he say “no” to a friend in need? Plus, he loves weddings!

Okay, not this one so much. Why is everybody so snob? He’s waiting for Jumin Han to show up at any moment, this event suits him really well! Now he gets why you wouldn’t want to endure this by yourself, you’re so… different from all of this. You’re bubbly and spontaneous, adorably clumsy…  he grins reminding you chugging a beer can and making a funny face because of the bitter taste a couple of days ago at his apartment.

“Brother, this is Zen, my… boyfriend.” You introduce them to each other.

“Call me Hyun, she usually does when we’re alone.” And he smiles at you, holding your hand. Okay, no need to imply sexual stuff here, but if it will convince your brother…

“You’re an actor, right? I recognize you! How much did she pay you to hire you?” you shiver, he is… almost right there… how can he be so smart? Ugh…

Zen smiles, but inside he wants to tell your brother to go to hell. Is this the kind of thing you say to your sister’s boyfriend? Well… he’s not really your boyfriend, but… that’s really mean! He’s basically implying Zen’s a gigolo, but worst of it, he’s insulting you telling you wouldn’t be able to date someone without paying for it. Zen knows you enough to tell you could captivate any person’s heart if you really wanted to! Yes, your ability to do whatever you want so freely is something he really admires about you. No, he can’t let you be treated like this.

“She pays me with her beautiful smile and the gloss in her enchanting eyes everytime she watches my performances. You would know if you paid more attention to your sister instead of trying to make her feel down. My brother wasn’t nice to me, and maybe I deserved it. But she doesn’t, so be nice to her before she decides to run away like I did… come on, MC. Let’s dance!” he tights the grip on your hand and drags you to the dance floor, you and your brother look at each other, he’s shocked and you’re like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You two are on the dance floor, one of his hands on your back, the other one holding yours. Why did that come from? It’s been years he doesn’t think about his brother… something about seeing the sweetest person he knows doesn’t getting the treatment she deserves stirred something inside him. You’re looking at him very curious, gosh, your eyes are really glossy… it’s so hot in here… “S-Sorry if I crossed a line there. He’s your brother after all and…” he feels running out of air when you rest your head on his chest. You must look like a real couple, your brother is probably looking. Yes… that’s why you’re doing this after all, right? 

“Thank you for having my back, Hyun. You’re such a great actor.” Acting? Oh… yeah, he was acting, right? But why does he feel out of character right now?  


This is bad! This is really bad! What is he doing here? Why did he even agree to this? “Please, Yoosung, pleeeeease. You’re the only one I trust to do this.” Oh yeah, that’s why… you begged him over the phone, and something about trusting him to play your boyfriend made him feel so manly and confident. You could have asked Zen or Jumin, but you chose HIM! You thought he would be a good boyfriend to introduce to your friend who was in town for that night. He is such a good friend, but he’s been teasing you about your relationships since high school. According to him, every guy you date end up arrested or in rehab… This is getting old, really…

“Well… I’ll probably never end up in jail or rehab, MC… so, if you insist so much… why… why not?” you gave him such a tight hug, and he felt his whole face burning. You smelled so good that day… and you smell even greater today at this weird country bar…

“This is my boyfriend, Yoosung. He is a vet student.” You introduce him, the guy shakes his hand firmly, what’s with you and your friend to have such a tight grip? Well, at least yours was really gentle…

“College? But you look like you’re 16, dude! I was going to say MC is such a cougar!” he blushes. Oh god… this guy isn’t buying this at all! He would feel so bad for not being convincing after the way you begged him for doing this.

“Well, MC looks really young too, so I guess we look like a sweet sixteen couple.” You giggle and put your hand over his. “Hah, what did I tell you? Isn’t he adorable?” “I guess…” the guy shrugs, but he doesn’t mind, he can only focus on the warmth from your smooth hand.

You excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, and the guy sits on your chair. “Back off, dude! She’s mine!” “Wh-What?” “It is what it is, she dated all those bad guys and eventually she’ll notice I’m the only one good enough for her. Back off before you end up hurt!” Was that a threat? “MC… MC can choose whoever she wants, I won’t back off if she really likes me!” but she doesn’t, this is just play pretend… no, forget it! This dude is an asshole! You can’t be with someone like this! You deserve better! Maybe not him, but… definitely not this guy.

“Hey, gentlemen, what did I miss?” you come back, but the tension is still there… “Nothing much, your boyfriend here was telling me he wants to ride the mechanical bull over there…” “What? Really, Yoosung?” “I… I…” “What’s the problem, boy? Are you scared?” this asshole’s smirk, ugh… “I’ll show you scared!” he gets up and gives his name to the guy who controls the machine.

How did he get the guy to manipulate him like that? Ugh… both you and him are watching this, and he’s so close to you… ASSHOLE! Oh, this was such a bad idea! Such a bad ide… oh no! The bull is moving! The bull is moving!!!

3 seconds, that’s what it took for Yoosung to hit his face on the upper part of the mechanical bull and fall. You promptly run to him.

“Holy shit, Yoosung! Are you okay?” he can’t tell you how much it hurts… so he smiles, and you look shocked. “Yoosung, your… your tooth!” “Whath? Whath’s wronc wif my toof?” Oh… now he feels, actually, he doesn’t feel! Where is one of his incisors?

“I’m so sorry I dragged you to this, Yoosung. I feel so bad!” “Don’th worry, MC. Ith was my idhea anyway. I hope your frrriend isn’t madh or anyfing.” “Ugh, forget him, I couldn’t stand his hissy fit! Can you believe he wanted me to just let you here alone on the dentist and hang out with him? What an asshole!” he smiles when he hears that, but he shouldn’t be smiling, this is so embarrassing!

You go with him to the dentist’s office, and noticing he’s a little scared, hold his hand. He looks at you and you whisper. “Don’t need to be afraid, I’m here…”
He isn’t afraid of the dentist (well, maybe a little…), what’s really scaring him is how much his heart is pounding due to your hand on his, but he’s the one tightening the grip.


“MC, I don’t know how to play mini-golf!” she told you over and over, but did you listen? “It doesn’t matter! I do! I just need someone to make me company!” well, making you company it’s totally different than pretending to be your girlfriend… “Yeah, but my friend and his boyfriend keep teasing me for being bi and just dating guys, I hate it!”

Well, that’s really douchy of them, why would you hang out with people who put your sexuality in debate like this? No, she needs to protect you and maybe teach them a thing or two! That’s the least she could do after you helping her to leave C & R and starting her own business.

“This is Jaehee, my girlfriend.” You introduce her, she shakes their hands as if they’re business partners.

“Oh, you’re so formal! I thought MC had hired an assistant.” Seriously, how douchy! Why such a sweet girl like you hang with people like this? “So ladies, shall we play?”

