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The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.
—  Anna Quindlen

I’ve envisioned meeting one with immense beauty
being immortalized in the silhouette of intimacy
Having an authentic soulful connection running its course
like a magnetic pull keeping us bound

I have found him and he is what I’ve never imagined
He seems to be a masterpiece – raw but delicate, as if handcrafted
and he has shown no signs of straying nor leaving me abandoned
It caused me to think “what can I offer him?”
Could I become the moon and break through his windowpane
illuminating his every provoking thought with regal grace
Love him how a painter makes art – with emotion and meaningful intention
He looks at me and gives me his dimpled smile
and I return the same radiant expression
He is the embodiment of boyish charm – exuding grandeur
but what can I offer him?

—  What Can I Offer Him?

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AW MAN I THINK I'M PARTIALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ICICLE STABBING SANS GOT (like, 'cause it's icepants???) OW. It hurt. THERE ARE TEARS IN MY EYES. ---that one anon who sent in the ask that sent them to the DPB concert in the first place

Your ask was perfect. Yes, it may have brought a cloud of existential angst upon the blueberry, but this scenario was needed for both him and Toriel to progress and develop. It also gave us the chance to show a side of these characters we were dying to show but couldn’t decide how to approach. You can’t really understand a person (or character) until you’ve seen them at their highest and lowest point, and sometimes, neither can themselves.

Your simple ask put everything in motion for us to be able to portray exactly what we wanted how we wanted, so for that I’m totally crediting you for the existence of this comic too.

- Poisond

Challenge me?

So… I want to challenge myself. For the next week I’m going to see how many drabbles/fantasies I can write, because my inspiration/motivation lately has been low. If you have a drabble or fantasy you want to see written, send me an ask and I will do my best to get it done within the next week.

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Hey! So, I'm trying to write a fantasy story, and I know the basics of what I want to do, but I can't get the plot flowing. I was wondering if you could give me some advice of what you do to get some inspiration? Thanks a lot, it would mean a lot for you to answer, especially since you write beautifully. Thanks!

Hey there Nonnie! Thanks so much for the compliment! :D 

So the thing with inspiration is that you can’t rely on it. Inspiration isn’t some amazing state where writing comes easily and you can just turn it on and off. It’s not something you can wait for. Things will never get finished if you wait until you are inspired.  You gotta push through your writers block by writing. When I am uninspired, or have a bad cases of creative block I dive in the deep end. I write more than ever, all sorts of things… most of which are irrelevant to the main story I am writing.I build my inspiration out of productivity. 

However there are things you can try.  Maybe a nice walk in the park, look at the bugs- notice nature. Look at the stars. Read. Read everything. Do a painting or a drawing or take up an instrument. Clean your house. Change your bed sheets, have a nice cup of coffee.  Procrastinate until you either get a burst of inspiration from somewhere or you feel so guilty about not doing your writing that you get back into it.  

I believe genius is built not happened upon. 

Goodluck Nonnie  Plot is always tricky, but I know you will get one up and running! Chase it! :)


h ey howdy i love your oc berry so u m he re u go @bunblevee

  • Trust Issues: Scorpio, Capricorn
  • Extreme Anxiety: Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo
  • Insecurity: Libra, Cancer
  • Stubbornness: Taurus, Aquarius
  • Constant Need for Attention: Leo, Gemini, Aries

“When I was 6, my family had almost no money. My parents had both lost their jobs, and they had separated from one another. My mom was not yet getting any government assistance and we barely had cash for staple groceries. At that point, we were poor enough that my brother and I were probably not going to get much in the way of Christmas presents. And then, a mother of a boy in my first grade class somehow noticed our need and gave my mother $100 to buy gifts for us. She wasn’t a mom who had a lot of money herself, but it was a very generous gift and made a huge impact on us. Not only did we get some material delights that Christmas, but I’m still talking about this gesture more than three decades later. I’m still moved by the kindness of a woman whose name I can’t remember. And more than that, when I was working on founding Random Acts and thinking about what I wanted its mission to be, I couldn’t stop thinking about this small act and how it had stayed with me. I couldn’t shake the feeling that small acts of kindness can have a huge and lasting impact. So here I find myself: A well-to-do grownup with two little kids, having to be gently reminded to stop and notice those struggling around me.” -Misha Collins