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Bad Dream 
Part 1

Using @shinyzango 2d Bendy au
(and using @the-vampire-inside-me basket in this)
Hope yall enjoy the angst (and angst to come)

Yuzuru Hanyu 2017/2018 Schedule

- SC Scate Canada Autumn Classic 20th-23th September 2017 in Montreal, Canada

- Grand Prix Rostlecom Cup 20th-22nd October 2017 in Moscow, Russia

- Grand Prix NHK Trophy 10th-12th November 2017 in Osaka, Japan

- Grand Prix Final 7th-10th December 2017 in Nagoya, Japan (presumed Yuzu will qualify for it)

- Japanese Nationals 20th-24th December 2017 in Tokyo, Japan

- Winter Olympics 9th-25nd February 2018 in Pyeongchang, South Korea

(Schedule may change!)

anonymous asked:

Honestly tadashi is such a good brother and friend and son and just an overall human being. If I actually had an tadashi in my life I would actually be productive lol. But since he inspires me so much I just think "what would tadashi do?" Generally, and things seems to work out😌 what about you? Have you got inspired/ motivated by tadashi sometimes? Have a great day btw! xx 😘

I’ve definitely been inspired and motivated by Tadashi before (countless times!) He’s the kind of person who doesn’t give up on something no matter how hard it can be or how long it’ll take to accomplish, so that’s definitely inspired me before. I’ve often thought about the things he’s said like “Look for a new angle” and “You don’t understand this yet, but people need you” and quotes like that can be really motivating. Even his ‘less’ memorable lines such as “You got this” and something as simple as “Breathe” has personally gotten me through rough patches. I know I’ll be continuing to look to him for motivation when I need it :)


Dorky Setter | ✧ Kageyama Tobio | ( ๑‾̀◡‾́) ♪ ♥
Happy Birthday to my sweet cupcake Seda!! ( @rinsuokah​ ) ♥ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

tips for RAMADAN:

• distance yourself from your smartphone and unnecessary sins at least for this month.
• read books about our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him)
• help your family in the household
• smile often
• avoid unnecessary discussions
• do small good deeds every day
• read Tafsir
• learn a new Sure
• train your Nafs
• visit mosques for Iftar, Sohoor
• pray Taraweeh in mosques
• avoid music, if it’s difficult for you, try at least to replace it with (halal) Nasheeds
• hear Quran as much as you can
• reflect the Quran on you
• talk every day to Allah
• give small charities daily
• be nice to people (even when they’re testing you, train your Nafs!)
• pray your daily prayers on time
• pray Sunnah
• make Dua for you and your Ummah
• help your mom preparing Iftar
• eat healthy
• try to work out for at least 10 min. after Iftar
• ask Allah constantly for forgiveness

may Allah let us reach the month of His forgiveness, goodness and mercy and may He accept our fasting and give us strength.
Allahuma Ameen