She is so bad at this! Why did you ask her to do this? “Here, I’ll show you!” you come behind her and put your hands on hers. What’s… what’s happening? Your hair fall on her shoulders… it smells so good… focus, Jaehee! Focus!

“Hey, you can’t help, MC!” “Oh, on which paragraph of the strict regulation of mini-golf is this written?” Jaehee chuckles. Okay, so maybe you know how to defend yourself, you and your friend probably have this kind of feisty friendship… but still, not cool of him to doubt your sexuality, she didn’t forget that!

You can easily compensate for her lack of ability, and it’s so good to watch you play. Your focused eyes, the huge smile you put on when the ball falls in the hole, and even your disappointed face for missing, it’s just… hypnotizing!
“Hey, girl, focus! If you keep distracted like this, she’ll dump you for another guy!” “Fuck you!” you yell, she feels her blood boiling. What… a… douche! She’s not distracted! She got this! Bring it on!

The ball travels painfully slow, or is she seeing this on slow motion? This isn’t the decisive shot yet, but she really wants to hit it! She wants you to feel proud of her! It spins around the hole boarders, one turn… two turns… and the ball doesn’t fall in the hole. Crap!

“Ha! Good luck next time, sweety!” “Dude, you don’t need to be this douchy!” you reprehend him. “What? Did I hurt your precious girlfriend? Jesus, MC, you’ve been so sensitive today. I changed my mind, I liked you more when you dated boys.” “Good, so no reason for us to keep hanging out, then. Goodbye.” You grab her hand and walk away. Oh wow… she thought she would have to be the one to say something, but apparently, you can take care of yourself! Yes, you’re the one who taught her to don’t be around places and people who only hurt you, obviously you would know how to do this by yourself. You’re so strong!

“Do you want to keep playing without them?” she asks, she doesn’t want this, huh, date (?) to end. “Yeah, sure! I’ll show you one of my tricks, come here!”
And there you are behind her again, teaching her how to swing it properly, your arms around her, your body so close. She feels bad, actually, you are showing her everything you know, but she’s not absorbing anything, she can only focus on your breathing on her back.

“Oh, come on… I bet you heard a million times how much of boyfriend material you are, Jumin.” “I… didn’t really know what this means, MC.” “It means you’re the son-in-law every mother would like her daughter to be with.” He was so reluctant about it, why would you ask him? You could have asked Zen or Seven, who like to pretend a lot.

“It’s just… my mom is… how can I say? Huh… a cat mom too?” What do you mean by “too”? Oh okay, now he gets it, Zen is allergic and can’t be around cats, and Seven is a cat abuser, none of them would cause a good impression on your mother who’s been trying to introduce you to a guy she thinks would be a good suitor for you. God, she has no chill! Doesn’t she get it you don’t want to get married now?

So he agrees, you’re such a hardworker preparing for the party and taking care of everybody in RFA, including him. You’re kinda like V, but sweeter and… funnier, and, well, your looks are better too.

“Mom, that’s Jumin Han, my boyfriend. And that princess here is Elizabeth the 3rd.” yes, you insisted on bringing Elizabeth, how could he decline when you consider even Elizabeth an RFA member?

“Hum… you seem rich. Finally you’re coming to your senses and looking for a wealth husband, huh?” that’s… rude! Not even his father, who doesn’t seem to care about these boundaries, would say something like this to him.

“With all due respect, madam, your daughter keeps telling you her lack of interest in getting married, you should start respecting her wishes. I have a deep respect for family, but I don’t think parents should force their children on something they don’t want to do just because they know the children would do it due to all the respect they have. I believe what I’m trying to say is, don’t use of misfeasance on your daughter, she’s smart and caring, and… although every man would be lucky to have her as his wife, if she doesn’t want it, her wishes should be respected.” Wow… where did all this come from? Not even he can believe his own… eloquence talking about you.

“I hope this isn’t your excuse to stall her, boy.” “My intentions with you daughter are truly serious, just know I respect her… a lot.” He knows you’re looking at him, he wouldn’t dare to look at you right know, though, your eyes are something he doesn’t know how to handle, for some reason.

“Well, your head him, ma. Come on, Jumin, let me show you the other cats.” You grab his wrist, your hand is so soft… and warm and… what’s happening? He feels his arm melting from your touch.

“Hey, thanks for having my back. I knew I asked the right person.” “Because I like cats?” “That too, but… I knew you’re reasonable enough to put some senses on my mom’s head, you said I am smart and caring, but you’re even more caring than you think, you know that?” oh… so he was always your first option on this? He feels… honored, and really comfortable about being so reliable to you. He would feel sad if you found out that it’s not that he is caring, it’s just… he really cares about you…


“So, wait, let me get this straight: you want me to join you on a karaoke bar with your crazy cousin?” “Yeah, but how do you know he’s crazy?” “Hello…” “Oh yeah, background check…” “BINGO! I saw his posts on your timeline, he’s a… whack nut, huh?” “Yeah, so I thought you could really get along…” “OUCH!”

He pretended he was offended, but he was really down for this. The guy seems fun, karaokes are fun, you’re basically his favorite person in the whole world, why not? So what if he had to pretend to be your boyfriend? It wasn’t uncomfortable, actually it was… it was… the greatest mission 707 has ever been assigned! Yes, Defender of Justice will protect the most amazing lady from the handful cousin who has been in love for you since you were little kids and doesn’t get it that dating relatives is kinda weird! He won’t be the boyfriend you need, he will be the boyfriend you deserve! Or… something like this…

“This is Saeyoung, my boyfriend!” you introduce him. His hand shake is firm, too firm, actually… ouch, he’s hurting his hand!

“I see you have a thing for gingers, huh, MC?” oh yeah, he’s redhead too… sorta, his hair looks dyed.

“Well, MC is so unique and amazing, it’s kinda obvious she would fall for someone who’s among 1% of human population, you know… NATURAL gingers.” He smirks, and the guy shoots dagger with his eyes. Saeyoung puts his arm around your shoulder and kiss your head, oh, that was good… can he do this again?

“So, MC… remember the song we used to sing every family reunion? I was John Travolta, you’re Olivia Newton John, and we talked about those summer nights…” “Oh yeah, so tacky, right?” Saeyoung holds back the need to yell an “OUCH!”

“Well, I think it’s kinda romantic! Right, dude? Aren’t you romantic?” “Oh… huh, I’m more like the playful and teasing type…” Yes… if you were looking for romance, Saeyoung wouldn’t be the best suitor… did you want someone romantic? “Well, the MC I know it’s all about romance…” yeah, Saeyoung also could get that vibe from you…he know he isn’t suitable for you after all, but… why does it bother him so much?

“So… MC, do you want to sing “Summer Nights”? For old time’s sake? “A-Actually, I… I would like to sing something.” Saeyoung gets up quickly. “You do?” you ask, curiosity dancing in your eyes. “Yeah, just watch me!” he kisses your head again, why can’t he stop doing this?

“Yes, good evening, ladies and gentlemen, I dedicate this song to my adorable girlfriend. MC, this one is for you!” you were waiting for some cheesy ballad, and can’t hold your shocked face when he choose “I believe in a thing called Love” by The Darkness. He sings all the falsettos and even does some air guitar, you have no idea how to react, but… it’s impossible not to smile.
Judging from your cousin’s face, he totally got the message. Although Saeyoung isn’t sure what is the message, actually. All he cares about is the hug you give him when he gets down the stage.

“Is this romantic enough for you?” “I couldn’t care less about romance, this is just my cousin blinded by love. Anyway… mission accomplished, agent 707. You should win a medal for all the services you did!”

A mission… right… this was just a mission. He always felt relieved after his missions were over, that’s the only one he doesn’t want to be dismissed.


“Listen to me, no matter how much I beg, how much I plead, you can’t let me try any move on him, you got it?” “Yeah, yeah… I got it, you don’t need to repeat this again!” your ex-boyfriend is single again, you never forgot him, and everything started spinning when he invited you for some drinks, but… you know how much of a fuckboy he can be. You have your pride! You have your dignity! You have Saeran as your most honest friend, so you know he’s the only one capable of making you stay away from the guy. And hopefully, keeping the guy away from you by pretending to be your boyfriend.

Why would he say yes to such a lame idea? Can’t you deal with your own shit like the grown ass woman you are? Well, it’s been a while since he doesn’t leave his brother’s house, and if it is with you, he feels more comfortable. Also, your whining was annoying him. Okay, not annoying, more like… persuading him…

“Hey, this is Saeran, my boyfriend!” you’re hesitant about holding his hand. Will this be convincing if you don’t really have much of physical contact?
“Nice to meet you, bro. Hey! Hold her tight, or I’ll be ready to snatch her away!” you blush… OH HELL NO! You can’t be possibly falling for this! Saeran wrap his arm around your shoulder and pull you closer, staring at the guy.

“Good luck trying.” You’re so close, why do you smell so good? Shit, did you put all this perfume for this guy? Ugh… that’s so lame!

The night goes on, he notices the subtle flirt between you two. This dude really is a fuckboy, making moves on a girl who’s already taken and… well, okay, not technically, but still… he’s a player! And you can be silly most of the times, but you’re not that dumb! Saeran knows you’re not! That brave girl who’s been helping him with therapy can’t fall for these cheap moves!

But he gotta say, you flirting is… kinda cute, the way you bounce your hair and smile playfully, yes… this isn’t for him, though. And it’s bothering him!
“Hey, h-ho-honey, can I talk to you for a second? Alone!” you nod a ‘yes’ and you two get close to the door. “Let’s get out of here!”

“What? Why? No, I’m having fun!” “Exactly, and you shouldn’t have, right?” “Please, Saeran, pleeeeease, let’s stay!” “Sorry, I have direct orders to not give in to your pleading.” You get mad: “Fine! I’ll go back by myself!” you turn your back on him, only to look at you ex talking with this other girl.

Saeran’s arm is around you again, now leading you out of there. You’re not crying, thank God! But you look really hurt, and he hates that!

“Wait! Are you seriously sad over this guy who doesn’t give a shit about you? I thought you were smarter, MC.” Great, now you’re crying! Good job, Saeran!
“Hey, don’t… don’t cry. I… don’t know what to tell you, but…” you hug him, your alluring perfume is all over him now. “Do you mind if we stay like this for a while? You don’t have to say anything, just… stay like this…” “Okay, I guess…”
This is weird… so fucking weird! He never touched someone like this before… is he doing it right? Is it supposed to be this good?

Who, me?

A/N: I’m writing this before I head to work for 8 hours - wish me luck peeps!

Warnings: Kinky Smut cus I’m a dirty girl👍☔️

It wasn’t very often that you got Jealous, but here you were… insanely jealous. You’d been watching David dancing with a group of girls at a party, and while he was being all cute and awkward trying to laugh it off and film bits for the vlog, the girls were grinding on him like there was no tomorrow and you knew he was too nice to tell them to go away. You stood against the wall nursing your drink and watched, your anger building.

You felt someone stand next to you and turned to see Matt smiling at you.

‘Hey Y/N, how are you doing?’ He tipped his drink to yours, clinking them together and leaned in to whisper in your ear. ‘You look really mad.’

You go to reply when your eyes meet David who’s looking at the two of you curiously. The look on his face makes you turn to Matt and laugh, ‘No I’m not mad, I just wish those girls would fuck off!’

Matt looks towards the group dancing and nods, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and leaning to whisper in your ear, ‘David’s too nice to tell them to disappear so maybe you should make him come to you instead, it would be nice to get some payback for the shit he’s pulled over the years.’ You giggle, slapping his chest like he said something naughty.

‘Matt! Oh my god stop!’ You laugh, making sure your words were loud enough to be carried across the room. David’s eyes were in a tight glare now, getting ready to come across to you. You decide to go in for the kill.

Leaning up to whisper in Matt’s ear, you make it look like you were going to tell him a big secret. ‘He might look like he’s too nice but I really don’t want him to punch you in the face.’

Matt’s hands hold your head in place as he whispers back to you, ‘if he does, you owe me a Tesla,’ he smirks, making you laugh a real laugh back at him and the two of you laugh together.

You were so caught up in the moment that you suddenly feel yourself being pulled out into the room and you fall against David’s chest, his hands on your hips and his lips in your ear. ‘Everything ok? I’m ready to go now babe.’ You smirk and nod, taking his hands off your hips and turning towards Matt.

‘Yeah I just need to say goodbye!’ You smile, turning to Matt and whisper to him one last time, putting a hand on his chest. ‘You’re an angel, thanks for the help.’ You plant a kiss on his cheek innocently and turn to David who takes a step forward with an anger in his eyes that you haven’t seen before. You step towards him and put a hand on his arm, his muscles tense from the clenched fist he’s got.

‘Let’s go babe,’ You smirk and his eyes glare at Matt over your head as he turns to the door, pulling on your hand and stalking towards his car from the house. He opens the door and you climb in, falling onto the seat with a giggle.

‘What’s so fucking funny, Y/N?’ He growls, sitting in the drivers seat and beginning the journey home.

‘How jealous you are right now. It’s funny.’ You smile, the look on his face making you bite your lips from trying not to laugh.

‘Oh it’s funny is it? Making me watch you flirt all over Matt like he’s the one you were going home with tonight? What was that about Y/n?’ He’s fuming now and you could see that maybe you had taken it too far. You were about to open your mouth to apologise when you notice him pull up he car into a side road. David pulls you across the car onto his lap. He runs his hands through your hair, gripping the back of your head and using his fingers to pull your chin down as he sticks his tongue into your mouth. His tongue battles yours and you know you need to let his win as his hand grips the back of your neck so tight you know his cold rings will leave an indent and maybe even a bruise.

He pulls away leaving you panting heavily and puts both hands on your cheeks, staring deeply into your eyes. ‘You. Are. Mine. He might have made you laugh but nobody could ever make you cum like I can.’ His words send a lightening bolt of heat down your body to your core and you can feel a damp warmth beginning to form.

‘But you’ve been bad. And bad girls don’t get to cum.’ His hand moves forcefully under your skirt and starts to trace circles on your thigh. You whimper lightly and the sound makes him move you off his lap and onto your own seat and you open your mouth to protest but he cuts you off.

‘I don’t want to hear you speak until we get home. You speak and you won’t just miss out on an orgasm, you’ll get a hell of a lot worse then that.’

You play his words over in your head and the few drinks you had at the party makes your sadistic side come out and you turn your head to the window, muttering under your breath, ‘cunt.’

You feel his breath catch and you shut your eyes, waiting for him to say something but nothing comes. Suddenly the car revs louder and you pull up to the house, the door of the car opens and David pulls you from it.

You walk into the house, him pushed up behind you with a hand on your throat. ‘I fucking told you. Not one word. And you said one word. You’re in for it now princess.’ His words were spat out and his breath was hot on your ear, you could feel how his words affected you, your wetness dripping onto your thighs.

You walk into the house and you can feel how hard he is, knowing that tonight you probably weren’t going to get as much sleep as you intended.

He walks you through the house, his grip on your throat getting tighter and looser as he walks. You make it to the bedroom and he pushes you face down on the bed, pulling your ass up so your on your knees, quickly lifting your skirt and shoving two fingers through the side of your panties and into your warmth roughly making you gasp out a moan as you bunch the comforter into your hands.

‘You’re going to take this and use every fucking bone in your body to stop yourself from cumming, do you hear me?’ His fingers are moving dangerously fast and you can feel an orgasm building already.

‘D-david p-please I can’t hold it,’ you cry, your body jutting forward at the force of his fingers.

‘You’ve got to, if you cum now I’m not going to touch you for the rest of the night, hell I won’t touch you for the rest of the week. Hold it.’ His free hand reaches up to pull your head back by your hair, his fingers leaving your pussy to run circles on your clit.

You cry out, using every muscle and breath to think of anything but his fingers on you and the delicious grip he has on your hair.

He takes his fingers off your clit and brings his hand down hard on your ass, the sudden pain making you cry out louder, a few tears dropping onto your check from the sting. He continues to spank you until you can feel yourself on the edge. Suddenly there’s nothing, his hands are off you and you can feel yourself being flipped over, spread out over the bed.

The lack of touch makes your body quiver and the intense feeling in your stomach becomes so uncomfortable you start sobbing in need of release.

‘P-please, please please, I can’t do this David, I c-cant, I’m sorry… please.’

He pulls on your thighs so your ass is hanging off the edge of the bed and pulls his pants down releasing his hard dick.

‘I think you’ve suffered enough now princess. I’m going to fuck you now and I want to feel you cum on my cock. Don’t hold back’ he lifts you off the bed and pushes you against the wall, thrusting up into you and wrapping your legs around his waist. The sudden pressure tips you over the edge and you convulse around him, letting out an almighty scream. He starts fucking you roughly, your orgasm being prolonged as his hands grip your ass moving you up and down his hard shaft.

He grunts into you neck, his lips attaching and sucking hard making you whimper into his hair, your fingers gripping it roughly and pulling his lips to yours.

There is so much love and want in the kiss that you feel yourself start to cum again, the feeling almost too much to bear. You feel him cum inside you, your wetness like a tight vice around him milking him for all he is worth.

‘Oh fuck,’ he cries, digging his nails into your skin.

You’re both still as you ride out the aftershocks of your orgasms, his hands holding you close in a vice grip and yours tight in his hair.

He peppers kisses over your face before lifting you off him and carrying you over to the bed, laying you softly across the bed and climbing over you, pulling you to him and nestling his head into your neck.

‘You’re mine princess. Don’t forget that, I love you and I won’t share you with anyone. You did so good baby.’ He kisses your head, spooning you from behind making you feel protected and warm in his arms, a layer of sweat covering both of your bodies.

‘I’m yours,’ you whisper, feeling yourself drift off to sleep.

The two of you lie together, peaceful and spent.

R U Mine? - Part One (request)

This smutty request I got very recently but it already had loads of votes, so here it finally is! I hope you enjoy ♥ 

(Part Two)


Originally posted by uniquelycreativedreams

You were buzzing when the last song started, Alex’s voice filling your ears and you closed your eyes, dancing as you got lost, relishing in the last moments before the show would be over. Your messy bun was falling apart, you’d taken off your shirt you’d gotten earlier and were dancing mindlessly in a tank top and shorts at this point, your skin glistening with sweat.

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Bruises (Ben Hardy x reader Oneshot)

Summary: Ben and you are shooting a rather raunchy make-out scene. He is scared of hurting you until you tell him to stop worrying about it.

Words: 1.1k

Warnings: None

A/N: I don’t know when I wrote this and I don’t know why I never published it, but it’s super hot; so have it as a treat before I go on vacation for a week. Lots of love! 💕


You jumped up on cue, your legs wrapping around Ben’s hips while his hand dug into the small of your back to stabilize your synchronized bodies and pull you closer. So much closer. In a few slow steps he softly pressed your back against the door, his hands darting from your back to instead find their place to the sides of your head. 

With your fingers running along the stubble on his tight jaw you kissed your way up from his collarbone over his neck to finally meet his lips, obligingly swallowing the light sigh that escaped his lips in reaction to it. 

His hand wandered to yours still playing along his face and he interlaced his fingers with you until he gently laid them against the wood above your head. 

His tongue in a slow dance with yours you hummed contently as your free hand ran through his freshly styled hair to rest at the nape of his neck. 

“For god’s sake, Ben. What the hell are you doing?” a voice interrupted your make-out session and Ben ripped himself from you to carefully release you from his hips to the ground before taking a respectful step backwards. 

“What’s wrong?" 

"What’s wrong?” Dexter the director groaned and leaned back in his chair. “It’s hot and steamy and full of tension. You have to push more. You touch her like she is gonna fall apart. Stop being so gentle.”

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Reflection | JHS [18+]

You & Hoseok have both been staying late after practice hours as of lately for a duet. He’s completely smitten by you, and somehow his biggest dream of having you both physically & emotionally comes true.

☼ pairing: Hoseok x reader

☼ genre: PWP, smut, fluff ending

☼ word count: 3.3k

☼ warnings: Smut, Dom!Hobi, Sub!reader, spitting (mouth), oral (both receiving), choking, lil spanking, rough sex, unprotected sex/creampie (stay safe!), soft Hobi after.

☼ notes: This idea was inspired by Lovely @bloodpotato​. It is dedicated to @hobisbeautifulass​ I love you & I know you love me sksksk


© prisczero 2020. do not repost, modify, or translate. 


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Please, officer - Tom Holland x reader

Hello everyone! I’m back with another story, and since it’s Halloween now I feel like its appropriate to post this now. This was an idea I have had in my head for an embarrassingly long time but never did anything with, until now!  SO I do hope you will enjoy this!  


Originally posted by thegayfleet

Word count: 4,1K OOPS! 

Warning: SMUT! and curse words

The bass was thrumming through your entire body, music blaring as you got lost in the music, arms high in the air as you let your body move with the music. Bodies were pressed up against you, the heat from everyone around you making beads of sweat trickle down your temple. You were so lost in the music you didn’t register that someone came up to you from behind, wrapping their big hands on your hips. For a brief moment you tensed up before a very familiar cologne surrounded your senses and you relaxed, wrapping your arm around Tom’s neck. You smiled dancing with him,

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Dance. [Bill Hader]

Originally posted by interfusor


Prompt: It´s early in the morning and someone just keeps dancing way too sexy.

Warning: Mild sexual content and a quite horny Bill.

A/N: The GIF has nothing to do with anything I just love to see Bill laughing. I don’t absolutely love this. I’m not great at writing sexy things or anything. Also, there is no swearing and that’s shoking

Word count: 780

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  

Her bare tights and hips softy moved against the chair as she applied the last cape of mascara and mumbled a few lyrics of the song she was listening to. She started to put the every make up item back in their place, singing and kind of dancing to the music. Smiling as she went around the closet looking for the outfit she had thought of. She was putting the buttoned up shirt on when Riptide started sounding in her speaker and she stopped buttoning the shirt midway just to dance and sing.

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Mystery Man

At Jefferson high’s masquerade ball, Cyrus follows a trail of notes to find his Prince Charming 


The repetitive pitter-patter on the window was all Cyrus could hear as he drove his gray Honda Civic through the pouring rain.

He was currently on his way to Andi’s house to meet up the rest of the GHC so they could get ready for the dance. OK, well it wasn’t just any dance. It was a masquerade ball. And Cyrus was so undeniably excited for it.

His cheeks hurt from smiling so much. And even though his suit was slightly tight, he couldn’t care less.

Ever since he knew it existed he’s dreamed of finding some beautiful girl and making her his Cinderella. And he still wanted that! Except now, his plans had changed a little.

Instead of finding some beautiful girl and sweeping her off her feet, he wished more than anything that TJ Kippen, basketball team captain, the most attractive guy in school, his best friend, would be the one to sweep Cyrus off his feet.

The thought made a strange mix of sadness and happiness stir up inside his brain.

Of course, this always happened when he thought about being in a relationship with TJ. Cyrus really truly liked him, but the boy was so obviously straight, it actually hurt.

Girls would come up and flirt with him after games and give him their numbers, although he always denies them, that didn’t mean he didn’t like girls. In fact, One day when Cyrus asked why he always denied the female companionship, He said that he already had a crush.

Probably some beautiful cheerleader with blond hair and perfect blue eyes with a really nice personality…

Cyrus let out a sigh as he realized he was already at the house and had probably been sitting there for a moment or two without moving. He parked the car and grabbed his umbrella, as he stepped up to the front door.

He pushed the cold plastic doorbell into its slot, alerting the girls that he was there, but instead of squealing, he could’ve sworn he heard someone say “Thanks for the help guys, I’ll leave through the back door.” And it was a boys voice too.

It couldn’t have been Bowie’s, it was too high pitched. It couldn’t be Jonah or Walker because they were already at the dance together taking pictures.

It didn’t really matter though, so he let the thought pop out of his head as the door opened up, revealing an Andi with one half of her face covered in makeup and a robe over her dress. “Cyrus! Thank god! Uhm, me and Buffy were just having a disagreement on which mask I should use. Come on in!”

As the girls worked their magic on Cyrus’ face and outfit, making him a huge glittery mess, somewhere in the middle He felt his phone ding in his pocket.

“Stay still!” Buffy groaned when he tried to retrieve it but as soon as he pulled his hand away from his phone, Andi elbowed her harshly, giving her some look that Cyrus didn’t understand.

Buffy’s eyes widened and she stepped away,“ Actually I’m gonna go get some water. You check your phone or whatever.”

He chuckled awkwardly as he shuffled around his back pocket in search, pulling the cold screen out after a second.

It was a Text from TJ.

“I’ve never understood how people can’t recognize a friend under a mask.”


45 terrifying minutes later, the trio was stepping into the school. Cyrus told them to act like they weren’t friends, which would be an obvious give away to who they were, seeing as the whole school knew them as the GHC, but they both stood planted at his side.

“Hey,” Buffy nudged him motioning her head in the direction of the lockers, “I was wondering if I could have back that book I lent you? It’s in your locker right?”

“Well yeah, but do I have to get it right now? I could get it before we go home-”

“Yes!” Andi piped in, seeming overly intrigued by the situation, “I need it now! B…Because I wanted to borrow it! And I need it right now. How could you deprive me of the wonderful world of reading for one more second Cyrus?!”

“Wow, okay…I didn’t realize you wanted to read about basketball so much…”

He walked away tentatively. He was honestly a bit worried about their health at this point.

As Cyrus swished the pesky metal knob back and forth, even failing one time, he finally got it. But instead of immediately grabbing the book from his bottom shelf, he watched a white piece of paper float down to his feet gracefully.

“What the…” his voice trailed off as he leaned down to pick it up, folding open the white material.

‘I heard you talking about a dream’ -Mystery Man


Something so strange was happening…he just didn’t know what.

Who in the world was mystery man? And why did he put a note in Cyrus’ locker? Was it just Andi and Buffy playing a trick on him?

He let out a bit of a laugh, shaking his head slightly. it must’ve been them. That’s why they were acting so suspicious! “Excuse me?”

Cyrus jumped, spinning around suddenly to look at whoever the voice belonged to, simultaneously hiding the note behind his back.

There was a short-ish boy with ginger hair standing in front of the first locker in the row, looking at him.

It was like…incredibly creepy

“Uhm–hi? D-did you need something?” He stuttered, mentally facepalming for tripping up so much.

“This might seem a bit strange,” he started, even taking a deep breath before he started talking again,“ But I’m supposed to give you this.”

The boy pulled out a rose with another piece of paper attached to it. As soon as it was in Cyrus’ grip, the boy ran back into the party.

Got it…Andi and Buffy, we’re really trying to weird him out here.

Maybe they were actually having fun with this. Of course, why would Cyrus wanna ruin their little joke? He read the note on the rose, giving an overdramatic reaction to the girls, who were probably watching him from around the corner.

But when he looked around, he didn’t see either of his friends, but another boy smiling at him. Not creepily, just…happily.

Even if he was smiling creepily, Cyrus wouldn’t care because– oh my god

The teen had a dark gray suit with a red lining and a white undershirt. Tucked in his chest pocket, was a rose. The rose with the most beautiful shade of scarlet covering it. Not to mention it fit his body like– perfectly.

“What did you find?” He asked, motioning to Cyrus’ hand. “Oh, just something…my friends are pranking me. At least I think they are.”

The boy cracked a smile, “I Don’t think that’s the case. If your friends were the ones that gave you those, how do I know about the Dream?”

“Oh…” Cyrus felt his face flush, “You put them in here? What’s your name?”

“Be creative Cyrus. You’re going to have to figure that out yourself.”

The guy walked away after that, leaving him dumbfounded, so Cyrus turned to his note.

‘For someone to love you at every seem.’ -Mystery Man

So, he wasn’t being pranked, 'the Fancy-tux-mystery-guy was the one behind the rose and locker note, but Andi and Buffy were still the ones that told me to go there, so they must know something’ He concluded.

with a sigh, he walked out into the dance room, coloring his locker door in the way.

As soon as he spotted Andi’s dress he walked up to her, giving a slight slap on the back of her head.

She turned around with a pout, making Cyrus feel slightly bad. But at least she deserved it.

“What is this about?” He groaned, holding up the notes.

“Who’s mystery man?”

“Don’t play coy with me, Andi! I know you know who he is. He told me.”

“He did?”

Cyrus Smirked, “Not really, but you just confirmed it.”

Andi rolled her eyes, punching him in the shoulder.“I can’t tell you, I’m sorry Cy.”

“Do I at least know him?”

“I mean you would know if you knew him.” Cyrus glared at Buffy as she walked up behind Andi with a smug look on her face.

“Don’t use that with me. Don’t you have some boyfriend to be getting punch for?” He mocked, sticking his young out at her like a mature 17 year old would do.

Andi gasped, pointing to the bottom of the stage “No, but you do!” She handed him an empty cup as she grabbed Buffy’s arm and dragged her away “Enjoy the party!” She yelled back.

He followed where her fingers went, leading him to the same perfect tux boy that he had met before. The boy pointed down to Cyrus’ cup, then winked at him. Leaving the same way Andi did.

He peered into the cup, gasping at the piece of paper taped to the bottom.

Did they plant these things before the party?!

'A boy to make you feel like royalty’ -Mystery man

Now that Cyrus was sure it wasn’t one of his friends being dumb, he really wasn’t sure who this guy was. All of the notes that were given to him made a poem, but the poem didn’t give any hints away as to who the mystery man was.

For half a second, a thought popped into His head that maybe…just maybe, his mystery man was none other than TJ kippen, but he shoved it down as hard as he possibly could. He didn’t want to get his hopes up, and even if He isn’t TJ, he sure is going through a lot to get this message to Cyrus. So he must be a hard working person at least.

“Would you like a snack with your drink dude?”

The black haired boy silently thanked whoever this was for pulling him out of his head.

Now, in front of him was one of the dance waiters. Yes, waiters. They were usually kids that got in detention days before the dance, used as a luxury for the good kids. They weren’t allowed to wear masks so Cyrus was pleasantly surprised with a familiar face.

“Hey, Reed!” Cyrus took a cookie off of the silver platter he was carrying with a polite smile. “You get detention again for smoking weed in the bathrooms?”

Reed cackled, nodding triumphantly. He started to walk away but after a second he backtracked quickly, switching the platter to his left hand,“By the way, I was supposed to somehow get this note on that Cookie,” he mumbled, fishing something out of his pocket and handing it to Cyrus, “But uh, I was kinda high when I did that too and I tried to bake the note into the cookie. Needless to say, it didn’t work, so I thought I’d just hand it to ya. Bye kid!”

He probably should’ve expected that.

'To show ultimate loyalty’ -Mystery man


Two hours Later, a very tired boy was sitting at a table, head down with a massive headache.

As cute as this was, and it really was cute, Cyrus couldn’t figure out for the life of him how he was supposed to find this boy.

All throughout the night, there were people giving him notes. It almost seemed like the whole school was in on it! When he had gone to get pictures with Andi and Buffy, Amber (she was taking the pictures for extra credit in journalism class) gave him the pictures with the note somehow already written on the back!

It had said, “I can give you what you what.” -Mystery Man

And not to mention, can you guess how was talking to her after they left? That’s right! Fancy tux guy himself.

He felt a pout slide on his face as he rearranged the pieces of paper on the tablecloth. It was easy to tell that the poem wasn’t written by any Edgar Allen Poe, or maybe it was because Edgar kinda sucked at love poems. And yes, the poem wasn’t the most creative thing, but it was still sweet.

He liked the most recent pieces he got from Walker and Jonah that said

'It’s all I want to do’ -mystery man

And 'I will sweep you off your feet’ -Mystery Man. They didn’t seem like much on their own, but it sounded like the poem was coming to an end. Maybe he could finally figure out who his Prince Charming was!

“Are you getting worn out?”

The shorter boys head popped up, with a smile. It was TJ! Accept, when he made eye contact, it wasn’t. It was fancy man…

'I must be hallucinating.’ He huffed

“What? Not happy to see me?”

“No, I just thought you were someone else,” Cyrus said with his most respectful smile. He didn’t want to make the one person that might actually like him, feel bad.

“And who would that be?”

His voice almost sounded hopeful and happy, even though Cyrus wasn’t talking about him. And he knew that.

“My friend TJ. I wanted to talk to him tonight.”

He gave a nod a stood up from his chair. For an odd second, Cyrus panicked because he though tux guy was gonna leave him alone, instead he walked up to him and held out his hand. “How about I distract you for a bit? I like this song.”

A sigh a relief exited his mouth as he got up with a slight hop in his step. If he spent time with the taller boy, maybe he could figure out who it was.

Cyrus was absolutely burning red as Mystery Man put his hands and his waist. He was hesitant to put his arms around the other boy’s neck, but when he smiled at him encouragingly, Cyrus relaxed and slotted his hands behind the taller boys head.

The Smile seemed strangely familiar, which was easily a sign that he knew this person, but who’s smile was it? Cyrus titled his head slightly, observing the other boys facial features. He felt as if the name was on the tip of his young, but it got swept away as Mystery man started to speak.

“Any clue who I am yet?” He nudged on.

The dark haired boy rolled his eyes at the irony and giggles, “I would if you didn’t interrupt my thinking process.”

“My whole goal tonight is to distract you. I’m glad I’m succeeding.” Something seemed a bit off about that. Why would Cyrus need to be distracted?

“What do you mean?” He prodded.

“If you weren’t distracted, I wouldn’t be able to finish this part of the plan.” Mystery man spun Cyrus around, letting him expand to the edges of the dance floor, the grabbing him again and pulling him closer than before. “Nobody else is dancing, cutie.” He whispered, sending shivers down Cyrus’ spine.

He looked around frantically realizing that he and the taller boy were, in fact, the only people on the dance floor. Everyone else was standing around the edge, smiling at them.

He noticed a very energetic Buffy and Andi standing at the front of the crowd giving him a thumbs up, but it barely made him feel less nervous.

“Who did you say you were looking for again?” Although Cyrus was somehow positive that he remembered the name, he repeated himself.

“My friend TJ kippen…” he murdered, flushing at the realization that TJ could very well be watching him from the crowd.

“And why can’t you find him again?”

“Well everyone is wearing masks…it would be hard to spot him in the crowd.”

“You know,” he started, leaning in closer, “I’ve never understood how people can’t recognize a friend under a mask.”

Why did that sound so familiar?

“I mean, if you’re close enough, you should be able to tell easily.”

Where in the hell had he heard that before?

“Do you think you could do that for me underdog? Do you think you could look slightly closer?”

Cyrus had almost missed it. But with the close proximity, every word that was being conveyed and processed, was clear as water.

And then, he looked closer.


The taller boy stayed silent for a moment, then smiled nervously.

“I heard you talking about a dream, for someone to love you at every seem.

A boy to treat you like royalty, to show ultimate loyalty. I can give you what you want, it’s all I want to do. Thanks for looking closer so I can say that I love you.”

He took a hand off of Cyrus’ waist and untied his own mask, gripping it in his hand as it pulled away.

“Yeah…I know it’s cheesy.” He sighed, “But I wanted to give you your Cinderella story.”

Cyrus was dumbfounded as he studied the other boys face. Just to double check, that yes, standing in front of him, holding his waist, confessing his feelings, was TJ kippen. His best friend.

Cyrus retracted his hands, pulling his mask off with a small tug.

He felt his cheeks dampen, overwhelmed with happiness.

“Maybe it was.” He whispered, “But at least it was from you.”

He stood up on his toes, closing the distance, and moving his lips along TJ’s.

The entire room erupted in cheer and Cyrus found it hard not to break the kiss by smiling entirely too much.

—————THE END—————

Thanks so much for reading this! I had a masquerade ball idea in the drafts so quite a while, so I decided I would finally write it. 💗

:08 - Dan is proud of how bleak they are. (Later tweets that their style is darkfuzz core.)
1:05 - Phil brings out the reward and Dan shames him into eating a marshmallow just because.
1:57 - Dan making Phil laugh in the middle of a sentence.
2:28 - Phil says the next one is Dan - the next one is a crying man. Really adorable sheepish (?) grin from Dan, while Phil just unashamedly laughs. Phil being able to joke about Dan and Dan being depressed now is such a nice transition from the awkwardness when Tom joked about Dan being depressed in the Truth Bombs video. I definitely feel like this is more the humor Phil uses with Dan when it’s just Dan.
2:47 - Painful virginity losing part - full on repressing priss face Dan smile there, what kind of recall was going through his head?
3:48 - Phil immediately declaring the couple in the picture as not old, lmao. Feeling that recent birthday, eh?
3:58 - And clearly on date night what they do is “have a few drinks and just… chat over the breeds.” (Further proof: Dan says they can relate, with the Ribena on ice.)
4:38 - Phil dismissing the entire ‘how to be an educated man’ wikihow as boring, because those aren’t things Phil does.
4:44 - Phil says one of the drawings is Dan. Phil is correct, total throwback to 2009-2011 Dan with the festival bands and the straight emo fringe.
5:21 - Meme pop quiz; Phil demostrates how to block out the haters.
5:44 - Dan demonstrating his makeup knowledge by talking about highlighter to make 'anime eyes.’
6:00 - Dan ignores his own gut and goes with Phil’s gut, which is wrong. Phil growls and bites the nearest object; I mean, I guess it wasn’t his slipper at least? Or Dan’s slipper.
6:28 - Phil had an interesting reaction to the gay and lesbian part. He seemed nervous but unlike most other moments in videos where something kinda gay is happening, he actually looked like he was trying to think of something to say instead of just going full poker face. It was nervous, but not uncomfortable-nervous, and he did actually say something. (“Wow. Yeah. That’s how to understand it.”) I think if Dan hadn’t moved on Phil might have actually made a second comment? And he’s got a tight but obvious smile even after Dan moves on, too.
6:38 - Cute little Dan voice asking Phil how he dances in a night club. Phil never wants to go to a nightclub ever again in his life.
6:56 - Dan calling Phil out for stalking Joe Sugg’s instagram story. I love that mocking tone from Dan, and it definitely makes me think Phil’s made comments about Joe Sugg (privately, to Dan) before.
7:06 - Phil is afraid of the sad questions, pulls his shirt over his mouth - then lets his shirt drop when he realizes it’s not actually a sad one.
7:29 - I want to shoot this moment right into my veins, it’s so fucking cute. It’s nonsensical and Dan and Phil are their weird brain-twin best. I also love how natural Phil’s voice and hand gestures are here. (ba-ba-ba-badook)
8:30 - Dan and Phil contemplate 'how to touch a girl.’
8:41 - Phil is offended by Dan’s chest poke and how it lacked passion; nipples are apparently now fully safe territory for them to go after?
8:42 - Dan’s office stare right after is great, too, since he’s got the tiniest of little smiles happening. Yes, he did just poke Phil in the tit, and there’s nothing we can do about it.
8:49 - Dan quotes Aristotle.
9:03 - How to Draw Art for your Dan and Phil Fanfic: the wikihow article someone is definitely gonna write now.
9:15 - Dan makes a brief attempt at arguing that the answer could be phone sex. Phil is firm: this is not phone sex.
9:34 - Dan slamming every redditor for their internet history re: how to be the type of nerd that girls love.
9:50 - Dan offering genuine advice. So many jumpcuts here.
10:11 - Dan says roleplay as Pinocchio; Phil goes back to the mpreg place even though this question has nothing to do with actual babies.
11:23 - Phil goes straight for the sex joke, talking about throwing bombs all over the bedroom - while looking directly at Dan, who has a momentary wide eyed panic look (11:25) before he recovers smoothly.
11:29 - And oh my god! This part! I think I’ve watched it like 20 times. Because in recent history what we’ve had is Phil making innuendo while looking at Dan or talking directly to Dan, and Dan ignoring the innuendo. To me this says that Dan usually just isn’t prepared or doesn’t know quite how to meet Phil’s boldness head on. But here! He fucking! Does! There’s a span of about 2-3 seconds of silence and he gives the explosive oral line. Phil immediately says “Stop.” while still grinning.
11:46 - Dan says shoot a cheating boyfriend. Mmm you sure bout that.
11:53 - Phil singing Lion King.
12:00 - Brief moment of their voices sounding really good together.
12:18 - Phil says the next picture represents him. Dan’s already got the same sheepish smile from earlier when Phil did the same thing for Dan and got the crying man? I think he saw the cat with the moustache picture and his mind went to furry RIGHT away, and was doing that repressed smile at Phil being a furry. Genuine Phil smiling too, not covered with his hand.
12:22 - They jump cut past the first answer (how to spot a catfish) only to include the second one (how to accept your boyfriend’s interest in pornography) and don’t bother even reading the rest of the answers out loud. What a statement that is? Dan says “FURRY” and then won’t make eye contact with the camera.  


Imagine Darth Maul knowing that you staying with him is dangerous for you.

requested by: anon
warnings: injury, blood, pain, angst ??
not my usual type of gig but i tried my best! let us know what you think :)

He clenched his fist, feeling the muscles pull at the gash in his bicep below the gauze you’d fitted, his sleeve gathered up by his shoulder. The pain was ripe, grounding. It helped him think.

He looked up at you, back to him and bustling about in the kitchen area. You were adamant to take care of him, to make sure he was eating properly and healing fully before he took on any more missions.

You moved so swiftly and deliberately that it was like you were dancing, moving with the expertise that he did in battle. It was mesmerising in a rather uncomfortable way.

He tore his eyes from the curve of your shoulders and waist, focusing on his clenched fist. He had to make you leave.

He squeezed his fist tighter, as tight as he could manage, letting the pain fill his mind instead of you.

The light hiss that slipped his lips caught your attention, and you snapped your eyes to him immediately. “Hey!” You scolded, rushing to his side, “Quit it! You’re gonna re-open the wound.”

Sure enough, there was a crimson mark soaking through the white cotton on his bicep. You took his fist in your hand and forced him to release it, peeling the gauze off his marked skin. The stitching in the wound was tearing, and you’d only applied it a half hour ago.

You sighed and met his eyes, “You need to not do that.”

The concern in your eyes caught him a little off-guard. Your brows were pulled together, lips in a line.

He was in too deep.

He shook your hand off his and knocked your fingers from his bicep, standing swiftly. He stood tall, a little intimidating from where you knelt. His voice was harsher than usual as he spat, “You need to leave. It’s not safe with me.”

You blinked at him, and couldn’t help the chuckle that fell from your lips. “You don’t get it, do you? The safest place for me is here, beside you. We’re strongest together.”

written by: archie

Steve is having a….not so great time at the club. First of all, he figures he’s too old for this shit. Thirty-five is definitely pushing the envelope of acceptable club age, if not outright blowing clear past it. Clint and Natasha seem to be having the time of their lives, dancing to a song Steve has never heard before. He’s more than content perched at the end of the bar, taking in the scene and sipping his drink.

He’s turned down one man and one woman for a dance so far. He could see Natasha rolling her eyes at him from the dance floor while Clint just shook his head. Steve’s not going to begrudge them their fun, they look like they’re enjoying themselves. He thinks he’s good for one more drink and then he’ll bow out for the night and head home. 

Not long after he’s made his decision, however, the DJ plays a vintage Madonna song and Steve can’t help but move his hips a little to the music. He’s a sucker for a Madonna song and he knows it. He turns around and leans up against the bar, his forearms leaning on the edge as he takes in the dance floor before him. He smiles at Clint and Natasha’s grinding, shaking his head to himself at his friends. 

It’s then that his eye catches sight of the most gorgeous man in the club. He’s dancing alone in the middle of the fray, hips gyrating, hands over his head. His hair is long and dark and dangles in his face. His lithe body is clothed in black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt that hugs his torso entirely too tight. Steve’s mouth waters. 

The man hop-spins to the music and when he stops, he’s facing Steve and stares right at him. The man bites his lip and gives Steve an obvious once over. He smiles devilishly and makes a beeline for Steve. Steve, for his part, finishes his drink in one large gulp. 

“Hi,” the man says once he’s in front of Steve. 


“Wanna dance?” He walks his fingers up Steve’s torso and hooks a finger into his collar, giving it a gentle tug forward. Steve doesn’t hesitate and moves forward easily. 

Steve says nothing, but follows the man to the dance floor. They don’t take their eyes off each other. Steve idly wonders what Clint and Natasha think of him actually dancing, but he shrugs it off in favor of imagining what this man in front of him will feel like pressed up against him. 

Thankfully, he doesn’t have to wait long. The man grabs Steve’s wrist and tugs him close, their bodies slotting together perfectly. They rock together and the man puts his hands around Steve’s neck as Steve grips the man’s sinful hips. 

They sway and grind on each other to the music. It’s not a terribly long song, and just as Steve was really getting into it, the music changes back to something newer that he doesn’t know.  His movements falter at the change of tempo and the man laughs, tossing his head back and exposing his neck. Steve impulsively leans forward and licks up the column of the man’s throat. The salt of sweat explodes on his tongue, and Steve groans as he feels the man’s breath hitch. 

When the man tips his head back down to look at Steve, his pupils are blown wide and Steve would bet that his heavier breathing has nothing to do with the dancing they’re doing. The man licks his lips and it’s everything Steve can do to not lean in to kiss him. 

Instead what he does is lean into the man’s ear and whispers “Wanna get out of here?”

“God, yes.”

Steve lets go of his hips and takes him by the hand, leading him off the dance floor. They pass by Clint and Natasha and Steve says, “Call you tomorrow,” as they make their way off the floor. 

They wind their way out of the club, Steve leading the way through the throng of bodies, his hand tight on the other man’s. As they burst through the doors, it occurs to Steve that he has no idea what this man’s name is. 

The man tucks into Steve’s side and says, “I’m Bucky, by the way.” 

Steve’s arm goes around Bucky’s shoulders and guides him to the car. “Steve.”


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22. “you aren’t taking me to bed….ever.” ‘who said it had to be a bed?’

and instead of 15 i’m combining it with this one


❦ A Game || S. Shinazugawa


↳ teasing, flirting, dirty dancing, vaginal penetration, mentions of alcohol

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I could get used to this ↠ han jisung

genre: fluff
word count: 649
warnings: a bit suggestive?
request: yes

masterlist ✧

*✧・゚*:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:・゚✧*:・゚

You sighed softly as you woke, taking a moment to remember where you were. As you did and felt Jisung’s presence behind you, you didn’t want to open your eyes. The day and night before had been so good that you were afraid that, if you rose, what might simply be a dream would all disappear. But, as you came more awake, you knew the dream was reality. Jisung was curled against you, one hand on your hip; his breath was warm on the back of your neck, slightly tickling your skin and stirring your hair. It was warm and comfortable, but you had to get up at some point—after all, it was already noon. Maybe you’d surprise Jisung with some delicious food.

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